Chapter 59 – Various Exploring

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1473 words

 After arriving at the fief capital and finding an inn, we dropped off Norn and Bell, then decided to go explore around the market since we had time until night. What about the guild? It felt like something troublesome might happen so I decided to pass on it. In the first place, I didn’t have time to work, and even if I did, I could only gather herbs.

 So in the meantime, we explored the various stalls and stores. There were many things that I didn’t see before in Harula.

 Rather, everything seemed a bit cheaper? I could see eggs being sold here and there, but the price was a bit cheaper than what I heard in Harula. Wait, isn’t it usually supposed to be expensive? I should ask someone for clarification. As such, I asked Lily.

“Ah, that’s because there’s more people.”

 More people?

“Um, how do I explain this……”

 Hmm? Ah, so supply and demand?

“Is it because there were many consumers, which led to the supply being increased, and as a result the supply became stable, which in turn led to demand dropping and thus the price also decreasing?”
“……….Right. You just summarized it quite nicely.”

 Well, there were various reasons.

“So going by that theory, does that mean things at the royal capital are even cheaper?”

“It depends on the item and perhaps some other stuff……but for example, buying high quality wheat here would be cheaper than buying it at the royal capital. But if you wanted to buy some similar low quality item, then the royal capital would be cheaper. The rest would depend, things that are harder to get in rural areas are more expensive, but would be cheaper at the royal capital. Consumables and food are usually cheaper in the production areas, so it would be more expensive in places that are farther away. But luxury items are expensive no matter the place, and the price will be more expensive depending on the quality.”

 I see.

 …….Incidentally, it seems that eggs in the royal capital cost about one fifth of the price of eggs in Harula. Since the number and scale of chicken farms were quite different.

“The region’s consumption is low and it also takes time to deliver them.”
“Aah, so the cost of delivery is also included in the price?”
“That’s right. Considering that, I think that in general the prices of the royal capital are more expensive. The rent is nothing to scoff at either.”

 I see, so in that case, I suppose it would be better to live in the fief capital rather than the royal capital?

“What about sea fish that are difficult to distribute?”

“Even salted fish becomes more expensive the farther it is from the sea. If it’s fresh fish, then the price will increase even more drastically. There’s also no way to distribute them unless you use magic to preserve them, but that method is still quite difficult unless you’re from the upper-class nobility or royal family.”

 I see. In other words, the large amount of seafood in my Storage would be worth quite a lot. Although, I didn’t plan on selling them.

 If I introduced food drying or sun drying, then the distribution method would probably change quite a bit. But I wasn’t planning on teaching anyone that since I would likely get dragged into troublesome matters. I was fine since I could just make it for myself to eat.

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“And so for that, it would be better to just look around here and buy at the royal capital instead.”

“…….I see, so how is the basic price determined? If the price of the royal capital is used as the standard, it would lead to prices in rural areas being overpriced, which would lead to various dissatisfaction……so when it comes to price, purchasing, and distribution, do the commerce guilds handle it? I don’t think the guild has the authority to act completely alone, so do they talk to those in the royal family who are in charge of administration to some extent?”

“Um, that area is a bit too much for me…..”

 That was to be expected.

“Sorry, I was just a bit interested. ……Hmm, is there something that’s cheaper to buy here than at the royal capital?”

 Since I was in the fief capital, I wanted to see if there was something unique I could buy here.

“Let’s see, I suppose the rice here. The country’s rice production is done in the east, and it is distributed towards the royal capital from here.”
“Let’s go buy some. Let’s go buy a lot.”

 I prefer rice more than bread, I’m Japanese after all! I could make a stockpile of rice and use it to make rice dishes like takikomi gohan. I have to buy it here!

“I thought you would say that……”

 I took along Lily and Arisa who had a knowing look on their faces and went out looking for rice!

 I looked around using Appraisal and found it. A lot of people were around a large pile containing a mixture of old rice. I understood their feelings. But I ignored it and kept on walking.

“Huh? Ren, isn’t there some right there?”
“Those are no good. The lower half is old rice.”
“The pile over there also contains a two-third mixture of old rice. So basically over half of the pile.”
“You’re free to believe me or not.”

 Please don’t look at me with such amazement. This was all due to my LV10 Appraisal skill and Analysis skill.

 Incidentally, the merchants who I pointed out were quietly looking away. No, I wasn’t really condemning them. Just that I wasn’t going to buy from them. ……But just because I wasn’t getting involved, it didn’t mean I wasn’t going to stir up everyone’s conscience a bit.

 I looked around for a bit and bought lots of rice that didn’t have any mixtures. The big catch was the discovery of glutinous rice. Naturally I bought a lot. Now I could make rice cakes and rice crackers! Red beans and soybeans were normally available and I already purchased some, so I could also make bean paste. I could even make daifuku and dango too. Ahh, rice with red beans……*drool

 After I finished buying various ingredients, we also went to the clothing store and weapon store. But to be honest, both were dissatisfying.

 I didn’t like the design of the clothes. Or rather, the clothes were too tight around my chest. As expected, it was better to make my own clothes. So I decided to buy some fabric once we reach the royal capital. Apparently, the royal capital had a large variety of fabrics.

 When it came to weapons, none of the weapons were better quality than my own sword. There were some high quality ones, but even then……

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 So the level at the fief capital was only this? Then what about the royal capital? ……In the end, I decided to keep making my own weapons, I would be able to raise my blacksmith level too. I wonder if I could rent a forge somewhere……

 Since the time was about right, we decided to head back to the inn and get ready to go to the restaurant.

 Although Lily and Arisa weren’t wearing formal clothes, the design of the clothes they had on were good. And the two even straightened their hair, so they were quite cute. As for me? Even if I dressed myself, I would be wearing a cloak over it anyways……but for the record I did dress up.

 The top was a loose fitting with a sweater-like design. Although it was long-sleeved, I was careful about the material so it didn’t feel stuffy or hot. The bottom was a corset skirt. The skirt length was below the knees and the skirt was also flared. At first glance it looked like a regular skirt, but it was actually a double structure skirt with culottes-like pants on the inside. In other words, a skirt-pants. Well, I would be quite troubled if my panties were somehow seen, right? For starters, I was an adventurer, so defense was important. I had my hair in a loose braid as usual. But I tied a white ribbon on the end for today. In the end, I think it turned out pretty cute!

 Lily and Arisa had on rich lady-like dresses I guess? It wasn’t an excessively lavish dress, but it still brought out the feeling of a rich and proper lady. It was quite adorable.

“You look cute Ren…….”
“……Somehow, there’s a really strange allurement~”
“Thank you very much. But you two are also cute, you know?’

 We headed to the restaurant while joking around like that. Now show me, the menu of a high-class restaurant!


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