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Chapter 52 – A Heart Heavy Report

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

This chapter’s first half is in Grimhart’s POV, while the latter half is in Audrey’s POV.

Grim「Here’s the report for this time’s investigation.」

Audrey「And~ This here’s the report for the other Request~」

Audrey and I visited the Guild Master’s office to give our report on the Sacred Mountain’s investigation. Originally, since this was a joint effort of the three parties, Lily, the leader of the “Little Fairies”, is supposed to be here with us, but considering that we also undertook the request to investigate her, that would be pretty bad.

Fortunately, doesn’t really sound right but, she collapsed from overusing her MP during the investigation. Using that as an excuse, we told her to rest up and leave the reporting to the two of us.

G.M.「Good work. First of all, let me hear about your findings on the sacred mountain.」

Grim「We’ve confirmed the existence of a Roper. The full details are on the written report, but we think that the Roper was probably higher class or maybe even a unique specimen.」

G.M.「A unique specimen, you say?」

Grim「Yeah, according to Bia from “Fyneh” it could gather Mana in the atmosphere and has the ability to regenerate. Regeneration is still fine, but it would have been disastrous if it used the Mana around it to grow.」


Just them being Ropers already make it considerably dangerous, but looking at the past records and documents, it would seem that a regular Roper didn’t have that level of regeneration. Moreover, most of them were easily taken down with fire attribute spells like “Burn” and “Fire”. The fact that Magic on the class of Lily’s “Corona Burn” wasn’t able to completely destroy it was frankly absurd.

At worst, I would have been killed, Audrey and the others would have been used as seedbeds and the new Ropers would’ve probably descended to Motsi town. Even if just three of twelve sages are sent to deal with it, it probably won’t reach the level of a national crisis but this town would most likely be erased from the map.

Grim「We’ve brought the bodies with us. We’ve also brought the eggshells written on the report, so we’ll be entrusting the investigation of those to the Guild.」

G.M.「Right, leave it to us. Still, eggs, huh…」

Grim「Is there a problem?」

G.M.「No, it’s nothing, probably just my imagination.」

Grim「Is that so?」

If the Guild Master says so, then it’s probably for the best that I don’t ask. The Guild Master always tells us everything that we need to know. We already have that trust based relationship.

If I forcibly try to get him to talk, I’ll only risk bringing in unnecessary trouble. A lot of adventurers get into unavoidable trouble just from knowing more than they needed. Having experienced it first-hand, the Guild Master is just trying to protect us. Frankly, he also helped us a lot in our more mischievous days, so we don’t want to trouble him more.

G.M.「Well then, how about the other one?」

Audrey「For this~ it’s just as you guessed~」

The other Request. For the investigation on Lily, I decided to leave it all to Audrey. In the first place, Lily saved our lives, so we don’t really want to make a report that would possibly put her in a disadvantage. Besides, rather than us who have never encountered real Magic, Audrey and the others from “Fyneh”, having learned Magecraft and experienced Magic the academy, would probably be able to turn in a more proper report.


Audrey「Lily~ isn’t really a Mage~ she’s actually a Magician~」

G.M.「I see… she really was…」

I have given the Guild Master a decisive report that I never wanted to do. For the sake Lily and Urania’s peace, it was something that we wanted to keep a secret. However, if we stay silent here, the Guild Master would only get into trouble.

Magic is extremely powerful, even just a single Magician could disturb the existing power balance. That’s why it’s not only this Kingdom, but even the Empire and the Three Eastern Kingdoms register and manage their Magicians. Naturally, since the common folk have no knowledge of this, there would be no penalty even if they were undeclared.

However, it’s different for the Guild Master and the nobles. And as I’m also a relative of a sage, I’m obligated to report the discovery of a Magician. Naturally, the Guild Master is too. Between the honest junior that I just met and the Guild Master that I’m indebted to, it’s obvious which side I’ll take.

In about a week, the academy’s messenger would probably arrive to enroll Lily in the academy. In the Kingdom, Magicians are obligated to go to the academy to learn the proper use and knowledge of Magic to prevent it’s abuse and misuse. Fifteen years old is young for a Magician, so it probably won’t cause any problems.

With her strength, she probably won’t get disheartened even if she mingles with the genuine ones, but that academy’s true darkness doesn’t come from students, but from the teachers and the guardians, the adults. As the Magicians are capable of destroying the existing power balance, this means that every groups and factions are scrambling for more Magicians.

If it’s a noble born Magician, then there’s no issue at all. And for the children of wealthy merchants and well-known families, they’re most likely already within a faction, so it’s not really that much of a problem. But for the common folk, it’s different. Especially for those who have unclear origins like Lily.

It’s most likely that, from day one, every single faction would be scrambling for her. And when they discover her true strength, there’s no doubt that the bigger factions would start scheming behind the curtains, just for her power. Still, it’s unlikely that they do something so stupidly fruitless as taking her life; but even so, there are still some that would probably go as far as turning her into a mindless, Magic using doll.



Audrey「Would you allow me to talk to Lily?」

So she won’t be, at the very least, involved in some needless schemes at the academy, ask Guild Master if I can take action. I myself am a failure with no right to call myself by my family name. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m related to a Sage, and if I bring a new Magician with me, everyone would probably welcome me gladly.

G.M.「No, there’s no need.」

Audrey「But then-!」

G.M.「I’ve decided to have them go to Sekitsugu to take the Rank-C Promotion Exam.」

Audrey「And what does that have to…… ah!?」


Though I got enraged from the Guild Master’s firm rejection, hearing this explanation, I understood. Certainly, if everything goes well, Lily would be able to gain supporter of a higher class than I could provide.

G.M.「The Rank C Exam only lasts for five days but since they’re staying there, I’m thinking of referring them to a request from Sekitsugu. The request lasts for a month. Any objections?」


Noticing the Guild Master’s plan, I decided to abandon the my own. It might be needed as a just in case, but even as a sub plan it still has a lot of holes. There’s still a lot more I need to consider.

Grim「Same, no problem.」

G.M.「In that case, let’s leave it at that. No need to look so grumpy, Grim. If she’s your savoir, then that would make her the savior of my son. I’ll make sure to treat her well.」

Grim「I’m not really, worrying about that.」

Grimhart met the Guild Master several months before we did. Both of us feel the same gratitude for him, but I’ve never heard anything about this.

Grimhart is the kind of guy that greatly values gratitude, so he’s undoubtedly worried about Lily’s future environment. For his sake too, I pray everything would work out peacefully.


Chapter 51 – Seems Like We’re Staying For The Night

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

When I woke up, I was in a familiar room. But this time, my limbs aren’t tied up, and by the side of the bed isn’t a smelly bandit, but the beautiful Bia.

Bia「Are you awake?」

Lily「Yeah, um? So, what happened?」

Bia「Before that, you must be feeling hungry, right? Do you want to eat?」

Saying that, Bia fetched me some fruit and a slightly warm soup. As soon as they entered my vision, my stomach raised a low growl. What I really need right now is Life Essence, but it’s not like I don’t need normal food, so I’m really thankful that Bia prepared some for me.

Lily「Sho? Wa ha he ashr at?」

Bia「Focus on eating. For now, I know what you want to hear about, so just listen while you eat.」

Saying that, Bia began telling me what happened after that. First of all, is seems that the Ropers were just left as they are, frozen outside. Same as with the Goblins, even though I fainted after casting this time’s “Freeze”, it looks like there are no signs of them breaking free.

After I fainted, they searched the hut for a place to lay us, Lysha and me, down, and found two bedrooms, here and some other room, inside. Other than these, it seems that the only places you can sleep on is a ripped sofa and a sleeping bag, showing a glimpse of the bandits’ rough life.

Incidentally, it looks like they found the corpses of the remaining two bandits. However since their bodies were found with all the moisture dried up like a mummy, we have absolutely no clue on their affiliations, identities and stuff. Since we can’t even differentiate other bandits’ faces after they became Ropers, everything about them ended up forever unknown.

Well, enough with the frankly uninteresting bandits, it seems like Lysha’s already awake. She still has a bit of a headache and lump on her head, but there’s no real danger on her life. Even without me doing it, Audrey had already healed her with Healing Magecraft.

It looks like four hours had passed since I lost consciousness and, looking outside, it’s already pitch black. Since Bia lit the room up with Magecraft, I didn’t notice the sky getting dark.

Since the sun was already starting to set when we defeated the Ropers, it seems like they decided that it’s more safe to stay here for the night than for us to camp outside or try to descend. But of course it’s only after they’ve made sure that it’s secure here inside.

Bia「It looks like you’re feeling better too, Lily.」

Lily「I’m still a bit tired, though. Well, it’s only natural.」

Bia「You did use up a lot of MP, so it can’t be helped.」

Just to be sure, Lysha and I need a night’s rest. It seems like Grimhart and Jessica are keeping guard outside, while Audrey and Bia are in charge of nursing us back to health. Honestly, just being awake makes me dangerously more hungrier, so I’ll just sleep and let Bia take care of things. If I don’t, I’ll probably be staring at her deliciously soft-looking lips for the whole night …

D-don’t get me wrong, okay? It just caught my eye for a bit, I’m absolutely devoted to Urania, alright?

