[Arc 3] Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Chu Shen sat down in a lotus position. Taking out the ten beast cores he had bought, he prepared to start breaking through. He thought back on what Master Ti Wu had explained why Void constitutions were superior to all others.

In order to explain that, one must understand the cultivation process of those with other types of innate constitutions. For this explanation, Master Ti Wu had used fire constitutions as an example.

Those with a fire constitution only had to absorb fire Qi in order to advance their cultivation. They didn’t need to grow their souls since they could control their Qi without worry about a cultivation deviation, just like Chu Shen.

But it was also true they could only absorb fire Qi.The reason for this was that their body would reject any other kind of Qi. If they tried absorbing other types, it would either cause them tremendous pain.

However, people with these kinds of constitutions were both lucky and unlucky. There was always two edges to a blade. While it was true that they only had to absorb Qi that was related to their element, they also had to have increasingly stronger sources. As their body became stronger, it needed a stronger and more pure source.

For example, those at the mortal realm would easily advance when they cultivate around campfires or a candle-rich environments. However, upon breaking through they would need to find a better source like a hot spring.

Later on they would need to find volcanoes or other sources rich with natural fire Qi. Eventually even places like this would not be sufficient and they would need to find abnormal places with extreme fire. And these abnormal places would be quite dangerous, only the lucky would survive.

However, those with a Void constitution are favored greatly by the heavens. Maybe it was a result of having all of the elements, including their opposites, in one form that resulted in such a heaven-defying ability.

It was all because null Qi has the unique characteristic of being able to absorb and convert all kinds of Qi. Because of this unique feature, it surpasses all other forms of constitution. Whereas others have to search for places with extremes of their elements, those with Void Constitution only have to absorb and convert regular Qi around them.

If others knew about this they would cough up blood in shame. They had pay terrible prices to cultivate but these Void users can just cultivate like normal? No, it would be more accurate to say that all they have to do is absorb energy to cultivate. They don’t even have to go through hardship to grow their soul!

Truly a heaven defying ability. The only reason why Chu Shen wasn’t cultivating like mad was so that he could temper himself with others the same power level as him.

Otherwise he wouldn’t have enough combat experience, unlike those wily foxes who clawed their way to the top. With this Chu Shen was able to feel the dangers of death and improve his battle sense. Otherwise if the two were on even terms or even if Chu Shen only had a slight advantage, he would lose because of being outwitted and outmaneuvered.

Chu Shen started to cultivate. Circulating his Qi, he also reached his soul out to ‘grab’ Qi. Qi flooded into his dantian. Using this Qi he started directing it towards the many minor meridians located at his pores.

In order to advance to the Martial Student stage, one needed to unblock the outer meridians, which was a collection of minor meridians right under the skin.

Each tiny meridian, which numbered in the billions, was a channel that let Chu Shen’s soul out into the world to absorb Qi. It was also how Chu Shen was able to release Qi.

Each successive breakthrough would lead to an increase of Qi that could flow into or out of the body at one time and also how much could be stored inside the meridians. This led to each level increasing the amount of power one could unleash at one time and also how many times one could unleash such a move.

Chu Shen started using his Qi to unblock the meridians, pushing past and expelling the impurities located inside the meridians. It took a long time to go to each cluster of minor meridians and break through it. With one swift swoop, he broke through to level 5. As he broke through, thick stinky black slime was exuded from all of his pores.

Repeating the process he broke to level 6, then level 7. However, Chu Shen sense his stamina fading. He didn’t have enough Qi to continue this breakneck speed. Chu Shen had been conserving as much energy as possible by passively absorbing Qi to slow down the expenditure of Qi.

But the rate of Qi being used far exceeded that of Qi absorbed. He just couldn’t split his attention, or rather soul, to breakthrough and absorb Qi. Sighing, Chu Shen stopped just as he finished breaking through to level 7. He opened his eyes and looked at the beast cores surrounding him.

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Chu Shen reached out his hand, covered in gray Qi. Beast cores looked like glowing crystal orbs, emitting soft glows that were different colors based upon their attribute.

Upon Chu Shen’s energy coated hand touching the beast core, the energy moved, covering the beast core in gray energy. When that happened, the gray Qi started pulsing with energy. With each pulse, the gray Qi started getting brighter and the beast core became dimmer.

After a while, the beast core became a dull, see through crystal orb. Chu Shen, who looked a little pale from Qi exhaustion, regained his color. Sighing again, Chu Shen closed his eyes and started the breakthrough process again.

The beast core he just absorbed helped him regain about 70% of his energy, enough to continue breaking through. Continuing, Chu Shen managed to breakthrough to level 8. However, now his Qi reserves were down to 12%.

Each time he broke through he would gain a surge of Qi, but this surge of Qi was miniscule compared to what his capacity was with each breakthrough. Not to mention that the energy needed to break through increased exponentially.

