[Arc 3] Chapter 89

Chapter 89

In the outer disciples courtyards, all was silent. Suddenly, a door on the house on the far edge of the courtyard burst open. Chu Shen came out, looking very ragged. His stomach let out a loud growl.

Stumbling, he exited the building. “Food…..I need……foood.” Chu Shen gasped. He quickly ran to the east side of town, leaving the sect for some of the local shops outside. Chu Shen remembered a couple restaurants that he had passed by when he went to the sect.

Slowing himself down, he noticed some very curious glances cast his way. Looking down, he saw that he still had on his clothes covered in dust from his travels. Chu Shen shrugged. He was just hungry. After all, for two weeks he had been fighting the pillar warriors with the only downtime being when he slept.

Calming himself, he stepped inside the restaurant. Looking at his rather poor clothes, he had to prove that he had money before they gave him a table. Chu Shen ate like a beast, ravenously devouring everything.

Finishing with his rather large meal, Chu Shen left for the local shops. Using up the last of his gold, Chu Shen set out for some of the other local stores to start preparing for his breakthrough.

“Get out! You! Get out of my store you filthy beggar!” Chu Shen was sent flying out of the store, landing in a heap on the side of the road. Dusting himself off he glared at the store manager.

“I have the money, you saw that. So why did you throw me out?” Chu Shen asked a little angry now.

The store manager glared back. “Because you dare ask for ten percent off! I should have known from those dusty clothes of yours. Trying to save some money for yourself. Humph! If I had a servant like you, I would have fired you a long time ago.”

“What! But you didn’t even give me chance to explain why I wanted ten percent off! It’s because I have a medallion from the Black Night Sect that gives me ten percent off on the stores they manage.”

The store manager only snorted. “Like I would believe an urchin like you would actually have a medallion like that. Get out of my sights you, you, you…..oh.” The manager, who was at first bellowing out loud suddenly stopped, staring at Chu Shen who had a black medallion glistening in his palm.

The manager looked at it for a second before glancing back at Chu Shen. “I am so sorry sir. If you had just shown that to begin with, none of that would have happened. Here, let me give you a hand. Please come in.”

Many of the people who had stopped to watch this show chuckled at the man’s misfortune. If Chu Shen became displeased and reported this manager’s behavior to the Black Night Sect, then he would undoubtedly be fired.

However, while Chu Shen was escorted in by the nervous manager of the store, he did not notice a couple of more covetous glances that were shot towards him. The manager of the Black Rose Guild highly valued the crafter he had. As a result, he sent out reward posters to many of the surrounding towns.

Wildent, as a very large city, was also included in this area. It only took some time to get here since the distance was very large and they didn’t have jetpacks.

Chu Shen received a new fancy pair of clothes more befitting him from the manager. He also received a twenty percent off the beast cores from the manager. Chu Shen could have bought more with the money he earned but he decided not to punish the manager.

The manager was only kicking out what he thought was a presumptuous customer, though the insults was pretty rude. It wasn’t enough to be vindictive and make him suffer too big a loss.

Chu Shen bought only what he had planned to begin with. Going to a few more stores he bought a couple more stuff including some medicinal pills. He was received a lot more graciously now that he had on some better clothes.

Traveling back to the Black Night Sect, he failed to notice the man that followed him. Once he walked into the sect, the man who was trailing him stopped. Even he did not dare try and enter the sect without permission.

The man quickly departed, heading for the Black Rose Guilds branch located in the city. Soon after, a messenger bird departed from the guild with a scroll attached to its back. The man also left, a couple gold pieces richer.

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Chu Shen, however, remained ignorant to the troubles he was in. He headed back to his house, not really paying attention. Just as he put his hand on the door to walk in, a voice called out.

“Hey! Who are you exactly!? This is the residences for the outer sect disciples!” Chu Shen turned around. A kid around his age stood there glaring at Chu Shen. “I know all the outer disciples and you’re not one of them.”

Chu Shen sighed. ‘I have had enough with arrogant people. First the restaurant, then the shop, and now this. Argh!’

He turned to the kid. “I have permission from one of the elders to use this residence.”

The kid looked at him for a second before holding a hand out. Chu Shen looked at it for a second in confusion. “What. What do you want.”

The kid rolled his eyes. “I need to see your guest pass otherwise, how am I supposed to believe you were invited by an elder to stay here.”

Chu Shen nodded in understanding but internally he was screaming at the kid. Why did he have to make things difficult when Chu Shen just wanted to meditate in peace? Come on, give me some peace kid!

Chu Shen brought out the guest pass. The kid looked at it before nodding. “Okay so I guess you can stay in the Black Night Sect. But you still haven’t proven you have permission to stay here.”

Chu Shen then brought out the token given to him by the elder. The kid sighed and finally acquiesced. “Alright, I suppose your story isn’t too far fetched. Go on, I won’t stop you now.”

Suddenly one of the doors to the other houses opened, revealing a young man. “Stop making things difficult for others Cang Ming! You don’t even have any authority here!”

Cang Ming turned around and started arguing with him. “What do you mean I don’t have any authority! I have plenty auth……”

Their voices faded as Chu Shen just ignored them and walked into his cabin, shutting the door firmly behind him. The soundproof array made sure none of their voices reached him.

Chu Shen sighed. He slid down the door and just sat on the floor, resting. But his slump didn’t last long before an eager gleam appeared in his eye.

“Alright, it’s time to make a breakthrough.”


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