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Chapter 11: Balls of Steel

A wave of breeze went by.

It is as if the scum of the world is blown away this clean earth.

A man lies spastic on the floors of the outer sect training ground, as if he receives a traumatic blow.


Lin Fan went back to his house giggling away, albeit getting disappointed by the empty training grounds, he still got a great deal out of Han Shishiong.

Peach stolen:1(plus however many he’d stolen)

Even though his exp had not grown much, Lin Fan still felt happy.

<Monkey steals peach>, +200exp.

Personal experience, +3000exp.

Come at me Han Shishiong, you must hate me, and please bring a group of helpers to me too, Shidi is sure to be prepared.

Now that Lin Fan is in the outer sect, Lin Fan would try his best to level up fast, if he is ever to leave the dark sect, he must leave with a bang.

Back in his house, Lin Fan was wondering about the outer sect whilst lying on the bed.

No matter what I must piss off everyone in here in-order to gain attention. But all of them are hiding in their homes to cultivate, how should I mock them? Ah, just thinking about this is making my head hurt.

<Titanium Demon Body>

<Monkey steals peach>

I wonder what’s the level cap for you both?

Lin Fan stares at the ceiling, slowly sinking into thinking mode.

Time passes by.

Lin Fan suddenly flips and jump up standing.

” how can I forget about something this important?”

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<Monkey Steals Peach> and <Titanium Demon Body> can be trained together, if I can steal others’ family jewel, that means that I can surely grab my own balls!

Lin Fan gazed at his own privates, and switched to his palm, an internal struggle rages within him.

If this experiment works, I would be walking down a path that I can never turn back, and that means….


Memories of the painful faces shown by his fellow outer sect disciples when he stole their ‘peaches’ made Lin Fan certain that he would not head down that path.

My nuts are for lovin’ not stealin’.

Just when Lin Fan is fighting with his inner self.

In a house on the opposite side of the training grounds.

Han Lu sat there limp and his teeth trembling.

” Lin Fan, I would see you burn!” Han Lu’s eyes are like volcanos waiting to erupt.

No man can accept being sneak attacked, especially worse when they have a 3* sneak attack bonus on your balls.

Being a 4th stage mortal, one can’t take those kinds of attack no matter how hard they train, even though Lin Fan’s cultivation is way lower than that of Han Lu’s, Lin Fan is reaching the level where no one can defend against his <Monkey Steals Peach>.


Han Lu slowly got up with his legs closely squeezed together, and walked to the door to check if anyone is around. He calm down when he’s sure that no one was around.

And then out of nowhere, Han Lu pulled out a white porcelain vase with a slight chipped mouth.

Han Lu got this vase two years ago when he came to the demon sect, when he got the vase, Han Lu didn’t know how to utilize the vase, it’s good that the vase can be kept inside the body, no one will be able to find it.

In this half a year, this white vase started to emit a sort of signal.

Han Lu named this vase “yu jin pin” (jade vase), this vase is also known as the vase that ‘Guanyin ‘carried.

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Han Lu spent effort in researching for such a person but had no luck. I assume that Guanyin don’t exist in this world

Everyday this vase will produce a drop of dew of the gods, this dew drop gives exp and cure you of all ill effects.

Han Lu could advance from a normal human to 4th stage mortal in the short time of half a year is only because of the dew drop produced by YU JIN Pin.

Han Lu proceeds to pull out a book he borrowed from the Elder titled <Fade Sun Fist>, he flips to the 1st page and started to read and memorize the steps.

Han Lu naturally do not have these type of amazing memory, it is due to the help of the dew drops that he is able to memorize and understand things a lot faster than normal disciples, he could even be considered a genius by the department.

Han Lu protects and hide the vase, it is regrettable that the vase is chipped.

If the dew produced by a chipped vase is so powerful, just imagine what a dew drop from a vase that is in pristine condition.

Han Lu consumed a dew drop without a second thought, and he immediately felt a wave of energy that runs through his whole body.

Han Lu sit on the floor and start to execute the steps listed in<Fade Sun Fist>, with just a little bit more of proper technic developed by understanding <Fade Sun Fist>, Han Lu could breakthrough and level up to 5Th stage mortal.

I’ll remember today’s attack, trust that I will take my revenge.

Lin Fan, I’ll remember you


” Achoo…”

The Lin Fan that was deep in thought suddenly sneezed, [who was talking **** about me?]

Lin Fan rubs his nose and thought.

In this moment, Lin Fan was still struggling about whether to‘steal’ his own ‘peach’, albite what he decides upon just now.

But what if it works? Then what?

I can’t give up on a shortcut to level up so easily.

Lin Fan paced around the room, struggling to decide.

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Why am I thinking so much? Ashes to ashes, if I can’t even man up and do this, how will I have a bright future and invincibility?

At this moment, Lin Fan’s hands moved at the speed of light.

‘Monkey steals peach.’


Lin Fan collapsed on the floor, all the colours from his face rushes away, his usually tough eyes also manage to conjure up tears.

Lin Fan lowers his head, with his hand grabbing on to his pants tightly.

**** I regret doing that.

Lin Fan grit his teeth in pain as in inhale his own fart whilst on the floor. Literally.

” Ting, <Monkey Steals Peach> exp+1

” Ting, <Titanium Demon Body> exp+1

” Ting, gained new nickname: Anyone who disagree with me goes down (it’s way shorter in mandarin, we’ll call it balls of steel for now).”

” Balls of Steel: I can even torture myself, you guys don’t even need to think about it.”

” Type: starts when self-train on self, continue for as long as 1 stick of incense burning time.”

” Effectiveness; once.”


At this moment, Lin Fan have already given up on those information, because who would give a **** bout that when he is hurting enough to kill someone.

Lin Fan swore, this kind of self-deprecating moves would never be used ever again. He would only use it on others.

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Lin Fan stood up, barely, holding the table beside him, walks to the bed and slowly lie down. He held his pants tightly, tearing.

The day is in the morning (mornings are important), I should rest well today and work harder tomorrow.

The trembling Lin Fan slowly shuts his eyes.

Thinking to himself, I am a ******, can’t believe I do this kind of things to myself, but it’s okay, now I understand how everyone feels.

Can’t wait to see if tomorrow Han Shishiong would bring a large crowd to challenge me.

I bet Han Shishiong is also lying in bed to soothe the pain right now.



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