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Chapter 12: Give me a chance

Inside the “Talent Hall”, one can’t see any of their fingers, the black robed Elder Lee ignores the darkness, took a book from the shelf that reaches the roof.

This book records the life story of the one who started the “Dark Sect”.

In the darkness, a pair of green flames bobs up and down, the only sound heard is that of Elder Lee flipping through the book.

“How does Lin Fan train <Titanium Demon Body> to such a level, it is unprecedented!” Elder Lee mumbles to himself, the recipe of <Titanium Demon Body> recorded on the book is just a random thing that the master created, for letting the sandbags to learn, no one have seen anyone trained it to Lin Fan’s level.


The next day.

Lin Fan flipped over, the first thing he did was to unzips his pants and checked on his little friend, Lin Fan is glad that it is still safe and sound after what he did.

From now on, Lin Fan swore that he would never do such a thing, that is just like killing a person, maybe worst.

Lin Fan went on alert when he heard knocking on his room door, who could it be that came looking for him? What if is Han Lu?

But it shouldn’t be, since what I did yesterday, Han Shisiong should straight up kick my door down, I know i would.

Lin Fan didn’t think much, he cleans his room a little bit and opened the door.

“Eh, and you are?” Lin Fan looked and the person in front of him, he cannot recognize the face.

“I live beside you, you must be the new outer sect disciple who just moved in right?” the person in front looked at Lin Fan with a sense of how a brother looks at a younger brother.

“Oh, it’s Shisiong, please come in.” Lin Fan was happy that some free experience was sent to his door.

“Hehe, Lin Shidi is too nice, Ni Shisiong ordered me yesterday, to take care of Lin Shidi, it’s the serving time for the outer sect right now, Lin Shidi just joined, I bet that you do not know where is the mess hall, allow me to lead you there.” Yin Bai Chen looks at Lin Fan, felt that this noobie treats people with passion, he seems like a nice person, must interact with him more.

“Ok, then I’ll just follow Yin Shisiong.” Lin Fan spoke with joy.

On the way there, Lin Fan asked bunch of questions and Yin Bai Chen responded to each of them.

“Yin Shisiong, this is a gigantic mess hall!” At this moment, Lin Fan pan his view around the mess hall, heads filled up all of his view, with their levels floating above their heads, that, to Lin Fan, are all experience.

Lin Shidi, all disciples in the outer sect have their meals here, so this hall is naturally large.” Yin Bai Chen explained.


Under Yin Bai Chen’s lead, Lin Fan reached the serving area, and took one portion for himself.

There’s meat and vegetables, not bad.

Is just that none of the items on his plate are recognizable, even though that it smells very nice.

Ever since stepping into mortal stage, Lin Fan is already very hungry, he gobbled down the food without a second thought.

Just as he thought, that is no normal food as he noticed that his experience bar increased a little after finishing it.

Lin Fan lift his head and saw Yin Bai Chen staring intensely at him, “Why are you looking at me like that Shisiong?”

Ever since he saw that kind of look from Shisiong, every time anyone looks at him like that, he feels a shiver going down his spine, knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of his unviolated body.

Yin Bai Chen smiled, “Nothing, I’m just surprised by how fast Shidi ate his food.”

“Ni Shisiong, can I only get one serving of this?” Lin Fan asked.

“Since this is prepared beforehand, everyone can only get one portion.” Yin Bai Chen responds with a smile on his face.

Lin Fan giggled suddenly

To Lin Fan, everyone is just experience, if he doesn’t mock people, then it’s wasted.

Hearing that, Lin Fan knows his next step of his great plan.

Lin Fan casually reached out for Yin Shisiong’s food and slides it in front of himself.

“Yin Shisiong, I’m not full yet, just look at me eat bah.” Lin Fan said.

At this moment, Lin Fan was hoping that Yin Shisiong would slip the desk and fight back, even though you are a pretty nice guy, but Shidi got to level up.

Unexpected by Lin Fan, Yin Shisiong got stun for a bit and smiled.

“Ok, it is my fault that Shidi is not full, I’ll give you my portion.” Yin Bai Chen responds.

Lin Fan was shocked by that, but…but….

Lin Fan suddenly realize, why is it so hard to trigger people now? What is wrong with these people with their big hearts?

“Yin Shisiong, are you not hungry?” Lin Fan asked.

“Sure I am,” Yin Bai Chen nods.

“Are you not mad that I took your food?” Lin Fan suddenly have a urge to cry, can’t you just follow my lead and beat me around a little?

Yin Bai Chen shook his head smiling, “As a Shisiong, one should take care of his Shidi, if Shidi is hungry, Shisiong should naturally let Shidi be full.”


If there was no one around, Lin Fan would have just burst out crying, why ever since he joined the outer sect, everyone he met is like a saint, where am I going to find people to trigger?

“Shisiong, I’m not hungry, you can have your food back.” Lin Fan slides the bowl back to him.

“Shidi, if you are really hungry, I’ll be ok.” Yin Bai Chen pushed back the bowl to Lin Fan.

“I mean it.” Lin Fan rejects the bowl of food.


Just at this moment, there was a bang that came from a distance away in the mess hall.

“Give me your food.”

Lin Fan’s eyes followed to the direction of the low voice, a man with the size of a small mountain stood there, grabbing another’s bowl of food.

“Shisiong, but that is mine.” A silky voice that definitely belongs to a girl came from the crowd.

“And it is now mine, what do you want?”


Lin Fan immediately stood up with joy in his heart, FINALLY I found this type of jerks, Lin Fan didn’t believe that among the eight thousand plus outer sect disciples, there no assholes like that.

“Lin Shidi, don’t start anything with that guy, he’s under Yi Shisiong.” Yin Bai Chen warned with a slight change of tone.

Lin Fan got happier after hearing that he is under someone strong, not bad, not bad.

“Yin Shisiong, who is Yi Shisiong?” Lin Fan asked while planning something in his head.

“He is at the same level with Meng Shisiong, being one of the ten legends in the outer sect. Even though the outer sect is normally peaceful and bands in-fighting, if it involves personal interest, no helping it. Just, take my advice and don’t start anything with that guy.”

“Oh.” Lin Fan nods lightly.

Yin Bai Chen sighed in relieve, knowing that Lin Shidi is like a new born calf that is not afraid of the tiger, always getting into trouble.

Only when Yin Bai Chen looked up that he realizes that Lin Shidi is already heading towards the bully. He quickly gobbled down his food and followed him.

This Lin Fan, what is in that head of his? Please don’t let him start   any trouble.


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Chapter 11: Balls of Steel

A wave of breeze went by.

It is as if the scum of the world is blown away this clean earth.

A man lies spastic on the floors of the outer sect training ground, as if he receives a traumatic blow.


Lin Fan went back to his house giggling away, albeit getting disappointed by the empty training grounds, he still got a great deal out of Han Shishiong.

Peach stolen:1(plus however many he’d stolen)

Even though his exp had not grown much, Lin Fan still felt happy.

<Monkey steals peach>, +200exp.

Personal experience, +3000exp.

Come at me Han Shishiong, you must hate me, and please bring a group of helpers to me too, Shidi is sure to be prepared.

Now that Lin Fan is in the outer sect, Lin Fan would try his best to level up fast, if he is ever to leave the dark sect, he must leave with a bang.

Back in his house, Lin Fan was wondering about the outer sect whilst lying on the bed.

No matter what I must piss off everyone in here in-order to gain attention. But all of them are hiding in their homes to cultivate, how should I mock them? Ah, just thinking about this is making my head hurt.

<Titanium Demon Body>

<Monkey steals peach>

I wonder what’s the level cap for you both?

Lin Fan stares at the ceiling, slowly sinking into thinking mode.

Time passes by.

Lin Fan suddenly flips and jump up standing.

” how can I forget about something this important?”

<Monkey Steals Peach> and <Titanium Demon Body> can be trained together, if I can steal others’ family jewel, that means that I can surely grab my own balls!

Lin Fan gazed at his own privates, and switched to his palm, an internal struggle rages within him.

If this experiment works, I would be walking down a path that I can never turn back, and that means….


Memories of the painful faces shown by his fellow outer sect disciples when he stole their ‘peaches’ made Lin Fan certain that he would not head down that path.

My nuts are for lovin’ not stealin’.

Just when Lin Fan is fighting with his inner self.

In a house on the opposite side of the training grounds.

Han Lu sat there limp and his teeth trembling.

” Lin Fan, I would see you burn!” Han Lu’s eyes are like volcanos waiting to erupt.

No man can accept being sneak attacked, especially worse when they have a 3* sneak attack bonus on your balls.

Being a 4th stage mortal, one can’t take those kinds of attack no matter how hard they train, even though Lin Fan’s cultivation is way lower than that of Han Lu’s, Lin Fan is reaching the level where no one can defend against his <Monkey Steals Peach>.


Han Lu slowly got up with his legs closely squeezed together, and walked to the door to check if anyone is around. He calm down when he’s sure that no one was around.

And then out of nowhere, Han Lu pulled out a white porcelain vase with a slight chipped mouth.

Han Lu got this vase two years ago when he came to the demon sect, when he got the vase, Han Lu didn’t know how to utilize the vase, it’s good that the vase can be kept inside the body, no one will be able to find it.

In this half a year, this white vase started to emit a sort of signal.

Han Lu named this vase “yu jin pin” (jade vase), this vase is also known as the vase that ‘Guanyin ‘carried.

Han Lu spent effort in researching for such a person but had no luck. I assume that Guanyin don’t exist in this world

Everyday this vase will produce a drop of dew of the gods, this dew drop gives exp and cure you of all ill effects.

Han Lu could advance from a normal human to 4th stage mortal in the short time of half a year is only because of the dew drop produced by YU JIN Pin.

Han Lu proceeds to pull out a book he borrowed from the Elder titled <Fade Sun Fist>, he flips to the 1st page and started to read and memorize the steps.

Han Lu naturally do not have these type of amazing memory, it is due to the help of the dew drops that he is able to memorize and understand things a lot faster than normal disciples, he could even be considered a genius by the department.

Han Lu protects and hide the vase, it is regrettable that the vase is chipped.

If the dew produced by a chipped vase is so powerful, just imagine what a dew drop from a vase that is in pristine condition.

Han Lu consumed a dew drop without a second thought, and he immediately felt a wave of energy that runs through his whole body.

Han Lu sit on the floor and start to execute the steps listed in<Fade Sun Fist>, with just a little bit more of proper technic developed by understanding <Fade Sun Fist>, Han Lu could breakthrough and level up to 5Th stage mortal.

I’ll remember today’s attack, trust that I will take my revenge.

Lin Fan, I’ll remember you


” Achoo…”

The Lin Fan that was deep in thought suddenly sneezed, [who was talking **** about me?]

Lin Fan rubs his nose and thought.

In this moment, Lin Fan was still struggling about whether to‘steal’ his own ‘peach’, albite what he decides upon just now.

But what if it works? Then what?

I can’t give up on a shortcut to level up so easily.

Lin Fan paced around the room, struggling to decide.


Why am I thinking so much? Ashes to ashes, if I can’t even man up and do this, how will I have a bright future and invincibility?

At this moment, Lin Fan’s hands moved at the speed of light.

‘Monkey steals peach.’


Lin Fan collapsed on the floor, all the colours from his face rushes away, his usually tough eyes also manage to conjure up tears.

