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Chapter 550 – I’ll Never Eat Your Food!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

The wind howled across the rooftop.

Yaeger playfully ruffled her tousled black hair, a smirk spreading across her face. She was reveling in the moment, thoroughly enjoying herself. Nothing was more pleasurable than revenge; anything less meant the vengeance wasn’t grand or satisfying enough!

“Hehehe, enjoy yourself to the fullest. Soon, you’ll be nothing more than an actual doll,” Yaeger taunted.

Yaeger had altered Max both mentally and physically. This was quite similar to what had happened to Vera 18. Unlike Vera 18, who was transformed completely from the core, Max had been physically modified but was mentally controlled. It was as though she was possessed, with a false personality dictating every movement.

Eventually, the two personalities would merge, effectively turning her into a real-life doll. Throughout this process, the original personality remained painfully aware, making it excruciatingly cruel.

“Have fun, you guys,” Yaeger called out, indifferent to the unfolding events. All that mattered to Yaeger was that Max was suffering now and would continue to suffer in the future.

On tiptoe, Yaeger took flight from the rooftop.

Simultaneously, within the game world, in Black Plate City, a northern settlement of the Jade Empire.

“Report! The Sky Empire’s main army has encamped twenty-five kilometers from the northern fortress!” A soldier burst into the meeting room of Black Plate City’s fortress, shouting the report.

At the news, Richard snapped a tiny flag on the sandbox map in two, his eyes blazing with a grim fire.

“Preposterous!” Richard slammed his hand on the table, shattering the sandbox and scattering sand across the floor.

The surrounding military officers trembled, fearing the Emperor’s wrath might turn towards them.

“Set out immediately for the northern fortress!” Richard commanded, raising his hand emphatically.

Enraged beyond measure, Richard had barely arrived in Black Plate City when this infuriating news greeted him, almost making him spew blood in anger. With the enemy encamped practically at his doorstep, the humiliation was unbearable. Failure to act immediately would invite mockery from the neighboring empires.

Outside the fortress, the grand army swiftly entered the large military teleporter, heading for the northern fortress.

“Damn it, it just had to happen now!” Richard exclaimed, clenching his fists in fury atop the fortress.

With a massive unresolved issue back home and another crisis emerging here, it seemed misfortune was truly pouring down.

“Alicia, no matter what happens, you will never claim the throne! If I don’t grant it, you cannot take it!”

In the [City of Chaos].

“Number seventeen, you traitor!” Vera 18, now fully awake, pointed at Vera 17 and accused her sharply.

The accused, Vera 17, shrugged and sighed deeply. “It seems you still don’t grasp the situation, number eighteen.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Look into your heart, and you will understand,” Vera 17 advised, pointing to her chest.

Vera 18 hesitantly touched her chest, finding it unexpectedly flat. “Nothing is different,” she remarked.

“Don’t you feel any difference in your body at all?” Vera 17 asked, clearly exasperated.

“Let me check,” said Vera 18, her previously fierce demeanor softening immediately. Her emotions, much like a hurricane, were intense but fleeting. She closed her eyes to concentrate on sensing any changes in her body. Within moments, she screamed, “Mamma Mia! What is happening?”

She could distinctly feel that her life energy had been altered. Moreover, this new life energy was significantly stronger than what she had known.

However, the issue wasn’t just the energy’s strength. She felt as though her body had been completely corrupted.

“Sob, now I can’t even get married anymore!”

“You’re still thinking about marriage? Don’t waste your breath. Without the master’s energy, we’re all doomed,” Vera 17 mocked.

“Sob, sob, sob!” Those words cut through her like a sharp blade, causing indescribable pain.

Indeed, she understood the gravity of her situation. Now that her body had been completely claimed and transformed by Princess, there was no escape. She harbored a deep hatred for Princess but was powerless to seek revenge. All Vera 18 felt was heartbreak and helplessness.

“Rest assured, as long as you please the master, you’ll reap many benefits,” Vera 17 consoled her, patting her shoulder empathetically, as if she had undergone the same ordeal.

Vera 18 was utterly irritated by these words. This doppelgänger of hers was not only subservient herself but also sought to reduce her to the same state! This situation was completely intolerable and utterly unacceptable! She forcefully pushed Vera 17’s hand away and growled, “I’d rather jump from here and die than become her puppet!”

“Well, then you can just starve here until you die,” Vera 17 responded indifferently.

Her words struck Vera 18 like a thunderbolt, leaving her utterly stunned and her mind blank.

Regaining her composure, she quickly seized the other’s arm and asked in a fluster, “You… what did you just say?”

“You can cling to that pitiful dignity and starve to death,” Vera 17 responded with cold indifference.

Vera 18’s hands trembled, her face drained of color, and her pupils dilated in shock, losing focus. Only one thing in this world truly terrified Vera—starvation. Hunger alone had the power to shatter her resolve, her will, and her patience.

“I don’t want it… I don’t want it, I don’t want it! Ahhhh!”

Envisioning herself starving to death, Vera 18 trembled uncontrollably, cold sweat drenching her body as she screamed hysterically.

“If you don’t want to go hungry, it’s simple,” Vera 17 said, pulling her into a hug and speaking softly. “Just become the master’s most loyal servant, and you can eat all the KFC you want until you drop.”

Vera 18 had already been wavering, but the idea of subsisting only on something as unappealing as KFC after betrayal made her refuse outright.

“I don’t want that!”

“You don’t want what?” At that moment, the door opened, and a beautiful voice filled the room.

Turning around, they saw the strikingly beautiful princess standing at the doorway, holding several bags of piping hot food.

Behind them, Little Blue began sucking her fingers, her adorable eyes locked on the bags of food.

“Master!” At the smell of the food, Vera 17 immediately released Vera 18 and bounded over. If she had a tail, it would undoubtedly be wagging furiously.

‘Behaving like a sycophant is utterly disgraceful!’ Vera 18 clenched her fists tightly, her face twisted with resentment.

“Vera 18, did you just say you won’t eat? Fine, I’ll give your share to them instead,” After saying that, Yaeger handed the bags of food to Little Blue and Vera 17.

“Wait, I… I…” Vera 18 stammered out a response quickly.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to eat?” Yaeger asked indifferently, looking at her. Her eyes twinkled with mockery, deeply wounding Vera 18’s pride.

“I, Vera 18, will jump from here right now and turn myself into a puddle of mucus rather than eat any of your…”

“Oh, it smells amazing! Wow, cheese-baked lobster! You’re too kind, master!”

Before Vera 18 could finish her sentence, Vera 17 cut her off.

“I picked up some takeaway nearby after visiting a friend. I’m glad you like it,” Yaeger said, patting her head before turning a stern gaze on Vera 18. “You said you weren’t going to eat any of my what?”

“No, what I meant was… Master, I’m so hungry! I’d love some lobster!” The stubborn and prideful Vera 18 declared so.


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