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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 58

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Chapter 28 – Tears

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3086 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2203 words

Lily felt her strength had recovered a little so she pushed hard against that woman, seized the opportunity to jump down the horse.

Once she got down, she finally came to realize the sheer size of that black steed. This woman was actually able to tame a horse of such a high rank.

Lily used the back of her hand to wipe her lips, but there was no way to erase that deplorable and hateful feelings.

“You… I see no need to inform you of my name, why are you doing this?”

Lily was not about to take it lying down. Though there was a stubborn teardrop dwelling in the corner of her eyes, she absolutely refused to cry in front of this woman. That was not because she felt wronged, it was merely humiliation!

‘My first kiss has been forcefully stolen because she is much, much stronger than me. That’s all! There is no way I would have any feelings for this kind of woman!’

Lily repeated these words in her mind over and over again. It was as though she believed those words would become actual fact if she repeated them many times over.

While she was riding on the horse, Uesugi Rei’s long silver hair seemed to have almost hidden her shapely butt from view. As the silver-haired woman jumped down the horse with her back facing Lily, she saw the deadly tachi hanging on her back. That tachi was about the same height as Uesugi. She was wearing the same black, sleeveless silk cloth as the other day. She wore a short skirt that covered only the front and rear. As for the length of the skirt, it was so short that everything would be exposed if it was one centimeter shorter.

Uesugi Rei was still smiling wantonly as she heard Lily’s question, but her violet eyes seemed to peer into the mind of others as she answered, “Why, you ask? That’s such an odd question. I kill demons because they attack mankind. I kissed you because you are cute. What I am saying is that… you are very cute. How many times do I have to repeat that for you to understand?”

Lily only stared at her blankly. If it was not herself that was retarded, then it must be that this woman had a mental problem. She was unable to follow the logic of this woman.

“Let me ask you another question in return, w-what was so cute about me?” Lily blushed as she asked back with slight anger.

Uesugi Rei narrowed her eyes and revealed a somewhat bewitching gaze. Lily had a little trouble resisting that kind of gaze.

As Uesugi drew near to Lily, the difference in height was finally made clear. She was indeed taller than Lily, even though Lily was quite tall herself.

If Uesugi Rei just took one more step, their breasts would squeeze together and change shape…

“For such a charming and delicate girl like you to ask big sister this kind of question, do you really want me to fawn on you so much?”

Uesugi Rei brought her face close to Lily. As she was assailed by the sweet fragrance of that woman again, Lily could feel her breathing getting rougher.

“Just look at your charming features. You have such a beautiful face as though you were the reincarnation of the goddess herself. Your eyes look exactly like night crystal, and your rosy lips tasted like heavenly nectar. Even supernatural beings would be charmed upon looking at your soft breasts. And your slender waist is just begging to be embraced.”

Lily felt a little dazed upon hearing these. Her sensitive female body couldn’t stand such high praise, but her male mentality warned her to remain cool-headed. She must act like her mind was not disturbed. She shouldn’t let this kind of poetic flattery make her feel elated.

But the words that came out of Lily’s mouth was a grumble that could easily be misunderstood, “Hmph, it’s nothing but a flowery speech.”

Lily involuntarily fidgeted in the middle of her words.

‘Wait! This is not right! Aren’t I supposed to be asking questions here? Doesn’t this look like I am trying to seduce her instead?!’

Lily remonstrated herself in her mind, ‘No can do, I need to be fiercer and question her more proactively.’

Bringing her lips close, Uesugi Rei softly blew into Lily’s ear, “Furthermore, that big sexy ⓐⓢⓢ of yours…”

“Hey!” Lily was taken aback. She was originally praising her with such a poetic grace, so how did such an obscene language suddenly come out from her mouth?

What Lily hated to hear the most was obscene language! These words caused her to feel the utmost disgust! But at the same time, her body became feverish and started to fidget. Her breath also became somewhat flirtatious.

She really hated the vulgar language used by the woman, she really did! She blushed upon hearing these words, but from revulsion!

‘T-There’s no way I was a teeny bit excited! M-My body only reacted for a moment because… I was unable to think properly under Uesugi Rei’s influence! No way, I cannot stay like this!’

She hastily took a few steps back and simply drew her katana, “S-Such a rude woman, don’t get close to me!”

Uesugi Rei was also surprised to see Lily unsheathed her sword. She was colored in surprise when looking at Lily’s sword, then she blurted out, “Demon Sword?”

“Huh?” Lily looked distracted. Just what nonsense was this woman spouting, this was but an authentic sword bought from the Genji Dojo, and she actually called this a Demon Sword, “W-What are you saying? If you continue to speak rudely, don’t blame me for what happens next!”

Nevertheless, Uesugi Rei revealed an even more profound and meaningful smile. It seemed like she was getting more and more interested in Lily as she looked at her from head to foot. Rather than paying attention to Lily’s threat, she said this to herself, “Truly unexpected…”

“Miss, you are indeed my destined woman. I see there is no need for me to ask for your name anymore, though I believe your name must be as beautiful as you are. I am sure a female samurai like you will become famous in Kanagawa prefecture very quickly. I will naturally know your name then.”

Uesugi Rei turned around casually and walked to the other side of the bridge, “I still have something to do, but I’m sure we will meet again someday. Bye, my little sweetie.”

Lily stood there with a dumbfounded expression, “Hey! You… Stop right there! How… How can you do this! Why did you kiss me, why are you saying vulgar words to me, you are too ill-mannered!”

Seeing that Uesugi Rei walked away just like this, Lily panicked and stamped her feet on the bridge in a fit of rage.

Chase after her? And cut her down with a single slash?

“T-There’s no need to go that far. It is ironic how I had once looked up to her as a Valkyrie. Who knew she was such a hoodlum like this! It is true that this woman had been rude to me, but she doesn’t seem like a bad person other than that. I had once seen her kill a demon with my own eyes too. Though I will definitely struggle desperately if my chastity is threatened! But there’s no way I can kill someone just because they were rude to me and said a few vulgar words right? What’s more, I still can’t beat her as I am now…”

Lily thrust the sword on the wooden bridge and fell down on her knees. Her hair drooped from her shoulders as she lowered her head and let out a helpless sigh.

Her first kiss was inexplicably snatched away by this woman, and yet she was unable to do anything about it. She couldn’t kill her nor was she able to scold her. On the contrary, she was even called cute to the point that she became a little more docile. Then she suddenly dropped a bomb on her. Just what was that woman thinking! What was she supposed to do against that kind of woman?

Seeing that woman making her way towards the other side of the river, Lily felt evermore edgy. Thereupon, she pulled up the katana and followed her.

When she arrived at the opposite bank, she found that the atmosphere had changed. As it turned out, this was the shrine of Ieyoshi Genji. She had never been here during the daytime before. This place was auspicious and peaceful. There was also that fragrant timber scent that caused one’s mind to relax.

She was kicking up a fuss here because of an indecent assault, that was clearly very disrespectful. She was ashamed of herself and didn’t know what to do.

In the end, she sheathed her sword and didn’t go up to nag at the woman.

She detoured around the spacious area in front of the shrine and looked at what the woman was doing from within the bush to the side. If she dared to act rudely in front of Lord Ieyoshi’s statue, then she would have a good excuse to swing her sword at her.

As she peeked at the shrine from the side, she was able to see the statue of Lord Ieyoshi sitting upright in the wooden temple. The solemn aura released by the statue calmed Lily’s mind.

She shifted her eyes to the front of the shrine and spied from within the bush.

All she saw the Uesugi Rei standing there without moving an inch.

The moment Lily saw Uesugi Rei, she felt the woman was in harmony with nature and formed a concept art unique to this area.

It was as though she had become a different person and was no longer the same seductive pervert as earlier.

Purple smoke rose in spirals from the incense stick in the old temple. For a short while, it had become quiet and peaceful.

Uesugi Rei looked at the statue within the shrine with the utmost respect and knelt on the spot.

She kowtowed three times and prayed very earnestly.

Then she lifted her head and clapped her hands together before she began to chant in silence.


Lily noticed two streaks of tears running down from the corner of Uesugi Rei’s eyes.

The proud silver-haired girl did not sob at all, her face remained as auspicious as ever. However, Lily could feel immeasurable sorrow filling the air.

Why was she crying?

Why was she so different now compared to earlier? Where did her willful personality go? They were like two completely different people.

And what was up with this sorrowful atmosphere?

Why was it that she also felt a prick in her heart at this moment?

As the sun sets in the west, the wooden bridge in front of the dojo gate was dyed in the color of the sunset.

Uesugi Rei stayed at the shrine in that position for one whole afternoon before she left with her horse.

At the other end of the wooden bridge, a black-haired girl with purple kimono was leaning against the railing. That was a little unexpected even for Uesugi Rei.

“Kagami Lily, that is my name. You better remember it. Later on… if you dare to harass me again, I will not let you off so lightly.”

As Uesugi walked past Lily with her horse, Lily didn’t look at her and looked at the sunset behind the dojo instead. She lifted up her foot slightly and lightly tapped the wooden bridge with her sandal. Then she said those words nonchalantly with quite a reluctant face.

Uesugi felt a throbbing in her heart for a moment. The tear stains were still vaguely visible on her face. She looked at the fairy-like girl with her violet eyes. Though the girl in question was slightly angry, it seemed that she was fond of her angry expression. That was why she was able to tease or even comfort the girl… A feeling of attachment welled up in her heart, but her eyes became cloudy for an instant. It was as though she had some misgivings. She didn’t say much nor did she continue to harass Lily.


That was the only word Uesugi said. Her beautiful face revealed the brightest smile Lily had seen to date, but it quickly changed into a playful smile.

Lily’s head was lowered so she didn’t see that smile and no longer paid any attention to her.

Uesugi mounted the horse and there was a thunderous clatter of hoofs as the horse broke into a furious gallop.

Only then did Lily lifted her head to look at her riding away on the horse.

“Hmph, she doesn’t even know how to say a simple sorry? Bah, forget it… it’s for the better if she leaves, I hope I will never see her again!” Lily let out a complaint in a low voice.

However, what she didn’t know was that, when Lily’s first kiss was taken away by her, she had also offered her first kiss to Lily.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 57

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Chapter 27 – Confusion

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2149 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1121 words

Nioh’s round eyes glared at its surroundings as if it were one of the mountain temple’s god statues; his rippling muscles danced beneath a faint black gloss as if eager to crush the very stone those statues were carved from as it galloped through the silent streets of Takeshita!

Lily could no longer tell if the thunder she heard was from the storm or the steed, as the thunderous power within it coupled with her own feeble body shaking began to make her stomach attempt to escape from her. The violent galloping naturally caused her to be unable to control her body, her blushing face repeatedly hitting large shapes that were soft yet perfectly firm; Lily was most pleased to concede that those heavenly breasts were indeed larger than hers, but only by a bit.

With each unwilling dive into those soft and elastic breasts, Lily began to feel even more powerless; coupled with the sweet smell of the silver-haired maiden’s body, Lily was getting more and more intoxicated in body and mind. The ferocious galloping and the entwining of the two bodies didn’t aid Lily in preventing further intoxication, though wrapping her arms shamelessly around the other’s neck was mainly from her fear.

Despite the icy rainwater doing nothing for Lily’s heat, and the constant joggling, the surroundings being nothing but a blur allowed her to focus and get a clear view of the silver-haired girl’s face.

“So beautiful,” Lily exclaimed in her heart as it was being tugged by a mysterious force.

The most precious gems ever to be shipped from a foreign land to the Heian empire, an extremely rare pair of violet agates1 whose deep hue seemed to lead to an endless abyss that would suck in one’s soul; though perhaps those eyes only affected Lily…

Exquisite jade was the skin that covered her small and pointed nose, guiding Lily’s eyes down towards the bottom of that near-perfect face where the early spring held the alluring yet majestic and noble pink rose blossom – a divine complement to the silver silk and violet gemstones she carried. Lily’s own deep red rose blossoms began to produce thick nectar as she stared at those lips.

In the few seconds it took for reason to overrule the instinct brought about from being saved by such a beautiful older sister, each of Lily’s increasingly shallow breaths immersed her in the essence of femininity and drowned her vision in a field of stars. Once she recalled her only beloved lying in that cold and heartless stone room with only a sliver of hope to ever awaken, she quickly fell into a state of self-blame at having been possessed by that woman’s strong, gentle, and enticing aura.

Lily scolded internally, ‘J-just what was I thinking?! How can I let this unfamiliar woman who nearly crashed into me and hugged me with no explanation disturb the peace in my mind! Lily oh Lily, how can you be so shameless! Senior sister’s body is so noble, but it has been corrupted by my fickle mind! Lily! Just how can you face senior sister like this! I definitely need to punish myself tonight! I won’t dare to inexplicably blush for another girl anymore!’

“W-who are you?! Let me go!” Lily asked, determined to no longer be uselessly stoked within the woman’s embrace.

Fearing to be thought of as flirting, and being thrown from the horse, Lily uncurled her arms from the woman’s neck and grabbed onto her arm. The woman, having noticed Lily’s gaze simply tightened her grip on Lily’s waist.

With violent swings of her legs and arms like a tantrum-prone child, Lily began to release panicked cries, “Stop! Put me down! What are you doing?! Do you know that you almost crashed into me?! Stop the horse now! Just who are you, let me go!”

Growing irritated at the little girl’s protest, the woman released her hold on the reins to grab the back of her head, unexpectedly bending forward to bind her lips to Lily’s, freezing the girl’s mind.


A shocked Lily’s only thought was “I was kissed?!” as her eyes widened and her body stiffened as if electrocuted.

After a while, Lily finally regained her senses from the unexpected act. Realizing that any further resistance would be pointless as her first kiss had already been stolen…

While the woman continued to kiss her, she despaired, ‘h-how can she do this?! That was my first kiss! Senior sister, I…’

Some time later…

“Slurp, Slurp…Mmhmm…”

Lily used her powerless hands to push against the shoulder of that woman, but even so, she was unable to prevent the woman’s tongue from exploring every inch of her mouth.

Lily wanted to keep her eyes open as a show of resistance, but they gradually became half-closed and her field of vision became fuzzy…

She felt her entire body turning light and airy. The only thing her mind focused on was the deep kiss initiated by that woman.

However, her hands never let go from start to finish. They were still grabbing onto that woman’s black clothes in an attempt to resist.

Although they were just as useless since there was no strength left in her arms.

The woman urged the horse to stop on the wooden bridge beside the Genji Dojo’s main gate. Only then did she finally separated her warm lips from Lily.

Lily limply leaned against the horse’s neck, her eyes slackened for a moment.

As she saw her powerless self reflected on the water surface, Lily slowly averted her eyes, only to meet the violet eyes of that woman. Her long silvery hair seemed to have entangled with Lily’s messy black hair that scattered all over the horseback. Their hair was like two silk clothes forming a black-and-white space that belonged to only themselves.

Pure anger steadily built up in Lily’s eyes.

“Slap!” She slapped the woman’s face with her slender hand.

With that woman’s strength, she could completely dodge or even block the slap, but she didn’t do it. Her face turned to the side from Lily’s slap, but she still gently smile at Lily.

That woman finally started to talk, “So cute, and quite feisty too. I am called Uesugi Rei, and you are?”

‘Wasn’t she supposed to ask this question first before forcing a french kiss on me?!’ If Lily was more powerful than her, she would have certainly beaten this woman to a pulp!

And then she would beat her past self that offered zero to no resistance!

The rain finally stopped and a rainbow was forming due to the mist that rose from the river.

But Lily was still wet in her clothing.2


65 The City of Slislan

According to the flyer.

The Slime Festival has a history of more than a hundred years.

It lasts for three days and attracts many slime tamers.

There are other festivals for monster tamers, like Goblin Festival, Zombie, Festival, or Mongolian Death Worm Festival. However, the Slime Festival is the biggest of them all.

On the side note, the Dragon Festival is the smallest of all.

It was held once about fifty years ago, but, since they couldn’t gather even three participants, they had to give up on hosting another one.

「Huh? For an honorable dragon to befriend a human……isn’t unthinkable」

Marion was about to complain but turned back mid-sentence.

「Why were there so little participants?」

「Probably because it’s hard to make a dragon obey. We generally refuse to follow those weaker than us」

Muriel seemed convinced by Jessica’s explanation.

Speaking of which, Marion and Jessica only settled in the village after their defeat at the hands of Iris.

「The city of Slislan is about a week’s journey away. However, we have dragons! Marion-san, Jessica-san, please!」

「Haa…… are definitely treating us as mounts……」

「Fufu. You might have what it takes to become a dragon tamer」

A day before the festival.

Iris and the rest headed towards Slislan on Marion and Jessica’s backs.

They landed some distance away from the city in the evening and proceeded on foot.

Because people tend to be freaked out by dragons above their heads.

Despite both being monsters, people are strangely fine around slimes.

Perhaps the Dragon Festival was canceled not only because of the lack of participants but also because of lack of the proper venue.

There is an option of having dragons move around in their human forms, but that won’t be much of a dragon festival.

「Amazing. Everyone is in a festive mood!」

「Look, look. So many slimes. Amazing~」

As Muriel and Eclipse said, they encountered a slime the moment they entered the city.

Green and yellow. White and black. Their size ranging from watermelon to that above Punigami.

Each slime had a human accompanying it. Mysteriously, no one around them considered this scenery unusual.

It wouldn’t have been surprising had they started discussing slimes all of a sudden.

「T-That’s bad……they’ll try to talk to me……what should I do?!」

Iris muttered as she rolled on top of Punigami.

Fondling Punigami was the only way she could calm down a little.

「Can’t you just talk about Punigami?」

Marion says as if it’s natural.

「Talking about Punigami…..but I don’t even know what slime tamers usually talk about!」

「Just follow the flow」

「H-How do you do that!?」

「If someone compliments your slime’s color compliment back or something like that」

「I-Isn’t it too advanced for me?!」

「It’s not particularly advanced……but it’s you we are talking about」

「Hieeee……I wanna go home」

「It’s alright! You can do it!」

「Really? I’m feeling insecure so let’s practice……with Eclipse. Try talking to me as if you are a slime tamer」

「Okay~. Muriel is my slime then」

「This Mistress!? That is not an easy task」

With a light step, Eclipse moved in front Iris and Punigami.

Muriel tried to imitate Punigami’s voice from behind her, but it was hard to tell how similar it was.

「You have a pretty slime~」

「T-Thanks. Your slime is rather nice too……」

「Right?~ You can call her Nojapuni. Say hi, Nojapuni」

「Pu-Punii……na no ja」

「Y-You’re so polite……my slime is called Punigami…..」

Despite talking with her little sister, Iris was strangely tense.

「Punigami? He looks tasty. Can I have a lick?」

「Y-Yes? What are you talking about?」

「It’ll be over in a moment lick


Punigami struggled to escape the sudden tingly sensation.

「No ja! You shouldn’t do something like this! You’ll turn into a pervert!」

「Eh? I am pretending to be a slime tamer. Cindy licked Punigami before. I’m simply imitating」

「She did indeed do something along those lines……but doesn’t mean you should go that far!」

Muriel grabbed Eclipse and pried her of Punigami.

Which made her rather sulky.

「Look around, Eclipse-chan. There are so many slime tamers but no one does that」

Having heard Jessica, Eclipse briefly surveyed her surroundings.

「They don’t~」

「Right? Normal slime tamers don’t lick their slimes. Cindy must’ve been a special kind of pervert. You don’t want to become a pervert, right?」

「Don’t wanna. Won’t lick anymore~」

「Ufufu. Good girl」

Jessica patted her head.

Eclipse has been saved from turning into a pervert.

Cindy is a source of bad influence, Iris thought to herself.

If we happen to see her here, let’s avoid conversation at all costs.

The moment she thought that……

「Iris-san, Punigami-san! As well as the rest of you! Welcome to the city of Slislan!」


Cindy and Punyobaron were running their way.

「What a coincidence」said Sheryl as she waved at them.

Eclipse wanted to wave too, but Iris immediately stopped her.

「Why? Why can’t I wave?」

「You should stay away from Cindy as much as possible. You’ll catch her perverseness!」

「Is it contagious? It’s not a cold though~」

「It does spread! Didn’t you lick Punigami a while ago?!」

「I won’t do that anymore. Have faith~」

「Uu…..don’t look at me with those innocent eyes of yours…….」

「Yay, You believe in me~」

Eclipse happily jumped and ran towards Cindy.

「Hey, Iris, is that okay? Cindy isn’t a bad person…..but she’s definitely a pervert!」

Marion muttered in worry.

「But……she says it’s okay…..」

「You are really weak to pressure. Well, even if it rubs off, Punigami would be the only one in danger」


「Noooo!」Punigami bellowed.

「It’s okay, Punigami. You can use magic now. You can just fight her if she ever tries to lick you again,」

「Puni? Puni!」

I see, that’s an option. Punigami was struck with a realization.

He apparently forgot Eclipse could extinguish his magical power.

Punigami was supposed to be levelheaded one, but the recent events put him on the edge.

「Cindy said she’ll introduce us to a hotel. Lucky~」

Eclipse returned in no time.

「I have a proper reservation too! After all, it’s hard to find decent accommodations in Slislan at the moment. Some slime tamers even have to stay in tents outside the city. Well, living in a tent is a lot of fun…..but I recommend this particular hotel! Follow me!」


Cindy beckoned Iris to follow her.

Punyobaron, being a slime, didn’t have any hands, so he morphed a part of his body to imitate the motion. He seemed rather skillful at it too.

「Such a considerate pervert」

「I would very much like to camp outside with others, but we didn’t bring any tools~~ A hotel is a lifesaver! Great idea for a lickorist pervert」1

Muriel and Sheryl expressed their questionable admiration.

Perhaps due to her deliberately selective hearing, Cindy puffed her chest in pride.

「We’ll take you up on that offer. Even so, how did you find us so quickly, Cindy-chan?」

「I’ve been visiting the entrance to the city many times! At one point I felt going back became rather bothersome, so I stayed in the nearby cafe and observed through the window! Then I finally saw you! What a coincidental coincidence!」

「Oh, I see….」

Even Jessica felt at a loss after her speech, as she stood there with a weird smile.

By the looks of it, it was more of an inevitability than coincidence. Or so one would retort, but since the person in question believed it was a coincidence, there was no need to disillusion her.

「Hey, big sis. If she was on the constant lookout for us does that mean……」

「Eclipse. Cindy wants to believe it was a coincidence. Let her be」

「Is that so? I don’t understand but okay~」

As they were having such a conversation, they finally reached the hotel.

A fine four-story building.


[Vol 1] Color Illustrations


The ojou-sama of Doriarudo: Fino

“Nee, c’mon Selo, it feels great to be unrestrained.”


Apprentice Pharmacist: Selo

“Hurray, the flowers have bloomed splendidly.”

Small particles of light from the petals finally begun to raise into the night’s sky ——


Captain of the Royal Magic Knights 8th Squad: Helmbekt

“It is ‘you’ the girl has her eyes on.”

“Why me? I’m just a common apprentice pharmacist…”


[Vol 4] Chapter 12 – Inferiority Complex

Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Japtem and is unedited.
Help edit this chapter by joining the translation team!

“Cough, cough, ugh.”

“Huff huff, are you okay, Kaori?”

“Y-Yeah, somehow… Everyone is…”

In front of Kaori, who was coughing from drinking a large amount of seawater, were Hajime, whose hand was coiled on her waist, and a pure-white sand beach. There was nothing else beside those around her, but she could densely see packed mangrove-like trees in the distance, and the surface of the waving sea high in the sky. The seawater was like a barrier, preventing any intruder. It was a vast space.

“Looks like we are getting separated… Well, I gave everyone a smaller version of “Treasure Box,” so they should be able to do something by themselves.”

“… Nn.”

Hajime lightly said after letting go of Kaori, and fixed his hair. However, Kaori’s mind seems to be somewhere else.

While watching Hajime stand up and began to change his clothing, Kaori recalled what happened a while ago.

Hajime’s party attempted a strategic retreat from the huge Clione.

The place they fell into was a gigantic, spherical space with tens of tunnels, where there were spouting seawater with tremendous force. Or maybe it could be said that they were flowing from there; a place with storm-like and messy current.

Swept by the swift current, Hajime’s party somehow managed to stick close together, but next the current mercilessly separated the party. Yue tried to control the current with magic, but it didn’t work well because the current was too random. Shia controlled the weight of Doryukken in cooperation with Tio; a fine play.

Hajime had actually wanted to take out the submarine and ride it, but it was impossible inside the swift current. Clenching his teeth, Hajime took out ultra-heavy, compression ore, and tried to use the weight to overcome the current just like Shia.

At that time, by luck, he saw Yue getting swept towards him, and Yue would meet up with Hajime thanks to the current. Shia and Tio had already disappeared into a tunnel somewhere, and their figures could no longer be seen inside the space.

Hajime tried to reach out to Yue so she wouldn’t get separated from him, but Kaori’s figure was being swept to the lower side had entered his view. The pained gaze of Kaori’s met Hajime’s. He previously reached out to Yue before him, but his and Kaori’s gaze had indeed met.

There were two choices.

If he catches Yue, Kaori would be swept alone into a tunnel. The same thing would happen to Yue if he was to catch Kaori. The current Hajime could only choose one of them. Within that moment, it felt like eternity. Hajime exchanged gazes with Yue, and he made a decision.

Using the weight from the ultra heavy compressed ore he took out from “Treasure Box,” Hajime rushed below, and then he caught Kaori. Kaori’s eyes were wide in surprise, but the two were immediately exposed to an even stronger swift current. Together, the two were thrown into a tunnel.

While being swept away, Hajime activated “Vajra” to protect Kaori in his arms, enduring it even when he was thrown at a rock wall. Then, he was able to see light coming from above once the current weakened and went up.

And there was the pure white sandy beach spreaded across the coastline.

“… Nee, Hajime-kun. Why… why did you save me?”


Kaori questioned Hajime whose back was turned towards her. Hajime only tilted his head, thinking “what kind of question was that?”

“Why did you save me and not Yue?”

“Well, Kaori seemed to be dying and Yue can do something by herself. Yue’s eyes also told me to save Kaori.”

“… You really trust her, eh.”

“Isn’t that natural? We are partners, you know?”


The already depressed Kaori was even more depressed after hearing the answer. Suddenly, a shadow stretched over the downcast Kaori.

Puzzled, Kaori looked up and there was Hajime’s face very close to her own. His eyes and nose were right before her. A distance that would conclude in a kiss if he move even a little closer. Kaori felt as if she was sucked by Hajime’s eyes, and suddenly, her cheeks were pulled.

“Ift huwt! Waft au uing!” Kaori protested with teary eyes.

However, Hajime ignored Kaori’s protest and played with her soft cheeks without reserve for a while. After finally being released, Kaori looked up with a reproachful gaze while rubbing her red cheeks, but Hajime only snorted with “Hmph”.

“If you have time to be depressed, then it’s better to use and move. We’re inside a Great Dungeon, you know? Just until when will you stay wet like this? Or, are you trying to gain my sympathy?”

Hajime’s sharp words made Kaori’s face instantly reddened. It was of shame. She noticed what he unexpressed said, isn’t this the wrong place for that?

“Th-There’s no such a thing! I was just daydreaming. I-I will change my clothes soon. Sorry.”


Kaori hurriedly stood up and began to take off her clothes after taking out substitute clothes from mini-“Treasure Box” (around the size of a house’s storage) that was given to her before the party left Elisen. Hajime nonchalantly turned his back towards her. The normal Kaori would do an approach by saying, “It’s okay to watch,” though embarrassed, but the current Kaori hurriedly finished changing her clothes without saying anything.

