Chapter 2 This Status Number Is Too Abnormal


In the forest close to the mansion.

Wearing a gown on top of my pajamas, I arrived at its entrance and quickly located a suitable monster.

A transparent body bouncing around.

The weakest of monsters, perfect for a child’s debut, also known as red slime.

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A child can deal with it even without my experience.

As I thought that, the monster, also known as red slime, came at me.

I jumped to the right and avoided it.

Since I have knowledge of my previous life, red slime’s characteristics aren’t a mystery to me.

Its’ attacking method consists of body slams and weak fire magic.

Its’ weakness is the nucleus located in his gel-like body.

If you can pierce through it, the slime will die in one hit.

The magic that one can learn from the red slime is fire magic and detection magic, these two kinds.

The probability of acquisition is pretty high, so I have high expectations.

It would be troublesome if it releases fire magic, so let’s go on the offensive.

I smashed the red slime with a pointed rock I picked up nearby.


I felt an impact when I struck the nucleus.

As expected, the slime was destroyed.

At the same time the slime disappeared, something scarlet fell on the ground.

Seeing this jewel-like object, I was slightly surprised.

「Slime Core. I’m lucky today」

A rare material you can get upon defeating a slime.

Because it’s an ingredient of an eye medicine, many shops will buy it at a reasonable price.

This will add to my pocket money, I thought as I put the slime core into my gown.

Well then, let’s confirm the status.

I wonder if I got some magic?

Name: Eddie

Level 1

Profession: Sage

HP: 10

MP: 30

Magic: Fire Magic (weak), Detection Magic

Attack Power: 3

Magic Capacity: 199585 (reincarnation bonus) 1

「Alright. I’ve got the magic. Both fire and detection magic」

Both of them are super elementary trivial magics.

In this world, almost everyone has some kind of magic.

Fire Magic

It a versatile type of magic, its power depends on the user’s level.

At level 1, I should be able to release a fireball the size of a candy at most.

Detection Magic.

This magic allows you to detect the presence of certain beings around you.

You can use it to search for enemies in your vicinity or as a substitute for sight in a dark dungeon.

Slimes use this magic to look for their prey.


Having paid attention only to my magic, it finally dawned on me.

My level didn’t increase, so I casually looked through.

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The part below my magic is rather strange.


Magic Capacity: 199585 (reincarnation bonus)

「The hell…..?『Magic Capacity: 199585』It’s more than in my previous life…..」

It’s weird no matter how you look at it.

After all, I’m still level 1.

This number is just ridiculous.

「And what about this reincarnation bonus……?」

When I was about to check my status again……..


I’ve heard a scream of a young woman deep in the forest.

「This voice…..Are there people in this forbidden forest……?」

The forest in front of me.

There is a special barrier erected deep inside this forest.

『Forbidden Forest』

My Radcliff house protects the barrier inside this forest.

There are powerful monsters trapped inside this barrier.

That’s why the locals will never enter the forest.

「Perhaps it’s an outsider」

Let’s postpone the status. For now……..

I’ve used Detection Magic that I’ve got a minute ago.

At Level 1, I won’t be able to get many details and the range should be about 10 meters.

Still, she’s close enough to hear her screams, it would work out somehow.

Or so I thought as I activated the magic.

Then I held my breath.

「This is……」

It’s too detailed.

Normally, one can only obtain the location of the target through the detection magic.

It should vaguely display the locations of living beings with white dots on the map.

However, instead of that, I saw detailed topographic map of the surroundings.

As well as monsters and a human sever dozen meters away.

More than that.

The types of monsters were mention close to the dots.

King Ork

Ork Ork


Ork Ork

Ork Ork

Human (female)

I know only one person capable of receiving so much information from detection magic.

That’s me, of my previous life.

「Haha, I can’t believe it……A Level 1 6-year old kid uses magic on the same level as Level 99 Sage who killed the Demon King?」

I found myself confused.

But this matter can wait.

To orks’ presences actively approached the woman.

「They’re definitely attacking…..」

Well then, as a 6-year old child I should probably go back home and call my father.

My father is a powerful magician, these orks shouldn’t be a problem for him.

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But he won’t make it in time.

That being said, I can only use detection and weak fire magic.

And my fire magic isn’t even tested.

「…..No. Using this fire magic, I can at least restrict the orks」

Can’t help it.

I’ve decided to use magic for my own sake in this new life, but…….

「Her dying here would leave a bad aftertaste」

I heaved a sigh and rushed towards the barrier.


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