Blue Sky Chapter 4

And so continues the adventures of Miss Britain!
Well, this chapter had some nice stuff. It was pretty fun to read if not much happening.
I only made a couple of footnote comments but I’m fond of them. You’ll understand why.
Also for some reason I almost forget to schedule this. Wonder why?
It has nothing to do with me playing an MMO too much I swear.

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Loli Elf Chapter 3

Another week, another chapter! Nothing really interesting happened in this chapter, just an interlude. The reincarnation will finally happen in the next chapter.

Oh, did you know? My birthday happened a few days ago! Someone should buy me a full body silicone bodysuit for research purposes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Two as One Princesses Chapter 33

Hiya~! Today’s the day for another regular update~!
Last time on AinCiel: Our princesses had their first request with a party and while the request itself went swimmingly, the other member as quite the train wreck. Still, they managed to go back to the guild safely and get their well earned cash without any problems. Except for the fact that 4 sandbags presented themselves to the probably grumpy Ain. RIP. And with that:
What will happen next in this chapter? Will they be teaming up with the Brass, the Greater Swordsman, again? Will there be more AinCiel fluff to enjoy? …… Will they be in the guild the whole chapter again?
Find out next on: Medicine, the Boy, and……!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!
Also I definitely didn’t make the mistake of posting this as chapter 32 first. Or did I?

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Wild Last Boss Chapter 164

A Wild Last Boss is translated by TpstT and Vecna. Both translators have agreed to allow Re:Library to list this on our site with a two weeks delay policy.

You can now read A Wild Last Boss on Re:Library at your own convenience, no more juggling between two different sites. But of course, if you wish to catch the latest update, you’d still have to visit the translators’ respective sites, unless you’re willing to wait two weeks before they’re uploaded on Re:Library.

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Life with a Tail Chapter Side Story 1

Huh, “Chapter XX1”? What the hell is that?? Well, let me explain… at least try to. They’re basically side chapters. But wait, aren’t the .5 chapters side chapters as well, you may ask. Well yes but actually no.

To simplify:
.5 chapters = Other people’s perspectives
XX chapters = Side chapters that are in the MC’s perspective, real side chapters I guess.

I don’t know much as well of how the author categorises these chapters but that’s what I’m getting from it. Anyways, enjoy~~ (-v-)

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I am a Succubus Chapter 46

I am a Succubus! is an original Gender Bender webnovel written by Jammin’ Rabbit in collaboration with Tamaya Kagiya‘s visual novel of the same name.

Tamaga Kagiya is a visual novel developer currently working on gender bender comedy Visual Novel with high sexual content called “I am a Succubus!”

Huh? Why is she naked in front of the school’s gates. Well… It is Saeko, I’m not surprised. Will something happen♡? Who am I kidding, of course something will happen. Enjoy and prepare some tissues just in case~ Fufufu~ (~v~)

Oh and if you guys have a Scribble Hub account, you should go to this chapter on Scribble Hub and vote on the poll. We might get a h-scene commissioned based on the pairing who wins~

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