Lily「So this means we’re done for now, right?」

Bia「Right. There are some things that still don’t make sense but, the Guild will be handling the rest of the work.」

In the end, the Monsters by the base of the mountain probably ran away from the Ropers. The Ropers themselves focused on finding women to reproduce with, but to efficiently take it more Mana, it also attacked Monsters. It’s still a mystery why the bandits were attacked but, maybe because they lived in the Sacred Mountain for a long time, they absorbed Mana in their bodies and became half-Magic Beasts? is what they speculated.

Bia「It’s safe to say that the Ropers were born from those eggs. And even though this is the Sacred Mountain, if a Monster that can absorb the surrounding Mana was born, that would explain the Mana deprived areas in the mountain.」

Lily「So with this we can go home, right?」

Bia「Right. If the two of you are fine with it, we’ll be descending tomorrow.」

With this, it looks like our long investigation is now at its end. Ahh, I can’t wait to go down and see Urania.


Chapter 50 – If Burning and Cutting Won’t Work, Then

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Having a bad feeling about the groans from inside the hut, we decided to first handle the Roper right in front of us and immediately went all out on it.

Audrey and I simultaneously shot out the wind attribute “Cut” while Grimhart and Jessica slices off the tentacles trying to block the spell’s path.

It was an unplanned improvised attack but, maybe thanks to our training on the way, we moved perfectly together like an experienced party. However……

Grim「Tsk, Didn’t work, huh.」

Lily「It does look like it damaged it though…」

From the fact that combustion type Magic like “Burn” didn’t work, we judged that it’s strong against flame attribute, so we used “Cut” to physically cut it down. Our “Cut” sliced the Roper beautifully like shredded cheese, but the tentacles slowly reconnected themselves.

Bia「The surrounding Mana is gathering to the Roper! It’s using the surrounding Mana to heal itself!」

Lily「Hell, is there anything it can’t do!?」

Constantly observing the Mana around us, Bia seem to have uncovered the secret to its regeneration. It looks like the Mana in the surrounding area is flowing into the Roper. I’m shocked that there are Monsters that can do that, but I’m more amazed that Bia, having suspicions about it when my “Corona Burn” couldn’t finish it off, immediately decided to shift focus into observing its Mana.

Still, the fact that it’s able to heal is quite troublesome. Moreover, we’re currently at this sacred mountain that holds an insane amount of Mana within. There’s basically an infinite amount of Mana for it to heal itself with. The Roper’s main body pretty slow and the tentacle’s movement itself isn’t really that fast, so right now we can still deal with it. However, our enemy has an infinite stamina and, in contrast, we can get hungry and fatigued.

More like, my stomach’s already complaining, I’m pretty much double hungry. As expected, after using some big Magic consecutively, I’m running out of energy.

Grim「Oh, more bad news. There’s more.」


Just when I thought it was just Grimhart making some bad joke, another Roper began crawling out of a broken window. It looks like it got stuck on the window frame; its human skin is already ripped off.

Lily「There were four footprints, right?」


Lily「And there were two eggs, right?」


Lily「Won’t it be nice if there’s just two of them?」

Grim「Yup, you’re absolutely right!」

What Grimhart and I fear the most is the worst possibility of there being four of them. Just in case, I tried searching for Life Essence, but there’s no response from the hut. Maybe they’re already dead, maybe they became Monsters, I can’t say for sure.

Grim「Either way, we’ve got no choice but to take them down!」

Lily「Yeah, but how? Burning doesn’t work, cutting doesn’t work; what do we even do!?」

Even while having that conversation, the tentacles attack us one after another. All of them ignored Grimhart, thirty percent of them charged at Jessica and the remaining seventy of them rushed to us at the rear.

In contrast with her slow, calm tone of speech, with nimble footwork, Audrey handles the tentacles with her own sword. The problem is with Bia and the still unconscious Lysha.

Right now, Bia can still manage the approaching tentacles, using her throwing knife and hacking at any that come near her. As much as possible I’m firing “Cut” at the tentacles going towards them, but still, the ones I miss rush over to Bia and Lysha.

Originally, we should have already retreated but that’s pretty difficult with Lysha asleep. Even though Jessica and Grimhart are strong enough to carry her, descending the mountain while carrying someone is considerably hard, more so when you have to fight off tentacles.

In the end, as long as we don’t do something about its healing ability, we can’t defeat the Ropers and unless we wake Lysha up somehow, we also can’t escape. We’re at a completely disadvantage.

Audrey「Hmm~ If burning it~ or cutting it~ won’t work,~ then why not just stop it from moving~」

Lily「If we could do it then we wouldn’t have… Oh right!」

Thanks to Audrey’s advice, a certain Magic came to my mind. Rather, it’s a Magic that’s so effective that it’s a mystery why I haven’t thought of using it up until now. Still, in many ways, it’s pretty dangerous. If I miss this, I won’t have enough to fight back. Still, looking at our situation, I really don’t have any other choice.

Lily「Audrey, please take care of everything!」


Lily「I ask, for the means to repel the disorder before me! I ask, for the frost to halt the atrocity before me! “Freeze”!!」

The Magic I used is naturally “Freeze”. Just in case, by also freeing the Mana in its surroundings, I stop the Mana supply it’s using to heal itself.

“Freeze” Magic demonstrated its effects perfectly. Both Ropers start freezing from the root of their shafts and without taking a second, it froze every single tentacle, stopping them completely. Since the tentacles themselves didn’t have much power, it’s probably impossible for them to break out of the ice. And if it’s possible, there’s literally nothing more I can do. That’s because I ended up pumping it with as much energy that I possibly can.

Lily「How, was it?」

Grim「Hah! You did it! They’re completely frozen into statues!」

Lily「Haha, that’s cause I hit it with all I have left… Sorry… I’m going to sleep…」

Just to be sure, I asked Grimhart about the results, and that’s where I lost consciousness.


「Nfufu~ To think that she’d freeze their surrounding time axis. As expected of my big sister, I guess?」

In the sky, nearer to the mountain’s summit that the hut where Lily fought, a lone girl muttered with no one to hear in sight.

Like Lily, she wears her hair in a ponytail but hers is pitch black, and in contrast to Lily’s pure white skin, she has a darkish skin. But the pure black wings growing from her hips, the horns on her head and her impish looks are exactly like Lily’s.

「Nn~ We could still play right now, but~ It looks like she’s tired so I should probably try another day, right?」

The girl seemed just a bit disappointed, but she quickly moves on.

「Well, first I should prepare my pets. Besides, it’s mo~re fun to play with everyone!」

Muttering so, the girl displayed a smile far more depraved than how should have she appeared.


Chapter 49 – Tentacle Monster

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Grim「Anyhow, he doesn’t look normal.」

Audrey「To begin with~ he doesn’t even look human anymore~ 」

As Audrey said, he is already very far from being human. Since a while ago, I tried to see if I could immobilize him with【Lewd Dream】but, judging from the fact that it had absolutely no effect on him, he probably already lost his mind and humanity.

Jessica「Well, it doesn’t seem like he’d listen to reason and we’ve already been attacked. No one would complain even if we take him down!」

Jessica said so while avoiding the tentacles attacking her. And to Jessica’s unusually manly words, Grimhart and Audrey nodded. From the trail of footprints, it’s probably safe to say that they’re somehow related to the Monster, so there’s really no problem if we end up killing him here. In the first place, in this world, even if you just randomly kill bandits, no one will complain. After all, unlike in my past life, these criminals don’t have any human rights to make things complicated, so in most cases, they’re killed on the spot. Even if they’re lucky enough to survive, most of them become slaves bearing some grievous injuries.

Lily「Well, it doesn’t look like he can still work as a slave, though.」

Grim「He’s coming out in the open. That’s a lot better than us trying to fight him inside.」

Grimhart once again readies his sword and lops off the approaching tentacles. These tentacles actually seem to be avoiding the only man Grimhart and are reaching out only for Jessica and me.

Even though he already lost his mind, it looks like his instinct and desire to「do it」is magnified. It’s quite frankly gross.

Lily「Right, since he’s out in the open…… Grimhart! Jessica! I’m going to use something big! Fall back in 10 seconds!」


Jessica「Got it!」

Following my announcement, they leap back after exactly ten seconds after clearing away some tentacles. Generally, my Magic doesn’t need any charge time and chanting. However, this time’s Magic is just a bit different.

Like the other ones, it still doesn’t any chanting, but I needed to charge a bit more Magic Power to increase its effect. And this time, I even decided to use a proper chant to maximize the effect. The charging is a little less under 10 seconds. The effect of the Magic itself is the same as the combustion Magic “Burn”, but its firepower is literally on another level.

Lily「I ask. To the sinner bearing the weight of their crimes, bestow upon them the burning crown’s blaze. “Corona Burn”!」

After finishing the chant, my Magic Power engulfs the Mana in the surrounding area and causes a certain phenomenon. The phenomenon itself is just simple combustion. But from these flames, the color melts away and only a blinding white light burns into my eyelids.