Lin Fan lowers his head, with his hand grabbing on to his pants tightly.

**** I regret doing that.

Lin Fan grit his teeth in pain as in inhale his own fart whilst on the floor. Literally.

” Ting, <Monkey Steals Peach> exp+1

” Ting, <Titanium Demon Body> exp+1

” Ting, gained new nickname: Anyone who disagree with me goes down (it’s way shorter in mandarin, we’ll call it balls of steel for now).”

” Balls of Steel: I can even torture myself, you guys don’t even need to think about it.”

” Type: starts when self-train on self, continue for as long as 1 stick of incense burning time.”

” Effectiveness; once.”


At this moment, Lin Fan have already given up on those information, because who would give a **** bout that when he is hurting enough to kill someone.

Lin Fan swore, this kind of self-deprecating moves would never be used ever again. He would only use it on others.

Lin Fan stood up, barely, holding the table beside him, walks to the bed and slowly lie down. He held his pants tightly, tearing.

The day is in the morning (mornings are important), I should rest well today and work harder tomorrow.

The trembling Lin Fan slowly shuts his eyes.

Thinking to himself, I am a ******, can’t believe I do this kind of things to myself, but it’s okay, now I understand how everyone feels.

Can’t wait to see if tomorrow Han Shishiong would bring a large crowd to challenge me.

I bet Han Shishiong is also lying in bed to soothe the pain right now.



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Chapter 10: Shixiong, Please Wait Up

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.

This chapter was sponsored by Dennis Andersen

“Ni Shixiong, did we come to the wrong place?” Lin Fan compared the extremely plain building in front of him with Meng Shixiong’s residence. The two were simply not on the same level.

“Nope. This is it. All outer sect disciples live in places like this.” Ni Mingyang said while laughing. “ Shidi, work hard. When it comes to cultivation, if you do not advance with all your effort, you will inevitably regress. That said, you’re a genius. You’ll definitely succeed.”

“Thank you Ni Shixiong.” Lin Fan nodded his head. “Ni Shixiong, how can the gap between this residence and Meng Shixiong’s be so large?”

“Shidi, Meng Shixiong is one of the other sect’s ten great heroes. It’s natural that he would be treated differently. However, if Shidi works hard, you’ll definitely get similar accommodations soon.

Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang, nodded his head and thought [Isn’t that complete bullshit? With this grandmasters capabilities, with a bit of hard work, those ten heroes will merely become my experience sources.] [But at the moment…… I better stay low key, and slowly move forward. One footprint every step.]

“Ni Shixiong, how many people are in the outer sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“Eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight people.” Ni Mingyang replied.

When Lin Fan heard that, he felt joyful. [8000+ people…… If I group them up and take their experience, I should be able to hit the Primordial realm.]

“Shidi, what’s so funny?” Seeing Lin Fan laughing like an idiot to himself, Ni Ming Yang asked in confusion.

“Nothing, nothing at all. Shixiong, I’m a bit tired. I’ll go in and a take a rest.” At the moment, Lin Fan planned on checking out the situation and planning his next steps in preparation for something big.

“Alright Shidi, rest well. Shixiong will head off first.” Ni Mingyang said.

“Bye Shixiong. I’ll look for you after a few days.” Lin Fan said while waving his hand.

When Ni Mingyang heard those words, his face turned pale and he immediately hastened his steps.

[Oh ****, this guy is gonna go look for me…… Whatever it is, it won’t be anything good. After I get back I’ll have to pack up and move house.]

In the house.

Lin Fan unpacked what he had received.

A white ceramic bottle of medicinal pills, a set of azure robes, a pair of shoes, a longsword, an iron token, a book which wasn’t too-too thick……

And… there was no and. That was it.

These things were everything.

Feeling that the sect was stingy, Lin Fan sighed in resignation. Then, he took out a medicinal pill from the white ceramic bottle.

It was white and about the size of a soybean.

“Ding! “Stored Qi Pill” discovered.”

“Effect: When consumed by ordinary person, improves circulation of internal qi, strengthens body, and trains the five visceras and six bowels. Only one can be taken each day.”

“On use: EXP +100”

Lin Fan did a bit of math, [There are a total of 30 pills and it seems like they’re given out monthly.]

Lin Fan directly chugged all 30 pills.

“Ding! EXP +3000.”

[Looks like relying on pills to level up is an option too. But right now I’m not exactly familiar with my surroundings. I’ll definitely have to check them out.]

Afterwards, Lin Fan took out the clothes and started rubbing them. [Not bad, not bad, the material is durable and very smooth. Eh? Why are there slits over here? Could it be that this is a cheongsam?] [Moreover it can be removed just by pulling it up……] [This……]

At this moment, Lin Fan unconsciously had some ‘wicked’ thoughts.

Afterwards, he picked up the longsword, checked it out then threw it aside. [It’s just a normal longsword. Completely useless.]

“Ding! 《Holy Demon Secret Arts》discovered. Learn it?”


Afterwards, a bunch of things he previously didn’t know popped up in Lin Fan’s mind.

Not bad, not bad.

The next day.

Training grounds.

Outer sect examination disciples came to the training grounds one by one.

At the same time, this disciples had joyous smiles on their faces, as if something joyous had just occurred.

“Shixiong is really smart! With that monster gone, we won’t be bullied anymore in the future.”

At this moment, the peerless trap, who was standing at the centre of the group, gave a self-confident laugh, “It was just a small trick.”

“Shixiong is wise and brilliant.”

“Shixiong is a man of culture, his mind is better than everyone else’s.”


The surrounding outer sect examination disciples were all currying favour with the peerless trap. And the peerless trap was more than happy to be in this kind of situation. His smile was as radiant as sunflowers.


At the break of dawn, Lin Fan quickly got up. [A year’s plan starts with spring and a day’s plan starts at dawn. I can’t waste part of the day just because I slept in!] [Since I’ve entered the outer sect, I’ll have to properly make use of the resources given. These outer sect disciples are all untouched little lambs, shouting nonstop and waiting for this grandmaster to eat them up.] ⌈1

Lin Fan put on the outer sect disciple’s characteristic azure robes, put the token at his waist, and walked out of the house.

At the moment, he was looking for where the outer sect disciples’ cultivated.

But when Lin Fan got there, he was dumbfounded.

[What the hell is going on?] [Where have all the outer sect disciples gone? Why is such a large outer sect disciple training ground so deserted? There’s barely any people here!] The place was completely different from what Lin Fan imagined.

[Shouldn’t the training grounds be filled with people seriously cultivating? Why is it empty?] [Could it be that this grandmaster has to head back to the outer sect examination disciples’ training grounds?] [Those guys are barely worth any EXP at all.] [Oh glorious heaven and great earth, could it be that you want me to live a decadent lifestyle?] [I want to cultivate, I want to level up!]

Lin Fan kept those thoughts in his head and called out to someone nearby.

”Shixiong, why are there so little people in this training ground?” Lin Fan asked in a friendly tone.

The person that Lin Fan called out to had an ugly expression on his face as he sized up Lin Fan. After seeing that Lin Fan had a token at his waist, the person spoke, “Are you a newly admitted outer sect disciple?”

“Yes.” Lin Fan said with a nod.

“Generally speaking, this place has almost no one around. Everyone just cultivates in their own home.” Seeing that Lin Fan’s attitude was quite good, the shixiong replied calmly.

“I see.” Lin Fan nodded his head. [Still though, this is a bit problematic.] [What should I do to drag these people out…… I’ll have to rethink my plans.] [But right now…… ] Lin Fan had something incomparably important to do.

“Shixiong, how does one increase their prestige in the outer sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“Respect from others.” The shixiong held his head high and replied with confidence.

Lin Fan sized up the other party. [Hmmm he has a slight aura of awesomeness around him. He probably isn’t lying.]

“May I ask Shixiong’s great name?” Lin Fan asked.

“Han Lu.” Even though Han Shixiong didn’t understand why Lin Fan asked that question, he still answered.

“Han Shixiong, what about me?” Lin Fan asked

Han Lu gazed at Lin Fan with eyes of doubt, a million thoughts swirling about in his head. [Just what is this Shidi planning? Right now I’m heading to the techniques elder to borrow a few manuals. If I get there late and can’t get any, then it’ll be too late to regret.”

“This the first time I’ve met with Shidi. Randomly throwing out an opinion of someone I just met isn’t right. If there’s anything Shidi wishes to talk about, let’s save it for next time. Right now Shixiong is busy and has to go.” Han Lu hurriedly spoke, as if he didn’t want to talk to Lin Fan more than he had to.

“Alright. Shixiong, walk slowly.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Han Lu nodded his head, turned around and walked away.

“Shixiong, please wait up.” Lin Fan suddenly called out.

“What?” Han Lu suspiciously turned around.

But the instant he turned around, Lin Fan struck.

“Monkey steals peach……”


  1. The raws had sexual connotations which I probably didn’t transfer over too well.

Chapter 9: This Grandmaster Is A Peerless Genius

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.

“Talent Registration Hall.”

Standing below this hall’s door sign, Lin Fan was in a daze for a long time.

He thought to himself, “This name……”

How arrogant.

It perfectly depicts this genius’s amazingness. Looks like no matter where, talents are always favoured.”

“Shidi, let’s enter.” Ni Mingyang was quite friendly towards Lin Fan, and didn’t have the intention of hurrying him.

With regards to Lin Fan, Ni Mingyang didn’t dare be too rude. After all, his balls were still in pain even now.

“This Shidi’s attacks were vile and sinister. What happened just now would definitely have to be reported to Meng Shixiong.” Ni Mingyang thought to himself.

“Alright……alright.” Lin Fan reacted by nodding his head and following Ni Mingyang inside.

As he was walking, he noticed that the Holy Demon Sect was really amazing. Just the amount of land it took up was enough for a person to get lost.

“Outer sect disciple, Ni Mingyang is recommending a talent. Elder Li, please take a look.” Ni Mingyang respectfully stood just outside the door as he spoke.

“I got it……” At that moment, a faint sound resounded out from the pitch-black insides of the hall. This sound sounded terrifying, and seemed to ooze into people’s minds.

Even Lin Fan, who feared neither heaven nor earth, helplessly broke out in
cold sweat.

“Ni Shixiong, how come this Elder Li sounds so terrifying when he speaks?” Lin Fan stealthily asked.

“Shush! Watch your words! Shidi should remember this, when you see Elder Li, DO NOT panic. Understand?” Ni Mingyang suddenly thought of something, and regretted not telling Lin Fan earlier. But not that they were already outside the hall, there was no time to explain in detail.

“Panic? What do you mean panic?” Lin Fan was dumbfounded and didn’t understand. To himself he thought, “could it be that this Elder Li is a man-eating tiger?”

But even if that was the case, Lin Fan wasn’t scared. Worst comes to worse, he’d just use 《Monkey Steals Peach》.

“Quiet Elder Li is here.” Ni Mingyang’s expression changed slightly, and he started to stand in a respectful manner.

Lin Fan secretly stole a glance at the person that walked out of the darkness.

The man was quite burly, and wore a black robe.


Right at this time, a ray of sunlight hit Elder Li’s face. Lin Fan’s expression suddenly changed. Disbelief and fear flashed by his eyes.


How could a person look like this!?

