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Chapter 546 – Master, Why Don’t We Do Something Cheeky?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Is there an issue?” Yaeger was used to her dramatic behavior.

“Master, what I’m about to say next… Ouch!” Little Blue was cut off by a knuckle to the head.

“Be direct. Don’t be dramatic,” Yaeger said, rolling her eyes.

“Sob… I understand,” Little Blue whimpered, tapping the projected screen with tears in her eyes. Soon, the projected data formed a graph. The colors ranged from light to dark, making the data easy to interpret.

“Generally, the speed of awakening didn’t change. But at times, unusual pulses of energy appeared in specific spots, causing a brief acceleration in those locations,” Little Blue explained.

Yaeger felt uneasy as she stared at the location marked in dark colors. ‘There are four special locations in Cathay!’ she thought.

“Little Blue, could this be related to the awakening of ancient living beings, as you mentioned before?”

Little Blue pondered for a moment, then nodded before shaking her head. “You could say it does, but also doesn’t.”

“What do you mean?” Yaeger asked in confusion.

“The unusual energy changes could be due to the awakening of ancient beings or caused by the location itself.”


“Yes. The planet’s awakening isn’t evenly spread across all locations. Some places are naturally more affected,” Little Blue said.

“If it’s normal, why were you so shocked just now?” Yaeger asked in exasperation.

“Master, for any typical high-grade planet, even if it started fully awakening, it wouldn’t have so many special changes.” Little Blue placed both hands on her hips, looking superior. ‘You just don’t understand!’

Yaeger wanted to smack her when she saw that.

“So what does that actually mean?”

“In short, this planet is too unusual and beyond my understanding. Maybe it’s even beyond high grade,” Little Blue said.

Yaeger blinked. “Is that a bad thing?”

“No. You could say it’s incredibly great. But it’s also great for those ancient beings. The stronger the planet, the stronger they are. It’s their natural trait. “On the contrary, you humans are weak. Too weak. When this planet fully awakens, you’ll either be exterminated or enslaved,” Little Blue shrugged.

“Now that you put it that way, not awakening seems like the better choice,” Yaeger said, unconvinced by Little Blue’s words.

These ideas of ancient beings and a beyond-high-grade planet seemed unrealistic. Whether they were true or not, and if such things even existed, she needed more time to find out.

“You can’t look at it that way. Awakening the planet will bring you superhumans a lot of benefits,” Little Blue said.

“Like what?”
“You can become stronger.”
“I like that benefit,” Yaeger smiled.
“Master, I have a way to make you stronger faster,” Little Blue said, crossing her arms and speaking solemnly.

“Really?” Yaeger’s expression changed, and she asked quickly. Her current strength made her unbeatable among Grandmasters, but she wasn’t invincible yet. She was still inferior to Lisa Black. So Yaeger deeply desired a way to grow stronger more quickly.

“Of course it’s true,” Little Blue said.

“And what is it?” Yaeger’s eyes gleamed with anticipation.

“It’s simple. Master, all you need to do is go to these special places and claim the awakened energy for yourself,” Little Blue said casually.

“That’s a good idea—not! If there are really powerful ancient beings in those places, wouldn’t I be jumping to my death?” Humans feared the unknown. Yaeger wouldn’t want to get herself hurt for no good reason.

“Don’t worry, Master. This planet only started awakening recently. With your current strength, it’s a walk in the park to handle those barely awakened old-timers!” Little Blue said while making slicing motions with her hands.

“I don’t believe you. I know you’re evil!” Yaeger stretched out her hand and pinched her face on both sides.

“Waaaaaaah!” she screamed in pain as Yaeger pinched her face.

“Enough, stop the nonsense. We can’t deal with the planet’s awakening and those special locations for now,” Yaeger said indifferently, letting go of her hands.

Regardless, she had plenty of time. She just needed to use her time wisely to strengthen herself, so she would be strong enough to handle any danger.

“Sob… It hurts,” Little Blue said, rubbing her cheeks. “Actually, if the [City of Chaos] is even one-third repaired, it’s enough to help you handle any danger in this world.”

“Is it really that powerful?” Yaeger asked in mild disbelief.

“Of course. The [City of Chaos] was one of the best [War Fortresses] out there. At its prime, it could easily demolish a medium-grade planet with a single cannon shot, just like you drink water.” Little Blue placed both hands on her hips and spoke pridefully, puffing out her modest chest.

“That does sound powerful.” Her words reminded Yaeger of certain fantasy novel plotlines. Supreme beings XX and YY were fighting fiercely. A single move could shatter space and destroy planets. Their terrifying strength could even destroy heaven itself. The entire universe trembled! Absolutely terrifying!

“Master, don’t you believe me?” Little Blue asked, noticing Yaeger’s lack of shock.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you. It just doesn’t seem realistic,” Yaeger said honestly.

“That’s true. Humans mostly refuse to believe anything beyond their comprehension or understanding,” Little Blue said, nodding.

“That’s probably it,” Yaeger said.

She had always wanted to be the pinnacle of existence in this world, but she had no idea how high she needed to climb or how many corpses would pave her path. After all, she had never achieved it and had never experienced it firsthand. No matter how much she imagined it, it was futile.

“Anyway, Master, you need to repair the [City of Chaos] as soon as possible. I’ll show you its true strength!” Little Blue ruffled her glowing blue hair and spoke confidently.

“I’ll try my best.” Yaeger currently had 500 million in cash, the Ye Family’s compensation. But to repair the [City of Chaos], 500 million was a drop in the bucket.

“I’m still too poor.” Compared to ordinary people, she was filthy rich. But compared to people like Nangong Lin, she was still a peasant.

“It would be great if I had unlimited money to spend.”

As they say, comparison is the thief of joy. Yaeger shook her head, refusing to think about money.

“Little Blue, I sent a few gangsters to the intensive care unit a while back. See if you can find which hospital they’re in.”

“Sure, I’ll investigate.” After asking Yaeger for the specific time and place, Little Blue’s fingers danced quickly across the screen, locating the experimental subjects within the blink of an eye.

“Heheh, the night is long. I need to find something to kill time with.” Reading the information on the projected screen, Yaeger let out a radiant smile.


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