[Arc 3] Chapter 88

Chapter 88
Meeting the Leg Destroyer

Upon entering the sect, Chu Shen was taken to a fairly luxurious house. Inside he met the man who destroyed Lucas’ leg. The man dismissed the guard, who bowed and left for her post.

The man looked at him for a second. “I am sorry for what happened to your…… odd friend. So what can I do to make up for it young one.”

“Well, I just need a place to cultivate in peace for a while. Do you think that would be sufficient?” Chu Shen inquired.

The man laughed. “And here I was worried you would ask for some weapons or something. I am glad I did not meet someone greedy. As for arranging for a place you can cultivate peacefully, I can do that. I am one of the elders of the outer sect. I will have one of the guards show you to the house you asked for.”

The man tossed him a black medallion. “This is a guest medallion. With it, you can enter the sect but you won’t access to any cultivation resources. However, you will receive a ten percent discount on the stores we manage. The will have a sign with the Night character beside their door.”

Chu Shen bowed. “Thank you.”

“No problem. Take it as me thanking you for helping clear an inner demon.” The man called for a guard, who lead Chu Shen out to the nearby forest. At the edge was a series of small cabins.

“These are the cabins for the outer sect disciples. Your cabin is on the edge over there. If any of them bother you, show them the medallion from Lin Qun, the sect elder you met. No problems should arise if you do so.”

Chu Shen cupped his hands and bowed before heading off to his cabin. Closing the door he sighed. Taking out the jetpack, he removed Lucas’ braincase from it and set it down on the bed.

“So Chu Shen, can you take out the fabber? I was in the middle of designing my body with it.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “No. The fabber is one of the secrets we need to protect. If someone discovers it, it could have disastrous consequences. Though I doubt they would know what they have it would still be disastrous.”

A sigh came from the speakers. “Oh well, it can’t be helped. How about you put me inside the spatial ring then? I can still use the fabber in there.”

Chu Shen nodded before stopping. “Wait, I was told life couldn’t exist inside spatial rings, so how can you live there?”

“Because I am a cyborg. There is no air or food inside a spatial ring, but I don’t have to worry about that since I am not an organic.”

“Oh, great. See you later then.” Chu Shen put Lucas’ braincase back inside the spatial ring. Sitting down on the bed he decided to take a nap. Tomorrow would be when he started cultivating. For now, he was still a bit sore from the fall earlier and he couldn’t rest when he was flying.

Closing his eyes, he suddenly heard an old man’s voice. “So brat, you finally came to visit eh?”

He shot up like a rocket. He was back inside the cave studded with forging items but now it also had beast cores, technological gadgets, and a couple open martial art books. Master Ti Wu faced him with a smirk.

Chu Shen looked around in confusion. “Wait. I didn’t want to come here, so why am I here?”

“Because I summoned you of course. I need you to get stronger of course. I can’t have you relaxing now.” Ti Wu beckoned him. “Come, I will take you to face the pillar warriors again.”

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Chu Shen backed away. “No need. I already passed right? So I don’t need to do it again.”

Ti Wi made a ‘come forth’ gesture and Chu Shen involuntarily flew through the air towards him. Landing at his feet, Ti Wu let out a cold snort. “Of course you are not finished. I need you to pass another couple pillars in order for you to learn more martial arts.”

“Right now, the number of true martial arts you know can be counted on one hand. You should know that a martial art can boost your striking power by a hundred percent, not just let it go farther. You know two defense techniques, two movement techniques, and one attack technique.”

“But the problem arises from this confounded Voids Hand’s rules. I can’t avoid the rules they have and seven is the limit. You passed six columns so you can only choose six techniques from the library, excluding the cultivation technique I gave you to begin with.”

“So in order to learn some more techniques you need to beat some more column warriors. If you can’t do that you can do some trials. We will also start training you in combat experience by having you fight the column warriors until you die.”

Chu Shen backed up a little bit. “Uh master. I am not sure I completely agree with this plan.”

Ti Wu snorted. “Well whether you agree or not is irrelevant. As your master I am telling you that you will go through this trial. Don’t worry, you might suffer a bit but you won’t die. Now hurry up, we have work to do.”

Chu Shen disappeared with a wave of Master Ti Wu’s hand and reappeared in a cave surrounded by nine jade pillars. Ti Wu, on the other hand, appeared outside the pillars.

One of the jade pillars lit up while Ti Wu rubbed his hand in glee. A shadow with a saber and a leather breastplate appeared in front of Chu Shen while a replica of his metal hammer appeared in his hands. It was the shadow from the seventh pillar!

Chu Shen looked at the shadow. Compared to what he remembered it seemed…..different. Like it was more realistic. There was slight differences that he would not have noticed if it had not been the training Grandmaster Qin made him do. He could see slight tension in the shadows arms like it had muscles and wasn’t made of pure energy.

“By the way, I was able to use those lessons you got from that Qin guy to make these pillar warriors actual bodies. They are no longer shadow and are the exact same as a person. So now you training here will not be detrimental to your combat experience but actually helpful.”

Chu Shen shook his head. He finally got done with that workaholic Grandmaster Qin and now he had to deal with the sadistic Master Ti Wu. He really did associate with the wrong teachers.

Ti Wu grinned at Chu Shen which sent chills down his spine. “Luckily you don’t need to eat for a while since you can survive on Qi instead. So get ready, you are not going to leave here for a while.”


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