Half the face was that of a person, whereas the other half was a skeleton’s. You could even see the slightly throbbing brain through the eye socket.

It was simply too terrifying!

Remembering what Ni Mingyang said, Lin Fan lowered his head and stopped looking at Elder Li.

Even if Lin Fan was even more open-hearted, there was no way he could bear to look at this sight.

If it wasn’t for Ni Mingyang’s reminder, Lin Fan would’ve shouted, “THERE’S A DEMON!”

“Elder Li, this is Lin Fan. His 《Titanium Demon Body》has been trained to an extremely high level and can even block one of my full-powered strikes.” Ni Mingyang explained.

The ‘Talent Registration Hall’, was the foundation of the Holy Demon Sect. Innumerable brilliant genius disciples had to sign up there. Then, they would have numerous resources thrown at them, allowing them to improve swiftly.

A long time ago, when the ‘Talent Registration Hall’ was founded, the sect placed extreme importance on geniuses. However, with the passage of time, geniuses became more and more numerous. Hence, the resources given by the ‘Talent Registration Hall’, while still quite a bit, was not as insane as before. After all, there was no way the sect could sustain that expenditure.

“Oh. So that’s the situation. Let me see for myself.” Hearing his words, Elder Li felt some interest.

Lin Fan suddenly trembled and thought,

“Oh god.

Don’t get so close to me.”

Lin Fan slowly lifted his head. His gaze met Elder Li’s half skeletonized face. Up close, he could see some green fire drifting about in the other party’s eyes.

“Are you scared of my face?” Elder Li looked at the new initiate with a smile. Even though Lin Fan’s expression wasn’t exactly respectful, Elder Li wasn’t angry in the least.

“No……” Lin Fan lied. If he told the truth at this time, then he’d really be a pigheaded idiot. ⌈1

After all, Elder Li’s face was simply too horrifying.

“Don’t worry, I am not one to blame the ignorant. In the future, you will see people that look even scarier than me.” Elder Li self-deprecatingly said. Then, he put a hand on Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Lin Fan instantly sensed a strand of qi flow into his body. It felt like the qi strand was searching for something.

At the moment, Lin Fan felt like crying.

“The ****? Getting checked out twice in one day? Do you people want to take my **** virginity or something?”

As he thought that, something even more horrifying happened.

The green fire in elder Li’s eyes, which was normally calm, suddenly started raging as he stared so intently that Lin Fan began to get goosebumps.

[Oh heavens! What is wrong with this guy? He’s staring so much I’m beginning to feel embarrassed.] ⌈2

[This gaze is just too penetrating!]

“Genius……” Elder Li excitedly grabbed Lin Fan.

“Peerless genius.”

“To be able to cultivate 《Titanium Demon Body》to such a level…… This here is a peerless genius that might not even appear once in ten thousand years!”

Ni Mingyang who had been respectfully standing at one side and wondering why elder Li talked so much today, let out a slight smile after he heard those words.

[Shidi is naturally a genius. Otherwise I wouldn’t have recommended him]

But when he heard the full sentence, Ni Mingyang was dumbfounded.

[Peerless genius?] [Moreover, a peerless genius that might not appear even once in ten thousand years…… ]

Lin Fan was originally a bit worried, widened his eyes even more when he heard elder Li’s words.



“Peerless genius.’

“A peerless genius that may not appear even once in ten thousand years.”

“Elder Li, an unparalleled genius such as me would definitely receive the sects full support right? Could it be that I’ll be a direct disciple that is personally groomed by the sect chief?” ⌈3⌋ Lin Fan felt very happy at the moment. This was especially so considering how the Holy Demon Sect valued geniuses so much.

[How can a genius such as I not be grasped with both hands?] [With the sect’s high end resources and my system, the day I become an invincible god is not far off.] [Haha……] As he was thinking, Lin Fan grew happier and happier. [In this world, this grandmaster is actually going to live such a sweet life… Heaven really is too good to me.]

Right at this moment, elder Li, who was originally very excited, suddenly calmed down.

“Alright, not bad. Come get your outer sect necessities. Mingyang, this is the reward for recommending a talent. Afterwards, bring your new shidi to his new accommodations, and tell him the rules of the holy demon sect.” Elder Li said.

“Yes elder Li.” Ni Mingyang respectfully said as he accepted the reward.

“Uh……” At this moment, a bucket of liquid nitrogen was poured on Lin Fan’s head, waking him up.

“Elder Li, I am a peerless genius that may not be seen even once in ten thousand years. To think I’d be treated like this……” Lin Fan felt helpless. [Wasn’t his excited expression just now just to screw with me?!] [I’ve already prepared myself to meet the sect chief, how could things turn out like this!?]

“Towering mountains begin from level ground. A footprint every step. Do not be too hasty.”

After he finished talking, elder Li slowly faded back into that pitch black interior.

[What the ****……]

Lin Fan was currently completely helpless. [This script is completely wrong!] [In novels, peerless geniuses that weren’t murdered were treasured like no other!] [How come I, a peerless genius that may not appear even once in ten thousand years, is being treated like this……] [Glorious heaven and great earth…… GIVE ME AN ANSWER!]


  1. Fun fact about this. There’s actually an olden belief that drinking pig brain soup makes you smarter. Ironic how in China pighead is a term for idiot. 
  2. From this sentence onward, all thoughts in [ ] I will not be editing previous chaps or sentences for that matter. 
  3. Raws only said 亲手教导 meaning personally thought. By who? Ask the author. 

Chapter 8: Pig Roaming the Beginner’s Area

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.

On the way, Lin Fan began communicating with Ni Mingyang and found out quite a bit of information.

At the same time, he began to accept the Holy Demon Sect’s system.

Genius, it was an existence that needed to be raised with more effort.

In the Holy Demon Sect, outer sect examination disciples were split into nine domains. The place Lin Fan was staying at was just a small portion of one. And in this small portion, there were several hundred people.

If one were to estimate the total number of people, it would definitely be a horrifying number.

So for the sake of unearthing those hidden geniuses, the Holy Demon Sect proclaimed a system whereby people who spot and recommend geniuses were rewarded.

“Ni Shixiong, what kind of person if Meng Shixiong? According to you, will he like a genius like me?” Lin Fan asked with a cheeky smile.

Ni Mingyang who was walking in front, suddenly stopped moving.

Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang, wondering what the result would be.

“Lin Shidi, remember this. Meng Shixiong is a very grave person. You can’t be unbridled in front of him.” Ni Mingyang said in a serious voice. He was afraid that this autistic Shidi would do something irredeemable in front of Meng Shixiong.

“Understood.” Lin Fan nodded his head. He held some curiosity towards this Meng Shixiong.

A genius from the outer sect’s Ten Great Heroes.

To be top ten among the tens of thousands of outer sect disciples, he was definitely a very formidable person.

Along the way, Lin Fan felt as if he had entered the Grand View Garden. Ever since he became a sandbag, Lin Fan had never been outside the training grounds. Naturally, he didn’t know how big the Holy Demon Sect was.

The sight in front of him, was practically a whole new world.

“We’re here, this is where Meng Shixiong stays.”

When Lin Fan saw the house in front of him, he instantly felt attracted to it and swore that one day, he would own one similar.

“Go on, enter. And remember, don’t be unbridled.” Ni Mingyang said.

“En, I know.” Lin Fan nodded his head. Lin Fan was very willing to get closer to Ni Shixiong. Even though once in awhile Ni Shixiong would show off, his IQ was a very moving thing.

The courtyard was surrounded by whitewashed walls with green willows in the surroundings peeking over them. It was magnificent sight that was also supremely elegant.

This was the place where one of the outer sect’s Ten Great Heroes resided. It really did make others yearn for it.

“Meng Shixiong……” Ni Mingyang respectfully said from outside the residence.

“Enter.” Right then, a faint sound came out of the residence. Unexpectedly, Lin Fan was actually feeling some trepidation.

To be in awe after merely hearing something, Meng Shixiong was really powerful.


Lin Fan followed behind Ni Mingyang and entered the residence. Inside, the aroma produced by the patina ⌈1
made the place seem like one where a scholar stayed. The place was obviously incongruent with the rest of the Holy Demon Sect.

“This is the genius that plebeian brought up?” Meng Yangquan closed the ancient book in his hand then thoroughly sized up Lin Fan.

And Lin Fan did the same to this outer sect’s Great Hero.

He really was a dragon amongst men!

Being a man, Lin Fan naturally held some jealously and envy. What was wrong with the world? Why were there so many abnormally good looking men!?

And this Meng Shixiong in front of him, despite being beautiful ⌈2
, he had a dignified and noble air around him which evoked a hard to describe emotion.

To summarize, he was a ******* kuudere ⌈3⌋.

Hard to communicate with, very hard to communicate with!
When Lin Fan saw his level, he was immediately convinced.

“Divinity level 6”

“What the hell?! His cultivation is so high and he stays in the outer sect? He obviously has a ******* mental illness.

Breaking through to the Primordial stage was enough to let one become an inner sect disciple. And if someone entered the Divinity realm, that person would then become a direct disciple with the qualifications to compete for the position of sect head. And if that failed, they would still be an Elder

This was a completely maxed account that’s fate lay in the hands of a m̲a̲s̲o̲c̲h̲i̲s̲t̲ ⌈4⌋ roaming the beginner’s area.”

Obviously, Lin Fan didn’t say this out loud. Even those 《Titanium Demon Body》was already LV18, chances are, if the other party so much as blew on him, Lin Fan would turn into food scraps. Or so he thought.

“You, are Lin Fan?” Meng Yangquan spoke.

“Yes.” Lin Fan was neither servile nor overbearing as he nodded. In his head he thought, “even though your cultivation is a bit high, I still have the system. I definitely can’t humiliate myself.”

“Meng Shixiong, Lin Shidi’s 《Titanium Demon Body》has reached an extremely high realm, high enough to withstand one of my full powered strikes. He is definitely a rare genius.” Ni Mingyang said.

“Oh.” Meng Shixiong was like water as he gently smiled with his eyes.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt as if he was stripped naked by Meng Shixiong’s gaze, that all his secrets were exposed.

Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed. This Meng Shixiong’s cultivation is high, why would he enjoy being like this ⌈5⌋?

And after awhile, this feeling disappeared.

“Not bad, not bad, definitely monstrous. 《Titanium Demon Body》 is the Holy Demon Sect’s worst technique, to be able to train it to such a high realm, shows that you are an amazing genius with great perception. It’s just that your cultivation is a bit low, and you need to put more effort in that area.” Meng Yangquan’s expression was calm, but actually, he was extremely surprised, and simply couldn’t believe it.

However, in front of these juniors, he was a supreme expert. How could he express surprise?

“I thank Meng Shixiong for your pointers.” Lin Fan said.

“Mingyang, take him to register at Elder Li’s place.” Said Meng Yangquan.

“Yes.” Ni Mingyang nodded his hand then prepared to set off.



“The inner sect examinations are in three months. You should drop everything else and push yourself for a while. You might be able to make it.” Meng Yangquan said.

“Shixiong, where did you, where did you ⌈6⌋……” Ni Mingyang said with a strange expression.

Lin Fan, who was all along quietly standing at one side glanced at the two of them, and thought, “this Ni Mingyang doesn’t like men……right? Right?”

Chi chi……(sound of something sizzling or frying)

“Don’t think about it, just don’t think about it…… ”

“Ai, you’re dismissed.” Meng Yangquan sighed.




