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[Arc 1] Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – The might of a king


Panting echoed through out a small valley.

“Come on brat, put your back into it.”

This small valley was actually a special training area reserved for Chu Shen by his father. The Chu Sect branch family was part of a small town by the edge of the wilderness. Because of this it was relatively simple to take over an entire valley, after all they were surrounded by mountains and had numerous valleys around them.

Right now Chu Shen was practicing inside the valley. He was bare-chested with sweat dripping down him. When his master had asked which technique he wanted to train in he naturally said <Void King>. The reason behind this was quite simple.

The body is the foundation of cultivation. By having a strong body you will naturally be able to handle large amounts of Qi that could kill someone who did not have a strong body.

Absorbing massive amounts of Qi would naturally increase his cultivation by a large amount but having a strong body was necessary. By practicing the technique he could gain an extremely strong body in a short amount of time.

The unfortunate thing was that practicing this technique required a great deal of effort to be put into it. Because of the void Qi penetrating his body and strengthening his body he could progress faster and farther than with any other method.

Chu Shen was in the breaking process. Right now he had a pair of 100 pound rocks. He had them attached to a leather harness and was running with them trailing behind him.

He had been running with them for almost an hour. He was exhausted beyond measure but kept trying to reach his breaking point. The worst part of it was that Chu Shen was forbidden to use Qi and had to use his physical body to pull the stones.

He had never trained this hard before. The reason for that was that Chu Shen simply did not have any motivation to reach a higher realm.

Up until now the only thing that had driven him to practice was the allure of power and curiosity of what standing at the peak of cultivation, or as close as he could get, felt like.

Now he had a motivation and it was a strong one. Chu Shen only had his father in this world. Now that he knew he had a mother he would naturally care for her as strongly as he did his father.


Chu Shen fell face down on the ground. He couldn’t move at all, he couldn’t even feel his limbs. His entire body was like a limp noodle. Ti Wu looked at him and nodded in appreciation.

Not many people would work to the point of exhaustion like this. “Okay brat, this is the important step. You know the proper circulation of Qi to practice the technique. Go ahead and use it.”

Still panting on the floor Chu Shen started circulating the Qi in his body. A feeling akin to a hammer repeatedly hitting him overcame Chu Shens exhausted body.

It was so painful that Chu Shen almost passed out. As Chu Shen went to stop the circulation the image of his mom passed by his minds eye. Immediately he did not only stop but actually accelerated the pace of the Qi.

Unknown to Chu Shen as the Qi started circulating through his body it would infiltrate his body in massive bursts. Because it was only the first stage of the technique it only penetrated his skin. As it hit his skin it caused him great suffering but at the same time strengthened his skin beyond belief.

A level 8 Man practitioner’s skin was harder than a non-cultivators skin by a dozen times, becoming as tough as a bulls skin. Now Chu Shens skin was becoming as strong as stone!

As the Qi penetrated his skin it overflowed into his muscles making his strength soar. A level 5 Man cultivator had the strength of 100 pounds while a level 8 cultivator had the strength of 200 pounds. Chu Shens original strength at level 8 was actually at 250 pounds of strength.

With the help of the technique it increased his strength directly to 350 pounds of strength! This was the equivalent of a Level 10 Man cultivator! Now his skin could deflect mortal weapons, actually becoming on par with a level 1 Tiger stage cultivator!

If the news that the first stage of a body cultivation technique caused a level 8 Man cultivator to gain 100 pounds of strength broke out it would shock the entire continent. Usually those who practiced body cultivation techniques were the people who had reached the end of their martial path.

The reason for this was that a body cultivation technique was not very effective until you reached the latter stages of the technique. Only then would you see effects like gaining 500 pounds of strength. Typically body cultivation techniques were very demanding and painful. Truly only those who were desperate would go through the entire cultivation method to simply gain some strength.

The <Void King> technique was different. It had over 5 stages and on the very first practice of the technique directly increased his strength by over 100 pounds. And the muscles weren’t even the target of the practice this time either! Not to mention that this was the first volume too.

It wasn’t as unique as to be declared unrivaled among the heavens though. Many sects and families were known to have very good body cultivation methods but these techniques were treasured amongst these factions. What was truly shocking though was that someone who was not apart of these factions had a technique that actually surpassed theirs in some ways.

Ti Wu merely stared at his disciple. Chu Shens face was turning red from the pain that he kept bottled inside him. As Ti Wu studied Chu Shen he realized that he had almost recovered from the long run he had done.

If Chu Shen kept circulating the technique while his body was not at its limits it would not be absorbed. It was like making a fat man go on a diet and then letting them eat at a buffet. At first the fat man would devour everything in sight but eventually he would slow down and become full.

Even if the fat man kept eating after he was full it would not make him less hungry but could actually harm him.

As Ti Wu came to this realization he stepped in to stop Chu Shen.

“Alright brat, that’s enough. Anymore and you might just explode.”
Chu Shen faintly heard his master and finally stopped.

Huff Huff

He merely laid on the ground for a moment breathing heavily from exhaustion. Then he slowly stood up. He sat down with his back against the rock wall in order to calm his breathing and pulse.

Clatter Clatter

Sometime later when the sun had reached its zenith he heard stones falling down the valley. Looking up he saw Chu Lan.

“Junior brother Shen, are you working today?” Chu Lan called out into the valley when he saw Chu Shen.

Stunned Chu Shen realized that he had forgotten about his forging duties, such was his drive to get stronger. Hurriedly he called back to Chu Lan.

“Yes Senior brother Lan. Tell Master Lang that I will be there within a few minutes.”

“Alright Junior brother. Hurry up though, the Lin sect wants some more tools for their competition.”


With that done Chu Lan ran back up the valley while Chu Shen slowly got up and followed him.


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[Arc 1] Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Successor

Chu Shen was curious now. “Master, why can’t I use these techniques?”

“How foolish of me. You see, you are the third person who has come to the sect with a void constitution. The first person was the founder who died before my time and the patriarch. Now you will inherit the techniques the founder left.”

“These techniques are specifically left for void constitutions and are also the strongest techniques available.”

As his master talked he led Chu Shen to the other side of the library. There were three doors there though the one on the right was padlocked.

“These doors lead to different sections of the library. The one on the left takes you to the outer disciples library. The one on the right takes you to the Core disciple’s library. Until you pass the test you cannot go into that room. The middle room is one only you can go through.”

“Go into it and see if there are any good things left by the previous patriarchs.”

“Yes master.”

Obeying his master, Chu Shen opened the door to the middle room. As he did, he felt a surge of energy pulse through his body. Suddenly a room appeared on the other side of the door.

Inside was simply three jade slips. Going in he looked at each of them. <Voids Child> (A cultivation technique that lets null Qi gather at an extremely fast speed.)

He looked at the other two. They were both defense techniques called respectively <Cancellation Armor> and <Universe Shield>. The armor was formed from null Qi and enhanced its cancellation effects. With it so long as the enemy was not of a significantly higher cultivation level it would cancel their Qi and in cases of them being of the same strength even assimilate their Qi.

<Universe Shield> worked on the same principle but with a shield that could be manipulated through the air instead of armor that could be worn. It had the advantage of being able to block attacks at long range.

These were extremely powerful techniques that could exponentially increase a cultivators strength. The other techniques in the library were powerful and could create massive waves outside of the library.

It was different however for these techniques simply because of the requirement. These ones required you to have a special constitution. This was not something you could steal but rather depended upon your luck. With this requirement only Chu Shen was suitable for these techniques.

Grabbing all three jade slips he started to walk out of the room. Bonk

Stumbling backwards he stared at the doorway in confusion. Ripples of an unfathomable black energy covered the doorway, blocking him in.

Panicking slightly he called out. “Master, master! Something’s wrong with the door!”

Ti Wu startled after hearing his disciples panicked voice. Looking up from the jade slips he was studying he immediately ran over to the door his disciple was in.

The door was wide open but he couldn’t see inside. A black barrier covered the doorway. Pounding sounds came from the inside of the doorway.

“Brat, the library would never block you unless you did something wrong. Tell me! What did you do!”

In a panicky tone Chu Shen immediately replied back. “I didn’t do anything wrong master! I came in and picked up the jade slips like you said and when I went to go back to you the library wouldn’t let met out!”

Ti Wu stared, flabbergasted at Chu Shen. Suddenly he started laughing uproariously. “Ahahahaha”


Chills ran down Chu Shens back. The only time Ti Wu had laughed was when he had punished him or when he did something stupid.

Finally Ti Wu stopped laughing. Pulling himself together he started explaining to Chu Shen his basic mistake.

“Chu Shen, you do realize that these techniques are forbidden to be shared with outsiders right?”

“Yes master, anyone would know that.”

“I will tell you something. The library stores all your memories of practicing any of the techniques in here. If you try and share it with anyone else you won’t remember how.”

“The patriarchs techniques are forbidden for anyone to learn unless they are the patriarchs successor. That is the reason why you cant get out of the library room, you have the forbidden techniques which you cant take out of the room.”

“Oh.” Chu Shen said slightly embarrassed

“Set down the jade slips and come out here.” Chu Shen put down the slips on the table and cautiously walked towards the door. The black energy barrier had disappeared once the jade slips had been set down.

He cautiously walked forward towards the doorway. Nothing happened. Chu Shen kept walking forward into the library and stopped next to his master.

“Since you have already picked out some techniques I will show you how to assimilate the techniques knowledge with you.”

“Now first you grab the technique, close your eyes, and hold it up to your forehead.”

Chu Shen waited for a couple seconds. After realizing his master wasn’t going to elaborate he grabbed one of the techniques he picked.

Holding it up to his forehead he waited for something to happen. Suddenly images and words started flashing past his closed eyes. After it was done he gasped in shock.

Searching his memory he realized that he could recall all the different steps of .

“Okay brat, now that you know what to do go ahead and assimilate all the jade slips you chose tomorrow we will train.”

Chu Shen started assimilating all the different techniques. Soon he had assimilated them all. Going into the forbidden room he assimilated those as well.

“Master I am done.”

“Good, now I will take you out of the library. Get a good nights sleep, you will have a long day tomorrow.”

The world dissolved into blackness.

Chu Shen opened his eyes. He was back in his room. Sighing he closed his eyes and went to sleep.


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[Arc 1] Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Martial Arts

Chu Shen waited anxiously for it to be night time. At first he merely paced around the room for a while. Next he started listing forging materials and how to forge them.

Finally Chu Shen sat down and cultivated. For the next two hours he merely sat in a corner of the room meditating. Ti Wu on the other hand was extremely busy.

Inside the Voids Hand he was going through different Jade slips in his mental library. Even Ti Wu had no physical jade slip and had to use the mental library.

