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[Vol. 1] Chapter 4 – The Next Morning

**** a doodle doo – -!

It’s the second day after my reincarnation.

For the first time since I came to this world, it was dawn and I woke up because of a rooster’s call.

I didn’t know whether it would also call in a western-style because this world was set to be like the medieval Europe.

Ah, but the cry of the rooster is the same in English, German and French, isn’t it?

Oh well, whatever.

Still, it’s way too early in the morning.

I did sleep early yesterday.

The rooms at night are really dark here.

A candle is too dim for the me who was used to modern life.

I can’t even read a book without at least a lamp.

To create it, oil would be necessary, right?

There’s also still room for improvement around here.

Though I’m hesitant to call someone this early in the morning, but I would rather not walk around here without permission.

Even if it’s my own house, I’m not familiar with its insides.

So I waited for someone to come by but after a while, there were still no signs of people.

Because there was nobody around to help me I took the bell which was on the desk near the pillow and rang it.

Ting Ting――

Even though I tried to ring it as quiet as possible but the bell made a loud sound that surprised me.

I’m a timid person after all.

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But right now I am the overbearing villain Margrave Carlo de Medici.

I don’t have to care for other people, so it’s fine, yeah.

While I was absorbed in such thoughts a middle-aged woman in maid-clothes entered.

It was the head maid, Melissa.

She was the most understanding amongst Carlo’s people, a really nice person.

To get up and work at such a time, it’s a hard job.

“Good morning, Carlo-sama. Do you want to eat?”

“Yes, please.”

Did I answer like Carlo would?

As a novel author, I try to write a character based on feeling.

Doing that is what I usually do, but actually becoming the character itself is difficult.

The breakfast that Melissa and Reina brought were green salad (salty), boiled egg (salty), bread and finally tea.

There is no sugar in the tea.

After all eating habits …… die hard.

The egg was in good boiled condition, but I want some variation to increase the taste.

I guess it’s because I settled on writing that every dish is either “salty” or “grilled with salt” in my novel.

It can’t be helped, because it’s my own fault, still, it’s painful.

That reminds me, how do they get the salt?

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There was a setting that the south side of the Medici territory faced the sea.

“Melissa, how did we obtain this salt?”

“We imported the salt from eastern Itarini kingdom”

So it isn’t made from our salt bed, huh?

“Is it expensive?”

“It is. But it’s indispensable for everyday life.”

“Is everyone using this rock salt in this neighborhood?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

I see, I wonder if I can make salt to make a profit.

Shouldn’t the price of pepper be stupidly high as well?

“What about pepper?”

“As for pepper, it is imported from the southern Meriana continent.”

“Is it extremely expensive?”

“I don’t know how much you would consider extremely, but it is considerably expensive.”

“Is the price as high as the weight?”

“Ahaha, it’s not that expensive.”

Melissa put her hand in front of her mouth as she laughed with relish

I see, so the price isn’t high enough to look for a new sea route, huh?

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By the way, the currency around here is called “Yuroa”.

The countries around here are called Yuroa Countries and that is the common currency used in them.

Gold, silver, nickel and copper are the four types of currency used.

1 Yuroa Gold Coin = 50 Yuroa Silver coins = 1.000 Yuroa Nickel coins = 10.000 Yuroa Copper coins.

By the way, if I convert the value into Japanese yen, the modern Japanese currency, it’s 1 Yuroa copper coin = 10 yen.

A gold coin is 100.000 yen, a silver coin is 2.000 yen, a nickel coin is 100 yen, and a copper is 10 yen is the calculation I’ve made.

Easy to understand.

Why is it that simple? Because I decided it to be.

Having different currencies for every country was troublesome.

There’s also the rarely used Yuroa white gold coin which is 1 Yuroa white gold coin= 10 Yuroa gold coins = 1 million yen.

“Good morning, Carlo-sama.”

After I finished my breakfast Pikaru came over.

“Morning, Pikaru”

“About the plans for today. Yesterday I talked to Fitz Maurice Fitzgerald about the afternoon practice and he accepted. Since you just came back from an injury there isn’t anything else scheduled?”

“Is that so? Then I want to ask you some things this morning. Is that okay?”

“Of course. Ask me whatever you want”

Pikaru lowered his head respectfully.

I wanted to tell him that he was dazzling, but I resisted.

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Because I’m an adult after all.

I asked Pikaru various things in the morning.

Questions about the economic trends of this territory, the state of this country, Franz kingdom, and its capital Rue Ann, but Pikaru was able to answer all of them.

Pikaru was a man of incredible administrative processing ability and had a talent for financial management.

It’s naturally like this because I wrote that in my novel.

However, Pikaru seemed to be completely useless when it comes to diplomacy, military affairs, demon beasts, and magic.

Though this goes without saying, but demon beasts exist in this world.

That’s natural because there’s even a Demon king appearing.

There’s also the template magic systems.

They are divided into the 6 attributes, fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness.

Carlo as Hero Kazuma’s only rival was able to use various kinds of magic, but Pikaru doesn’t seem to have heard that Carlo is able to use magic.

Actually, I don’t know how to use magic at all.

I’ll have to learn it from someone.

It’s troublesome if I, as the Hero’s strongest rival isn’t able to use magic.

“Pikaru, is there a person who can teach me the usage of magic?”

“Magic, is it? It is said that it is possible for everyone to use magic, but it is only important for magicians and priest, so why would you want to learn magic?”

“Well, I want to enter a dungeon sooner or later.”

When he heard that Pikaru’s expression suddenly changed.

“There is no need for you to do such things! Margrave Carlo de Medici-sama entering something like a labyrinth would be the shame of the Medici house!”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Things like labyrinth explorations are done by dubious people such as adventurers. It’s not something people of a high status, like Carlo-sama, should do.”

Mmm, that’s troubling.

Carlo is a first class adventurer in my setting, there is even a story arc where he competes with the hero on who captures the labyrinth faster.

Looking at Pikaru’s angry look it seems as though he won’t give me permission to enter a dungeon, I’ll have to think of some other means.

That also means that there isn’t a possibility of me getting a magic tutor, what should I do?


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