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Chapter 5: Rising Up Like a Rocket

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A tile house that was not by any means large was currently filled with people.

Lin Fan’s war earlier today shocked the sandbags into utter speechlessness. They could only give Lin Fan the thumbs up, expressing their belief in him.

“Big brother, the technique you used today was 《Monkey Steals Peach》 right?” The time Xiao Liuzi spent in the Holy Demon Sect was quite long. With regards to its situation, he had some understanding.

Although《Monkey Steals Peach》was a martial art passed down in his family, he knew that when compared with the martial arts learned by the outer sect examination disciples, it was a lot worse.

“En.” Lin Fan nodded his head.

“Great! I had no idea that the family legacy was actually that strong. Of course, the only big brother is capable of showing its full power.” Xiao Liuzi excitedly said.

Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed, but he didn’t say anything.

“Big brother, in two days time, the outer sect examinations will begin. Will you be participating?” Xiao Liuzi asked.

“Xiao Liuzi, what bullshit are you spouting? How can big brother not join? Could it be that he’s going to stay here and rot with the rest of us for a lifetime?”

“That’s true.” Xiao Liuzi nodded his head.

Lin Fan has already been in this world for a year. Even with the system, despite it not being a gone case, Lin Fan knew the world was still extremely dangerous.

For a sandbag like him to dare pick a fight with outer sect examination disciples on sect grounds, was because he understood that to the sect, talent was the most important.

With strength, you could prove anyone. However, the consequences are still yours to bear.

If showing a bit of talent would get you killed by the jealousy of fellow set members, then the sect would not have lasted so long. In fact, it would’ve been destroyed by internal strife long ago.

Lin Fan had two ideas. The first ,was to seriously train and raise his strength. The second, was to attract the attention of someone with a high position, and leave this place. ⌈1

But, Lin Fan forgot about something. In the entire sect, the outer sect examination disciples’ training grounds was a place that birds did not **** in ⌈2⌋. What kind of high level V.I.P would be so bored as to run over here?

And so, all he could do was rely on himself. Since he had a cheat, if he dared not start a few revolutions, that would be letting down himself and the rest of his world travelling compadres.

The next day.

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Lin Fan woke up early, made something to fill his stomach, then rushed over to the training grounds.

Currently, he was level 9 and 《Monkey Steals Peach》had reached level 10. Even though his EXP was increasing very slowly, but at the end of the day, when the outer sect examination day arrived, he had to be as strong as possible.


At the training grounds, a cool wind was blowing.

A gust blew up the dust and ashes on the black brick. A few leaves were adrift in the air before finally falling to the ground.

The area was desolate. Completely devoid of life.

“What’s going on?” Gazing at the sight in front of him, Lin Fan was momentarily dumbfounded. Where did everyone go?

The training grounds used to be so lively. How come it was currently so desolate? There wasn’t even a single person around.


Lin Fan rested his chin on his palm. His gaze contained a trace of helplessness as he looked at the sight before him and thought to himself, “ These outer sect examination disciples were too damn ****.
They only had their peaches stolen, did they really need to be so scared?

Ai… Seems like these next few days there won’t be any mobs to farm. Guess all I can do is rely on myself.

You can gain EXP by defeating people. In that case if I killed the demon beasts outside then I should be able to get EXP all the same.

But haters gonna hate ⌈3⌋. In the Holy Demon Sect I’m just a sandbag. I don’t have the right to leave sect grounds.

Otherwise I’d head out and start farming.”

Right at that moment, Lin Fan saw two people coming from afar.

Lin Fan immediately cheered up. Someone had finally come! But subsequently, the colour of his face changed. The level floating above one of their heads was…

Mortal level 8.


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Afterwards, he caught sight of the peerless trap ⌈4⌋ whose peach he ruthlessly stole yesterday next to the level 8 Mortal who was wearing green robes.

Lin Fan was shocked, could it be that that guy didn’t accept yesterday’s result and brought along an expert to take revenge for him?

A level 8 Mortal was only two steps away from becoming a primordial. Why would such a person come to such an insignificant training ground?

Besides, this kind of person definitely wasn’t the type that had the time to help others redeem themselves.

“The person you were talking about is him?” The man wearing green robes asked.

