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[Vol. 1] Chapter 6 – Marcus

After Carlo returned, I had a talk with Pikaru in my office. (TN: Pretty sure he meant F is the one who returned)

I sat down in a cat-like position on the chair which was near the massive desk.

I wondered if the large desk was made out of mahogany, but I didn’t know much about it.

I felt like the president, which felt good.

It would be great to have an attractive woman as a secretary rather than a bald……I mean the old Pickaru-san.

“Well then, Pikaru, as I said a while ago appoint F as the captain of the Imperial Guard.”

“Carlo-sama, I am not responsible for this. Please give the order to the head of the Imperial Knight Order.”

Oh, I thought that I could ask Pickaru to do anything.

“Fumu, so who is the leader of the imperial knights?”

I used the sure-kill “Amnesia from falling off a horse” technique.

“Sir Marcus is the leader of the imperial knights. He is a person who has served you since your father’s generation.”

Marcus, Marcus……It feels like I’ve heard that name somewhere before.

Oh, that’s right……!

General Marcus blah blah, I feel like I have written that sentence.

It was not written for some kind of special episode but I wrote it more to match the flow of my writing.

That means I’ll make Marcus a general and make F replace him as the head of the Imperial Guard, huh?

But a General is quite the high-ranking position.

I feel like we would have a hard time later if I’ll employ a person without the right abilities for such a position.

Well, alright, let’s try meeting him once, shall we?

“Well then, Pikaru, call Marcus here.”

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Pikaru lowered his head before leaving.

Ah, this is my room.

The overall atmosphere had an antique feeling to it.

I don’t hate it but even if a picture was put in here it wouldn’t make the room look any better.

I walked around the room, looked inside the cupboard and sat down on the sofa in front of the desk.

Incidentally, my gaze fell on the bell on the desk.

I rang the bell because I was thirsty.

Ting Ting――

“You called?”

The maid Reina immediately came over.

Yeah, she looks cute after all, her chest isn’t so big, though.

I wonder how old she is.

Ah, but this girl saw my everything.

……Bad memories.

The past can’t be deleted.

Two people who were destined not to be together just after meeting.

What a tragedy.

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But, wait.

At that time I didn’t know I was Carlo.

So it’s Master Carlo she saw and not me.

It wasn’t me who used the urinal, but Carlo!

It’s mysterious, when I started to think like this I suddenly felt somewhat better again.


That’s right, I’m Carlo, the broad-minded, arrogant, villain Carlo.

So I was seen peeing into a urinal, so what?

“Carlo-sama? What is your order?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I was thinking about something. By the way, how old are you Reina?”

“Eh? Ah, I’ll turn 17 this year.”


JK it’s an excellent throw. (TN: JK Joshikousei= Female High school student. He talks about how he can’t do her I think or that she’s his type, but I think it’s latter cause baseball terms)

“I, is that so? I’m thirsty. Could you bring me some water?”

“Certainly, I shall immediately bring it.”

After Reina lowered her head she left.

Mmm, I didn’t do badly.

To be able to talk to a girl so casually since years … … Carlo’s effect is amazing.

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If I was still in my original world this wouldn’t be possible for me.

At the same time as Reina returned, a man entered the room.

It was a slightly older man with an excellent white mustache.

His eyes were really thin, you can’t tell whether his eyes are opened or closed.

He felt like the first Captain of a Space Battleship and seemed stubborn.

“It’s been a long time, Carlo-sama. Please give any orders to this Marcus.”

He sat down on the sofa without me waiting for me to tell him.

He has a powerful presence, like a veteran knight.

But I can’t pull back now. I’m the villain Carlo.

“Marcus. Have you been in good health?”

“Yes, thank you. So, what is your order?”

Uuh, this is kind of pressuring.

Don’t lose, me.

“Have you heard about a man called Fitzgerald who was recently assigned to the Imperial Guard?”

“I know him. Is there a problem with that man?”

“What does Marcus think about him?”

“He is considerably skilled with the sword and has nerves of steel. Honestly, it’s a mystery how he stayed as a low ranking knight for so long. Well, it’s probably because of his family’s low standing.”

Yeah, that old man sure has a good eye for people.

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“Is it so? So, appoint Fitzgerald as a captain under my direct control.”

Old man Marcus looked at me, his thin eyes wide open.

Looks like he realizes it more and more.

Oops, I almost forgot this is the place where I change the subject.

“Understood. I shall immediately take care of it tomorrow.”

“Please do so. On another not, what do you think about the current Franz royal Family, Marcus?”

“Let’s see, their relationship to the old, traditional, noble households seems to be considerably cold.”

“I see, what about me?”

“The Medici household is powerful but gained nobility just recently. Depending on Carlo-sama’s attitude they might get closer.”

“Using me as a shield against the powerful lords, is it?”

Hmm, that old man knows what he’s talking about.

In my novel, King Franz arranges an engagement between the princess and Carlo to oppose the influential noble families.

Well, anyhow, Princess Charlotte falls in love with the Hero and later finally settles down with him (planned).

“Then, what do you think about the barbarians?”

The Franz kingdom, including the Medici border territory, borders the north side of the area where people we call the barbarians live.

The barbarians broke through the border and invaded the north and Carlo had quite the trouble repelling them in my novel.

But I didn’t write exactly when that happened.

“I listened to Fitzgerald’s report and it seems unlikely that there will be an attack this year. But the possibility of them trying to invade in the next two to three years is extremely high.”

“Hm, I see, so we should immediately work on counter-measures.”

This old man is usable.

He has great diplomatic insight he even judged the Barbarians like this. He’ll make a great General.

Carlo has to do a lot of things so capable individuals which he can entrust the military affairs are essential.

“Marcus, there’s something I want to consult with you.”

“……What is it?”

“I want to promote you as a General as soon as possible and make Fitzgerald succeed you as the head of the Imperial Guard.”

“Hoh, does that mean you aren’t satisfied with this old man’s ability?”

“The opposite. I want to leave the military affairs to you.”

(Marcus’ PoV)

Marcus didn’t show it on his face, but inwardly he was really surprised.

Carlo is not stupid like his predecessors, he wanted Marcus to be more than just a person who served him.

This wasn’t evident before today’s talk.

Being summoned suddenly, and talking about this, seemed a bit unusual to me.

I heard he fell from a horse. Did he hit his head at that time?

The atmosphere around him completely changed for some reason.

He feels like a totally different person.

Well, it’s not a bad choice to appoint Fitzgerald as a confidant.

That diplomatic question also hit the mark.

His decision to hurry and immediately create counter-measures against the barbarians was really admirable.

The nobles of this country, calling the barbarians a savage tribe, tend to downplay their actual power.

It’s foolish to believe the barbarians fighting power is weak just because they’re culturally less developed.

I see them as a flat-out threat so it would be the right judgment to hurry up in creating counter-measures.

Moreover, appointing me as a General and giving me military authority.

Well, even if he hit his head and is a completely changed person I can’t say it’s a bad change.

I thought he would just be a blue-eyed, blonde-haired brat, but turns out he might be quite a capable person.

I thought I would pass my days peacefully, but it seems like I unexpectedly got some more work.

“I see. As you command. I will follow your order and elevate Fitzgerald to the position of commander soon.”

“It’s bad manners, but please consider a way to put our talk into practice.”

“Yes, then, I shall take my leave.”

(Carlo’s PoV)

Marcus left.

He seemed to take my suggestion favorably somehow.

After F I was able to meet another capable person.

And again a step towards the end of the story was taken.


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