On the road, Ni Mingyang didn’t say a word, so Lin Fan was a bit bored.

“What’s Meng Shixiong’s cultivation level?” Lin Fan asked, acting like he knew nothing. After all, it was extremely strange for a level 6 Divinity to be staying in the outer sect.

“Level 3 Primordial.” Ni Mingyang replied.

Lin Fan nodded his head. So he really did have a mental problem. To conceal his cultivation and not let anyone else know, was Meng Yangquan really acting like a pig to eat the tiger?

“Shixiong, Meng Shixiong asked you to enter the inner sect examinations, why won’t you go? This is the way higher, or do you plan on spending the rest of your life in the outer sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“You don’t understand……”Ni Mingyang didn’t say anything else, just those three words.

As soon as Lin Fan heard them, his brain was immediately fried.

“The ****? I don’t understand? You don’t even explain the situation and you say I don’t understand.

Screw it…… just screw it all.

It’s not like I’m some kay poh person. You guys’ bromance of whatever has nothing to do with me.”

But still, this was really just too interesting.

Lin Fan even considered cutting open Ni Mingyang’s skull and checking around to find out just what was going on for him to even abandon the chance of promotion.

But upon seeing Ni Mingyang’s current death-like state, Lin Fan became too lazy to ask.


  1. 古色生香 no idea. 
  2. feminine face kind. The author loves traps I guess 
  3. picture says it all 
  4. Actual term is 贱人 which has many many meanings but in this case refers to a person who willingly suffers despite having the option to enjoy life. 
  5. 调调 apparently means style and personality. It’s a slang that originated from a Jay Chou song:同一种调调 on that note, I swear the author is either gay and into BL or a woman and into BL. 
  6. The text here is 你在哪,你在哪…… I’m assuming the guy was stuttering out 你在哪听到?which means where did you hear this from? But on it’s own 你在哪 means where are you? 

Chapter 7: Shixiong You Are A Magnanimous Person!

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.


“Why can you still stand…….?”

“I, Ni Mingyang, entered the sect when I was four. In these past eighteen years, I’ve diligently cultivated night and day without pause, until I reached Mortal level 8 and became an outer sect disciple. Why can you, a trivial sandbag who hasn’t even reached the Mortal stage still get up…… Why won’t you fall?!”

When Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang two streams of hot tears slowly flow out the corner of his eyes, his heart couldn’t take it.

It seemed like he dealt a big blow to Ni Mingyang.

Even though the Holy Demon Sect was a dark sect, in the year he was here, Lin Fan had never seen anything inhuman happen.

Even though sandbags were people that often died, that couldn’t be blamed on others. Since he became a sandbag, he had to have this kind of understanding.

Lin Fan let out a sigh and a place a hand on Ni Mingyang’s shoulder.

“Ni Shixiong ⌈1⌋……”

“You don’t need to say anything. I can accept it. There are numerous geniuses in the world. Compared to them, I, someone who has to rely on countless buckets of sweat to replace talent, am simply nothing.” Ni Mingyang said as he wiped his tears.

To anyone, this kind of thing would be like thunder on a sunny day.

“It’s not that. Ni Shixiong , I just want to tell you something, and hope you won’t be too angry.” Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang and said. In Lin Fan’s view, Ni Mingyang could still be considered quite good.

If back then he knew that this guy actually wasn’t so bad, Lin Fan wouldn’t have been so excessive. After all, letting the other party beat him down wouldn’t have mattered.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

“From now on, the two of us are fellow apprentice brothers in the same sect. Stop treating me as an outsider. Even though those righteous sects outside demonize our dark sect, if you just carry on for a bit, you’ll see that our dark sect values friendship more than those righteous sects.” said Ni Mingyang.

“Great! Ni shixiong’s words were magnanimous and inspirational. You have this shidi’s admiration. I apologize for having to offend you.” As soon as he heard that speech Lin Fan was moved to tears. This was what a ******* sect should be like!

What deception and blackmail? What “my cultivation is higher than yours so I can kill you at will” novel plot? All of it was a bunch of ******* lies!

“I am a magnanimous person, even if you offend me, I won’t be angry. After I bring you to see shixiong and you enter the sect, you’ll be my shidi.” Ni Mingyang lifted his head and threw out his chest before looking at Lin Fan. The lofty and noble atmosphere a shixiong should have gushed towards Lin Fan like a tidal wave.

“Alright, with Ni shixiong’s assurance, I can be at ease.” Lin Fan expressed great joy.

“Go ahead……” Ni Mingyang beckoned towards Lin Fan with a smile. After being comforted by Lin Fan, that heart which was about to break quickly recovered.

But right at that moment……

The world changed.

Ni Mingyang saw in the sun ⌈2⌋ in the sky suddenly get torn asunder and darkness suddenly cover his world, stopping him from seeing anything.

And his ears heard a single phrase

“Monkey Steals Peach”


Right then, fast beyond description, Lin Fan took a breath and his LV10 《Monkey Steals Peach》instantly made it’s move.

Right then, it was as if no peach in heaven and earth could block Lin Fan’s demonic hand.

The movements were swift and precise.

Bend waist, reach out, grab peach.


Right then, an incomparably valiant sound wave spread out. This sound wave was valiant and strong and carried an invincible spirit that could not be stopped.

And this howl, came out of Ni shixiong’s mouth.

At this moment, Ni Mingyang’s face turned pure white, his hands tremblingly grabbed his crotch and he fell paralysed onto the ground, foaming at the mouth.

Lin Fan gazed at Ni Mingyang, his heart filled with guilt. But screw it, since he already let Ni shixiong hit him a bunch, getting hit once more wouldn’t matter.

“Ding! 《Monkey Steals Peach》 EXP+200》

“Ding! Congratulations on defeat level 8 Mortal Ni Mingyang. EXP +20,000”

“Ding! Congratulations on levelling up.”

“Ding! Congratulations on levelling up.”

“Ding! Congratulations on breaking through to the Mortal stage.”


At this moment, Lin Fan’s heart was filled with joy. He finally ranked up and entered the Mortal stage.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 11 (Mortal level 2)

EXP: (0/50,000)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》 LV18 (0/1,000,000)

《Monkey Steals Peach》 LV10(1200/10,000)

Lin Fan laughed like a madman. Who would’ve known that Ni shixiong sacrificing himself for awhile would actually give this much EXP? This was just too great!


“You…… You…….” At this time, Ni Mingyang was on the ground, clutching his balls and pointing a finger at Lin Fan. His expression was of extreme anger, as if he was about to get up and take Lin Fan’s life.

“Magnanimous…… Ni shixiong, you are a magnanimous person! This shidi’s actions was just to verify something.” Lin Fan said with the innocence of a child.

“You……” At that moment Ni Mingyang even had the notion of death. He stood up with difficulty. The pain of the peach down below made his teeth tremble. It was indescribably painful.

“Magnanimous, this shixiong is a magnanimous person by nature. shidi is still young and very playful. Shixiong can understand.” Ni Mingyang strenuously caught his breath. If it was his upper body that was in this kind of hellish pain, Ni Mingyang definitely wouldn’t be in this kind of sorry state. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, it was every man’s weakness ⌈3⌋ that was struck hard. To even be able to stand, showed how strong Ni Mingyang was.

“I knew that shixiong is a magnanimous person.” Lin Fan laughed.

“Alright, come along with me.” Ni Mingyang swore to the heavens that when this was over he wouldn’t ever again interact with this guy.

Dangerous, it really was too dangerous.

“Shixiong, where are we going?” Lin Fan noticed that Ni Mingyang wasn’t a treacherous person so he directly spat out a question.

“I’m bringing you to meet Meng shixiong, subsequently, Meng shixiong will recruit you and let you enter the outer sect.” Ni Mingyang slightly frowned, as if the hellish pain in his balls hadn’t yet disappeared.

“Uh……” Lin Fan was dumbstruck and didn’t dare believe it. Wasn’t this ******* harming him?

Seeing Lin Fan’s expression, Ni Mingyang softly said, “are you thinking that I’m trying to harm you?”

“No……” Lin Fang hurriedly said but deep down he thought, “this novel is trying to kill me!”

Ni Mingyang obviously didn’t believe Lin Fan’s words, “this kind of treachery is actually rarely seen in the Holy Demon Sect. From its founding till today, the Holy Demon Sect has always understood that to a sect, internal strife has been and will always be a disaster of epic proportions.”

“Understood. Ni shixiong, after two days is the outer sect exams, actually, I can enter.” said Lin Fan.

“You are a genius. When that guy reported this, Meng shixiong didn’t quite believe it and neither did I. Right now, I believe it. And to the sect, any genius is a valuable person. So, this kind of exam which is actually a waste of time, is merely an ordinary person’s threshold ⌈4⌋.” Said Ni Mingyang.

Lin Fan nodded his head. At that moment, the oppressive atmosphere was gone without a trace.

“ Then Ni shixiong, what’s our threshold?” Lin Fan asked.

Ni Mingyang looked at Lin Fan and then softly said, “stepping into the mortal stage is a small one. Becoming a primordial is another small one. As for divinity, that’s a big one. For a sect, to have so much as one person in a thousand enter that stage is a joyous thing. You’ll understand these things better later on. It’s getting late, Meng Shixiong is probably getting impatient.”

“Then what about him?” Lin Fan pointed at the peerless trap lying on the ground.

“He did the meritorious service of recommending a talent. Later, I’ll give him a reward. Let’s go.” Ni Mingyang said.

As soon as he heard that, Lin Fan was instantly shocked and thought to himself, “what the hell? So all along I was a cake ⌈5⌋?! Ha…… just drop it……”

Seeing Ni Mingyang’s smiling face, it was obvious that he was going to be rewarded too.

At that moment, the shame and guilt that was previously in his heart completely disappeared.

“Moreover, I’m about to enter the outer sect. Afterwards…… hehehe…….”

At this moment, Lin Fan and gave a cheap laugh.


  1. Senior/junior apprentice/martial brother/sister/uncle/aunt is an absolute pain to type. So, I’m gonna be using shixiong(big bro), shidi(lil bro), shijie(big sis), shimei(lil sis) etc 
  2. Ni Mingyang’s name is written 倪明阳 the 阳 means yang(one of the twin dualities) but can also refer to the sun(太阳,炎阳,阳光 etc) the author is making a pun/metaphor/analogy. 
  3. not related to translation. Actually it’s been scientifically proven that the ********* are not a man’s weakest spot. In fact because of the notion that it’s the weakest, it’s actually guarded better than other bigger weaknesses like the eyes, ears, kidney, solar plexus, heart, liver floating ribs and limb joints. Also, it doesn’t even affect people who don’t feel pain. After all, nutshots won’t throw your bodily functions into disarray or cripple you if you can bear with the pain which IMO isn’t as bad as getting hit in the kidney or solar plexus(speaking from experience). 
  4. not too clear on what this should be. 门槛 
  5. 香饽饽 literally a delicious cake. When used to describe a person or object it means someone or something that is in great demand. 

Chapter 6: Senior Apprentice Brother, A Footprint Every Step!

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.

Seeing what just happened, the peerless trap’s jaw dropped.

He thought to himself, “How was this possible? How could this guy withstand that strike?”