“Yes! Senior apprentice brother, he’s the one I was talking about.” The peerless trap respectfully stood at the side, and didn’t dare do anything that may seem impudent.

Even with his hated enemy, Lin Fan, standing right in front of him, he didn’t dare to express joy at the other party’s misery.

“You’ve got the wrong guy.” Lin Fan’s heart was tranquil.

This guy wasn’t the peerless trap’s helper. If he was a helper, the peerless trap wouldn’t be acting like this. It was more like there was some sort of secret that couldn’t be shared.

The green robed man sized up Lin Fan then smiled and nodded his head.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt an imposing aura hit him like a raging tidal wave.


Lin Fan had no idea what just happened. He just felt his abdominal muscles tense up as if he was hit extremely hard. The Qi and blood in his body roiled around and he spat out a crimson red flower

“Really strong.” Lin Fan thought to himself.

After retreating ten steps, Lin Fan clutched his chest and half knelt on the ground while staring at the man in front of him.

“Ding! EXP +30,000?”

“Ding! Congratulations, 《Titanium Demon Body》 has leveled up.”

“Ding! Congratulations, 《Titanium Demon Body》 has leveled up.”

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Lin Fan was surprised. Just feeling the imposing aura was enough to let 《Titanium Demon Body》level up twice.

“En, not bad. A level 2 Mortal’s full powered strike and you only vomit a bit of blood. Seems like your 《Titanium Demon Body》has been trained to a very high realm. Come with me.” The green robed man nodded his head. His eyes shone brightly, as if he was extremely curious about this sandbag that managed to train 《Titanium Demon Body》to such a level.

“Hold on……” Lin Fan stabilised the Qi and blood in his body and looked at the green robed man.

This was strength. If one didn’t have strength, then they were just fish meat on someone else’s chopping board, at the mercy of others. But to Lin Fan, it was such a big opportunity. How could he give it up?

Whether it was back on Earth or in the present, Lin Fan was a madman. A complete and utter madman. If he doesn’t claim back the debt in front of him with interest, he definitely wouldn’t back down.

Previously when 《Titanium Demon Body》 was still LV5, he could withstand the full powered strike of a level 2 Mortal and only vomit some blood. Who knew what the 7th level of 《Titanium Demon Body》could do.

Lin Fan knew that the level 8 Mortal sect disciple in front of him definitely had something that he needed Lin Fan to handle. Hence, he definitely wouldn’t kill Lin Fan.

Of course, Lin Fan wouldn’t be so retarded as to say, “I’m begging you, please hit me. This kind of pain-seeking words.”

“You couldn’t bear with the humiliation I gave you yesterday and found an assistant to help you today. Did you really think I’d be scared? Let me tell you something, I Lin Fan am completely fearless and am unafraid of others trying to exact vengeance upon me.” When he finished speaking, Lin Fan rushed up.

Hurry the **** up and hit me already.

The male wearing green clothes looked at Lin Fan and let out a slight smile, “interesting……”


Without so much as seeing what the green robed man did, Lin Fan felt as if a wall appeared in front of him. As soon as he dashed up, he was sent flying out.

Lin Fan could not resist spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Ding! EXP+2000”

Lin Fan was excited enough to have a heart attack. Back when he let the outer sect examination disciples hit him, he only gained a few points. Who would’ve thought that a random punch from this guy would cause the bar to increase by so much.

He felt utter bliss.

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However, this wasn’t enough. He still needed more EXP.

“Heng! Pathetic. This is the helper you brought? Looks to me like he’s nothing much.” Lin Fan said as he stood up.

“Enough! How dare you act so presumptuously to senior apprentice brother.” The peerless trap rebuked as his expression changed.

“Anyway, this is quite interesting. 《Titanium Demon Body》 only has 3 levels. Even if trained to the third level, it can only resist a full-powered strike of a level 1 Mortal. Right now this is unexpectedly getting more and more interesting. Alright then, let me see your limit today.” The green robed man gave a faint laugh.


  1. The place he’s currently staying, not the sect entirely 
  2. 鸟不拉屎- lit. birds don’t ****. Actual meaning: desolate 
  3. 恨就恨 literally= haters gonna hate 
  4. 美男 beautiful man 
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