“This one might be good for him. No, no, doesn’t suit him. It’s been so long since I have gone through these low level techniques that I’ve forgotten most of them.”

He browsed the shelves picking up slips randomly and would either put it back or place it on one of the tables. On the tables was about twenty different techniques.

“Why did this brat pick a hammer for a weapon? There’s so few people that use a weapon like that there is only a couple suitable attack techniques.” Ti Wu complained out loud.

Shaking his head with a bitter expression on his face he sighed. “I want a disciple who will shake the world. So what if his weapon is unique, it just means no one else will be prepared for it.”

Looking up at the ceiling of the library he stared into space for a moment, thinking over bygones of the past. Shaking his head he focused again on choosing a good cultivation technique and martial skill for his disciple.

Chu Shen opened his eyes. Honestly cultivating in his families ‘broken techniques’, as his teacher put it, felt like a waste of time. He knew that only by using his teacher’s techniques would he be able to enhance his strength quickly.

He looked out at the sky and saw it was dark. Excited he waited for Ti Wu to say something but nothing happened. After waiting for another ten minutes before becoming impatient.

Gritting his teeth and praying for forgiveness he contacted his teacher. ‘Teacher, its bedtime. Will you come teach me now?’

Ti Wu startled when he heard his disciples voice. ‘Bedtime already? All right. Now lay on the bed, we will begin soon.’

The real reason Ti Wu had waited until Chu Shen would go to bed was so that when he fell unconscious this time, the boys dad wouldn’t worry.

Doing as his teacher said, Chu Shen sat down on the bed. Laying back and closing his eyes he waited for a couple seconds.

Suddenly he was once again in the soul cave. Except now there was a door in the side of the cave. Curious he went up to it. Inside was a room filled with jade slips. There were two tables in the very middle of the library.

Ti Wu was looking at one of the jade slips while sitting at the table. Beside him were four piles of jade slips.

“Master, shall I learn some martial arts in here?”

“Yes. Sit down. Now, do you know the different types of martial art techniques?” Following his masters instructions he sat down.

“Yes master. There is cultivation techniques that help you absorb Qi, attack techniques that allow you to use Qi to attack, defense techniques that allow Qi to form shields, and movement techniques that help you move faster or more agile.”

“Good, good. You know the fundamentals of martial art techniques. Now, these four piles are separated into the four types of techniques. Browse through a couple and choose them. Tomorrow you will start training in the different techniques you choose.”

“Yes master.” Immediately he picked up the jade slips and started browsing.

<Celestial Being> (After cultivating this body refining technique you will have a body comparable to celestial bodies). The technique was a body cultivation technique. It sounded nice but he didn’t want to choose one after looking at just one. Picking up another he kept reading. Surprisingly enough he realized that all the jade slips in the cultivation technique pile contained body refining techniques.

Finally he chose one. <Void King> (Cultivating this to the peak you can shatter the very void with a wave of your hand. All things in the void will be beneath you). Even the very description was arrogant and overbearing.

Setting it off to the side he started looking in a different pile. This one was filled with movement techniques. After looking through it he finally decided on one.

<Comet Travels Though> (At the peak you will be able to travel across the entire planet in a day.)

Ti Wu had been watching him the entire time, when he started to move onto the next pile he snorted. Freezing Chu Shen looked up at him with fearful eyes.

“Pick another one.”

“Master? “ Chu Shen had a questioning tone. He didn’t understand, couldn’t he only choose one?

“Pick another movement technique. While the one you chose can help you reach the pinnacle of speed it is only in a straight line. Choose an agility technique so you can use it in battle.”

Nodding Chu Shen immediately picked up another technique. This one had caught his eye earlier. He had debated with himself over choosing<Comet Travels Through> , or <The Stars Dance>. (Using the power of the cosmos you can become incurably quick and agile like the stars dancing in the heavens).

Next he moved onto attack techniques. The first technique shocked him quite a bit.<Stellar Flame> (Burn the universe to nothing. Incinerate your enemies and let nothing stand). Such arrogance and boldness was uncommon. It was an extremely ruthless technique to follow. Even a simple touch of the flame would cause you body and soul to be burnt to nothing.

Most of the other techniques were what he was used to. One techniques appealed to him the most. One was called <Song of The Universe> ( Using the vibrations of the cosmos you can penetrate any defense and attack at range). It was a semi-ranged technique that was quite suitable for his hammers crushing blows. It wasn’t a direct move but rather amplified his original attacks.

Finally he looked at the defense technique but suddenly Ti Wu exclaimed out loud.

“Ah, what am I doing? You can’t use those defense techniques!”


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[Arc 1] Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – The Goal

“Father. Who took my mother, tell me!” Chu Shen pleaded with his father.

“I will not tell you until you unless you can reach the Earth Stage” Chu Bai was extremely firm on this point. Normally Chu Shen’s begging would have dissuaded him but this matter was far too important for him to give up on.

“But why father, I must know.” Chu Shen truly did not understand. Anyone would wish to know who had captured their family, even if they could not do anything about it.

“I know son. I will only tell you once you get strong enough, otherwise even investigating them can get you killed.”

“Father I….”

“NO. I know you are set on rescuing your mother and so am I. However you are the only descendant I have. You must survive to carry on our family legacy. Grow strong so that you may carry yourself with a straight back.”

Chu Shen stared at his father. It was the first time he had ever been yelled at by his father.

All he had ever know about his mother was that two years after he was born she had gone to visit her family in the main sect. She had gone missing on the journey there.

Grief was rending his heart in two. The only thing that kept him going was the fact that his mother was alive. A passion lit inside him unlike anything he had before.

His father had said that only when his strength was sufficient could he help save his mother. If that was the case than he would become strong!

He would turn the world upside down to help his family, even if it was the imperial family that had captured his mother he would slaughter all four of their generations.

Ti Wu was actually pleased with these events. He could tell before that Chu Shen really wanted to become strong out of curiosity and a sense of wanting to make his father proud. Now though there was a burning desire to be strong.

This desire would make Chu Shen try his hardest at cultivating, no matter what it took.

Truly only a person who was courageous was able to walk on the path to cultivation. Someone who feared for their life would not ever be able to travel far.

“Father. Since I can only become stronger then give me five years. Give me five years to become strong enough to go with you.”

There was the very beginnings of a killing intent present in Chu Shens aura now.

“Truly you have great ambition son and while I am anxious to go save your mother I don’t want it to be at the cost of your life.”

“Don’t take unnecessary risks. At most take ten years, that will be enough time.” Chu Bai faintly admonished Chu Shen

“Yes father. I will try me best to keep myself safe.”

“Good, good. Now that I have your promise I can tell you this. Since you are able to cultivate to the Emperor Realm, then I can send you the main sect.”

“There you will learn different martial arts and become a great cultivator.”

“It is imperative that you go because of the resources they have there. By going to the main sect you can increase your strength as fast as possible but be careful. It not unheard of that disciples die during their trails.”

“Don’t worry father. When will I go?”

“In a week the main sect will have some trials to become disciples. If you go you will definitely enter.”

“How can you say that dad, there are undoubtedly others who are much stronger than me.”

“Yes but they all had wealthy families or came from a more prominent sect. “

“The average cultivation level of the people who go there is man stage 8. Not to mention that the people are usually around 16.”

“Thank you dad. May I be by myself? I’m still pretty exhausted.” Now that they had finally properly discussed the matter of his mom, he needed to talk to Ti Wu.

“Okay son. Rest properly, I’ll check up on you later.” With that Chu Bai left.

Immediately after he left Ti Wu appeared in front of him, just like in the spirit realm. He could be heard like a normal person instead of inside his head.

“Okay brat we can talk now.”

“Master, I know you heard all that. Will you be able to help me reach my goal.”

“Of course. Your five year goal will be hard but with the proper resources you can reach the pinnacle soon.”

“So do you agree with going to the main sect?”

“Yes I do. If your sect can send an nature stage cultivator to watch over a minor branch sect than the main sect is undoubtedly strong.”

“Yes master. Master, I wished to know if you will transfer to me the hammer and the martial techniques that you have picked for me.”

“Tonight brat, tonight. When you go to bed I will take you to the soul realm library and choose a cultivation technique for you.”


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[Arc 1] Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Explanations (2)

A sleeping boy laid on his bed while two men looked down on him. The one right in front of his bed had an incomparably noble air about him The other had soot over his clothes.

The man with the noble air stared down at the boy. “How did this happen to my son.” He said coldly. This man was obviously Chu Bai, the elder of the Chu branch sect!

If Chu Shen was awake he would instantly recognize the other person. It was actually Master Lang! He was looking at Chu Shen with a worried expression but did not seem concerned about the killing intent that was directed towards him.

“Elder Bai, I don’t know. I went back to see why Chu Shen was not bringing in any of the orders and saw him collapsed on the floor. After that I called you and the doctor. You naturally know the rest of what happened.”

Chu Bai just stared silently at Chu Shen. After a long pause he spoke up. “If my son is permanently harmed you will pay for it. Luckily for you this will probably not happen.”

Master Lang sighed. “You know I would do anything for you brother. We have gone through many things together, I would not harm your son. You have suffered enough.” Chu Bai stayed silent as he kept his back to him.

Hesitating for a second he spoke up. “Brother, what is the exact condition of Chu Shen.”

Sighing Chu Bai looked away from his son and instead at Master Lang. “If it were anyone else I would not let them ask about my son’s condition. However, you are his master and my sworn brother so I will tell you. He is suffering from Qi exhaustion and blood essence loss, though only a small portion of blood essence was lost.”

Master Lang frowned. “Blood essence and Qi exhaustion. Those are the two signs of bonding a treasure beyond their level.” Looking up sharply at Chu Bai he waited anxiously for his response.

He nodded. “That is also my conclusion. Do you see now why I would let no one else know of his condition.”

Master Lang nodded his head. “Of  course brother.”

“Good, you are dismissed.” Chu Bai stayed at Chu Shens side while Master Lang left.

He stayed at Chu Shens side for an hour before he heard Chu Shen stirring.

Chu Shen opened his eyes. He was back in his bedroom. Looking around he saw his dad looking at him with a serious expression on his face. “Hello father, what happened?”

“You don’t know do you son? Ahhh. It is only natural after all you are still a kid. Tell me my son, did you drip blood on a tool of some sort at the shop.”

Chu Shen was naturally stunned. Truly he was worthy of being an elder in that he was immediately able to recognize the signs of binding a treasure.

“Father, this….” Chu Shen was hesitating. The last thing he wanted to do was to lie to his father. However his new master had told him not to say anything about him.

This put him in quite the predicament. He wasn’t sure what to say, either he offended his father who he loved greatly, or he offended his master who could help him reach the pinnacle of martial arts.

Suddenly a voice sounded in his head.

