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Chapter 545 – Mutation Begins, Offer Your Loyalty, Young Lady!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“I will kill you! Kill, kill, kill!” The words echoed around the main hall.

It was clear that Vera 18 harbored deep hatred toward the one who killed her, [Princess]. At this moment, her emotions and memories remained frozen at the instant of her death.

“Huh?” After shouting, she realized her expected death hadn’t occurred.

Vera 18 was stunned for a moment before she realized that three people were staring at her. Two were so shocked that their eyes were wide and jaws were open, as if witnessing something horrifying or miraculous. Meanwhile, the other person looked pale yet still wore a satisfied smile.

Of the first two, she couldn’t recognize the first. But the other looked strikingly similar. A [Doppelgänger]. Just like her, she was a Vera clone! Vera 18 would recognize the third person anywhere. It was [Princess], her killer!

“You’re awake,” Yaeger smiled.

She looked at Vera 18 as though admiring a fine piece of art. This was the brand-new Vera she had created herself!

“[Princess]!” At the sight of this demon, Vera 18 was both shocked and terrified. However, within a heartbeat, her heart hardened like steel. She sprang up and pounced at Yaeger without a second thought. “Die!”

Before Yaeger could react, she would be bitten and strangled to death! Little Blue and Vera 17 couldn’t even react as Vera 18 used all her strength to grab Yaeger with both hands, ready to bite… No. They expected her to violently bite Yaeger’s defenseless neck, yet she simply licked the smooth skin like a playful kitten. All she needed was a meow.

“Very good, good girl,” Yaeger said, placing her down with a harmless smile.

Meanwhile, Vera 18’s face turned pale as her pupils shrank in shock. ‘What happened just now? Didn’t I try to bite her to death?’

Little Blue and Vera 17 felt chills down their spines. They clearly sensed Vera 18’s killing intent as she pounced, but suddenly, she behaved like a kitten trying to win its owner’s affection. It was simply shocking!

“Waaah!” Vera 18 cried, clenching her tiny fists and attacking Yaeger.

There was no point in pondering what she couldn’t comprehend. Her main priority was to kill the cursed woman right in front of her. However… Her once-deadly barrage of attacks softened into gentle pats the moment she touched Yaeger’s chest.

“Naughty.” As the soft fists struck her body, they didn’t hurt at all; instead, it was somewhat comfortable. Yaeger stretched out her hand and joyfully caressed Vera 18’s head. Controlling someone like a puppet was simply too awesome.

It was the second time witnessing such a bizarre scene. Both Little Blue and Vera 17 thought of the same thing and were deeply shocked. ‘Demon, she’s a demon!’

“You, what did you do to me?” Vera 18 finally sensed something was wrong with her body.

“You shouldn’t yell at your master. You need a bit more education.” With those words, Yaeger wrapped her tentacles around Vera 18’s body, her face grim. The next moment, an indescribable scene unfolded, too intense for children.

The two little ones stared intensely, blushing and breathing heavily. The air was thick with an energized atmosphere.

While she was being educated, someone else drank happily.

“S.K.Y., we have to speed up our plans.” After reaching an agreement with Stanley, Taurus returned to the hotel in Huadu to discuss with S.K.Y.

“Speed up?” The previously depressed S.K.Y. became energized upon hearing this.

Since being publicly whipped by Black-hearted Princess, he had cared only about revenge. His obsession was so strong that his chest tightened and his head ached. It was overwhelming hatred!

When he heard that their plan to hunt down [Princess] was accelerated, he was simply overjoyed.

“That’s right. The old man invested a lot into it.” Taurus finished the wine in his glass, his face flushed. Even though he was a good drinker, he was a little tipsy after several glasses.

“This is fantastic!” S.K.Y. banged the table in excitement.

He immediately fantasized about Black-hearted Princess and her partners suffering in agony. Awesome! Even his fantasies were incredibly satisfying. He knew for a fact that as long as they had enough money, they could grow stronger in the game easily. Buying time with money was something rich people loved to do.

Black-hearted Princess was about to die soon! S.K.Y. was utterly awestruck!

“Soon, our [Death of Love] Guild and my name will be famous across the world!” Taurus filled both glasses to the brim and spoke excitedly.

Hearing that, S.K.Y. smiled outwardly but grumbled inwardly. ‘Only you… Only your name will be famous across the world?’

At that moment, he realized something clearly:
He was just an insignificant stepping stone for someone else’s success.

He was unwilling. He hated it. He had worked so hard for Taurus, but in the end, he feared all he’d gain was money. Fame and power were close but unattainable!

‘I, S.K.Y., will never bow down! I want to stand on top of the world and look down on everything!’ As if in response to his thoughts, bloodshot eyes emerged in his shadow.
At the same time, redness flashed in his eyes, giving him an eerie look.

In the [City of Chaos], Vera 18 lay on the black stone table, her eyes vacant as she vomited foam, her body trembling. She was clearly tortured heavily.

Initially, Little Blue and Vera 17 simply watched, enjoying the show. However, they soon became afraid. They feared this would someday happen to them, and it was utterly miserable!

It wasn’t nonsense; their master was a demon capable of anything! If they made a mistake, what happened to Vera 18 today could happen to them tomorrow.

‘I can’t be lazy anymore!’ thought Little Blue. ‘I must never betray her!’

Vera 17 found a tree branch about as thick as a chopstick and grabbed it with both hands. Using all her limbs, she snapped it in two with a sharp snap.

“Princess, I, Vera 17, pledge my loyalty to you forever!” This was the best way she knew to declare her loyalty. Yet, Yaeger was puzzled. Why would she break a branch in two?

On the other side, Little Blue quickly mimicked her. She even played touching music.

“What are you doing?” Yaeger’s eyelids twitched slightly.
“Declaring my loyalty!” they said in unison.
“I mean, why would you break a tree branch?”
“Ritual!” Vera 17 said.
“It’s fun,” Little Blue said truthfully.

In fact, she didn’t need to declare her loyalty at all. From the moment she was forced to sign the [Life Contract], she belonged to Yaeger.

“Enough, stop playing. Vera 17, take number eighteen away.” Yaeger looked at the two troublemakers in exasperation. Then she continued, “Little Blue, did anything change on this planet?”

“Let me see.” Tapping the air in front of her, Little Blue stared intently at the projector screen and exclaimed, “Is this?”


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