Chapter 3 Saving the Princess Knight

I rushed towards the place I’ve discovered.

「My legs are too short, it’s hard to run!」

I didn’t mind it before, but I subconsciously compared them to my previous self.

Somehow bypassing the barrier, I saw a group of people surrounded by the orcs.

There were 5 men lying on the ground, 8 orcs around them.

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The men were decimated.

Judging by their attire, the men were knights.

At the moment, only a single delicate girl with a sword and a shield stood against 8 orcs, Orc King included.

She wore long boots and armor on top of her dress, her skin was full of scratches as she glared at the orcs.

The hem of her dress was torn and her long blonde hair was disheveled.

Apparently, they were attacked by a group of the orcs led by Orc King and gradually fell into disadvantage due to their numbers.

Unsteady on her legs, she confronted the orcs on pure willpower.

Her shoulders trembled in fear.

Even still, her eyes didn’t lose fighting spirit.

「You can’t escape Princess Knight-san. You were so close to the exit」


The King Orc spat saliva left and right and breathed heavily as he spoke.

Apparently, he was excited.

His armor was probably stolen.

The size doesn’t match him, so there is meat protruding from every hole.

Even still…..

From her dress and armor, I could guess about her noble status but for her to be a princess…….

Why did she enter this forest?

Since she was armed, it didn’t look like she got lost in her travels.

「If you strip yourself I don’t mind teasing you a little. If you want to live you have to kneel and beg for it!」

「I’ll never succumb to you…..!」

「Huh, so the negotiations failed. Oi, take her down!」

The orcs approached the princess knight as their licked their tongues.

Being in a completely advantageous situation, orcs easily let their guard down.

Well then, what should I do?

A plan swiftly took form in my head.

Although my status abnormality is worrisome, I think it’s safe to believe fire magic would work.

With fire magic, even Level 1 like me should be able to burn an orc’s eye.

No matter how small the fire is, if it lands in the eyes it would cause tremendous damage.

If I take King Orc’s eyesight, the orcs will panic.

I should use that opening to grab the Princess Knight by the hand and lead her out of the forest.

As long as she leaves the barrier, orcs won’t be able to follow.

Alright, let’s act according to the plan.

I lift my right hand towards the Orc King.

Since he folded his arms and watched from the side, it wasn’t difficult to aim.

I channel magical power towards my right hand, focus, and release the spell.

At that moment……

「Uh!? Giyaaaaaa….!!」

…….Waves of violent hellfire burned the Orc King alive.


I hadn’t been able to predict the recoil, so I stumbled and fell right on my butt.

I’ve never expected to release such powerful magic.

My mouth opened by itself.

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「What’s with this power……..?」

It’s not the weakest fire magic released by a Level 1 6-year old kid.

It has about as much power as my fire magic when I was Level 99 in my previous life.

That number in the status.

It wasn’t a mistake but reality.

「Does that mean that I’m even more……..」

Subconsciously, I looked at my palm.

Not just me, even orcs and the princess knight stand in place in a daze.

「Bo…..Boss…..? Where did you go…..?」

「What was that……? What on earth happened…?」

「B-Boss……..didn’t die, right……?」

That’s bad.

It’s not the time to space out.

I have to escape with the princess knight.

When I thought that and raised my face.


My body flew in the air.

A warm soft feeling on my stomach.

Having noticed myself in the princess knight’s arms, I became even more confused.

「Wa, eh!? Why!?」

「This place is dangerous. I don’t know what happened but let’s escape while we have the chance……!!」

「W-Wait. I’m…..」

「It’s alright, I’ll protect you even if it costs me my life……!」

The princess knight ran with me in her thin arms.

The orcs, who suddenly lost their leader, had a hard time adapting to the situation.

「O-Oi!! The woman is escaping!! What should we do!?」

「What to do…….for now, let’s go after her!」

「Boss was definitely killed by that woman’s magic! Don’t let her get away!!」

Somehow, our roles are reversed, I was supposed to be the one doing the saving.

She carries me in her arms, what a blunder.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

I clung to the princess knight’s shoulder and measured the distance between her and the orcs.

The possibility of using powerful magic makes it simple.

「Hey, brat!! The hell are you looking at!?」

「Blow him away together with this woman!! Like her knights!!」

The princess knight gnashed her teeth and held her tears as she kept running.

I held my right hand and adjusted the magical power.

If my status is correct, I’m Level 1.

The attack power of magic correlates to the user’s level.

「I’m catching up, woman!! Just you wait!!」

「It’s alright…..everything is alright. I’ll definitely bring you outside……!」

……About this much should be enough.

「Wait!! Running is usele……」

I cast fire magic once again.

This time I adjusted the magical power to properly hold back……at least that was the idea.


Nevertheless, another tremendously powerful spell left my palm.

The eruption of flame completely burned the orcs.

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In the end, the orcs disappeared in a moment, just like their king.

On top of that, the princess knight lost her footing and fell due to the recoil.



I, who fell down together with her, was about to be crushed between her breasts.


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