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Chapter 18 – Stealing both the Metal Seal And the Magatama

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3320 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2224 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

In the dark forest, under the blue moonlight, a flash of cherry red appeared in the middle of the peak level showdown between two Demon Kings.1

Just like the Higanbana flower, it exuded extraordinary courage even while facing hundreds of demons!

However, its beautiful color was not at all visible to the Hundred Demons under the moonlit night. That was true even for legendary demons of the Heian Empire such as Shuten Doji and Sugawara no Michizane.2

When Lily just arrived in this world, she was nothing more than a weak girl, but she was still able to escape from Michizane’s eyesight with the help of Sakura Parasol. The current Lily was already a capable female warrior in the Heian Empire. Using Sakura Parasol at a specific moment was enough to hide her in the melee between the Night Parade of Hundred Demons!

It was hard to determine the outcome of the battle between Michizane and Shuten Doji. Perhaps they didn’t care about small wounds like this given their power level, but this mountain woods was already at its limit. It may collapse at any time because of the disastrous storm whipped up by the huge collision of eldritch energy!

Once the ground collapsed, the Four Gates array would be destroyed without any support. The physical bodies of Sakiko and Shiu would then manifest into reality and they would be discovered by the demons, leaving no opportunity to survive.

Lily’s Sakura Parasol was not enough to cover three people! However, Lily would never leave them on their own and run away by herself. However, she would not foolishly try to cover all three of them with a single parasol and eventually forfeit their lives in vain.

Lily showed extraordinary decisiveness in the desperate situation!

Holding the Sakura Parasol, she quietly walked right through under the feet of both Michizane and Shuten Doji. Despite the earth-shattering power of their eldritch energy, Lily was powerful enough to move freely. She moved left and right to avoid getting stepped on by the two Demon Kings and their splashing blood, it could cost her dearly if she was hit by any of those. Meanwhile, Lily also avoided the other demons and various kinds of conflagration caused by the vicious battles below. She jumped up with one foot, stepped on the stone and then jumped onto a big tree. She turned around and looked at Michizane and Shuten Doji’s amazing fight.

“Old codger Michizane!!! You can’t hold on! Haha…!”
“You are just slightly younger than me when you turned into a demon. That’s all. Our age is about the same. Let me see how long you can keep it up!”

Michizane’s sword was still slicing into Shuten Doji’s shoulder but it was also blocked by the spear. Shuten Doji’s spear was also plunged deep into Michizane’s shoulder.

An amazing amount of blood burst out.

Lily’s eyes were focused on the point where the two Demon King’s weapons clashed. Even from where she stood, she could feel the powerful impact coming from the two opposing eldritch energies!

On top of the shaking tree, Lily’s heart was pounding hard. Those were the legendary demons who could kill her with just a wave of their hand. The opportunity would present itself for a split second!

“Senior sister, please give me strength!” Lily said in her heart.

At this time, a ray of moonlight passed from the side of the parasol and shone on Lily’s beautiful skin. It seemed to have an augmentation effect on Lily as her senses became clearer.

“Now!” Lily’s red long clothes fluttered as she leaped down the tree lightly. Using the parasol to slow down her descent3, she silently glided towards Michizane and Shuten Doji.

Suddenly an energy blast burst forth and almost blew Lily away. Lily adjusted the direction of the parasol and its body in the wind. Using the wind, she accelerated the gliding speed toward the two demon kings.

“Whoosh!” The unhurried and elegant red Sakura Parasol rotated slowly like the flowers of hell4 as it floated to the position where two demon kings were fighting.

Lily guided the rotating parasol gently to streak across Michizane and Shuten Doji. It drew a beautiful arc as they descended.

At this time, Lily endured the powerful pressure released by two demon kings which made her soul tremble and feel fear from the bottom of her heart. However, her eyes were fixed on the metal seal hanging on Michizane’s waist which was about to pass by. Lily reached out her hand without caring if she would be discovered by Michizane. She grabbed the metal seal and cut off the string hanging around Michizane’s waist with a snap. She finally stole the metal seal for herself and quickly hid it under her parasol.

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“So heavy!”

That metal seal was so heavy that Lily had to exert her full strength and release her spirit power to prevent it from falling down. However, it also made Sakura Parasol sink down rapidly.

“It’s too late!”

The unexpected heavy weight made Lily unable to glide along the original route. She stretched out her slender legs toward the waist of Shuten Doji behind her. The wooden shoe naturally fell down and the white beautiful foot hooked the piece of Magatama hanging at Shuten Doji’s waist. She made a great effort to pull the Magatama off with her toes and hook it back under the Sakura Parasol.


If there was only Michizane or Shuten Doji alone, Lily would not dare to do so. Even if they couldn’t see her, they would immediately find out Lily’s approximate position and then easily kill her with their giant sword and spear. In such a situation, Lily would not even have a chance to escape.

But at this time, two demon kings were fighting to kill each other. Their weapons were deeply cutting into each other’s bodies. At the critical moment when they were fighting with each other, even if they found that something was amiss, they couldn’t expend extra power to deal with Lily.

The clash between two Demon Kings was so powerful as though two trucks weighing thousands of tonnes were crashing into each other. However, when Lily got both Magatama and the metal seal, she turned around and ruthlessly swung her sword.

A crimson-colored sword beam flew out in the air, adding a small weight to break the balance of the two wrestling Demon Kings.

The red sword beam hit the point where the two Demon King’s weapons clashed. In an instant, two extremely powerful forces lost control and broke out towards each other and towards themselves!


The power that was compressed to the extreme exploded!

