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[Arc 3] Chapter 87

Chapter 87
Entering the Black Night Sect

“So Chu Shen, do you have a plan or are you going to fly around aimlessly?” Lucas asked with the jetpacks speakers. They had taken off less than five minutes ago and so far they were only following the road away from the mercenary city.

“Of course I have a plan.” Chu Shen huffed in exasperation. “I need to buy a map to Wildent and then go see that man who blew off your leg on accident.”

Lucas’ stunned voice shrieked out. “That LUNATIC! No! NO! I still haven’t forgiven him for blowing off my leg, that b*stard!”

Chu Shen shook his head. “Oh it wasn’t that bad. You were able to make another, though it didn’t help much since your body is ashes now. Besides, he promised to help us in repayment for all the trouble and I need a place to breakthrough.”

“Breakthrough to what?”

“To the Martial Practicioner stage of course. I need to become stronger and that is about the most I can delay. With that, I should be able to collect the materials needed to build you an improved body.”

“Alright then. The scanners on this thing are limited to radar and some cameras, so I can tell we are coming up on a town but that’s all. It is fairly large, as big as the one we just left so we should stop here. I’ll let you down not too far so you can walk in.”

“Thanks Lucas.” Chu Shen didn’t have to wait long before the town was in sight. They were among the clouds to avoid detection but the toy like houses were evidence that they didn’t steer wrong.

Lucas started diving for the forest. At first, Chu Shen wasn’t too concerned. At least, not until the forest was less than a hundred feet away with no sign of slowing down.


“Hehehe. Don’t worry, your body’s pretty strong, it won’t break from just this. Fortunately I armored the jetpack so it won’t break either.”

“I HATE YOU SO MUCHHHH!” Chu Shen covered himself in Qi and covered his head with his arms. SNAP CRA-CRA-CRA-CRA-CRACK THUD. He crashed through several trees before landing heavily on the ground.

Chu Shen stumbled to his feet, feeling a bit battered. Groggily shaking his head, he finally stopped seeing spots. Lucas meanwhile, was feeling very ashamed.

“I thought he knew I was joking. Dangit man, why do you have to be so serious! I was going to slow down before we hit the tree line but how was I supposed to know you were going to store me inside the spatial ring before I even got the chance. DANGIT!”

Shaking off the impact, Chu Shen walked into town with a couple dirt marks on his clothes but no worse off than before. Buying the map and a bite to eat, he quickly left the town. He was a bit hesitant, but he still brought out the jetpack.

Unexpectedly, instead of Lucas pulling another prank, he started apologizing fiercely. At first Chu Shen was a bit stunned. It wasn’t until he paid attention to what Lucas was saying that he nodded and agreed with Lucas. Even Lucas knew when to stop a joke so his whole talk about crashing was just his blustering, nothing more.

Sighing, Chu Shen forgave him and quickly started on his way to Wildent city. Two days later they arrived. As they neared the city though, Chu Shen had Lucas bring down the jetpack.

“Why should we set down here, we are still a mile out from the city?” Lucas was puzzled. It was still pretty far, why walk when you could fly?

“Because I heard from the shop I bought the map at that Wildent city is a very prosperous trade town. It is supposed to be the third best city in the entire kingdom.”

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“Oh. No wonder there was so many caravans passing by.”

“And with such a big city, there must be a lot of martial artists there. Some of them must be pretty high leveled as well. It would be bad if we were detected so it’s best to be cautious.”

“Okay.” Chu Shen stored Lucas inside the spatial ring and set out. Trekking out of the forest, Chu Shen set off across the road. He wasn’t in a hurry since he didn’t have a time limit. So he strolled off unhurriedly to the city of Wildent.

Upon arriving he went through the gates unchecked. Arriving near a food stand, he bought some kebabs since he had been flying for eight hours. Asking the vendor where the black night sect was, he was directed to the east side of town.

Arriving in front of the gates for the Black Night sect, he looked at it for a second. From what he was told when he asked for directions, this was one of the top sects in the city. The entire eastern section was taken over by the Black Night sect which managed most of the local shops.

As for the actual sect, it was located near the walls and encompassed a great deal of the mountains located near the town. Often towns and sects would locate themselves near forests or mountains.

The reason being that cultivators needed seclusion to breakthrough and these terrains made it easy to become isolated. As a result, the Black Night sect being located on the edge of town was just to have more room for cultivators and to grow resources. Each sect was like a miniature town.

“Hey you! Kid, back away. The Black Night Sect isn’t recruiting today, go home.” The guard yelled from the gates.

Chu Shen cupped his hands. “I’m sorry. I am looking for someone that sent me here.”

“Shoo kid, I’m not here to babysit.” The guard dismissed him with a bored face. However, an elbow jolted slightly. The second guard, a female coincidentally, came over to him.

“What is it sweetie, who are you looking for? You can tell big sis here.” She spoke in a crooning voice. Chu Shen just looked at her for a second before shaking his head. She was offering help, no need to refuse. Even if the source acted a bit weird.

“I don’t know the person’s name but he said to show the guards this and they would know what to do.” He fished out the token that he received from the man who took Lucas’ leg.

The guard only admired the cute thirteen year old Chu Shen’s face at first. That was, until she glimpsed the medallion. It was bronze with the symbol for Night on one end and Lin Qun on the other.

She inhaled sharply. Unexpectedly, this was a medallion belonging to an outer sect elder! She glanced at Chu Shen. So young yet he had such great connections.

“Wait here for a moment. I will go see Lin Qun about your visit. Can I have your name?” She asked politely, no longer speaking in a childish manner. The other guard was a bit puzzled until he saw the medallion. He showed shock at seeing it, but then he became a little nervous.

“He wouldn’t know my name. Just tell him the kids who were on a walk on the mountains are here. He should know who we are from that.”

The guard nodded and ran off. The first guard stood there for a second before coming over to Chu Shen. “Uh, sorry about earlier. If I had known about the medallion I wouldn’t have been so rude.”

Chu Shen nodded. “I understand. Just try and be nicer in the future. It would be bad if you offended someone too powerful because you were rude.”

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The guard nodded hastily before returning to his post. It took about ten minutes but the female guard appeared again. “Follow me, he said that he wants to meet you.”

With that, Chu Shen entered the Black Night Sect.


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