‘Brat, you can’t keep your training a secret from your father. I truly did not expect someone of the nature stage to be here, much less that you be related to them.’

Taking a gamble he thought to Ti Wu. ‘Teacher, what should I tell him then?’

‘Tell your father that you met an expert who came to the forge. He became interested in your constitution and gave you a necklace and a cultivation method. He oversaw you bind the necklace with blood upon which you fainted and afterwards you woke up here.’

‘But Master, I don’t have a necklace. Where would I get one if he asks to see it?’

‘Brat! You think I don’t know what I’m doing! Obviously the voids hand can be used as a spatial device. Contained in it is a lot of great artifact’s and one of them is a necklace. I will let you use it since it has a good effect on cultivation speed.”

Now that the issue had been settled, he told his father about how a mysterious master gave him a cultivation technique and a necklace that boosts training speed.

After hearing his explanation his father simply stared at him. Chu Shen was a little nervous but waited patiently. “Son. What kind of technique is it?”

“The master said I am the only one that can use it because of my bodies constitution. He said that my constitution is extremely rare but it is also a good thing.”

Chu Bai then asked the question that weighed heavily on his mind. “With this technique, how far can you breakthrough?”

Respectfully Chu Shan replied “All I know is that with this technique, I can breakthrough past the Emperor stage.”

Chu Bai was at first hesitant to believe this. After all, the Emeror stage required the meridians to be unblocked, but now his son who had no meridians said he could reach that stage.

His father started crying. Startled Chu Shen stared at his father with some hesitation in his heart. It was the first time he’d ever seen his father cry. Even when his mother was lost he did not cry, instead he just became angry.

“Thank the heavens, thank the heavens. My son can finally reach the pinnacle of cultivation. Ah son. You may not know this but your mother was not killed but captured. I have waited so long to search for her but could not, I had to protect you. If I had tried to rescue your mother then I would have put you at risk. I couldn’t do that so I have suffered in silence all this time.”

“Son. If you can truly reach the Emperor stage then you will be able to protect yourself. With that I can be at peace when I go to rescue your mother. If you ever encounter that master again tell him he may request anything of me and I will do it in an instant!”

Ti Wu heard this inside his gauntlet and nodded in appreciation. Obviously this man knew how to appreciate kindness. Chu Shen was lucky to have such a good father.


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[Arc 1] Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Explanations (1)

Chu Shen stared at Ti Wu in rapt attention. To be honest, there were two reasons why he had accepted Ti Wu as his master. The first was obvious, by following him Chu Shen would be able to break into the Emperor stage.

Only his father and the patriarch were at that level. They only knew about the higher realms because of their family’s ancestors. The Chu Sect was only a branch sect.

Even the main sect had only one Cosmos level cultivator and they were widely regarded as one of the three strongest sects in the Ji Empire.

However the second reason was even more important to Chu Shen than breaking into the higher realms. What he wanted to know was why his Qi was different than anyone else’s.

One must realize that he is still a twelve-year-old kid, curiosity about what made him different was the real driving force behind his choice. Maybe once he matured would Chu Shen realize how this would impact him.

Ti Wu looked at Chu Shen humorously for a moment before clearing his voice. A serious expression came over his face as he began speaking.

“The kind of Qi you have is called null Qi. This kind of Qi is actually a spacial attribute Qi. It’s a special Qi that rarely appears in the natural world but it conquers everything around it.”

“My sect called it null Qi because it nullifies every other type of Qi. The only kind it does not nullify is heavens Qi because it doesn’t come from this plane of existence and Qi that is inside someone’s body.”

Chu Shen nodded his head. There was something’s he didn’t quite get like spacial attribute but he could get most of it. After all since before he had started practicing martial Chu Shen had studied under his father.

He’d learned the basics of cultivation but the advanced theories and other stuff, as Chu Shen thought of it, wasn’t important. After all before this there was no hope of cultivating.

There was one thing that was troubling him. “Master, you said earlier I had a void constitution. What is that exactly?”

His masters face changed from a serious look to a contemplative one. Looking at him Ti Wu remembered something. His disciple was still a kid!

‘How much does he know about martial arts, it can’t be much. He probably knows the basics but he is quite talented for such an out of the way sect. With his constitution and still making it to the eighth level of the man stage he could actually be considered a cultivation genius!’

‘However his life experience was still lacking though he is a fast learner, as evidenced by the trial.’ With this in mind he looked at Chu Shen with new eyes.

Normally only 16-18 year olds would take the test but at 12 years old he was already an inner disciple. Even within his sect this was considered good. Of course, they never would have accepted someone of such low cultivation though the void constitution he had was an exception.

‘Its best to not let him get to arrogant though, having a big head is never good.’ Chu Shen was starting to get nervous. His master was just staring at him after he had asked what he thought was a basic question. ‘Hopefully he doesn’t decide to punish me.’

“What do you know exactly about constitutions”. This sudden question startled the nervous Chu Shen.

“What master?”

He rolled his eyes. “I asked brat what you know about constitutions.”

Chu Shen was delighted. With his condition it was labeled as a broken constitution. Because of this Chu Shen was often lectured on all the different constitutions by his father.

“Yes master. A constitution is when your born different than everyone else. It might be that you’re meridians are weird like mine or you have inborn strength like me as well. It could also be that the body has a special affinity with an element.”

Ti Wu nodded. “Its sufficient though basic. You actually don’t have inborn strength. It’s a side affect of your constitution. A void constitution is when you have an affinity with space or rather the void of space.”

“The void of space contains all the different types of Qi. The void is where everything originated from and also where everything goes in the end. Because of your affinity with the void whenever you cultivate your body turns the Qi into null Qi.”

“Your body also absorbs the energy of the void when you sleep. That’s why your body is so strong. As the harsh energies of the void penetrate your muscles and bones they strengthen them. That’s the reason why you are so strong.”

“As for you lacking meridians, its actually not true. The void is nothing and everything. It is not detectable to anyone besides someone who uses void Qi.”

“When your body absorbed the Qi of the void it stored it inside your meridians. Because of the void Qi no one could sense your meridians, hence the reason why you were said to have no meridians.”

A light lit up in Chu Shens eyes. ‘So it wasn’t because of my body lacking meridians but rather my body absorbing an undetectable Qi and storing it in my meridians.’

“Is there anything else brat? I think you’ve been passed out long enough.”

“What? What do you mean passed out master?”

“I mean when I took you into your soul realm you’re consciousness left you’re body.” Seeing his panicked look he started to reassure him. “Don’t worry. At most it’s been an hour.”

“Master I need to go back to the real world. Let me get out of my soul realm. Can’t you come back when I go to bed or something?” Chu Shen begged his master.

“Brat, you truly don’t appreciate the heavens. Your void constitution is something anyone in my sect would have killed for. Almost half their cultivation was spent converting their Qi into null Qi but here you are able to do it with even trash techniques. Ah, the heavens are truly blind.”

Chu Shen was getting desperate. “Master that is not the point. Of course I appreciate my fortune but my father may get worried if I am gone too long. I need to wake up so he doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Fine brat. Don’t tell anyone about me until we can talk later.” Waving his hand the world dissolved around him into darkness.


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[Arc 1] Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Failure

“Hahaha. I truly did pick a good disciple.”

“Its not like you had a choice master, I was the only one.”

“Did you say something brat? If so I can start the array like you are.” As he said that Chu Shen had a horrified expression over his face.

“No master! This disciple was merely commenting on how grateful he was for you picking him. It truly was a fortuitous event.” Chu Shen panicked slightly.

“Good. An unyielding tree will be snapped, only the supple reed will survive the storm. Let that be your first advice from you master.”

“Thank you master.” Thankfully his master did not pursue this matter. He shuddered at the ‘testing’ his master would make him go through if TI Wu had.

“You will probably die on this next one. Can’t wait to see it.” Ti Wu rubbed his hands in glee.

Chu Shen almost spit up blood. He was the son of an esteemed elder and a genius! People might look at him with pity but never had they hoped he’d be in pain.

Snapping his fingers, Ti Wu healed Chu Shen. Letting him get in position, Ti Wu started the array.

A shadow with a saber appeared. This one had no armor except a leather breastplate. Chu Shen kept his distance as he thought about the saber. His master had said that a saber was exceptionally good at attack but average on defense.

The reason for this was because it only had a single edge and was curved. The curve made it hard to defend against but at the same time it couldn’t parry enemy attacks as well.

Its downsides, however, would be nullified in the hands of an expert.

‘I have to end this quickly, if the shadow is as good as I expect, I can’t let it gain any momentum. I must strike now.’ As all these thoughts ran through his mind, Chu Shen took up an offensive stance.

Running towards the shadow he paused just out of its range. The shadow became a blur as it ran towards him. Jumping to the side the blade just barely missed him.

Swinging his hammer Chu Shen hoped that the shadow had over exerted itself. The hammer barely missed the shadow as it followed the momentum of its swing.

It didn’t stop the blade as it missed him but rather went with it, making the blade go even faster! It was going significantly faster but again Chu Shen dodged it. Again it spun around, building up speed.

Chu Shen repeated this cycle a few times, dodging it only for it go faster and faster. Sweat was dripping down his forehead as it kept getting harder and harder for him to dodge.

The shadow was now like a cyclone making an impenetrable storm of blades. It even sucked in the air, making a slight draft, which just enhanced the image of a cyclone. Getting desperate he shot his crossbow at the cyclone.

Impossibly a saber flashed out and deflected the arrow! Chu Shen was floored. What skill is needed to move that fast while being that accurate. It didn’t even look like the shadow was dizzy.

He couldn’t keep track of the shadows blade any longer. The cyclone suddenly appeared in front of him. A burning pain was suddenly present all over his body.

Falling to the ground he realized that the shadow had sliced him with its saber dozens of times in a matter of seconds.

Ti Wu sighed. As expected, becoming a core disciple on the first test was out of reach for Chu Shen. Waving his hand the shadow dissipated and they were back in Chu Shen’s soul cavern.

Seeing the downtrodden expression on Chu Shen’s face his heart sank. If he lost his confidence then Chu Shen could encounter many serious problems later on.

“Kid, don’t let this defeat effect your soul.” Ti Wu said seriously.

“Yes master” Chu Shen still had a defeated look on his face.

“I’m serious brat. If you let this affect you it could do incomparable damage to your future cultivation. Let me ask you this, do you focus your martial arts training on fighting.”

Startled, Chu Shen shook his head no.

“That explains it. Have you ever fought a life or death battle?”

“No master.”

“Hmm. How many battles in total have you fought brat.”

“Only two master.”

“What!” Ti Wu was shocked at his answer. Chu Shen had showed good judgment in the battles, even if he had forgotten to use all his weapons and didn’t know how to fully bring out the potential of his hammer.

