Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 185

I’ve done what I usually do which is get hooked on something and ignore the rest of the world.
I’m now three days behind on anime, web novels and manga because I have been playing PSO2.
Not to mention the huge as hell number of discord notifications I keep ignoring. This is bad form.

Sadly my totally subtle invitation for people to join our Alliance failed though.
Guess none of you peeps play?

On a side note, recently I’ve been having pains in my left knee due to my sitting posture while reading. I hope it doesn’t degenerate.

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Hero King Chapter 10

Ni hao, everyone!!! So, this is the editor, (one of many) Alruna again. I finally finished up my uni lit review so phew… I can finally sleep better (at least for a day or two). I still got too many editing work and others to be doing. As always, give your likes, comments and shout outs to us 🙂 Much appreciated!!

P.S. oh, uhh… if you guys have some free time and like yuri (no gender bender though), do give my original novel a read.
Link here: Worlds Unknown

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» Chapter 10 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 183

So things were weird in Phantasy Star today.
I tried to go into an EQ but the game totally glitched out and planted me in the map solo. Enemies spawning on top of me right out the gate. Barely survived to escape. One person loaded in, saw the situation, and noped out.
Second time around, loaded in, the entire map was empty…of everything.
I literally walked right to the final boss without seeing any enemies or allies!

We also made an alliance, a couple of my friends for the reward. I chose the name.
I called it Principia, bonus points for those who recognise the origin.
It was actually pretty fun.
Oh right, Ship 3 if anyone is curious.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 28 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 182

So random stuff of the day.
I was discussing favourite Love Live girls recently and I wondered if you guys have some favourites too. Now really I’m only a first gen fan, wasn’t too fond of second and know nothing of the third.
But I love the Soldier Game trio of Eli, Maki and Umi.
Do you have some favourites? Coming up in second for me is Kanan, Dia, Ruby and Yohane. I guess.

Bit of a random thing but these are what my rambles are for.
Also expect more Phantasy Star randomness next chapter.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 27 «

[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 7

Hello guys, I do apologize for going AWOL for a while. I can promise you that it’s not that I don’t have more completed chapters but it’s just that I’ve been bogged down with my uni work and also my proofreader had just moved to a new place and had been unable to find time to proofread my chapters until just a few days ago. Anyhow, I am sorry again, if you’d like to read edited or rough draft chapters, they are on my Patreon. Anyhows, enjoy the read, guys (my proofreader is back).

P.S. This chapter goes into the explanation of the supernatural world a little and Avery’s species!!! Yes! See you next week!

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» Chapter 7 «

Blue Sky Chapter 2

I could’ve sworn I was thinking of scheduling either Blue Sky on Sunday, how I end up scheduling both Blue Sky and Loli Elf on Patreon at the same day is beyond me. Heck, the two of them even has conflicting schedule on ClickUp (a project management app) and I completely missed it. But since the deed is already done, it’s too late to go back on it now, I’ll just push forward with this schedule, so with that said, you can expect Loli Elf and Blue Sky to be released on this date and time every week.

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» Chapter 2 «

Loli Elf Chapter 1

Sorry for the long wait~! Loli Elf is finally ready to get serialized weekly! I’m sure if you’ve looked at the Character Sheet, you’d probably already know what to expect from the first few chapters. Though I will still say it in case you weren’t expecting it: BEWARE OF YANDARE!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!

With that out of the way, please enjoy the read. This series will get published at this time every week, you’ll only get 1 chapter per week so the story progression might feel slow and stagnant at times, but hey, world building is important right? This hasn’t been officially confirmed but we might have a new translator working on this series next month and possibly push it to two chapters per week.

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» Chapter 1 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 67

Have you guys been playing the english release of Phantasy Star Online 2?
It’s got so many problems on PC, so many.
The compulsory integration with XBOX Live was a disaster decision, did you know that not even the friend function works in game?
You can’t add friends on Phantasy Star Online! You have to add XBOX friends, and to do that you need to load the external app! What kind of logic is that?!

Well I have been enjoying it at least. Though I picked Ranger as my class planning to farm some half decent gear before switching to Force as my main but I’ve sort of grown comfortable with this class. Oops. Might have to rethink all my future plans haha.

The funniest part is that the game is US only and has no in game store. So if I want to give them money for stuff I have to open the US Microsoft store, buy a third party US gift card and redeem it to get anything from them.
Like they refuse to take my foreign money.

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» Chapter 67 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 66

So just after I finished scheduling this something amusing happened, you can read the old pre-chapter ramble below if you want.
I’ve actually updated this ramble about four times as the situation has been constantly changing in the past eight or so hours.
What happened that made me change the entire thing? Well.
Some run of the mill tier MTL’r is taking over Levelmaker. Though they were a bit rude and took a roundabout route. Fenderson (the translator for Levelmaker) himself has pretty much decided to stand down.

Anyway it got quite heated, there was a lot of contest over how things should be handled.
There have been a couple of people begging for us to return to apparently. My apologies to those folks. So anyway, Fenderson started translating Levelmaker for fun and will never have a proper schedule so since someone is after taking over he’s just going to step down.

If you guys are lucky this extra attention on Levelmaker might cause a release soon, but more than likely Fenderson is just going to focus on other things now that Levelmaker has been taken off his hands.
I know that a few of you will be upset by this news given the obvious disparity in quality but maybe things will improve. Silva himself (the owner of ReLibrary) has decided to drop reading.

Anyway, just a heads up for our loyal fans.
MTL makes my editor eyes bleed.
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Two as One Princesses Chapter 31

Hiya~! It’s Saturday my mates, and here it is, your regular dose of AinCiel!
Last time on Two as One Princesses: After Cielmer’s (Ain’s) Hunter Pub debut, we have a short time-skip leading to today’s chapter. During is unseen time, we learn from our tipsy guild duo that Ciel (or most likely Ain) has adorably struggled with a tent, that Ain’s really working on the cosmetic side of sorcery, and that a certain newbie party has split up, with the three member group seemingly having more promise that the other member with a “superior” Job. And with that:
What are our princesses up to in this chapter? Will we be seeing the guild backroom once again? Maybe another few chapters in the guild? And will we see how our princesses would handle the cooperation test in the near future>
Find out what happens on: Party and……!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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» Chapter 31 «

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