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Chapter 1: Let Me Level Up

Original Translation can be found at Sylver Translations.

“Ow, by the gods, it hurts Senior Apprentice-Brother, harder, I’m almost done for.” On the training ground of the Holy Demon Sect, a youth who looked to be just 16, 17 years of age was standing there right now screaming in pain, but looking at his face of pain it revealed a trace of pleasure.

Lin Fan had a big secret, that was that he wasn’t a native of this place and instead came from Earth. It wasn’t just his soul that crossed-over but his body that also crossed-over with him.

When he first came to this mysterious world Lin Fan was ecstatic in his heart. Ever read novels? Which one of those main characters in the books weren’t super amazing, strength, status, wealth, beauties, those were all at the tip of their fingers.

With a shake of the body and releasing his ******* aura, who cared if you were the sovereign of a sect or a peerless beauty, they’d all have to obediently bow before his feet.

But right when Lin Fan’s daydream hadn’t reached the end yet, he ******* discovered that there was something wrong. He was actually the ******* sandbag in a dark sect for disciples to train. At the time when he learned this news, Lin Feng was stupefied on the spot.

Even if I was a ******* piece of trash I could tolerate it, at least no matter what I’d be the trash young master of some big clan.

But now he was a punching bag for people to train, this instantly made Lin Fan not want to say anything more and he even secretly cried in grief for a number of days.

In the first year of time arriving at this Holy Demon Sect, the pain that Lin Fan who was still stupefied experienced was also inhuman. He was even nearly beaten into a third rate good-for-nothing.

If it wasn’t that this Holy Demon Sect still had a bit of a conscience and gave the sandbags a body training manual, he probably would have already died.

《Titanium Demon Body》

When he first got this body training manual Lin Fan’s heart was filled with joy. Look at this name, such swag and dominance, if he learned this how could he not be invincible?

But only after Lin Fan himself started feeling around and practising it did he discover that this thing was ******* complete bullshit.

《Titanium Demon Body》had a total of three levels, it was a body training technique that the Holy Demon Sect’s founder casually wrote, the sandbags’ exclusive technique.

Even if it was trained to the third level, based on what’s said in the manual, achieving the Titanium Demon Body was nothing but scrap that those disciples could cut down with one swing with their weapons.

But luckily God would not disappoint those who persevered. Even God couldn’t bear to watch Lin Fan’s tragic fate and during a dark windy night, after Lin Fan had explored life with Father Sleep’s daughter in his dream, he discovered that he suddenly had a data based system.

Lin Fan studied it for a long while and didn’t find any sort of artificial intelligence mentioned in novels, he had to figure things out completely by himself.

As for this data based system, Lin Fan didn’t really understand it at the start, but afterwards he noticed that under the character data page there was the data of the《Titanium Demon Body》that he practised.

Originally after completing his daily sandbag work Lin Fan would immediately go back without any stop to eat and train. After all if he didn’t successfully cultivate the《Titanium Demon Body》, god knows when he’d be killed by someone with a heavy hit.

But now Lin Fan just waited everyday for these disciples to beat him and then went back to sleep, having that beautiful daydream of his.

After despicably yelling at that disciple who was red in the face, Lin Fan opened his character page and started taking a close look. A bit more work and the 《Titanium Demon Body》was about to advance to LV5.

As for this《Titanium Demon Body》manual saying that the peak was LV3, but he was already about to reach Lv5, what was going on?

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 1

EXP: 0

Skills:《Titanium Demon Body》LV4 (2000/3000)


Looking at his own character page, Lin Feng also felt that it was a bit shabby. For a long time now his level had always been LV1. As for leveling up, it wasn’t like Lin Fan hadn’t thought of it before, but he’d never been able to find a way.

It had already been one year since arriving at this world, even though he’d never left the Holy Demon Sect before Lin Fan had still inquired about the cultivation levels of this world.

Mortal, Primordial, Divinity, Lesser Celestial, Greater Celestial….

Every stage was split into 9 levels.

Lin Fan knew that there was most likely more than these, but who told him to just be a sandbag. Being able to investigate this much was already pretty good.