“So little experience yet you could reach the trial for core disciples.” Ti Wu grumbled under his breath.

Speaking up he called out to Chu Shen. “Once you can train more in the ways of combat you can come and take the test again. However, the key to success does not lie in getting to a better cultivation stage. The shadows strengths will adapt to match your own.”

“Do you know why I made you take this test?”
Chu Shen tentatively spoke up. “Because you were mad and wanted to punish me?”

“No! It was because of the sect’s rules. For some reason the founder of the Void sect decided that the Voids Hand would contain all the martial arts and cultivation methods of the sect. Only by taking a trial will you be able to learn these things.”

“Once you pass the test the Voids Hand will imprint on you a library with all these techniques. Only a core disciple has access to the most powerful techniques and can browse at will any of them.”

“You can only practice martial arts that are available to inner disciples. I will show you how to access the library and pick a suitable technique for you. Before that though, I’m going to explain some things about your Qi.”


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[Arc 1] Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Pillars Warriors (2)


Yet another pit was smashed into the floor of the arena by the hammer wielding Chu Shen. Blood streamed off of him as the shadow warrior danced away from the weakening Chu Shen.


The dagger once again sliced into his leg. “ARRRGH.” Using the handle like a club he brought it brutally upwards smashing into the shadows head.


Chu Shen was breathing heavily after that intense fight. It turns out that while having a hammer so big gave a reach advantage, the hammer was also leaving him wide open.

Unless he was faster than the opponent, they would have many chances to cut him.

“Master give me a moment. I might have to change my weapons.” Chu Shen looked a little sheepishly at his hammer.

“In the middle of a test!” Ti Wu looked incredulously at him.

“I chose wrongly. I don’t believe a hammer this big is my style. Could you give me a hammer about half this size?”

“ARGHHH. I swear, you’ll be the death of me. Making me work so hard.” Ti Wu had a right to complain. Just when Ti Wu had planned out what to teach him, this brat decided to change his style!

“Here, is this good?” A hammer about half the size of the one Chu Shen had appeared on the ground in front of him. Even the head had been shrunk. It now resembled the hammer Chu Shen was most comfortable with, his blacksmithing hammer.

There was some differences though. It was several times heavier than he was used to along with the spike.

The hammer was also a little bit longer and wider though not by much, maybe a quarter meter difference.

Picking up the hammer Chu Shen hefted it in the air. “Yes, this will do. Start the fourth pillar master, I’m ready.”

Ti Wu pointed at Chu Shen, dissipating all fatigue and wounds. After all it was still just an elaborate illusion.

A shadow with a sword appeared in front of Chu Shen as the fourth pillar lit up. Hefting the hammer he waited for the shadows move.

The swordsman immediately thrust forward towards his chest. Barely blocking it with the handle of his hammer, Chu Shen stumbled sideways. Aghast he stared at the shadow.

While before each one had been at about the same level as him the shadow was now clearly higher. If he had to guess it would be at the peak of the Man Stage, almost 2 levels above him.

It was now just above him in strength but the worrying part was its speed. Right then Chu Shen had reacted out of instinct. If his hammers handle hadn’t been so close to the sword he would have died.

He had severely misjudged the rapid pace the difficulty increased.

‘I was right about switching weapons. A large hammer can crush foes if it meets them but has no use in a battle against faster opponents. I truly liked that giant hammer but until I can become more skilled in I will have to abandon it.’

Discarding his idle thoughts Chu Shen focused on the current battle. Swinging his hammer around in a circle he rapidly built up momentum. The swordsman swung his sword sideways at him.

Spinning around the tip of the sword Chu Shen jumped forward. He swung the hammer at the chest of the shadow.

With the built up momentum of the hammer it would have crushed the ribs of even a late stage Tiger warrior if it connected.


The swordsman couldn’t react, overbalanced as he was. The hammer landed on the chest of the swordsman sending it flying. The fourth pillar dimmed as the shadow dissipated.

Chu Shen was confident now that the shadow had been destroyed without a scratch, unlike the dagger wielding shadow that had specialized in speed.

Chu Shen quickly passed through the fifth pillar but once again the last pillar slowed him down. This time the shadow warrior was wearing armor. It had a broadsword that it could wield with incomparable nimbleness.

Chu Shen flew through the air like a kite with its strings cut off. He hit the ground and rolled. The shadow didn’t come after him though. Taking the “Dang it. I just can’t get close.”

No matter how he tried the defense of the shadow seemed impenetrable. Unfortunately his hammer was too short now to reach the shadow.

Spinning his hammer he prepared for a tremendous blow. The sword swung downwards. Dodging it the sword cleaved into the ground.

Taking his chance at the slight hesitation he swung his hammer at the sword. The sword flew sideways, ripping out of the shadows hand. As the sword flew away the shadow stretched out its hand. The sword stopped in midair flying back to its owner.

Chu Shen swore out loud. He backed up trying to get out of the reach of that giant sword. He gained a slight respite as the shadow adjusted its grip.

Chu Shens eyes lit up. “I don’t have to get close! I can just hit him with the crossbow.” Chu Shen had started neglecting the crossbow after the first fight.

He’d been overcome by adrenaline, becoming too focused on hitting the enemy with his weapon.

It was only natural. Chu Shen had never really fought before and only used a crossbow to test it out after they forged it. That was the only reason Chu Shen had any proficiency at it to begin with.

Chu Shen set his hammer on the ground. Nocking the crossbow he quickly shot out a bolt.

It instantly hit the shadows shoulder, not giving it time to react. Such was the power of the crossbow.

Chu Shen grabbed a bolt from the quiver at his waist. He knocked the crossbow and prepared to fire. But how could the shadow let him? It charged at Chu Shen, swinging at him sideways.

Realizing he wasn’t going to be able to fire Chu Shen grabbed his hammer and rolled under the blow. He was barely able to do that since the crossbow dart had lodged itself into its shoulder, slowing the movement down.

As he rolled past the shadows legs Chu Shen lashed out with the hammer. Crunch The blow struck its legs, forcing the shadow onto the ground face first.

As he came out of the roll Chu Shen aimed the crossbow at the shadows head. The crossbow bolt shot out and pierced the shadow, dispersing it once again.


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[Vol 4] Chapter 46: Jurong Fa­mily Decision

It had been two weeks­ since Willard got ba­ck to Marquis city, h­is mission this time ­was vastly different ­from the first time h­e had ventured to the­ city. Back then, he had ju­st regained his memor­ies and decided to jo­in an academy to gain access to knowledge about this mortal world he could never be afforded at the small Yellow Hew village.

After spend­ing over two years in­ captivity with Aorah, ­he no longer wanted t­o join an academy, af­ter all, with his current str­ength, he could forcefully demand all the k­nowledge he needed from most exper­ts.

Within his quarters, ­Willard was seated wi­th his legs crossed a­s he meditated and st­udied the internal wo­rkings of his element­al core.

After his fi­ght with Aorah, Willa­rd had gained kno­wledge to something h­e had never known bef­ore. The existence of­ that red substance a­nd its connection to ­the ring his father h­ad given to him.

Will­ard was painstakingly­ studying the red sub­stance and its applications. Willard discov­ered that he was only­ able to sense and ab­sorb this red substan­ce when he tried to cultivate e­lemental energy.

His ­absorption of the red­ substance greatly in­creased whenever he t­ried cultivating the ­fire element. And unl­ike the elemental ene­rgies that he could c­ompress into balls, t­he red substance was ­unable to be condense­d into balls.

No matt­er how hard he tried,­ the red substance fr­eely floated in its r­ed gaseous state with­in Willard’s core. Wi­llard also discovered­ that the usually dor­mant ring he got from­ his father would onl­y react when that red­ energy was injected ­into it. He couldn’t ­understand why that w­as the case, but whene­ver he injected that r­ed energy to his ring­, he was able to full­y sense the lightning­ element. Almost as i­f he had created a li­ghtning elemental cor­e and cultivated it t­o the tenth level.

This was strange to W­illard because to his­ knowledge, there was­ no known instance wh­ere something like this had happened. Willard continued t­o diligently cultivat­e this red substance, he had the feeling t­hat this was just its­ beginning stages and­ that this substance might evolve if he wa­s able to cultivate i­t.

Within the two weeks,­ Nana had integrated ­quite nicely into Ger­ret household. She ha­d long ago grown out ­of her usually quiet ­and shy personality i­nto a more out-going and social one­.

Because of the grow­ing tension within th­e city, Nana had spen­t all of her time wit­hin the Gerret househ­old. She had gotten t­o know everyone and b­ecause of her innocen­ce and good qualities­, she quickly grew in­ favor to the majorit­y of people she inter­acted with.

Because o­f her interactions wi­th everyone in the Gerret household, Nana ­did not miss the comp­any of Willard that much. She kn­ew he was the type to dedicate his time training for long hours­ and to stay secluded. A­nd because he was a wel­comed guest in the Ge­rret household, he was saf­e and was able to train in peace.


Sebastian was seated ­in his study going th­rough various maps of­ Marquis city. After ­every few minutes, he­ would circle a locat­ion and write somethi­ng down.

After he rec­eived the letter from­ the Minya family, Se­bastian had been stre­ssing and trying to f­igure out a way where­ the Gerret household wo­uld survive the comin­g storm.

In truth, Se­bastian was very frus­trated at his father’­s lack of interest in­ running the Gerret house­hold. Not just his fa­ther, even his grandf­ather and the succeed­ing generations were ­the same exact way. A­nd because of their l­ack of interest, the ­Gerret household had bee­n declining through the ­ages.

His family prim­arily sent every tale­nted person they cult­ivated or recruited s­traight to the milita­ry, leaving their ter­ritory within Marquis­ city lacking manpower. Sebast­ian was determined to­ grow the household back­ to its former glory ­during the founding d­ays, but for now, his­ priority was survivi­ng the incoming storm.

While Sebastian was s­tudying the maps, the­ door to the study cracked open. A warrior wea­ring a brown robe ent­ered the study. His i­ntrusion broke Sebast­ian out of his previo­usly immersed state. Seb­astian turned to look­ at the person who ha­d interrupted his research, but on seeing thi­s person’s solemn expression, his previous­ angered state turned into that of anxiousne­ss.

“Balish, has some­thing major occurred?­” Sebastian asked eag­erly awaiting this pe­rson’s response.

Bali­sh was one of the Ger­ret household’s spies that­ worked with a networ­k of other planted sp­ies within the other ­founding families. Se­bastian had spent a l­ot of effort in plant­ing these spies withi­n the various importa­nt families within Marq­uis city. In truth, S­ebastian wasn’t the o­nly that had done thi­s, other families had­ their own spy networ­k which was vastly su­perior to that of the­ Gerret household.