“I-I am done… So, what should we do?”

“Let’s see… Even if we go to seabed again, we still don’t know where the others are… but there’s nothing we can do other than keep searching. Those girls would probably do so as well.”

After looking at the jungle nearby, Hajime turned around. Kaori nodded at him while smiling; a smile hiding her depressed heart. Hajime slightly narrowed his eyes at Kaori’s smile, but he didn’t say anything in the end and started to walk.

Advancing along the pure-white sandy beach, creating sounds as they walked, the two entered the jungle. The dense trees and bushes were cut by Hajime. Kaori was only following him from behind.

Then, Hajime suddenly halted and turned towards Kaori, put his hand on the back of Kaori’s head as if to embrace her.

“Fue? Ah, umm, Hajime-kun? Wh-What’s with this sudden…”

Kaori blushed, but Hajime immediately separated and she instantly paled when she saw the thing on Hajime’s hand.

It was a spider. With size almost as big as a palm, it was moving its twelve legs with violet liquid dripping from it. Some of the legs grew like a normal spider while some grew from its back; a structure expressing it was capable of moving using both sides! It looked disgusting.

“Don’t let your guard down, okay? A Great Dungeon is vastly different compared to the surface of Orcus. Don’t think of it as the same or else you’ll experience pain.”

“U-Un. Sorry. I will be careful.”


The spider Hajime caught didn’t have magic stone, a normal poisonous spider. The fact that she was almost killed by creature other than a demonic beast, and how Hajime helped her, made Kaori even more depressed.

When she was still in Kouki’s party, she was an all-rounder, however, in Hajime’s party, she isn’t at all useful. It made Kaori panic more and more inwardly.

As such, Kaori put even more attention towards the surroundings which caused the conversation between the two to lessen, and they got out of the jungle with a subtle atmosphere between them.

Ahead of them was…

“This… isn’t this the so-called ship’s graveyard?”

“Amazing… those are sailing ships, but the size…”

In the rocky area ahead of the jungle were several partly rotted sailing ships lodged. The sailing ships were around a hundred meters in length at the lowest, and in the far distant was an even bigger one with at least three hundred meters in length.

The bizarre spectacle made Hajime and Kaori unconsciously halted their advance. However, it didn’t take a long time for Hajime and Kaori to regain their senses and entered the ship’s graveyard.

They advanced by passing through the gaps between rocks, sometimes passing over them, while at other times, they walked on the ships.

“Even so… there are only battleships here.”

“Un. But only the biggest one there seems to be a passenger boat. It has luxurious decorations on it…”

The ships in this graveyard didn’t have cannons located at the starboard side like those battleship (sail-type) on earth. Even so, Hajime was able to conclude they were battleships because there were marks of fierce battle on all of the ships. From the appearance of the ships, they seemed to have received magic attacks. Some have their masts cleanly cut, burnt, carbonized decks, and petrified ropes and nets.

They didn’t have any cannon, so they used long-ranged magic to defeat the enemies which was a battle method imaginable from the marks remained.

Then, Hajime’s guess was proven to be a fact when he and Kaori were halfway through the ship’s graveyard.



“-!? What the!?”

“Hajime-kun! The surroundings are—!”

When they felt they heard shout of many men all of a sudden, the surroundings scenery began to distort. Hajime and Kaori stopped walking from the surprise and they observed the surroundings to observe what was happening. The surrounding distortion became even more intense and before they were aware of it, Hajime and Kaori were already on a ship’s deck, above the vast ocean.

Following that, they looked at their surroundings, it was not the ship’s graveyard, but hundreds of sailing ships divided into two groups, confronting each other. Above the ships were people raising their weapons while shouting.

“Th-The heck is this…”
“Ha-Ha-Hajime-kun? Am I currently inside a dream? Hajime-kun, you are here, right? Right?”

Both Hajime and Kaori were taken aback, but they somehow managed to get out of their confusion, however, they weren’t able to look at their surroundings.

While they did so, a big spark rose into the sky, generating firework-like loud voices followed by the hundreds of ships moving out simultaneously. The fleet on the side of the ship Hajime and Kaori rode on also moved out after the firework rose.

And when the ships approached a certain distance, they used the momentum to ram the other ships used its bodies, while magic were also fired.




Flame bullets fired accompanied by roaring sounds and created holes in the ships’ bodies. Huge tornadoes advanced aiming at the masts. The sea’s surface froze, stopping the ships. And bullets of gray-colored sphere instantly petrified everything.

Even the deck Hajime and Kaori were on was hit by the flame bullets and began to blaze up grandly. The ship’s crews immediately activated magic to draw up the sea water and extinguished the fire.

It was literally a battlefield where innumerable people and ships fought on. The fired magic clad in killing intent grazed their skins.

Hajime and Kaori absentmindedly watching these spectacle, and once again fire bullets fired from behind them. The bullets’ courses were aimed straight towards Hajime and Kaori.

Hajime buried his question of why did they suddenly were involved in this war in his head, and he pulled out Donner because it was OK to kill everyone because they attacked first. Thus, he intercepted the fire bullets using the railgun.

The bullet fired was accompanied by explosive sound and a flash, but unexpectedly it didn’t even hit the flame bullets much more intercepting them. The bullet flew into the sky, and it disappeared.


Raising surprised voice for the nth times, Hajime embraced Kaori by his side and began to evade.

“Wait, I will obstruct them! “Light Severance”!”

With Kaori’s chant, the beginner-level defense magic of light attribute appeared.

Hajime tried to evade because the unknown magic kept going even after their cores were hit, but Kaori had activated her magic and couldn’t move away from there. Reluctantly, he activated “Vajra” and waited for the flame bullets.

However, Hajime’s worry proved to be groundless because Kaori’s barrier completely blocked the flame bullets. With dubious expression, Hajime thought whether he just misfired while tilting his head, and he once again fired at the incoming flame bullets. Even this time, Hajime’s Magic Eye indeed saw the cores being hit, but the bullet just passed through the flame bullets and flew towards the day after tomorrow..

“… Is that it?”

Seeing that, Hajime was guessing why his attack wasn’t effective and decided to try another method of attacking. Kaori tried to put up another barrier to block the incoming flame bullets, but Hajime stopped her and activated “Wind Claw” in Donner. Following that, he evaded, and at the same time, he slashed the flame bullets using “Wind Claw.” This time, the flame bullets didn’t pass through and slashed in two.

“Umm, Hajime-kun?”

“It doesn’t seem to be an illusion nor was it a real thing. The physical attack didn’t effective, but attacks that contained magic power are effective. Good grief, what’s with this situation.”

Hajime spat a sigh from this troublesome situation and “Gwaa,” an agonized voice rang right from behind him. While wondering what it was, he turned around and there was a young man crouching while suppressing his abdomen, while his other hand was holding a cutlass. Looking carefully, there was a pool of blood below him and blood covered icicle rolling nearby. He must have been shot with the icicle.

“Are you okay!?,” Kaori immediately raised her voice while approaching him, and then she used her healing magic. A pure-white light released from her and wrapped the man. He should be healed in a blink of an eye because Kaori was a “Healer”… or so she thought, but the result was unexpected. The moment the young man received Kaori’s healing magic, he turned into light particles and disappeared.

“Eh? Eh? W-Why…” After a little pondering, Hajime told the confused Kaori what he thought had happened.

“Wasn’t it because the effect and attribute of the magic didn’t matter as long as it carried magic power?”

“… Then, I-I just… killed that person…”

“Kaori, this is not reality. Just think of it as “an illusion where we can move freely.” Besides, you can’t call something that disappeared by being healed a human.”

“Hajime-kun… un, you are right. I am sorry that I was confused a little there. But I am okay now.”

Though slight, Hajime said words of concern to Kaori. However, Kaori didn’t feel happy like the usual her, only drooping her shoulders apologizing. Then, she smiled to smooth things over. Seeing her reaction made Hajime inadvertently muttered the thing he had thought since earlier.

“… You keep apologizing, eh.”

“Eh? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing.” Hajime moved his gaze from Kaori.

It was not because of the subtle atmosphere drifting around Kaori, but because he felt ominous presences. When he looked around, the soldiers were shouting and attacking the nearby ships, and before they were aware of it, several men with dark gazes were looking at Hajime and Kaori.

Kaori noticed Hajime’s gaze and looked at the direction he was watching, and the men immediately came to attack Hajime and Kaori.

“For the God!”

“Long live! Eht-samaa!”

“Pagans! Die for our God!”

They were in frenzy. With bloodshot eyes, they declared while scattering saliva around. Completely abnormal.

He was able to guess it was a war between countries from how the fleets looked like, and he finally understood the reason for it. It was a religious war. If he strained his ears, he could hear the other soldiers in the other fleets were shouting similar things. However, they were shouting different God’s name.

Kaori could only stand in blank surprise inside the frenzied atmosphere.

Embracing Kaori from behind, Hajime thrust out and fired Donner over his shoulder. Only, the fired thing was not a bullet but mass of pure magic power. Using “Magic Power Compression” and “Magic Power Emission” derived from “Magic Power Manipulation,” he was able to blow off magic power without affecting the target physically. In a sense, it was a flawless technique to disarm the target because human and even demonic beast wouldn’t be able to move if their magic power was exhausted. This move had always been kept inside of him because he would not use such a lukewarm method on his enemy.

However, this lukewarm method was the most useful in this situation. The bright red bullet fired by Donner momentarily cut through the space and pierced the forehead of one of the frenzied, cutlass swinging soldier. Without stopping, the bullet hit the soldier behind the previous one, too, and their bodies instantly dispersed.

“Kaori! We are going to jump! Don’t bite your tongue!”

“Eh? —Kyaaaaa!!”

It would be troublesome if they were surrounded on the deck, so Hajime jumped using “Aerodynamic” while embracing Kaori. Kaori screamed from the powerful momentum.

Kicking the soldier on the crow’s nest, Hajime landed in one of four crow’s nest on the masts.

Below them, the frenzied soldiers were looking up at Hajime and Kaori with bloodshot eyes.

Even though there were the enemies from other countries, too, somehow some of the men were targeting Hajime and Kaori. Moreover, the ones targeting them didn’t have any distinction between allies and enemies. Their numbers keeps increasing one after another just like a bad case of contagious virus.

Before even a moment passed and in front of their own enemies, the soldiers suddenly stopped moving and twisted their heads, staring at Hajime and Kaori. They immediately came crowding towards the two like a horror movie. The frenzied air even made Kaori pale.

“Now then, what shall we do to get out of this disgusting space?”

“… Maybe there’s something like… an exit?”

“We are in the middle of the sea, you know?”

“Maybe there’s an exit in one of these ships? … see, something like wherever door.”

Kaori recalled and compared it to the convenient tool of the blue cat robot. Looking at the surroundings, Hajime frowned and objected her idea because the ships were too numerous.

“… From what I can see, there’s at least six hundred ships here… it’s impossible to search one by one. Don’t you think we’ll be able to find the exit faster if the war ended?”

“Umm~, indeed, there are also the sunken ship… Then, shall we…end the war?”

“End it… I see, time to kill everyone, huh? Kaori also can say something extreme, eh.”

“Eh? Umm, I don’t mean that…”

“Yup, that must be it. No other thing comes to my mind, and I like it better this way.”

Firing bullets of magic power and shooting through the several soldiers climbing using the ropes on the mast, Hajime thought it would be better if he had make a magic gun. He thought so while he continued firing the bright red bullets along with “Remote Control” derived from “Magic Power Manipulation,” making them intercepted the incoming flame bullets.

“Kaori, I know you aren’t proficient in offensive magic, but even healing magic becomes offensive magic here. And even if we don’t know how to escape from here, it is the truth that we are being attacked, so let’s knock them all down.”


Hearing Hajime’s words, Kaori began her chant with resolute expression while trembling. The frenzied battlefield seemed to shave off at Kaori’s mind, but she absolutely didn’t want to show a disgraceful behavior to the important one beside her.

Hajime was glaring at the surroundings as if protecting her.

Looking down, allies and foes were mixed as they boarded the ship, killing each other. Unlike what happened when Hajime and Kaori attacked, the killing in this illusion was full of bloodshed.

On the deck were someone’s entrails, cut limbs, and splattered heads. Everyone was repeatedly shouting “For the God,” “Pagan,” and “Divine Punishment,” with frenzied eyes as they spread killing intent.

Within the fresh blood of the soldiers scattered just like a storm of cherry blossom, the crow’s nest where Hajime and Kaori, no, it was more like the soldiers were obstinately targeting Hajime and Kaori.

Time to time, bright red bullets flew about in all directions, shooting through the enemies. Furthermore, they flew around Hajime and Kaori to protect them, positioned as both offense and defense at the same time.

However, the frenzied soldiers weren’t even worried, repeatedly attempted suicide attacks. Tens of the soldiers used flight magic while there were those who approached by going from one mast to another. It could be seen that the fight was concentrated on the ship where Hajime and Kaori rode. Hajime’s Magic Eye also caught the fluctuation of magic power of highest-ranked magic from the hand of the magicians aiming at them.

At the time, Hajime thought of sniping them, but Kaori’s chant ended and she activated highest-ranked magic of her.

“— — people, held out your arms as this is the place where Holy Mother smiling at, “Scripture”!”

Then, ripple of light spread into the battlefield with Kaori as its center.

The ripple throbbed as it expanded for so so many times, reaching one kilometer in radius. The enemy who touched by the ripple was wrapped by light.

Highest-ranked healing magic of light attribute, “Scripture.”

It was a super wide-ranged healing magic with effect of healing everyone inside its area. The range itself was depended on the amount of user’s magic power and proficiency, but at its worst, its effective range was 500 meters in radius. Moreover, if the user gave out the “sign” beforehand, it would be able to heal specific object. And normally this magic was used with tens of magician, and took a lot of time to chant along with its stupidly gigantic magic array. To be able to activate it in only one, two minutes alone was impossible unless one was a cheat-like character.

At the same time the light of “Scripture” activated by Kaori wrapped the battlefield, all soldiers inside the effective area had their bodies dispersed without distinction of ally or foe. When the magic ended, Kaori’s body tilted from magic power exhaustion, and was thus promptly supported by Hajime.

“Ohh, a mass reproduction of the Mary Celeste, huh. You did great, Kaori. No, should I say as expected of you?”

“Ah, uh, th-there’s no such a thing. Hajime-kun and the others are far more amazing…”

Honest praise from Hajime made Kaori’s cheeks blush from embarrassed. She made a self-ridiculing smile as she thought Yue would be able to use more powerful magic quickly. Then, she muttered “”Replenish,”” to replenish the lost magic power from the pendant given by Hajime. Hajime had improved the pendant with magic array and the ability of taking out the stocked magic power by chanting because Kaori was incapable of directly manipulating magic power.

Hajime slightly knitted his eyebrows and wanted to say something when he saw Kaori’s expression, but he put it aside for now because he had to deal with the new incoming enemies. The battle had restarted.

With the ineffectiveness of physical attack, it was a situation where the large amount of soldiers didn’t falter against any kind of attack as they battled on the ship. Normally, it might be a hard situation, but there were cheat-like monsters present.

Big fleets of two countries were afterwards annihilated by the two humans in a span of one hour.

“… Uuh, cough, kafh, sorr-…”

“It’s alright. Just endure it.”

Immediately after the last soldiers were annihilated, their surroundings were once again distorted. They noticed that they had returned to ship’s graveyard from before.

Wondering if the annihilation was indeed the correct answer, Kaori immediately sighed in relief, ran to the nearby rock, and vomited. However, she vomited nothing since the dinner she ate had already been digested, and thus she felt a pain from trying to vomit.

With tears accumulated in the corner of her eyes, Kaori used one hand to tell Hajime “Don’t come,” to stop him.

However, Hajime still approached her and rubbed her back. Kaori didn’t want to show such a pitiful sight to him, but she felt comforted from the gentle and warm feelings transmitted to her back. Her nausea and spirit gradually recovered.

Hajime took out apple juice-like drink from “Treasure Box” and presented it to her. Kaori obediently drink it heartily and her energy returned. The sweet and fresh taste, flushed the sour taste of gastric juice.


Kaori who knitted her eyebrows and apologized for the trouble made Hajime narrowed his eyes.

“Well, I think it is inevitable. Even I feel disgusted by it. I never thought humans would be so frenzied because of their blind belief. …Anyway, let’s rest for now. Even I want to recover my considerably used magic power.”

“… Un. Say, Hajime-kun. What was that illusion? Is it related to these ship wreckages.”

Kaori stood up then sat on the nearby rock, and then she asked him. Hajime took a little time to think before told her his conjecture.

“It is just a maybe, but I think the illusion might have been reproducing a battle in the past. … well, it seemed there’s also some improvement to attack those challenging the dungeon… or it might have been the concept of this dungeon.”


“Yeah. Tio said it when we were in “Guryuu-en Great Volcano”. She said ‘isn’t it possible that each of the dungeon had its own concept prepared by the “Liberators”?’ If that’s true, then here is…”

“…To know the misery brought by the Mad Gods… maybe?”

“Aah, I think so, too.”

Continuing Hajime’s words by muttering the answer, Kaori recalled the spectacle from before, her face once again turned pale, and her body trembled as if she was suffering from a cold.

What made Kaori felt sick was the madness from the soldiers. Their behavior and speech were exactly of those so called “Fanatic” while she also couldn’t help but feel disgusted from the killing.

The people continued to laugh loudly in a frenzy even when blood were spraying from their bodied. There were even those who died from gouging their own hearts out, raised it towards the sky as an offering to their Gods. There was also an older brother who stabbed through his own younger brother just to attack Hajime and Kaori, while the younger one laughed proudly. War itself was a place filled with madness, but one they just saw was far too ghastly. And it was wage all “For our God,” so…

Seeing Kaori covering her mouth because she couldn’t endure it, Hajime sat right beside Kaori and grasped Kaori’s hand. He couldn’t leave Kaori, who sickened by the madness, alone. Kaori was slightly surprised, looked at Hajime, relaxed, and squeezed Hajime’s hand back.

“Hajime-kun, thank you…”

“Don’t mind it. I understand… the pain from being exposed to the madness. I felt that when I fell into the abyss…”

“… Then, how? … Wait, there’s no need for you to answer… It was… Yue-san, right?”

“Yeah, it was because of her. If I hadn’t met her inside the abyss… I wonder how I would have ended up.”

Hajime looked into the distance in affection and nostalgia. He was surely recalling the time he met Yue. Seeing his expression made Kaori felt her chest squeeze.

“It’s mortifying. To defend, to protect Hajime-kun… I wanted to do that. But even if I said that, it’s not like I can do anything. Since it’s me… who I couldn’t even protect a promise. Ah~, Yue is a really powerful enemy~.”

Kaori joking laughter made Hajime narrowed his eyes again. Kaori’s smile was not the usual warm, positive smile because it might have also included self-torment and self-ridicule.

“… You’ve been apologizing since we came here, and don’t make such a smile.”

“Eh? Ummm…”

Hajime’s sudden words made Kaori raised “?” above her head. However, her smile immediately collapsed and her expression stiffened from Hajime’s next words.

“… Listen, Kaori. Why did you follow us here?”

“… That’s… am I just a burden after all?”

The downcast Kaori made Hajime sigh, and he didn’t answer her question.

“I remember the talk we had under the moonlight while drinking that disgusting tea that day. That’s why, honestly, I don’t think it’s weird that you have goodwill for the current me.”

“Hajime-kun, I…”

“However, I have no intention of denying it. I am sure Kaori had things only you can see, and that’s what stirred your heart. Thus, there’s no meaning for me to deny the decision you made. I have given you my answer, “even so” I think it’s a good thing that you favor me. Even Shia didn’t even feel discouraged. Rather, she recently made me seriously worry if she was going to attack me in my sleep.”

Hajime recently felt the dread as he thought of the rabbit-eared girl with bugged physical strength. Seeing such a Hajime, Kaori made a wry smile in agreement.

“… Un, I think her aggressiveness and positiveness amazing.”

“I treated her harshly at the beginning. I didn’t think of anyone as “special” other than Yue… I honestly thought she was going to give up quickly.”


“No matter how harsh I treated her, how I treated Yue as special, and she was always neither angry nor did she cry, but she seemed happy about it. She couldn’t compare to Yue in magic usage because she didn’t have aptitude in magic, and even if she was defeated in a mock battle against Yue, she didn’t stop to move forward. She didn’t cower even though she was attacked by her own inferiority complex.”

“I-I, thing like inferiority complex…”

Kaori who silently listening to Hajime, couldn’t help to object and stood up. However, she was exhausted and immediately sat back.

“Didn’t you notice it? You’ve been apologizing since we came here. Even the way you smiled is completely different than the usual.”


“Listen, Kaori. Don’t keep looking down. Raise your face and look into my eyes.”

That being said, Kaori finally noticed she had been looking down for a while now. Before, she made sure to look at the other person’s eyes when talking… thus, when Kaori met Hajime’s gaze she realized.

“Listen here, I will not say it for the second time. I love Yue. Even if I thought of others as “important,” it won’t change that only Yue is “special.” So if you feel pain from it, if you feel you are inferior compared to Yue… Kaori, you should part from me.”


The blunt words made Kaori look down again. Hajime continued talking even though he did see her reaction.

“The reason I allowed Kaori to accompany us at that time is because of the same reason as Shia; I judged it’d be the best for Kaori to be by my side, because I trust Kaori. You understood my feelings, “even so” you moved ahead for your wish. That’s why I thought it’d be okay for you by my side if you favor me… but, I don’t feel the same way now.”

When Hajime ended his words, he separated his hand from the downcast Kaori’s. Then, he spun the ending words.

“Please think carefully about it once more. Why did you come along with us, and if should you stay by my side from now on… Kaori is not Shia. Shia likes Yue, too. …Depending on your answer, I will send you back to your best friend (Yaegashi).”


Kaori wanted to say something as she watched the hand separating from her own, the words wouldn’t come out.

Inside the awkward atmosphere, Hajime urged Kaori to move because it was necessary for them to approach the biggest sailing ships enshrined at the distance.


[Vol 4] Chapter 11 – Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin

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Northwest, 300 kilometers away from【Sea Town, Elisen】.

It was the location of one of the Seven Great Dungeon, 【Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin】, that the party once heard from Miledi Raisen.

However, the party didn’t have much time to listen to Miledi at that time, so she only told them that the “moon” must be accompanied by “Guryuu-en’s proof” without the detailed location.

And so, Hajime’s party only advanced through the vast ocean in accordance to the direction and distance they were told. However, they didn’t find anything when they searched the pointed location in the bottom of the sea during daytime. The party had thought they’d be able to find some kind of trace because it was a bottom sea ruin, but it seemed they were too naive.

The pointed location was rather shallow compared to the other place in circumference of 100 kilometers, so it must be the correct place… that was what Hajime thought.

Reluctantly, the party decided to stop the search and wait until night, when the moon has come out, as Miledi had told them. The current time was sunset. The sun was shining in red with half of itself hidden beyond the horizon, brightening the world for the last time today. The sky and sea were dyed in orange while a straight road was produced by the reflection of the sun on the sea from over the horizon.

A beautiful spectacle of nature no matter whichever world it was. Hajime was watching the setting sun on the deck of the moored submarine. Abruptly, he thought of something unbelievable, which was whether it was possible to return to Japan if he advances on the road of light leading towards the sun. He smiled wryly as he was thinking about something.

“Did something happen?”

Noticing the change in Hajime, Kaori called out to him.

Because she was taking a shower inboard a while ago, her hair was damp. No, not only Kaori. Yue, Shia, and Tio had gone up to deck before he was aware of it. Everyone had taken the shower inside the sub that Hajime took pride in. Their flushed cheeks, the damp hair stuck on their cheeks, and nape, made their figures truly captivating. The water from the shower room was set to rain right from the ceiling, so it wasn’t a problem for the four of them to shower all at once.

Incidentally, the reason why Hajime was on the deck, looking at the sunset was because of the possibility of taken into the shower room if he was careless.

When the girls were about to take the shower, Tio invited Hajime which gained approval from Kaori, Shia, and of course, Yue. Then, the four cut off the escape routes of Hajime’s refusal. Hajime, who will not embrace any other woman except Yue, had clearly said he won’t have a naked skin ship with other woman.

However, the girls ignored Hajime as they smiled. Leering at Yue who was blushing while making a flirtatious smile, Kaori and Tio who were pinning Hajime from the sides, and while Shia tried to put Hajime unconscious using Doryukken from behind. Feeling the impending danger of his body, Hajime seriously ran away and went to the deck… but, isn’t it a shame for a man to deny the placed meal before him?

Hajime thought that was a foolish question and shook his head, then he replied to Kaori.

“I am just recalling a little about Japan. After all, the scene here isn’t that much different from there.”

“… I see. Yeah, it really is. It is just like the evening sun I have seen in the sea before… somehow it makes me feel nostalgic. Though not even half a year had passed, eh.”

“That’s because the everyday here is too eventful.”

Having seated beside Hajime, Kaori was agreeing Hajime’s words while looking at the distance. She must be recalling the days she went through in Japan.

Maybe because she felt the loneliness from the conversation of the two, Yue trotted her still flushing body towards Hajime and sat on his lap. She entrusted her back to Hajime’s chest even though she must be feeling hot. Then, she began to watch Hajime right under his face.

Her eyes were obviously expressing she wanted them to let her join their conversation. Yue was feeling lonely, and at the same time she wanted to hear about Hajime’s hometown. Hajime, while inwardly knocked out by Yue’s cuteness, stretched Kaori’s cheek, who was sitting beside him, to scold her because a Hanya had appeared.

With only that, her mood became better which made Hajime felt complicated. Hajime thought, ‘Why would she do this much for someone who won’t accept her feelings…’ Though he thought of that, he won’t say it out loud. After all, it would be rude to her feelings if he did.

While he was stretching Kaori’s cheek, and at this time, Shia drew closer to him from opposite Kaori with sparkling eyes. She was obviously signaling she wanted to be cared, too. With his empty other hand, he stroked Shia’s rabbit ear. “Ehehe~,” Shia made a relaxed smile.

His back was leaned to by Tio. She didn’t demand anything in particular, just quietly sitting back to back against him. However, he understood Tio was relaxed, and she entrusted her weight to him. It was slightly unexpected, since Hajime’s only thought was to throw her into the sea if she makes a perverted demand.

Then, maybe because she felt something from Hajime’s aura, Tio’s body shuddered and trembled for a moment while her breathing turned rough…

Hajime’s party cuddled close to each other above the vast sea. It would take a while until night time came, and the moon will begin to shine. So to kill time, Hajime began to speak a little about his hometown.

Hajime’s story fascinated Yue and the other two while Kaori was supplementing him with a radiant smile. Time passed swiftly as they enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the sun had completely gone down to the other side of the horizon, and the moon had began to shine in its place.

Thinking it was about the time, Hajime took out the pendant which was the proof of having conquered 【Guryuu-en Great Volcano】 from his breast pocket. The design of the pendant was of a woman hanging a lantern and there was a hole on the lantern, becoming hollow.

Even while staying at Elisen, Hajime had taken out the pendant and held it towards the moon, and also supplied it with magic power, but there was no change in particular.

‘Just what should be done to the moon and pendant?’, was what he thought while tilting his head. For now, Hajime tried to hold the pendant towards the moon. The moon could be seen from hole of the lantern design.

He waited for a while, but there was no change. Hajime, not understanding what to do, sighed and began to try another method.

But at that time, change appeared in the pendant.