Even this bright light is nothing more than the aftermath of “Corona Burn”, the Magic itself already lost its effect. This Magic had too much firepower that even using my cheat-like capability to control; I can only maintain it for about three seconds. If I ever exceed that, it would end up burning everything in the surrounding area to ashes.

Finally recovering from the blinding light, I turn my eyes to confirm its effects. The tentacles growing from the bandit are all burnt into black crumbling carbon and its real body? Or what was its real body has already collapsed to the point that we can’t even recognize its form.

Jessica「This…… this power……」

Grim「Is it dead!?」

Lily「You idiot!」

I thought so too. If I burn it with this much firepower, it’ll definitely die. But Grimhart, you absolutely can’t say those words, you know.

And sure enough, the black carbonized body split into two and from there, a strange cylindrical object peeked out. And throughout that shaft, new tentacles began to grow and wriggled in a strange rhythmical motion.

Grim「A Roper!? Isn’t that a Special A class designated subjugation target!?」

Lily「Special A class?」

Grim「Yeah, it’s something that’s specified to be killed immediately when found.」

It’s a one-eyed cylindrical Monster with a ton of tentacles all over its body. In my past life, it was a Monster that’s responsible for the mass production of erotic scenes in various games and it seems that even in this world, it still the same female harassing Monster.

Is there even any meaning for a Monster to target females? Is what came to my mind, but it seems that there are some occasions in which Monsters use human females to increase its kind.

We’ve already discussed again and again that Monsters are born from Magic Cores, but Monsters like Ropers, Orcs, and the like seem to be able to shoot out their own Mana and plant it inside the female body. The Mana inside then develops into a Magic Core and is born as a new Monster.

From the fact that the capture of even a single woman will lead to an explosive increase in its number, it’s a Monster that is designated to be exterminated as soon as discovered and its Subjugation Request are to be only commissioned to male-only parties just to make sure.

In this kingdom, there haven’t been any sightings of it in the past three years. And from the fact that even the Dungeons that would produce Ropers are tightly controlled, it was thought to be completely wiped out in the wild. However, it seems that they were wrong.

Lily「Hey, Grimhart?」

Grim「What is it, Lily?」

Lily「How many men do we have again?」

Grim「Well, just me.」

Lily「Hey, Grimahart?」


Lily「Can I just leave it to you?」

Grim「Hahaha, sorry but that’s impossible.」

I know, right?… It even lived through “Corona Burn”, you know? Using something more powerful than that would be a bit problematic. For starters, the biggest problem is my remaining energy. If I knew this would happen I should’ve kissed Urania before the departing.

Audrey「Hey~ just a thought, but~」

Grim「What is it Audrey?」

Audrey「Well~ there were two eggs~ right~?」


If that really came from the egg, then there’s a possibility that there’s still another one left. Well, I really don’t want to believe that I came from the egg, okay? I don’t even want to think that I might be related to that, you know!?

And as though it heard our thoughts, along with a loud noise, a low groan could be heard from inside the hut.


Chapter 48 – Realization

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Isn’t this bad…? It’s bad, right…? Like, really bad…?

Even though I know for fact that the bandits were at this mountain and that this was where I was first at, in my mind, it just didn’t connect.

At this rate, if we reach and enter the hut, they’ll probably be there. It hasn’t even been three weeks since then. No matter how dumb those bandits seem to be, they probably won’t forget about me in just half a month. And I do remember leaving a quite strong impression on them too.

Wait? Rather, how did I get here? I remember my encounter with the Pig God and the sharp-tongued angel itself, but for what happened after that, I don’t really know. When I came to, I was tied up, naked at the bandit’s hut. Naked…? Naked, like, in my birthday suit, right…? Huh? Birth…?



「What’s wrong!?」

I ended up with a certain answer. And if this is true, then it would actually explain a lot. But, if it is actually true, then I……


「What’s wrong~ Lily~?Did you see something~? 」

「Ah, well… it’s nothing. It’s probably just my imagination.」

「Hmm? But for that, you’re quite… Well, never mind. Stay focused; it’s definitely not normal for anyone to live in a place like this. 」

I ended up getting lost in my thoughts, and even made the others feel a bit suspicious. But then, if what I’m thinking is true, I absolutely can’t afford to let them know. If possible, I should probably keep it secret even from Urania. I don’t mind it myself, but if by any chance I get exposed, it’s possible that it could get dangerous for her if she knows. That’s why it’s probably for the best if she knows nothing about it.

Really, it seems like I’m just gradually getting more and more things to keep quiet about. If I just want to stay alive, then there isn’t any particular need to hide stuff. Even if my Magic gets exposed the world and even if my Skills gets exposed to the town’s nobles and important figures, I’d probably just get involved with some trouble, but if things get really bad, I can always just run from it all.

If it happened when I first arrived in this world, I wouldn’t have minded that. But now, I’ve met “Grim”, Urania, and I even have some other acquaintances in Motsi. I’d hate to leave my new friends and, most importantly, getting separated from Urania would be a bit too hard to take.

「I can see a hut now.」

「A hut in a place like this, huh? Which means…」

「Someone’s living here, right~? On this~ mountain~」

While I was deep in my thoughts, it looks like we’ve reached the hut. Yup, it’s the exact hut in my memory. I’ve only gotten a glimpse of the exterior, but I’d never forget that. Silencing our breath, we draw closer to the hut. Lysha moves to a near window, and as she was about to peek inside…

「Lysha! Move away!」

「Eh? Hyaa!?」


Bursting out of from the window, a large amount of slimy tentacles spurt out from inside. The tentacles grab Lysha’s limbs and was about to drag her in to the hut.

「Like I’d let you!」

「I’ll take the ones above! I ask! With the blade of judgment, let the wicked sinners be! “Cut”! “Cut” “Cut” “Cut”!!!」

In any case, there were a lot of tentacles coming out of the window, absolutely more than what Grimhart could handle with just a sword. I leave the tentacles that captured Lysha to Grimhart and cut the tentacles moving to restrain her.

This time “Freeze” would probably affect Lysha and even “Burn” would do the same, so even though I have some difficulties controlling it, being a Magic that can be aimed at specific areas and will only cause a simple cut and slash, I decided to use “Cut”. Incidentally, this and “Levitation” are both wind attribute Magic. I’m really glad I didn’t think of limiting myself to only using certain attributes. If I had, it would’ve been too late.


「Got it!」

While I was cutting away at the additional tentacles, it seems that Grimart managed to free Lysha from the tentacles. Jessica carries Lysha and falls back behind us.

At a glance, she doesn’t seem to have any injuries, but it looks like she lost consciousness, probably from being swung around by the tentacles. Just in case, I cast “Heal” on her, but it’ll be best to properly check on her afterwards.

「What the hell is this?」

「Who knows? I don’t know any Monster with tentacles as thick as these.」

Moving away from the window, Grimhart replied to my grumbling. I’ve drawn some tentacle **** before but, actually seeing it in reality, it’s really gross.

The tentacles are still wriggling around as though it’s searching for something, but seemingly noticing that Lysha is nowhere near its vicinity, it slowly crawled back inside the window.

「It gave up…right?」

「I’d like hope so but….looks like we’re wrong.」

As Grimhart said, even though it went back into the hut, it doesn’t seem like it’s given up on us. A human-like hand grabs on to the window frame and a large man comes out from inside. I recognize that man.

If I’m not wrong, he’s the guy called Henther, the first one of the bandits to try and assault me. However, even though he still looks like one, it seems that he’s no longer a human. Some gross tentacles extend from his nostrils and mouth; and on his back wriggle the thick fat tentacles that attacked Lysha earlier before.

「WO! WO,M,AN!」


「I definitely don’t want to end up like that…」

Even if you failed escaping woman dry season, there’s really no reason to grow tentacles and hunt down women, right?


Chapter 47 – Mysterious Egg…?

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「It’s an egg.」

「It’s an egg alright ~」

「It’s… an egg?」

「It’s definitely an egg.」

「It can’t be anything but an egg.」

Anyways, we were baffled. The thing in front of us is unmistakably an egg. But, its size is abnormal. There are two big eggs, black and white, probably as big as a wheel of a 4-ton truck. Hugging my knees, someone as small as me or Urania could probably fit in snugly.

「I’m just asking but, are Monsters born from eggs?」

「You can say that they both are and aren’t born from eggs.」

「Why’s that?」

「A part of it is because we still don’t understand a Monster’s mode of life, but…」

Starting with that, Grimhart begins to explain.

As mentioned earlier, a certain amount of Mana is needed in the birth of a Monster, but the resulting type of Monster is influenced by the place, environment, and the concentration of Mana.

If it’s on forest areas, it would result to wolf or bear-types like Growleu and Magurus or so, but on old battlefields and graveyards, undead-types like ghouls or wraiths would mostly spring forth.

These kinds of Monsters are fundamentally created on the spot. According to a certain adventurer who saw it, it seems like 「A Magic core just comes nowhere, collects Mana and forms into the shape of a Goblin.」

However, there were also sightings of Monsters hatching from eggs. According to the adventurer who witnessed it,「When I entered a room in the Dungeon, the ceiling and the walls were tightly packed with a ton of black eggs. Then all of a sudden they just started cracking open, and all at once the damn ugly Goblins started to burst out」or so.