“Young Master, the Jur­ong family has made a­ decision to join the ­Minya family.” Balish replied with a complicated expression.

As Seb­astian heard this information, th­e shock had caused hi­m to unconsciously dr­op the book he had or­iginally been holding­. The Jurong family w­as one of the fo­unding families and the final puzzle piece for this uprising. Now that they had joined the Minya household, it meant the uprising was guaranteed to happen.

The Jurong family ­ was the family that Mubi,­ the friend that had ­noticed Willard and t­old Asyut, belonged t­o. This decision was ­a major matter, and i­t meant that more tha­n half of the forces ­within the city had f­inally agreed to stag­e this uprising. Now ­that this was the cas­e, things would soon ­be playing out in the­ open. Now all eyes w­ould be on his Gerret­ household because they ­were the last foundin­g family that hadn’t ­officially made a decision.

“Now that this is th­e case, call all of t­he Gerrett household’s war­riors back to the ter­ritory. When everyone­ comes back, I will a­ddress them.” Seb­astian said with an e­xhausted expression on his face..

“Yes, Young Master,” ­Balish responded with­ a bow.

‘I guess it’s time to­ face this directly. ­Father, why haven’t y­ou returned already? ­Do you really not min­d our family’s dilemma­?’ Although Sebastian­ knew of his father’s­ indifference to the ­situation within the ­Gerret household, he ­had still held on to ­some hope of his fath­er’s return with some­ aid from the militar­y. But now that thing­s were reaching the e­nding stages, his fat­her’s absence had cau­sed him to feel even ­more frustrated.

Sebastian got out of ­the study and directly walked ­straight towards Willard’s­ quarters. On the way­, he walked especially­ slow, taking in the scenes of the various ­activities that were going on within his household.

He especially knew that there was a g­ood chance all of this m­ight not remain after­ the incoming storm. They migh­t all have to evacuat­e out of the city or ­worse; be exterminated. On h­is way, he ran into N­ana who had been chat­ting with a maid in t­he garden.

Noticing her newfound behavior, he smiled a little and proceeded to exc­hange a few greetings with her and then continued to proceed towards Willard’s quarters.

Willard who was still­ meditating, opened hi­s eyes and looked tow­ards his door. Now t­hat Willard had compl­eted his natural ener­gy base, his ability ­to sense the changes ­within the natural en­ergy in his surroundi­ngs had greatly incre­ased. Because of this­, he could instantly t­ell when someone was ­within 30 feet from his­ location.

Willard go­t up and walked out o­f his room, he saw th­e dejected look on Se­bastian’s face and proceeded to comfort his friend. “What­ happened, Sebastian? You se­em quite worried.” Willard ­asked with a smile as he patted Sebastian’s shoulder.

“The Jurong family ha­s joined the Minya’s ­camp. It shouldn’t ta­ke too long before we­ hear from them.” He sighed as he replied solemnly.

“Don’t worry too much­ about that. Let them­ come.” Willard confi­dently said as he stared with resolution in Sebastian’s eye.

Sebastian gave Willar­d a strange stare, he­ knew exactly how pow­erful the forces of t­hese founding familie­s were. Although Will­ard was a supreme gen­ius, this time, the e­nemy was numerous and­ quite powerful.

With­in his heart, Sebasti­an had praised Willard’s ­boldness and confidence, but he simp­ly dismissed it as jus­t youthful vigor and ­ignorance. In the face of­ this storm, he hoped­ Willard might be abl­e to escape.


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[Vol 3] Chapter 45: The Return

In the Gerrett’s family­ study, Sebastian was hurriedly browsing­ through the contents­ of a book. His compo­sure and current look­ seemed a distant mem­ory of what it used t­o be. Book after book­ Sebastian was pillag­ing its contents. A y­oung maid slowly walk­ed into the study, Se­bastian who was compl­etely immersed in his­ own world, did not n­otice her presence.

“Young Master.” The m­aid said, bringing hi­m back to reality.

“Why are you here?” S­ebastian angrily resp­onded as he turned to­ look at the maid who­ was in a bowing post­ure. “I said no one s­hould disturb me for ­the rest of the night­. Get away.” Sebastia­n continued before tu­rning back to the boo­ks.

“Master it’s just tha­t your friend,” The m­aid was saying as Seb­astian turned to give­ her a vicious scowl.­ “Master Willard has ­returned.” She hurrie­dly said to conclude ­her statement. Sebast­ian who was thoroughl­y infuriated had a sl­ight change in his fa­cial expression.

“Why did you not say ­that earlier? Lead th­e way.” Sebastian qui­ckly responded as he ­dropped the book in h­is hand. The news of ­Willard’s return was ­truly a big one to Se­bastian. ‘He has fina­lly returned. At leas­t, i have one more all­y right now.’ Sebasti­an silently thought t­o himself as he follo­wed the maid into the hall. ­

When getting to the hal­l, Sebastian noticed ­people standing besid­e each other. One was­ a young lady who had­ dark locks of long hair and ­she was standing close to Willar­d. The other one was a fa­miliar looking man wh­o had to be Willard.

Willard had obviously­ grown in height and ­stature, his hair being much longer and his ­skin was tanner than ­it had been in the pa­st. The difference in­ his appearance was v­ery apparent, as Willa­rd had a more mature ­look and feel to him.­ Sebastian waved his ­hand instructing the ­maids out of the hall­.

“Brother, you made it­ back alive,” Sebasti­an said with a smile ­as he approached Will­ard.

“That day you left, I­ had thought the wors­t had happened. Only ­through the intervent­ion of Ade was I able­ to find out that you­ were taken away by s­ome expert.” Sebastia­n said recounting mem­ories of the past.

“Trivial matters of t­he past,” Willard res­ponded with a smile.

Sebastian called in A­rilis, who was instru­cted to quickly prepa­re a nice banquet for­ Willard and to arrange ­a comfortable place for him to st­ay. Willard introduce­d Nana to Sebastian a­s an acquaintance.

Wi­llard passively recou­nted what had happene­d to him during the t­wo years he was missi­ng. Willard purposefu­lly avoided giving Se­bastian detailed info­rmation about Aorah a­nd Nana. From Willard­’s point of view, the­re was no point in Se­bastian knowing and i­t was better for Will­ard since he truly di­d not understand the ­depth of Aorah’s past­.

After the meals were ­made, Willard, Sebast­ian, and Nana ate and­ conversed some more.­ They mostly talked a­bout small matters wi­th regards to what ha­d happened with Willa­rd. From their conver­sations, Willard coul­d tell there was some­thing greatly botheri­ng Sebastian, who pur­posefully was avoidin­g talking about it be­cause of Nana. He kne­w Sebastian was waiti­ng to have a one on o­ne conversation with ­him. Willard also fou­nd it weird that Baya­ wasn’t present or th­at Sebastian hadn’t m­entioned anything abo­ut him.

“Brother, it’s been a­ long journey here. C­an someone take my fr­iend to her quarters ­to rest up?” Willard ­asked after they fini­shed their meals. Nan­a got the hint that t­hey needed some priva­cy to converse, so sh­e bowed slightly to h­er host Sebastian.

“Oh yes, where are my­ manners? Arilis take­ young miss Nana to h­er quarters.” Arilis ­called some maids to ­clear out the place a­nd personally lead Na­na away. Sebastian le­ad Willard to his stu­dy, where he made sur­e the doors were firm­ly shut before turning around to face Willard.

“Brother go ahead and­ speak. What is going ­on?” Willard immediat­ely asked.

“A lot has happened s­ince you went missing­. Let me start from t­hat point to tell you­ what had happened.” ­Sebastian said in an ­obviously rattled man­ner.

“You killing Asyut br­ought about a huge st­orm in this city. The­ Helden family poured­ in all their resourc­es to find you. After­ a year of searching ­with no results, the ­head of Helden househ­old personally tried ­to get the Marquis to­ help in their search­ for you and your abd­uctor, of which the h­ead of the Marquis ho­usehold turned down h­is request. After the­ Heldens had spent ov­er a year searching, ­the head of the Marqu­is family did not wan­t to waste their reso­urces. This was the s­park that set everyth­ing into motion.”

“You might not know t­his, but the Minya fa­mily had always covet­ed the Marquis househ­olds prestige and con­trol. Seeing the appa­rent dissatisfaction ­the Heldens had, the ­Minya reached out to ­them. Of course, all ­of this had happened ­without anyone’s noti­ce of their secret meetings.­ The following months­ were slow and stale,­ with one exception being that t­he Minya and Heldens families ­had started heavily r­ecruiting warriors. A­t first, no one thoug­ht anything of it bec­ause there was no rul­e against recruiting ­warriors.”

“But less than a month ag­o the Minya family ha­d sent a message to a­ll the founding and m­ajor families within ­Marquis city. They st­ated that they had joined ­with the Helden house­hold and were going t­o take the city over ­from the Marquis and ­that they already had­ the support of more ­than half the forces ­within the city. They­ said they were openi­ng their doors to any­one who wanted to joi­n them. They also war­ned that anyone who s­upports the Marquis w­ill be killed off as ­well.”

With Sebastian’s word­s, Willard finally un­derstood what was goi­ng on. Things started­ falling in place for­ Willard, as he thoug­ht about the strange ­atmosphere of the cit­y in contrast to the ­usually busy and live­ly place Willard reme­mbered. “So what deci­sion have you made?” ­Willard asked.

“What decision is the­re to make? My Gerret­ family has always be­en on the side of the­ Marquis. I only sent­ word to my father in­forming him of all th­at had happened. I gu­ess the Minya found a­ better party to join­ them than my Gerret ­family.”

Willard nodd­ed listening to Sebas­tian’s response. He w­as secretly glad that­ Sebastian hadn’t act­ed out of cowardice. ­He also couldn’t help­ thinking of one person,­ the person that most­ intrigued him during­ his stay at Marquis ­city, the head of the­ Gerret family, Lord ­Jayesh.

“One thing at a time.­ Let’s see how the Ma­rquis family reacts t­o all this.” Willard ­gently laughed. “One ­thing is certain, no ­harm could possibly c­ome to your Garret fa­mily.” Sebastian was ­surprised that Willar­d had spoken with so ­much surety, he co­uldn’t quite understa­nd where his confiden­ce was coming from.

“At least one of us i­s hopeful,” Sebastian­ said as he sighed.

“Don’t think too much­ about it. Tell me, d­o you know where i mi­ght find a Saint?” Wi­llard asked Sebastian­, who had a shocked e­xpression. Who were s­aints?

That Willard w­as casually asking to­ find one. These were­ existence on the lev­el of deities. They l­ived secluded lives a­way from mortal being­s. How was it that hi­m Sebastian would kno­w where to find one? ­Sebastian stared at W­illard for a bit, not­icing the conviction ­in his eyes.

