[Arc 3] Chapter 91

Chapter 91
Hunting Again

Chu Shen stretched. Sitting in one place for two long was a bit concerning. Counting the days, Chu Shen realized he had been meditating for a whole week. Surprisingly though, he didn’t feel very hungry. After he experienced Master Ti Wu’s ‘training’, he had thought that he would have been starving.

After thinking for a bit, Chu Shen realized the difference. Before, Chu Shen was using up his Qi as a replacement for food but his Qi ran out since he couldn’t replenish it while he was training. But when he meditated, he needed to replenish his Qi, resulting in his him having a surplus of Qi.

Chu Shen sighed. Bringing out Lucas he set his braincase on the bed. “So Lucas, how is the body going?”

“Well it’s nice to know i’m remembered every once in awhile. You didn’t talk to me for THREE WEEKS! Do you have any idea how bored i’ve been? I created over fifty different body designs. FIFTY! I even started working on weaponry designs based off that book on resources you gave me!”

Chu Shen rolled his eyes, though Lucas’ bare bones braincase wouldn’t be able to pick the motion up. “I’m sorry Lucas. I needed to cultivate and I’ve been busy for a while. I was training with Master Ti Wu for two weeks and then I cultivated for a week straight. I didn’t have a lot of downtime to chat.”

“Fine, I guess you were busy with important stuff. More important than me. No hard feelings.”

“Lucaasssss.” Chu Shen whined. “You know i’m just trying this for you. Here’s what I plan to do. I ran out of money buying beast cores to breakthrough fast. So I am going to go hunting for some beasts to earn some money. Once I have enough, I plan to start forging and selling inscripted weapons. I can earn money fast with that, enough to buy the materials for your body.”

Chu Shen looked expectantly at Lucas’ braincase. There was an awkward pause as Lucas digested this. Finally, Lucas replied. “Alright, I agree with your plan. But how about you make me a couple things as well as the body. Consider it an apology.”

Chu Shen pumped his fist in the air. “Alright! So do you want to go back into the spatial ring? Or I can leave you in the house?”

“Any other options? I’m getting really bored in here.”

“No, none that I can think of.”

“Fine. I need to pick which model to go with anyways.” Lucas disappeared inside Chu Shen’s spatial ring. Chu Shen departed for the Chu Sect to find someone to recommend him a good place to hunt.

As it turns out, the Black Night Sect actually had a hunting ground at the edge of the sect where they raised Primordial Beasts. Anyone could enter, but any beast cores or pelts must be sold to the Black Night Sect and the price they were bought at was 10% less than they would go for outside the sect.

Normally this would make it less visited but to the sect disciples this was a blessing. The reason for that was they could trade in contribution points instead of money which could be exchanged for items and training areas.

To the sect this was a bonus since they could reap materials at a lower cost. It also helped train the disciples in combat. To everyone involved it was a win-win. Except those who were from outside the sect. Which was exactly why Chu Shen was mad.

“I can enter but only three times a month! And each time can only be three days at a time!? This is totally awful! But at least they told me the strongest Primordial Beast is a Class 6 beast. With that I should be able to use my spiritual sense.”

Chu Shen grumbled about all the restrictions that were placed on him when he entered. But he supposed they made sense. Only letting people enter 9 days a month restricted people so that they couldn’t over hunt the primordial beasts, even if the ones they chose repopulated quickly.

Chu Shen learned all of this after he asked the guards that managed this forest. The forest was divided into sections, with each one having an array to keep them separated. They would separate the beasts according to Class and they would restrict the cultivation level to also prevent the slaughter of beasts.

Arrays are costly to make and the result was that the highest rank Primordial Beast they could keep was a Class 8 beast. Otherwise the price would be astronomical to keep the array working.

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Sending out his Spiritual Sense, Chu Shen started hunting. He was now a Martial Practitioner, the equivalent of a class 5 beast. With the highest class beast being a class 6, Chu Shen didn’t fear being found out since he could still run away from a beast at that power level.

Other cultivators could sense it when they were scanned by spiritual sense. The reason for this is that a person uses their soul to ‘perceive’ the world around them. Other cultivators could sense this using their own soul.

But if the difference in strength was too much, then they could mask their own cultivation. They could also track down those who scanned them with spiritual sense.

Chu Shen hunted for a while. Using his spiritual sense, he scanned a couple hundred meters in front of him. When he did though, Chu Shen heard a loud ROAR echo out from in front of him. All the birds within a mile took flight.

Chu Shen immediately took off running in the opposite direction. Behind him, the Cracking of trees could be heard. As Chu Shen disappeared, a large white ape could be seen running through the forest.

Opening it’s mouth, a beam of white energy shot towards Chu Shen. When that white beam shot out, the surrounding temperature immediately dropped. The very air froze around the beam, ice crystals appearing as the water in the air froze. It even started snowing.

The beam struck Chu Shen. However, the beam only seemed to disappear into the gray energy that coated his body. Seeing this, the apes eyes turned bloodshot.


Letting out an ear splitting roar, the ape charged after Chu Shen. It was surprisingly fast for it’s size. Chu Shen was barely able to keep in front of it. The ape kept launching beams of white light at him but Chu Shen was able to block them all with minimum effort.

As a matter of fact, with each strike Chu Shen would have a burst of speed, slightly increasing the distance. Finally the ape let out a Huff that leveled a tree. With that, the ape departed into the forest.

Chu Shen let out a sigh of relief. That was a close one. If the ape had pursued him for another half-hour, he would have run out of Qi. Of course, if the ape kept on firing those ice Qi beams at him, then he would have been fine. The passive absorption of the major meridian helped a lot as well.

It had already pursued him for over three hours during which Chu Shen had to defend against constant attacks while using Comet Travels Through and Stars Dance to their highest level. The expenditure of Qi was boggling.

Chu Shen cursed the ape for making him waste so much time. It was truly unfortunate he encountered the class 6 Arctic Ape. He used a couple Qi replenishing pills to replenish a bit of energy before continuing his hunting.

Meanwhile, the Black Rose Guild had started using its connections to track Chu Shen. It would take a month and a half of travel in order for the Black Rose Guild to receive the bird’s message, gather a team for the mission, and then send them to the branch office located at Wildent.

However, half that time had already passed. Chu Shen didn’t know it, but he was running out of time.


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