“Waah, the light is gathering in the lantern. It’s beautiful~.”

“It is… a mysterious sight. Even though the lantern part is actually hollow…”

Shia was admiring the sight and Kaori, with shining eyes, agreed with her.

Just as the two said, the lantern part was absorbing the moonlight and light began to accumulate inside it. In accordance to that, the hollow part was filled by the light. Also becoming interested in it, Yue and Tio watched the pendant Hajime held up.

“Even though I’ve also tried it last night…”

“Hmm, Master. It might be because it won’t do if it isn’t here, right?”

It might be just as Tio guessed. Before long, the lantern finished accumulating the light and the pendant was now clad in light. At the same time, a light shot straight from the lantern, pointing to a certain location on the sea’s surface.

“… What an exquisite production. Truly different from Miledi’s.”

“It is. It really is fantasy-like, even I’m rather impressed by it.”

“Guided by the moonlight,” it was such a romance-like thing which made not only Hajime, but also Yue and the rest raised voices of admiration. The impression gained by Shia, just like Hajime and Yue, was strong as someone who had entered Miledi’s 【Miledi Great Dungeon】.

The party didn’t know how long the light would be released from the pendant’s lantern, so the submarine immediately sailed, lead by the light.

The sea at night was dark. Or maybe it would be better to say that everything was black. And even though the surface of the was still bright because of the moonlight, they were lead into the waters and thus everything instantly turned dark. The light released by the submarine and the pendant was the only thing cutting through the dark sea.

The light, passing through the glass made from front crystal (a type of sturdy and transparent ore) in front of the submarine, was pointing at the bottom of the sea.

The location pointed was the rock wall zone of the bottom of the sea. Numerous distorted rock walls were joined to form a mountain range. It was a place the party had searched during the daytime but it resulted in nothing… but when the submarine approached the rock pointed by the pendant’s light, a tremor began to generated along with a strong rumbling sound.

The sound and tremor was caused by the rock wall that began to move. One of the rock’s part was split in two, opening to the right and left like a door. The dark road lead inside was as though it was inviting one to the netherworld.

“I see… so that’s why we can’t find it no matter how much we tried. How foolish of me to think we will be able to find it if we were lucky.”

“… There’s no helping it, but it was fun.”

“Yue is right. Don’t you think it was an amazing experience to sightsee the bottom of the sea of this different world?”

Hajime’s shoulders drooped as he understood the search they did during daytime was in vain, but it seemed Yue and Kaori quite enjoyed it.

Hajime moved the submarine and the party entered the crack. The pendant’s lantern still had around half of its accumulated light, but it had stopped releasing the light. Only the submarine’s light was shining inside the dark sea now.

“Umm~, this one had thought this since hearing about the bottom sea ruin, but wouldn’t it be impossible for ordinary people to enter this labyrinth without this “submarine” thing?”

“… It’s impossible unless one using a strong barrier.”

“It will also be impossible if they can’t control the air, light, and water current at the same time, eh.”

“But, it is necessary to conquer 【Guryuu-en Great Volcano】 to come here, so I think people who are capable of conquering the Great Dungeon are able to enter.

“Maybe we are supposed to use Spatial magic.”

Entering deeper on the underwater road, Hajime’s party were considering other ways to conquer this dungeon without a submarine. They were impressed by the fantastic entrance, but indeed, once they thought about it normally, unless there were several top class magic users, it was impossible to enter the dungeon. A troublesome point similar to the other Great Dungeons.

With caution, Hajime’s party watched the bottom sea through the front crystal.

And at that time,






“What the—!?”

The side of the submarine suddenly received an impact and immediately, the submarine was thrown towards a direction. Just like the time they were thrown into the magma’s swift current, the submarine was turned around and around, but the party had already came up with a countermeasure for it. Using the gravity stone installed at the bottom of the submarine to increase the weight, the party stabilized the it.

“Uh, I don’t want to taste this twirling again~.”

Shia’s face paled as she recalled the time they got swept underground of 【Guryuu-en Great Volcano】, and shook her head to stop recalling it.

“Didn’t we recover immediately? I already said it’ll be okay from now on. But more importantly, just where does this current led to…”

While smiling wryly at such a Shia, Hajime observed the outside through front crystal. The Green Light stone’s light was circulating around the dark cave, letting him pictured the surrounding. From what he could see, the party seemed to have been swept by the current into a huge round cave.

While operating the submarine, Hajime’s party advanced by following the current. After a while, the “Farsight stone” installed in the stern caught innumerable objects shining in reddish black.

“They seem to be approaching us… Well, they are most likely demonic beasts clad in reddish black magic power, huh.”

“… Shall we?”

When Hajime muttered, Yue, who was sitting by his side, was gathering magic power in her hand, and said in gangster-like tone, but she still looked cute.

“No, let’s use weapon here. I also want to confirm their effectiveness.”

Hajime operated the gimmick on the back of the submarine. Then, numerous pet-bottle sized torpedoes that had dyed Ancadi’s Oasis in red, was launched. Hajime thoroughly painted them so they looked like smiling mischievously sharks.

Because they were inside the swift current, the torpedoes’ propulsion could only move them to a small degree, and it resulted with them scattering like sea mines.

The submarine advanced ahead ,and before long, the numerous demonic beasts clad in reddish black magic power with appearance of flying fish entered the cluster of torpedoes.


Grand explosions generated in succession from behind the submarine and a large amount of bubbles wrapped the group of flying fish-lookalike. Afterwards, the bodies of flying fish-lookalike were tore apart by the impact and the flesh and blood were scattered from inside the appearing bubbles, looking like seaweed thrown into a swift current.

“Yup, it has more power than before. The improvement is a success.”

“Uwaah~, Hajime-san. Just now, there was something with eyes of a fish being swept outside.”

“Shia, those art actually dead fishes.”

“Once again it makes me think the artifacts Hajime-kun made are a foul.”

From then on, Hajime’s party advanced while easily beating the flying fish-lookalike they frequently encountered.

They advanced without knowing how long it would be.

At that time they began to notice the sense of incompatibility of the unchanging scenery. Hajime’s party arrived at a place where the surrounding walls had been randomly destroyed. When they looked carefully, torn heads of flying fish-lookalike were placed between the rock walls with their hollow eyes looking at the sea.

“… Hmm, isn’t this the place we passed before?”

“… Seems so. Are we going in circles?”

Apparently, Hajime’s party were going in circles in an annulus ring cave. They had thought the Great Dungeon was ahead of them so they advanced, but Hajime was doubtful that he had mistaken a road here, as if it was a normal bottom sea cave. Resultantly, the party now didn’t advance according to the laid road, and carefully searched the surrounding for any clues.

As a result,

“Ah, Hajime-kun. There’s one there too!”

“With this, it is the fifth place…”

The party discovered several place inside the cave that were carved with fifty centimeters long crest of Meljeene. The carved crest of Meljeene was of pentagram with lines connected to each five points and the center was carved with crescent moon-like design. It was similar to the five places in this annulus ring cave.

For a thorough examination, Hajime’s party approached the crest they first discovered. Because they were exposed to the swift current, Hajime took care in controlling the submarine.

“Well, there are five places with pentagram, so if the remaining light inside the pendant is used…”

Muttering, Hajime took out the pendant he wore on his neck and held it before the front crystal. Then, the pendant reacted and light was released straight from the lantern. Following that, the light touched the crest and the crest shone.

“It will be disastrous for people who come here using magic… if they didn’t notice this immediately, their magic power would be depleted.”

Just as Kaori said, this RPG-like method would be too cruel for people who somehow survived only by maintaining their magic. It might be because the objective was to make them reach their limit in a different sense than 【Guryuu-en Great Volcano】.

Afterwards, three more crest in their own location was poured with light from the lantern, and the party arrived before the last crest. The light collected inside the lantern decreased when it was released to light up the crest, and the remaining light had enough for only one more usage.

Hajime held up the pendant and poured the last crest with the light, finally, a way to advance from this annulus ring cave opened. With a rumbling sound, the wall of the cave split in two.

Not much happened as the party advanced into the interior, but the water was descending right to below. Then, the submarine was wrapped with floating feeling as it was falling down.






Respectively the five of them raised different scream. Hajime was enduring the floating feeling between his groin. Then, the submarine hit the hard ground with a roaring sound. The severe impact was transmitted into the interior, and Kaori whose body wasn’t that strong raised a groan.

“Kh… Kaori, are you okay?”

“Uhh, I-I’m okay. More importantly, here is?”

While frowning, Kaori looked at the outside through the front crystal, and unlike a while ago, the outside was not sea water but a cavity. Because there was no sign of demonic beast, Hajime’s party went outside.

Outside the submarine was a huge hemispherical space. When they looked above, there was a large hole, but they didn’t know what kind of principle caused the water’s surface to sway to and fro. Without any drop of water, it was swaying to and fro, and it was the place where Hajime’s party fallen to.

“Looks like here is the real thing. Rather than a bottom sea ruin, it is a cave though.”

“… It’s good that there isn’t water everywhere.”

Returning the submarine into “Treasure Box,” Hajime urged Yue and the others to advance into the passage they could be seen inside the cave… but he called out to Yue before the party moved.



With just that, Yue immediately created a barrier around them.

Momentarily, laser-like water current attacked them like meteors from above. The laser made of compressed water was similar to “Rupture” Yue used in 【Raisen Great Dungeon】. If one gets hit by it, a hole would be easily created in their body.

However, Yue’s barrier was extremely strong even if it was put cast in a hurry. As a proof, it easily blocked the incoming attack from above. Because Hajime promptly perceived the rise in magic power and killing intent, Yue who promptly answered him, the surprise attack was no longer a surprising one. Naturally, the moment Hajime called out to Yue, Shia and Tio had guessed the attack and was undisturbed by it.

However, Kaori didn’t react the same way as them.


The too sudden, and the intense attacks made her instinctively raised a scream. She immediately clung on Hajime who was beside her.

“I-I am sorry.”

“No, don’t mind it.”

Sneaking a glance at Hajime whom she parted from, Kaori would usually blushing here, but Kaori’s complexion didn’t look good. She seem to be a little depressed from exposing her disgraceful behavior when she clinged onto Hajime.

Also, she was once again shocked by Yue’s proficiency in magic.

When she was still with Kouki’s party, Kaori also used defense magic to assist Suzu. She trained hard, and her activation speed was not inferior to a “Barrier Master” like Suzu. Even so, when compared it to Yue, her defensive magic was child’s play.

She had felt “that” when Hajime’s party rescued them from 【Orcus Great Dungeon】, she understood, but she pushed her “inferiority complex” into the bottom of her mind because only when she could do that would she be able to stay by Hajime’s side. However, the question whether she would only be a burden crossed her mind again.

“Are you alright?”

“Eh? Ah, nothing. There’s nothing wrong.”

“… I see.”

Kaori immediately tried to deceive him by making a forced smile. Although Hajime slightly narrowed his eyes towards her action, he didn’t say anything.

His action made Kaori feel a little lonely, but relieved at the same time. Then, she noticed Yue, who continued to block the rain of dread, staring at her. Her eyes seem to see through Kaori’s heart, which made Kaori put strength in her eyes and stared back at Yue.

Kaori would not let her feelings be laughed at like that time. After all, if that happens, the pretty girl before her who received Hajime’s love would stop to recognize her as a threat.

That… was something she wouldn’t be able to endure.

Receiving Kaori’s powerful gaze, Yue smiled a little and once again looked above. At the same time, Tio fired her flame to burn the ceiling. With that, the culprit of the attack fell in a tatter.

It was a barnacle-like demonic beast. A lot of them were sticking on the ceiling, shooting “Rupture” from the hole above. A physiological disgust-inviting spectacle.

Maybe because it was still an underwater creature, it was weak to flames and was immediately burnt by Tio’s flame magic, “Spiral Flame.”

After defeating those barnacle-lookalike, Hajime’s party walked into the passage. They went lower than the previous room, and even the seawater reached their thighs.

“Ah~, it’s hard to walk…”

“… Should I get off?”

With splashing sound as they advance through the seawater, Hajime started to complain. And so, Yue, who was sitting on his shoulder, asked. Yue was carried by Hajime because with her height, she would be soaked faster than anyone else.

Hajime returned a gaze saying there’s no problem while he ignoring Kaori’s and Shia’s envying gaz. Then, he put his hand on Yue’s thigh so she would not fall, firmly fixing her in place. Yue was also wrapping her hand around Hajime’s neck.

Kaori and Shia were sending even more and more envying gazes, but they were now focusing on another problem; an attack from demonic beasts.

The appearing demonic beasts looked like shurikens. They moved in a straight line towards their target while rotating in high-speed, but sometimes they also curved on the fly. Hajime smoothly pulled Donner and unhesitatingly fired, shooting down everything in the air. Although some died with their bodies still intact, the dead demonic beasts which floated on the surface of water had a shape of a starfish.

In addition, having perceived sea snake-like demonic beasts swimming fast in the water below them, Yue skewered them using spear of ice.

“… Aren’t they too weak?”

Except Kaori, all of the party members agreed with Hajime’s mutter.

Enemies inside a Great Dungeon were theoretically strong individually and became troublesome if more than one appeared. However, the starfishes and sea snakes were similar to the demonic beasts who attacked them in the sea once they got out of the sea volcano, or at least that weak. Truly unbefitting of a Great Dungeon’s demonic beast.

Excluding Kaori who didn’t know much about Great Dungeon, everyone was tilting their heads, but their answer would be shown inside the huge space on the other end of the passage.

“…The heck?”

As soon as Hajime’s party entered the space, translucent jelly-like body blocked the entrance to the passage.

“Let me do it! Uryaaah!!”

Immediately, Shia, who was at the rear, swung Doryukken to break the wall. However, the surface only scattered, but the jelly-like wall didn’t break. Following that, the scattered remains stuck on Shia’s breasts.

“Hyaa! What’s with this thing!?”

Shia raised a voice of confusion and shock. When Hajime’s party turned around, the clothing around Shia’s breasts was melting. The jelly thing wrapped around her clothing and undergarment, and Shia’s voluptuous twin hills began to become more and more exposed.

“Shia, don’t move!”

Immediately, Tio perfectly burnt the sprayed jelly-thingy. A little part of Shia’s breasts where the jelly was attached to was swollen red. It looked like the jelly blocking the entrance had a rather strong acidity.

“Kh! There’s more coming!”

Hajime warned, and right after they moved away from the wall of jelly, numerous tentacles attacked from above. They looked sharp like spears, but their appearance was similar to the jelly that was blocking the entrance.

“Honestly, the combination of Yue as defense and Tio as offence feels like a foul play.”

An impregnable defense and at the same time a one-sided offense. That’s why Hajime could do nothing but mutter so. Seeing it as a chance, Shia was slowly approaching Hajime’s side while empathizing her exposed cleavage. Truly sly, as she began to pleading with upward glance while blushing.

“Excuse me, Hajime-san. It’s burnt, so can Hajime-san rub it with medicine?”

“… Sigh, don’t you see our situation?”

“Well, I think it’ll be okay because Yue-san and Tio-san are unbeatable… Also, if I don’t do some appeal in this situation, I will be overshadowed by Kaori-san too…”

Shia said while approaching Hajime to show off the burn on her cleavage.


“Bring the holy ground and healing unto this place ‘Heaven’s Blessing.’”

Kaori healed Shia’s injury while smiling nicely. “Ahh~, even though it was a chance to get my breasts touched!,” Shia grieved while everyone was looked at her coldly.

“Hm? …Hajime, these jelly seems to melt magic, too.”

While he was giving the grieving Shia a cold look, Yue said to him. When he looked at it, he could see parts of Yue’s barrier melting.

“Mhm, this one thought so. This one felt it was strange that the previous flame lost its force. It seems it even melt the magic power inside the flame.”

If what Tio said was right, then these jelly was capable of melting magic power. It was a strong and troublesome ability. Suitable for a Great Dungeon’s demonic beast.

Though it must haven’t heard what Hajime thought of it in his mind, finally, a figure of a demonic beast that was manipulating the jelly had appeared.

The thing appeared as it was permeating through the small cracks in the ceiling, halted in mid-air, and began to reshape. A translucent humanoid with fin-like limbs, and its whole body carried innumerable specks sparkling in red with two feelers-like thing growing on its head. The figure that was swimming mid-air with its fin-like limbs was just like a Clione. Well, a ten meters tall Clione was nothing but a monster, after all.

Without any preliminary movement, tentacles were shot out from the Clione’s huge body. At the same time, jelly was spraying from its head just like a shower.

“Yue, attack it, too! Leave the defense to me! “Divine Interruption”!”

Using the derived skill, “Delayed Activation”, Kaori activated the “Divine Interruption” she chanted beforehand. Nodding at Kaori, Yue went to Tio, and together they fired flame towards the huge Clione. Shia also changed Doryukken to firing mode and shot it.

The Clione was hit by all of their attacks, and its body exploded and scattered in all directions. One hit kill!, Yue and the other two raised a satisfied expression, but Hajime let out a warning to them.

“Not yet! Its presence is still here. Kaori, maintain the barrier… What’s with this, the demonic beast’s presence is all over the room…”

Hajime’s perception abilities caught the presence of the demonic beast all over the room. Moreover, everywhere his Magic Eye see was dyed in reddish black color, as if the demonic beast was the room itself. It was a situation he had never encountered before, so naturally Hajime’s eyes sharpened.

Right after, as if to sense his anxiety, the Clione that was scattered in all directions was regenerated in no time. Moreover, on its belly were the starfish-lookalike and sea snakes they encountered and defeated. They melted while raising sizzling sound.

“Hmm, it seems the demonic beasts this one thought as weak were truly ordinary demonic beasts, and they seem to be this guy’s meal… Master. It doesn’t matter if it keeps regenerating. But where is its magic stone?”

“Now that Tio-san mentioned it, why can’t I see the magic stone although it is transparent?”

Agreeing to Tio’s assumption, Shia was now looking at Hajime, but Hajime had a troubled expression while he looked for the location of magic stone of the huge Clione.

“… Hajime?” When Yue called him, Hajime scratched his head and reported what he saw.

“… None. That guy doesn’t have magic stone.”

His words made everyone dumbfounded.

“H-Hajime-kun? For it to not have magic stone… Then, does it mean it isn’t a demonic beast?”

“I don’t know. However, if I must say, that jelly’s body, all of them are magic stone. My Magic Eye saw that guy’s whole body is dyed in reddish black color. Also, be careful since this whole room is also dyed in the same color. Or maybe we are already inside that guy’s stomach.”

The same time Hajime told them about the shocking fact, the huge Clione began to attack them again. This time, not only did the tentacles attack while the jelly rained down, but its feet entered the sea water and some parts of its body were fired like a torpedo.

Hajime took out a black, large rifle from the “Treasure Box.” The large rifle had a gas cylinder thing installed where the magazine should be loaded, and also an unbelievably large caliber.

That was natural. After all, it wasn’t a rifle…


It was a flamethrower. The Flame ore in tar form made the flamethrower sprayed flame of 3,000 °C. It was not aimed at the huge Clione, and neither at the tentacles nor the sprayed jelly. It was aiming at the “wall” that was giving reddish black reaction. The Clione was left to Yue and the other two.

Maybe because the huge Clione had a mimetic ability, the wall seemed to be not out of ordinary, but the flame released by Hajime burnt it and peel it off from the wall just like a wallpaper. Hajime was slightly relieved the one on the wall was not another huge Clione.

However, the transparent jelly kept appearing from the cracks on the wall no matter how much he burnt it, and finally it even appeared from under his feet. His shoe soles generated sizzling sound.

The attack on the real body by Yue and the other two was also increasing in intensity, and even the huge Clione seem to have finally gotten serious as jelly sprung up from the entire wall with a tremendous momentum. Moreover, the water level had raised before the party were aware of it. At first, it was around the thigh level, but now it has risen to around the waist. As for Yue, her chest area was already soaked by the water.

Yue and the other two had defeated the huge Clione so many times, but the surrounding jelly immediately gathered, and the end of the fight was nowhere in sight.

It was a terrible situation if they didn’t find a way to defeat it, and they would die by drowning. While their fighting power was being reduced, they wouldn’t be able to keep besieging the huge Clione. Even if they cast barrier magic and entered the submarine, it would melt unless they find the way to defeat it.

As such, Hajime decided to withdraw. However, all of the passages had been blocked by the jelly. Hajime frantically looked around. Then, he discovered a crack on the ground which generated a whirl.

“I will at least recover us from this situation. There’s also a place under the ground. Well, I don’t know where it is connected to, so brace yourselves!”





Receiving everyone’s answer, Hajime, while turning the flamethrower around to burn the incoming jelly, used “Transmutation” towards the crack. The crack was forced to expand and gradually, a deep hole was opened.

While still underwater, Hajime took out a cylinder with length of 15 cm and diameter of 3 cm. In the middle was the mouthpiece part of a snorkel tube. It was small oxygen cylinder. It was created using the ore imbued with Spatial magic using Creation magic. Thus, the space inside where the oxygen was put into, expanded just like “Treasure Box.”

However, while he was making preparation in Elisen, Hajime had prioritized the broken and lost equipment. In addition, it was hard for him to use Spatial magic so the space created was much narrower compared to “Treasure Box.” Because of that, these small oxygen cylinder can only hold out for around 30 minutes.

Setting the time limitation in the corner of his mind, Hajime repeatedly “transmuted” the water, and before long, Hajime took out pile bunker from “Treasure Box” once there was no more reaction on the ground. After fixing the anchor under the water, it charged.


Following that, he pulled the trigger to break the floor.


Inside the water, a muffled thundering sound generated and spread with vibration.

In the next moment, water flowed into the penetrated hole with tremendous momentum. The seawater that had reached around the waist began to flow mightily all of a sudden, which resulted in Yue and the other three to be swept and thrown into the hole.

Inside the swift current, Hajime desperately braced against the current and took out a gigantic boulder and numerous incendiary grenades from “Treasure Box.” Then, he threw them at the same time he was swept into the space below alongside with Yue and the other three.

Behind him, muffled roaring sounds rang out. However, he was unable to confirm whether he was successful in gaining even a little time against the huge Clione’s pursuit.


[Vol 4] Chapter 10 – Mother and Daughter’s Reunion

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“Hic, sob, hic.”

A sobbing sound of a young girl resounding nearby the pier that had turned into wreckage. The onlookers and soldiers were crowding there, but there was not even a clamor, and the place was strangely quiet.

It was because of the should be kidnapped girl of Sea-dweller tribe who flew down from the sky, the human boy who jumped into the sky and caught her, and there was the black dragon with a girl riding on its back in the sky. However, the biggest reason was how the boy greatly scolded the girl from Sea-dweller tribe. Well, actually, it was how the young girl called the boy who scolded her.

“Sob, Papa, sorry…”

“Promise me you won’t do anything that dangerous again, okay?”

“Un, Myuu will.”

“Okay, that’s good. Come here.”


The figures of Hajime, who was on one knee as he scolded the young child, and Myuu, who obediently reflected as she scolded by him though she cried then and jumped into Hajime’s chest when she was forgiven… were as normal as that of a father and his child. It was also shown by how Myuu repeatedly called him “Papa.”

The situation where the should’ve been kidnapped child of Sea-dweller tribe “adoring” a human boy enough to treat him as her father, and how Hajime treated Myuu as his own daughter made everyone dumbfounded, not understanding what had happened. Their minds were asking the same thing. Which was, “How did it come to this?”

Hajime lifted Myuu with his arm and patted her back to calm her, and finally, the surrounding people returned to their senses and began to cause a great commotion.

As he leered at the clamoring, perplexed people, Hajime patted Myuu’s back and someone hugged him from behind… when he looked over his shoulder, there was Kaori’s figure whose head was on his shoulder, slightly trembling.

“I’m glad… I am really glad~, hic, hic.”

This time, Kaori had begun to cry. Even though she acted firm, inside, she was worried Hajime might be dead. She believed in Hajime’s survival, but there was no way she didn’t feel worried about him. That added to how he went missing for the second time shortly after they finally met again, enduring it was impossible for her

“I am sorry to make you worry. But as you can see, I am full of life here. That’s why, please don’t cry… if Kaori cry… I will be imensely troubled.”

“Uh, hic, th-then, let me stay like this for a little more…”

Troubled, Hajime patted Kaori’s head whose hands were wrapped around his arm. However, maybe because she couldn’t stop crying, Kaori buried her face more and more into Hajime’s shoulder. Both of her hands were now tightly embracing around Hajime’s stomach from behind.

“Oi, you, explain what are yo-gah!?”

“Muh? Sorry.”

The above was the commander-like person who was dripping wet due to being blown away into the seas as the consequence of Hajime’s jump. He didn’t read the mood and tried to question Hajime. However, he was knocked by Tio (deactivated her Dragonform when she landed) who was running in short steps towards Hajime, thus the man once again fell into the sea.

Not minding the man that much, Tio came beside Hajime, held his head and pressed it into her cleavage.

“What the—!? Oi, Tio.”

“This one believes, thou know? This one believes… even so, Master… too much time hath passed until this reunion.”

When Hajime quietly looked at Tio’s face from her cleavage, her expression was one of ascerting her important one inside her arms with tears accumulated on the edges of her eyes. This time, Hajime felt it couldn’t be helped and let her do as she pleases because he had relied on her to do something unreasonable.

While that happened, Myuu said, “Myuu will hug Papa too~,” and she clung to Hajime’s nape. Shia, who was beside Yue, who was beside Hajime, began to hug his free arm.

The surrounding gazes couldn’t even see Hajime, as his whole body was covered by a beautiful little girl, beautiful girls, and a beautiful woman. The surrounding gazes were gradually changing from one of perplexion to one of looking at them warmly. Even the agitated vigilante corps and soldiers had lowered their arms, dumbfounded.

“You people… not only once, but twice… I will arrest you for obstructing the Kingdom’s soldiers’ work.”

Once again crawled up onto the pier, the commander-like person was angrily glaring at Hajime’s party. With weapon in hand, he seemed to be ready to attack at any moment. Though Hajime couldn’t be thought of as the kidnapper from how the kidnapped Myuu was abnormally too attached him, there were too many unknown things about him, so of course the man wanted to question him.

Ever Hajime since the beginning had wanted to explain that he was entrusted by the head of Fhu-ren’s guild branch, Ilwa, to escort Myuu. However, he was troubled as he had nothing to prove that, but now it was at hand.

With “Treasure Box” returned by Tio, Hajime took out his status plate and the request form from Ilwa, then he presented them to the commander.

“… Let me see… a “Gold” rank!? Moreover, a direct request from the head of Fhuren’s branch!?”

Other than the request form, there was also the letter from Ilwa where the details were written. It was addressed to the Elisen’s mayor and the top brass of the soldiers who resided in this town, the man before the party. After reading the letter intently, the commander spated a big sigh and after he hesitated a little, he gave up as he drooped his shoulder then saluted.

“… The request has been completed. Nagumo-dono.”

“It is good that all doubts have been cleared. You must have things that you want to ask, but we are in a hurry. So I want you to not ask anything because… I want to let this child meet her mother right now. It’s okay, right?”

“Of course it is. However, as a soldier of this Kingdom… I can’t overlook about the dragon, you jumping, and the ship-like thing from before.”

Radically changing from the previous oppressive manner, the commander’s attitude became one which paid Hajime with respect. Even so, he appealed with his strong gaze to Hajime that it was impossible to overlook those.

“About that, can we just talk about it in another time? I am going to stay in this Elisen for a while, after all. I also think there’s no need to report about it to the kingdom because they probably already know about it…”

“Mm, I see. Anyway, it’s good as long as we can have a chance to talk. Now please return that child to her mother… does she know of her mother’s condition?”

