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Chapter 9: This Grandmaster Is A Peerless Genius

Original Translation can be found at KobatoChanDaiSuki.

“Talent Registration Hall.”

Standing below this hall’s door sign, Lin Fan was in a daze for a long time.

He thought to himself, “This name……”

How arrogant.

It perfectly depicts this genius’s amazingness. Looks like no matter where, talents are always favoured.”

“Shidi, let’s enter.” Ni Mingyang was quite friendly towards Lin Fan, and didn’t have the intention of hurrying him.

With regards to Lin Fan, Ni Mingyang didn’t dare be too rude. After all, his balls were still in pain even now.

“This Shidi’s attacks were vile and sinister. What happened just now would definitely have to be reported to Meng Shixiong.” Ni Mingyang thought to himself.

“Alright……alright.” Lin Fan reacted by nodding his head and following Ni Mingyang inside.

As he was walking, he noticed that the Holy Demon Sect was really amazing. Just the amount of land it took up was enough for a person to get lost.

“Outer sect disciple, Ni Mingyang is recommending a talent. Elder Li, please take a look.” Ni Mingyang respectfully stood just outside the door as he spoke.

“I got it……” At that moment, a faint sound resounded out from the pitch-black insides of the hall. This sound sounded terrifying, and seemed to ooze into people’s minds.

Even Lin Fan, who feared neither heaven nor earth, helplessly broke out in
cold sweat.

“Ni Shixiong, how come this Elder Li sounds so terrifying when he speaks?” Lin Fan stealthily asked.

“Shush! Watch your words! Shidi should remember this, when you see Elder Li, DO NOT panic. Understand?” Ni Mingyang suddenly thought of something, and regretted not telling Lin Fan earlier. But not that they were already outside the hall, there was no time to explain in detail.

“Panic? What do you mean panic?” Lin Fan was dumbfounded and didn’t understand. To himself he thought, “could it be that this Elder Li is a man-eating tiger?”

But even if that was the case, Lin Fan wasn’t scared. Worst comes to worse, he’d just use 《Monkey Steals Peach》.

“Quiet Elder Li is here.” Ni Mingyang’s expression changed slightly, and he started to stand in a respectful manner.

Lin Fan secretly stole a glance at the person that walked out of the darkness.

The man was quite burly, and wore a black robe.


Right at this time, a ray of sunlight hit Elder Li’s face. Lin Fan’s expression suddenly changed. Disbelief and fear flashed by his eyes.


How could a person look like this!?

Half the face was that of a person, whereas the other half was a skeleton’s. You could even see the slightly throbbing brain through the eye socket.

It was simply too terrifying!

Remembering what Ni Mingyang said, Lin Fan lowered his head and stopped looking at Elder Li.

Even if Lin Fan was even more open-hearted, there was no way he could bear to look at this sight.

If it wasn’t for Ni Mingyang’s reminder, Lin Fan would’ve shouted, “THERE’S A DEMON!”

“Elder Li, this is Lin Fan. His 《Titanium Demon Body》has been trained to an extremely high level and can even block one of my full-powered strikes.” Ni Mingyang explained.

The ‘Talent Registration Hall’, was the foundation of the Holy Demon Sect. Innumerable brilliant genius disciples had to sign up there. Then, they would have numerous resources thrown at them, allowing them to improve swiftly.

A long time ago, when the ‘Talent Registration Hall’ was founded, the sect placed extreme importance on geniuses. However, with the passage of time, geniuses became more and more numerous. Hence, the resources given by the ‘Talent Registration Hall’, while still quite a bit, was not as insane as before. After all, there was no way the sect could sustain that expenditure.

“Oh. So that’s the situation. Let me see for myself.” Hearing his words, Elder Li felt some interest.

Lin Fan suddenly trembled and thought,

“Oh god.

Don’t get so close to me.”

Lin Fan slowly lifted his head. His gaze met Elder Li’s half skeletonized face. Up close, he could see some green fire drifting about in the other party’s eyes.