“In the ten over years I’ve been in the sect, you are the most interesting sandbag I’ve ever seen.” The green robed man said with a faint laugh. Then, his expression changed. The originally warm and kind expression suddenly became incomparably fierce.

“But, high purity metals are easy to bend.”


Lin Fan flew up into the air with several flowers of blood going up alongside him.

“Ding! EXP + 3000”

“Ah! So comfortable….”

Lying on the ground, Lin Fan was so excited that he almost had a heart attack as he felt the EXP bar increase.

The green robed man gazed at Lin Fan and his mouth curved into a smile. “An all out attack of a level 3 Mortal. Even if trained to the highest realm, 《Titanium Demon Body》is unable to block it. But don’t worry, I held back a bit so you won’t die. You, pick him up and follow me.”

Looking at Lin Fan, the peerless trap, revelling in his pain, let out a single phrase, “seeking death”.

The green robed man turned around and prepared to leave. “A talent capable of withstanding half the full strength of a level 3 Mortal. Maybe senior apprentice brother will recruit him?

There are plenty of freaks under the sky, simply uncountable. The Holy Demon Sect is a big faction that’s been around for ten thousand years, what kind of disciple hasn’t it seen?

This sandbag trains in the 《Titanium Demon Body》 and even managed to bring it to a higher realm. It’s impossible to not call him a genius, but even that’s not enough.”

The green robed man had already seen through Lin Fan’s cultivation. This sandbag hadn’t even trained to the Mortal level. In his eyes, Lin Fan was just a slightly special ant, not one of those monsters.

Right then, the green robed man’s expression changed into one of disbelief.

“Hehe, not bad, not bad, it was a bit stronger than the one before, but it’s not enough.” While speaking, Lin Fan stood up and rubbed his chest. He thought to himself, “it really hurts! But this kind of EXP giving ox person ⌈1⌋ is really rare, if I don’t properly make use of this opportunity, I’ll definitely be crying over it in the future.”

“You……” The green robed man gazed at Lin Fan with astonishment, wondering what was wrong with this fellow and why he was like that.

Lin Fan stared at the green robed man. One of the tricks he was hiding was exposed by himself. 《Titanium Demon Body》had 3 levels total and was simply unable to block the attack of a Mortal level expert, and yet he managed to. Exposing this secret by letting that guy hit him to raise the level of 《Titanium Demon Body》was also for the sake of gaining the strength to protect himself.

He had no idea what would happen if he followed the green robed man. Would he die? Would he live? Or would he end up somewhere in between?

Sandbags weren’t actual disciples of the Holy Demon Sect. Whether they lived or died, nobody cared.

So, Lin Fan had to work as hard as he could if he wanted to live.

Since others couldn’t see how special he was, he’d just have to show it to them.

“Alright then, let me see how long you can last.” The green robed man kicked his imposing aura up a notch and the full force of a level 3 Mortal struck Lin Fan’s body.

“Ding! EXP +4000”

“Ding! Congratulations, 《Titanium Demon Body》has leveled up.”

Lin Fan was so happy he almost flew to heaven. “This level up came so ******* fast! Just a bit of suffering and I gain a level! Moreover, this EXP treasure is increasing the attack strength slowly, letting me get stronger without pause. At an extreme speed too!”

If the green robed man used the full of strength of a level 8 Mortal right
from the start, then even 《Titanium Demon Body》 was at LV7, Lin Fan would still instantly blown to bits.

Seeing Lin Fan get up once again, the green robed man’s formerly calm expression slowly warped into of anger.

He felt humiliated. He may have controlled his strength, but this guy was obviously beaten till he vomited blood. And yet he kept on standing up. The green robed man couldn’t take it.

“Great! I don’t believe the bullshit happening today.” The green robed man started losing his temper.

Seeing the green robed man flaring up, Lin Fan only felt joy.

“Don’t believe it? There’s nothing wrong with that. In the end even if you don’t believe, I’ll make you believe.” Lin Fan thought to himself.


Lin Fan was sent flying once more.

“Ding! EXP+5000”

And once again, he stood up.


Yet again, he was sent flying.

“Ding! EXP +6000”


“Ding! EXP +6000”

“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》levelled up.”


“Why can you still stand?” The green robed man was starting to lose his composure. Lin Fan standing up once more dealt a heavy blow to his morale.

The peerless trap stared dumbly, his whole body frozen in place. It was as if he saw a ghost.

“Come……” Lin Fan didn’t feel like talking much, so he just wagged his finger and beckoned towards the man.

“Damn, I don’t believe this……”

“I don’t believe in you either, so you’ll need to prove yourself.” Lin Fan looked at the green robed man as he spoke with a comforting tone.

“Damn, since things are like this, I’ll go all out. Let’s see how you block this.” The green robed man went ballistic after being provoked by Lin Fan. In the end, he was also a youth that was around twenty years old. This was the natural arrogance of youths.

At this moment, the green robed man’s many years of cultivation collapsed into a complete mess.

When Lin Fan heard that the green robed man was going to use his full strength, he was stunned and slightly wet himself.

He thought, “I was just kidding! If a level 8 Mortal hit me with his full strength, I’d be shattered into pieces”

Green robe senior apprentice brother, slow down a bit. Just now was a level 3 Mortal’s full strength, next should be a level 4 mortal. A footprint every step ⌈2⌋, one must not rush.” Lin Fan hurriedly shouted.

Lin Fan had already thought things through. If the other party was still going to use his full strength, Lin Fan would get on his knees and admit defeat. He definitely wouldn’t be beaten into a dog just like that.

“Alright, level 4 Mortal half strength. Let me see how you block this.” The green robed man roared and his physique changed. From the start to the present, Lin Fan couldn’t catch how the green robed man attacked him.

Fast…… It was just too fast.


Once more, Lin Fan was sent flying.

And right at this moment, instead of being immersed in the joy of his EXP rising like crazy, Lin Fan was thinking about a single question.

“Seems like I’ll have to properly re-assess those Holy Demon Sect disciples. This IQ is low enough to move a person.”This time when Lin Fan looked at the green robed man, he couldn’t help but feel some affection.

Obviously this was closer to appreciation rather than romantic love. If there were more of this kind of talent, then from now on what would he have to worry about?

“Ding! EXP + 7000”

“Good, this strike of senior apprentice brother sent my Qi and blood into disarray, enough to make me puke blood. But, it still isn’t enough. Once more!” Lin Fan wiped his mouth like he was eating food he didn’t pay for ⌈3⌋.

“Damn, how can you still stand? Let me show you my strongest attack.” The green robed man’s long black hair flowed along with the wind.

“No! Green robe senior apprentice brother, just now was level 4 Mortal half strength, now should be the full strength version. A footprint every step. Slow down, you mustn’t break your promise.” Lin Fan said loudly.

“Very well……”

As soon as Lin Fan heard that, he stealthily wiped his tears. This was simply too moving.

“Ding! EXP +8000”

“Ding! Congratulations《Titanium Demon Body》has levelled up.”

“Ding! EXP +9000”

“Ding! EXP +9000”


“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》 has levelled up.”


“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》 has levelled up”


“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》 has levelled up”


Mortal level 4 half strength.

Mortal level 4 full strength.

Mortal level 5.

Mortal level 6……


At this moment, the peerless trap had already fallen to the floor foaming at the mouth with his body convulsing.

The only thing on his mind was, “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

And right at this moment.

That green robed man’s hair was messy, his eyes were red and his expression was savage.

“Ah…… Why can you still stand?!” At this moment, the green robed man‘s mind was blank and he continuously hit Lin Fan’s body.

“Ding! EXP +1000”

“Ding! EXP +1000”

Lin Fan sighed as he looked at his stats.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 9 (Mortal stage waiting to be unlocked)

EXP: (0/1000)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》LV18 (0/1,000,000)

《Monkey Steals Peach》 LV10 (1,000/10,000)

Lin Fan felt that he was going a bit too far……. Way too far.

The green robed senior apprentice brother had long since brought the full power of a level 8 Mortal and Lin Fan had also long since gained an immunity to it.

Seeing the green robed senior apprentice brother crazily hitting him, Lin Fan could only let him continue. Thinking that after he vented all his frustration and grievance, he’d quiet down.


  1. A very formidable person 
  2. An idiom that one must be steady in their actions; to take things step by step. 
  3. That’s exactly what raws said. And IMO food you get for free is the most delicious… 

Chapter 5: Rising Up Like a Rocket

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.


A tile house that was not by any means large was currently filled with people.

Lin Fan’s war earlier today shocked the sandbags into utter speechlessness. They could only give Lin Fan the thumbs up, expressing their belief in him.

“Big brother, the technique you used today was 《Monkey Steals Peach》 right?” The time Xiao Liuzi spent in the Holy Demon Sect was quite long. With regards to its situation, he had some understanding.

Although《Monkey Steals Peach》was a martial art passed down in his family, he knew that when compared with the martial arts learned by the outer sect examination disciples, it was a lot worse.

“En.” Lin Fan nodded his head.

“Great! I had no idea that the family legacy was actually that strong. Of course, the only big brother is capable of showing its full power.” Xiao Liuzi excitedly said.

Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed, but he didn’t say anything.

“Big brother, in two days time, the outer sect examinations will begin. Will you be participating?” Xiao Liuzi asked.

“Xiao Liuzi, what bullshit are you spouting? How can big brother not join? Could it be that he’s going to stay here and rot with the rest of us for a lifetime?”

“That’s true.” Xiao Liuzi nodded his head.

Lin Fan has already been in this world for a year. Even with the system, despite it not being a gone case, Lin Fan knew the world was still extremely dangerous.

For a sandbag like him to dare pick a fight with outer sect examination disciples on sect grounds, was because he understood that to the sect, talent was the most important.

With strength, you could prove anyone. However, the consequences are still yours to bear.

If showing a bit of talent would get you killed by the jealousy of fellow set members, then the sect would not have lasted so long. In fact, it would’ve been destroyed by internal strife long ago.

Lin Fan had two ideas. The first ,was to seriously train and raise his strength. The second, was to attract the attention of someone with a high position, and leave this place. ⌈1

But, Lin Fan forgot about something. In the entire sect, the outer sect examination disciples’ training grounds was a place that birds did not **** in ⌈2⌋. What kind of high level V.I.P would be so bored as to run over here?

And so, all he could do was rely on himself. Since he had a cheat, if he dared not start a few revolutions, that would be letting down himself and the rest of his world travelling compadres.

The next day.

Lin Fan woke up early, made something to fill his stomach, then rushed over to the training grounds.

Currently, he was level 9 and 《Monkey Steals Peach》had reached level 10. Even though his EXP was increasing very slowly, but at the end of the day, when the outer sect examination day arrived, he had to be as strong as possible.


At the training grounds, a cool wind was blowing.

A gust blew up the dust and ashes on the black brick. A few leaves were adrift in the air before finally falling to the ground.

The area was desolate. Completely devoid of life.

“What’s going on?” Gazing at the sight in front of him, Lin Fan was momentarily dumbfounded. Where did everyone go?

The training grounds used to be so lively. How come it was currently so desolate? There wasn’t even a single person around.


Lin Fan rested his chin on his palm. His gaze contained a trace of helplessness as he looked at the sight before him and thought to himself, “ These outer sect examination disciples were too damn ****.
They only had their peaches stolen, did they really need to be so scared?