“No, she doesn’t. But it’s okay. After all, we have the best medicine and healer here.”

“I see. Then let me question you once things are settled.”

The commander lastly introduced himself as Saluz, then he went to control the crowd by dispersing the onlookers. A dutiful person.

The people who know Myuu seemed to want to call out to her, but Hajime used his gaze to stop them because much time would pass before she returns to her mother if they did that.

“Papa, Papa. We are returning to home. Mama is waiting! Myuu wants to meet Mama.”

“Of course… so let’s hurry and meet her.”

Pulling Hajime’s hand, Myuu urged on with “Hurry, hurry!” It had been around two months since the last time she returned to her house and mother. So it couldn’t be helped. Though she was usually laughing as she was taken care of by Hajime’s party on their way, at night when the time to sleep came, she wanted to be spoiled because she indeed missed her mother.

On their way to Myuu’s house, with Myuu as their guide, Kaori came close to him and asked him with a small, uneased voice.

“Hajime-kun. About what the soldier from before said…”

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be life threatening. It’s just that her wound is rather severe and it’s also the physiological one… well there’s no need to worry about the latter with Myuu being here. So please check her injury.”

“Un. Leave it to me.”

While having that kind of conversation, they heard a commotion from the road ahead. It was the voice of a young woman and several voices of men and women.

“Lemia, calm down! It’s impossible with the condition of your legs!”

“That’s right, Lemia-chan. Myuu-chan will surely come back!”

“I don’t want to! Didn’t you say Myuu have come back!? Then, I must go to see her! I need to welcome her!”

Apparently, the woman tried to get out of the house, and she was stopped by several men and women. It was likely because an acquaintance had told Myuu’s mother of her return.

With the resounding of the frantic voice of the woman called Lemia, Myuu’s face bloomed and shone. Then, as loud as she could, she called out to the woman in her mid twenties, who had collapsed at the entrance door, while running.


“—!? Myuu!? Myuu!”

Running with all her might and with an expression full of smile Myuu jumped into the bosom of the woman — her mother, Lemia, who tried to steady her legs before the front door.

Seeing the figures of a mother closely and tightly embracing her daughter, expressing she didn’t want to be separated again from her child made the surrounding people look at them warmly.

For so many, many times Lemia repeatedly said, “I am sorry,” to Myuu. It was either because she had lost sight of Myuu or her incapability to come looking for her or may both.

Tears fell as Lemia both feel relieved from her daughter’s safety and also the grief from being incapable of protecting hear. Looking at Lemia with anxious eyes, Myuu gently patted her mother’s head.

“It’s okay. Mama, Myuu is here. So there’s nothing to worry.”


Never did she thought she would be comforted by her four year old daughter, so Lemia’s teary eyes unconsciously wide opened and she watched Myuu.

Myuu was also looking straight at Lemia and there’s indeed worry about Lemia lodged inside her eyes. Myuu was a mama’s girl and couldn’t stand being alone before she was kidnapped, and although she also had painful times herself, she was more brokenhearted about her mother than herself in this reunion.

Surprised by that, Lemia was unconsciously watching Myuu in seriousness which made Myuu smiled, and this time she was the one who hugged Lemia tightly. Lemia wasn’t that badly injured both in body and mind, but she was suffering from the sleepless night, overly worrying about Myuu, but it seemed her daughter had returned all grown up more than before.

This fact made Lemia inadvertently raised a wry smile. With her shoulders relaxed and her tears stopped, Lemia was looking at her daughter with eyes filled with love.

Myuu and Lemia once again hugged each other, but suddenly, Myuu raised a scream-like voice.

“Mama! Your legs! What happened!? Are you injured!? Is it hurt!?”

Apparently, Myuu noticed the state of Lemia’s legs from over Lemia’s shoulder. Both of her feet peeking from Lemia’s long skirt were bandaged all over, they were in a miserable state.

This was the thing Saluz talked about, and it was what Hajime’s party heard from the young man on their way to Elisen. The thing that made the Sea-dweller tribe agitated was not only was Myuu kidnapped, but also how her mother was seriously injured that it became impossible for her to walk.

Though Myuu said she was kidnapped when she was separated from Lemia, the Sea-dweller tribe wouldn’t be able to say it was a kidnapping unless there’s an eyewitness. They were able to declare so because it seemed Lemia had actually encountered the kidnappers.

Lemia had discovered suspicious men erasing their footprints in the sand near the coast when she was looking for Myuu when she got separated from her. Though she felt a bad premonition, she approached the men to ask whether they know her daughter… the men’s faces were expressing “Oh ****” and began to chant all of a sudden.

Convinced the men had a part on Myuu’s disappearance, Lemia tried to somehow get Myuu back, running along the footprints.

However, one of the men fought back by firing flame bullets. Fortunately, she avoided being hit on her upper body but her legs were hit instead, then she was blown into the sea by the impact. Lemia lost her consciousness from both the pain and impact. When she woke up, she was being helped by the people from vigilante corps who went looking for her because she have not returned.

Her life was saved, but as the time passed, Lemia still couldn’t feel her legs, thus she became unable to walk nor to swim. Naturally, Lemia tried to search for her daughter, but she couldn’t due to her legs. In the end, she could do nothing but to leave it to the vigilante corps and the Kingdom.

Lemia was in a state where she couldn’t even stand properly now.

Lemia smiled to try not to make her daughter worry more than this, so she tried telling Myuu, “It’s okay.” However, faster than her, Myuu asked for help from her “Papa” whom she depended on the most in this world.

“Papaa! Please help Mama! Mama’s legs are injured!”

“Eh!? M-Myuu? Just now…”

“Papa! Hurryy!”

“Ara? Arara? You said Papa? Myuu, who is this Papa?”

Confused, lot of “?”s floated above Lemia’s head. The surrounding people were also clamoring. A lot of absurd remarks were flying from here and there such as:

“Lemia… has remarried? No… NO WAY.”

“Finally, Lemia-chan’s spring has arrived again! Congratulation!”

“It’s lie, right? Someone, please tell me it is a lie… My Lemia-san…”

“Papa… Myuu said Papa!? Isn’t it me!?”

“I am sure it is someone with stage name like Ku***ngpapa, yup, it must be it.”

“Oi, time for an emergency conference! All members of “Watching Lemia-san and Myuu-chan warmly” gather now! Storm is coming!”

Apparently, Lemia and Myuu, this mother and daughter were popular here. Lemia was still young, in the mid of her twenties. Although she was considerably emaciated now, she had a well-sculpted looks similar to Myuu’s. It was easy to imagine how attention grabbing her beauty would be once she was recovered, so it was understandable for her to be popular.

With the commotion that kept growing, Hajime’s expression cramped expressing, “I don’t want to go there now.” Though he thought these people would understand once he explained the details about how Myuu came to call Hajime papa, he was just a “substitute (though inwardly they didn’t think so)” of her Papa, and he wasn’t aiming to marry Lemia, but the current misunderstanding were growing at an uncontrollable pace.

However, Hajime thought it was a godsend. After all, Hajime and his party wouldn’t be able to continue their journey unless they left Myuu to her mother. It will be a goodbye once his party conquered «Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin». Hajime thought Myuu had come close to Hajime’s party because she was in a place away from her hometown and been forcibly separated from mother, so once she returned to her mother her desire to be by Hajime’s party’s side would surely weakened as time passed, though she would be saddened at first. The surrounding people were strongly concerned about Lemia and her daughter, so they would surely helped them.

“Papaa! Hurrry! Please help Mama!”

Myuu’s gaze was firmly looking at where Hajime was, thus Lemia and the surrounding people noticed Hajime once they traced Myuu’s gaze. Hajime gave up and walked to where the mother and daughter were.

“Papa, Mama is…”

“It’s okay Myuu… I will surely heal her. So please don’t make such a tearful look.”


Hajime rustled Myuu’s hair who was looking at him with tearful expression, then he moved his gaze to Lemia. Lemia was watching Hajime, dumbfounded. While thinking it couldn’t be helped for her to do that, Hajime decided to carry her into the house to heal her because his appearance had made the commotion grow we more.

“I am sorry, but excuse me for a moment, okay?”

“Eh? —!? Arara?”

Hajime lifted Lemia in princess carry while looking like he didn’t feel her weight at all. Then, he carried Lemia into the house guided by Myuu. With Hajime carrying Lemia, screams and roars were raised behind them, which he ignored. Lemia herself could only blinking from being suddenly lifted and carried by Hajime.

Having entered the house, he found a sofa in the living room, so Hajime slowly lowered Lemia there. Following that, while watching the blinking Lemia who was sitting on the sofa before him, Hajime called out to Kaori.

“Kaori, how is she?”

“Let me look at her… Lemia-san, I will touch your foot. Please say if it hurts.”

“Y-Yes? Umm, what’s with this situation?”

When she thought her kidnapped daughter had suddenly returned, a man whom her daughter adored and called Papa appeared. Furthermore, unknown beautiful girls and a beautiful woman gathered in her house. Such a situation made Lemia eyebrows frowned, troubled.

While that happened, Kaori’s examination ended and she told Lamia that her damaged legs’ nerves would be able to be recovered with her healing magic.

“However, it will take some time. The damaged nerves were in delicate places, so I will need around three days for there not to have any side effects to occur. Also, I think it will be better for them to heal little by little. Although it will be inconvenient, please hang on until then because I will surely heal you.”

“Ara ara, maa maa. I had thought I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore… how can I repay you…”

“Fufu, don’t worry about it. You are Myuu-chan’s mother after all.”

“Umm, come to think of it, what is everyone’s relation to Myuu… furthermore, umm… why did Myuu call that person “Papa”…”

While Kaori immediately begin to treat Lemia’s legs, Hajime’s party decided to explain Lemia the details about things. About how they met Myuu in Fhuren, the riot, and how did Hajime came to be called Papa. Having heard everything while being treated by Kaori, Lemia deeply bowed her head in place, then repeatedly thanked them in tears.

“Truly, how can repay you for this… It is thanks to you that I was able to reunite with my daughter. I will surely repay this kindness of yours even with my life. As long as it is something I can do, whatever it is…”

Although Hajime’s party told her to not mind it, Lemia couldn’t consent not to repay the benefactors of her daughter’s life. In the mean time, the treatment from Kaori ended for today. When they told Lemia they were looking for an inn, Lemia thought it was a godsend and asked them to just use her house.

“Please at least let me do this much. Fortunately, this house is big, so there’s room for everyone. Please don’t hold back and use this house while you are staying in Elisen. Besides, Myuu will be happy with this. Right, Myuu? You are happy that Hajime-san and the others stay in our house, right?”

“? Papa is going somewhere?”

Hearing Lemia’s words, Myuu who was resting her head on Lemia’s lap woke up, blinking, she was dumbfounded. Apparently, she seemed to think it was a natural thing for Hajime to stay in her house. Her expression said she didn’t understand why Lemia asked her that question.

“I thought of putting a little distance once she returned to her own mother…”

“Ara ara, ufufu. It isn’t good for Papa to take a distance from her daughter, you know?”

“No, didn’t I explained it before? We are…”

“I know that you will continue your travel sooner or later. However, that’s why please keep being her “Papa” until that day comes. If you take a distance know, then it would be a sudden goodbye… right?”

“… Well, if you say so…”

“Ufufu, it is okay too for you to always be her “Papa”, you know? After all, I have said “with my life” before…”

Saying so, “Ufufu ♡”, Lemia laughed with one hand on her slightly blushing cheek. Such a calming and beautiful smile would normally calmed anyone… but a blizzard generated around Hajime.

“Please don’t joke like that… the atmosphere turned cold now…”

“Ara ara, how popular. However, it is almost five years since I lost my husband… Myuu also want a Papa, right?”

“Fue? Isn’t Papa Papa?”

“Ufufu, she said it, so Papa?”

The blizzard became much more intense. Though he didn’t know whether Lemia actually notice the cold atmosphere, her calm aura made her words neither be taken as a joke nor a serious one. “That’s a good courage, you!,” was what Yue and the girls’ gazes said, which was easily warded off by Lemia with a smile along with, “Ara ara, ufufu.” She might be an unexpectedly great person.

In the end, the party decided to stay in Lemia’s house. When time to allocate the rooms, Lemia said, “Shouldn’t the husband and wife be together?” which responded with silent reply from Yue and the girls. Then, Myuu said, “Myuu will sleep with Papa and Mama,” which turned the place into a chaos, but at least it calmed down for now.

The party were going to conquer the next Great Dungeon from tomorrow onwards, so they needed to resupply and mend the broken and lost fixtures while it was also necessary for them to train on the newly acquired Age of Gods magic. However, while thinking he couldn’t neglect his few remaining time with Myuu, Hajime dozed off on the bed.

Three days after that.

How strangely short distance between Lemia and Hajime made the bloodshot glares of envy from men of Sea-dweller tribe stabbed Hajime. The neighbourhood aunties were also gossiping about Hajime and Lemia. In addition, Yue and the girls’ approach became even more intense as they became ill-humored. Yue at night was also becoming more lovely. Even so, Hajime completed the party’s preparation and about to begin to search for «Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin».

When the time come for them to part, Myuu wore a truly lonely expression. She greatly pulled Hajime’s back hair, but he somehow managed shake her off on the pier and board the fixed submarine. Waving her hands, Myuu firmly shouted, “Papa, have a safe trip!” Following that, with an atmosphere that could neither be taken as a joking nor a serious one, Lemia waved her hand saying, “Have a safe trip, D-A-R-L-I-N-G ♡.”

From the side, they could be seen as wife and daughter who were sending the husband off to work. Sharp glares were coming from Yue and the girls behind him and the surrounding Sea-dweller tribe. It made Hajime slightly hesitant to return here after conquering the next dungeon.


[Vol 4] Chapter 9 – A Girl Fell From the Sky

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Blue as far as one could see.

A clear sky stretched into the horizon, and the sunlight poured down brilliantly. However, it wasn’t that hot, and the climate made it easy to spend the time here. The gentle breeze blowing time after time felt good. Only, there wasn’t a single “thing” no matter how much one looked at the surrounding which made one feels a little lonely.

To begin with, that feeling wasn’t something that could be helped with. It was in the middle of ocean after all.

At the very center of the ocean, was a ship swaying, drifting about the waves. Well, it wasn’t known whether it was okay to call it a ship. After all, the people of this world wouldn’t be able to recognize this as a “ship”.

As for the reason, the ship’s body was a black, lustrous streamline shaped, without a place for passenger to board it unlike normal ships. Normally, the body would also have two small wing-like thingy on both side creating V shape and a screw-like rudder attached behind it… but the only thing that could be seen was the devastated remain of them. If it was smoothed out, the original slightly flat orca-like shape could be seen.

However, surely the people of this world would agree to call it a new kind of demonic beast rather than a ship. The orca-shaped ship was a submarine. Needless to say, it was Hajime’s artefact, allowing its passengers to narrowly escape from death after being thrown inside the magma in «Guryuu-en Great Volcano». In return, it was broken to the level of bring majorly damaged.

Lying above the floating submarine while it was being swept by the waves, with both hands at the back of his head was Hajime sporting an extremely satisfied look. His artificial left arm that was melt after being attacked by the beam and unable to move properly had been fixed using the material from the submarine and returned to its original form. However, the gimmicks installed couldn’t be used.

“… Hajime, how’s your condition?”

While dozing off cradled by the warm sunlight and the rocking wave, the hatch behind him suddenly opened. Yue popped her head out and asked his about his condition worriedly. It was because Hajime had received huge damage from the beam, and because of the beam’s toxin, the wound doesn’t easily recover.

“There’s no problem at all. All the wounds are already closed. But I feel it will need at least another day for a complete recovery… More importantly, how’s the thing on Yue’s side? You are considerably exhausted, right?

“Nn… I am okay. Shia gave me her blood after all.”

Hajime’s words of worries were joyfully answered by Yue who got out from the hatch and came Hajime’s side, who was lying down, in all fours. Thus, with an extremely natural movement, she laid on top of Hajime. Her soft butt was pressing up against Hajime and stimulated him in a really bad place.

“… Yue-san, why did you get on top of me?”

“… Because Hajime is there.”

Although the answer was just like a certain mountaineer, Yue’s gaze was serious. Next, Hajime was attacked with a muttered, “… stay like that,” concealed with bewitchment as she flop her body. She licked Hajime’s neck, bit him, and licked the blood that flowed out.

“… Nn, almost all of the toxin has disappeared. It seems like there’s no need to worry.”

Apparently, she licked the Hajime’s blood to confirm how much the beam’s toxin remained.

“Didn’t I say there’s no problem at all?”

“… Nn. But, I can’t help but worry. Our current location is also problem… But I am glad Hajime can rest easy.”

“Well yeah. It was a truly rapid development. I don’t know whether we are lucky or unlucky…”

Hajime, who was smiling wryly, made Yue frowned with furrowed eyebrows, troubled. The two recalled how they got swallowed by the magma in «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», drifting until they got to where they were at now, in the vast ocean. They had suffered a lot of misfortune that could be lamented on along the way, but it was a happy and lucky thing that they survived. A kind of delicate mindset.

After they were thrown into the magma and drifted underground, Hajime’s party were exposed to the swift current for one full day. Because they couldn’t always use the attracting force of Yue’s “Absolute Calamity” to control the position of their bodies, Hajime somehow managed to create gravity stone using Creation magic, producing floating seat after much trial and error inside the stormy submarine. So, although the submarine kept producing sound just like a toy crashing into walls, the floating seat somehow managed to keep them away from a shaker-like situation.

Following that, with Yue and Shia clinging on his right and left, he spent the sleepless time lighted by the faint light of Green Light stone.

‘Could it be we are going straight into the planet’s mantle?’ Hajime began to question accompanied with cold sweat. However, their underground travel onto the unknown finally ended. Hajime’s party was attacked by the biggest impact they had felt until now. The tremendous impact broke through the defense of “Vajra” and damaged the submarine. Along with the impact, the submarine was blown away with tremendous speed.

Hurriedly reactivating “Vajra” after the intense impact, Hajime questioned what happened and used the remote camera function from “Farsight stone” installed even in the Cross Bit to confirm the surrounding. Following that, the spectacle that entered his view was not the red world filled by magma, but magma writhing like a snake and greatly boiling the rampaging “sea.”

Apparently, Hajime’s party was blown away by the so called phreatomagmatic explosion when they spouted from a submerged volcano. The impact damaged the hull, but fortunately the water didn’t flood in, or maybe it should be said as expected of Hajime’s artifact.

Narrowly escaping from death, Hajime’s party was relieved to be able to return to the surface, but their suffering continued.

After being dumbfounded from turning round and round by the eruption, and then thrown out into the sea, the party immediately regained the control of the submarine and began their sailing. Both wings and stern were seriously damaged, but it was possible to sail by supplying the submarine with magic power. There was no problem other than the fuel consumption rate was overwhelmingly worse compared to when the screw, wings, and stern could be used.

Because it wouldn’t be able to endure another eruption, Hajime’s party hurriedly moved away, but a gigantic shadow followed the orca-shaped submarine. It was a gigantic squid-like creature. With length reaching 30 meters, and with more than 30 wriggling tentacles, its appearance was similar to a sea monster, the Kraken.

The monster mercilessly attacked the submarine. Twined by tentacles, the submarine was about to be crunched by sharp fangs that in the middle of its mouth. However, the monster was repelled by the submarine’s weapon (torpedo) and Yue’s magic.

Nevertheless, it didn’t end even after they repelled the Kraken-like monster. This time, they were attacked by a flock of sharks. The sharks were a kind of demonic beast, annoying enemies that cooperated while shooting out water tornados.

In the end, the ammunition inside the submarine was depleted and they could only rely on Yue’s magic. It was a situation where Yue used the magic power stocked inside Magic-crystallization stone and sucked Shia’s blood, since Hajime had already loss a large amount of blood. They somehow managed to get away while repelling the sharks, but they fought in «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» before so Hajime’s party had indeed exhausted all of their energy. Although Shia didn’t really do anything, she collapsed from anemia due to offering her blood to Yue because it was “the least” she could do.

Letting Yue and Shia rest, Hajime moved the submarine to the surface. They were in a location where there was only the sea and blue sky as far as the eye could reach, so they advanced towards the continent. Then, after sailing for half a day, due to calm climate and wave, Hajime halted the sub and rested, basking in the sunlight outside the sub.

The development from conquering «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» until the present time was truly a rapid one. No matter what, it could be said that other people except Hajime’s party wouldn’t have any possibility of surviving at all. It was alright for Hajime to unconsciously want to shout “What a bad luck!” like a certain user of gender-equal punch.

“How’s Shia?”

Although he was looking at the distance, Hajime asked Yue who’s currently seated on top of him.

“… She is still sleeping. I drank a lot… so she probably won’t wake up for a while.”

Yue’s reason was that the amount converted to magic power wasn’t as efficient compared to when she sucked Hajime’s blood. It was because the amount converted was several times more from Hajime, her partner of “Blood Pact,” than Shia who wasn’t. After picking the partner for “Blood Pact,” the effect of “Blood Conversion” from other people lowered while the effect became several times bigger if it was her contracted partner.

“I see. Well, it’s better for her to rest now. Anyway, we don’t know our current location much less about the time needed to reach the continent. We also don’t know what will happen so it is better to take our time to recover.”


The sea was at the west of the continent, so they only needed to head for the east to reach the continent. There was no problem because they could create water from magic and catch fish for meals. Things like fishes wouldn’t be able to escape from the submarine and magic, so even though they were in the middle of the vast ocean, it wasn’t a situation to be panicked about. Also, as long as they can confirm their location using the star at night, they could determine the course towards the continent. As such, they rested when they should.

The warm sunlight and breeze made Hajime relaxed. Watching Hajime with narrowed eyes, Yue…

“… Yue-san. What are you doing?”

“… Making Hajime energetic.”

Before he was aware of it, Yue exuded a bewitching aura and moved slowly. She seemed to want to energize him. But although she didn’t say which part, when Hajime saw Yue’s blurred eyes, he didn’t even think of resisting.

“Ngh… fufu, Hajime has become energetic.”

“… Wait, to do it in the middle of the ocean… Well, if it was me from half a year ago, I wouldn’t even imagine it.”

In the place they felt safe about while they were glad to be alive, Hajime and Yue showed each other’s body. For a while, the submarine was shaken by something other than the small waves.

“Seems you’ve been enjoying yourselves…”

After being refreshed from various ways, they returned inside the submarine and were stared at by Shia.

“Ng? You are awake, eh. How’s your condition?”

“Acting as if nothing happened, but I am thankful for the worry. My drowsiness was blown away thanks to the intense shaking, the very entranced voices, and those fresh sounds. My physical condition is excellent from energy converted from emptiness and loneliness. Yeah, with this, I will be attacked, too, or so I thought.”

“I see, then that’s good.”

Hajime was truly glad that Shia recovered, but since he didn’t show any feelings of guilt, it made Shia, “Uu~,” groaned with teary eyes. Her appearance made Hajime thought he ignored her too much. Smiling wryly, he told her to make space and sat beside her.

Waking up without anyone inboard and hearing the sounds of Hajime and Yue making love from the opened hatch, made Shia truly lonely, and thus she hugged Hajime who sat beside her, tightly. Yue also sat by Shia’s side, not Hajime’s, and patted Shia’s head to comfort her.

While the two were comforting Shia, Hajime supplied his magic power to start the submarine, advancing to the east. From time to time, they were attacked by demonic beasts, but were repulsed by Yue’s magic, and they advanced for one full day. Having advanced through under the starry sky, Hajime finally caught the sight of land when the morning sunshine brightened the world.

According to the position of the stars they saw last night, the party was currently located in the north of Elisen. As such, as long as they moved towards the left side over the land, they would surely come to see the harbor along with Elisen and «Guryuu-en Great Desert».

Relieved from seeing land, they advanced south for two days.

When the sun reached the zenith on the second day, the party stopped the submarine to take a break, and had lunch above the submarine while being swayed by the wave. The menu was of course the fishes they caught in the sea. Using “Lightning-clad” to roast the food, made him recalled the time he was in the abyss. The party didn’t have any cooking utensil or any seasoning because the “Treasure Box” was entrusted to Tio.

Even so, the fish the three happily ate while absentmindedly watching the horizon was quite the delish. The location and atmosphere were compensating for the seasoning. Those who lived in the sea, or opened a stall during a festival, all of them were uses this kind of compensation.

And when Shia was enjoying the roasted unknown fish, her rabbit-ears suddenly stood straight then began to move restlessly. Following that, “Nn?,” Hajime also noticed a presence of something. Filling his mouth with a fish of about 60 centimeters in length, he moved his gaze.

Surrounding the submarine, zoom!, several people appeared from inside the sea and thrust their tridents. There were about 20 people. All of them have emerald green hair and ears that looked like fan-shaped fin. By their looks, they were a group of Sea-dweller tribe. Their eyes were overflowed with caution and dangerously narrowed.

Among them, a man faced Hajime with thrust spear and asked him.

“Who are you? Why are you here? And what’s the thing you are riding on?”

Hajime was busy chewing the fish that filled his mouth to the point of his cheeks swelling. He didn’t plan on opposing them, so he wanted to answer quickly, but unfortunately the fish he was currently eating was chewy and large. It took time before he could swallow it.

Hajime took a serious pose, but considering how he calmly ate his meal even though spears were pointed at him while being surrounded, made others see him as nothing but an impudent fellow.

Veins appeared on the forehead of the man who asked him. Anyhow, even if they had their doubts, it was too much for them to be this menacing after finding humans in the sea. Shia thought of breaking the volatile situation by answering in the place of Hajime.

“Ah, umm, please calm down. We are…”

“Silent! A Rabbitman tribe like you should not open your mouth!”

The Rabbitman tribe’s position was low even among Demi-human race outside of the Sea of Trees. How they were strangely agitated and how they stubbornly wanted Hajime, who was looking down on them (from their POV), to answer them might also be a factor. Changing the target of his spear, the man grandly thrust the spear at Shia.

The attack of a Sea-dweller tribe would not pass through Shia’s defense with her strengthened body; the thrust spear would only shallowly cut Shia’s cheek even if she didn’t dodge it. The man probably wanted to slightly hurt her to give Hajime a warning. As expected, the party felt it was abnormal. After all, the Sea-dweller tribe wasn’t this fierce.

However, that was a bad move no matter what their circumstances were. No matter, if it was for a warning, Hajime would not let go those who tried to hurt Shia.

In a moment, huge killing intent and pressure poured down like a huge cataract, spreading on the sea’s surface like a ripple, causing rough waves.


With his eyes opened wide, the man who was staring at Hajime’s sudden change was, blown away from his spot, accompanied by a loud sound. He bounced several times on the surface of the sea, flew while spinning, and finally sank into the sea.

With dumbfounded expressions, the remaining Sea-dweller tribe’s members moved their gaze from the blown man to Hajime who somehow was gripping the tail of a large, roasted fish with a pose of someone having done a full golf’s swing.

The splashing sea water was sparkling as it reflected the sunlight. Even the eyes of the dead fish were somehow shining.

“Wh-, wh-.”

The Sea-dweller tribe’s members were flustered.

Shouldering the somewhat eaten fish, Hajime glared at the man beside the blown away man. Needless to say, having received a pressure he never felt before, the man of Sea-dweller tribe thrust his spear while shouting as he panicked from being glared by Hajime.


Even in all of the man’s life until now, it was an attack that satisfied him the most. Having premonition of death, he instinctively did a sure-kill attack. However, the sure-kill attack pierced into the mouth of the white eyed fish and was easily stopped.

