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[Arc 3] Chapter 95

Chapter 95

“So when are we going to fly again?” Lucas asked. Currently Chu Shen was carrying his braincase under his arm. The jetpack was still stored inside his spatial ring for some reason.

“Well we still need to get far enough away so they won’t detect us from the city. There are some true powerhouses there and if we are not far enough it could spell disaster. Now shut up, there’s a caravan coming.”

They waited while the large procession of wagons, guards, and merchants passed by. The animals that pulled the wagons looked like horses with scales and horns.

They were Lizard Horses, famed for their stamina and defense though their attack and speed were questionable. These traits made them the best for pulling carriages such as these.

After they passed Lucas started talking again. “So why am I not using the Holo-Drone again? It can fly you know since I don’t feel like being carried.”

“Because, what will people think of a metal flying ball? To most you might be a wondrous artifact, something that others would kill us for. And yes I know it has an invisibility mode and we already proved that I can’t see it.”

“However, we can’t guarantee that the invisibility will hold up against someone with a higher level cultivation. If they see you then, once again, it will spell disaster. Especially since they will be stronger than me.”

“Well, I think with my new toys I should be able to take care of one or two stronger martial artists.”

“This is our lives we are talking about. We can’t take such risks. Until you can prove the trustworthiness of the invisibility cloak, or it is a life and death situation, we cannot take the chance.”

“Humph. With such a sub-standard fabber, I can’t make a better cloaking system. We need to make another fabber but the materials just aren’t available without extensive searching using the mineral scanner.”

“Sorry Lucas, you are going to have to wait. We are already pushing our luck the way it is.”


Meanwhile, the four man group from the Black Rose Guild followed behind them. They were mounted on Lizard Horses. While Lizard Horses were not fast or agile in combat, it was still true they were one of the best long distance mounts there was for land. All of the real elites used flying mounts.

Slowly they closed in on Chu Shen and Lucas. Soon they reached a distance of about two miles from the city. Chu Shen took out the jetpack and put Lucas in it. “Alright then Lucas, you ready to go?”

“You bet.”

As Chu Shen started to strap it on, he felt a disturbance in the force. Ahem, Qi. Reacting immediately, Chu Shen jumped backwards. An arrow streaked past him, sinking into the ground like a hot knife through butter.

Cold sweat dripped off of his forehead. Luckily he felt the Qi surging towards him otherwise he would have been hit by the arrow. He jumped into the forest nearby. It was a good thing he did too.

Four Lizard Horses reached the spot he jumped off the road within ten seconds him jumping. One of the men on the horses held a bow in his hand. The man was frowning.

“They said he was a Martial Student. No way am I buying that, no student could have sensed my arrow, let alone dodged it.”

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One of the other men sighed and scratched his head. “Well, if the arrow had hit his leg like we planned, he wouldn’t have been able to flee. Seems like we need to hunt him down now. What a bother.”

The man was promptly hit upside the head by the first person who spoke. “Oh shut up. We’re getting paid for this, so do your job! Now, let’s go. Let the horses follow from a distance so they don’t get in the way. He shouldn’t have fled too far.”

Suddenly the man frowned. “Hmm. It seems like our prey isn’t that timid. Get ready boys, he scanned us so I know where he is now.” The man rubbed his hands. “Looks like this isn’t going to take as long as you thought eh?” He elbowed the second man who spoke.

“Yeah, it’s better this way otherwise it’s too much of a hassle.”

When the four men rode their horses up, Chu Shen immediately frowned. Pulling out the Holo-Drone, along with four tube-shaped objects, Chu Shen loaded Lucas’ braincase into the drone.

“Alright Lucas, you ready?”

The drone floated up a bit with only a soft blue glow along with the four tubes. “Yep. How do I look?” When he said that, a blue light shot out and seemed to scan all of them. Suddenly they disappeared from his sight.

“Great job. Now are you ready?” Chu Shen asked. Then Lucas appeared in front of him, looking the exact same as he did before he had self-destructed.

Lucas nodded. “Yep, I’m ready.”

“Good now I am going to use my spiritual sense to determine how strong they are before we fight. Be ready because they will immediately be able to find me. Tell me quick, are there any open areas nearby?”

“Yes. There is one without any animals around. But why don’t you want to fight them on the road?”

“Because if we do then some caravans may become involved. There would be too many complications. Of course if we are outclassed by them, running until I can put the jetpack on while you distract them is the best course of action.”

“Okay then, I trust your judgement. Anyways, I can get you to the clearing anytime your ready.”

Excellent. I’m scanning them now. Get ready to guide me to the clearing.” Upon scanning them Chu Shen nodded. “All four of them are Level four Martial Practitioners. Troublesome, but not enough to put us in dire straights.”

“Good.” Lucas disappeared into thin air while Chu Shen ran towards the clearing, small balls of light guiding him to the clearing. Chu Shen could hear other martial artists following him.

Reaching the clearing, Chu Shen ran to the other side before then turning around. Reaching his right hand up his left hands sleeve, Chu Shen seemed to fiddling with something. Right as he finished, they appeared.

The Black Rose Guild.


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