Chapter 58 – We Finally Arrived at the Fief Capital

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1270 words

 Hello everyone. This is the naughty little girl, Ren, who has once again gained another skill. To be honest, I really want to cry.

 ……Let’s just start over. Despite some troubles at the chicken village, the trip was peaceful and the fief capital walls came into view in the distance. However, it seems that it would still take half a day to reach it, so we would be reaching the fief capital tomorrow morning.

 The walls of the fief were quite large…… Apparently, my face showed what I was thinking and I was told the walls of the royal capital were even larger. It definitely was another world.

 Incidentally, there were roadside inns along the way. But since we were traveling rather quickly on carriage, we didn’t really find the need to use any of the inns. But I was a bit interested in the food the roadside village inns would provide.

“We’ve finally managed to come this far, but……usually, there would be about two or three times where we would get attacked by monsters.”
“Isn’t it strange that nothing has appeared so far~?”
“……Ren, did you perhaps do something?”
“Isn’t having peace the best?”

 I gave a smile to mislead them. Yes, I was using the monster repellent to avoid them. Unless it was a pack of orcs, no monsters would draw near. Additionally, Norn also learned a new skill and it seems to be quite effective too. A skill called Intimidation. It was a skill that prevented weaker opponents from coming close.

 We were currently at one of the camping grounds. If we kept going, we probably would have reached the fief capital by night. But at that time, it would be very difficult to get an inn, so we decided to spend the night here instead. It wasn’t like we were in a hurry.

 I made a simple dinner for tonight. It was troublesome to make something extravagant every time. The other two didn’t seem to have noticed my lack of effort and were the same as usual. To be honest, their appearances were quite improper.

“Ah, Ren. Once we reach the fief capital, what kind of inn do you want to stay at?”
“Hmm, one with a bath where you can relax in, and it’ll also be great if it’s a place where Norn and Bell can stay. After that, I have nothing else to say as long as there’s good food.”
“There are several inns that have stables for familiars and a bath, but……a place where the food will be good enough to satisfy Ren is…..”
“Lily, it’s impossible. There is no such inn~”
“Um, an inn at the level of the one in Harula is fine, okay?”
“ “Eh ” ”

 What was with their reactions? It was like I was some sort of food connoisseur.

“Making something yourself and eating somewhere are two different matters. And eating various things will allow me to learn too.”
“Hmm. In that case, then either that inn or that inn……”
“Lily, why are you worrying about that? We’re just staying at the fief capital for a night, so we can just eat out~ Remember, there’s that restaurant in the fief capital.
“Ah, that restaurant? I ate there when I was traveling to Harula, and it was really good! Okay, let’s go there then!”
“Um, so we’re going out to eat?”
“Yes! You’ve been taking care of everything so far, so this will be our treat! Arisa is fine with that too, right?’
“I’m fine with that~”

 Their treat. The best form of free food.

“What kind of restaurant is it?”
“The restaurant is said to be the best in the fief capital, and the chef there is also known to be the Earl’s favorite. Apparently, the chef did magnificently at a banquet hosted by the Earl.

 Oh, so he catered for the territory lord! I’m getting excited!

“The Earl of this territory is famous for their military background. They made great achievements in the war with the eastern country about ten years ago.”

 I see.

“However, there are rumors that the territory is managed in a bit of a strange way-”

 Eh. Is that a good thing?

“But I heard that the Earl is loved by his subordinates, and that his subordinates have excellent territorial management skills.”
“That’s right. The Earl had a banquet where various surrounding territory lords were invited, the chef was asked to cater it and the food was highly praised~”
“And ever since then, the chef has been known to be the Earl’s favorite.”

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 I see.

“Um, but a restaurant that famous is bound to be expensive…..”
“It’s fine! Even if I look like this, I still earn quite a bit of money.”

Aside from that, the restaurant has several different course options~”

“A high-class course option is impossible for me, but anything in the mid-class will be fine.”
“Lily, let’s at least go for the high-class options…..”
“Um, don’t push yourself.”
“It’ll be fine! Then let’s go for the upper-class options! If we split it we can somehow manage.”

 Hm, she didn’t really need to force herself…..

“Umm, then I’ll take you up on that offer.”
“Yes! Please indulge yourself!”
“To be honest, since Ren was the one who prepared the carriage and even the meals, the travel expenses have been minimal. So please don’t worry about the cost.”
“Yes, I understand. I look forward to the restaurant.”

 I felt a bit bad, but I decided to take their word for it since they were both saying it was alright. Anyways, a high-class restaurant~ I wonder what the high-class restaurants in this world were like? Since it was geared towards nobles, I guess the food was something similar to noble cuisine? This is bad, I’m getting quite excited.

“Ah, that’s right, will we be alright with the dress code? I mean, the hood is…..”

“Oh right, speaking of which, Ren doesn’t like attracting too much attention.
But it’ll be alright. Both wealthy and ordinary people eat at the restaurant, so there is an area for ordinary people. High-level adventurers also frequent the place quite a bit, so it should be fine even with your cloak on. But if it’s the back area for the nobles then it would likely be impossible.”

“I see, that’s good to know.”
“But I think keeping on the hood will make her stand out in an entirely different way~”
“That’s true, but don’t you think Ren’s actual face stands out more?”
“…… That’s also true~”

 Sorry, I guess?

 After we finished our plans at the fief capital, we went to bed soon after. We would be heading out early tomorrow morning. Reason? It was simply because we wouldn’t be able to use the carriage once we got closer to the fief capital. To be exact, we just decided not to use it.

 My carriage horses were golems, so it could cause problems if we stayed at an inn and had to put them in stables, that’s why it was better not to use it. And due to safety reasons, we proceeded with this route. Additionally, the fees were apparently higher if you entered the city by carriage, so it was cheaper to enter by foot.

 The next day, we left early in the morning as planned, I stored my carriage halfway and we proceeded on foot. We walked for quite a while on the road between wheat fields, and we were able to reach the fief capital by noon. Norn and Bell caused some surprises, but we were able to enter the city without any problems.


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