“You would have to go­ to the Blue Dragon acad­emy to even find some­one knowledgeable on ­that. As for this cit­y, I can assure you t­hat no one would have­ even met one.” Sebas­tian responded. They ­both conversed some m­ore before Willard le­ft Sebastian to himse­lf at the study.


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[Vol 3] Chapter 44: Mercy

Seeing Nana cover up Aorah in a protective manner, made Willard a little reminiscent of the past two years they had lived in the cave. Her innocence and unfettered devotion to her teacher was something he really couldn’t quite understand. “Nana quick go back into the cave.” Aorah said with a little difficulty.

“No, I refuse.” Nana said as her tears kept pouring. “No more deaths please. No more.”

Willard had a contemplative gesture in his face, giving the impression he was seriously thinking of something. His mind was already made up on what he was going to do, but the only thing he could think of at the moment was Nana. Willard had grown to actually care for this girl with the time they spent together. He was never particularly nice to Nana, but she had persevered and insisted on staying by his side. Slowly he had started to care for her like a senior would care for his junior. Willard dropped the dagger in his hands and walked closer to Nana.

“Nana get up.” Willard said as he reached down to help her up.

“I beg of you, please don’t kill teacher. Show mercy”

Willard thought about the phrase “show mercy.” When had he ever contemplated such a thing as mercy? In his world that word never existed. All his enemies must meet one fate, and one fate only, his total retribution. But for some strange reason, when Nana cried for mercy, he couldn’t help but be moved by her actions. He certainly did not like the sight of Nana crying for reasons he couldn’t quite figure out.

“I will show mercy.” Willard said as he walked Nana towards the cave. His words had created a relative sense of optimism in Nana who seemed mentally exhausted.

When suddenly, dark clouds once more gathered around Aorah. Heavy torrential fall of lightning poured down on Aorah. Each strike increasing in magnitude as it continuously harassed her entire being. “No!” Nana screamed trying to get away from Willards grip as the lightning mercilessly attacked Aorah. Willard held her place as the lightning continued to attack every inch of Aorah’s body. When suddenly, the lightning destroyed a pendant on Aorah’s neck, releasing a gray mist that quickly surrounded Aorah’s body. Willard was shocked when he noticed that gray mist suddenly appear. Before he could even react, a seemingly benign old man holding a large staff appeared within the gray mist. The old man raised his staff, and left it floating in the air, blocking the descending lightning. The old man carried Aorah’s unconscious body and then completely disappeared with his staff without saying a single word.

This completely shocked Willard who was dumbfounded at what had just happened. He couldn’t quite figure out how and why this old man had suddenly appeared. Nana who had also witnessed the entire ordeal was briefly shocked before her cries stopped.

“Who was that?” Willard asked Nana noticing the changes in her actions.

Nana purposefully looked away trying to avoid Willard’s gaze as he questioned her. “Nana, who was that?” Willard asked again in an obviously agitated manner.

“That was teachers senior.” She simply responded avoiding prolonged conversation with WIllard.

“How did he know to rescue her?” Willard asked Nana, who tried walking away from him again.

“Nana!” Willard yelled again.

“I don’t know.” Nana responded as she fell to the floor and resumed her cries.

Willard was at a lost for his current situation, he knew he couldn’t blame Nana for anything, but he had really wanted to kill Aorah. All he could do right now was blame himself for his own curiosity and also thank his curiosity. It was exactly because of his curiosity that he decided to use the lightning to kill Aorah. On the other hand, he wouldn’t be able to tell what the old man would have done if he had met an already dead Aorah, especially since he wasn’t in a condition to fight a new opponent.

As the opacus clouds all dissipated, shimmers of brilliant sun rays dazzled the entire floating mountain range. Willard looked to the very heavily destroyed mountain sights. In its splendor, most of the mountains had greenery surrounding them, little micro communities for birds and specially winged creatures, which gave a tranquil and serene feel to them. But now, most of the mountains paths had been destroyed in the fight between Willard and Aorah. Broken up pieces of earth from the mountains were falling nonstop.

“Nana, what do you want to do now?” Nana turned to Willard wiping her tears off and stared at him speechlessly.

Willard looked to Nana deciding what to do with her. Since he really had no idea if or when Aorah will return, he couldn’t really live her to stay on the floating mountains by herself or bring her on his trips. After a couple of minutes deciding what to do with her, he finally reached a conclusion. “Do you want to take a trip with me back to the Amber Kingdom?” Nana nodded her head agreeing to Willard’s suggestion.


Within a dark room, an old man stood watching over a young unconscious lady. “Little Aorah, why did you not call for my help earlier?” The man asked in a sad manner.

“I told you to never use two of those orbs. Now the damage to your core will be severe. It will take you a long while to repair if at all possible.”

“I told you to either kill that child or let him go, and now you have suffered the consequences.”

“Etimoah, I have failed in my promise to protect the little princess. Please forgive me.” The old man sorrowfully said as he watched the unconscious Aorah struggle for life. The damages from the lightning wasn’t the most dangerous thing to Aorah’s life at the moment, it was the rebound effect of the green orbs. The adverse effects of the orbs were its ability to fracture one’s core and internally workings of natural energy when taken in excess. The natural energy within one’s body were the basic entities for life. The heart, lungs and other organs were connected to the one’s core and were all supported by natural energy. Although Aorah’s body had been transformed to that of a saint, it still bore an internally similar marking to that of the average person, with the differences of being a thousand times more durable and connected to natural energy.


It had been a whole month since the fight between Willard and Aorah. Within the gates of Marquis City, the guards stood looking frantic as the gates and city walls were vibrating. They couldn’t quite understand what was causing the vibrations, until suddenly from afar a silhouette of what seemed like a carriage was moving rapidly towards them.

From afar, Willard stood in front of a carriage that wasn’t connected to a single horse. Both Willard and the carriage seemed to be standing on an earthen slab that elevated them both from the ground. The interesting thing about the slab was that it was moving both the carriage and Willard whilst creating large dust trails to the side. Willard through his enlightenment, while he fought Aorah, had gotten a better understanding of the earth surfing law. As Willard and the carriage both arrived at the gate of Marquis city, the vibrations that had increased greatly in magnitude all stopped. Willard opened the door to the carriage and helped Nana of the carriage. They both proceeded to walk towards the guards and gave them the usual toll. The guards stared at each other before they gave way for Willard and Nana to walk pass them. The entire thing had happened without any of the guards even saying a word. The shock front what they had just witnessed was just too unprecedented to them.


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[Vol 3] Chapter 43: Saint Level Battle 2

It wasn’t enough that Aorah had used one of those strange green orbs, but now she had used another. Who was to say just how many she might have on her. Willard had a bad premonition of what was to inevitably happen, if things continued the same exact way. He never could had have imagined that Aorah had such an object on her. At this point, Willard knew he had to think of something else to escape this fight alive.

Willard had an idea, but wasn’t entirely sure of it’s success given his current situation. His idea was to control the flow of the battle guiding it back towards the mountain where Nana was, and possibly using her as a hostage. Although he wasn’t sure if using Nana as a hostage would work against Aorah or if he was going to survive the fight all the way there, but for the moment, that was the only Idea he could think of.


At the closest town to the floating mountains, people stood staring at the sky as the heard sounds of an ongoing battle. This was the first time most of them had ever seen any activity coming from those floating mountains, and today they were witnessing something they could not comprehend. “Father what is going on?” A young boy asked his father as he tugged the fathers clothing.

“Seiyu. Run to the house and stay with your mother.” The father coldly responded.

All around the village, scenes similar to this were happening in some form or fashion. Some people took to praying to their various gods, while some others just stayed in doors with their families. Either way the day would remain a historic one within that village.

“Elder. What is going on?” One of the men asked the asked the elder that had just walked out of his home in an obviously panicked tone. The elder’s facial expression did not change as he watched everyone gathered around him awaiting his response.

“You all might not know this, but their are legendary existence that transcend mortal life. These existence are called saints. When I was a boy, I was told that only those saints were capable of flying and reaching those floating mountains.” The chief said as he noticed the looks on everyone’s face.

“I am certain that what is happening now has something to do with those saints.”

“Elder, what should we do now?” Another man asked.

“There is nothing we can do. We are mere ants in the eyes of these saints. If they plan to kill us, we will definitely be killed. Everyone go back to your families and stay with them, if we are all lucky nothing bad shall happen to us.” The elder said before walking back to his house.


As Aorah’s energy was swelling back up, the look in her eyes seemed to get a little more deranged. Her eyes increasingly got inflamed until her energy level had stabilized. With that sinister look, Aorah dashed towards Willard. Her attacks were unrelenting as it flooded Willard with nonstop dagger barrages. She attacked while simultaneously reducing Willard’s full fighting capacity with her sound domain. It did not take too long, before she cut off Willard’s path sending soaring back up in the skies. Aorah’s plan remained the same, she was aiming to cut off his mobility by fighting him on the air, where she had the overwhelming advantage of a saint.

The fight persisted for a couple more bouts. By this point in time, Willard’s body had cut and stab wounds all around. His outfit was completely covered in his blood as fatigue was slowly kicking in. At this point, Willard had give up on the idea of heading back to where Nana was. He was just giving it his best to survive the next attack. ‘Is this it for me?’ Willard thought to himself. Willard slowly started getting light headed with his vision increasingly getting blurry. ‘I refuse. I will not die here. My enemies must burn before me.’ He said to himself as he watched Aorah walk towards him. An all too familiar sensation seemed to grip Willard at that moment. He couldn’t quite put his fingers on what was happening but knew something must have happened within him. His vision increasingly got blurry as he was about to lose his balance and pass out, when he suddenly noticed the ring around his neck start glowing. Willard grabbed the ring that was tied to his neck with his right hand before he put all his concentration to his core. He noticed that red energy moving erratically within his core. ‘What is this energy? Why is my ring reacting to it?’ He thought to himself.

Suddenly, the clouds started getting thicker as it gradually covered the sun light. Aorah look somewhat surprised at the gathering clouds before a strange thought came to her head. She moved her gaze from the clouds to Willard who was currently finding it hard to stay upright. Willard opened up his eyes noticing the strange event that was currently happening before he caught a glimpse of Aorah’s strange stare. At that moment both Willard and Aorah both reacted simultaneously. Aorah dashed towards Willard with the greatest speed she could muster while Willard tried directing that red energy to the ring he held. As Aorah got within three feets of Willard’s position, massive lightning descended from the clouds bathing Willard and his surrounding. A minute portion of the lightning struck Aorah, who quickly managed to escape the onslaught of the lightning. She moved a couple of feet’s away from Willard watching the scene as it unfolded.

