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Chapter 12 – Sakiko’s Admonishing

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2157 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1451 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

No way——

Why does Lady Sakiko come at this time? What about Shiu? Where did that little traitor run away to!

“Ah, Lady Sakiko, I……” Lily found it difficult to explain herself. It was really embarrassing to come across Sakiko in this getup. She was just sincerely and seriously practising. But unlike men, female samurai had to practise things that were not suitable to be shown in public. I hope Lady Sakiko can understand… But can she really understand?

However, Sakiko came to Lily with a smile and said, “Miss Kagami, I didn’t expect that you are not only a genius in kenjutsu but you also have a very unique preference in other aspects. Hehehe…”

Although Lily’s face turned red and hot, her eyes were blindfolded. Otherwise, Sakiko wouldn’t have misunderstood if she had seen her stubborn and serious eyes. She trembled a little and lowered her voice to make herself appear calm as she said: “The situation is not like what Master Sakiko is thinking. Lily is practicing here because this is a private exercise. I also ask Master Sakiko to leave me alone for the time being. Please don’t worry about me. If anything happens, I will take the initiative to meet the Master later.”

“Hehe… Miss Kagami, you look down on me too much. I’ve heard a lot about the anecdotes that happen in the inner circles of the Heian capital’s high level nobles. Look at you. Your body is trembling like this and your face is still so red. Are you really practicing? Who will believe it?”

“Master Sakiko, how can Lily deceive you? This is indeed a Restraint Release technique taught to me by Mrs. Kotoka of the Saionji family, but Lily is not an adept learner. I can’t undo this restraint technique even after trying for quite some time. That’s why I was ashamed…” Lily forcibly defended herself.

Sakiko looked at Lily from the rear like she was admiring some kind of beloved artwork and finally said, “Looks like Miss Kagami is afraid of this kind of posture…”

“Please don’t talk about my posture! Master Sakiko… If you have something to do with Lily, please help her untie it. I may have to spend some time to escape from this posture. I do not dare to keep you waiting for a long time.” Lily’s face blushed red hot but she had to talk with Sakiko with a serious face which was kind of a torture in its own way. She only hoped that Sakiko would either untie her or leave quickly.

“Alright, I get it already. I really have something to do with you. The Restraint Release technique of the Saionji family is also a unique skill of the Heian Empire. I also know a thing or two about restraint techniques. How about you come to me to help you practice later? I will release you if you agree.”

“Master Sakiko is Lily’s teacher, if the teacher wants to teach her student, Lily will be eternally grateful. How can she not agree? I’m just afraid it will waste the teacher’s time.”
“No waste of time! It’s not a waste of time.” She squatted down and untied Lily’s rope. At the same time, she leaned against Lily and said, “You are so fragrant…”1

After getting touched by Sakiko several times, Lily was finally freed of the restraint. She was able to escape from this embarrassing situation temporarily. She straightened and tidied her clothes. However, after this incident, she would continue to be embarrassed to meet Sakiko for some time to come.

After unbinding Lily from the restraints, Sakiko’s tone became serious. She told Lily in person about the things that she had to pay attention to after entering into the Main Dojo.

“The inner circle of the Genji is not as peaceful as it seems, because there are too many clans in the Genji, almost sixty percent of the powerful families in Kanto are part of the Genji clan. Thirty percent are the Taira clan and the rest belong to other clans.”

“The atmosphere in the dojo is not so simple. Although strength is respected, unless someone has absolutely overwhelming strength, ordinary apprentices will still pay attention to the family background and clan. Lily, although you are recommended by the upper echelons of the Genji family and granted a noble status, you have no family background after all. This is a situation where people who are envious of you will trouble you the most. You need to exercise caution when you arrive at the dojo.”

“Lily understands that she must be obedient and try her best to practice. She will never provoke any quarrel.” Lily replied respectfully.
“Hehe… I am not worried about Miss Kagami’s conduct. I’m afraid that the tree longs for peace but the wind will never cease……” However, Sakiko had some worries on her face.

Even Sakiko was worried for Lily. Although it seemed that the Genji Dojo was an excellent place to practice and improve, it was by no means so simple and easy. Lily also had to mentally prepare in advance.

“Although I am the master of a dojo here in Takeshita town, I am only a master of Kenjutsu when transferred to the main dojo. In fact, I can give you less tutelage than I could here. The road ahead is not an absolutely flat one. It is a dojo so compared with the wild mountain forest, it is naturally safer. However, it is not without any dangers and obstacles. You still have to be careful, especially… beware of the members of prominent clans outside the Genji’s family. “2

“Yes, Lily understands. Thank you Master Sakiko for reminding me.”

Lily might be humble, low-key, and introverted, but with her beauty, her newly granted aristocracy title, and her sword skills, it was hard to avoid attracting attention. She only had to practice hard, treat others kindly, not to join gangs to participate in squabbles, strictly follow the rules of the dojo and try to exercise forbearance as much as possible.

After all, Lily only wanted to practice and didn’t care about others.

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After Saikiko’s explanation, Lily didn’t know why but Sakiko forcibly took the still damp rope that had tied her along. Although Lily was unwilling to, she had to let Sakiko take the rope because it was beyond her control. She didn’t know what use it was to take this cheap rope back.

Shiu returned the next morning.3

“Where have you been?” Lily’s glaring eyes were hidden in the shadow of her hair strands and her voice sounded cold as she asked.

“Master…. I, I … Master has been taking too long to struggle to break free from the restraint. In the end, I… I secretly went to urinate but unexpectedly fell asleep because of tiredness. When I woke up, it’s almost dawn. But fortunately, the master had already freed herself so I am relieved… “4

“… Is that right?”
“I’m sorry, master, Shiu fell asleep without permission. I beg your forgiveness.”
“It’s fine. Master doesn’t blame you. You didn’t do it on purpose, right?”
“Yes, thank you for your benevolence.”

“Oh, that’s right, Shiu, didn’t you say you wanted to learn my Restraint Release technique last night? Then when we get to Kamakura, this master will find a chance to t-e-a-c-h you.”5 Lily’s eyes squinted as she looked at Shiu with a smile yet not smiling at the same time.

“Ah!?” Shiu felt a little guilty…

This afternoon, the apprentice of the Weapon Store invited Lily to pay a visit. The merchant who bought the anima came from Kamakura with an ox cart.
Lily’s two Inferior Mid ranked animas together with the tens of thousands of low ranked animas were sold for a total of 12,600 kan.

This was not the amount of money that could be traded in copper but gold.
A hundred kan was equal to a piece of gold weighing 500 grams.

One hundred and twenty pieces of gold filled a big box. The gold were stacked into five layers in a large box made of dark lacquer wood and each layer consisted of twenty-four pieces of gold.

In addition to that, she also received 600 strings of coins.
Looking at all these gold, Lily suddenly thought.

Did I really earn all this money by myself?

The money making ability of a Maiden was really quick!

She stored the money in the closet of her residence with Shiu’s help. It was located in the inner courtyard of the Genji Dojo so naturally there was no need to worry about someone stealing it. However Lily still set up some Spirit Sensor.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Kamakura city together with Master Sakiko.6


  1. Robinxen: Woah there buddy, hands off.
  2. Robinxen: Swapping out physical danger for political huh. Sounds like the ‘noble’ way.
  3. Robinxen: Our ninja returns!
  4. Robinxen: I have no words.
  5. Robinxen: Shiu, you brought this on yourself.
  6. Robinxen: Can this author even write a political thriller? Well we’ll find out.

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