Both of them were talking specifically about Goblins. No one knows what differed in both cases. There are some theories like maybe there’s a difference in strength or something, or maybe there was a layer that gave birth to the eggs. In the end, it’s still a mystery.

「And so?」

「There’s probably no doubt that these are a Monster’s egg. At the very least, it’s impossible for any normal animal or Magic Beast to have an egg this huge. If it’s a Dragon-class beast, then the size would still make sense, but I’ve never heard of any rumors that about Dragons living in this mountain. Well, I have absolutely no clue on what kind of Monster it is, though.」

「Well, that’s normal……Huh?」

「What’s wrong?」

While listening to Grimhart, I approached the eggs examining it. I didn’t notice from the front, but there’s a huge hole on the other side of the eggs. Both of them are already empty and all that’s left are just the eggshells.

「There’s nothing inside. It looks like they’ve already hatched.」

「That may be what caused of the problem.」

「Do newborn Monsters have that much strength?」

「A Monster’s strength is usually decided the moment it’s born. There are also Monsters that grow, but those are exceptions. Generally, they already have the strength to fight the moment they’re born.」

In that case, there’s a high chance that whatever caused the commotion was the newborn here. Still, there are eggshells left, but there aren’t any traces of the Monsters moving. If it was something that can fly, then it would make sense, but that would make them practically impossible for us to find.

「For now, we have no choice but to bring these eggshells home and to try following the footsteps, right?」

「Yeah. Gray! … isn’t here. Lysha, can you do it?」

「Leave it to me! Rather, I’m almost done checking.」

By the way, the person in charge of investigating is Gray for “Grim” and Bia for “Fyneh”, but if anything ever happens to the two of them, just in case, it seems that Lysha and Audrey also knows how to do the investigating.

In these kinds of things, you can really see why they’re C-Rank adventurers. They’ve already taken a certain member’s absence or unexpected situations in consideration. However, having Lysha take Gray’s place feels a bit problematic, but it’s a lot better that having the relatively clumsy Arisa or Grimhart, who basically answers anything with guts, to do the job.

Following Lysha’s lead, we go deeper into the mountain road. This mountain doesn’t really have any proper road, though. While traveling along what could be barely called an animal trail, we cut through what I can only think of as randomly growing thickets.

And after a while, we finally arrived at a somewhat familiar looking place.

At this time I just finally noticed, that these four footprints were those of the four bandits that were about to assault me from before.


Chapter 46 – Now, to the Sacred Mountain!

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

The six of us climb the mountain without any particular problem. The Mages like me and Audrey for sure, but even Grimhart and Lysha, who can’t use Magecraft, doesn’t seem to be affected by the mountain’s dense Mana.

「Arisa dropping out was pretty surprising, but Grimhart, Lysha, are you two okay?」

「It’s just about guts if you ask me. Rather, Gray and Jarvis don’t have enough guts if they were knocked out by just this much.」

「Being able to somehow manage just by guts is weirder, you know? For me, the reason I’m fine is pretty simple. Even though I’m like this, I can use a bit of Life Magecraft. But I don’t quite have enough, so it’s pretty difficult for me to attack with it, though.」

It seems that Lysha can use Magecraft if it’s just the simpler spells. But since the amount of her MP is little, it seems that all she can do is either just make a cup’s worth of water or cause just enough of a breeze to dry her hair.

She probably has an affinity with Water and Wind Attribute, but unlike just causing a phenomenon, attacking with high killing power consumes quite the amount of MP.

Since just causing a slightly strong gust of wind in front of her had her running out of breath, it’s probably quite difficult for Lysha to cast attack Magecraft.

「Lucky you. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t even use Life Magecraft.」

「Really, Jessica?」

「Yeah, I probably don’t have any talent for this stuff. Well, these days I earn enough to eat with this guy so I don’t really have any problems.」

Saying so, Jessica smiles while tapping the shield she has on her right hand. It seems that the reason that Jessica is fine even after climbing the sacred mountain is because in the past she wanted to be a Mage, so she trained in controlling her internal MP.

Her difference with Urania is probably that, at that time, she was able to sense the MP inside her and was able to control it. But unfortunately, just like Lysha, the amount of her MP itself is quite little and, ignoring that fact that she can control it in her body, she probably hasn’t reached the point where she can release it outside the body to create a phenomena.

In exchange, it seems that Jessica was able to use Physical Reinforcement, the use of internal MP to strengthen a part of the body when needed.

This Physical Reinforcement uses MP, but strictly speaking, it’s actually not a kind of Magecraft. Magecraft is the act of using the MP inside the body as a trigger in which Magic Circles or Magical Mediums are used as catalysts to manifest a specific phenomena.

Other things that utilize MP are mostly referred to as Skills. My【Lewd Dream】and the beast-kin’s【Beast Transformation】probably fit here. By the way,【Dream Fabrication】 is also a skill, but it’s a bit different. While it’s true that【Lewd Dream】uses up MP, it seems that【Dream Fabrication】 doesn’t use MP at all.

For that reason, although Jessica can’t use Magecraft itself, since she can use Physical Reinforcement that uses up MP, she has no problems with controlling her internal MP and as a result, is able to move in the Mana-dense mountain without any problem.

「Still, explaining everything with guts is out of the question, don’t you think?」

「Yup, no way~」

「Absolutely no.」

「Yeah, that’s nonsense.」

「Please don’t talk Gray down because of some vague thing.」


Only Grimhart’s guts theory is an absolute no. Including me, there are five women here right now. In the first place, since the request this time is done by two groups completely composed of only women, “Finne” and us “Little”, the gender ratio is leaning more on the women’s side.

Furthermore, two of our three precious men ended up being knocked out, so the only guy here right now is Grimhart.

Normally, this makes it look like a harem, but in reality Jessica is actually married and even has a child. Lysha is in a relationship with Gray, and I have Urania. Audrey and Bia aren’t married but I hear that they have a partner, so Grimhart doesn’t have a chance with anyone here.

Still, guts? Absolutely no. Even considering individual differences, people who never had any training in MP control should show some signs of influence. Saying you can solve that with just guts or something, Grimhart may be more of a muscle head than I thought.

「So, we’ve climbed up this far, but how is it?」

「Well~ For now I’ve found a place that’s unnaturally thin in Mana~」


「Yup~ In any other place, this would be normal, but~ we are at the sacred mountain, right~?」

「I see.」

Having an area thin in Mana on this sacred mountain, that’s naturally dense in Mana, more so at this elevation, should be impossible. It’s pretty obvious to see that the Mana on that place created a Magic core and gave birth to a Monster.

The Monster may no longer be at the area but, it’s highly possible for it to leave some traces behind. If we follow that, it might not be too hard to track the Monster down.

「Now that it’s settled, why don’t we check it out?」

「Agreed ~」

Following Audrey’s lead the six of us head for the place. There were a lot of Monsters at the foot of the mountain, but the moment we climbed up, I haven’t seen that much anymore. There have been a few here and there, but all of them move stiff, like they’re afraid of something so they weren’t really much of a threat to us.

For that reason, without any hindering obstacles, we were able to reach our destination, the place that’s thin in Mana. And what awaited us there, were two eggs and four sets of footprints leaving the area.


Chapter 45 – It isn’t Easy to Climb the Sacred Mountain

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Investigation days two and three. As with day one, we split the members into three teams and continued the investigation. Though I say that, this period of two days is just a warm-up for ascending the sacred mountain.

As we know, the sacred mountain has collected a lot of Mana in it. However, there are cases in which dense Mana ended up having an influence on the human body. The reaction seems to vary from just light dizziness to, at worst, diarrhea, vomiting, extreme headaches and difficulty in breathing.

These are said to be the symptoms of poisoning due to the inhalation of dense Mana, but seeing that there are individual differences between people and that if you slowly acclimate yourself to Mana, you’ll just end up with lighter symptoms, it may be a lot more similar to altitude sickness rather that poisoning.

Since that happens in places dense in Mana, does it also happen in Dungeons like the『Abyssal Forest』? I wondered so, but it seems that since the Mana of a Dungeon is mostly used up for the Dungeon’s growth and the production of Monsters, it doesn’t have an effect on the body. But still, it seems that if someone does stay inside the Dungeon, then the symptoms would properly appear, so probably it’s the so-called「There are no immediate side-effects」kind of thing.

On the second day, we just accustomed ourselves on the thinner areas, and there weren’t any particular problems. So today on day three, we decided to try going to the slightly denser areas but……

「Lily, are you alright?」

「It looks like I have absolutely no problems with it. Bia, what about you?」

「I’m fine, too. If I decide to live here, then it may be quite difficult, but for a Mage, then it’s not a problem.」

「Then the problem is……」

「Ugh…… Sorry…」

「Forgive me… For it to be this difficult……」

In the first place, it seems that nausea due to Mana doesn’t happen too much to Mages. That’s because the influence of Mana to the body is due Mana Overdose which causes the MP inside the body to be disturbed. Since, naturally, Mages are people who exercise Magecraft, they’re used to controlling the Mana inside the body. If it’s disturbance from just a bit of Mana, they can subconsciously regulate it to back to the usual.