The experience for the 《Titanium Demon Body》 slowly rose. Looking at the sect disciple before him who was already using all of his strength, Lin Fan sighed. He really was unlucky today, actually encountering such a noob disciple. Every attack could only increase 1 point of experience.

Moreover his fists were weak and powerless when hitting the body, Lin Fan was even thinking that it’d better not stop giving experience…

Sure enough, your worst fears always come true.




Holy ****, this good-for-nothing really can’t go on anymore. He doesn’t even add experience anymore, screw this.

Lin Fan turned his head over looking at his fellow Sandbag Party comrades in the surrounding. Right now they were screaming incessantly as though they’d suffered the greatest pain in their lives.

In the Holy Demon Sect, nobody would care if the sandbags were beat to death by the disciples, they would just directly dig a hole to bury them and that was that.

“Why aren’t you screaming.” At the moment, seeing Lin Fan who was screaming incessantly before now looking around everywhere, a trace of anger immediately rose up in that disciple’s heart. When the sandbag was wailing constantly from being beaten by him, even though he was a bit tired he was also very excited and he felt that he was very amazing.

But now he was angry.

Thinking that he couldn’t waste this entire day, Lin Fan stared at the sect disciple in front of him. “Scream your mom, acting is very tiring okay? Your fists are weak and powerless like a girl’s.”

Upon hearing these words of humiliation that sect disciple’s face instantly turned red and blue, his gaze also became very furious.

Looking at the expression of this sect disciple Lin Fan laughed out loud, “Your facial expressions aren’t bad, go back and drink some more milk, it’s like you’re tickling me.”

“You… You.” This sect disciple was suddenly as though he couldn’t speak. His voice also became choked with sobs and that gaze that was originally still very aggressive suddenly changed, becoming teary.

“Wahh…. You’re bullying me, my fists aren’t weak and powerless.”

Right now Lin Fan was instantly stunned. Looking at that crying disciple who ran out of the training ground crying and his bare asscrack, Lin Fan was speechless. (TL: I have absolutely no clue… The disciple could potentially be a child wearing a sort of children’s pants where there is a hole in the backside. Apparently ‘tis a thing in China.)

As a disciple of a dark sect, how can he be so brittle.

Lin Fan shook his head and didn’t pay any more attention to this guy. Instead he had to think of a way to hurriedly increase his level.

Just LV4 of the《Titanium Demon Body》was already a bit ridiculous, wonder what LV5 would be like.

Lin Fan held his chin standing on the spot. Looking at those sect disciples furiously beating the sandbags, the corner of his lips instantly revealed a smile.

It looked like he needed to activate taunting mode.

Lin Fan gathered his breath and then roared out loud.

“Everybody stop, I have something to say…”

Lin Fan’s roar was entirely able to compete with the Lion’s Roar in novels. In Lin Fan’s opinion wasn’t it just seeing who had the loudest voice? (TL: Lion’s Roar is a very common technique in wuxia novels usually attributed to buddhist martial arts or is something everyone knows.)

Back in the day I was the exercise leader of the class, I had to have a loud voice.

Those sect disciples using the sandbags to train were all stopped by this roar.

Those sandbags that were screaming in pain looked at Lin Fan with their badly beaten faces, not knowing what this sandbag who was in the same group as them wanted to do?

Some sandbags quickly caught their breath at this moment, awaiting the next wave of attacks.

When would these kinds of days reach an end.

Supposedly if they were to train the《Titanium Demon Body》to the third level then they would be able to become disciples for the outer sect examination, the same as these outer sect examination disciples who treated them like sandbags.

But just thinking about it they felt that it was impossible. Some senior sandbags who had persevered here for a couple years had only just barely trained the 《Titanium Demon Body》 to the first level.

As for how hard the third level was, it was nearly impossible.

And at this time, when those sandbags who were still catching their breath heard Lin Fan’s following sentence, they were all dumbfounded.

“You guys don’t need to look at me with a puzzled expression. With all due respect, in my eyes everybody here is garbage…” Lin Fan held one hand behind his back, taunting those outer sect examination disciples with his finger in contempt.


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