“Are you scared of my face?” Elder Li looked at the new initiate with a smile. Even though Lin Fan’s expression wasn’t exactly respectful, Elder Li wasn’t angry in the least.

“No……” Lin Fan lied. If he told the truth at this time, then he’d really be a pigheaded idiot. ⌈1

After all, Elder Li’s face was simply too horrifying.

“Don’t worry, I am not one to blame the ignorant. In the future, you will see people that look even scarier than me.” Elder Li self-deprecatingly said. Then, he put a hand on Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Lin Fan instantly sensed a strand of qi flow into his body. It felt like the qi strand was searching for something.

At the moment, Lin Fan felt like crying.

“The ****? Getting checked out twice in one day? Do you people want to take my **** virginity or something?”

As he thought that, something even more horrifying happened.

The green fire in elder Li’s eyes, which was normally calm, suddenly started raging as he stared so intently that Lin Fan began to get goosebumps.

[Oh heavens! What is wrong with this guy? He’s staring so much I’m beginning to feel embarrassed.] ⌈2

[This gaze is just too penetrating!]

“Genius……” Elder Li excitedly grabbed Lin Fan.

“Peerless genius.”

“To be able to cultivate 《Titanium Demon Body》to such a level…… This here is a peerless genius that might not even appear once in ten thousand years!”

Ni Mingyang who had been respectfully standing at one side and wondering why elder Li talked so much today, let out a slight smile after he heard those words.

[Shidi is naturally a genius. Otherwise I wouldn’t have recommended him]

But when he heard the full sentence, Ni Mingyang was dumbfounded.

[Peerless genius?] [Moreover, a peerless genius that might not appear even once in ten thousand years…… ]

Lin Fan was originally a bit worried, widened his eyes even more when he heard elder Li’s words.



“Peerless genius.’

“A peerless genius that may not appear even once in ten thousand years.”

“Elder Li, an unparalleled genius such as me would definitely receive the sects full support right? Could it be that I’ll be a direct disciple that is personally groomed by the sect chief?” ⌈3⌋ Lin Fan felt very happy at the moment. This was especially so considering how the Holy Demon Sect valued geniuses so much.

[How can a genius such as I not be grasped with both hands?] [With the sect’s high end resources and my system, the day I become an invincible god is not far off.] [Haha……] As he was thinking, Lin Fan grew happier and happier. [In this world, this grandmaster is actually going to live such a sweet life… Heaven really is too good to me.]

Right at this moment, elder Li, who was originally very excited, suddenly calmed down.

“Alright, not bad. Come get your outer sect necessities. Mingyang, this is the reward for recommending a talent. Afterwards, bring your new shidi to his new accommodations, and tell him the rules of the holy demon sect.” Elder Li said.

“Yes elder Li.” Ni Mingyang respectfully said as he accepted the reward.

“Uh……” At this moment, a bucket of liquid nitrogen was poured on Lin Fan’s head, waking him up.

“Elder Li, I am a peerless genius that may not be seen even once in ten thousand years. To think I’d be treated like this……” Lin Fan felt helpless. [Wasn’t his excited expression just now just to screw with me?!] [I’ve already prepared myself to meet the sect chief, how could things turn out like this!?]

“Towering mountains begin from level ground. A footprint every step. Do not be too hasty.”

After he finished talking, elder Li slowly faded back into that pitch black interior.

[What the ****……]

Lin Fan was currently completely helpless. [This script is completely wrong!] [In novels, peerless geniuses that weren’t murdered were treasured like no other!] [How come I, a peerless genius that may not appear even once in ten thousand years, is being treated like this……] [Glorious heaven and great earth…… GIVE ME AN ANSWER!]


  1. Fun fact about this. There’s actually an olden belief that drinking pig brain soup makes you smarter. Ironic how in China pighead is a term for idiot. 
  2. From this sentence onward, all thoughts in [ ] I will not be editing previous chaps or sentences for that matter. 
  3. Raws only said 亲手教导 meaning personally thought. By who? Ask the author. 
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