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Chapter 8: Pig Roaming the Beginner’s Area

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.

On the way, Lin Fan began communicating with Ni Mingyang and found out quite a bit of information.

At the same time, he began to accept the Holy Demon Sect’s system.

Genius, it was an existence that needed to be raised with more effort.

In the Holy Demon Sect, outer sect examination disciples were split into nine domains. The place Lin Fan was staying at was just a small portion of one. And in this small portion, there were several hundred people.

If one were to estimate the total number of people, it would definitely be a horrifying number.

So for the sake of unearthing those hidden geniuses, the Holy Demon Sect proclaimed a system whereby people who spot and recommend geniuses were rewarded.

“Ni Shixiong, what kind of person if Meng Shixiong? According to you, will he like a genius like me?” Lin Fan asked with a cheeky smile.

Ni Mingyang who was walking in front, suddenly stopped moving.

Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang, wondering what the result would be.

“Lin Shidi, remember this. Meng Shixiong is a very grave person. You can’t be unbridled in front of him.” Ni Mingyang said in a serious voice. He was afraid that this autistic Shidi would do something irredeemable in front of Meng Shixiong.

“Understood.” Lin Fan nodded his head. He held some curiosity towards this Meng Shixiong.

A genius from the outer sect’s Ten Great Heroes.

To be top ten among the tens of thousands of outer sect disciples, he was definitely a very formidable person.

Along the way, Lin Fan felt as if he had entered the Grand View Garden. Ever since he became a sandbag, Lin Fan had never been outside the training grounds. Naturally, he didn’t know how big the Holy Demon Sect was.

The sight in front of him, was practically a whole new world.

“We’re here, this is where Meng Shixiong stays.”

When Lin Fan saw the house in front of him, he instantly felt attracted to it and swore that one day, he would own one similar.

“Go on, enter. And remember, don’t be unbridled.” Ni Mingyang said.

“En, I know.” Lin Fan nodded his head. Lin Fan was very willing to get closer to Ni Shixiong. Even though once in awhile Ni Shixiong would show off, his IQ was a very moving thing.

The courtyard was surrounded by whitewashed walls with green willows in the surroundings peeking over them. It was magnificent sight that was also supremely elegant.

This was the place where one of the outer sect’s Ten Great Heroes resided. It really did make others yearn for it.

“Meng Shixiong……” Ni Mingyang respectfully said from outside the residence.

“Enter.” Right then, a faint sound came out of the residence. Unexpectedly, Lin Fan was actually feeling some trepidation.

To be in awe after merely hearing something, Meng Shixiong was really powerful.


Lin Fan followed behind Ni Mingyang and entered the residence. Inside, the aroma produced by the patina ⌈1
made the place seem like one where a scholar stayed. The place was obviously incongruent with the rest of the Holy Demon Sect.

“This is the genius that plebeian brought up?” Meng Yangquan closed the ancient book in his hand then thoroughly sized up Lin Fan.

And Lin Fan did the same to this outer sect’s Great Hero.

He really was a dragon amongst men!

Being a man, Lin Fan naturally held some jealously and envy. What was wrong with the world? Why were there so many abnormally good looking men!?

And this Meng Shixiong in front of him, despite being beautiful ⌈2
, he had a dignified and noble air around him which evoked a hard to describe emotion.

To summarize, he was a ******* kuudere ⌈3⌋.

Hard to communicate with, very hard to communicate with!
When Lin Fan saw his level, he was immediately convinced.

“Divinity level 6”

“What the hell?! His cultivation is so high and he stays in the outer sect? He obviously has a ******* mental illness.

Breaking through to the Primordial stage was enough to let one become an inner sect disciple. And if someone entered the Divinity realm, that person would then become a direct disciple with the qualifications to compete for the position of sect head. And if that failed, they would still be an Elder

This was a completely maxed account that’s fate lay in the hands of a m̲a̲s̲o̲c̲h̲i̲s̲t̲ ⌈4⌋ roaming the beginner’s area.”