Ai… Seems like these next few days there won’t be any mobs to farm. Guess all I can do is rely on myself.

You can gain EXP by defeating people. In that case if I killed the demon beasts outside then I should be able to get EXP all the same.

But haters gonna hate ⌈3⌋. In the Holy Demon Sect I’m just a sandbag. I don’t have the right to leave sect grounds.

Otherwise I’d head out and start farming.”

Right at that moment, Lin Fan saw two people coming from afar.

Lin Fan immediately cheered up. Someone had finally come! But subsequently, the colour of his face changed. The level floating above one of their heads was…

Mortal level 8.


Afterwards, he caught sight of the peerless trap ⌈4⌋ whose peach he ruthlessly stole yesterday next to the level 8 Mortal who was wearing green robes.

Lin Fan was shocked, could it be that that guy didn’t accept yesterday’s result and brought along an expert to take revenge for him?

A level 8 Mortal was only two steps away from becoming a primordial. Why would such a person come to such an insignificant training ground?

Besides, this kind of person definitely wasn’t the type that had the time to help others redeem themselves.

“The person you were talking about is him?” The man wearing green robes asked.

“Yes! Senior apprentice brother, he’s the one I was talking about.” The peerless trap respectfully stood at the side, and didn’t dare do anything that may seem impudent.

Even with his hated enemy, Lin Fan, standing right in front of him, he didn’t dare to express joy at the other party’s misery.

“You’ve got the wrong guy.” Lin Fan’s heart was tranquil.

This guy wasn’t the peerless trap’s helper. If he was a helper, the peerless trap wouldn’t be acting like this. It was more like there was some sort of secret that couldn’t be shared.

The green robed man sized up Lin Fan then smiled and nodded his head.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt an imposing aura hit him like a raging tidal wave.


Lin Fan had no idea what just happened. He just felt his abdominal muscles tense up as if he was hit extremely hard. The Qi and blood in his body roiled around and he spat out a crimson red flower

“Really strong.” Lin Fan thought to himself.

After retreating ten steps, Lin Fan clutched his chest and half knelt on the ground while staring at the man in front of him.

“Ding! EXP +30,000?”

“Ding! Congratulations, 《Titanium Demon Body》 has leveled up.”

“Ding! Congratulations, 《Titanium Demon Body》 has leveled up.”


Lin Fan was surprised. Just feeling the imposing aura was enough to let 《Titanium Demon Body》level up twice.

“En, not bad. A level 2 Mortal’s full powered strike and you only vomit a bit of blood. Seems like your 《Titanium Demon Body》has been trained to a very high realm. Come with me.” The green robed man nodded his head. His eyes shone brightly, as if he was extremely curious about this sandbag that managed to train 《Titanium Demon Body》to such a level.

“Hold on……” Lin Fan stabilised the Qi and blood in his body and looked at the green robed man.

This was strength. If one didn’t have strength, then they were just fish meat on someone else’s chopping board, at the mercy of others. But to Lin Fan, it was such a big opportunity. How could he give it up?

Whether it was back on Earth or in the present, Lin Fan was a madman. A complete and utter madman. If he doesn’t claim back the debt in front of him with interest, he definitely wouldn’t back down.

Previously when 《Titanium Demon Body》 was still LV5, he could withstand the full powered strike of a level 2 Mortal and only vomit some blood. Who knew what the 7th level of 《Titanium Demon Body》could do.

Lin Fan knew that the level 8 Mortal sect disciple in front of him definitely had something that he needed Lin Fan to handle. Hence, he definitely wouldn’t kill Lin Fan.

Of course, Lin Fan wouldn’t be so retarded as to say, “I’m begging you, please hit me. This kind of pain-seeking words.”

“You couldn’t bear with the humiliation I gave you yesterday and found an assistant to help you today. Did you really think I’d be scared? Let me tell you something, I Lin Fan am completely fearless and am unafraid of others trying to exact vengeance upon me.” When he finished speaking, Lin Fan rushed up.

Hurry the **** up and hit me already.

The male wearing green clothes looked at Lin Fan and let out a slight smile, “interesting……”


Without so much as seeing what the green robed man did, Lin Fan felt as if a wall appeared in front of him. As soon as he dashed up, he was sent flying out.

Lin Fan could not resist spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Ding! EXP+2000”

Lin Fan was excited enough to have a heart attack. Back when he let the outer sect examination disciples hit him, he only gained a few points. Who would’ve thought that a random punch from this guy would cause the bar to increase by so much.

He felt utter bliss.

However, this wasn’t enough. He still needed more EXP.

“Heng! Pathetic. This is the helper you brought? Looks to me like he’s nothing much.” Lin Fan said as he stood up.

“Enough! How dare you act so presumptuously to senior apprentice brother.” The peerless trap rebuked as his expression changed.

“Anyway, this is quite interesting. 《Titanium Demon Body》 only has 3 levels. Even if trained to the third level, it can only resist a full-powered strike of a level 1 Mortal. Right now this is unexpectedly getting more and more interesting. Alright then, let me see your limit today.” The green robed man gave a faint laugh.


  1. The place he’s currently staying, not the sect entirely 
  2. 鸟不拉屎- lit. birds don’t ****. Actual meaning: desolate 
  3. 恨就恨 literally= haters gonna hate 
  4. 美男 beautiful man 

Chapter 4: Crushing All Balls Seen

Original Translation can be found at Sylver Translations.

The title of this chapter makes me feel the pain.

At this moment the world fell apart and turned dark, the seas dried up and the rocks decayed, people jumped up and down and advanced wave after wave….

“Monkey Steals the Peach.”


“Monkey Steals the Peach.”



Waves of screaming suddenly travelled over from the originally magnificent training ground.

These voices were as soft as cotton, as though the delicate breathing of a female. But upon listening carefully there was a sort of boundless grief and sorrow.

At this moment Lin Fan repeated the same movement, bending his waist, extending his hand, crushing with his fingers.

Again and again, even if the world was falling apart right now it couldn’t stop Lin Fan’s yearn for experience.

“You vulgar rat, actually using such a dirty move.” Right now the outer sect examination disciples were all greatly terrified, they covered their crotches with their hands and felt a cool air rise up from the bottom of their feet straight to the top of their heads.

Terrifying, truly terrifying.

“Ding, trivial technique 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 upgraded to LV3.”

“Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+5.”

“Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+3.”


Hoho, hearing these notifications Lin Fan was ecstatic in his heart, To think that this was how the experience for his character to level up came.

Looks like this was like playing a game, killing monsters to level up.

Not bad, not bad.

At this moment those outer sect examination disciples who had suffered big time at Lin Fan’s hands all looked at this scumbag with looks of despise. But right at this instant, they suddenly noticed a strong light that struck fear into their hearts suddenly burst forth from this scumbag’s eyes.

As though in a bit something even more brutal was about to happen.

The group of outer sect examination disciples surrounded Lin Fan in the middle. Even though this scumbag used very dirty attacks that were impossible for them to defend against, if they just left like this with their tails between their legs this was something they couldn’t stand.

Even if they had to pay a heavy price they would make this dirty scumbag fall here.

Right now Lin Fan was staring indifferently at his own two hands.

This was a pair of hands that were about to be tainted, but for experience what did a mere pair of tainted hands matter.

“Look you guys, his eyes.” This was an outer sect examination disciple at the front who exclaimed in surprise. They were observing this dirty scumbag at all times, the instant Lin Fan’s eyes flickered it was caught by them.

Lin Fan raised his head, that pair of profound eyes as though full of guilt looked at this group of outer sect examination disciples.

“You pure little lambs, you guys are about to be violated by this pair of evil hands of mine. But don’t worry, I will have mercy.” Lin Fan stared passionately at this group of outer sect examination disciples.

“Dirty scumbag, what are you saying.”

“You think you alone can deal with the hundreds of us?”

“Get on your knees and apologize, we’ll spare your life.”

“Hmph, don’t be too presumptuous…”


“Monkey Steals the Peach.”



“Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+5.”

“Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+2.”

“Ding, congratulations character has levelled up.”


At this moment Lin Fan was like a wild demon. He used both of his hands together and 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 was used with perfection, as though he had already cultivated a law of the universe from 《Monkey Steals the Peach》.

A guaranteed hit with every strike, no matter how you blocked you couldn’t block the invasion of Lin Fan’s Hand of God.

“Apprentice-brothers, this scumbag attacks despicably and dirtily, we may be members of a dark sect but we are ashamed to be seen together with him, don’t hold back.”

Right now the outer sect examination disciples were retreating one step after another. Amongst them, one outer sect examination of whom it wouldn’t have been an exaggeration to call him a peerless pretty boy raised his arms shouting, wanting to rally his apprentice-brothers together to take down Lin Fan.

Lin Fan weaved like a wandering dragon between the outer sect examination disciples. Seeing this outer sect examination disciple being so arrogant he also became interested.

And that peerless pretty boy who shouted with his arms up in the air suddenly noticed an extremely invasive gaze staring straight at him. His heart tightened and he had an ominous feeling.

When his eyes made contact with Lin Fan’s gaze, the peerless pretty boy immediately cowered back a bit.

If Lin Fan didn’t attack that embarassing spot when he attacked then that would have been one thing. Even though he couldn’t match him in strength, at least he wouldn’t have been scared.

But right now he really was scared.

Seeing his numerous apprentice-brothers fall at the hands of this dirty *******, especially that tragic gaze of his apprentice-brothers, he knew that it definitely hurt a lot.

Seeing Lin Fan unconsciously clenching his hands there, he instantly broke into a cold sweat and his legs slightly trembled.

“Monkey Steals the Peach.”


“Ah… It hurts….” The peerless pretty boy’s eyes instantly blurred, he let out a soft cry and then fell to the ground shaking.

At this moment the scene was too tragic to look at.


When all of the outer sect examination disciples were collapsed on the ground, Lin Fan no longer had any peaches to steal.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 9 (Mortal stage waiting to be unlocked)

EXP: (0/1000)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》 LV5 (3000/10,000)

《Monkey Steals the Peach》 LV10 (1000/10,000)

Looking at his own stats, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Right now his character level had risen to LV9, amongst these outer sect examination disciples in front of him he was an invincible existence.

These outer sect examination disciples all had numbers floating over their foreheads.

Some were LV5, some were LV6, and some were also LV8.

These outer sect examination disciples definitely hadn’t reached the Mortal stage.

Lin Fan had witnessed before the attack of a Mortal stage disciple, when he attacked it absolutely wasn’t like these outer sect examination disciples.

Three days later was the day of the outer sect examination. Even if he didn’t have a competitive spirit, he had to become an outer sect disciple. This place was ultimately too small for Lin Fan, to become stronger he needed a bigger stage.

Lin Fan turned around and left, but after taking a few steps he stopped his tracks.

“I’ll be back again tomorrow.”


Originally when they saw that this dirty scumbag was about to leave they all slowly stood up, but when they heard this line their legs all buckled and they once again collapsed to the ground.

After today’s matter, they no longer had the heart to fight with him again.

Dirty, vulgar and shameless, how could such a person appear in this world.

Lin Fan sighed, he understood in his heart why these outer sect examination disciples were so afraid of him, but it wasn’t his complete fault. Who told him to only know the move 《Monkey Steals the Peach》.

There’s a saying that is well said.

“Take a skill to the extreme and you can conquer the world.”

