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Interlude 4 – Brave the Wanderer (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library

Wirde, the temporary capital of the Cres Freedom United Nation, has blossomed into a bustling trade hub in the south. Despite the arid air, the city buzzes with activity, a place where chaos and disorder mingle freely.

Close to the capital, a party comprising three girls and a boy, humorously dubbed the ‘harem party’ by onlookers, all apparent adventurers, had just reached the ‘Farceus’ dungeon’s «Teleportation Magic Waypoint».

Digressing slightly, ‘Farceus’ was formerly known as the ‘Sandstorm Labyrinth.’ After the Sphinx, the 10th-floor boss, was defeated and its treasures claimed by an unidentified adventurer, the labyrinth lost its original allure. Nonetheless, it was not the end; through the efforts of Imperial Crimson, Cres’s ruling authority, it was transformed into a 30-floor tower labyrinth known as ‘Farceus,’ also referred to by its nickname «Princess’ Viewing Deck».

Observing the throngs of people lining up for the same purpose as theirs, the only boy in the group, discernibly a swordsman from his metal armor, voiced his bewilderment.

“Isn’t this line unusually long…?”

He sighed, overwhelmed by the endless stream of horse-drawn carriages, beast-drawn wagons, and adventurers with grim expressions, all integral to the caravan that constituted their primary clientele. The line wasn’t just a single file but extended into several zigzagging rows marked by pylons.

“Indeed, considering there’s only one… yes, just a single piece of teleportation equipment available. It’s natural for there to be a lengthy queue for such advanced technology. However, a brief wait pales in comparison to the time taken by conventional travel.”

A breathtakingly beautiful woman with raven-black hair, who seemed to be a priestess, answered with a casual shrug. Meanwhile, a beastkin holding a sign that read ‘Last Line: Another Three Hours’ was at the end of the line, loudly informing everyone.

‘Is this a comic market or a bizarre wonderland?’ the same dark-haired individual muttered, baffled by the scene.

“Let’s follow the local customs and line up, I suppose.”

Just as the boy, wearing a look of resignation, was about to take his place at the end of the line, the black-haired girl halted him once more.

“Seriously, you need to learn how things work around here. First, we must buy a ticket for our teleportation destination, then get in line with the number on our ticket to avoid being turned away. We’re heading to the ticket counter line now.”

She elaborated and pointed towards a single-story, stone building a short distance from them. The boy looked back to discover another line—though it paled in comparison to the current one.

“Wow, what a hassle. So, we have to line up twice…”

The boy’s disheartened look prompted the pearl-gray-haired girl, apparently the eldest in the group (though not older than 16 or 17), to regard him with a scornful look. Her light gear indicated she might be a swordswoman.

“Seriously, who ventures out without any preparation or paperwork when heading to a new place? And I’m quite certain you were also briefed in detail about this before we set out, weren’t you?”

“Yikes. I know, but listen. I understood our destination is in the northern region. I just didn’t anticipate my plans would be so thoroughly overturned…”

As the boy offered his explanation in a hesitant manner, a glacial chill seemed to pass through the gaze of the girl who had interrogated him.

“Okay, I get it now. You’re simply clueless. Considering most people rely on their legs or mounts for travel, you probably envisioned a month-long trek from Amitia in the west to the north, didn’t you? Anyone with a shred of sense would consider using teleportation magic for a shortcut, not just to get here but all the way to our final destination. You really must be missing a few screws not to have thought of what even a child would.”

“Watch it. To begin with, your average adventurers don’t have the luxury to spend on teleportation magic, you understand!? For folks like us, traveling on foot is the standard, okay!”

“Indeed, you’ve just underscored my argument. Ever familiar with the adage ‘Time is Money’? Moreover, why would anyone opt for a perilous months-long journey over the safety and swiftness of teleportation magic? And let’s not pretend the former option is free of expenses.”

The boy squeaked his response, but the sword-wielding girl gave him a dismissive look that screamed ‘utter rubbish,’ completely oblivious to their public setting.

The final member of their party, a chestnut-haired girl with the aura of a magician, glanced at the priestess, who was bestowing upon her companions a gaze that screamed indifference, and posed her question with a hint of timidity. She appeared to be around the same age as the boy.

“…Uhm, Lady Hiyuki, does Miss Shizu perhaps harbor disdain for the master?”

Upon hearing the question, the priestess gently tapped her chin with her forefinger, which peeked out from beneath her white, frilly glove, and adorably tilted her head in thought.

“Hmm, I wouldn’t say she has a particular dislike for Joey.”

“But it doesn’t appear that way?”

The mage frowned uncertainly as she observed the boy, whose words brimmed with an adventurer’s fervor, and the swordswoman, who sharply rebutted his every claim. While she might have seemed the most unassuming among them, she possessed an undeniable allure, particularly highlighted by her pronounced figure.

The priestess, known as Hiyuki, waved her hand dismissively, signaling that their concerns were unfounded in her view.

“No, no. What Shizu really detests are ‘idiots.’ The mere cliché of foolishness irritates her, that’s all. Oh, and her sharp tongue is just part of her mischievous nature. So, there’s no need to worry about such trivial matters.”

(Your explanation is hardly reassuring!) The mage, unable to voice her thoughts, protested silently within the confines of her mind.

“Setting that aside, Joey seems to have matured, hasn’t he? I would have thought he’d succumb to despondency after being frequently ridiculed with ‘idiot’ and such. Yet, here he is, retorting spiritedly and holding his own.”

“Could it be the Master simply lacks any self-awareness?”

The mage voiced softly, her offhand remark sparking a ‘that makes too much sense’ realization in the others, prompting them to exchange knowing glances.

“Absolutely feasible.”

—The fool hasn’t come to grips with his own foolishness!

Their expressions, a mix of alarm and revelation, mirrored in each other’s gaze.


“‘Tis been a while since I hath stood in thy presence, My Lord.”

Sphinx Kaguya—with the body of a lion, the head of a woman, and falcon wings—gracefully descended from her pedestal that overlooked the dome-shaped facility, known as the ‘Teleportation Magic Waypoint.’

“It’s been a while, Kaguya~. Everything going well with you?”

“Aye, ’tis by the grace of the Lord… mayhap I inquire what manner of wind hath brought My Lord here?”

Ah, right. She’s likely puzzled since I arrived unannounced and under the guise of an ordinary customer. It’s our second day here. After resolving yesterday’s dispute, we secured our ticket following a two-hour wait. Unfortunately, by then, we could only be scheduled for the following day as that day’s quota had been filled.

Furthermore, dusk had already set in, and Tengai, in his ‘Pet Unison’ form, mentioned that Wirde lacked proper lodging facilities. Consequently, we took refuge in my secret hideaway on the 32nd floor of the ‘Farceus’ labyrinth, to which Shizu led us. Interestingly, the 31st floor has become known as the back channel, or ‘the room of the true boss’.


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