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The Strongest System Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Give me a chance

<Sorry for the late release!! Next time I’ll release in threes, I will try my best to release regularly, and thanks for the love for my 1st release!! P.S. I took some liberty in adding some jokes in so those that found my translation differ from the raw version please understand that. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!>


Picking up Strongest System!!

Hi!! My name is Emily, from now on I’ll be translating The Strongest System on Re-Library hopefully weekly as I’m still studying.

My friend introduced me to the novel as she knows that I loveee any Wuxia stories that comes with comedy. I found out later on that the translation was gonna be done only till Chap: 10.

Now even though I prefer reading the raw version, I wanted to share this gem of a story with you guys!!

I sure that any readers out there that reads any wuxia at all will realize that a lot of jokes would be loss in translation, so i will most definitely try my best to get to jokes across in English!!

Erm…I guess that’s all for me now, see you guys next time!

P.s. Feel free to ask me any questions! :3

Without further ado, here is Chapter 11 of The Strongest System!