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[Arc 3] Chapter 96

Chapter 96

Chu Shen faced the four men while three of them walked forward slowly, leaving the one with the bow at a distance. Bringing out his hammer, the three men brought out their own weapons. Two were armed with swords while another with a spear.

Slowly they circled around Chu Shen. Everyone’s body shields appeared simultaneously, like an invisible signal was given. “Why are you attacking me? I did you no wrong.” Chu Shen asked, while facing the one in front of him.

The man grinned. “Well, I may not have a grudge with you, but someone want’s that knowledge you have. All we are doing is collecting a paycheck. Don’t worry though, we won’t kill you. Come along quietly. There is no shame for a Level 3 Martial Practitioner facing four Level 10 Martial Practitioners to surrender.”

Chu Shen did not reply but merely hefted his hammer in response. The man sighed. “Oh well, I didn’t think it would work anyways. Okay boys, we go with the first formation.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, an arrow streaked towards Chu Shen. Hurriedly bringing up his hammer, Chu Shen knocked the hammer away. But unfortunately, the attack was merely a distraction.

A wall of energy suddenly appeared between the front man and man beside him. Quickly glancing around, Chu Shen realized he was in a triangle shaped cage of energy that came to a dome, closing off all routes of escape.

The man smiled at him sadistically. “Alright then, I would surrender now. You have no chance of escaping.”

“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to capture me too?” A voice called out. Everyone’s heads swiveled towards the source of the voice. Everyone could see Lucas as he stepped out of the forest and faced the captured Chu Shen.

“That’s the mortal servant. Take care of him, alive if you can.” The man who had been speaking to Chu Shen gestured towards the archer. The archer nodded and immediately lifted his bow, launching an arrow towards Lucas.

The arrow hit Lucas, flying right through him. His image distorted and then reappeared five yards away. “Come on now, you missed. Try again~.”

The archer immediately became incensed and started launching arrow after arrow. Five, ten, thirty, forty. Not a single one of his arrows actually touched Lucas.

The archer, who was at first blinded by rage, broke out into cold sweat. He had cooled off by now and realized something was off. This kid was so fast that he couldn’t even see him move. This boy was dangerous.

While the archer started trying to think, Lucas stood there watching him. “Can’t hit me?” Lucas asked. “Well if you can’t, then how about I hit you?” Lucas held up a palm. Suddenly, a beam of silver-blue energy erupted from his palm.

The beam was like several lightning bolts tangled together and shot towards the archer. Face immediately paling at the immense power he could sense, he immediately tried to dodge but unfortunately, the beam was too fast. It was already upon him before he could think.

Circulating his Qi, the archer strengthened his shield as much as possible. Unfortunately, he did not have a melee weapon to help block the attack so he had to take it on with his hands.

The lightning beam struck the archer, launching him backwards. The beam continuing striking the archer. His body shield flared up for a second before dimming and disappearing. The archer immediately screamed as the lightning beam cut through his body without resistance.

His body convulsed, his skin burning from the massive amount of energy coursing through him. A five inch hole was burned through his arm and chest. The archer was dead without a doubt.

“Huh. Guess he was just a bit too weak.” Lucas said, looking a bit disappointed. The three men were stunned by the sudden death of their companion, but they were jolted out of their shock by Lucas’ word.

“Don’t move. If you do then we will kill your friend here.” The man said. To emphasize his point, the barriers surrounding Chu Shen immediately shrunk. “We can crush him with the barrier with a single thought.”

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Lucas held up a finger and shook it. “Uh uh uh. You shouldn’t do that.”

The man laughed. “And why wouldn’t I-” Immediately his head burst into a mist of blood as Chu Shen’s hammer passed through the barrier and his body shield like a hot knife through butter.

Of course Chu Shen was never captured. He just wanted to give Lucas a chance to test his toys. “Come on Lucas, let’s get this over with.”

Lucas sighed. “Well, we could give them a fighting chance you know? I still need to test out my toys.”

Chu Shen glared at him. Lucas shrugged. “All right fine.”

The two shocked companions had already started to escape. Lucas raised his hand up before suddenly bringing it down. Immediately three other beams of lightning shot out from right behind the two fleeing companions. They died, writhing in pain from the lightning.

Lucas smiled. “Well, it’s too bad the Beast Core Drones have only one shot but they are very powerful”

Chu Shen nodded. “Yeah. You seem to be invincible so long as they don’t see the holo-drone. Using the other drones to make it seem like you are shooting it from you palm was genius.”

Lucas grinned at the compliment. “Well, we should get on our way. Mind bringing out the jetpack so I can control it?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “Not yet, we need to check their bodies for loot.” He went over and started to check the corpses. They didn’t have a whole lot, they were from a small branch of the Black Rose Guild anyways. As a matter of fact, the only spatial ring was on the leaders body.

Lucas sighed. “They were really too poor. Anways, lets go.”


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