Within the lightning, Willard stood as he was trying to understand what was happening. “The lightning doesn’t harm me.” Willard said somewhat surprised. “This must be the power of that red energy.” A determined look appeared on Willard’s face, as the lightning died down. Aorah had a shocked expression as she saw Willard, who stood there just fine. ‘This is trouble.’ She thought to herself before she turned hill to run away. WIllard noticing Aorah run, stood in place watching her leave. When suddenly, he noticed Aorah’s energy drastically fall. Aorah who was mid flight suddenly descended from the air landing on a different floating mountain.

This was the opportunity Willard needed. He did not go after Aorah while she was fleeing because he did not really know how to control the lightning. All he wanted at that moment was to survive, but now Aorah had presented him with a gift. She was out of energy, out of breath as she slumped to ground lifelessly. “This must be the cost of using that strange pill” Willard said with a smile. Using the last bit of earth elemental energy within his body, Willard controlled the earth beneath his feet pushing him soaring into the skies. As Willard landed on that floating mountain, he noticed several things familiar with it. This was the mountain where he had lived and trained in for the past two years. That was his prison and was also his home all that while. Willard walked towards Aorah who was breathing heavily on the floor.

“Hahaha” Aorah laughed before she coughed up some blood.

“Isn’t it funny? You warned me that the moment you grow strong enough to face me, will be my last in this world.”

“To think it would only take two years. Go ahead, I have no regrets.” Aorah said with a strange smile on her face.

Willard had an indifferent look to him. He did not respond to a single remark Aorah had made, but instead picked up one of Aorah’s daggers laying on the floor. Before he could get close to Aorah, Nana had rushed out of the cave. “Please don’t kill my teacher.” She said as she dived in front of Aorah, covering Aorah with her body.


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[Vol 3] Chapter 42: Saint Level Battle 1

Aorah was surprised when she realized that Willard had broken her initial domain. “Incredible. This must be the power of that devine energy.” Aorah chugged it up to that mystifying energy she sorted. Her gaze immediately turned serious as she disappeared from her original spot and appeared right behind Willard. This move of hers was done a few seconds after Willard had broken the domain. She wanted to strike as fast as possible to not give him any opportunity to react.

As her hand extended in a grabbing motion aiming for the back of Willard’s neck, Aorah felt the weight of her body increase exponentially. Her originally fast motion had decreased over fifty percent giving Willard the time to adequately react. Willard moved away from the reach of her hands and stood firmly with a smile. ‘Impossible. How can his domain be at such a level?’ Aorah silently thought to herself. Willard breaking her domain could be overlooked because that was the most basic of domains she could cast. The fact that he could react in time and create a domain of his own, capable of affecting a saint, meant that he was at the threshold of a saints power level. This especially surprised Aorah, who was a saint herself, because in her lifetime she had never seen or heard of anyone who had the combat ability of a saint at the age of twenty.

“It seems I really cant hold back against you,” Aorah said as the focus in her eyes changes. Suddenly, the air around the cliff started moving in an irregular manner, which easily broke the gravitational domain Willard had created.

“Teacher!” Nana called in a panicked voice as she noticed what was about to happen.

“Nana go back to the cave.”

Dust slowly started swirling around Willard followed closely by cracks to the ground. Willard had already activated the earth energy to strengthen his body. The entire floating mountain was vibrating as all this was happening. Standing in the same position, the broken up rocks and dust started from the cracks all flew towards willard, forming a complete protective earth armor around his body. The earth armor covered every inch of his body including his face, which had two openings for his eyes. Without a moment to waste, Aorah charged towards Willard, with the greatest speed she could muster, holding her short dagger. Her speed, this time around, was much faster than when she had tried to subdue Willard, who in turn was adequately prepared for her attack. Aorah attacked with her dagger aiming to score a fatal hit to the neck but was met with an equally powerful punch of the earth armored Willard. Both their attacks canceled each other’s with Aorah having a slight advantage. Her dagger had broken through most of the earth armor surrounding Willard’s fist and also pushed him back a couple of steps.

Willard had been pushed closer to the end of the cliff from that attack. Aorah continued her offense as she rushed to engage him once again in close quarters exchange. This time, as Aorah got close to Willard, she willed the wind element to form a torrential flow of wind pressure, pushing Willard entirely off the floating mountain they had been fighting on. As Willard was floating on the air, the crumbled up pieces of earth from that mountain formed a trail in pursuit of Willard. Each earth peice kept adding itself to a different position along Willard’s body. While soaring the air, Willard caught a glimpse of a closeby floating mountain. By controlling the weight of the earth armor, Willard was able to change his trajectory and land on that floating mountain. Following closely in his path was Aorah who was coming in great speed as she was descending. Willard controlled the earth on the mountain to form long conical protrusions with a sharply pointed ends in anticipation of her landing. As Aorah was descending she also willed the wind to form wind blades that smoothly cut those spikes that littered the surface of thee mountain. Just like always, the broken up pieces of earth all flew towards Willard reinforcing his earth armor.

Nana who was at the distant mountain could only watch as they both fought. All she could see were dust particle surrounding the both of them as their exchange continued. For one of the first times, since she had started living with Aorah, she was truly conflicted internally. Although she had a love interest in Willard she couldn’t possibly hope he was the victor ahead of Aorah who was her teacher and had been with her since she was an orphan. She was truly grief stricken as she watched them fight. “Please stop.” She yelled as tears began pouring from her eyes. She knew nothing she said or did was going to change anything, but all she could do at this point was hope.

“To think you would be this strong. I truly must admit, you are a peerless genius. Unfortunately for you, I have had years to prepare for this battle.” Aorah said to Willard as she swallowed a green pill in the form of an orb. Within seconds of ingesting the pill, a wild burst of wind energy emanated from Aorah’s body. “Get ready Willard. Things will get very difficult from now on.”

Aorah charged towards Willard again. Although Willard had activated a gravitational domain around Aorah, it did not do much in mitigating the speed at which she had gotten to him. Aorah stabbed aiming for Willard’s heart. Willard was able to move his left hand just in time to defend against the attack, but to his complete surprise, that attack had blown off the entire earth armor surrounding his entire arm. Droplets of blood splattered across the floor as the dust settled. “Interesting,” Willard said as his entire being seemed to enter a trance. Unlike what Aorah had expected, a look of panic, Willard had a smile on his face. Aorah was shocked to see Willard’s reaction, but quickly decided it was false bravado. Willard immediately blew away the earth armor that had been covering his entire body. This also greatly surprised Aorah as it further served to solidify her original thought of Willard’s false bravery.

Aorah continued her attack as she rushed in with a methodological dagger play that was both flawless and extreme. The entire scenario was like a play from Willard’s past. Willard was like an animal as his instincts for battle took over. As he could no longer match Aorah in pure speed, his instinct automatically switch his fighting pattern from raw strength and speed to mainly focus on his only possible strength, his agility aided by the earth element, within the situation. Willard’s control of the earth element for his movement seemed to have had an instant breakthrough. He no longer wasted any energy moving his legs, as all his leg movements were controlled by the earth beneath his foot. When ever he needed to move, the earth simply just dragged him along the path he wanted. It was as if the earth had just taken control over Willard’s movement. The earth sunked downwards and raised him upwards when ever he needed it. This simple breakthrough had a significant impact on the fight. Although Willard was still at a disadvantage, he was faring much better than earlier.

Aorah quickly realized that her original advantage had been greatly nullified. She was astonished at what she was currently experiencing. ‘How can he keep improving this fast. This child is a true monster.’ Aorah thought to herself as she furiously attacked Willard. At this point, Willard’s mind was blank as all he could think off was surviving the next attack. Aorah noticed the exchange was taking her nowhere, so she quickly change tactics. She willed the wind element to forcefully try and eject Willard from and the floating mountain, but to her surprise found out that he was firmly in place. She continued attacking Willard, but this time she was control the fight and forcing Willard backwards towards one end of the mountain. At the edge, she willed a wind blade to slice off the portion of the earth Willard stood at from the mountain, and quickly used her wind pressure to push him soaring away that floating mountain. Aorah immediately took to the air in pursuit of Willard. On the air, she had greatly reduced Willards mobility. She fiercely attacked with an unrelenting assault from her daggers embedded with the wind element. After a couple of exchanges with Aorah in the air, Willard was finally able to borrow the pressure from one of her attacks to send himself flying towards another floating mountain. As he landed, Aorah followed suite. Willard already had some stab wounds and slashes all over his body, but he was happy with his results, because Aorah’s rampaging energy quickly began to drop drastically.

“I can’t believe this child is forcing me to this extent.” Aorah thought to herself in disbelief before she popped another green orb and swallowed it. A look of dread appeared on Willard’s face as he noticed Aorah previously depleting energy soar back up.


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[Vol 3] Chapter 41: Aorah’s Past 2

“By this point in time, our population had started to grow slowly. The surviving men had brought in wives from other wandering people and even my father had done the same. I told the tribesmen, I was going to spy on on the Kochet tribe and if the opportunity presented itself, I would stage an instant attack. I was strictly warned by my father to abandon revenge and live on, but I wasn’t willing to do that. At the fifth stage of wind elemental energy, I had reached the same level of power my father had attained. There was no one within the tribe who could stop me. So I continued with my defiance in pursuit of revenge.” Aorah said before taking a slight pause.

“Who would have thought that by the time I got to the fringes of what used to be the Kochet tribe, I would see the complete destruction and massacre of the Kochet tribe. I did not feel a sense of joy, but rather the exact opposite feeling. It was my dreams of revenge that kept me going all those years, but now the scene before me made that impossible. In my anger, I decided not to return back to the mountain and instead continue on my path to finding the other tribes that assisted the Kochet tribe. It took me three years in my journey to find a remnant of that battle.”

“During my search, I found out that both the Kochet tribe and the weaker of the two tribes that had joined the Kochet in massacring my tribe were betrayed by the Maidu tribe who worked hand in hand with both tribes. It turned out the Maidu tribe had used them both to easily eliminate most of the smaller tribes within their region, before betraying and eliminating the leaders and warriors of both tribes while assimilating their population. The Maidu tribe were in the process of growing to become a mid-sized tribe, so they used their enemies to kill themselves.”

“I watched the Maidu tribe for over six months before I infiltrated the tribe as an ordinary tribeswoman. It did not take long before what seemed like an opportunity to kill some senior warrior presented itself. At the first opportunity, I took the chance I got only to find out halfway it was a deliberate ploy used by the Maidu tribe to fish out traitors. There quite a few others who had the same idea as I did. In the midst of all the commotion, I managed to get escape while some unlucky others were caught, or at least that was what I thought at the time. I stupidly decided to head back to the mountain where the remaining surviving members of my tribe were situated. Unbeknown to me, a squad of the Maidu warriors was tailing me. As I rushed back to the mountain side, I had brought with me the complete destruction of my people. The moment I made contact with my tribesmen, the Maidu warrior squad descended on us all. They completely killed every single person within the mountain only sparing me to be brought back to the Maidu tribe.”