“Eh? What? H-How…”

When Hajime swung the fish, the man was dumbfounded after seeing the unbelievable spectacle, and thus the spear was easily snatched. The swinging momentum made the spear fly out from the fish’s mouth, directly hitting the face of another person of Sea-dweller tribe. Leering at the person from Sea-dweller tribe who groaned as the blood gushed out from his bleeding nose, Hajime once again swung fish.

The man whose spear was taken and thrown away had cramped cheeks because of the nonsensical scene of the white-eyed fish approaching his face with its opened mouth and somehow shining in bright red.




He was blown away just like the man earlier.

“Munch, munch… gulp… Now then, I actually don’t want to fight against the Sea-dweller tribe. As such, why don’t we calm down and have a talk here? However, indeed I can’t stay silent if someone tries to hurt my companion… Ah, the people blown away wouldn’t die because I held back, okay?”

With the limp fish in one hand, which lost its shine, Hajime proposed after deactivating his “Pressure.” Hajime himself didn’t really want to fight the Sea-dweller tribe’s people who were of the same tribe as Myuu. Although the other side tried to kill him, he actually didn’t even see them as a neighbourhood uncle (totally ignoring them).

However, the Sea-dweller tribe didn’t seem to accept his proposal. It was because their pride seemed to have been damaged by Hajime who looked down at them expressing “you are not even my match” even though humans were at a disadvantageous position in the sea, and he had blown away their comrades even though he said they didn’t die.

Moreover, because of their abnormally high alert against the human race, they could not trust Hajime’s words at all. We must not let our guards down! They took distance from Hajime’s party, and took a stance ready to throw the short harpoons on their backs.

“I see. It’s not enough to kidnapping that child, huh? That’s why you come here again to kidnap other children of ours?”

“We won’t give you the time to cast any magic! The sea is our territory, don’t think you can return unhurt!”

“We will make you spit that child’s location even if we need to chop your limbs!”

“Don’t worry. We will keep you alive until we hand you over to the Kingdom. Your safety isn’t guaranteed though.”

It seemed to be an abnormal situation. Rather than being cautious, strong grudge could be seen lodged in their eyes. Hajime somehow understood the cause of their agitation from the words “kidnap other children.” These people were likely to have misunderstood him as the one who kidnapped Myuu. Riding on unknown transportation and taking along a slave from Rabbitman tribe while wandering around the territory of Sea-dweller tribe… It wasn’t so strange for a human like him to be misunderstood.

The Demi-human race held a very strong unity and affection towards their race. It was certainly so for their own race, but it was even stronger among their own tribe. Haulia tribe went out of the Sea of Trees just for Shia, while the Bearman tribe ignored the decision of the Chiefs’ conference to take revenge on the one who injured their chief. Even the Sea-dweller tribe wasn’t any different. Any children of their tribe are important, even they weren’t their own.

Secretly, Hajime was sulking a little as he complained, “Even if she doesn’t go her way to treat me as her father, she has these people treat her like their daughter, eh.” The mutter mixed with a wry smile was aimed at Myuu who wasn’t here. Following that, Hajime tried to say Myuu’s name to solve the misunderstanding.

“Ah~, you know, about that kidna-…”

“Get ’em!!”

However, faster than his words, the Sea-dweller tribe began to throw the harpoons one after another. Even though the lower half of their bodies was underwater, treading on it, the harpoons were flying with a considerable speed and indeed they were aimed at the shoulders or feet, and not to kill them. In thoroughness, they were also stabbing the submarine which shook it intensely.

If it was a normal human, he would have his balance broken and would either be pierced by the harpoons from being unable of taking evasive maneuver or fall into the sea and suppressed by the Sea-dweller tribe. Well, if it was a normal human.

“”Wave Castle.””

With Yue’s mutter, the sea water compressed as it surged, obstructing the harpoons coming from all directions. Following that, while the Sea-dweller tribe were still astonished by the non-chanted magic, Yue made around 20 thunder balls floating around her.

At the same time the sound of upsurge seawater had literally became a rampart, returned to normal. The people of Sea-dweller tribe witnessed the floating and sparkling thunderballs around Yue.

“Kh!? R-Retreaaatt!!”

A scream of order rang out. The paled tribe members panicky turned on their heels to run away. However, they were too slow.

Fwoosh!! Bzz! BZzz! BzZZzz!!

Each of the thunder balls flew towards a different direction, not letting even one of the Sea-dweller tribe away… mildly electric shocked them. “ABABABABABABABAh,” such a scream could be heard from them. After a while, the 21 people of Sea-dweller tribe were floating on the surface.

“Yue, cheers for the good work.”

“Nn… Hajime, about the thing these people were saying.”

“Well, it must be about Myuu.”

“A lot of things happened even when we were going to Elisen. As expected of Hajime-san. Not even having the time spent in a town, a problem had already appeared…”

“Please stop, Shia. I am actually a little worried about that, too… damnit. There should’ve been no problem here if Myuu was here…”

Hajime was sighing while he worried about it. Then, for the time being, he moved to gather the people of Sea-dweller tribe’s drowned bodies.

After he instantly remodelled the sub by making a carrier where he put the afro-haired, white-eyed people of Sea-dweller tribe, the party continued their voyage.

Yue effectively weakened one of the thunders, which made the person immediately awake. That person guided the party into the harbor after they explained the situation to him.

At first, because Hajime knew Myuu’s name and characteristics the man said, ‘So you are the culprit after all!’, as he raged. However, Hajime was already irritated, so he expressionlessly slapped him until the man calmed down, and the man heard the party’s story after being disciplined.

Following that, when the party told him Myuu was currently in Ancadi and will immediately returned to Elisen. The man asked the party to allow him to tag along with them to Ancadi. For the man, he could not just swallowed Hajime’s party’s story without any proof, so he wanted to go along with the party to Ancadi to at least find a clue about Myuu.

Beside the young man before them who was guiding them, the people who previously were bellowing at Hajime were those who directly knew Myuu. Myuu’s mother was also injured when Myuu was kidnapped, thus these people were becoming emotional. And, because he would feel awkward when he reunites with Myuu after having beaten up her acquaintances, Hajime reluctantly accepted the young man’s request.

Following that, after advancing on the sea for a few hours,

“Ah, Hajime-san! It has come into view! The town is! Finally, a place with people!”

“Nn? Ohh, it really is in the middle of the sea, eh.”

Shia was pointing at «Elisen» with sparkling eyes and said to Hajime. Moving his gaze, indeed a big town floating above the sea had come into his view.

Hajime moved the submarine towards the place with a lot of protruding piers. After leering at the Sea-dweller tribe, human tourists and merchants who became pop-eyed after seeing Hajime riding on an unknown vessel, the party moored at a vacant spot.

The people of the Sea-dweller tribe came before the party, witnessed the tens of unconscious people of Sea-dweller tribe on the submarine’s carrier, and raised a commotion. However, Hajime thought it would be okay because he had explained the situation to the young man, so for the time being, he and the young man unloaded the fainted people onto the pier.

After they did that, fully-armed people of Sea-dweller tribe and human soldiers had already crowded in. The young man took a step forward to explain the situation and began to talk like a big shot. Hajime had wanted to quickly return to Ancadi and meet Kaori’s group so when he watched the young man, he became irritated and said inwardly, “Just decide who will travel with us already!”

Hajime wanted this to end peacefully, but it indeed couldn’t be that smooth. Pushing aside the young man who was confused, the soldiers rushed to the party. Hajime’s party were surrounded without a place to escape on the small pier.

“Be obedient. Let us restrain you until we can clarify the truth.”

“Oi, oi, didn’t you hear the story?”

“Of course. And it is better if we are the one who go to confirm it. There’s no need for you to go.”

Words without any chance of refusal. Hajime became even more irritated, but he controlled himself because here was Myuu’s hometown.

“Listen here. Our companions are waiting for us there. But, even though we want to immediately head to Ancadi, didn’t we come all the way here to return those who mistakenly attacked us?”

“Regardless if it was a misunderstanding or not… even if the kidnapped child is indeed in Ancadi, you’re suspicious because you wandered around Elisen’s territory on an unidentified vessel. There’s no saying you won’t run away on our way to Ancadi, right?”

“What’s with this situation this time? If we want to run away, we can just annihilate these people and escape right after that.”

“There’s also that point. But, it didn’t change that you entered our jurisdiction without permission. Furthermore, you attacked the vigilante corps that discovered you, there’s no way we can release you that easily.”

“It was them who didn’t listen to us and attacked due to their agitation. Even so, you think we would obediently let you restrain us? … just cut it out already.”

Hajime’s eyes narrowed dangerously. The man who seemed to be the leader of the soldiers before him was frowning from the heavy aura overflowing from Hajime.

On the leader’s chest was the badge with Herrlicht Kingdom’s crest, surmising that he was the commander of the regiment sent under pretext of the Kingdom’s protection. Among the Sea-dweller tribe, there were people who might be from the vigilante corps, and they didn’t back away even though they were taken aback by Hajime’s aura.

For Hajime, this place was Myuu’s hometown and he didn’t want any problem in Elisen since he thought it was likely to become the party’s base because they would surely take time to search «Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin», whose location was unknown. It was the truth that Myuu was in Ancadi, and he understood the suspicion could be solved. However, Hajime’s hostility to the injustice in this world could be called a conditioned reflex. As such, he wouldn’t easily accept this.

It was a truly explosive situation.

Within the raised tension, Hajime thought that he must not rampaging in Myuu’s hometown, and by the time he wanted to concede,

“Nn? Just now…”

With her rabbit-ears moving about, Shia began to look around the sky. Hajime didn’t look away from the commander and asked, “What is it?” However, before Shia could answer him, Hajime also felt a small presence and voice.


“Ah? What?”

“—pa— !”

“Oy, it can’t be!?”


Hajime hurriedly looked up and somehow a small shadow was falling from the empty sky!

With arms spread, the shadow that was free falling full of smile was…


That’s right, it was Myuu. Myuu was skydiving. Without parachute. Looking carefully, behind her was the black dragonform of Tio, who was hurriedly descending, and riding on her back was Kaori who was also in a panic.

As soon as he recognized the falling shadow was Myuu, Hajime activated “Aerodynamic” and “Ground Shrinker.” He immediately jumped from his spot, ignoring the pier that was blown by the impact and the soldiers screaming as they fell into the sea.

Hajime that had instantly jumped for more than 100 meters in height thanks to “Aerodynamic,” to jump towards the place Myuu was going to fall through, and activated “Light Speed.” Inside the slowed down world, he made sure Myuu was in his arms, and he fell with a regulated, miracle-like speed, perfectly nulled any kind of shock.

With Myuu in his embrace, Hajime used “Aerodynamic” to hop and bounced until he reached the ground. Inwardly, the cold sweat was flowing like a waterfall.


Without even knowing a shred of what Hajime was thinking, Myuu rubbed her face on Hajime’s chest with a smiling face. Perhaps, it was Tio who told her Hajime was right under them.

Thus, although he didn’t know whether it was accidental or perhaps deliberated, she fell towards Hajime. Seeing how she was smiling as she fell, there’s no mistake she believed Hajime would surely catch her.

Even so, it took an extraordinary courage to do a free-fall with a full smiling face. Restrain yourself! Hajime retorted at the four year old child in his mind. Hajime was frowning as he thought of scolding her. But when they got to the ground, he patted Myuu.


[Vol 4] Chapter 8 – Inside the Scorching Heat

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“… Self-destruction is a man’s romance.”

“? … Hajime?”


Hajime who suddenly muttered with a grin while the small beams poured from above, made Yue and Shia looked at him with dubious expressions. Shaking his head to tell them it was nothing, Hajime was supported by the two and somehow managed to jump and arrived at the edge of the middle island.

The surrounding magma had become more and more rampaging since the time Tio flew away, and there was no other foothold except the middle island. The middle island would also be swallowed in less than five minutes.

Yue swallowed the pouring down small beams using “Absolute Calamity” while Shia swung down Doryukken at the Ash Dragons, who became impatient and came to directly attack them, making them fell into the magma. Already ten of Ash Dragons were defeated.

The magma dome they saw in the beginning above the middle island had already disappeared, and they could see a jet-black building in exchange. Nearby the building was a disk floating a few centimeters above the ground. It might be the thing normally used to get out from the shortcut that allowed the ceiling to open earlier.

Leering at the Ash Dragons desperately trying to dodge the magma pillars gushing out and attacking them, Hajime’s party approached the jet-black building.

At a glance, it only looked like a tall building without any door, but a part of the wall had the same crests of the Seven Great Dungeons carved in. Standing before that part of wall, the wall soundlessly slid and the party entered the building. The party entered the building at the same time the magma flowed, swallowing the middle island. Once again, the door closed soundlessly and halted the magma from flowing inside within a hair’s breadth.

After watching the door for a while and seeing the door didn’t melt nor were there any magma flowing inside, Hajime’s party breathe sighs of relief. They had expected the dwelling to be built here and have prepared for such a case. Thus, the result was a relief.

“We are safe for the time being… Even so, for this room to even intercepted the vibration…”

“Nn… Hajime, over there.”

“A magic circle.”

As soon as he entered the room, Hajime was surprised from not feeling the major tremor. Responding to his mutter, Yue, who was by his side, pointed her finger. The thing she pointed at was a complex and exquisite magic formation. The magic array for Age of Gods Magic. The party nodded at each other and came into the formation.

Just like the time in «Orcus Great Dungeon», their memories flowed out without permission, tracking how they conquered the dungeon. Thus, after it was confirmed that they conquered it from subjugating all of the Magma Serpents, the Age of Gods magic was directly carved into their brains.

“… I see, this is Spatial Magic.”

“… The seed for instant movement.”

“Ahh, just like that guy who suddenly appeared from behind, right.”

Apparently, the Age of Gods Magic resided in «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was “Spatial Magic.” Another magic that could interfere with an unexpected thing. As usual, the magic at the Age of Gods was far from being normal.

Yue was referring to Freed’s surprise attack. The very first surprise attack was likely to appear from above using the Spatial magic. Although she didn’t understand whether he teleported or just distorted the space to hide, it didn’t change the fact that it was troublesome. Even his second surprise attack would have hit Hajime if not for Shia’s “Decided Future,” derived from “Foresight.” A fine play.

At the same time Hajime’s party mastered the Spatial magic, the light from magic formation dimmed and shiiiing, a part of the wall opened and shining letters began to appear on the wall before them.

“I sincerely wish for the free will of the people in the future.”
– Naiz Guryuu-en

“… How simple.”

Upong seeing the message, that was the impression Hajime had. Seeing the surroundings, he noticed that the dwelling of the founder of «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was quite dreary. The feeling where someone lived here just like in the dwelling of Orcus couldn’t be felt. It was truly a place with nothing but the magic formation.

“… It seems to be his own arrangement.”

“Looks like Naiz-san didn’t leave anything except the magic.”

“Now that I remember it, that Naiz appeared in Oscar’s note. He seemed to be a truly taciturn person.”

With Shia supporting Hajime’s left flank, Yue walked to the wall with fist size opening and took out the pendant from inside. It was similar to the proofs of conquering other dungeons, but the circular pendant had different designs. Yue quietly put in on Hajime’s neck.

“… Now that we have obtained both the magic and proof. Next is how we get out of here.”

“… Does Hajime have any idea?”

“Hajime-san must have an idea, right? The outside is probably had been completely filled with magma, you know?”

Although they told their worries, not a trace of uneasiness could be felt from Yue and Shia. While feeling glad from the two’s trust, Hajime told them his escape plan.

“Of course, we are going to swim inside the magma.”

“… Nn?”

“… Come again?”

The far too insufficient information was too difficult to understand, making Yue and Shia think, “Was his head severely damaged after all?” The two asked again with expressions worrying about Hajime’s head.

“I will explain it properly so please don’t look at me like that. Hmm, actually, I have prepared a submarine that can be used immediately after we get out of this building. It is something I created because I thought it was necessary for the «Meljeene, Bottom of the Sea Ruin». Honestly, I was a little worried whether it could endure the magma, but that small boat was okay after being cladded with Vajra, so I tried it myself. And as expected, it looks like it will be okay.”

“Ju-just when in the world did you make that…” Shia spoke in amazement, and amazement could also be seen in Yue’s eyes.

Actually, at the time Freed said he destroyed the keystone, Hajime had directly transferred the submarine from “Treasure Box” into the magma. He had thought of forcibly breaking through the ceiling along with Tio if it melted. But since it didn’t melt (using induction stone), he knew they would be able to escape even if the space was filled with magma.

However, because the scale of the tremor of the «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was obviously a dangerous one, along with the things collapsing all over the place, they would likely to be incapable of escaping smoothly. Thus, with the time limit approaching for them to return to Ancadi, they didn’t have the time to leisurely looking for the escape route. As such, he decided to let Tio escaped before them. It was so that the “Serene Stone” would be brought back within the time limit.

“The escape route is of course the shortcut on the ceiling. Yue, I leave the barrier to you until we get into the boarding gate of the submarine. You can do it, right?”

“Nh… leave it to me.”

Nodding at Hajime’s words, Yue concentrated and created triple layers of “Divine Interruption.” The shining barrier covered Hajime’s group of three. The three nodded at each other and stood before the door. Afterwards, the door connected to the outside filled with boiling magma, opened.

Bang! A sound immediately rang out and the scorching torrent of magma flowed into the room. And although “Divine Interruption” indeed protected Hajime’s party from the magma, their views were instantly dyed in crimson. With unbelievable spectacle of seeing magma while being submerged, even though they were prepared, Hajime’s party still found themselves at a loss for words. And although there was a saying “the world is wide,” there probably have been no one but Hajime’s party who have experience such a spectacle.

“It is right outside. Let’s go!”



With Hajime’s instructions, the three slowly went outside. And although it was a closed room they didn’t know anything about, just like what Hajime said, upon reaching it with “Divine Interruption,” they immediately stood before a place they understood was the gate. While Yue adjusted the barrier, they arrived right in front of the hatch, and the three were finally able to board on the submarine. And instinctively, Hajime’s party were relaxed.

And at that moment,


A tremor far greater from the ones before now attacked the entire space. The magma suddenly began to flow into one direction with a tremendous momentum. The submarine was swept by the swift current. Inside it, Hajime’s party were as if they were inside a mixer as they keep spinning in all of directions.



“Hau!? It hurts!”

Each of them had their bodies thrown all over the wall and screamed. Yue immediately activated “Absolute Calamity,” used the small, black, swirling orb to pull them, and they somehow managed to get out of the shaker-like situation.

“P-Phew. Thank you, Yue.”

“Thank you very much, Yue-san.”

“Nn… more importantly.”

Yue moved the “Absolute Calamity” and carried Hajime to the place that seemed to be the control seat. Hajime supplied his magic power and tried to control the submarine inside the viscous and intensely flowing magma, but as he thought, the rudder could not be controlled.

“Tch, if it is an eruption then being thrown outside is a lucky thing.”

“… Is there something else?”

Hajime’s bitter expression made Yue tilted her head.

“Ah. I have installed a certain stone just like the one in Cross Bits to lose sight of directions inside the magma. I know the location of the shortcut in the ceiling from the Cross Bits going outside of the dungeon before they exploded, but… this flow is moving away from the exit.”

“Eh? Does it mean we are diving underground?”

“Yeah, well, rather than diving underground, it is more like it’s moving diagonally… Now then, I wonder where it’s connected to… Yue, Shia. We can’t return immediately after all. There’s nothing we can do except to go with the flow.”

Hajime’s resolute expression made Yue and Shia only relaxed their gaze and quietly drew close to him.

“… I will be by your side until the end. I don’t have any complain as long as that is fulfilled.”

“Fufu… Literally, even if it is inside the fire and the water, eh. Me, too, I will go “anywhere” as long as I can be together with the two of you!”

“… I see. I am the same.”

Hajime relaxed and returned a smile towards the two.

Hajime’s group of three were drawing close to each other inside the submarine while they were swept by the scorching torrent.

At the time Hajime’s party were swept by the magma underground into the unknown after being unable to escape from «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», a shadow was flying unsteadily above the brown, raging sand of «Guryuu-en Great Desert».

Needless to say, it was the “Dragonformed” Tio.

“Ugh… this is rather bad… for the love of, that was a nasty Breath… there’s no other way. Master, sorry about this.”

Having forcibly broken through, Tio was basked in a large amount of beam whose toxin ended up aggravating her wounds. As such, judging she would be collapsed before she arrived at Ancadi, Tio apologized to Hajime for taking out from “Treasure Box” and crunched the vial of the special potion, the Holy Water, without permission.

Although she had consumed a large amount of magic power from firing Breaths in succession, surpassing her body’s limit, and reinforcing her flight ability, she had now considerably recovered. Moreover, even though her wounds didn’t instantaneously healed, the toxin had been suppressed.

Afterwards, she flew for several hours and she could finally see Ancadi in her view. If she kept flying any more than this, the people on the watchtower would be able to see Tio’s current appearance. For a moment, Tio wondered whether or not to release her dragon form. However, thinking it would surely be necessary for her to be in her dragonformed while she travels with Hajime, since the Demon race man named Freed was likely to still be alive, she decided to come clean about it.

Also, her hidden town wasn’t something that could easily be found. Even if it was found by chance, the Ryuujin race would not go downed that easily. Besides, if it turned into the nightmare (persecution) just like five hundred years ago, Hajime would surely lend Tio his power if she asked for his help. After all, Hajime was sweet to his companion.

While thinking so, she was finally only several kilometers away from Ancadi. From what she could see, the watchtower was in a commotion. Thus, because it would be a hassle to be attacked due to a misunderstanding, Tio made a detour towards the entrance gate and landed slightly away from it.


Ancadi’s Soldiers moved towards Tio, who landed and created sand dust, with row formation. If one looked above the walls, many Soldiers were standing by with bow or magic array-carved staff in hand.

The sand dust was clearing away. The Soldiers could be heard gulping from nervousness. However, what appeared from the sand was a beautiful, gold-eyed, black-haired woman who looked extremely exhausted, making the soldiers looked at each other in bewilderment.

From among the confused Soldiers, a girl came out. It was a girl whose hair was black like Tio’s, Kaori. Behind her, the Soldiers and the Lord’s son, Viz, were telling her it was dangerous, but Kaori completely ignored them and she fiercely running towards the kneeling, panting Tio.

Having heard the report from the watchtower and knowing Tio was from Ryuujin race, Kaori had guessed Hajime was returning and ran in a hurry.

“Tio! Are you okay!?”
“Huh, Kaori… ugh, this one is rather okay. This one is just a little tired.”

Kaori’s expression changed when she saw Tio’s body covered in wounds, and looking very exhausted. She immediately knelt nearby Tio’s side, and hurriedly examined her condition. When she came to know there was an unknown toxin in Tio’s body, she instantly began to activate detoxification and recovery magic at the same time.

“How… for it to not be detoxified…”

However, even the Holy Water needed time to detoxify the beam’s toxin. Thus, Kaori’s magic was unable to immediately detoxify it. However, although Kaori’s face was distorted, Tio had considerably recovered thanks to the effect of the previously taken Holy Water, and Kaori’s extraordinary recovery magic. She said to Kaori, “There’s no need to worry, it will be detoxified soon,” with a smile as she patted Kaori’s head.

Guessing there was indeed nothing to worry about judging by Tio’s expression, Kaori relaxed and smiled in relief. Following that, she looked around the surrounding and her expression gradually turned into one of unease.

“Tio… um, what about Hajime-kun and the other two? Is it only you? Also, what was… that eruption…”

“Calm down, Kaori. This one will explain everything. But first, tell the soldiers behind thou to calm down and take this one to a place where we can have a talk.”

“Ah, nn, I will.”

Only now did Kaori noticed the confused Soldiers behind her, and thus she nodded powerfully even though her expression was one of unease. Tio’s expression that didn’t contain any grievance was also a factor that helped Kaori to calm down.

Kaori ran back towards Viz, the Soldiers, and Randzi who had come, too. Explaining the circumstance, she took Tio to a place where they could talk in peace.

“So, about Hajime-kun and the other two…”

“Hmm, they will surely return soon. After all, Master didn’t think of giving up. And although this one didn’t hear anything due to not having time for that, Master certainly had a plan to escape.”

Having heard what happened in «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», Kaori turned pale while clenching her fists tightly. The uneasiness she felt since the time she and the people of Ancadi saw the gigantic eruption swelt up.

Towards Kaori who clenched her fists and seemed like she would collapse at any time, Tio quietly put her own hands on top of Kaori’s. Afterwards, she watched Kaori with a powerful gaze.

“Kaori. This one hath a message from Master.”

“From Hajime-kun?”

“Mhm. Actually it is for both Kaori and Myuu… “I will meet you later,” Master said.”

Kaori had thought it would be something like “I will surely return” or “Don’t worry” kind of words to reassure Kaori and Myuu. However, the too nonchalant words as if he was saying “I am going to a convenience store now, so let’s meet later,” made Kaori openmoutedly dumbfounded.

Crossing her mind was Hajime’s figure who raised a fearless smile and said, “Such a thing is nothing if I become serious, you know?” It was a reassuring figure that would break through any kind of difficulty while smiling. While she was naturally imagining his figure, Kaori was smiling wryly because it was the most reassuring message rather than some kind of unskillful, tough words.

“I see, then it will be okay, huh.”

“Mhm, no matter how desperate the situation looks like, Master will surely return like nothing’s happened. It is something this one believes…”

“Un… Hajime will be okay. That’s why, I must do the things I can here.”

“That’s right. This one will, of course, help thou.”

Recalling how Hajime had missing in the Great Dungeon, Kaori thought Hajime would surely be okay, and like Tio, she believed in him while clenching her fists tightly. Kaori stood up, and she had a resolute look in her eyes to heal the weakened people, who had distributed with the powder from the large amount of “Serene Stone” that was passed on to Randzi’s group earlier.

Afterwards, they explained the situation to Myuu who was entrusted to the Lord’s daughter, Airi (14 y.o), in the palace. And although Myuu was going to cry because her Hajime papa didn’t return, Tio told her that Hajime’s daughter must not cry easily, so she endured it with puffed cheeks.

Although Myuu was someone from the Sea-dweller tribe, knowing she was a companion of a “God’s apostle”, Kaori, and after looking after her for a while, the people of the palace were knocked out by Myuu’s cuteness. Airi, who was prohibited from going out due to her still weakened state, was especially fond of Myuu.

Although there was still the situation about Tio being from the Ryuujin race, Randzie and the other didn’t make a big commotion about it because although they were still in doubt, it didn’t change the fact that she was the dukedom’s benefactor, risking her life to bring them the “Serene Stone.”

Kaori and the others healed the patients one after another, but Hajime’s group still haven’t returned even after two days passed, thus their expressions gradually darkened. Tio had searched for any trace of Hajime’s group along the route to «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» several times, but she was at a loss from not finding anything.

Then, after three days had passed since Tio’s return, Kaori made a suggestion to Myuu and Tio.

“I think there’s no more patient that needs treatment from me now. They only need to rest after this, so it won’t be a problem to leave it to the medical center’s staff members. That’s why… let’s go to look for Hajime-kun’s group.”

“Papa? We are going to meet papa?”

“Hmm, thou art right. This one hath also thought it was about the time to make a move.”

Myuu gladly leaned her body to Kaori’s words while Tio was agreeing with eager expression.

“But, I think we can’t take Myuu along to «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», after all.”

“Thou art correct. If not, there will be no meaning for Master to entrust Myuu to this place. Besides, the eruption from before made it hard to search for them safely.”