The whole mountain forest shook as if an earthquake had happened and startled the birds hidden all over the mountains.

The strong rebound sent Michizane and Shuten Doji flying, causing them to bump into their own demons and send them flying away!

The two Demon Kings fell to the ground heavily.

“Ugh —!” Michizane spit out blood.
“Cough —” Shuten Doji also covered his mouth but failed to stop blood flowing down from his mouth.

“Michizane— I never imagined that a nobleborn spirit like you would use such a despicable method!” Shuten Doji’s complexion was pale and the wounds inflicted just now were more serious than the deep sword cut.

“Shuten Doji, you were obviously the only one who would use such a vile method! It was a malicious attack! You monsters with no righteousness nor dignity!” Michizane’s beard was stained full red of his own vomited blood. He barely supported his upper body, pointed his trembling finger at Shuten Doji and swore.

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“Bah! Michizane, you hypocrite, not only did you scheme to harm me, you even took this opportunity to steal my blood soul Magatama!”

“Shut up! Are you the thief who cried thief? Why did you steal my metal seal? For the Demon King of Tanba to steal my calligraphy and painting tool. You are the shame of the Heian-kyo’s three legendary demons!”

“You are the shame of the four Spirits of Heian!”

“Cough, cough —!” The two Demon Kings suffered heavy injuries and couldn’t fight any more. They could only lie on the ground and continue scolding each other, scolding and coughing blood.

At this time, Lily who was holding the Sakura Parasol hid behind the bush shrubs which was not far away from Sakiko and Shiu. Although Sakura Parasol could hide her body, Lily still subconsciously hid behind a material object to shield herself from view and felt more at ease.

She hadn’t yet recovered her calm, and beads of sweat were rolling down on her white towering breasts.

The heavy metal iron was placed on Lily’s thighs and was covered with her skirt. And the Blood Spirit Magatama was hidden in her chest.

“Oh my god… what did I do?” Now that Lily thought about it, she felt a lingering fear. If there was any mishap, no matter whether it was Michizane or Shuten Doji who discovered her existence or general position, she would have died horribly.

“Michizane! You wait for me. When I return to the Heian capital, I will find you one day to settle today’s grudges!” Shuten Doji’s face was pale and he coughed up blood as he cursed angrily.

“Shuten Doji, I haven’t avenged for Ikeda yet. You even used such a contemptible method to kill me. When I recover my strength, I will raid Mount Ooe!”

“Humph! Then we’ll see!”

The giant red demon opened its claws that were as big as the roof to hold Shuten Doji and put him back on its back. Shuten Doji quickly drank some wine from the gourd. He coughed up blood and drank wine at the same time. It seemed that he was feeling much better after drinking.

“Let’s go!” Shuten Doji looked at Michizane with hatred.

Michizane also took back the little azure dragon. Several devils brought a sedan chair and helped Michizane to the big sedan chair.

“Shuten Doji, you can keep your life for the time being! Let’s return to Yamashiro!”

The two demon kings retreated all the way to both sides. They were still swearing at each other. Other demons and monsters also stopped fighting and followed their respective kings. The dead demons laying on the ground were dragged away by the demons and gradually disappeared in the fog on both sides. Even the demon cloud and fog unwittingly disappeared into the night.

Everything that happened prior seemed to have never happened. Even the bloodstains and bodily fluids like the blood stains slowly disappeared. Maybe they had returned to the spiritual world.

The only evidence left was the messy mountain forest left by torrents, thunderstorms, and earthquakes.

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Lily came out from her parasol and went to Sakiko and Shiu. As a human being, even in the face of the Four Gates array, she could easily see them. Lily still could not comprehend this mystery.

“Ah…” Lily powerlessly kneeled on her knees and sat on the ground with her legs separated. The Sakura Parasol in her hand also rolled down to the side. The heavy metal seal exuded an ancient golden light. It also fell down on the ground, making a large pit in the ground.

At this time, Lily found out that Sakiko and Shiu had unexpectedly snuggled up together. Shiu seemed to be frightened and dizzy while Sakiko had fainted temporarily due to excessive energy consumption to maintain the Four Gates array… It seemed that they hadn’t seen the wonderful display performed by Lily.5

Never mind that, Lily put the metal seal into her luggage. This thing was related to the Demon King Michizane. It was not that Lily wanted to deliberately conceal it. However, if she let Sakiko know, she was afraid that it would cause her trouble. Lily couldn’t estimate the consequences of stealing Michizane’s metal seal and Shuten Doji’s blood spirit Magatama. She was tempted by the strange jewel. Only under the double oppression of heaven-sent opportunities and desperate circumstances, Lily finally made this decision in the heat of the moment. That was to say, at that moment, although Lily felt ashamed to be in a woman’s body, she also had the ambition to surpass the men!

Demon King Michizane and Shuten Doji were at the pinnacle of the Heian Empire!

Sakiko, who could be regarded as her master, did not even dare to fight them. The Demon Hound and Dijon were inferior. They were as lowly as a dog in front of these two beings!

Today, however, Lily stole their treasures under the eyes of the two Demon Kings and safely escaped.

Lily’s heart suddenly surged with a sense of inexplicable excitement. In the future, she would wake up the senior sister at all costs. Regardless of the danger, did the training itself not bring her a sense of dignity and ambition?

Even if tens of thousands of people and demons coveted a stunning weak woman, she could live a peaceful and free life in this dark and chaotic world!

This may be the way Lily wanted to pursue!

Do not hurt others but never be bullied by anyone. Never bow to any existence. Live a carefree life with the senior sister in this picturesque world of Heian…

“One day, it will come true.”6


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