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Editor for and Demon Sword Maiden! Gentrified NEET and siscon. Currently looking for an imouto. Applicants must be under the age of 16, cute and with long hair. Optional traits are: Neko, princess and/or maid.

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 103

Could this be why it’s called the Soul Arc?
Find out what I mean in this chapter!

It’s an extra long one this week! I’m not even sure if I was awake to edit the second half!
Plenty of actual plot, maybe he’s compensating for the ‘plot’ coming up.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 6 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 102

Alright folks, the first of the Demon Sword Maiden chapters for the week is here! And this one is juicy!

Also, I was going to continue allowing people to vote on the poll, but upon looking at the results it’s pretty obvious which is the winner.
Almost 50% of you wanted to see Lily getting hot and bothered with Nanako’s mother!
This is like the exact opposite of my personal interests, but I’ll be sure to make a chapter you love!

The biggest surprise was the lack of people suggesting their own ideas! I was looking forward to the delusional proposals you’d make to test my writing creativity!
Why did nobody want to see Lily as an erotic elf though?!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 5 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 15

Hello folks, it’s that time of the week for another chapter of Not Sure, Another World.

That also means it’s time for my weekly anime roundup so let’s blast through that.
Azur Lane, Unicorn finally graced me with her cuteness!!!!
Assassins Pride, somehow got even worse.
Phantasy Star, still bland and poorly adapted.
Highschool Prodigies, pretty fun but only on the isekai scale of ratings.
Hero Academia, well anyone familiar with this doesn’t need my opinion.
Galactic Heroes, still going strong and getting better.

As for SAO and FGO…they’re still my favourites.
Regarding FGO, I’m having to farm the hell out of the Gallows quest from the new Salem chapter. What ****** decided Ereshkigal needed 120 of a brand new material to enhance!?

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» Chapter 15 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 101

True story, I almost forgot to schedule this.
I turned off my PC, got into bed, checked my emails ready to sleep…then realised my mistake.
Got out of bed at 5am to fix the problem.

I might re-edit this one, since I did it in such a painful rush. Nexus’ wording is rather stiff.

Anyway, make sure to vote in the poll! Last chance! Sort of.

[crowdsignal poll=10470769]

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 4 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 100

Chapter 100 has arrived! It’s been a long journey and I hope you all stick around for what’s to come!
Demon Sword Maiden will be going through a transition period over Christmas while some translators get shuffled about, but don’t worry about releases. We’ve got all of that under control!
Also, apparently someone withdrew from the Patreon because the Patreon released chapters don’t have the footnote comments. I feel blessed to know that I have such dedicated fans. It gave us a good chuckle over on the discord, thank you whoever you are.

Now! The thing you’ve all been waiting for! We did a quick run through on the discord over the past week on a few Special Chapter concepts and compiled this poll today! The voted for chapter will be included on the Wednesday 25th Demon Sword Maiden release. Likewise, exactly a week later the New Year special will be released.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 3 «

Silva's Ranting Corner
Heya, this is Silva~ It has been a while since I last made any announcement of the sort, and a lot of ⓢⓗⓘⓣ has been catching up to me soon after I came back from my 1-week vacation. That’s why I will take this opportunity to rant in this corner for a little bit, so please bear with me and read to the end, if you care.

I’ll put them in easy to understand numbered list:
1. The Ancestor was sniped from us.

2. Sigma was caught using machine translation and fired as Demon Sword Maiden’s main translator.

3. Relocated Nexus to Demon Sword Maiden but he failed miserably (still have to pay him for the three chapters he did)

4. Relocated Nexus to Dragon Princess (good thing he managed to do better in Dragon Princess, but a little more discipline and punctuality would be nice, had me sweating cold-buckets when he only started translating the last 6 chapters just before the deadline)

5. Recruited Immortal Dreamer as the main translator for Demon Sword Maiden and he said he’d be able to provide all the chapters by the next week, so I paid him in advance since I would be on a trip the said week (still didn’t get the chapters after I get back from vacation)

5. Zzonkedd was down with gastro and real-life events kept him busy so he was unable to provide for Knight & Elf.

6. Recruited Aurum as a temporary translator for Knight & Elf, asked him to provide me with at least 1 ~3 chapters by last weekend but I barely managed to get him to provide me with a single chapter just a few hours before the scheduled release, it was honestly nervewracking.

7. Immortal Dreamer overworked himself to pay his bills but some of his employers aren’t able to pay him yet until the 1st week of December since their money is being managed by a different company. I agreed to pay him upfront again for the 2nd batch of Demon Sword Maiden chapters. (I have effectively paid him two months worth of chapters in advance now, both of which I still haven’t received a single chapter of)

8. Then since two weeks ago, I haven’t been getting any sign of a response from Immortal Dreamer. Now I’m just getting anxious since Demon Sword Maiden stockpile has run out. And I’m also really worried about the well being of Immortal Dreamer’s sudden disappearance.

I’ve been overthinking these past few days, thinking, what if Immortal Dreamer has overworked himself and collapsed? He had a history of being hospitalized for months due to poor health conditions, so that’s not really out of the question.

As you can see, it has been a rather stressful week for me since I came back from my vacation. I no longer have a stockpile for Knight & Elf series, and the chapters from Aurum are still pending. I also don’t have any stockpile left for Demon Sword Maiden, and still no news from Immortal Dreamer. I’m not worried that he will just run off with the money, he’s a nice guy and I’ve known him for a while, I trust him, even now. I’m just really concerned about his health.