Chu Shen absorbed two beast cores on the same level as the one he had absorbed before. But whereas the first one increased energy by about 50%, the two combined only filled him up by 80%, increasing his Qi reserves to 92%! That was a reduction of 10%!

Using this energy, Chu Shen broke through to level 10. Upon reaching this stage he had his Qi at about 7%! This massive reduction in Qi, even when he had absorbed two beast cores, showed the amount of energy needed to clear his meridians.

Chu Shen absorbed the other five beast cores that he had placed around him. His Qi reserves increased from his 7%, to 51%. He still had to breakthrough to become a Martial Practitioner.

Chu Shen was in no hurry though. His breakthroughs had taken him about two days to complete. What was a couple more hours compared to that? Chu Shen was patient and slowly absorbed Qi from the surrounding area.

The Black Night Sect had a fairly large concentration of energy, making it easier to replenish his energy. With the millions of minor meridians absorbing Qi like a sponge, Chu Shen was able to replenish his Qi by the beginning of the third day.

Taking a deep breath, Chu Shen prepared to propel himself to the Martial Practitioner stage. In order to break through such a stage, he needed to open up a major meridian.

The body had 7 major meridians. The were located in the right leg, left leg, right arm, left arm, head, heart, and dantian. Chu Shen sent his Qi forth to the meridian on his left leg, like a seething wave smashing against a dam it hit the meridian.

The meridians impurities however, did not break. Chu Shen did not become discouraged, he could sense it move slightly. Repeatedly bashing into the impurities, Chu Shen worked at the meridian.

He lost track of just how many times he smashed into that meridian. But it eventually broke. When it did, Chu Shen felt a new surge of Qi come into his body. This surge nourished his dantian, causing it to expand slightly. However, it was not as much as he had expected.

At the same time, Chu Shen realized there was an issue with this new channel for Qi. He could sense a great energy just outside his reach and that what he received so far was just a trickle.

It was the same as digging out a channel leading to a lake. Chu Shen already had one channel from the outer meridians connecting the lake, which was his body. But this new channel, even if it was dug, passed by the lake and all he received was what seeped through.

Chu Shen needed to force this channel to connect to his body otherwise he could not use his soul to gather energy from this channel. It would mean that although he had taken the first step into this new realm, he could not be considered a true Martial Practitioner.

Chu Shen started using his soul to drag this channel in the right direction. Unknown to him, a long time passed by as he concentrated whole heartedly on syncing his meridians together.

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Eventually though, Chu Shen succeeded. With that, the major meridian successfully linked up with his internal meridians. Immediately a huge surge of Qi came gushing in, just like a river that has become cleared of blockages.

Chu Shen manipulated that energy towards his dantian. When it reached the dantian it filled up to the brim, overflowing with Qi. With a bang, the Dantian suddenly expanded. It became twice as big as it was now. The Qi in his body turned from a big pond to a small lake all at once.

Chu Shen sent his soul along the open pathway. He basked in this open feeling, like he could fly. His soul started to change, becoming…..stronger. It was an adaptation triggered by the opening of his major meridians, even if it was only the first step.

If before his soul was like a hand, dragging and manipulating Qi from the outside, it now became a multi-purpose machine. Chu Shen was able to sense Qi outside his body. He could sense the cultivation level of the people in the cabins around him.

Obviously, this was the spiritual sense that his father spoke of. The reason why cultivators could sense everything around them. Another change that occurred was the major meridian turned into a whirlpool, absorbing energy.

Chu Shen could feel the Qi he could unleash had increased. Trying it out, he formed a simple sphere of Qi in front of him. Frowning, Chu Shen stared at it for a second before coming to a conclusion.

Apparently the major meridians also allowed you to unleash Qi, but there was an issue. The major meridians passively absorbed Qi. He couldn’t stop it, at all. So when he wanted to send out Qi, he had to force his way through, like a boat traveling upstream.

Compared to the minor meridians, it was a major disadvantage. Obviously Chu Shen would not be able to massively increase his output of Qi. But every time he advanced, it strengthened his body, including the meridians.

Because of that, his body and meridians would be able to handle more Qi, letting him unleash more. As a result, he wasn’t too worried about this minor setback. Chu Shen was, however, overjoyed with another aspect of the meridians.

Because of his soul being able to go so far from his body, about 500 meters, Chu Shen could control Qi and create structures from that distance. With that, his range of combat expanded far beyond that he had before. He could send his Qi as projectiles for a thousand meters though he lost fine control if it went beyond 500 meters.

Chu Shen let out a sigh. The breakthrough process was finally over, now he had to clean off all these filthy impurities. Putting his hands on his knees, Chu Shen went to stand up. As he did though, he fell over.

Making a helpless face, Chu Shen just laid there. ‘Seriously! I thought Cultivators didn’t have to worry about their muscles falling asleep!’


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