“Yeah. I think so, too. That’s why I thought of going to Elisen first to return Myuu-chan to her mama.”

“Fumu, it is indeed a good idea… Yup. Then, it will be better for thee to ride on this one’s back. If it is only until Elisen, this one doesth not even need a day. We will arrive at the evening if we move out in the morning.”

The advancing conversation made a large amount of flowers of “?” bloomed above Myuu’s head. After Kaori explained to Myuu in an easily understandable manner, Myuu made a sad expression because they were not going to meet Hajime. However, she also wanted to meet her mother. After the two told her they were going to wait for Hajime papa with her, Myuu somehow consented although in reluctance. How Myuu was balancing her real mother with her papa made Kaori and Tio could not help but making wry smiles.

The next day, while watched by the Lord who seemed to want to restrain them, and Viz with his feverish gaze, Kaori and Myuu got on dragonformed Tio’s back and flew to the west. From behind, the voice of gratitude and Kaori’s name were grandly resounding from the people.

Thinking about her dear person who was once again missing, Kaori vowed to find him again for sure, and she looked straight ahead.

Afterwards, they never thought they would too easily be reunited with him…


[Vol 4] Chapter 7 – The User of Age of Gods Magic

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Without any warning, the white beam suddenly shot down from the heavens.

The light attacked Hajime with a perfect timing; when he was about to finish the last Magma Serpent. Thus, Hajime was swallowed by a destructive storm carrying fierce heat and impact.


Yue’s scream rang out. Slightly away from Hajime, Shia and Tio could only watched Hajime being swallowed by the beam absentmindedly, only to regain their senses when they heard Yue’s sorrowful scream they never heard even once ever since they met.

Pouring down from right above Hajime, the beam also swallowed the last Magma Serpent and reached the scorching sea, grandly blowing away the surrounding away, and temporarily disclosing the bottom of the magma sea. The beam kept piercing the sea of magma for a while, but gradually became thinner and thinner before finally disappearing as if merging with the air.

Yue, who frantically jumped to where Hajime was, Hajime appeared from the disappearing light and was floating in the air, even though he had become tattered. However, having crossed his arms to protect his chest and face, Hajime immediately lost his balance and began to fall towards the rampaging sea of magma because of the beam’s impact.

“Kh! “Soar”!”

Thinking Hajime had lost his consciousness; Yue used magic to stop Hajime from falling on his back. Using this chance, she hugged Hajime and they landed in the nearby foothold.

“Kh! Hajime! Hajime!”

Maximum uneasiness could be seen on Yue’s face while she made Hajime drink the holy water she took out. Hajime’s condition was quite miserable. His right arm was burnt so badly that even the bone could be seen, while his artificial arm half melted. His eyepatch was blown off and blood kept flowing from the deep wound on his cheek. Furthermore, his abdomen was burnt black, carbonized. Even so, as a proof of his growth, his internal organs weren’t damaged.

At that time, in the moment the beam was about to swallow Hajime, he twisted his body to face the beam by a hair-breadth and used “Concentrated Strengthening” and “Strength Endowment,” derivations from “Vajra.” Thanks to that, his head was defended by the reinforced artificial arm while his heart and lungs were protected by his right arm and Donner. The clothing around his belly, made from a special demonic beast’s leather, had its defense raised further by “Strength Endowment,” Hajime himself had an abnormal magic resistance, so there was no danger to his life but…

“Nh… recovery is too slow!”

Apparent with Yue irritated mutter, the recovery using holy water didn’t advanced much. Thus, Yue gritted her teeth.

Previously, Hajime had been burnt and collapsed after receiving the beam attack to protect Yue during the fight against the hydra in «Orcus Great Dungeon»’s last trial. Thus, Yue didn’t want to see it again, and she vowed to never let Hajime experienced such a thing again. However, the spectacle of Hajime being swallowed by the beam and collapsed powerlessly was just like the reproduction of that time. It made Yue’s normally expressionless face warped from regret.

And at that moment,

“Fools! Above thee!!”

Tio warned and at the same time, numerous flashes poured down. These were small version of the beam. Each had the power and scale of a tenth of the previous beam, but each of light of death could surely destroy one’s body.

However, Yue hadn’t notice the incoming flashes above because she was occupied with making Hajime drink the second vial of holy water. It was a situation where Yue’s magic wouldn’t make it in time since she had only looked up now because of the warning. In another three seconds, no, one second… between the time it felt like it enlarged, Yue desperately constructed a defense magic in her head.

“Won’t let thee! “Tempest Void”!”

Tio let Yue earned another few seconds. “Tempest Void,” was a mid-ranked defense magic of wind element. The wall of compressed air received the rain of death. The barrier of wind bent greatly at the moment of impact. Normally, the attack would bounce back, but there was no chance to do that. The mini-beams hitting one after another made the air shrieked. The time it could be intercepted was truly only a few seconds.

However, that was enough.

“”Divine Interruption”!”

Yue’s defense magic activated. Normally, she would use “Absolute Calamity,” but the time shortened to activate it wasn’t much even though she had become more skilled in using it. It was because the time to construct and activate gravity magic couldn’t be compared to magic of other attributes. Thus she decided to use “Divine Interruption,” the best defense magic she could immediately activate.

Barrier of light that shone brilliantly appeared before Yue’s thrust out hand, covering Yue and the unconscious Hajime in semi-sphere. In addition, the “Tempest Void” activated by Tio was finally unable to endure the storm of mini-beams, and collapsed accompanied by sound of air being ripped. At the same time, the non-declining torrent of destruction poured into the barrier of light below it.


The huge waterfall-like pressure didn’t annihilate Hajime and Yue, but it continued to attack them. Yue’s “Divine Interruption” cracked. Judging it would be bad after receiving more force than she imagined, Yue transformed the all-covering barrier into a shield that only covered overhead in the middle of its activation. The strength increased conversely to the range it covered.

The surroundings were destroyed by the mini-beams and parts of the foothold other than where Yue and Hajime were, already sunk into the sea of magma.

These mini-beams stubbornly aimed at Hajime, they didn’t even pouring at the nearby footholds where Shia and Tio were to halt them. However, Shia and Tio were forced to stay where they were because the power and density of barrage from the mini-beams were that abnormal.

“Hajime-san! Hajime-saan!”

“Calm down, Shia! Thou willth die if thou come out of this one’s protection!”

“But! Hajime-san is-!”

Tio frantically admonished Shia, who tried to dash into the downpour of mini-beams with tearful look while she moved the shield of swirling wind.

Tio was also worried about Hajime. She understood how painful it was for Shia. However, they mustn’t defenselessly charge into the minimized version of the attack that had severely injured Hajime, and had an effect of weakening the recovery rate of holy water. Gripping Shia by the scruff of her neck, Tio desperately averted the threatening lights.

After ten seconds or maybe one minute… the storm of beams that seemed to continue through the eternity, poured down particularly intense, and the end finally could be seen. The surroundings were in miserable condition, and white smokes were rising here and there.

Yue and Tio had used up their magic power. Panting, they refilled their magic power using the magic power stocked inside Magic-Crystallization stones.

And at the same time, a man’s voice that was half-amazed and half-admiring descended from the sky.

“… A force that cannot be overlooked; indeed it was the right thing to ambush here. You are all too dangerous. Especially, that man…”

Yue and the girls looked up towards the ceiling where the voice came from. Following that, their eyes opened wide in astonishment. As for the reason, several dragons and a pure white, gigantic dragon that couldn’t be compared to the rest were flying, and there was a red-haired, black-skinned, slightly pointed ear, a man from Demon race on the white dragon’s back.

“For the Breath of my white dragon to be incapable of killing him… and in addition, he had strong unknown weapons not written in the report… these women, too. It is truly unbelievable for you to not be finished with a barrage of 50 Ash Dragons. You, just what are you? Just how many Age of Gods magic do you have?”

The man was glaring from the sky with his dangerously narrowed golden eyes, similar to Tio’s. He asked that question while being cautious of Yue and the others who glared back at him. He thought Yue and the girls’ power came from Age of Gods magic from the Great Dungeons.

“Before questioning, how about you introduce yourself first? Does the Demon race have no manners?”

The one who answered the Demon race man was the previously unconscious Hajime. The Demon race man frowned. However, Yue and the girls’ voice rang out before the man even opened his mouth.



“Art thou okay!? Master!?”

Hajime somehow managed to raise his upper body, but he once again fell because his injury was indeed severe. Yue promptly supported him while Shia and Tio jumped from the nearby foothold to where Hajime was, worried.

Hajime smiled to tell Yue and the girls, who were worriedly looking at him, that he was alright, and stood up by himself. However, he wasn’t in a condition where he would be able to immediately fight. This was displayed by his forehead drenched in sweat due to sharp pains he felt. Even so, Hajime moved his gaze from Yue and the girls towards the Demon race in the sky, and was showing a fearless smile.

“… There’s no need to introduce myself to those who will die soon.”

“Same here. I am asking just because it was normal to ask. I am not interested either, so don’t mind it. By the way, how’s your friend’s arm?”

Hajime asked as if to ridicule to stall for time for his recovery. The Demon race man had said “report” and “ambush,” so Hajime recalled the Demon race who was behind the scene inside the town of Ul, whose arm blown off and got away with his life. Thus, his information might have come from there.

With his eyebrow twitching for an instant, the Demon race man answered with tone somewhat lowered than before.

“I change my mind. Bury this name of mine into your flesh and bones. My name is Freed Baghuar. A God’s Apostle who will give divine punishment to the heretics.”

“God’s Apostle… I see. How exaggerated. Were you allowed to introduce yourself as that because you obtain the Age of Gods magic? It wasn’t the kind of magic that control the demonic beasts, right? …Although the demonic beasts fired the beams, they seemed to do it at their own discretion. So, it must be a magic that created demonic beast, right? Of course, those who can create a matchless army can introduce themselves as God’s Apostle, heh.”

“That’s right. For “Alv-sama,” who had obtained God’s powers, told to me directly, “My apostle.” Therefore, all of my being is devoted to realize my master’s wish. Thus, I will use my all to deny you, whose existences will only be an obstacle.”

Closely resembling Ishtal of Church of the Saints, the Demon race man, Freed Baghuar, was denying the existences of Hajime’s party up front. However, Hajime fearlessly laughed with fierce denial. Though his recovery rate was slow, Hajime had used “Recovery” derived from “Magic Conversion” to change his magic power into recovery, and his bleeding had stopped. Though he could not use his left arm, it was possible for him to use his unbroken right arm even if the bone could be seen. Hajime psyched, “I can still fight!”

“That’s my line. Those who obstruct me are enemies. And I will… kill my enemies!”

After shouting so, Hajime endured the sharp pain to aim Donner at Freed and pulled the trigger. He held down his screaming right arm and body due to recoil, and used killing intent aimed at his enemies. Furthermore, he activated “Light Speed” and took out Cross Bits to attack. At the same time, Yue’s “Thunder Dragon”, Tio’s Breath, and Shia’s exploding-slug bullet fired.

However, when several of the 3-4 meters long Ash Dragons entered the attack trajectories, numerous piled up, triangular, reddish black barriers immediately appeared and received all of the attacks from Hajime’s party.

The barrier that received the force of Hajime’s party’s attack and didn’t even held on for a few seconds before it cracked, but more Ash Dragons came from behind and piled up another similar barriers, and thus it wasn’t possible to break through. When they looked carefully, there were turtle-shaped demonic beasts on the dragons’ back. Their shells were shining in reddish black, so these turtle-shaped demonic beasts were most likely the ones that activated the barriers.

“Did you think I only brought along these dragon-type demonic beasts? You wouldn’t be able to easily break through their defense, you know. Well then, I will show you. I will show the other power I had obtained — the power of Gods!”

Freed began to focus and recited the chant in mutter. On his hand, there was a large fabric where complex and bizarre magic array was drawn. According to what he said, it was another power of Gods. He probably meant the Age of Gods magic he obtained in this «Guryuu-en Great Volcano». Knowing the great effect of an Age of Gods magic, Hajime’s party began to attack furiously, to not let him finished his chant.

However, once they broke through the barrier of the Ash Dragons, a new barrier would immediately activated behind the previous one, thus their attacks could not reach Freed. Normally, Hajime would’ve asked Yue and the other two to cover him and go forward using “Aerodynamic,” but he still haven’t completely healed, so it would be difficult for him to beat the group of Ash Dragons. Thinking so, Hajime grinded his teeth.

Hajime put away Donner, and fired all ammos of Orkan whose recoil was small, but they only blew away several of the Ash Dragons’ barriers, that’s all. They weren’t able to reach Freed. Even the Cross Bits that had quite the power couldn’t completely destroy all of the barriers.

And the time was up. Freed finished his chant.

“”Boundary Piercer.””

“Kh! Behind you! Hajime-san!”

At the same time as the last letter of the magic’s name was said, Freed and the white dragon disappeared. More accurately, shining membrane-like thing appeared and they jumped inside. The time Freed said the magic’s name and Shia’s warning were the same, so Hajime’s party, without having time to be wide eyed from astonishment, turned their heads around.

There was… right before Hajime a white dragon’s whitely opened mouth and Freed on top of it, aiming at Hajime. Inside the dragon’s mouth were extreme heat and magic power which concentrated and compressed until the limit. Hajime immediately used Orkan as a shield and at the same time, the beam was fired from zero distance.


“Ghh!! AaAAAH!!”

Accompanied by a roaring sound, the held up Orkan was hit by the beam and Hajime was blown away. The severe impact and the damage made his flesh screamed, and Hajime raised an agonized groan from his clenched mouth.


Wanting to help Hajime who was blown away by the beam, Yue and the girls immediately tried to attack the white dragon, but the Ash Dragons attacked in a barrage as if they knew what the girls would do.

While he didn’t receive a direct hit from the beam, the impact from being blown away made Hajime’s wound reopened, and his blood sprayed. Hajime was desperately holding Orkan with his wounded right arm and braced himself using “Aerodynamic.” Then, thinking he would be dropped into the boiling sea if this keeps up, Hajime activated “Limit Break.”

It was a dangerous bet to activate “Limit Break” with a wounded body. Normally, he would only be exhausted after using “Limit Break,” but with his current condition, he would likely to become paralyzed afterward. Even so, Hajime judged that using it was indeed necessary to break through this situation.

Hajime’s body wrapped inside a torrent shining brightly red, his power swelled up explosively.


Roaring, he slanted Orkan to forcibly avert the beam up. Even so, he could not completely avert it, and he was blown away while spouting blood because of the beam.

The white dragon continued attacking by firing numerous light bullets which was the same as Hydra’s. However, the dragon’s beam was far tougher than the hydra, so the light bullets also couldn’t be underestimated. Furthermore, its combination with a user of Age of Gods magic made it extremely troublesome.

“Cross Bitt!”

With the incoming light bullets, Hajime concentrated to his limit, entering the slowed down world and was evading like a swaying fallen leaf. Following that, he put away Orkan that had become useless because it had melted, and fired Donner, while also making the Cross Bit fly to assault Freed at the same time.

“How tenacious! To dodge a decisive blow by a hair-breadth-!”

Covered again by the barrier of the turtle-shaped demonic beast, Freed was grinding his teeth as he watched the seriously wounded Hajime’s tenacity in wonder. Then, he once again begin to recite the chant while the white dragon flew at high speed.

“This one won’t let you!”

Towards Freed and the white dragon who endured the fierce attack from the Cross Bits while firing the light bullets and backing away from Hajime to regain time to finish the chant, a mysterious voice suddenly resounded in the entire space. At the same time, they were attacked by a terrific impact from the flank.

Blown away, Freed stopped his chant and instinctively clung to the white dragon. He then looked at the one who blew away the ten meters long white dragon. He opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

“Black dragon!?”

“It seemth thou hath forgotten thy place and got carried away! This one won’t let you hurt Master anymore!”

The one who blew Freed and the white dragon away was the “Dragonformed” Tio. Having accepted the risk that the Demon race would know about the Ryuujin race, Tio demonstrated her appearance. And even though she was one size smaller than the white dragon, her pressure far surpassed the white dragon.

The reason Tio decided to join Hajime’s party on their journey was because she came to like Hajime, but also to observe the people who came from another world, and to find what her future move would be. With that, she wanted to conceal that she came from Ryuujin tribe. It was also her race’s law, so she naturally would do that. After all, no matter how strong her race was, they wouldn’t be able to fight against number. It was something that permeated inside their people from the persecution 500 years ago.

However, Hajime, who she was convinced to be invincible and could not be injured, had sustained severe injuries. Thus, when she saw Hajime had powerlessly collapsed because of the beam pouring down from the above, Tio’s mind was attacked by fierce agitation.

She thought she had misunderstood something. Hajime is a human. If wounded in a moment of carelessness, it was possible for him to easily die. Tio gradually recalled this, and her, who had forgotten common sense due to her long life, was now clearly conscious of her feeling thank to her devotion towards Hajime. He was an object of her interest, but not as her Master. She understood now that Hajime was a “man” that she, as a woman, did not want to lose.

Therefore, she decided to “Dragonform” in front of others. She wouldn’t be able to puff her chest and call them comrades if she was unwilling to do it in this crisis. Above all, the pride of Tio Clarce of Ryuujin race would not allow her to choose the law above her important person’s life, neither could she do that.

“Young one! Remember this! This is the “Dragon”‘s Breath!”


Accompanied with a roaring sound, a black flash immediately came to swallow the white dragon along with Freed. The white dragon twisted its body and fired its Breath beam towards the incoming Breath. Black and white flashes collided, scattering violent shock wave. The ocean of magma right below, centered on the colliding point, was rampaging and generating gigantic tsunamis of magma.

At first, Tio and the white dragon’s Breaths were equal, but Tio’s Breath began to gradually push the white dragon’s.

“Kuh, for me to meet a survivor of Ryuujin race here… there’s no other way. Although it is risky, I will use magic to make the space…”

“Do you think I will let you?!”


Maybe because he didn’t have any report about the Ryuujin race, Freed was truly surprised. Seeing this situation, he gritted his teeth, took out another fabric from his pocket, and tried to chant the Age of Gods magic again.

However, he was interrupted by the impact followed a voice behind him.

It was Hajime who arrived behind Freed, unbeknownst to him, and fired Donner in succession while blood was spouted from his wounds. Six bullets were fired with one firing sound. All of the bullets, without deviating even a millimeter, were hitting the same place.

The turtle-shaped demonic beast by Freed’s side had activated the barrier faster than Freed could react, but once impacted in almost zero distance by the flashes; the barrier shining in reddish black was easily smashed. Following that, Hajime slipped into the bosom of Freed who displayed his irritation and panicked.

Activating “Wind Claw” on Donner, Hajime swung it at once.


By a hair’s breadth, Freed escaped from being cut in two by falling behind. However, a horizontally slashed wound was carved on his chest. Hajime didn’t stop his attack, rotating using the momentum from slashing Freed, he activated “Magic Shockwave” from “Magic Power Conversion” and back kicked Freed.



Freed barely guarded using his left arm, but he could not kill the momentum, and thus his left arm was crushed and his organs were damaged. Freed was horizontally blown away from the white dragon.

Noticing his master’s disappearance, the white dragon lost its concentration and the black Breath approached it in a dash. Immediately after Hajime jumped off the white dragon, Tio’s Breath grandly blew off the beam along with the white dragon.


Screaming as it was being blown away, the white dragon somehow managed to regain its balance mid-air even after its belly received the attack from Tio’s Breath, and it immediately flew towards the ceiling. Once again, Freed was on the back of an Ash Dragon with Freed. Reunited in the air, Freed once again boarded the white dragon.

Hajime tried to pursue using “Aerodynamic,” however…

“Gh!? Gahakh!!”

The bright red light enveloping Hajime was disappearing rapidly, and not only from his wounds, but he also vomited a large amount of blood. His “Limit Break” had reached the time limit. In his wounded condition, the damage was further deepened from breaking his limit, and thus the time limit came earlier. Hajime was falling into the ocean of magma because his “Aerodynamic” was deactivated.

“Master! Hold on!”

“Guh, Ti-Tio…”

Tio flew to put the falling Hajime on her back. Hajime, whose damage deepened from “Limit Break”‘s after effect and should have collapsed, managed to somehow get into kneeling position and his eyes shone as he glared at Freed above.

From what he saw, even the Ash Dragons that were attacking Yue and the girls had gathered by Freed’s side.



Shouting Hajime’s name, Yue and Shia came running. Tio landed in the nearby foothold. She did it because the possibility of the current Hajime not being able to endure Tio’s battling movement and fall was high. Having jumped onto the same foothold, Yue and Shia immediately came to Hajime’s side and supported his body.

“… What a dreadful force. Those women are also not normal. A Ryuujin race that should have been annihilated, no-chant no-array using magic-user, and a Rabbitman tribe with unexpected power and ability to see the future… They are also possibly users of Age of Gods magic. And to have cornered me now… it would have been my side that would have gotten beaten if I didn’t first attack, huh…”

Squeezing his words, Freed was exchanging gaze with Hajime, creating sparks. Panting, Freed touch the wound carved on his chest with his unhurt right hand.

“Why are you assuming this is the end? I can still fight.”

Hajime’s expression turned ugly because of Freed’s words. But even with his tattered body, Hajime’s eyes were shining with killing intent while he declared the battle to continue.

“… Of course. The torrent of killing intent overflowing from you expressed you would not give up no matter how wounded you are. Not only do you have dreadful powers, you also have killing intent that could devour your enemy… No, was it the attachment to survive…”

Guessing once, then Freed made a resolute expression and glared at Hajime again.

“I don’t want to use this method… but it is necessary to use it if it can kill powerful enemies like you.”

“What did you say?”

Not answering Hajime’s question, Freed said something to the small bird-shaped demonic beast, unknown as to when it landed on his shoulder.





Great tremor shook the entire space, no, the entire «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», and the ocean of magma began to rampaging, accompanied with a terrific, roaring sound.





Suffering from the sudden shockwave from below, Hajime’s party got on all fours and screamed, while desperately trying to balance themselves. The great tremor was gradually becoming even more intense, and could be said to reach seven in the richter scale. From the ocean of magma, numerous fire pillars, no, magma pillars began to spout.

“Hajime-san! The magma level-!”

With Shia’s words, the magma surrounding the foothold, where Hajime’s party were, was indeed rising in level.

“What did he do?”

Hajime squeezed his words and asked the obvious culprit behind this situation, Freed. Having moved to the ceiling above the middle island, Freed answered the question.

“I only destroyed the keystone.”

“Key… stone?”

“That’s right. Didn’t you think it was strange when you saw the magma? «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» is obviously an active volcano. However, there’s no record of it erupting until now. What I mean, is there must be something controlling the activity of the underground magma reservoir.”

“That’s the “keystone,” huh… Don’t tell me!?”

“It is. I have destroyed the gigantic keystone that calmed down the magma reservoir. Thus, this Great Dungeon will soon be destroyed. And although I deeply regret that I can’t give my kins the Age of Gods magic of this dungeon… it isn’t that regrettable if it means I can kill you here. Be destroyed along with this Great Dungeon.”

Coldly looking down at Hajime’s party, Freed held a pendant on his neck towards the ceiling. Then, the crack on the ceiling began to be open. Along with the circular hole on the ceiling, several doors above it also opened.

Apparently, Freed had opened the shortcut to the outside using the proof of having conquered «Guryuu-en Great Volcano». For the last time, Freed glared at Hajime’s party then turned on his heel along with the white dragon, disappearing into the passage on the ceiling.

With the surrounding magma rampaged like the sea influenced by a hurricane, the number of spouted magma pillars kept increasing. The magma began to swallow the edges of the foothold where Hajime’s party were. It was a spectacle worthy to be called the end of world.

In a short while, Hajime closed his eyes and was thinking of something. Having decided on something, he stood up despite his injury. Immediately, the Ash Dragons left behind by Freed and the white dragon began to simultaneously fire small beams. They seem to want to kill Hajime’s party here by all means.

While Yue was intercepting the small beam attacks using “Absolute Calamity,” Hajime put his hand on the “Treasure Box.” Then, he put his hand on the hard dragon scale covering Tio’s cheeck, who was firing Breath towards the Ash Dragons overhead, to make her face him.

“Tio, listen. Take this and you alone must escape from that ceiling to the outside.”

For a moment, Tio was blinking, not understanding what was said. Then, she realized it in the next moment and raised a voice which mixed with sadness and anger. Hajime’s words were as if telling her to let herself survived, casting him and the other two away.

“Master, is this one, is this one not worth spending the last time with thee? Art thou discarding this one? This one…”

“That’s not it, Tio. I will say it just once because there’s not much time left. I am not giving up anything at all. I will get the Age of Gods magic and I will someday beat that *******. Also, I am going to fulfil my promise to bring back the “Serene stone.” However, it is impossible to do it alone. That’s why I want you to lend me your power. If it is not you, it is impossible to break through everything and return to Ancadi… Please, Tio.”

Hajime looked at the dragonformed Tio with a serious gaze he had never looked at her with before. With his pride and arrogance, Hajime had said he would be able to do anything by himself, but he relied on her. Expressing he needed Tio’s cooperation to accomplish his wishes, and to overcome all of the difficulties. He said he needed Tio’s power. There was neither trace of him giving up, trying to sacrifice himself, nor was he excluding Tio at all.

The sadness and anger in Tio’s heart changed radically into one of joy as she trembled. She was “entrusted” with something important by the man she liked, no, the one she wanted to be her partner in this life and death situation. She would not be a woman if she didn’t answer him.

Therefore, Tio only answered with one sentence.

“Leave it to this one!”

Hajime put “Treasure Box” in the inner part of Tio’s scale. Doing so, he was directly touching the Tio’s body while she was in her dragon form.

Confirming the “Treasure Box” with her skin, Tio quietly rubbed her head against Hajime. It was the best expression of love she could do now. Hajime also gently stroked Tio once before he parted. Tio turned her gaze to Yue and Shia. Then, she nodded powerfully having felt that the two also haven’t given up.

“Tio, deliver this message to Kaori and Myuu. “I will meet you later.” Okay.”

“Fufu, acknowledged.”

The too nonchalant message Hajime gave made Tio laugh inadvertently, and after a beat, she flew at once while cladded by a powerful wind. Using barrelroll to evade the incoming small beams, Tio immediately tried to pierce through the group of Ash Dragons. The Ash Dragons, sensing the crisis from the black dragon’s movement, concentrated their attacks on Tio.

The rushing small beams were counterbalanced by Tio’s Breath, but it wasn’t easy because the beams keep coming one after another. However, the moment the balance about to collapse, a beam gushed out from below and blew several Ash Dragons that were attacking Tio.

It was the small beams compressed and fired by Yue’s “Absolute Calamity.” In addition, exploding-slug bullets were fired and the shock wave blew the Ash Dragons away.

Suddenly, maybe because Freed and the white dragon had reached outside, the doors on the ceiling began to close. Realizing she didn’t have much time, Tio focused on accelerating with resolution of receiving the bombardment. Tio’s flight speed was further increased, but the fired off small beams began to break Tio’s dragon scale.

“Hmph, a pain only of this degree, it feels good! Bring it on~!”

Just as she said, Tio’s mood brightened along with the increment of her speed whenever the attack from the Ash Dragons damaged her body. It was the effect of “Pain Conversion” in “Dragonform.” The more pain she felt, the more her tension increased along with temporary boost of her ability, an awful skill derivation. Incidentally, it was something she obtained when she met Hajime after living for several hundreds of years. So, rather than “breaking through the wall (as in the wall before the skill derived),” it was more like “the door had opened.”

