Chapter 4 I’ll Manage Somehow

「I can’t breathe……」

In a state of being squeezed from both sides by those soft mounds, I couldn’t even breathe properly.

「Ah! S-Sorry!……Ow」

The flustered princess knight tried to get up when her face contorted in pain.

Her wounds must have hurt.

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「Are you alright?」

「It’s nothing….Thanks」

Maybe because she didn’t want to make a child worry, the princess knight smiled in response.

Since we face each other, it’s a good opportunity to look at her again.

Her dress was mercilessly torn near her thigh area.

She was scratched all over but nothing too serious.

Traces of violence aimed at her dignity.

My intent on using magic for my own sake went away at a certain point, but I don’t regret my decision.

Well then, next time….

My gaze alternated between the princess knight and her fallen comrades.

What should I do about them?

I could see their bodies becoming monsters’ food after we leave.

Several minutes would be enough.

Even now, I can hear the monsters coming closer.

The smell of blood must’ve lured them.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem possible for a 6-year old child and an injured princess knight to carry them out of the forest.

We don’t have time to do so anyway.

Considering our circumstances, it would be better to leave them behind.


I glanced at the princess knight.

The princess knight held her tears as she looked at her comrades.

Her small clenched fist trembled.

I don’t think she’ll agree to leave them behind.

Can’t help it.

There is another way.

I don’t care much about her feelings.

I just thought that choosing another way instead of wasting time on persuasion would be better.

You can get wind magic and sleep magic from orcs, these 2 kinds.

When you defeat a king monster, the probability of getting it becomes 100%.

I checked my status.

Name: Eddie

Level 4

Profession: Sage

Endurance: 65

Magical Power: 80

Magic: Fire Magic (weak), Wind Magic (weak), Sleep Magic, Detection Magic

Magic Capacity: 197578 (reincarnation bonus) 1

Alright. Wind magic and sleep magic are where they supposed to be.

My level rose because I defeated the orcs.

As a result, my tremendous magical power increased once again.

The problem is with the princess knight.

I want to avoid her seeing me using magic too often.

After all, I’ve decided to live for myself.

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I want to hide the fact that I have more magical power than a sage at an age of 6 to avoid complications.

I guess I can deal with the princess knight with sleep magic.

As I thought that, the princess knight opened her mouth first.

「Ne……..Was it your magic just now?」


A small palm covered the mouth of the princess knight.


We have no time for small talk.

「I want to move from this place as soon as possible, so I’m going to make a request of you, okay? You don’t need to respond, just listen」

My methods might be rough but I can’t help it.

My magic is quite limited at the moment.

「First, I ask you to keep everything you saw here to yourself. Don’t tell anyone that you’ve met me in this forest」

「…….what are you…….」

The princess knight looked into my face with a confused expression.


I’m a 6-year old kid now.

When a child makes speeches like that, of course, you’d be confused.

Have to play the child!

「……I-I came here without my parents’ permission!」

I’ve desperately imitated my behavior before the memories came back.

「I’m practicing magic to surprise them……」

「I-Is that so……..?」

She’s still puzzled.

One more push.

「They’ll get really angry if this is known!! Please, Big Sister!」

I clung to her arm and looked with upturned eyes.

……..Am I overdoing things?

I’m also incredibly embarrassed.

But failing here will be twice as shameful.

Just as I thought that….

「I-I understand……」

The princess knight wore a gentle expression as she rustled my hair to reassure me.

I have a complicated feeling about a girl stroking my hair, but I think she believes me.

Let’s move to the next stage.

「…….Big Sister. If you don’t tell anyone I’ll help you carry those knights!」

「They are……」

The princess knight pursed her lips and nodded at me.

「I promise you, oh brave youth. I’ll not tell about you to anyone」

「Waa, thanks, Big Sister!」

「Ma name is Clarisse」

「I’m Eddie. It might be sudden but have a nice sleep Big Sister」


I stretched my right hand towards the princess.

Faced with her surprised expression, I activate the spell.

「You c-can’t…..w……why……」

Her eyes slowly closed.

Her forcefully sleeping body fell in my direction.

I tried to support her but….

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I forgot.

I’m 6 years old.

Even if she’s a slender woman, she’s not something I can support.

Once again, like in the case with the orcs, I ended up squished between her softness.


I feel my face getting hot.

No, I have to stay calm.

It’s not the time to enjoy myself.

I told myself so as I desperately tried to escape.


My my, being a child is so inconvenient.

I looked at the unconscious Clarisse and heaved a sigh.

My face was still hot but I pretended not to notice.

Alright, one more task to complete.

Adjusting, adjusting….

I activated wind magic with the image of a ball of air in my head.

As I carefully adjusted the power, the air slipped below the knights’ and the princess’ bodies making them float.

Now I can finally move.

I walked back using the way I came here with the bodies in tow.

Let’s carry them out of the forest and leave them before the mansion.

Then I’ll go back to my room and slip under the blanket.

My parents shouldn’t notice anything.


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