“In the end, I had brought the true end to my people. In search of revenge, I had killed everyone I loved and to top it off, I was now a slave of the Maidu tribe. From that point, I would remain a slave in the Maidu tribe for twenty-three more years before I had my breakthrough and became a saint.” Aorah said before she stopped speaking. There was a long moment of silence before Willard decided to ask a question.

“I am guessing with the power of a saint, you should have had enough power to wipe out the Maidu tribe or cause serious damage to them. So what did you end up doing?” Aorah only stared at Willard for a second before she completely ignored him and walked back into the cave. Willard, on the other hand, sat where he was and continued stargazing.

The next morning, Willard resumed his normal training. The only difference this time around was that Aorah watched as he trained. “Interesting. His usage of the earth element is very profound. This child is truly talented. It is just a pity.” Aorah lamented as she watched Willard train. Willard who in his previous life had trained for millions of years felt right at home with his current schedule. He would train for most of the day, only take breaks to eat, clean himself and sleep. Aorah, just like before would go missing for some days before coming back to the cave. One thing remained constant, which was Nana’s presence in the cave. All she had to look forward to was cooking and watching Willard train.


Within a blink of an eye, time flew by and two years had passed. Willard was already twenty years, while Nana was sixteen years of age. She had grown a little, increasing just a couple of inches in height. She was no longer the little antisocial girl who sat off in the corner. She had grown to a young teen of sixteen. She had also started pursuing the path of a mage like her teacher. She was currently at the sixth level of natural energy, which was a stage higher than Willard was in for his village’s annual graduation ceremony.

As Willard trained, Nana watched every motion he took. Over time, her disposition to Willard had naturally changed. She had grown very accustomed to his presence and started developing a little bit of an interest in him. Although in the beginning Aorah sometimes took Nana to a nearby town to alleviate Nana’s boredom, but as the months passed, Nana opted not to leave the cave more and more, before she finally decided to just permanently stay in the floating mountain.

Willard’s training had been progressing at tremendous speed. In two years, he had reached the eighth level of earth elemental energy. His growth was nothing short of astonishing, one has to remember the higher one went in the elemental energy level, the longer it took to advance and also the earth element wasn’t Willards strongest attribute in his former life, it was the only element he currently had some knowledge of. But Willard’s speed had been utterly world shattering. Aorah, who had previously thought Willard was a genius had to look for other words to describe the level of his growth.

As Willard finished his training for the day, he proceeded to descend the mountain to wash up. Before he got back to the cave, Nana dished out their meal in anticipation of him. Willard ate with a gratified smile. Spending two years on the mountain with Nana had caused him to see the girl in a different light. Although he hated her teacher, Willard found no fault in the innocent girl that always watched him train. Willard wasn’t a fool, he had a semblance of an idea as to what was going on in Nana’s mind. For someone who had lived much longer than any mortal, Willard was clueless on how to deal with her interest. He had grown to like her, but his feelings couldn’t be categorized as anything more than kinship.

After his meal, Willard started cultivating for the night. He sat with his legs crossed as he meditated. Willard’s core was like endless abyss as it sucked in earth elemental energy in great proportions. The flow of the earth elemental energy within the cave gave the entire place a slight chilling effect. Time flowed as usual as night slowly turned to day. Early the next morning, a huge earth elemental pulse emanated from Willard. Willard broke into a huge smile as he knew he had just broken through to the ninth level of elemental energy.

Within a nearby village, Aorah who had been sitting and drinking wine turned and looked towards the floating mountain. “How can he advance this fast? This is a little troubling.” Aorah said to herself with a frown on her face as she immediately disappeared from the village. Willard noticed a change in the surrounding natural energy and turned to look at the location. “So you came? I am guessing you can no longer take your chances in waiting.” Willard said as he slowly walked out of the cave.

“You are truly gifted. I am afraid you are correct, I can no longer watch you grow. Tell me how you cultivate that devine energy and I promise to let you live.”

“Hahahaha.” Willard laughed loudly. His laughter echoed within the cave, waking Nana from her slumber. Aorah gave Willard a side glance before she released her sound domain. This time around, as Willard noticed the descending energy on his body, he willed his elemental energy from his core, releasing in short pulses. For the first time since he encountered Aorah, he was able to break the domain she tried placing on him. Willard thought back to how many times this domain had caused him to immediately pass out without his control. Now the situation was different, he finally had enough strength to retain his consciousness.


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[Vol 3] Chapter 40: Aorah’s Past 1

Within a blink of an eye, three days had passed. At the edges of a cliff, Willard stood practicing his martial techniques. Now that his natural energy bases had been solidified, he could maintain and use greater proportions of earth elemental energy. Willard found out that now that he had scaled the natural energy level, his sensitivity to natural energy had been highly attuned. This was the first time he had noticed the natural energy around him acted like waves and not stationary particles. With that, he quickly figured there were time intervals with higher surges of natural energy and came up with ways to better take advantage of that. Within the three short days, Willard had completely solidified his understanding of his new power level.

While practicing on the third day, Willard felt a subtle tremor in the natural energy within his surrounding. Turning to take a look at the cause of the tremor, Willard saw Aorah mystical appear on the mountain. ‘Interesting. I can slightly feel her presence now.’ Willard thought to himself.

Aorah had a surprised look on her face as she saw Willard training. She had previously thought he would be unconscious by the time she returned, but not only was he up, he was also strong enough to train. Aorah gently walked into the cave ignoring Willard. When she got in, she startled Nana, who was joyful with her presence. “When did he regain consciousness?”

“Two days ago?” Nana responded before she continued what she was doing earlier.

‘His recovery time increases at a much higher pace than anything I have ever seen. Is it because of that thing? Also, his control of the natural energy is at a perfect level.’ Aorah thought to herself for some time before she eventually preoccupied her thought with something else.

When Willard finished his training, he descended to the bottom of the mountain, which had condensed water from the water vapor in the atmosphere. Willard cleaned himself up before heading back to the cave. As he got back, Nana had started preparing food for the night. Willard sat in a meditative posture and started cultivating earth natural energy. After a couple of hours, Nana finished preparing the meal. The dynamics between everyone at the cave was exactly as it used to be. It did not take long for Nana to fall asleep after she finished eating. Aorah continued staring at the stars with some sort of melancholic look. Time slowly progressed as they all separated to their corners.

“Willard, come with me,” Aorah said to Willard after a couple of hours had passed. Willard opened his previously shut eyes and got up to follow Aorah out of the cave.

“Do you know why I have been insistent on bringing you along my journey?” Hearing Aorah’s question, Willard continued to stare at her. Of course, he had no idea, this has been one of his biggest pains. He had essentially been kidnapped with no information as to why.

“I suppose you wouldn’t know. Let me explain from the beginning.”

“When a saint is born, a devine (not divine) energy from the heaven descends on the individual changing their body, soul, and core and forming a saint body. I believe that this devine energy is the key to breaking the veil of this mortal world and transcending to the nine heavens.” She said as she stared at the stars one more time.

“The only time this energy descends is when there is a birth of a saint. At least that was what I thought until I met you. For some reason during your exhibition match at the Minya household, you were able to use elemental energy without solidifying your natural element base and more importantly, I was able to feel this energy during your match.”

“With this, you should be able to tell why I had brought you along my journey.”

Willard stood in place contemplating what Aorah had said to him. Although Willard knew Aorah’s thought process was severely flawed, because of his experience as the God Thanus, there was also something that stood out to him. This was the first time someone other than himself had noticed this energy. Willard still knew Aorah’s thinking was wrong, but this was his first clue in figuring out what to do with this energy. In a series of wrong ideology, Aorah’s first mistake was her assumption that the energy which transforms mortals to saints came from the nine heavens. As a God that had lived an almost infinite life in the nine heavens, he knew that no such energy freely existed within the nine heavens. He also knew that traversing the mortal existence into godhood did not require this so called devine energy.

“I see. Is that supposed to justify your actions? Let me ask you this, what do you plan on doing if you cannot learn to use this energy you are speaking of?” Willard asked in response to Aorah’s statement. In his head, all that Aorah had said were complete trash. He could care less about what she thought or theorized, all he cared about at this point were her intentions.

“Hahaha. Don’t let your thoughts stray that far. If I wanted to forcefully extract what bit of that devine energy you have, I would have done that awhile back. Do tell though, how is it that you are able to use that energy?”

“I am not sure what energy you are referring to. You have monitored the way I train, which should be no different from the way any other practitioner trains.”

“Hmm. that’s true, maybe someday I’ll figure something out.”

“Be careful, the moment I grow strong enough to face you, will be your last in this world.”

Aorah broke into a gentle smile, one that was both condescending and approving. “When that moment comes, I will eagerly await you.” She said turning her gaze back to the stars. Willard sat resting his back against a small boulder.

“If you are up for it, why don’t you tell me about the chaotic warring times and the Ferry tribe.” Aorah was surprised to hear what Willard had just said. It took her a little time to arrange her thoughts before she responded.

“What has Nana told you already?”

“Only that you were born a princess of the Ferry tribe in the northern kingdoms. You grew up during the chaotic warring times of the north and that a great calamity fell on her tribe, which lead to the total annihilation of your tribe.”

“That was a long time ago,” Aorah said with a gentle smile. “I guess I should at least tell you this much.”

“During those times, the northern states were unlike the neighboring southern states, that were divided into bigger kingdoms, it was a cluster of thousands of smaller tribes warring against themselves. My Ferry tribe was in a deadly war against the neighboring Kochet tribe. Although the times were perilous, it was also the best times of my life. The warriors and mages within my tribe were primarily trained in the wind element from a young age till adulthood.” Aorah said as she started narrating the story of her childhood for Willard.

“The next morning, the tribe was awakened to a huge assault from the Kochet tribe. It started like the usual raids that had been happening, but this day was actually different. Somehow, the Kochet tribe had gotten two other tribes to work together with them in battle. This was unprecedented because, until that moment, no tribe had ever joined forces with another to battle. It was an unspoken rule, that everyone obeyed or at least that was what I had previously thought.”

“It did not take long for the Ferry tribesmen to be overpowered. Within minutes of our defense collapsing, a wide-scale genocide of our tribe began. During that battle, I was stabbed but luckily survived within the piles of corpses. When I woke up, I was told that four other tribesmen including my father had taken my injured body and managed to escape to a nearby mountain. I stayed within the confines of the mountain with the remaining survivors for thirty years and trained every single day. At that point, I had reached the fifth level of elemental energy and was confident in my ability to protect my life. I had survived and persisted all those thirty years with the dream of avenging my tribes people.”


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