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[Arc 3] Chapter 94

Chapter 94
Lucas Revives

Chu Shen was quite busy forging for a month. Originally Chu Shen thought that having ten gold was a lot but apparently not. For someone who could forge a Grade 5 weapon in a half hour, it was child’s play to earn such money.

The master smith had been shocked at having a hundred gold and commented how it took half a year to make that amount. The gold Chu Shen earned in this month was over two hundred gold alone. As for the reason, it was simple. Chu Shen was an artificer.

A smith has to buy the materials and then forge the weapon. Afterwards it needs to be inscribed otherwise it can only be considered a trashy weapon and not a true weapon. Because of this a smith has to split the profit 50-50 with the inscriptionist, not to mention the cost for it.

Considering all this, if a weapon sells for 80 silver, which is how much a Low-Tier Grade 5 weapon costs, the smith would be lucky to have made a profit of 30 or even 20 silver. Truly artificing is a noble profession.

Chu Shen forged for five hours everyday. Using these five hours he would sell ten weapons making 800 silver or 8 gold everyday. Using 1 gold to replenish his materials, Chu Shen would be able to forge for the next day.

Chu Shen also spent another two hours using the library that the Four Treasures Shop allowed him authority. Since his tablets authority outweighed his true ability, some of the books were far out of his understanding. His abilities soared as he learned.

But as the saying goes, you learn more walking a thousand miles than reading a thousand books. Chu Shen spent another two hours experimenting and applying the theories that he learned from the library, using another gold to buy materials. But he was able to earn it back from the products he made.

Next he talked with Lucas for an hour, since he said he was bored. Finally Chu Shen used another hour to cultivate. With this, Chu Shen was busy for eleven hours straight. Truly working from tirelessly. With this, Chu Shen earned over 210 gold.

While Chu Shen enjoyed this leisurely lifestyle, others cursed at him for doing so.

The Black Rose Guild had successfully sent a group of four to track down and capture Chu Shen. All of them were peak Martial Practitioners being at level 10. They were one of the elite squads and were considered quite good at such a low level branch of the Black Rose Guild.

Once they arrived, they bought some room at an inn. “Come one, we need to capture that boy right away.” One of the men stood up like he was going to go looking for him right now.

“Sit down you!” One of the other men grabbed him and hauled him back into his chair. “We have eyes on him in the city. Until he leaves we cannot attack him inside the city, otherwise we will be smacking the city lord’s face and our Black Rose Guild would not be able to protect us. Wait until he is outside the city, then we strike.”

The man who was pulled back into his chair huffed. “Fine. It is an accurate assessment but if this takes longer than half a month I am leaving.”

One of the other men who had not spoken yet rolled his eyes. “You always were impatient. How about you use this time to cultivate?”

“Nah, I would rather kill something. I need action.” The impulsive man sighed. “Unfortunately there really is nothing here. I hope that Chu Shen leaves the city soon.”

Meanwhile, Chu Shen exited the Four Treasure Shop’s main business center. He walked out rubbing his spatial ring. “I got all the materials Lucas told me he needed. I can’t wait to find out what he made his body like this time.”

Chu Shen walked into his house at the Black Night Sect. Taking out Lucas from the spatial ring, he placed his braincase on the bed. “So Chu Shen, you came home early. Why?”

He shrugged. “Well I finally gathered all those materials you needed. I think it’s time to make that body you were talking about.”

“Yeah. That will be great. Now bring out the fabber and start loading up the materials according to the schematics.”

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Chu Shen did as Lucas said. The materials were only a very small portion of the overall materials that he had bought. Looking curiously, Chu Shen waited for the fabber to finish.

Upon looking at the finished product, he immediately became confused. It was a fairly large box with a circular dent in the top. Looking around for a bit, Chu Shen found that was all that was truly there.

“What is this thing Lucas? I thought you wanted a body?”

Lucas sighed. “Well, in order to make synthetic skin, I need some very specific materials. Unfortunately, you don’t have them since you guys don’t need polyvinyl, polyethylene, and other plastic products.”
“So I made this, a mineral scanner. You should be able to find the unrefined products in the wild and transport them here. With that I will be able to walk around like a person and not some metallic monster.”

Chu Shen nodded. Of course this made sense. In order to make synthetic skin, such plastic materials were needed but plastic was not used by martial artists since only modern factories actually used them

“So what do I need to do?”

“All you need to do is activate this thing and carry it with you when you fly. I will come with you to manage the software and also to activate the jetpack. So don’t fret, it won’t take that long.”

“Besides that, I have a couple other things I need you to make for me. You did agree to it. So go ahead and load it inside the fabber.”

Chu Shen sighed and started working. Grumbling, he muttered under his breath. “I’m not a slave. When you get out, i’m going to repay you back so much for this.”

The next day, Chu Shen departed from the city. Inside the inn, the brash man from the Black Rose Guild was sleeping soundly. All of a sudden, he was rudely shoved out of bed.

Jumping up, the man grabbed his sword from the stand. “Who dares to treat me lik-”

“Give it a rest. Come on we need to move out.” One of the other men stood in front of him, glaring at the man harshly.

“The prey is leaving the city.”


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