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[Vol. 1] Chapter 8 – Tax increase

I who returned together with Doji to the residence called Pikaru to my office.

“How may I help you?”

“Pikaru, how is the tax rate of this place currently?”

“The farmers are paying 40% of their harvest to Carlo-sama and the merchants and craftsman are paying 20% of the income they made.”

It was a system where the farmers had to pay four-tenth of the farm’s products as land tax and the people with monetary income would have to pay 20% of it as taxes.

“Inform me about the present financial status.”

“The current financial situation cannot be described as good. This area has bad drainage and it is impossible to expand the farmland so if the harvest is bad there would be a famine and the tax revenue would decrease. It seems like this year there was a good harvest and we are able to catch a breath.”

“How is the cash flow?”

“Not good. Braham is distant from the castle town so they are having trouble exporting. The commerce and industry don’t develop too much either because the prices are too high and there isn’t anything we could call a specialty available here.”

It’s like this after all, huh?

The productivity is low because the social infrastructure isn’t stable.

If we don’t do anything having a stable territory management would be difficult and if that’s the case I fear the Hero and the Demonlord might neglect this place.

There will be a huge event five years later and now I have to set the stage for it.

“Pikaru, make an announcement. This year the tax rate will be raised by 1. 5 times.”

“Eh?! Carlo-sama, what are you saying? If we do something like that the whole country will be thrown into chaos.”

“I don’t care. Wasn’t there a huge harvest this year?”

“This might be true, but the tax rate hasn’t been changed since the time the predecessor–”

“If the harvest was good then they are able to live. Give an official announcement that the farmers are to give 60% of their harvest and the merchants and craftsman are to pay 30% of their income.”

“Please reconsider, Carlo-sama’s reputation will be ruined if you do something like that!”

Well, I figured as much.

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They are happy they had a good harvest this year and can live a rich life and then suddenly the tax rate gets raised by 1.5 times.

This country’s people will bear a grudge against Carlo and will raise voices of protest.

My originally earnest mind aches when I think about it.

But I’m the villain, Margrave Carlo de Medici.

I can’t be afraid of being hated by other people.

The more Carlo is hated the higher the hero Kazuma’s popularity will be.

I decided to become an excellent villain and lead this story to the ending.

To let the novel, which I wrote, have a conclusion.

“I don’t care. I do not intend to listen to the voices of the people. Please announce it as soon as possible.”

Pikaru stared at me with eyes seeming to want to say something, but after he realized I wouldn’t change my mind he just lowered his head and left the room without saying anything.


I was lying on the sofa while wearing shoes.

To be frank, I was tired.

Not physically but mentally.

It’s hard to be hated by people.

Originally I hated to fight with people.

I lived my life minding other people’s mood.

It’s considerably hard for that me to live as a villain.

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But I decided this by myself.

To live as a villain, to be the hero’s rival.

I’ll become an excellent villain.

While I was lying down I rang the bell resting on the desk.

Ting Ting――

“How can I be of service?”

Melissa entered immediately.

She watched me who was plopped down on the sofa with a puzzled look.

“It’s nothing, just a little tired.”

Melissa thought for a while and then smiled at me.

“I heard a little from Pikaru-sama. But Carlo-sama must have a plan. Because I believe in Carlo-sama.”

……Aah, It’s good that there is a person supporting me.

“Sorry. Oh yeah, Melissa do you know a person who is able to use magic?”

“Magic, is it? There’s one person I am distantly related to. Even though they are young in age, I heard they are rather talented.”

“I see, in fact I want to learn how to use magic. Can I ask you to contact this person?”

“That person is actually rather odd, I wonder if they will be useful. Shall I call them here?”

“No, if it’s here Pikaru will nag again. I’ll go meet that person myself soon.”

“Certainly, I will contact them. Also, Marcus-sama and Carlo-sama’s newly appointed captain Fui-Fitz……”

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“Fitzgerald, huh?”

“That is right. He said that he wants to greet you on the occasion of being appointed to the new post.”

“The letter “F” will be enough as a name. I also call him like this. Let him through.”

“Then I shall lead Marcus-sama and F-sama into the office.”

After Melissa left F came in together with Marcus.

“Excuse me. Thank you very much for appointing me as Captain of the Imperial Knights.”

“You don’t have to be so stiff. Sit.”

I urged F who stiffly stood at attention to sit down on the sofa.

Marcus sat down long before being told to do so.

“Marcus, I caused trouble for you.”

“No, no, this was just a simple job of writing on a piece of paper.”

Following Marcus, F started to talk.

“I, with a low social standing, joined the Imperial Knights and shortly after for patronizing–”

“It’s nice to be formal.”

I used my hand to interrupt F who tried to thank me again and talked to Marcus.

“And? Did you think about the later arrangements?”

“I think it’s a pretty good hand.”

Marcus grins.

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“Hoo, what kind of hand?”

“I will soon announce my resignation of my seat as the Imperial Knight leader.”

“Fumu, and then?”

“Then I will select a successor from the Imperial Knights. Specifically, how about I hold a sword fighting tournament between the five captains and make the winner the new head?”

“It might turn out to be very interesting!”

“Indeed, fufufu”

“Will Leader Marcus quit?”

Watching the excited me and Marcus, F’s eyes roll in bewilderment.

That’s to be expected, suddenly when you came to this place after being newly appointed to the post of captain the leader starts to talk about quitting.

“Rather than quitting, getting promoted to a general. I’ll let you, F, become the leader’s successor.”

“N, No matter how you put it”

“Fitzgerald, those are Carlo-sama’s earnest hopes. Don’t refuse.”

Marcus was obviously amused.

Let me in, too.

“The purpose of the sword fighting tournament is to let you win. You won’t lose, F”

“W, well I’ll do my best, however”

Impatient F’s sidelong glances accelerate mine and Marcus’ wickedness.

“I also came up with something good, Marcus.”

“Hoho, I wonder what it is?”

“The tournament just having five people is badly divided. I’ll participate, too.”

“Hoh, Does Carlo-sama also have confidence in his sword arm?”

“I’m not bad. Right, F?”

“The Margrave’s ability is considerable. It’s not on a level most people would be able to match.”

“That’s interesting, shall I pull some strings so that Carlo-sama and Fitzgerald will fight in the finals?”

Marcus exchanged looks with me and chuckled to himself.

Marcus, your lord is also bad.


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