It seems that to Dog-ear kins like Urania, or rather some of the beastkin too, would originally have no problems with this. It’s because beastkin has their trump card, their ace in the deck. It’s the Skill called【Beast Transformation】which by taking in the Mana outside the body and mixing it with the MP inside the body, allows the beastkin to ignore the laws of mass and enables them to transform.

However, Urania isn’t able use that skill since she’s is still immature. As for the MP inside the body, it seems that Urania has also trained to sense it in the past, but in the end she got frustrated from the failure.

As a result, Urania can’t do anything against the Mana disturbing the flow off MP in her body and got down with the sickness.

As for Gray, he’s a normal human that hasn’t even gotten any training with Magecraft in his life. There are individual differences from people to people, but it seems that he magnificently got down with Mana Overdose.

Since both of their conditions are just light dizziness and headaches, there won’t be any problems if we just immediately descend the mountain and have them take a rest, but at this rate we can’t really do any investigation.

「Now what do we do with this?」

「Well in any case, their condition will just grow worse if we stay here. For now, let’s descend.」

「Agreed. Urania, Gray, can you move?」


「Nn…I can sti…ll…」

「Whoops, don’t push yourself.」

Gray seems to be able to get up by himself somehow, but Urania seems to be faltering even with just that. It looks like Urania’s condition is quite bad.

On the brink of collapsing from trying to stand up, I hold Urania into my arms. Naturally it turns into the so-called Princess carry, but after eating Urania’s Life Essence and having a part of my physical ability as a Succubus released, just carrying one cute girl is no problem at all.


「For now, let’s descend. Urania, don’t force yourself, okay?」


As expected, Urania seems to be really embarrassed about it, and tried to resist a bit, but any resistance in her weakened state feels like practically next to nothing, so after replying to me she just buries her face on my shoulder and stays perfectly quiet. Well, before she buried her face on my shoulder I looked at her face and she didn’t seem to hate it, so it’s probably fine. Oh, and of course if it’s the case where Urania can walk by herself and Gray can’t, I’ll just use “Levitation” on him and drag him. The end. Who the hell would Princess carry a grown man by choice?


「Also two people down for you, huh.」

「For our team~ Kety’s out too~」

「For us it’s Jarvis and, for some reason, Arisa down.」

「Eh? Why!?」

「Like I’d even know! Ask her about it!」

Arisa… aren’t you a Mage? At this time I still didn’t know this, but it actually seems that even Mages get affected by Mana. It’s strictly based on individual differences, so it seems that cases like Arisa’s wherein a Mage collapses from Mana aren’t totally zero.

As an example, in the past when the Twelve Sages went to investigate the sacred mountain it seems like one of them, the Sage of the Heavenly Bow got down with a heavy case of Mana Poisoning. According to him, 「Never again will I ever go near a Mana pool on the brink of turning into a Dungeon! The Death Potion that Scorpion made is a hundred times better!」 or so.

「In any case, really we don’t have too many choices, huh.」

「Yeah. Luckily we still have seven people left that have high tolerance against Mana. As expected, splitting up would make me feel a bit uneasy, but it’s not to the point that we can’t investigate.」

「Agreed~ If we start an all-out investigation on the mountain, dispersing our team’s strength would be stupid, right~」

And furthermore, we just guessed from the situation at the foot of the mountain that the cause of this may be at the top, but we might have missed something down at the bottom. I already used Magic on the sick ones, so the five of them should be able to move by tomorrow.

In this case, having the ones who can climb to investigate the mountain, while the ones with low Mana tolerance investigate the bottom of the mountain should be a good use of time.

Finally, in case something ever happens, it’s quite problematic that everyone on the bottom team can’t climb the mountain, so we decided to have Emy stay behind with them.

With this, we decided to investigate with the mountain-foot team consisted of six people with Urania, Jarvis, Gray and Kety as vanguards and Arisa and Emy as rear guards; while the mountain-top team consisted of also six people with Grim and Jessica as the vanguard and me, Lysha, Audrey and Bia as the rear guard.

Leaving the mountain-foot team out, with the number of rear guards the mountain-top team feels a bit unbalanced, but since Audrey is practically a middle guard uses both the sword and Magecraft, I’m not too worried about that.

If you ask me, I’m frankly more concerned that once we start climbing up we can’t descend for about three days. Can I bear three days without Urania? I’m a bit worried….


Chapter 44 – Investigation Report Day 1

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

In the end, we’ve went around all the four spots, but despite that the fact that we investigated up until sundown, we’ve only learned that there are Monsters near the Mana pools that probably descended from the mountain.

「Hey, you’re back.」

「Sorry, we’re late.」

「It’s fine. There wasn’t really much difference between us. Fyneh was just a bit earlier than us, I guess?」

Returning to the base, we were greeted by “Grim”. It seems like the other teams were the same as us, only learning that there are Monsters near the Mana pools. It seems that we haven’t learned anything in particular.

「So “Little” found seven spots, “Fyneh” five and us six, just in this are there are eighteen spots, huh.」

「That’s a lot, right?」

「It is~ Just one spot is a problem in itself, you know~」

Summarizing Audrey’s lax explanation, it seems that it really is strange that there are Mana pools in the vicinity of this highway.

The Mana pools themselves aren’t really that large, so it seems like it won’t produce any Monsters. Still, the Monsters that descended from the mountain are now feeding on the Mana pools’ Mana and ended up staying there. Normally, even if they managed to escape from the sacred mountain’s domain, the Monsters, having nothing to eat, were supposed to either go back to the mountain or end up starving to death.

「Then, do you know to what may have caused this?」

「Let’s see~. First, the fact that Mana pools are there~ may mean that the sacred mountain is losing its influence, I guess~」

「It’s losing its influence?」

「That’s right~. Maybe it collected the amount of Mana it needed, and doesn’t need any more~」

I once again listen to Audrey’s lax explanation. I already know that Mana pools in places with a lot of it, but it seems that places that hold a lot of Mana like the sacred mountain does have limits to their influence. That limit seems to refer the distance-wise meaning and also the limit of the Mana it can hold.

The sacred mountain is a haunt filed with Monsters and Magic Beasts but even now it still hasn’t transformed into a Dungeon. Mana, as expected, seems to be one of the primary factors concerned with a place transforming into a Dungeon. When normal forests or caves have Mana pooling into it, before you notice it, the Mana crystallizes into something different from a Magic Core called the Dungeon Core and the place itself transforms into a Dungeon.

Audrey’s main hypothesis is that, in short, maybe the sacred mountain finally transformed into a Dungeon, resulting to the excess Mana to be dispersed to the surrounding area?

「Still, that doesn’t explain the reason why the Monsters are descending from the mountain.

「What do you mean?」

「Since you’ve been into the 『Abyssal Forest』, you noticed right? Normally, Monsters don’t go outside the Dungeon. To be exact, they don’t want to.」

According to Grimhart’s explanation, of course there being Mana to eat is one of the reasons, but it seems that the Monsters inside the Dungeon extremely hate going outside. So why would the Monsters inside the Dungeons go outside? That’s because when the Dungeon stores up more Mana to grow, the throw out all the Monsters inside it at once. This phenomenon commonly referred as a Stampede.

The number of Monsters inside a Dungeon varies by its size, but when it comes to 『Abyssal Forest』 Class Dungeon’s, thousands are small of a number, the amount of Monsters become more than ten thousands or maybe even a few hundred thousands. If that amount of Monsters start Stampeding, no matter how much adventurers are in Motsi, it’s already doubtful if even just that solid wall can hold up for even a day.

Excluding that, since Monsters coming out of a Dungeon is pretty much unlikely, if the sacred mountain really did transform into a Dungeon, the fact that Monsters are appearing in the surrounding area becomes considerably strange.

「That’s why in this case we should think the possibility that there’s a powerful Monster born on the mountain.」

「A Monster?」

「Yeah, Monsters are born from Mana. If the huge amount of Mana the sacred mountain has accumulated so far turned into a Magic Core and gave birth to a Monster, then that would explain the mountain’s influence declining.」

Certainly in that case, that would also explain the something that the Monsters are running away from. There a few factors for a Monster’s strength and one is the amount of Mana spent when it was born. Naturally, the more Mana consumed during its birth, the stronger the Monster would be. For the birth of a Monster actually to cause influence of a mountain that had stored huge amounts of Mana to fall, there’s absolutely no way that it’s going to be weak.

Still, when I arrived at this mountain, I didn’t hear anything about this from the bandits. Whatever it may be, looking back at the time and place where I encountered the Goblins, it was probably born at pretty much the same time as when I arrived in this world.

Just imagining the possibility that I could have encountered that kind of Monster that time when I still couldn’t even tell right form left, I couldn’t help but shudder.


Chapter 43 – Investigation Day 1

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Investigation day 1. First of all, we decided to split into three teams and search the surrounding area. Originally we would be spilt by party, but since our party only consisted of two people, it was decided that we would have a temporary party, borrowing one person each from “Grim” and “Fyneh”.