With the Ash Dragons somewhat taken aback, Tio passed through the storm of small beams and passed through the door right before it closed. Looking above, a small, nostalgic light could be seen. It was the light of the outside. There were still several doors that had begun to close one by one.

Without thinking about the consequence, Tio used her magic, except some that would be used to maintain “Dragonform,” to the limit and manipulated the wind. Recalling the long life she had, it was a speed she had never use before. She literally flew, turning into a gale.

She passed through one door, two doors, three doors, and she finally arrived at the last door; a thick door connected to the outside. Tio was going forward while surrounded by black wind like a cannonball. And light bullets attacked her from above.

Apparently, Freed and the white dragon had noticed Tio, and thus they stopped to attack her. Now, more than half of the door had been closed. Rotating while evading, Tio didn’t lower her speed even if she could not evade the bombardment, and the white dragon fired off the beam.

Exhausted of its magic power, the beam didn’t have the force it had in the beginning. It was only half of its usual power at best. However, the damage, if Tio was hit by it, would still surpass the one she received from the small beams. Furthermore, her speed would fall if she evade or intercept it. If so, she might not make it in time before the door closed.

Tio steeled herself, and she further raised her speed using “Pain Conversion” right after the bombardment of the light bullets.

And at that time, several shadows passed through Tio’s side, appearing in between Tio and the incoming beam.

They were things Tio knew just by seeing. The floating crosses, all-ranged weapons, Hajime’s Cross Bits. They had followed right behind Tio.

The three Cross Bits that came out were clad in bright red light, tried to change the angle of the beam, and averted it to the side. Although they were destroyed one after another by the force of the beam, they had interrupted the beam and protected Tio. Furthermore, another four Cross Bits flew to Tio’s side to protect her.

“Nuhaa~, can’t hold it! Masterrr, this one love you~!”

Even though he might get overcome by the torrent of magma, Hajime had still controlled all of the Cross Bits from the ground to protect Tio. Thus, Tio roared towards the world, shouting her love. Being especially strong even amongst the Ryuujin tribe, Tio had never been protected by a man up until now. It was always her who did the protection. That’s why, the fact that she was protected during such an extremely difficult situation made her exploded in joy from the sensation she had never felt.


With a dragon’s roar, she passed through the last door. Having turned into a mass of black wind, Tio flew out vertically, dancing under the sunlight that poured down surrounded by the gigantic sandstorm.

“For the situation to turn out like this…-! What a monster! But that black dragon is covered in wounds. I will kil-!?”

Tio who flew overhead made Freed on the white dragon astonished, but he immediately sharpened his gaze and tried to attack. However, his plan and words were interrupted. The four Cross Bits had surrounded Freed and the white dragon from all directions before they were aware of them.

Freed made the turtle-shaped demonic beast he took during his escape to promptly put up a barrier. After all, it had been proven that the Cross Bit’s offensive power could not destroy the barrier. And although the result might have been different if they were loaded with explosive bullets, the exploding-slug bullets in Shia’s ranged attack were scarce, and Hajime had given priority to the bullets on Donner-Schlag, thus he had no time to implement it on the Cross Bits.

However, the Cross Bits have one more powerful attack method. This method made Freed’s composed expression freeze, proven by how he was blown away along with the white dragon after receiving a huge damage.


When thinking it was odd the Cross Bits didn’t shoot and abruptly shined red, but in the next moment, they exploded.

The four Cross Bits had been positioned in all sides to not let their targets escaped from the impact. The grand, powerful impact and the bullets that scattered like a storm easily destroyed the barrier, attacking Freed and the white dragon.



The master and servant were mutually screaming as they were blown away.

In addition, Tio attacked with tornado, pushing Freed and the white dragon into the sandstorm. Tio had wanted to shoot out Breath to kill them for sure, but she could not because she didn’t have much strength left.

Tio watched the place where Freed and the white dragon had disappeared for a while, then she moved her gaze after she to confirm there’s no change at all. She quietly watched the «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» before her without even a trace of her perverted tension remaining. Next, nodding as if expressing “This one will believe in thee,” she turned around and flew towards Ancadi.

After several tens of minutes, a great earthquake with «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» as the epicentre, with sounds surpassing roaring sounds, a great explosion occurred that even cracked the atmosphere, and temporarily blew off the sandstorm. Black, black smoke rose from «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» while scorching rocks went flying, and sparks scattered from the volcano.

It was a great eruption of «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» that was recorded to have never erupted in history. In a way, it was a historical moment. After a few minutes, the volcano was once again wrapped with a veil of gigantic sandstorm, concealing its bizarreness.

Even so, the roaring sound that seemed to be the scream of the world along with the spouted black smoke was certainly seen by the people of Ancadi. Their uneasiness grew stronger. It was also felt by the girl and little girl who were waiting for their important people to return.


[Vol 4] Chapter 6 – The Last Trial is Easy?

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«Guryuu-en Great Volcano» probably has fifty floors.

Since it was the current floor Hajime’s party was in. The “probably” part was because the floor’s situation was a little special. Frankly, they didn’t understand anything about the current floor.

But more accurately, Hajime’s party were currently on board a brown colored boulder, like a small boat, on the magma that was flowing like a big river, mid-air.

“It feels like Indiana-san in hard mode eh…” Hajime muttered while recalling the Earth’s most famous and too aggressive Archeologist.

As for the reason why they were in this situation… truthfully, it was Hajime’s mistake. Hajime’s party had noticed the magma that continued to scorch them, was sometimes making unnatural movement while they were searching for the Serene stone right before they completed the floor.

More accurately, the flow of the magma greatly changed even though there was nothing obstructing it before, or the current suddenly slowed, or there was only a part of magma flowing in the air, and it overflowed, thus the magma dripped below.

However, those happened on the magma away from the passage, so they didn’t worry about it because it would not disturb them from conquering the floor. However, Hajime by chance used “Mineral Enquiry” to the surrounding and found out that the cause of the magma’s unnatural movement was “Serene Stone.” It seemed the magic power inside the magma was calmed by “Serene Stone,” similar to obstructing the magma flow.

Hajime’s party then thought that the place where the magma’s movement was strongly obstructed would have a large amount of “Serene Stone.” Thus they searched for it and they indeed discovered a large amount of “Serene Stone” buried in that place. While noting the magma’s movement, Hajime’s party collected a considerable amount of “Serene Stone.” Afterwards, they came to a certain location while thinking there would be much stone in reserve.

It was a place enclosed by the magma flowing in mid-air like a huge wall. Hajime transmuted a stair to approach it and came to know that a large amount of “Serene Stone” was buried there when he used “Mineral Enquiry.”

Immediately, Hajime used “Mineral Separation” to only collect “Serene Stone,” but he was careless because he kept collecting “Serene Stone” due to lack of concentration from the heat. He didn’t put much attention to the surrounding wall of magma.

Hajime noticed this mistake when he stored the “Serene stone” into “Treasure Box.” It was because magma spouted with tremendous momentum from the wall the moment the effect of “Serene Stone” had disappeared.

Hajime immediately jumped back, but the magma was spouting with tremendous power just like water gushing out from the cracked and thus collapsed dam. The hole from where it spouted expanded and more rushed out.

The overly tremendous momentum of the magma made the surrounding immediately filled with magma. Hajime used transmutation to create a small boat before Yue’s barrier was broken, and the party boarded it. The small boat was immediately heated up by the magma, but there was no problem since Hajime had strengthened the boat using “Strength Endowment” derived from “Vajra.”

Following that, they continued to drift along the flow of the magma and was flowing mid-air before they were aware of it. They flowed into the depth of «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» using different route from the stairs. Flowing as they felt the scorching heat from the streaming magma, and ended up where they were currently at.

By the way, normally they would’ve stopped on the riverbed when they were about to ride on the magma’s sky road, but Shia used “Effect Endowment” of gravity magic to reduce the boat’s weight, and thus they were able to get on the magma. “Effect Endowment” made it possible to adjust the weight of the thing Shia touched as if it were her own.

“Ah, Hajime-san. There’s another tunnel.”

“We art almost at the level of the foot of this mountain. Be prepared, okay?”

Seeing the direction Shia pointed at, Hajime’s party was would indeed continue to flow into a big hole on the wall along with the magma. They understood the magma was continuing to flow downward. Until now, they’ve entered a tunnel every time they descent a floor, it might be a shortcut if compared to normally using the stair.

While nodding at Tio’s advice, Hajime’s party drifted into the tunnel. The magma’s sky road was continuing in the middle of the big tunnel like a snake. After the magma’s sky road was going lower, it suddenly cut off right after a curve. No, more accurately, it was a sudden downward slope similar to a waterfall.

“Again… everyone, don’t get shaken off!”

Yue and the girls nodded at Hajime’s words and they either clung to the edge of the small boat or Hajime’s waist. After feeling the anxiousness similar to when the climbing jet coaster about to go down from the first falling point, Hajime’s party’s boat finally fell.

Fwiish Swiish

Sound of wind entered their ears. Shia used gravity magic to shift the weight while Tio controlled the wind as they descend on the rapid magma. The magma’s speed increased by times as if it didn’t have any viscosity.

Transmuting spikes on his shoes to fix his posture, Hajime cautiously watched over the surroundings. After all, usually at such time…

“Tch, they come after all.”

Clicking his tongue, he pulled out Donner at the same time, and Hajime unhesitatingly pulled the trigger. Explosive sound resounded. It rang out three times accompanied with three flashes that cut through the air without deviating and destroyed the targets. The ones that came attacking Hajime’s party were the bat-type monsters that scattered magma from their wings.

These Magma Bats were not much of a threat alone. They only have considerable speed and capable of scattering magma like flame bullets. They were only small fries to Hajime’s party.

However, the troublesome point about Magma Bats was they attacked in group. Thirty more could be found if one was seen, just like Black G demonic beasts, appearing from the crack of the boulder wall.

Even now, although Hajime instant-killed three Magma Bats, as expected, they could hear sound of a large amount of fluttering wings amidst the wind coming from the rapid descent.

“… Hajime, leave the left and behind to me.”

“Ah, I will leave it to you. Shia, Tio, you control the boat.”


“Mhm, leave it to this one. How about *** spanking as a reward?”

Ignoring Tio’s perverted remark that could neither be taken as joke nor real, Hajime and Yue were back to back diagonally on the boat. Then, crowd of Magma Bats could be seen.

It was not an exaggeration to call them as one living creature. The numerous Magma Bats were moving as one big mass, like a group perfectly ordered birds. Their appearance was just like a dragon if seen from the side. It might be more accurate to call it a fire dragon because each of its wings was cladded in blazing magma.

The mass of Magma Bats approaching Hajime’s party divided into two on their way, creating pincer attack from the front and behind. No matter how weak they were alone, the numerous them were moving as one huge creature and normally would overwhelm anyone with their number.

However, the party here were a group of cheat-like individuals. The demonic beasts that became fertilizer on the ground near the town of Ul were the proof the party wouldn’t be so weak being overwhelmed by just number.

Hajime took out Metzelei from “Treasure Box,” set it beside his waist and pulled the monster’s trigger.


With the ringing of the peculiar shooting sound, the storm of death exhibited its undoubtable might and one rapid fire pierced through various targets. The bullets crushed the wall of the cave in the distance while the Magma Bats were killed and fell into the ground without being able to resist.

Furthermore, Hajime took out Orkan using the other free hand, placed it on his shoulder, and mercilessly fired it. Spark created, and the rockets flew and pierced into the middle of Magma Bats who were grouping due to Metzelei’s barrage, scattering violent impacts along with roaring sounds.

The result was clear. The crowd of Magma Bats were crushed and falling just like a short squall.

Similar thing happened to the Magma Bats attacking from the rear.

“”Storm Dragon.””

Yue’s right hand thrust straight, and the moment she muttered that, a green sphere of wind was created. Following that, the sphere transformed, forming a dragon in less than no time. The wind dragon, who was a compilation of green-colored wind and called “Storm Dragon,” glared at the crowd of Magma Bats once, and it opened its jaws, moving to devour its preys.

Naturally, the Magma Bats shot flame bullets towards “Storm Dragon,” then they divided into two again to dodge the dragon. However, all of Yue’s “dragons” were a compound of gravity magic and other element. Naturally, “Storm Dragon” was not just composed of normal wind; it was composed of wind blades that were pulled by gravity to create a dragon. Once it moved, it would be difficult for the prey to escape.

Magma Bats, just like the other demonic beasts that became the food of “Thunder Dragon” and “Azure Dragon,” couldn’t resist from being pulled towards “Storm Dragon.” Thus the body cladded by wind blades cut the demonic beasts’ bodies to pieces, scattering flesh and blood. It should be noted that the reasons Yue didn’t use “Thunder Dragon” or “Azure Dragon” was because the Magma Bats were strong against heat and Yue judged it was enough to just cut their wings.

In the end, “Storm Dragon” came within the crowd and released the million wind blades formed its body in all direction, completely annihilating the Magma Bats.

“Um~, Master and Yue’s annihilating force art fearful no matter how many times I has’t seen i.”


While controlling the boat on the rapid current, Tio and Shia were praising them with awkward feeling. Shrugging his shoulders as he put out Metzelei and Orkan into “Treasure Box,” Hajime lightly touched the Yue’s cheek with his chest then returned to look at the front. Yue, after narrowing her eyes in happiness from being touched, returned to look at the surrounding with caution.

Hajme and Yue who casually took the chance to flirt made Shia exuded aura that expressed, Shia is lonely! Hold me!, which Tio took advantage of. Making slightly troubled expression after thinking it couldn’t be helped, Hajime lightly stroked Shia’s rabbit ear then pinched Tio’s cheek. Hajime was troubled such things could make the two raised joyed expressions.

Hajime’s party were considerably composed even though they were attacked by demonic beasts as they descended the rapid, magma’s sky road. However, as if to take down their composure, the descending magma up until now suddenly began to ascend.

After climbing several tens of meters with tremendous speed, they could see light ahead of them. It was the exit of the tunnel. However, the problematic thing was the magma was cut off for real this time.

“Hold on tight!”

With Hajime’s command, Yue and the girls once again clung to the small boat. Having ridden on the magma rapid’s speed, the small boat was thrown outside with tremendous momentum.

While having his dantian attacked by the feeling of being in mid-air, Hajime quickly confirmed the condition of the surrounding. The space Hajime’s party falling into was similar to the room where the last trial of «Raisen Great Dungeon» took place; a vast space.

However, it wasn’t spherical like the room in «Raisen Great Dungeon». It has distorted shape which made it impossible to completely understand how vast the space was, but it was at least more than three kilometers. Almost all part of the ground was filled with magma, but the boulders appeared in some places and created footholds. On the surrounding walls were protruding places and conversely, there were also shaved off places. In the air was as expected, numerous rivers of intersecting magmas, and disappearing below, into the ocean of magma.

Flare-like pillars of fire spouted from the boiling, scorching ocean. If there was something called boiler of hell, it must be looked like this. That was the impression Hajime’s party got.

However, the most noticeable thing was the small island in the center of the ocean of magma. The island was raised around 10 meters above the magma’s surface, an island or rock. If it was only that, then it would just become a foothold big enough for them, but the island was covered by dome of magma. The spherical magma was just like a small version of sun, but the thing in the middle of the island was enough to catch the attention of Hajime’s party.

“”O’ wind.””

The small boat turned over by the momentum was fixed by Tio in the air, then each of them returned to their own duty as they once again boarded the small boat. Yue used “Soar” to adjust the boat’s falling speed. The boat softly landed on the ocean of magma, and the party maximized their vigilance because this place was obviously different from the ones they had seen.

“… Is that the dwelling?”

Yue muttered as she took a look at the middle of the magma-domed island.

“From the depth, I think it is okay to think so… but, if it really is…”

“There should be the last guardian of some sort… right, Master?”

“We used something similar to shortcut, so is it too farfetched to say we have passed the test, Hajime-san?”

Hajime’s thought was confirmed by Tio, who was looking at the surrounding with sharp gaze, made her not to be thought as a perverted ********* if some small accidents were overlooked. Even seeing their tightened expression, Shia muttered optimist words while looking at a certain direction.

Tracing Shia’s gaze, Hajime could see a staircase beyond the large foothold. The staircase continued into the wall made him think that perhaps they would’ve come from that staircase if they used the proper route.

Even so, no matter how impossible it was for someone to use magma’s sky road, it was too much of an optimist to think the shortcut even passed through the last trial room. It’d be nice if it really is~, Shia said, but her cautious look expressed that even she couldn’t believe that.

It was correct for them to be cautious because immediately, bullet-like magma shot out from the magma flowing in the air.

“Hmph, leave it to this one!”

Tio shouted as she activated her magic, thus masses of flame shot out from the ocean of magma, countering magma approaching from above.

However, that attack was only the beginning signal. Immediately after Tio countered the incoming blazing masses and scattered them, more blazing masses were shot out from the ocean of magma like a machinegun.

“Tch, scatter!”

Judging they would only be a target on their current place, the small boat, Hajime told the other to scatter as he jumped towards the nearby foothold, abandoning the small boat. The numerous blazing masses crushed the small boat where Hajime’s party were before, thus it sunk into the ocean of magma.

With each of them in different foothold, Hajime’s party intercepted the incoming blazing masses. Though they easily intercepted those, Hajime’s party were irritated because it didn’t seem to ever end. They were also irritated the heat coming from the ocean of magma that the distorted air.

To break from this situation, at the same time Hajime finished reloading Donner-Schlag using gunspin, and aimed Schlag muzzle over his shoulder without turning around. Thus the elbow of his artificial arm was faced forward and fired to intercept the masses of magma in front, while Schlag rapid-fired to shoot down the masses of magma approaching Yue behind him.

His intention was completely read by Yue without a word. She immediately activated gravity magic using this chance.

“”Absolute Calamity.””

At the same time the name rang out, a black, swirling sphere appeared in the middle of Hajime’s party, pulling the incoming masses of magma one after another. The black, small star swallowed everything and used its supergravity to compress them.

With the room between the barrage of magma masses by Yue’s magic, Hajime used “Aerodynamic” to jump into the air, trying to reach the magma-domed middle island.

The most troublesome thing about the barrage that attacked Hajime’s party was the endlessness. This place was obviously the last trial of «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», but because there’s no visible enemy unlike the other dungeons he had been in, he didn’t know what to do to clear it. As such, Hajime thought of getting on the suspicious island.

While running in the air towards the middle island, Hajime used “Telepathy.”

“I am going to look around the middle island. Cover me.”


The masses of magma outside of the range of Yue’s “Absolute Calamity” came to attack Hajime, but Tio intercepted those using numerous flame bullets from the ocean of magma. Shia didn’t expand Doryukken and used its shotgun mode to intercept. Yue, while maintaining “Absolute Calamity,” also intercept using numerous flame bullets from ocean of magma just like Tio.

With covering from Yue and the girls, Hajime approached straight towards the middle island, and he was about to do the last jump using “Aerodynamic.”

However, at that moment,



Hearing the bellowing, majestic roar, a gigantic serpent came to attack from right under Hajime who was in mid-air with its opened mouth.

Maybe because its whole body was clad in magma, neither heat perception nor sign perception noticed it in this place filled with magma. Moreover, the ocean magma itself was filled with magic power so magic power perception also didn’t notice it, so the gigantic Magma Serpent was able to completely make a surprise attack.

However, Hajime twisted his body using his superhuman reflex and was barely able to evade the mouth.

In the place Hajime was before, crunch, the Magma Serpent chomped and passed through. Hajime flipped his body in mid-air just like a cat, aimed the muzzles at the passing Magma Serpent’s head and fired. The flash with certain killing destructiveness didn’t miss its mark and hit the Magma Serpent’s head, blowing it away.

“What !?”

However, the raised voice was not the Magma Serpent’s death throes, but Hajime’s astonished voice.

Naturally, the cause was the Magma Serpent. After all, the Magma Serpent’s head was certainly hit and burst, but the thing scattered was only magma, none of the inside matter. He had seen demonic beasts cladded in magma in «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», but they were only wearing the magma, and had their own flesh. None was composed of only magma.

Hajime immediately recovered and tried to shoot the other parts of the creature to experiment. Numerous flashes mercilessly penetrated the Magma Serpent’s body, but as he thought, there’s no flesh at all. This Magma Serpent seemed to be composed of only Magma.

Though surprised, Hajime had immobilized the Magma Serpent for now by blowing all over of its body, so he once again jumped towards the middle island using “Aerodynamic”, passing by the serpent’s side.

However, the Magma Serpent’s attack hasn’t ended yet. At the moment Hajime passed through its side, it suddenly hurled its body towards Hajime even though it had lost its head and parts of its body.

Hajime made the shotshell in his artificial arm burst and barely succeeded to evade using its recoil. And at this time, a chill ran down Hajime’s spine. Following his instinct, Hajime burst out the shotshells in succession immediately and used “Aerodynamic” to withdraw from there in high speed.

One attack after another, the Magma Serpents came out of the ocean of magma, chasing after Hajime’s track. Those huge mouths crunch, crunch, chomped.

Retreating while rotating in the air, Hajime landed on a nearby foothold. Yue and the girls came to his side. The barrage of blazing masses temporarily stopped.

“… Hajime, are you unhurt?”

“Ah, no problem. More importantly, the real things finally appear.”

Yue, who was worried about his safety, touched his arm. Hajime returned her touch, and answered without looking away from the front. Fwuush With each sound, Magma Serpents appeared one after another before Hajime.

“As expected, that middle island is the last stop. Well thee seemth to say defeat us if thou want to pass.”

“But, the one Hajime-san shot before regenerated, you know? Are they beatable?”

Around 20 Magma Serpents appeared, glaring at Hajime’s party. Even the Magma Serpent that received gunfires from Hajime before had already restored to its former appearance as if nothing had happened.

Shia was frowning as she pointed that out. At Raisen Great Dungeon, she was confused by the regenerating knights, but now she was calmly thinking on how to pass this. It was shown by how her rabbit ears were restlessly moving about. Wryly smiling at Shia who became quite courageous, Hajime told them his guess.

“It might be similar to the Vachram from before, having a core, a magic stone, to form the magma body. Though my magic eye cannot specify the location because the obstruction from the magma… there’s nothing else but to destroy the core.”

Everyone nodded at Hajime’s words and they simultaneously attacked the 20 Magma Serpents.

The Magma Serpents rose like the solar flare shot out masses of flame from their mouth as they tensed. The twenty attacked from all direction. Normally, one would be swallowed by the numerous masses of magma without being able to escape.

“It hath been a long time since this one used this attack! So, taste all of it!”

A huge amount of black magic power appeared before Tio’s thrust her hands out. It then compressed in less than no time, and fired in the next moment. It was the Ryuujin tribe’s Breath.

Thus the black flash, whose dreadful power forced Hajime to defend with all of his might, eliminated all of the Magma Serpents in front of Tio without any trace left. Furthermore, she swung it as if it was a black colored flash blade and annihilated other Magma Serpents.

Immediately, eight Magma Serpents were annihilated, thus Hajime’s party dashed out from the hole of the encirclement.

As expected, by annihilating them without leaving a trace, the magic stone would also be annihilated no matter where the location was, but it was the Great Dungeon’s quality to not make it that easy.

The 12 remaining Magma Serpents instantly crushed the foothold where Hajime’s party were before, falling into the ocean of magma and disappeared, but their numbers went back up to 20 the next time they re-appeared.

“Oi oi, I’ve confirmed the disappearance of the magic stones, you know? Was defeating it not the condition to clear this trial?”

Hajime’s expression distorted from the doubt. Hajime had activated “Light Speed” at the time Tio’s breath was about to reach the Magma Serpent and he confirmed the moment when the magic stone inside Magma Serpent was annihilated by the Breath using his increased kinetic vision.

Hajime came to doubt the condition for conquering this dungeon, and Shia raised her voice while pointing at the middle island.

“Hajime-san! Look at that! The wall is shining!”


When he looked at the middle island, it was indeed as Shia said. A part of the rockwall shot light as big as a fist. He didn’t notice it up until now, but the orange-colored light was coming from some kind of crystal buried under the wall of rock.

Hajime used “Farsight” to confirm it, but although it was difficult to confirm due to camouflage, he understood a large amount of similar crystals were buried on the rockwall of the middle island in orderly fashion. The middle island was cylindrical, so considering the interval between crystals and the island’s surface area, around 100 crystals were buried. And the crystals that currently shooting out light were eight… the same number of Magma Serpents Tio annihilated before.

“I see… so we need to defeat a hundred of these Magma Serpents to clear it, huh.”
“… In this heat, fighting a hundred of them… it matched the dungeon’s concept.”

Needless to say, having suffered from the heat and surprise attacks, the challengers were driven into the situation where they needed to concentrate the most in the very end; nastiness suitable for a Great Dungeon.

Indeed, even Hajime’s party were quite exhausted, mentally. However, their expressions didn’t show any exhaustion, they were wearing fearless smile because they had found out the method to conquer the dungeon.

They regained their spirit when they came to understand what they must do, and they once again attacked the Magma Serpents. Along with the downpouring masses of magma, the Magma Serpents made irregular movements to catch and burn their prey.

Hajime’s party spread out again and respectively began to counterattack.

With dragon wings grown out of her back, Tio floated using the wind she regenerated and used tornado along with vacuum blades to attack, bombarding the serpent. It was a wind element, mid-ranked offensive magic, “Imperial Cannon.”

“This is the ninth! Presently, this one is leading, Master! If this one defeated the most of them then this one wants a lot of rewards (punishments)! Of course, only two of us at night!”

Tio shouted while slashing the ninth Magma Serpents to pieces. Hajime tried to refuse with an amazed expression, but Shia interrupted him.

“Wha-! It’s unfair if it’s only Tio-san! I am also entering this challenge! Hajime-san, one night with me if I win!”

After shouting, Shia jumped above a Magma Serpent and swung down Doryukken onto its head from upper-stance. At the moment of impact, ripple of light blue colored magic power spread, next a violent impact was generated. The serpent immediately exploded from the head part until the ocean of magma. Sparkling minerals fluttered from the remains of Magma Serpent. It was the magic stone crushed by the impact from “Magic Shockwave”.

Masses of magma were approaching Shia, who was still mid-air from killing one of Magma Serpent, from behind. Shia used the recoil from Doryukken’s outburst and evaded. However, as if it was aiming for this, a Magma Serpents with its mouth opened come attacking to where Shia would fall.

However, Shia wasn’t that worried about it, she threw a disk taken out from the holster on her back into the air. It was a disk with diameter of 30 centimeters, and it didn’t fall but floated slightly lower place than Shia. Shia put her foot on it weightlessly and once again danced in the air.

The disk used the same principle as Cross Bit to float in the air, becoming foothold, and moving according Shia’s will by using induction stone. This, coupled with Shia’s weight adjustment, made it possible to do a combat like “dancing in the air”.

With its calculation coming off, the Magma Snake passed through the empty space under Shia. Transforming Doryukken, Shia aimed the muzzle towards the serpent and pulled the trigger. What shot out wasn’t the usual bullet but a slug bullet.

However, it wasn’t a normal slug bullet. It was a bullet created from special ore that Hajime endowed with characteristic of “Magic Shockwave,” thus it would generate shock wave from the supplied magic power at the same time it hit the target. By force alone, it far surpassed the grenade bullet.

Along with the roar of Doryukken, the fired slug bullet didn’t miss its target while hitting the Magma Serpent from back of its head, thus from its head to its body, the Magma Serpent was swallowed by the regenerated explosion. That impact once again crushed the magic stone which now fluttered as it sparkled in the air.