Obviously, Lin Fan didn’t say this out loud. Even those 《Titanium Demon Body》was already LV18, chances are, if the other party so much as blew on him, Lin Fan would turn into food scraps. Or so he thought.

“You, are Lin Fan?” Meng Yangquan spoke.

“Yes.” Lin Fan was neither servile nor overbearing as he nodded. In his head he thought, “even though your cultivation is a bit high, I still have the system. I definitely can’t humiliate myself.”

“Meng Shixiong, Lin Shidi’s 《Titanium Demon Body》has reached an extremely high realm, high enough to withstand one of my full powered strikes. He is definitely a rare genius.” Ni Mingyang said.

“Oh.” Meng Shixiong was like water as he gently smiled with his eyes.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt as if he was stripped naked by Meng Shixiong’s gaze, that all his secrets were exposed.

Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed. This Meng Shixiong’s cultivation is high, why would he enjoy being like this ⌈5⌋?

And after awhile, this feeling disappeared.

“Not bad, not bad, definitely monstrous. 《Titanium Demon Body》 is the Holy Demon Sect’s worst technique, to be able to train it to such a high realm, shows that you are an amazing genius with great perception. It’s just that your cultivation is a bit low, and you need to put more effort in that area.” Meng Yangquan’s expression was calm, but actually, he was extremely surprised, and simply couldn’t believe it.

However, in front of these juniors, he was a supreme expert. How could he express surprise?

“I thank Meng Shixiong for your pointers.” Lin Fan said.

“Mingyang, take him to register at Elder Li’s place.” Said Meng Yangquan.

“Yes.” Ni Mingyang nodded his hand then prepared to set off.



“The inner sect examinations are in three months. You should drop everything else and push yourself for a while. You might be able to make it.” Meng Yangquan said.

“Shixiong, where did you, where did you ⌈6⌋……” Ni Mingyang said with a strange expression.

Lin Fan, who was all along quietly standing at one side glanced at the two of them, and thought, “this Ni Mingyang doesn’t like men……right? Right?”

Chi chi……(sound of something sizzling or frying)

“Don’t think about it, just don’t think about it…… ”

“Ai, you’re dismissed.” Meng Yangquan sighed.




On the road, Ni Mingyang didn’t say a word, so Lin Fan was a bit bored.

“What’s Meng Shixiong’s cultivation level?” Lin Fan asked, acting like he knew nothing. After all, it was extremely strange for a level 6 Divinity to be staying in the outer sect.

“Level 3 Primordial.” Ni Mingyang replied.

Lin Fan nodded his head. So he really did have a mental problem. To conceal his cultivation and not let anyone else know, was Meng Yangquan really acting like a pig to eat the tiger?

“Shixiong, Meng Shixiong asked you to enter the inner sect examinations, why won’t you go? This is the way higher, or do you plan on spending the rest of your life in the outer sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“You don’t understand……”Ni Mingyang didn’t say anything else, just those three words.

As soon as Lin Fan heard them, his brain was immediately fried.

“The ****? I don’t understand? You don’t even explain the situation and you say I don’t understand.

Screw it…… just screw it all.

It’s not like I’m some kay poh person. You guys’ bromance of whatever has nothing to do with me.”

But still, this was really just too interesting.

Lin Fan even considered cutting open Ni Mingyang’s skull and checking around to find out just what was going on for him to even abandon the chance of promotion.

But upon seeing Ni Mingyang’s current death-like state, Lin Fan became too lazy to ask.


  1. 古色生香 no idea. 
  2. feminine face kind. The author loves traps I guess 
  3. picture says it all 
  4. Actual term is 贱人 which has many many meanings but in this case refers to a person who willingly suffers despite having the option to enjoy life. 
  5. 调调 apparently means style and personality. It’s a slang that originated from a Jay Chou song:同一种调调 on that note, I swear the author is either gay and into BL or a woman and into BL. 
  6. The text here is 你在哪,你在哪…… I’m assuming the guy was stuttering out 你在哪听到?which means where did you hear this from? But on it’s own 你在哪 means where are you? 
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