「We’ll be sending out Gray. We originally wanted to have Jarvis join you as a tank, but he has some weird habits in coordination.」

「And from us~ would be Bia~ Lily can’t seem to use Probe Magecraft, after all~ Without it, it won’t be a proper investigation, see~」

As our temporary party members, it was decided that we’ll have Gray form “Grim” as our tank and Bia from “Fyneh” as our investigator. With this we have now three four-man party.

「Sorry, Gray. We got you separated from Lysha.」

「You don’t need to worry about that. Besides, I owe you my life, so I’ll be protecting you with all my might.」

「Owe you your life?」

Bia reacts to Gray’s casual words. It was own Gray’s miss that caused that situation, so he was a bit hesitant to speak about it, but Bia persistently asking him about it ended up piquing Urania’s curiosity, and it seems like against two people, he had no other choice but to answer.

Gray himself seems to think of it as his fault, but eighteen Goblins isn’t really something that any regular adventurer can deal with, and if you consider how they can’t run away since they were guarding someone, he did pretty great.

「Lily, you can use Healing Magecraft, too?」

「Well, more or less.」

「How many attributes can you even use …?」

「Umm… I can use the four basic attributes. For healing, I think I can heal up limb loss, but if it’s on diseases, I don’t really know much I can heal.」

Bia has a really complex expression, seemingly shock but somewhat convinced on what I said. I think back if I ever said anything bad, and I immediately remember that there’s barely any Mage that can use all the four attributes.

Still, they’ll probably find out that I can use the four attributes sooner or later. In the first place, “Freeze”, an Ice attribute Magic, is an application of the water attribute, “Burn” is just plainly fire attribute, “Wall” is earth attribute, and “Levitation” is wind attribute.

Even just the Magics I’ve already used are all from the four attributes. I still haven’t used “Levitation” in front of “Grim” and “Fyneh” but it’s a pretty convenient Magic, so I probably won’t be able to keep it hidden.

In that case, rather that awkwardly trying to keep hiding things, giving them a certain amount of information would probably make it easier for me to act. At the very least, it’s definitely better than causing danger because of being secretive about it.

「Well, leaving it at that, first of all, about the investigation, what should we do?」

「Nn, since we have Bia, we should find places dense with Mana.」

「Yup. Still, there’s a high possibility of Monsters being in Mana dense areas, so be careful, okay?」

「Understood. Urania, keep on the lookout for the scent of Monsters. That way, we should be able to stay out of trouble.」

「Nn. Understood.」

Bia adds on to Urania’s suggestion. At the same time, we have Urania be on the search for monsters, bringing up the safety levels of the investigation. It seems like Bia’s Probe Magecraft can also detect a Monster’s exact position, but Mana detection and Monster detection has a need for different Spells to be constantly activated. Since we already have Urania to search for the Monsters’ location, it’s probably fine to concentrate on different roles.


「Nn, there’s seven Goblins.」

「That’s a lot. So is the increase in Mana really the problem?」

「Yeah, the increase in Mana in this area might be what caused the Monsters go down the mountain.」

With this, it’s the third time we’ve encountered a swarm of monsters. Every time Bia detects a place dense in Mana, there’s definitely Monsters roaming around there. Fortunately, Urania’s nose picks up all of them, so we never get taken by surprise; on the contrary we always get a to ambush them.

「What do we do, leader?」

「Leader?…. Well, fine. We can’t really leave them be, right?」

「Nn. Generally, kill them on sight.」

「I’ll freeze them. In the meantime, Urania and Gray, please finish them off.」

「…… Is there even any meaning for me to be here?」

At the same time, I use “Freeze” Magic, freezing the Goblins on their tracks. Unlike the last time’s full power, I hold back and make it so that their swords can cut through the vitals. Up until now, Bia still hasn’t joined in the fight, so she’s starting to have an existential crisis, but it’s exactly because Bia here that we could easily find the places thick in Mana.

「Hmm, though there’s a lot of them, just with that, they can’t do a thing, huh.」

「With Lily, I feel too strong.」

「That’s for sure.」

「At any rate, how many places are there left?」

「About four more, maybe? Frankly speaking, it’s strange.」

According to Bia, around the foot of the mountain, there seems to be about four more spots dense in Mana. So far, we’ve gone to about three spots, so it looks like there are seven of them in all.

In the first place, Mana by nature gathers in just one place. The bigger the pool gets the more powerful it gets. That’s why Monsters don’t appear much near a Dungeon’s surroundings.

This sacred mountain is also no exemption; the mountain itself is a large pool of Mana. That’s why the surrounding Mana should be drawn to the mountain, but for some reason that doesn’t happen and it ended up making small Mana pools around the base of the mountain.

「Okay! For now, let’s go to those spots and if there are Monsters around, we’ll take them all down. We should be fine time wise and I’d also like to make sure if the others are also in the same situation, too.」

「Yeah, I think that’s fine. Starting tomorrow, we might need to climb the mountain, too.」

Everyone nods in agreement. For now, we’re decided to finish up the investigation of the other spots. Other that there being Monsters everywhere, we didn’t really learn anything new, but since the Monster that kept appearing were the weaker ones like Goblins and Growleus, the information from the Guild about them『trying to run away from something』may be true.

Currently, there still hasn’t been any real harm to the adventurers and caravans passing through the highway, but judging from the number of Monsters so far, it may be just a matter of time. Anyhow, there’s definitely a need to settle this as soon as possible.


Chapter 42 – Lily’s “Freeze”

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

My name is Bia. Having just barely graduated from the honorable Aureitas Magecraft Academy, I was invited by Audrey and am somehow making by as an adventurer.

We’ve currently accepted a certain request and have arrived at the highway going to the Empire. However, we may perhaps be looking at a miracle.

「Arisa, are you sure this is really “Freeze”?」

「The spell’s chant was definitely an arrangement of “Freeze.” But the amount of MP used and the MP control was insane. 」

「I see, you noticed that, huh. Grim, what about you?」

「Don’t ask me about Magecraft stuff, I don’t know anything about that. Still, all I know is that definitely was abnormal.」

Audrey listens to the members of “Grim” not with her usual lax tone, but with sharp, inquisitive words.

It’ll be troublesome if the two from “Little” sees us in this situation, but seeing that they both went in their tent right after dinner, it looks like we were right to tire them out with the combat training this morning.

「Bia, what are your thoughts on this?」

「It’s in a state of apparent death. You really can’t see it as a Goblin left frozen for ten days.」


「I agree. This state is probably the spell’s side effect as well.」

Right in front of us is a Goblin’s corpse. No, since it’s still just in a state of apparent death, it may be a bit too early to call it a corpse. Earlier, we pretended to dispose all of them and kept one body hidden.

Despite it being frozen for ten days, the body itself had no signs of damage. If we just leave it be for a whole day, this Goblin will probably wake up as if nothing happened.

「In the end, what does this mean?」

「Well, there’s only one thing that can achieve this. Time Magic.」


「Just as I thought, huh……」

To Grimhart’s question, Audrey brings in one possibility. The most of “Grim” were shocked, but only the Mage Arisa seems to agree on it.

Time Magic, it’s literally a Magic that controls time and is considered the limit that water attribute can reach. Just as how water flows from up to down, time also flows from the past to the future. This means if one can master the control of water, the control of flow itself, they can also stop or reverse the flow of time.

However, even in the long history of our Kingdom of Aureitas, there were only just three people that had Time Magic and currently there is only one living user of Time Magic, one of the Twelve Sage: the Sage of the Great Crab.

And because there is a possibility of that having been used here, it’s understandable of “Grim’s” members to be surprised. In all honesty, even I can’t believe in what’s happening before me.

「So it means that the Guild Master’s judgment was right, huh?」

「Yeah. At the very least, it’s certain that Lily’s a Magic User.」

Magecraft is an imitation of Magic, something crafted to be used by everyone. It’s something the researchers of the past brought forth after investigating how the phenomena caused Magic occur.

Even our current researchers are desperately in the midst of bringing forth new spells but naturally, there still are tons of Magics that haven’t been recreated via Magecraft .

Among them is Time Magic. It doesn’t help that the Magic itself is complicated, but the fact that the phenomenon of controlling time is difficult for people other than the user to perceive is the main reason for the research’s stagnancy.

If she can really use it, then this naturally means that Lily is a Magic User. The phenomenon she caused itself seems to be Frost Magic, but both Frost Magic and Time Magic are just applications of the water attribute.

In this request, there’s something that “Little” doesn’t know. There’s a Hidden Request only given for “Grim” and “Fyneh”. The investigation of whether Lily is a Magic User or not and the confirmation of her strength.

That’s because Lily seems to have been showing signs of trying to hide the fact that she can use Magic. However, the fact that she herself is quite ignorant of common sense seems to be true; on top of doing everything flashy, she has caused so much trouble that would make you want to ask her if she really does feel like hiding it at all.

Thanks to the public recognizing the existence of Magic Users as things of myths and fairy tales, even after all the mischief she caused, the others never thought of her Spells as Magic.

However, people like us who have went to the Academy and people like the Guild Master who knows the existence of Magic Users, can easily figure that out. Arisa seems to have noticed that too, but she may have had some sort of encounter with a Magic User.