“Oi, girls. You, don’t just selfishly…”

“… Then, I want one day of date for the two of us.”

Hajime opened his mouth to retort on Tio and Shia’s one-sided competition, but he was interrupted by Yue who also wanted to participate in the competition of annihilation. Putting aside the things at night, the increasing number of companions decreased their time alone, so Yue seemed to want a one full day of just the two.

Exuding aura of having fun, however, the magic Yue activated was a brutal one. It was her latest favorite, “Thunder Dragon.”

However, due to her being more and more skillful on using it, the “Thunder Dragon” that appeared was numbered seven. At almost the same time, they moved toward their respective targets. Thundering roars rang out. The Magma Serpents who were trying to devour Yue was conversely devoured one after another by the group of Thunder Dragons without even leaving a mass of magma behind, so their magic stone inside their body had also broken.

Seeing that spectacle, Shia said, “As I thought, the most powerful enemy is Yue-san~!” Tio said, “Yue is bugged! Twas absolutely odd!” Both of them made hasty expressions while cursing. They pull out more severe attacks, adding the number of things they annihilated.

“… It’s not like I care. But, they seem to having fun.”

Shrugging his shoulders towards the three enthusiastic girls that made him as the prize of the competition, Hajime somewhat given up. Then, without turning around, he rapidly fired Schlag over his shoulder towards the incoming Magma Serpent behind him.

The bullets were fired evenly on the Magma Serpent’s body and the impacts blown the serpent’s body. At the same time, the impacts made the magic stone fluttered in the air. Repelling the masses of magma that flew from the previous half body, Hajime pinpoint shot through the falling magic stone right before it fell into the ocean of magma.

The bullet Hajime fired from Schlag was the similar exploding bullet like Shia’s. However, because it would be problematic if the bullets were too big, their power didn’t reach slug bullet’s. Of course if he used Schlagen, then it would be possible to bring out that much of a destructive power. However, it was the first time the bullets were used, similar to an experiment, so he only used the two guns.

The normal sized bullet didn’t have the power to blow away the Magma Serpent along with its magic stone, so Hajime now used around 2 shots to blown off the magma armor and sniped the exposed magic stone using Donner’s pinpoint attack. Naturally, the Schlagen was capable of ignoring the magma armor and penetrate through the magic stone, but it had too much penetrative power added that it wasn’t easy to locate the magic stone thus wasn’t suitable for aiming at the magic stone.

Now, another two Magma Serpents were attacking Hajime from his right and left, but he withdrew in high speed using “Aerodynamic” and “Ground Shrinker.” He flipped mid-air and fired Schlag in inverted pose.


One explosive sound rang out. However, the fired masses of killing intent were four. The Magma Serpents, who were attacking from right and left with tremendous momentum didn’t have any chance to be confused from the suddenly disappearing prey. They were attacked by the impact coming from above thus had its magma bodies dispersed, exposing the core, the magic stone.

At the same time, two flashes of light were fired from Donner and shot through the two magic stone without even one millimeter of error.

If one looked, the crystals regularly buried on the outer circumference of the rockwall of the middle island mostly emitted light, only eight haven’t. That was done even though not that much time passed since the real fight begun.

If Hajime’s party’s guess, where «Guryuu-en Great Volcano»’s concept was for a prolonged battle while having one’s concentration down due to nasty environment, was right, then the expectation of the creator of this trial could be said as completely off the mark because they were Hajime and his party.

Tio’s Breath destroyed more Magma Serpents

— Six left.

Shia used a blow from Doryukken and at the same time fired the slug bullet into another Magma Serpent, blasting them.

— Four left.

Two Magma Serpent were trying to do a pincer attack on Yue, ambushing from below where the ocean of magma. However, above them was “Thunder Dragon” coiling around Yue, obstructing them thus it became a standstill. Following that, the two Magma Serpents were now attacked by four “Thunder Dragons” from both of their sides, and were devoured.

— Two left.

A Magma Serpent was rapidly charging at Hajime while scattering bullet-like masses of magma. However, Hajime was swaying like a dancing falling leaf and avoided the masses of magma. When he was about to be devoured by the Magma Serpent, he fired Schlag and they passed through each other. The serpent blown away while the inertia made the magic stone jumped out which then sniped by Donner and Hajime didn’t even need to look at it.

Finally, the last Magma Serpent was surprise attacking from the ocean of magma below. Hajime flew up using “Aerodynamic” and fired Schlag, towards the interior of the opened mouth of Magma Serpent coming from below.

At the moment of impact, red shockwave scattered the magma. The gap created slightly revealed the magic stone. Hajime poised the Donner in his right hand. When he was about to fire the last attack, he watched Yue and the girl’s satisfied looks.

“This is the end.”

Looking at it in the edge of his vision, Hajime fired the last attack for the sake of conquering «Guryuu-en Great Volcano».

— And at that moment.


A beam poured down from above.

The light looked like divine punishment shot from the heaven, was the light that mortally injured Hajime before. No, it might be far stronger than that. The attack even made the air screamed was fired, aiming at the time of battle where Hajime most wide opened — swallowing Hajime along with the last Magma Serpent.


[Vol 4] Chapter 5 – Guryuu-en Great Volcano

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«Guryuu-en Great Volcano»

It is situated 800 kilometers towards the north of the Dukedom of Ancadi. From what could be seen, it was a huge mountain five kilometers in diameter and 3,000 meters in altitude. It didn’t have cone-like appearance similar to those of normal active volcanos. It has dome-like, flat top made of lava, and it would be more appropriate to call it a gigantic hill than a mountain. However, the altitude and scale were just abnormal.

The «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was commonly known as one of the Seven Great Dungeons. However, unlike «Orcus Great Dungeon», it wasn’t much visited by adventurers. It was because of the danger inside and how troublesome it was. In addition, unlike the «Orcus Great Dungeon», demonic beasts from whom the magic stones were gathered from were scarce… those were the basic reasons, but the foremost was actually because only few people were capable of reaching the entrance.

The reason was,

“… It looks just like Laputa.”

“… Laputa?”

Hajime unconsciously muttered while recalling the scene of that masterpiece anime, which made Yue and the other girls look at him with questioning glances. Hajime only shrugged his shoulders and watched the gigantic swirling sandstorm from inside the four-wheeler.

That’s right, just like how the floating castle was wrapped by cumulonimbus cloud, the «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was wrapped by gigantic, swirling sandstorm. The storm’s scale was so huge that it completely hid the «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», and the tornados of the sandstorm were just like a flowing wall.

Moreover, a large amount of demonic beasts such as Sandworms were lurking inside the sandstorm, and they would mercilessly make surprise attacks within the place that had limited range of view. Thus, Hajime could only nod at the tale where people with average ability wouldn’t be able to pass through the sandstorm, and into «Guryuu-en Great Volcano».

“I am glad we aren’t walking here.”

“Indeed, even I doth not wanteth to enter it with mine own body.”

Looking at the giant sandstorm from the window just like Hajime, Shia and Tio were grateful to the four-wheeler. Smiling wryly, Hajime said, “Then, let’s go.” and the four-wheeler dashed out. For this case, they didn’t come to conquer it leisurely. There wasn’t that much Serene Stone on the surface, so it was necessary to go into the untouched depth of the dungeon to obtain the amount needed. And if they go into the deepest part, there should be a shortcut similar to what they have experienced until now. As such, they would be able to immediately return to Ancadi.

Hajime, himself, wasn’t interested in the safety of Ancadi’s people, but he didn’t mind helping them. By doing so, he would at least not to feel guilty towards his companion, Kaori, nor would he let Myuu see a spectacle that would bring great shock to her.

While thinking this, Hajime regained his spirit and charged into the gigantic sandstorm.

Inside the sandstorm was a world painted in brown. Just like in the fog of«Halteena Sea of Trees», it was hard to see ahead. It was also capable of influencing one’s physical condition, so it might be more troublesome than that fog. Thus, even using magic, breaking through this place filled with hidden demonic beasts was indeed virtually impossible.

Light coming from the headlight made out of Green Light stone cut through the dim place where the sunlight could not reach. Their speed was 30 kmph. If the information they got before was accurate, they would break through the sandstorm within five minutes.

And at that time, Shia’s rabbit ears stood straight and Hajime also reacted, one beat after her. “Brace yourself!,” Hajime raised his voice, and grandly turned the steering wheel.

Three sandworms with their big mouths opened and jumped out from below. Evading the ambush, the four-wheeler created S-letter on the ground, and Hajime kept running away without a care. With four-wheeler’s speed, it would be better to quickly get out of the sandstorm than fighting each time something appeared.

Two more sandworms came to attack from both sides of four-wheeler while it was dashing out and ignored the previous three sandworms. Their timing was so good that the four-wheeler’s body would receive body blows. However, it would hit without damaging the four-wheeler at all, and the four-wheeler would only be turned sideways. That’s why, once Hajime grasped the surprise attacks using “Sign Perception,” he immediately tried to drift to evade. However, Yue and Tio stopped him.

“…Nn, leave it to me.”

” Just leaveth it to this one, Master.”

Hearing the two, Hajime unhesitatingly kept the steering wheel straight as it was. Then, the gigantic worms dashed out of the brown colored world.

However, the attacks coming from the sandworms from left and right side couldn’t even touch four-wheeler.

“””Wind Blade.”””

Seeing the sandworm on the left, Yue muttered and a blade of wind was instantly produced outside the four-wheeler and fired, drawing a trajectory using the sand on the air. Thus the sandworm that jumped out before them was horizontally slashed, and blood scattered from the divided sandworm.

That spectacle was similar to what happened on the right side, which Tio had taken care of.

“Hmm, as expected of thee, thee fired a good wind.”

“… There’s no way I won’t use the wind from the sandstorm. Tio, too, as expected of you.”

Similarly, they instantly chose to use wind element magic, “Wind Blade,” and though it was a beginner-ranked magic, the “Wind Blades” previously fired were as strong as mid-ranked magic. The reason was because they used the raging wind outside. Simply, the strength of magic wasn’t only affected by magic power, thus the best magic used was selected according to the condition and environment of the location. However, even though saying it was simple, it was difficult to actually do it. For Yue and Tio to be capable of doing it, it was indeed as expected of their competency.

Behind them, the three sandworms from before were still following. They had considerable speed as they advanced under the ground. Irritated by them, Hajime activated four-wheeler’s gimmick. Briiing! Such a sound came from back part of four-wheeler and one of its rear part opened. Several black, round objects rolled down from there.

The moment some met up with the sandworms pursuing the four-wheeler, they created huge explosions. The impact blew away the ground, and the sandworms advancing underground came out of the ground while scattering flesh and blood. Towards the sandworms, more black object, grenades, rolled and caused more explosions that blew away half of each of the sandworms. Their upper-bodies were blown off, fluttered mid-air, and disappeared inside the sandstorm.

“Uhya~, amazing. Hajime-san, just how many functions are installed in this four-wheeler?”

Shia asked Hajime while looking at sandworms that were flashily blown away from the back window. Hajime was wearing a mischievous smile.

“It is capable of transforming into human-shaped weapon, a gigantic golem.”


Although they wanted to say it was impossible, they knew Hajime could do it, thus not only Shia, Tio and Yue were also began to silently look around inside the vehicle. Smiling wryly, Hajime said, “It was a joke. As expected, I can’t make such function… I want to though.” However, Yue and the girls were convinced that Hajime would someday capable of creating that.

Afterwards, the composed Hajime’s party were also attacked by brown-colored, gigantic spider, and ant-like demonic beasts. However, all of them were crushed by four-wheeler’s armament and magic from Yue and Tio without accomplishing anything, not even halting the party’s advance.

Ignoring Shia who said, “I am useless here,” from the back seat, Hajime’s party easily broke through the gigantic sandstorm that had obstructed a lot of adventurers.

Buuahh! Hajime’s party came out of the sandstorm and arrived at a rocky mountain several times bigger than Ayers Rock. It was a silent place surrounded by the wall-like sandstorm where the blue sky could be seen up above — the eye of the storm.

The entrance into «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was at the top, so they continued to travel up on the slope using four-wheeler. The exposed rocky surface was reddish red in color, and steams gushed from here and there. Though it was an active volcano, the point where it never erupted was a Great Dungeon-like wonder.

Before long, the angle became more difficult for four-wheeler to advance, so Hajime’s party got out of the four wheeler and went towards the top of the mountain on foot.

“Uwau… i-it’s hot.”


“Indeed. … the heat is in a different scale compared to the heat of desert’s dry weather… Even without the time limit, it would be better to quickly conquer the dungeon, huh.”

“Hmm, though this one feels comfortable here… this one can’t wait… to feel so hot that this body would writhes in agony.”

“… I will drop you into the magma later.”

Attacked by the heat as soon as they got out of the four-wheeler, other than Tio, all of them made dissatisfied expressions. Due to them being in air-conditioned place before, they felt even hotter. As adventurers in another world and travelers, for them to have withdrawal symptom similar to shut-in was… just reaping what they sowed.

They didn’t have much time, so while complaining about the heat, they quickly went towards the mountain top, climbed the rocky place quickly as if they didn’t feel any weight. As a result, Hajime’s party reached the top of the mountain in less than one hour.

They arrived at the top, a complex place buried by rocks of various sizes. There were rocks with pointed surface and also those with slippery, smooth surface. It was just like an exhibition of strange objects. Also, they could feel the top of the sandstorm nearby.

There was an exceptionally huge rock, and a group of strange-shaped rocks. It was an arch-shaped rock with the length of ten meters.

Hajime’s party went there and found huge staircase that continued on into «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» under the arch-shaped rock. Hajime stood before the staircase and looked over his shoulder towards Yue, Shia, and Tio’s faces in order. With a confident expression, he said a word to challenge the Great Dungeon.

“Let’s do it!”




The inside of «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» was even more unexpected than «Orcus Great Dungeon» and «Raisen Great Dungeon».

Rather than the difficulty, it was the interior’s structure that was unexpected.

First, magma was flowing mid-air. Not flowing like the waterway in dem-ihuman country, Faea Belgaen, but the magma was in the mid-air and flowing like rivers. The streaming, scorching red magma in mid-air was just like huge, jumping dragons.

Thus, the magma flowing around the passage and broad space made not only the dungeon challenger be cautious about the magma on the ground, but also above them.


“Woops, are you okay?”

“Ha~, Hajime-san, thank you. It was impossible for me to perceive that… the magma would suddenly spout from the ground.”

Exactly what Shia said, the magmas abruptly spouted from all around the walls. It was really abrupt that it was difficult to perceive any prior sign of it. It was similar to that of a booby trap. Fortunately, Hajime has “Heat Perception.” Without it, their conquering speed would’ve fallen due to the need to be cautious.

Following that, the thing that made it truly difficult was the boiling heat — extreme heat. It was naturally hot due to magma streaming all around the passage and broad space which made the party feel like being inside a sauna, or to be more accurate, above a heated frying pan. The heat was the most troublesome thing about «Guryuu-en Great Volcano».

While sweating, Hajime’s party continued to advance while evading the drops of and the spouting magma. And in a certain broad space, they found the place has artificial cut all over the place. The place was worn down by cuts that seemed to come from something like a pickaxe, but there was a small, faint pink-colored crystal peeping from one part of the wall.

“Oh? That thing. Serene Stone… right?”

“Hmm, twas indeed that, Master.”

Hajime’s questioning-like words were confirmed by Tio whose knowledge was broad. Apparently, this seemed to be the place the adventurers, who passed through the sandstorm and entered «Guryuu-en Great Volcano», mined the stone.

“… So small.”

“The ones at others’ places were also in a size of small stones…”

Just as Yue said, the remaining Serene Stone was only almost as big as little finger. Though those could be taken out and carried, but the size was indeed too small. As expected, it was too inefficient to gather the ones on the surface, so it was necessary for them to go into the depth to be able to obtain a lot of it in a dash.

For now, Hajime used “Mineral Enquiry” to search around for Serene Stone. After he stored those that could be gathered easily, he urged Yue and the girls to move ahead, quickly.

While being disgusted by the heat, they descended into the seventh floor. It was the highest floor recorded to be reached by the adventurers. None of those who moved farther than this had come back alive. So, bracing themselves, Hajime’s party descended into the eighth floor.

At that moment,


When they felt fanned by a strong hot wind, a huge blazing flame came to attack Hajime’s party from right ahead of them. It advanced as it drew a spiral on the orange-colored wall.

“”Absolute Calamity.””

Yue’s magic activated against the blazing flame. A black, swirling orb appeared before Hajime’s party. It was a gravity magic. However, it was not used to crush the object on the ground.

The flame that could easily burn a person to ash was pulled by the sphere which was only 60 centimeters in diameter and disappeared without a trace. The flame swallowed by the sphere was actually nullified. The black, swirling sphere, the gravity magic called “Absolute Calamity,” was generating its own gravity, pulled those coming near it, and swallowed them into the inside of it, like a black hole.

When all of the blazing flame was swallowed by Yue’s swirling supergravity, the party could see the identity of their attacker.

It was a bull. It stood in the middle of the magna, and its whole body was also cladded in magma. It had two sharp curved horns on its head, and flame was coming out of its mouth from time to time. The heat-proofness of this demonic beast made Hajime instinctively wanted to retort on it.

Maybe because the Magma Bull was angry that its peculiar magic, the blazing flame attack, was easily nullified, sounds of thud! Thud! could be heard from its legs and it turned into a charging stance.

To the Magma Bull, the swirling supergravity Yue created immediately moved as if being pulled toward the Magma Bull. At that moment, Magma Bull also attacked using compressed flame. The laser-like, compressed attack from the Magma Bull carried several times the power of normal flame attack.

Even now, the Magma Bull was still charging head-on. However, Yue literally received and returned the fired attack.


The space vibrated accompanied by an explosive sound, and the Magma Bull that stood on the magma was blown away by the attack. Blown backward by the impact, the Magma Bull struck the wall. However, “GRAAAAH!!,” it only raised an angry shout and instantly stood up. This time, it began to once again charge with all of its might to repel the intruders.

“Hah… as expected, flame attack isn’t effective on it.”

“Well, it is cladded in magma… so it can’t be helped.”

Yue, who deflected the blazing flame shot back, raised a grunt. Laughing wryly, Hajime tried to take Donner, but Shia raised a hand.

“Hajime-san, please leave it to me!”

Although Hajime doubted Shia who already held Doryukken in her hands, she snorted in full spirit. His doubt turned into trust, and he expressed his acknowledgement with a wave of his hand. It was after he had guessed Shia wanted to test the new features installed in Doryukken when his magic eye saw Shia was supplying her magic power into Doryukken.

“Alright~! I am going to do it!,” Shia raised a yell, and after few light steps, she jumped towards the Magma Bull who had moved several meters towards the party.

Rotating once in the mid-air and riding on the momentum, she swung down Doryukken towards the Magma Bull on the ground with such a perfect timing. Her aiming wasn’t off, the Doryukken swung down directly hitting the Magma Bull’s head. At that moment, ripples of faint blue-colored magic power spread around the center of the place where it struck, followed by tremendous impact. The Magma Bull’s head popped, exploded.

Using the nailed down Doryukken as a fulcrum, Shia rotated again. She jumped over the sliding Magma Bull’s body and splendidly landed on the other side.

“O-Ohh Hajime-san, I, the person who used it, now know that this new feature generated an amazing amount of force.”

“Ah, looks like it… I’ve thought what kind of thing is this “Conversion : Impact,” but this is good…”

Not only Hajime, Yue and Tio immediately raised words of praise towards the blow that Shia did with considerable force. It was thanks to the peculiar magic Hajime said, “Conversion : Impact.”

This “Conversion : Impact” was a new peculiar magic Hajime acquired, a derivation from “Magic Power Conversion.” The effect was just as the words expressed, it converted magic power into impact.

It was the ability of the horshead Hajime instantly turned into minced meat several days ago in«Orcus Great Dungeon». He had actually collected the meat in secret, and when he recovered the stake, he ate it.

If it was an average demonic beasts, neither the stats nor Hajime’s the skill would increase, but he ate it since he thought it might have an effect because the horsehead was able to hold on against Kouki’s party along with the Kouki in limit break… But as he thought, his stats didn’t change at all; he only gained the horsehead’s peculiar magic.

Then, he used Creation magic to add “Conversion : Impact” to an ore and installed it into the newly built Doryukken.

Hajime watched the Magma Bull’s head blasted in interest, but he was urged by Yue to hurry.

Afterwards, the demonic beast variations increased as they descended the floors. There were bat-like demonic beasts that scattered magma from their wings, scorching red moray-like demonic beasts that jumped out from the wall it melted, hedgehog-like demonic beasts that shot out numerous needles of flame, chameleon-like demonic beasts that only produced its face from within the magma and attacked using its magma-covered tongues like a whip while swimming on the gravity-defying magma river overhead, and there were even blazing serpents…

It was indeed troublesome since the demonic beasts’ bodies were clad in magma or ablaze which nullified any half-assed magic, and some were using surprise attacks from the flowing magma rivers where they hid their body. The demonic beasts not only would try to inflict fatal wound by using body blow, a lot of them were also using the surrounding magma to attack; a situation where they have infinite weapon. Besides, they would run into the magma to ensure their safety.

It was indeed true that even if the adventurers were capable of breaking through the sandstorm, they wouldn’t be able to descend further than seventh floor and return. Moreover, even if the demonic beasts could be defeated, the size and quality of the magic stones were the same as the demonic beasts in forties floors of «Orcus Great Dungeon» and the existence of Serene Stone, a valuable mineral, didn’t affect the income much. So, it was understandable that no one want to challenge this dungeon.

Following that, the most troublesome thing was the heat gradually increasing.

“Haa, haa… it’s hot.”

“… Shia, you feel hot because you think it is. Those flowing thing is just water… See, it’s cool now, fufu.”

“Ah, Master! Yue is starting to break! The eyes hath became hollow!”

Other than Tio, Hajime’s party were downed by the strong heat. For now, he took out air-conditioning type of artifacts… but it just like sprinkling water over dry soil. Their sweat flowed like an unstoppable waterfall. Seeing Yue and Shia whose consciousness began to become hazy, Hajime thought it was necessary for them to take a little rest while he wiped off the sweat on his chin.

When they reached a broad space, Hajime used “Transmutation” on a wall away from the magma and created a tunnel. He urged Yue and the others inside, and shut the entrance to the limit so the heat from magma would not reach them directly. Furthermore, he used “Mineral Separation” and “Compressed Transmutation” to coat the surface of the room’s wall with solid material so they wouldn’t be attacked by any moray-like or magma spout.

“Fuu… Yue, please create a block of ice. We will rest here for a while. If not, it would not be odd if we make a fatal mistake later.”

“Nn… okay.”

Although her eyes were hollow, Yue conjured ice magic and a huge block of ice appeared in the middle of the room. Though Tio didn’t mind the heat, she made the wind blow with the block of ice as the core. Thanks to the wind created by Tio, the cold air from the block of ice instantly cooled down the room’s temperature.

“Whaa~~, it’s coool~, I can live on noww~.”

“… Hmmmm~.”

Collapsing in a girl’s sitting pose, Yue and Shia narrowed their eyes in delight. The birth of squishy-Yue and squishy-Shia.

While thinking the two were moe, Hajime took out towels from “Treasure Box” and handed them over to everyone.

“Yue, Shia, it is good that you’re enjoying yourselves, but wipe your sweat. Your movement will become duller if you get too cold.”

“… Nn~.”


With elongated words, Yue and Shia slowly took the towel. Seeing them, Tio spoke to Hajime.

“Master, doth not relaxed thy guard yet, okay?”

“You, too. This heat is indeed dangerous. I must create better air-conditioning type artifact…”

“Hmm, for it to be capable of defeating master… This is probably this Great Dungeon’s concept.”

Rather than defeat, hot is hot, and Tio, who also wiping her sweat with towel, made Hajime doubtful with what she said.


“Mhm. This one hath heard many things from Master, but there is the thing called trial, right? If this was to challenge the God… then, there should be various concepts it based on, or so this one thought. For example, the «Orcus Great Dungeon» that this one heard from Master hath a lot of demonic beasts, so various battle experiences would be gained as one advanced through. «Raisen Great Dungeon» nullified strong power called magic, polishing one’s flexibility against any kind of attacks. This «Guryuu-en Great Volcano» probably uses the heat to obstruct one’s concentration and how one would react against the surprise attacks under this situation, right?”

“… Indeed… I never thought of it because in the end, I only needed to conquer it… but the trials are used by the Liberators to “teach” us, huh.”

“I see,” Hajime nodded at Tio’s conjecture. She has deep knowledge even though she’s a complete *********, and the prudent Tio was normally could be thought as a beautiful, black-haired woman who exuded sensual and amorousness… so Hajime looked at her with a truly pitying gaze.

However, seeing Tio’s sweat flowing from the scruff of her neck disappearing into the valley of her bountiful breasts, Hajime averted his gaze. His gaze turned towards the clothes of Yue and Shia sticky from all the sweat. Noticing the disappearance and appearance of their bare skin, his gaze was pulled towards Yue.

Probably because she was wiping her sweat, a large amount of her skin was peeping from her pure-white dress. Her skin had a tinge of red due to heat. Her bare skin glossy from the sweat and her rougher-than-normal breathing was truly erotic.

Unconsciously, Hajime even forgot to look away and continued watching her, but his gaze suddenly met Yue’s raised gaze. Having forgotten the situation due to being charmed… and getting somewhat aroused, Hajime tried to look away in guilt.

However, just before he looked away, Yue who caught Hajime’s gaze revealed a bewitching smile. With the still disarrayed clothes, arching her back like a cat, she slowly got down to all fours and approached Hajime. Her hazy eyes that wouldn’t let Hajime’s gaze escape, flushing cheeks because of heat, and showing a tint of breasts every time she moved…

Yue, who immediately approached Hajime in all fours, sat on Hajime’s cross-legged legs, sending him an upward gaze, and with a spoiled, sweet tone…

“… Hajime, wipe me?”

Hajime unconsciously received the towel from her, and his gaze remained fixed on Yue’s eyes. In his mind, “Ah, crap. I can’t win against Yue in this situation,” he thought with a wry smile. Quietly, he tried to glide his hand on the scruff of Yue’s neck… but was stopped by Shia’s protest.

“Y-O-U T-W-O! Please mind the time, place, and occasion a little! We are in a hurry and this is a Great Dungeon! Geez! Seriously, geez!”

“No, well, umm. It’s not like I could help it, right? Yue is too erotic. So, I couldn’t ignore her.”

“… Hajime who was quietly staring was cute.”

“Can’t you two at least reflect a little? To begin with, why didn’t Hajime-san look at me? Even though I was right beside Yue-san and in such condition, too… Gosh, my confident plummeted~. Hey, Tio-san should say something, too.”

“Well, the two art infatuated with each other. So methinks it can’t be helped, right? This one also wants Master to abuse one without minding the place… however, well, Master reacted a little to this one’s breasts~. This one will be satisfied with just that this time. Kufufu.”

It was the usual perverted remarks of Tio. However, Hajime was found out that he felt the sweat that flowed into Tio’s breasts made her looked sexy. Hearing that, “I am not even looked at!,” Shia was angry. Shia forgot about the TPO (time, place, and occasion) she said a little while ago and began to strip before Hajime. Then, this one will strip too, but Hajime fired rubber bullets to silence them because it would turn bothersome otherwise.

Hajime continued to wipe off Yue’s sweat before the writhing Shia whose breasts was completely bare and the writhing Tio with her disgusting smile. Hajime sighed while secretly relieved that Kaori wasn’t there.