At the moment where he only knew one martial art, it was better to not think too much about it.

And Lin Fan also discovered that the body training technique was different from martial arts.

After 《Titanium Demon Body》 advanced to a certain level, it needed the help of even stronger external forces to help it level up.

And with fighting enemies using martial arts, regardless of strong or weak they would all be able to add experience. Even though there was also a difference between someone stronger and someone weaker, no matter how weak the person there would still be experience.


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Chapter 3: The Most Terrifying Martial Art In The World

Original Translation can be found at Sylver Translations.

I wanted to say something, but just like how this thought quietly came, it also quietly left. I hate this feeling… Obligatory complain about grammar.

Lin Fan opened his eyes and his facial expression instantly changed. For anybody, seeing a couple of pancake faces appearing in their vision the moment they opened their eyes was a devastating thing.

“What are you guys doing?” Lin Fan’s voice was shaking. Did these guys do some inhuman things to me while I was unconscious?

Such as…..

“Big Bro, you’re finally awake. I knew you weren’t such an easily defeated person.” One of the boys by Lin Fan’s side said with an excited look.


Lin Fan was stunned. What do these guys mean, when did I become their big bro. Oh right, the system is officially activated, I’ve got to study it. He immediately stopped paying attention to these guys and directly started checking it out.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 1

EXP: (0/10)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》 LV5 (3,000/10,000)

Explore everything else yourself.

There wasn’t much of a difference from before, but a change occurred over at the experience.

“Big Bro is definitely hungry, hurry up and get food for Big Bro.”

“Right, right…”

Not long after, a big bowl of savoury chicken soup was brought up. Lin Fan didn’t say anything, his stomach was already protesting in starvation. Under numerous envious gazes Lin Fan wiped out this big bowl of chicken soup.

To think that even though we’re all sandbags, they actually still had this kind of good stuff hidden, not bad, not bad.

“Big Bro’s definitely tired after eating, let Big Bro have a good rest. You’ve got to hang on Big Bro.”

“Big Bro will definitely be an extraordinary person in the future.”

“It’s just a shame that Dog Balls the 2nd was unfortunately beat to death this morning and won’t have the chance to see Big Bro’s prestige in the future. (TL: A moment of silence for Dog Balls the 2nd.)


As a dark sect, life and death were common in the Holy Demon Sect. Everyday there were sandbags who died, they were used to this sort of thing.

After everybody left, there was one person who stayed behind.

He was of short stature, not quite bulky and his looks were a bit of a disappointment to the people. He could be considered a person of ability for being able to survive in the Sandbag Party.

“Big Bro, this is the technique passed down in my family. I think the one who is able obtains it, Big Bro is a prodigy from amongst us, you have to continue going strong.” This person took a blue covered secret manual that had become tattered from the passage of time and handed it over to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan didn’t hesitate and took it over. Afterwards he looked at this person in front of him, “Okay, in the future if you don’t die and I am able to become a figure who dominates the world, I will guarantee you great success.”

This was Lin Fan’s first time making a promise to someone since arriving in this world.


“Big Bro, don’t be like this, I… Just… Just hope that you’ll work hard.” Quite obviously this person didn’t take to heart Lin Fan’s promise, and even in his opinion he thought this big bro was bluffing a bit too hard.

Lin Fan didn’t saying anything, he knew that this person clearly didn’t believe in him.

Giving charcoal in the snowy winter beats adding flowers on the embroidery. At present he was just at the start, Lin Fan would remember everybody who helped him. Lin Fan silently remembered in his heart the appearance of this person before him, in the future he would definitely return him a big gift.

“Big Bro, you have a good rest then, I’m going back now.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan nodded his head and then started reading the manual.

“Ding, do you want to learn trivial manual 《Monkey Steals the Peach》?”

Of course I’m learning it, no matter how small a mosquito is it’s still meat.

Especially in this world, even though Lin Fan wasn’t an elite of the sect, he still knew that the sect kept a close watch over their techniques. As for being able to enter the Library to choose a technique after becoming an outer sect disciple or whatnot, that was utter bullshit.

For a sect, there were at least tens of thousands and as many as hundreds of thousands of outer sect disciples. Where were there so many techniques for people to choose.

People, still have to rely on themselves.

“Ding, learned 《Monkey Steals the Peach》.”

“LV1 (0/10)”

This again, this 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 clearly only has two levels, wonder how many levels I can upgrade this to.

Even though this 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 was only a trivial technique, Lin Fan believed that even if it was garbage, he could still upgrade it to a supreme technique.

《Monkey Steals the Peach》 only had one move. For a man this one move had devastating power, crushing your balls with one move.

Lin Fan inhaled a deep breath and his body instantly moved. His right hand opened forming a claw and grabbed towards that indescribably wonderful place as though driving straight to the enemy’s den.




“Ding, trivial technique 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 upgraded to LV2, character EXP+10.”

“Ding, character leveled up.”

Haha… Lin Fan laughed out loud. To think that in not even a minute 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 was upgraded to LV2, looks like I really am a peerless prodigy.

As long as I upgrade 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 to LV100, I’ll be able crush even God’s balls.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 2

EXP: (0/20)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》 LV5 (3000/10,000)

《Monkey Steals the Peach》 LV2 (10/50)


Lin Fan stood up and hurriedly rushed towards the training ground. How could he waste his precious time like so, he had to make good use of it.

And seeing their Big Bro leaving in a rush, those sandbags living in the surrounding were also extremely puzzled in their heart.

“What’s Big Bro going to do?”

“Isn’t Big Bro heavily injured? How come I see that his steps are vigorous and full of energy, could he be okay?”

“Oh no, not good, Big Bro suffered big time for us yesterday. It must be just now when I said Dog Balls the 2nd was beat to death by those outer sect examination disciples, he’s thinking of going to get revenge.”

“A person who values comradeship as much as Big Bro will definitely create trouble. No, we have to follow over.”


Not long later, Lin Fan arrived at the buzzing training ground.

Watching those outer sect examination disciples training hard, Lin Fan was also delighted in his heart. This was all freaking experience.

《Titanium Demon body》 has already reached LV5, wonder how much experience these guys can still give me.

Just thinking about it Lin Fan was a bit unable to hold back.

“Everybody stop.” Right now Lin Fan roared out loud like yesterday.

This roar was even louder than yesterday.

When the outer sect examination disciples on the training ground saw the owner of the voice, they were all stunned and then started to talk amongst themselves.

“This guy again.”

“This guy was beat half to death by us yesterday, how come he’s full of energy again today.”

“Hmph, after yesterday’s lesson I bet he won’t dare to be impudent.”


The moment this outer sect examination disciple finished speaking, Lin Fan placed his hand at his hip and yelled loudly with his finger extended forward as though guiding the country.

“Everybody… With all due respect…”

But this time before Lin Fan had even finished speaking, those outer sect examination disciples instantly went into a riot.

“Apprentice-brothers, this guy is once again provoking us and using words to humiliate us, we must make him pay.”


Lin Fan smiled staring at the outer sect examination disciples who charged over and revealed a pleased smile.

“Smart kids, after yesterday’s matter you guys can already make ties to yesterday, not bad, not bad.”

“Then let’s see how much experience you guys can still give 《Titanium Demon Body》, I just hope it isn’t too little…”

Lin Fan looked with hope at this group of outstanding youths….




At this moment Lin Fan who was originally full of expectation abruptly changed his expression.

**** me…

This… This.

“Kid, today we’ll have you know what a tragic fate is.”

“Forgetful dunce, do you really think we’re to be trifled with.”

“I am the son of Prince Zhennan, my Art of Purgatory has already reached perfection. I’ll have you feel the torture of living hell.”

Lin Fan stared at this group of furious outer sect examination disciples. If it was like yesterday maybe he would have been very excited, because the harder they worked the more he benefited.

But now…

“You little bastards, since you guys are so useless I’ll have you guys experience the most terrifying martial art in the world, pain that you guys will be unable to forget for eternity…”

“Monkey Steals the Peach….”


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Chapter 2: Come Hit Me You Trash

Original Translation can be found at Sylver Translations.

I tried putting the inner thoughts of the MC in italics per a previous suggestion. Might or might not continue doing this.

“What did he say?”

“Garbage, he actually dared to say we’re all garbage.”

“Damnit, we are the outer sect examination disciples of the Holy Demon Sect. As long as we pass the examination we’ll be able to become disciples of the outer sect. This mere sandbag dares to speak to us like so, detestable.”

“Which one of us isn’t a dragon amongst the people and a descendant of nobility. This mere sandbag actually dares to humiliate us like so. Calm down apprentice-brothers, allow me to teach a good lesson to this ignorant fool.”

Right now this group of outer sect examination disciples were completely angered. They didn’t think that one of the lowliest people in the sect actually dared to talk against them, he was practically seeking death.

And right now after hearing this person’s words that attracted so much hatred, those sandbags also all shed tears of gratitude in their heart.

“Big Bro…”




Lin Fan stood there, watching that person who walked towards him, “Kid, you’re too presumptuous. Even though I won’t take your pathetic life, I’ll have you understand that being arrogant is not right.”

Even though these outer sect examination disciples hadn’t learned the martial arts of the Holy Demon Sect, to the average person their own strength was impressive. Even though it wasn’t at the level of cracking metal and splitting stone, they could still smash apart a tree the thickness of a bowl.

“Ah…” This outer sect disciple prepared to teach Lin Fan a good lesson let out an angry shout, his legs took stance and he attacked with full force.


Lin Fan looked at this person in front of him, the corner of his lips revealed a slight smile.


This guy really is a bit better than the guy from before, not bad, not bad.

“Well well, and you guys didn’t believe me when I called you guy’s trash. Soft and weak, can you try harder.” Lin Fan stood there, brushing his chest in contempt.


“Kid, don’t be too arrogant, atatatata….” Right now this outer sect examination disciple refused to believe his attacks didn’t work.




At this moment, this outer sect examination disciple’s hands were shaking. He breathed heavily and sweat was also falling drop by drop from his forehead.

“What’s wrong, can’t go on?” Lin Fan smiled looking at this guy in front of him. Not bad, not bad, gave over 100 points of experience, even though his attacks at the end were weak and powerless and didn’t add much experience, the attacks at the front were still okay.

Right now this outer sect examination disciple lifted his head looking at Lin Fan, there was some disbelief in his eyes. Is this guy made of ******* steel.

“You…” Seeing this guy before him being so arrogant, this outer sect examination disciple was overwhelmed with indignation, but he couldn’t do anything. Afterwards he roared out loud, “Apprentice-brothers, kill him…”

Lin Fan was waiting precisely for this moment, LV5 of the 《Titanium Demon Body》 had to depend on the help of these guys. Wonder exactly how many levels this 《Titanium Demon Body》 has, right now there’s already no feeling when these outer sect examination disciple’s hit me, if I were to madly level up this 《Titanium Demon Body》 to LV100 then wouldn’t I be invincible.

“Haha, come on you trash, use all of your strength.” Lin Fan laughed out loud, immediately countless fists rained down on Lin Fan’s body.

“Kid, don’t be too insolent.”

“Today we’ll have you know our power.”







At this time, seeing a guy who didn’t even give any more freaking experience when punching him still taking up a spot like he was actually doing something, it instantly made Lin Fan displeased.