「So, what should we do?」

「For the meantime, in tomorrow’s investigation, let’s act not just by party but in separate groups. Bia, can I ask you to handle it?」

「Yes, of course. It’s enough if I just record it down with my Record Magecraft, right?」

「Yeah, I’m counting on you.」

The Spells I’m good at are Probe and Record. Since the academy heavily emphasizes on strength, I was treated as a failure but ever since I left the Academy, Audrey made me realize that there are very few Spells as useful to an adventurer as these. Record Magecraft has a need to be constantly activated, but that’s the same with Probe Magecraft so there’ll probably no issue if I just gloss it over.

「What should we say for why we’ll spit into groups?」

「Right, how about we say it’s because of the number of people? With Bia from our party and one person from yours, we can make just exactly three four-man groups.」

「If that’s the case, Jarvis… would cause issues. Gray, can I trust you on this?」

「The fact that I’ll be deceiving the person who saved us makes me feel complicated. Understood, if it’s what our leader decides on then I’ll follow.」

「Then I’ll be troubling you.」

「Huh, why not me!?」

「If you’re gone where the hell are we going to get another Mage!?」

「Boo~… It would’ve been great if only Lysha learned Magecraft.」

「Please don’t ask too much from me.」

Thank god, if by any chance I got into the same group with the silent Jarvis, it would have ended up being painfully quiet. Just as I already have this distasteful job of lying and monitoring the ones we should protect, I can’t take any more than that.

Tomorrow, I must confirm her true strength. And depending on that…… I really wish that a child like her wouldn’t have to go to that Academy filled with those self -centered bastards. While earnestly thinking so, I could only gaze at the tent she should have been sleeping at.


Chapter 41 – Base Setting

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「Woah! There really are frozen goblin statues…」

「Even though it’s been more than ten days since then, it really hasn’t been dispelled…」

「It’s understandable, why the investigators, only confirmed, the statues.」

Though we have been doing coordination training ever since we left Motsi town, our travel itself went smoothly, so without experiencing any particular trouble, we arrived at the place where “Grim” and I first met.

The eighteen goblins still stand as where I froze them ten days before.

This time, other than the investigation, we also accepted another request. Yep, it’s the removal of these goblin ice sculptures. This place is a bit distant from the highway so it’s not like it stands out a lot; but still, it’s one of the campsites used by the adventurers or merchants coming from the Empire, so it may be a problem to just leave them be.

「Hmm~ So? Removing them is fine and all, but how do we go about it?」

「Well, since goblins don’t really have any useful parts, won’t it be just fine to just burn the corpses after collecting the Magic Cores?」

「Okay. Well then, let me thaw them for now.」

Saying so, I release the Magic Power that froze the goblins in place. Ten days have passed, but it seems like it still hasn’t been released from my control, so the ice melted easily.

Since what was left was only somewhat cold corpses, it wasn’t particularly complicated after that. Working together, everybody retrieved the Magic Cores and Arisa’s sloppy “Burn” burned the corpses to ash.

「It’s yellow, huh. It looks a bit darker that the one’s from the goblins in the Abyssal Forest, maybe?」

「It’s proof that the goblins here are stronger than the ones on the Dungeon’s outer layer. When it becomes a higher class, it’ll look more gold that yellow.」

「I see. So that means these ones would earn a higher price when sold off, right?」

「Obviously. Maybe since they’re under the influence of the dense Mana of the sacred mountain, the Magic Cores of the Monsters in this vicinity especially have a considerably lot of Magic Power dwelling inside of it. There’s a wide difference in its utility value.」

Listening to Grimhart, it seems that this sacred mountain is that mountain where I was first caught by the bandits. Though it hasn’t turned into a Dungeon, that big mountain south of the Kingdom and the Empire that it seems to divide the east and the west has a large amount of Mana in it. It’s unknown wherever this Mana comes from, but it there are various speculations about it. Like maybe it was originally a huge Monster’s corpse or maybe there’s an unexplored Dungeon inside the mountain or so.

By the way, it looks like that place where the bandits that caught me stayed in wasn’t even halfway up the mountain. Nevertheless, it’s a place that decent and upright adventurers rarely approach so it’s probably a perfect place for a hideout.

「Hm? Wait, if the sacred mountain’s dense in Mana, then isn’t normal for a lot of strong monsters to roam around here?」

「It’s the opposite. In spite of the mountain being filled with dense Mana, why would they especially descend to the foot of the mountain thin in Mana?」

Now that you mention it, Monsters do generally eat Mana, huh. In that case, there definitely isn’t any Monster that would especially come down to the highway at the foot of the mountain rather than stay at the top, huh.

「However, it looks like the report about the Mana around here getting denser is true.」

「Did you find something out?」

「Yeah, I only checked a bit so I can’t be sure about it, but at the very least the Mana levels around here is about the same as the Dungeon’s outer layer.」

Using some kind of Spell, Bia said so. It seems to be a type of Magecraft that isn’t included in the Magic that I can use.

The Magic I can use ranges from ones that can be used in daily life to wide rage explosion attacks, but there’s a considerable amount that I can’t use. One of those is Search-type Magic.

I myself can sense Life Essence to some extent, so when it comes to humans, I can know their position to some extent. However, if I’m against things that are hard to sense Life Essence from, like Monsters or Magic Beasts, I basically can’t see anything. For that reason, I was really lucky to have teamed up with Urania, since she can detect thing by smell.

Other Magic I can’t use are Teleportation Magic, Communication Magic, Resurrection Magic and more. Be as it may with Resurrection, I really wanted to use “Teleport”, you know?

「Okay. In the meantime, we’ll be building a temporary base here. After all, we’re going to investigate here for five days. And so, rather than our usual camp, let’s to make a somewhat secure one!」





To Grimhart’s command, we reply in different ways. As usual, we’re really disorganized, making Grimhart’s smile twitch, but this better that being too tense, right? Later, I heard from Arisa that when “Girm” and “Fyneh” team up, it seems that they’re basically always like this.


「Mh… ahmnh…… mhmn…… phwah!」

「Haa…… Thanks for the meal.」

「… Nn…… You’re welcome.」

That night, since Urania and I, who were in charge of the combat earlier today, were exempted from night watch, we decided to have a rest in our tent.

In the place where we’re based at, we set up five tents all in all. The tents were divided roughly into mine and Urania; Grimhart, Jarvis and Gray’s; Audrey and Jessica’s; Kety, Emi, and Bia’s or so.

Right now, it was supposed to be Audrey, Jesicca, and also Gray’s turn for lookout. It’s quite admirable, but it’s decided that the three men will be alternating turns every night for the lookout.

That’s because the tent that “Grim” brought with them is too narrow for three grown men to sleep in, but having said that, they reason out that, assuming if one of them sleeps outside, it’s pretty awkward for them to sleep while the ladies are nearby staying awake for the night.

I was a former guy, current girl, so I decided not to think about it too much. And since we were also exempted from tonight’s lookout, I ended up feasting on Urania’s Life Essence.

Honestly speaking, every time I take in Life essence, I’m still assaulted by a unbelievable feeling of pleasure, but I somehow control myself and pay attention so that I don’t take any more than necessary.

Each time our lips separate, Urania looks at me with her eyes filled with ecstasy, so I’m really just barely able to control myself. Yep, I’m really doing my best.

「Tomorrow, we’ll be searching, huh.」

「Nn, if there’s something, I’ll find it for sure.」

「I’m counting on you.」

「Lily, because you’re here, I can do my best.」

「Me too, Urania. As long as you’re with me, I can do anything.」

Inside the tent, while lying on the bed I took from the【Dream Storage】, we smile at each other and close our eyes.

「Goodnight, Urania.」

「Goodnight, Lily.」

The hand I held underneath our blanket never left my hand until the next day.


Chapter 40 – With this, are we okay with coordination?

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

After that, and after taking lunch in between, with Urania and I as fixed members and 2~4 other members from “Grim” and “Fyneh” in a temporary party, we defeated several monsters we found. Most of the monsters that appeared were mainly the common Growleus and Goblins. We also encountered some rabbit monsters and the all-popular slime and such, but as expected they can’t even be even be called a threat, so they’re defeated by the person that found them.

By the way, just like how the Goblins become a greater threat when they swarm, it seems that when other monsters group into a certain amount of number, the monster acting as the leader also evolves into a higher class species. When a monster evolves into a higher class, naturally, the monster itself gets stronger but it was really surprising, since the other monsters around also leveled up in strength.

Then if they continue to evolve, they will become a King-class monster. The Demon Lord that was in the story of the Kingdom’s founding was said to be a higher evolution of the King-class, and was also said to me lead monster that were from a different species. On top of the Kingdom not being even a country at that time, organizations like the Guild that leads people like adventurers to hunt monsters also haven’t existed yet, so they say that King-class monsters existed here and there. Although at the same time, it seems that there were 4~5 Magic-users like me in each villages, so you could really say that that era was a time of great carnage.

