Life with a Tail Chapter 25.5

I’m back with another batch of your weekly orders and there’s something I have to announce.

Ryzna-san’s Gender: Confirmed

Ryzna-san is actually… a male but have female tendencies. That explains his obsession with uniforms. This also means he has a harem in the café… That’s quite unexpected. It’s not stated anywhere in this chapter, but I still have to disclose it. I’ve already fixed all of the previous chapters, so yea.

Anyways, this is a short chapter, so enjoy~ (^.^)

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The Saintess Chapter 13

Another wild Saintess chapter!! Ahh I’m so free this week~ NOT!! Project Gender Bender is supposed to give me more free time to pick out more Gender Bender novel to translate, but contrary to my expectation, it’s actually making me busier.

I have to do translation check to make sure everything is correctly interpreted.
I have to edit the chapter to make sure they are presentable, and this gets especially time consuming if the translator has poor English skill.
I have to keep reminding the translator of their deadline and keep chasing them for the submission.

These three problems have me on edge all the time, and two of them are especially bad. One in the writing & interpretation department and another in late submission department. Looks like it’s almost time to do another round of purging…

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» Chapter 13 «

The Saintess Chapter 12

A surprise Saintess chapter!! This chapter is basically unedited (as with any of the previous chapters really) since I published them as soon as I finish translating. This chapter is fresh out of the oven!!

Well, I happened to have more time this week since ID has come back and took on the Demon Sword Maiden project, and I’ve pushed Reborn as a Transcendent to Snoring Dragon, so I don’t really have much to do aside from… going after the various translator’s ⓐⓢⓢ to beg them for chapter submissions and edit Pupil of the Wiseman.

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» Chapter 12 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 153

So I got sent a new assignment as part of my proofreading work, but this time I got sent an epub!
It’s my first time working with a finished product like this so I’m a bit worried.

Also epubs are written in html which makes them really annoying to read for editing.
I mean the font is either horrible or you have to use visual mode and then things get screwed up when you make edits.
The only real option is switching views but that’s awkward in its own way.

Well I’ll figure something out!
But it’s scary to think I’m looking for errors in a book that will be going to stores soon!
If you pick up a copy and see a typo then I have failed my job!
How terrifying!!!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 56 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 150

The farming for Fate has grown intensive once again.
I successfully summoned Anastasia…yet another Caster for my bloated roster.
Of my five star servants literally one third of them are Casters.

They seem to like me!
I still have yet to summon a Berserker or Assassin though.
Not to mention next on my summon list is Skadi, yet another Caster.

Anyway Anastasia needs lots of Ice and Gunpowder to level up…not looking forward to it.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 53 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 50

So Silva wants me to update the index so that this is the start of volume 2.
Purely random, since the WN isn’t divided into volumes apparently so we have no guideline to go off.

But the problem is…..updating the index is too complicated for my sleep deprived brain!
So I’ve decided to put it off a bit…..I’ll do it later I promise!

I have to do it for Demon Sword Maiden too soon since that’s about to reach Volume 2.

Oh, woe be me.

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