This guy was entirely taking up the latrine but not taking a ****, afterwards Lin Fan kicked him aside while he was caught off guard and made room for other people.

Looking at the experience of the 《Titanium Demon Body》 constantly soaring up, Lin Fan’s heart was very ecstatic. Sure enough, with more people the experience also rose faster.

Seeing Lin Fan being beaten by a group of people, those sandbags in the surrounding slumped down on the ground were also extremely grateful in their heart.

“Big Bro, go in peace, we’ll definitely regularly think of you after you die.”

“Sob Sob… How come I feel like crying so much from watching, from now on you’re our Big Bro.”


Right now the outer sect examination disciples were vigorously beating Lin Fan, every punch was full of strength.

“Kid, who told you to be arrogant, today we’ll beat you until you beg on your knees.”

“Hmph, dare to talk against us, if we don’t teach you a good lesson today you really won’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”


Right now to absorb force even better, Lin Fan lied down directly on the ground with his face facing down. Based on Lin Fan’s justification, regardless of toes or fingers, as long as he received a strong enough attack it would all be able to increase experience.

Soon… Soon.


There’s still 150 points of experience, please don’t fail me.

In regards to after advancing to LV5, wonder if the attack of these guys can still add experience for the 《Titanium Demon Body》.

Originally at LV1, these outer sect examination disciples could all give me 10 points of experience with every hit. With the increase of the level, the experience also became smaller and smaller. After reaching LV4 it was just straight up increasing by 1-2 points, sometimes there was even no ******* experience. Looks like after this level rises up I’ll have to change methods.

“Holy ****… Who kicked my *******…”

“Hey, don’t go too far or else I’ll turn on you.”


“Ding… 《Titanium Demon Body》levelled up to LV5.”

“Ding, satisfied activation condition for The Strongest Upgrade System, entering adjustment mode, will fall unconscious for 24 hours.”





“Entering unconscious state, The Strongest Upgrade System conducting full activation mode.”


At this moment Lin Fan was completely unconscious, Lin Fan was really looking forward to The Strongest Upgrade System’s features after fully activating.

Right now on the scene, the outer sect examination disciples were already dead tired. They were very angry at this sandbag who dared to provoke them, presumably he was probably already dead by now.

“Everybody stop, I think this guy’s dead.”

At this time a relatively muscular outer sect examination disciple shouted red-faced with sweat dripping down from his forehead.

“Huh, he’s not moving, I think he really is dead.”

“Even a bull probably wouldn’t be able to stand all of this.”

Right now a disciple went forward feeling for Lin Fan’s breath at his nose and immediately exclaimed, “Huh, he’s still breathing, he’s not dead.”

“Is this guy a monster, not even dead like this.”

“Hmph, it’s getting late, three days later is the outer sect examination. We still need train properly and go all out.”

“Let’s go…”


When these outer sect examination disciples left the training ground, those sandbags who were hiding far away the whole time hurriedly walked over.

“Hurry up and carry Big Bro back to heal.”

“Big Bro is a true man, I Dog Balls the 2nd have never admired anyone in my life, only this Big Bro of mine.”

“What can these outer sect examination disciple’s do, they still have to attack in a group to be able to defeat Big Bro.”

“Big Bro has definitely trained the 《Titanium Demon Body》 to the third level, those prodigies of the outer sect are nothing more than so.”

“Cut the crap, hurry up and take Big Bro back.”

“Right, you’ve got to hold on Big Bro…”



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Chapter 1: Let Me Level Up

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“Ow, by the gods, it hurts Senior Apprentice-Brother, harder, I’m almost done for.” On the training ground of the Holy Demon Sect, a youth who looked to be just 16, 17 years of age was standing there right now screaming in pain, but looking at his face of pain it revealed a trace of pleasure.

Lin Fan had a big secret, that was that he wasn’t a native of this place and instead came from Earth. It wasn’t just his soul that crossed-over but his body that also crossed-over with him.

When he first came to this mysterious world Lin Fan was ecstatic in his heart. Ever read novels? Which one of those main characters in the books weren’t super amazing, strength, status, wealth, beauties, those were all at the tip of their fingers.

With a shake of the body and releasing his ******* aura, who cared if you were the sovereign of a sect or a peerless beauty, they’d all have to obediently bow before his feet.

But right when Lin Fan’s daydream hadn’t reached the end yet, he ******* discovered that there was something wrong. He was actually the ******* sandbag in a dark sect for disciples to train. At the time when he learned this news, Lin Feng was stupefied on the spot.

Even if I was a ******* piece of trash I could tolerate it, at least no matter what I’d be the trash young master of some big clan.

But now he was a punching bag for people to train, this instantly made Lin Fan not want to say anything more and he even secretly cried in grief for a number of days.

In the first year of time arriving at this Holy Demon Sect, the pain that Lin Fan who was still stupefied experienced was also inhuman. He was even nearly beaten into a third rate good-for-nothing.

If it wasn’t that this Holy Demon Sect still had a bit of a conscience and gave the sandbags a body training manual, he probably would have already died.

《Titanium Demon Body》

When he first got this body training manual Lin Fan’s heart was filled with joy. Look at this name, such swag and dominance, if he learned this how could he not be invincible?

But only after Lin Fan himself started feeling around and practising it did he discover that this thing was ******* complete bullshit.

《Titanium Demon Body》had a total of three levels, it was a body training technique that the Holy Demon Sect’s founder casually wrote, the sandbags’ exclusive technique.

Even if it was trained to the third level, based on what’s said in the manual, achieving the Titanium Demon Body was nothing but scrap that those disciples could cut down with one swing with their weapons.

But luckily God would not disappoint those who persevered. Even God couldn’t bear to watch Lin Fan’s tragic fate and during a dark windy night, after Lin Fan had explored life with Father Sleep’s daughter in his dream, he discovered that he suddenly had a data based system.

Lin Fan studied it for a long while and didn’t find any sort of artificial intelligence mentioned in novels, he had to figure things out completely by himself.

As for this data based system, Lin Fan didn’t really understand it at the start, but afterwards he noticed that under the character data page there was the data of the《Titanium Demon Body》that he practised.

Originally after completing his daily sandbag work Lin Fan would immediately go back without any stop to eat and train. After all if he didn’t successfully cultivate the《Titanium Demon Body》, god knows when he’d be killed by someone with a heavy hit.

But now Lin Fan just waited everyday for these disciples to beat him and then went back to sleep, having that beautiful daydream of his.

After despicably yelling at that disciple who was red in the face, Lin Fan opened his character page and started taking a close look. A bit more work and the 《Titanium Demon Body》was about to advance to LV5.

As for this《Titanium Demon Body》manual saying that the peak was LV3, but he was already about to reach Lv5, what was going on?

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 1

EXP: 0

Skills:《Titanium Demon Body》LV4 (2000/3000)


Looking at his own character page, Lin Feng also felt that it was a bit shabby. For a long time now his level had always been LV1. As for leveling up, it wasn’t like Lin Fan hadn’t thought of it before, but he’d never been able to find a way.

It had already been one year since arriving at this world, even though he’d never left the Holy Demon Sect before Lin Fan had still inquired about the cultivation levels of this world.

Mortal, Primordial, Divinity, Lesser Celestial, Greater Celestial….

Every stage was split into 9 levels.

Lin Fan knew that there was most likely more than these, but who told him to just be a sandbag. Being able to investigate this much was already pretty good.





The experience for the 《Titanium Demon Body》 slowly rose. Looking at the sect disciple before him who was already using all of his strength, Lin Fan sighed. He really was unlucky today, actually encountering such a noob disciple. Every attack could only increase 1 point of experience.

Moreover his fists were weak and powerless when hitting the body, Lin Fan was even thinking that it’d better not stop giving experience…

Sure enough, your worst fears always come true.




Holy ****, this good-for-nothing really can’t go on anymore. He doesn’t even add experience anymore, screw this.

Lin Fan turned his head over looking at his fellow Sandbag Party comrades in the surrounding. Right now they were screaming incessantly as though they’d suffered the greatest pain in their lives.

In the Holy Demon Sect, nobody would care if the sandbags were beat to death by the disciples, they would just directly dig a hole to bury them and that was that.

“Why aren’t you screaming.” At the moment, seeing Lin Fan who was screaming incessantly before now looking around everywhere, a trace of anger immediately rose up in that disciple’s heart. When the sandbag was wailing constantly from being beaten by him, even though he was a bit tired he was also very excited and he felt that he was very amazing.

But now he was angry.

Thinking that he couldn’t waste this entire day, Lin Fan stared at the sect disciple in front of him. “Scream your mom, acting is very tiring okay? Your fists are weak and powerless like a girl’s.”

Upon hearing these words of humiliation that sect disciple’s face instantly turned red and blue, his gaze also became very furious.

Looking at the expression of this sect disciple Lin Fan laughed out loud, “Your facial expressions aren’t bad, go back and drink some more milk, it’s like you’re tickling me.”

“You… You.” This sect disciple was suddenly as though he couldn’t speak. His voice also became choked with sobs and that gaze that was originally still very aggressive suddenly changed, becoming teary.

“Wahh…. You’re bullying me, my fists aren’t weak and powerless.”

Right now Lin Fan was instantly stunned. Looking at that crying disciple who ran out of the training ground crying and his bare asscrack, Lin Fan was speechless. (TL: I have absolutely no clue… The disciple could potentially be a child wearing a sort of children’s pants where there is a hole in the backside. Apparently ‘tis a thing in China.)

As a disciple of a dark sect, how can he be so brittle.

Lin Fan shook his head and didn’t pay any more attention to this guy. Instead he had to think of a way to hurriedly increase his level.

Just LV4 of the《Titanium Demon Body》was already a bit ridiculous, wonder what LV5 would be like.

Lin Fan held his chin standing on the spot. Looking at those sect disciples furiously beating the sandbags, the corner of his lips instantly revealed a smile.

It looked like he needed to activate taunting mode.

Lin Fan gathered his breath and then roared out loud.

“Everybody stop, I have something to say…”

Lin Fan’s roar was entirely able to compete with the Lion’s Roar in novels. In Lin Fan’s opinion wasn’t it just seeing who had the loudest voice? (TL: Lion’s Roar is a very common technique in wuxia novels usually attributed to buddhist martial arts or is something everyone knows.)

Back in the day I was the exercise leader of the class, I had to have a loud voice.

Those sect disciples using the sandbags to train were all stopped by this roar.

Those sandbags that were screaming in pain looked at Lin Fan with their badly beaten faces, not knowing what this sandbag who was in the same group as them wanted to do?

Some sandbags quickly caught their breath at this moment, awaiting the next wave of attacks.

When would these kinds of days reach an end.

Supposedly if they were to train the《Titanium Demon Body》to the third level then they would be able to become disciples for the outer sect examination, the same as these outer sect examination disciples who treated them like sandbags.

But just thinking about it they felt that it was impossible. Some senior sandbags who had persevered here for a couple years had only just barely trained the 《Titanium Demon Body》 to the first level.

As for how hard the third level was, it was nearly impossible.

And at this time, when those sandbags who were still catching their breath heard Lin Fan’s following sentence, they were all dumbfounded.

“You guys don’t need to look at me with a puzzled expression. With all due respect, in my eyes everybody here is garbage…” Lin Fan held one hand behind his back, taunting those outer sect examination disciples with his finger in contempt.


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