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[Vol. 1] Chapter 5 – F

I simply can’t eat such salty food anymore, but after that salt-based lunch, the promised person visited.

“Nice to meet you. I was on border patrol until the other day but I got assigned to Carlo-sama’s imperial knights this time. Please take care of me.”

A 185 cm tall man was stiffly standing before me, you could see that he was well trained through his clothes.

His name was Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, also known as “F”.

He’s the knight I’ll make into the head of the Margrave Carlo de Medici’s Imperial Guard, he’s his right-hand man, loyal and hardy.

In the novel’s setting, he was 32 years old so he’s now 27.

Still, he’s really extremely handsome even to me who is the author.

He looks smart with brown hair, just looking at him makes me think that he could be a Hollywood actor.

It’s not like I’m jealous of his cool looks or something, Hmpf.

Because I looked really cool too when compared to others in my original world, so it’s okay.

Carlo is also a popular character with his blue eyes and blonde hair.

Though the cheek is damaged because I fell from a horse.

F would eventually get disgusted by Carlo in later chapters of the story which led him to betray him and join the Hero (planned) but at the point where I stopped writing he was still Carlo’s ally.

Though the atmosphere has already gradually worsened.

Anyway, I am lucky that I’m able to meet my strongest ally F sooner.

I hope we will get along well.

“However, sir’s name is long and difficult to call. Can I call you with a shorter name?”

“Sure. You can call me whatever you like”

“I see, then from now I’ll refer to sir as “F”.”

“Eh, F……?”

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Oops, was it too early!

That ‘F’ stood there dumbfounded, and Pikaru who was listening from the side said something like “Shortening it to one letter is a little……”.

But since I have already said it, it couldn’t be helped.

I cannot change the name of an important character.

I’ve already changed Pikaru’s nickname “baldie” to his normal name again.

I have no choice but to stick with this decision!

“Wahaha, it’s a good and original name. By the way F, there aren’t any other lords who called you like that, right? I want you as my partner for sparring.”

“Partner? I don’t mind but, is it alright? I heard that you got injured while riding a horse yesterday.”

Did it already spread?

I must make an impression that Carlo is a bold character.

“What? I just got a few scratches. Your worries are unfounded.”

While pretending to be tough, I removed the bandage from my arm and showed him the wounds.

To be honest I still felt a tingling pain here and there.

Ah, Since I pulled the bandage off some of the wounds opened up again.

And the pain quickly followed it (teary eyes).

“Is that so, I said a presumptuous thing. I’ll be happy to be your sparring partner.”

“Sorry. Pikaru, please arrange a suitable place.”

“Certainly. Then I’ll lead you to the training ground.”

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Accompanied by Pikaru, F and I went to the training grounds.

I just took a look while passing by, but this mansion really is as small as I thought.

It was too wide for me to live in but for the villain Carlo, this is an unsatisfactory home.

I have to build the Balhart Castle after all.

At the training grounds, I purposely chose blunt weapons for training use.

After all, F was using a longsword and a shield just like in the novel.

As I thought it had to be a two-handed ******* sword for Carlo then.

“Don’t be reserved, Sir F”

“Well, then here I come”

After we bowed towards each other the training began.

The way F held the sword was manly, as I thought.

As expected of Franz Kingdom’s best knight.

F observed me from the start. He starts attacking me decisively from the side.

Swordplay was completely unknown to me but, strangely, my body, which didn’t get any exercise for a long time, started to move without me wanting it to.

I had no time to think about how to move and I moved my sword based on instincts.

F was surprised upon seeing my smooth movements, then his attacks grew more and more intense.

I received an attack without being conscious of it, waited, and started to counter attack as well.


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Is this the rumored cheat ability?

Those light yet powerful movements didn’t seem to be my own at all.

Besides, there are moments were F’s movements seemed to appear slower.

Not only my reflexes and instantaneous power got increased but also my kinetic vision. This is….

I don’t know whether this is author’s correction or Carlo’s actual physical ability.

But, as expected from F I can’t even land one hit.

I didn’t expect any less from Franz Kingdom’s best swordsman.

Let’s keep practicing with F for now.

If I do maybe I’ll learn some amazing finishing move.

Carlo’s body seems to have a fair amount of stamina while being absorbed in practice two hours have already passed.

Haa, Haa, Haa

As I thought I ran out of breath.

“Splendid. As expected of the one who is said to be unrivaled within this territory.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Practice swordplay with me from now on. Oh yeah, let’s make you the captain working under me.”

“Hah? No, but I got just promoted to a knight of the imperial guards and my family’s social standing is also low.”

“You’re family’s social standing doesn’t matter. I think that capable people should be assigned to appropriate positions. I think about making you the Imperial Guard’s head sometime soon, but right now I’ll be satisfied with making you a captain.”


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(PoV change to F)

Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald was puzzled.

I was born into a poor knight family serving the Medici household.

Having studied hard and also possessing an outstanding talent for the sword since an early age I was called a child prodigy from my surrounding.

My ambition was to become an honorable knight in the future. Based on this I have worked hard for it.

I had the confidence that there wasn’t a person stronger than me in the whole Franz kingdom anymore.

However having been born in a low social standing is something beyond my control, I was made to guard the borders from the wild tribe.

The post was located far north from Braham, it was not a pretty job.

After I received some distinguished military services, at 27 years of age I was finally allowed to join the imperial knights and came back.

When a messenger from the lord suddenly appeared I was surprised, but that person called Carlo is a considerably odd person.

I was used to people shortening my name as it was really long, but they would usually call me “Fitz”.

To suddenly shorten my name to a single letter.

I heard that he fell off a horse and got injured but he was sparring the next day without worrying about the wounds.

I heard rumors that he was supposed to be a bold person, but that seemed to be correct.

Actually, I was even more surprised when fighting.

I thought considering his position he wouldn’t have any experience with actual combat.

After all, I was taken aback since there were many times that he startled me.

Moreover, the sword style is formless and really flexible.

This image reflected that person’s character.

If he continued practicing like that he would become considerably skilled.

However, what surprised me most came afterward.

He said he wanted to make me Captain of the Imperial Guard Order out of the blue.

Saying that he didn’t mind social standing and that he would judge me for my ability.

I have never heard of such a noble in this era.

I dreamed about gaining fame as a knight a long time ago, but today this might come true.

Meeting a lord who believed in me and recognized my abilities.

How difficult to get and precious is that?

I shall dedicate my sword to Margrave Carlo de Medici and will serve him as the knight “F”.


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