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[Vol. 1] Chapter 3 – Resolve

I decided I would live as the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici in this world of the novel I wrote myself “Yuusha Tensei”.

My goal isn’t only to play the role of an attractive villain but also to make this story into an even better one.

Therefore there’s a lot I’ll have to do.

As I decided on this, I felt my stomach was empty.

I picked up the bell from my desk and try to ring it.

Ting Ting――

As soon as I rang the bell the maids Melissa and Reina and the butler Pikaru entered.

“Carlo-sama, how may we be of service?”

I tried to answer Melissa’s words.

“Ehm, My stomach is……” (TN: He used Boku. A humbler male pronoun.)

“Haah- -?!”

Those three people looked at me with very surprised faces.

I thought for some time but immediately understood the reason.

It’s my way of talking.

Carlo is a broad-minded, frank, open-hearted character, so he uses the pronoun “Ore”. (TN: More arrogant than boku)

I would never talk like that.

“Ah, ehem, I’m hungry. Melissa, prepare a meal for me.” (TN: He used ore this time)

“Yes, right away. Reina, let’s start the preparations.”

Melissa and Reina lowered their heads and left.

Melissa still looked anxiously at me.

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Let’s be careful from now on.

This only left me and Pikaru in the room.

I wanted to ask Pikaru various things.

But I stood before a problem.

It’s the name Pikaru.

In my novel Carlo called Pikaru “baldie” all the time.

It’s true that Pikaru is splendidly bald.

Of course, that’s the reason I named him like this in the first place. (TN: Pika Pika means glittering so he named him like that cause his head sparkles)

However Pikaru is actually secretly very concerned about his bald head and this name calling caused him so much stress that he ends up with stomach pain.

Carlo doesn’t know that Pikaru feels this way.

However, I know about it.

Besides, I’m a person who had a hard time fighting with others and hated others pointing out someone’s weak spot.

It’s impossible for me to directly call someone “baldie” even if I hate them.

Is it because I’m Japanese that I’m good at reading the mood?

I have no choice, even if it’s different from the actual setting but it should still be within range, so I decided on that with my author’s authority.

“Pikaru, there are some things I want to ask about.”

When I called him I noticed that Pikaru held his breath.

After he looked at my face with utter amazement he had tears in his eyes.

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“Is there something wrong?”

Pikaru answered my question with a shaking voice.

“……It has been several years since Carlo-sama last called me by that name. I unintentionally was deeply moved by that. I apologize.”

It can’t be that he was that happy to hear his name?

I felt sorry for Pikaru, who deeply lowered his head.

Well, the name I gave him kind of has the same meaning, though.

That person just doesn’t know.

I feel responsible as the author.

I should have given him a name with a more serious feel to it like Umibo〇 or Do〇.

Ah, I have to censor this to avoid getting into trouble.

(TN: First is probably Umibozu. Might be from Gintama. Dunno the other name)

“I didn’t know Pikaru was so concerned about this. I shall call you by your name from now on, sorry.”

Actually, I did know.

“You don’t have to be. I’m grateful for your words, thank you.”

Looks like he was really happy about this.

Well, I guess I did something good.

It would be nice if I could get along better with Pikaru now.

“Now, what is it you want to know about?”

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Oh, Pikaru’s expression got brighter.

“What’s today’s date?”

“It’s the 2nd of September.”

Ha ha, that tepid look in his eyes has also faded away.

“Autumn, huh? How was this year’s harvest?”

“Yes. Fortunately, we are blessed with good weather this year so a great harvest is expected.”

“That’s good. How many soldiers are in this castle right now?”

“Castle? Here is Carlo-sama’s mansion. There is no castle. There are about ten soldiers of the Imperial Guard here right now, though.”

Pikaru had a strange expression on his face.

Weird, wasn’t there a setting that Carlo lived in a castle called Balhart Castle?

That means Balhart Castle was built during those five years, something like that.

This is troublesome.

Moreover, Carlo’s setting of being Kazuma’s rival was that his swordsmanship was super first class.

However, I’m completely useless when it comes to that.

Since this body is Carlo’s it should have some muscular strength, so I have to quickly improve my skills.

Of course, the story talked about how I can’t ride a horse.

Because of the trauma which was created when I fell down the horse, I think.

I noticed that Pikaru was watching me anxiously while I was lost in thoughts.

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Compared to before talking to him seemed much easier.

Feelings are important, after all.

“Pikaru, what’s the condition of my injuries?”

“Yes, I told you about your cheek a little while ago but there aren’t any other serious injuries other than that. Just some bruises and scratches. The doctor also said that it was alright to move around how you might have noticed.”

What a relief, there doesn’t seem to be a bone fracture.

“If that’s the case I want to continue my sword training at once from tomorrow on. Try finding a skilled person from this territory as my training’s partner.”

“I believe Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald should be a competent individual.”

Pikaru answered my words immediately.

Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, huh?

If it’s him I know him well.

This person with the long name was a hardy knight acting as the head of the Imperial Guard and was one of Carlo’s confidants.

Because of his long name, I decided to call him “F”.

He was loyal, brave and this country’s best swordsman, additionally he also was super handsome even though he belonged to the evil characters.

He was the core of Carlo’s party but became utterly disgusted by Carlo in the end and becomes the Hero’s ally (planned).

At the point where I stopped writing, he has yet to betray Carlo.

In the novel’s setting he was 32 years old, so he should be 27 now, right?

“What kind of person is Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald?”

Let’s pretend not to know and this being the first time I heard about him.

I could use the shock of the fall from the horse as an excuse.

“Yes. He is second to none in this territory and his skills aren’t inferior to even Sir Lunos. He got promoted to the imperial guard after returning from Braham.”

It’s a relief to hear that F was somewhere else and wasn’t acquainted with me yet.

Because of this, I have to be careful from now on.

By the way, Braham is the largest city of the Medici territory which Carlo rules.

“Hoh, I’m looking forward to it. Tell him to come here tomorrow.”


Pikaru lowered his head.

Meanwhile, the meal seemed to be ready and was carried in by Melissa and Reina.

The problem is the meal.

I’m no gourmet, but the food from the story is from the middle ages and was completely different from modern japan.

The dish that Melissa brought me was comprised of a boar as my main dish (salty), a potato stew (salty), and some bread and wine.

Just like I expected.

Well, because I was cutting corners and just wrote that the dishes of the novel had a “salty” taste, it’s my own fault.

Oh well, it’s still edible but it will be hard for me if this will continue every day, though.

Let’s do a food reform as soon as possible for my own sake.

It was reassuring to see Melissa taking care of me.

This is how the first day of my reincarnation passed.


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