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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 166

So the site hit 3000 pages today! That’s a big number!
Well when you think about the number of novels we have, the number of chapters they have and each of the posts we make it adds up.
Still it’s very impressive!

On the subject of big numbers, we also breached the 1 million views mark for last month!
Too bad our ad earnings sucked because of Corona.
Cursed virus ruining my plans to suck up gacha funds……

What? I didn’t say anything.

Anyway we have some seriously big news this time! Like serious news!
So as you readers know, this novel is set in Japan, and uses a lot of Japanese culture and terminology.
Well it turns out that a booboo was made when translating this way back at the start…at the very fundamental level.
Apparently you see, Demon Sword Maiden isn’t the proper name. Yeah. Go figure!
So the Demon Sword part is where the issue comes in, because it’s got the wrong connotations.
Over in the discord we’ve been throwing around some alternatives to fix this mess!
According to our esteemed resident expert and translator a more accurate term would be Cursed instead of Demon!
However that causes some other issues.
Anyway the current working replacement title Blade Maiden (name subject to change).
Anyway what do you guys think? Cursed Sword Maiden? Cursed Katana Maiden? Blade Maiden? Maiden of the Cursed Blade? Cast your vote below or offer your own suggestion.

Name Change

Blade Maiden
Sword Maiden
Katana Maiden
Cursed Blade Maiden
Cursed Sword Maiden
Cursed Katana Maiden
Maiden of the Cursed Blade
Please Specify:

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