「Three Growleus! I’ll guide them!! “Burn”!!!」

「Aye-aye! I’ll hold one down! Still, they’re fast!」


「Leave it to me!」

While I hit the Growleus I found with the Magic “Burn”, I lead them towards Urania and the others. As Jessica pins down one of them, Jarvis stops another one from running and Urania stabs them in their vitals. Unlike the time when just with me, Urania doesn’t challenge the Growleus one-on-one, but rather she kills the monsters that have been completely pinned on their tracks.

Of course it’s not that Urania can’t defeat one by herself, but it’s because we currently have more than enough people. In this situation, there’s no need to do dangerous things like that, and at the same time it’s training to better our teamwork.

「Yeah, that’s good. Keep it up.」

「Ufufu~ this reminds me~. In the earlier days~ Grim here would go and rush on by himself~~ Jarvis had a hard time back then, right~~ 」

「Audrey… Can you please not talking about that…」

「Oh~? But there isn’t anything~ that’s more helpful~ that a veteran’s past mistake, you see~」

「Are you sure you want to say that? It’s not like I don’t know anything about you too, you know?」

「My my ~」


It feels like the party leaders are pinning each other down back with those evil smiles. I’m getting a bit curious about their past. A bit curious, but you know what they say, let the sleeping dogs lie.

I run up to Urania, and confirm if she has any wounds. Though I know that she’s not hurt since I was watching her from the rear, I can’t really help but check.

「Lily, it’s fine. You don’t need to check every time.」

「But, still…」

「Don’t you, trust me?」


Urania saying that while tilting her head slightly was, to be frank, too cute, but she’s right. Running up to her after every battle to check on her like this may be a bit overprotective of me. Still, I can’t really help but worry.

「It’s okay. I also got stronger. Thanks, for worrying about me.」

「Y-yeah. Call me if you get hurt, okay!?」

「Nn, understood.」

As though she sees right through my worries, Urania thanks me with a smile. Because of that, I reflexively blushed and ended up replying to her with a curt response.

Suddenly feeling presences behind me, I turned towards them and see Arisa, Rilsha and Emi smiling at me.


「Hmm? Nothing really?」

「Oh youth~」

「I can understand Arisa’s feelings now.」

「See~? I want to just take them home and cuddle them in bed~.」

I can hear a somewhat worrying conversion, too. I don’t have the intention of being a stuff toy, you know?

Well, it’s not that I can’t understand them. Urania’s re~ally cute, after all. And since this body was jammed pack with men’s ideals and dreams, so I have a lot of confidence in my looks. Still, be as it may with Urania, I don’t think these looks would really be popular with women though… In reality, what do they think about me?

「Hm? How do I say this, Lily is kind of like a little sister you just can’t leave be?」

「She feels like a relative’s child, right?」

「Well, in short, somewhat….」



Somehow, there are a lot of things that come to mind with that. I myself, in awareness, am a guy after all, so it’s not like I have the characteristic female defenses.

As a result, the females of the party see me as a little kid and stuff. Furthermore, this appearance that was made while regarding Japanese aesthetics looks really young for this world’s standard. With the combined synergy, not only do I seem younger that my actual age, I even seem younger that how old I say I am.

「In other words, you’re treating me as a kid?」

「That’s right~」


「How can you even sound that obvious!?」

In short, it seems like it’s that. Seeing the reactions of the adventures the other day and how the guild interacts with me, I feel like everyone’s treating me like this. Sine I’m like this, maybe I should act more seductive… but that wouldn’t be Lily anymore, huh.

How troublesome.


Chapter 39 – Now, let’s depart!

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

As a result of our discussion, it’s been scheduled that we’re going spend ten days on this time’s request. Two days going there, then about five days for the investigation proper while leaving an extra day just to be sure. At first we decided to go for seven days, but this time we have one from “Grim”, three from “Fyneh” and me, having overall five Mages that can all use Storage Spells. In short, since it’s we can bring in quite a lot of food supplies, we’re able have a lot more flexibility with our schedule.

Regarding the reward, it’s split between the three parties, not between the participants. Since Urania and I were the only members of our party, we were a bit hesitant to accept it, but both “Grim” and “Fyneh” didn’t seem to have any complaints about the division, only saying 「Being partial on the newbies is just natural, so don’t think too much about it and just take it」. Though instead, it’s been decided that I’ll be practicing Magecraft with the members of “Fyneh” in the next mock battle/exchange party. That in itself is no problem, but I’m going to have to be careful that they don’t notice that what I’m really using Magic.

「And with that, this time‘s request will be a collaborative effort of the three of our parties. Do you need reconfirmation on the request details?」

「Not really~ I guess~」

「No problems here, too.」

Since this time the three of our parties are teamed together, it looks like “Grim’s” leader Grimhart will be leading us to some extent. Just like what we were told on the mock battle, ever if it’s just temporary or so, in the meantime there’s a need to put someone as the leader.

By the way, I hear that “Grim” and “Fyneh” occasionally accept requests together, and it seems that on those times Girmhart is usually the one chosen to be the leader. Well, “Fyneh’s” leader Audrey-san is as leisurely as she looks, so if you’re asking for someone that can make prompt decisions, Grimhart is probably the more suitable one.


「Urania! Don’t move out too much! Look closely at Jarvis and Jessica’s movements!」

「Lil~y, right now we need to focus more on attack than defense~. Ma~tch up with Emily and Arisa, okay~ 」

Two days after exiting the Eastern gate, we’re fighting against a pack of Growleus. Though I called it a pack, there’s only about eight of them. We have twelve people all in all, so there’s absolutely no problem if we fight them normally, but we’re fighting with only certain members to check our coordination.

Without regarding “Grim” and “Fyneh”, our coordination is pretty sloppy, so right now we’re studying under either Grimhart or Audrey-san’s instruction.

The ones currently fighting in front is Urania, Jarvis and Jessica-san and on the rear is me, Emy-san and Arisa, six people all in all. And further behind us are Grimhart and Audrey giving out instructions for us. Speaking about the Growleus, being about Rank C as a threat, it’s higher ranked than party, but it seems that they’re not really problem to the other two parties. Still, they did say that it’ll be a bit difficult if it’s more than ten of them.

By the way, the other members are preparing for lunch. The others say that we can only eat delicious food in the first two days so prepare yourself and stuff, but the meat and vegetables in my storage is forever fresh, so let alone ten days, we can make delicious food not only after a year or but even ten.

「「I ask. For the flame that eliminates impure ones. 「“Burn”」」」

Just in the end, Emy-san and my, and Arisa’s while we’re at it, chants overlap. Immediately after that, two of the eight Growleus blaze up and three of them die after having holes drilled between their brows. Seeing the sudden decrease of enemies as an opportunity, both Jarvis and Jessica-san pin down one Growleu each. Urania, who is now fighting one on one, slits the Growleu’s neck.

The ones left, while being pinned down by the other two, were similarly ended by Urania who now free and able to move and had their necks slit.

「Woah…What’s with that Magic Power Control…. Although there’s not even a single mark other that the hole used to enter inside, only the insides are completely burned off… 」

「I really thought I’m better when it comes to Fire Spells, though……」

「No, first of all, with your sloppy Magecraft, it’s impossible, you know?」

Emy-san and Arisa examines the Growleu I pierced with “Burn”. Having something you done being examined so seriously feels really embarrassing.

What I did was extremely simple. Controlling the magical flame produced by “Burn” in to a compact size, I burned off only the Growleu’s brain. As a result, I can now use it rapid fire, but since the firepower itself drops it has its pros and cons.

By the way, the Magic I used in front of the Guild staff Fillip was this exact same “Burn”. Magecraft requires chanting, but naturally because of the chant, your opponent can guess the spell you’re about to use. To prevent that, it seems that each Mage think of their own ways of shortening or changing the chants and stuff. It looks like some even prepare Magic Circles in advance, making the Magic Circle shoulder on the role of the chant itself.

Hearing that, I made up a Magic Circle with the Spell “Burn” built into it. Specifically speaking, I made a ring with that Magic Circle engraved on it. With this, as long as I point my finger to a target and say 「“Burn”」, I can invoke the Spell “Burn”.

Of course, since what I use is Magic, I can invoke it even without doing that, but I still made sure that will invoke practically the same Spell if it’s actually used by other people. I was a bit uneasy on whether I could make it with【Dream Fabrication】, but since there wasn’t really any complicated mechanisms needed and such, it was a lot easier than I expected.

「Nevertheless, it’s the first time I ever saw a Magical Tool this small. Is it from some Dungeon?」

「No, I made it myself…」

「Ehh!? You made this……. If you sell this how thousands…… No, ten thousands……. Y-you’ll get super rich, you know!?」

Arisa overreacted a bit, but a Magical Tool of only this level is something you can see just about anywhere, right? After all, if you think about it, this is just about the level of a nice lighter. Besides, it’s something I made with【Dream Fabrication】so if it gets even just a bit of a scratch, it’ll end up coming apart like fleeting dream. It’ll different if it leaves some remains, but putting it for sale as it is now is really scary so I can’t.

「The main point of this practice is our coordination, you know?」

「Ehh~ Isn’t doing this about good enough?」

Though I thought that the second half was already good, but it seems like for Grimhart it’s still not good enough. Good grief, what a strict senior I have. It’d be really nice we can get good enough to satisfy Grimhart’s standards within these ten days, though.