After a nice long talk with the therapist, I’ve been advised to change my mindset to a more positive one, so while there is nothing I can do about Knight & Elf chapters but wait, I can at least look at Demon Sword Maiden in a more positive light, despite already paying the translator, so it’s still quite a bummer that I have to translate it myself, but it just means I’ll be back to square one, just like the time with only me and Sigma. But this time, it is me and Nexus. I will be translating Demon Sword Maiden, while Nexus will translate Dragon Princess, then I will do the translation check for Dragon Princess, and publish these chapters as usual. So yeah, nothing has changed, it’s just the same old pattern until either Immortal Dreamer gets back to us or I find a new translator for Demon Sword Maiden in the worst-case scenario.

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 14

It’s now December everyone! That means the annual winter events will start being announced in landslides all over the internet for your favourite games and sites! ReLibrary is no exception, at the very least I hope to cook up a storm. And there are a couple of exciting announcements on the way.

Normally I’d use this chance to squee over Unicorn in Azur Lane, but Ereshkigal is on the horizon (she even made another cameo in Babylonia) so I don’t have much energy to spare. I need to grind, farm and save for her release.
Maybe I should make a patreon so you can all fund my gacha addiction. Every schmeckle counts!

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» Chapter 14 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 99

Silva has now added a row to the source table to include editors! Does this mean I’m getting acknowledged?
Now I can start building my own fanbase. Muhahahahaha.

We’ve also managed to confirm some special events for Christmas.
Originally I was going to do another side story chapter to celebrate 100 releases, but I’ve decided to switch to releasing a 100th chapter poll next week, then releasing the special chapter as a Christmas event.
I also plan on writing a New Year focused chapter.

Though it has probably been long forgotten now, just a reminder I’m still working on that SciFi Isekai original. I’ve just fallen into my usual pitfall of being unsure how to build a first arc.

Short chapter this time, enjoy!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 2 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 98

It’s a brand new arc!
Volume 2 starts after this and I will finally be free of this confining arc structure!

Now, I’ve started doing some heavy work doing professional proofreading. I have to be honest, the pressure is a lot more than editing for fun.
When you’re editing for fun you can be quite liberal and if you miss something it’s easy to go back and correct.
But professionally you have to be quite strict and you don’t get second chances. You also have to live up to your payment.
Normally I’d give it a read through then go back and edit once, but I’ve had to do two passes so far and I’m still paranoid I’m missing things.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 1 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 13

Yo guys, Robin’s weekly anime roundup!

I guess we’re facing a crisis now!
BUT HOLY FOR THE LOVE ALL THAT IS TYPE-MOON! Babylonia was awesome this week.
Leonidas was done justice in a level that just can’t be reached in the game, and Ushi’s character almost reached waifu levels for me. Alas, I am saving myself for best girl. Not to mention Merlin, dropping a bit of foreshadowing.

As for Azur Lane…what a let down. Two seconds of Unicorn?!?! You expect me to be satisfied with that?!?!?!?!?
She better get some spotlight next week!

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» Chapter 13 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 97

Editors Log – Supplemental – Earthdate 20191119: It’s 5am and I am frelling tired okay! This chapter was long! It was late! My internet is still playing up! I feel like my eyes are about to burn out of their sockets!

This is it! Finale of the of the Crimson Arc! No cliffhangs this time I promise.
New arc coming soon trademark.
Look forward to next week! Even I haven’t read ahead yet.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Final Chapter «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 96

It’s here! The resolution to the cliff that you’ve all been waiting for!
Tomorrow is the last chapter of this Crimson Arc of Demon Sword Maiden.
I wonder what awaits Lily in the future.

In other news, unless you’re in the ReLibrary discord, you may not be aware of this but; I’ve recently talked my friend into doing a cosplay of Lily and we’re slowly working towards putting it together. We’ve recently overcome what we believe to be the most expensive obstacle in our path, but we don’t expect to complete the most difficult obstacle until some time next year. Cosplay is actually a painstaking hobby, not many people really appreciate it as much as they should.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 26 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 12

My internet was down yesterday, I am posting this chapter with like 30 minutes to spare.
Praise me.

This chapter had two entirely new tables in and I thought I was going to die.
Dex was nice enough to give me a fancy editor for Ren’s status screen which speeds up the hell I have to go through finding each value, I haven’t had time to play about with it yet, but look forward to seeing Ren’s new status!

Now I have anime to catch up on.

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» Chapter 12 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 95

So we finally find out why this is called the Crimson Arc! Not long left until this one comes to an end.

As an aside, we’re rapidly approaching the 100 chapter mark, I’m thinking of writing a special chapter based on what you fans want to see!
There’s lots of demands for Lily to put her (former?) slaves in their place. But what other things might people want?
Maybe we should do a complete what-if chapter of all your fantasies! Start submitting some ideas, and maybe I’ll host a poll!

In other news, make sure to go join the patreon of any of the novels you read here! It helps us keep giving you what you love!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 25 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 94

Sorry guys, I had a super busy weekend and barely had any time to edit this chapter.
Please forgive me!
Maybe I should make it up to you by writing a worst case scenario what-if based on this chapter? :EvilSmirk:

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 24 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 11

No news from me today. Go support the patreon as usual. Lot of new people are appearing in the discord lately too, it’s rather amusing seeing all the new names pop up.

It’s time for my weekly roundup of the anime though! (Yeah I guess this will be a thing now?)
First up, Azur Lane! UNICORN KAWAII! That is all. No seriously, it was refreshing to see a girl have a complex over having a larger chest than the others, rather than the opposite. This episode made up for the total lack of Unicorn last episode.
Secondly, Alicization! I think the latest episode did a good job of setting up the emotional weight behind the Final Load Test. The villains are established and their plot is underway, the allies are facing the fight of their life, who knows what’s going to happen? Well, aside from us novel readers.
Lastly, Babylonia! My waifu made a cameo, can’t wait for her first true appearance!

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» Chapter 11 «