Chapter 6: Senior Apprentice Brother, A Footprint Every Step!

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Seeing what just happened, the peerless trap’s jaw dropped.

He thought to himself, “How was this possible? How could this guy withstand that strike?”

“In the ten over years I’ve been in the sect, you are the most interesting sandbag I’ve ever seen.” The green robed man said with a faint laugh. Then, his expression changed. The originally warm and kind expression suddenly became incomparably fierce.

“But, high purity metals are easy to bend.”


Lin Fan flew up into the air with several flowers of blood going up alongside him.

“Ding! EXP + 3000”

“Ah! So comfortable….”

Lying on the ground, Lin Fan was so excited that he almost had a heart attack as he felt the EXP bar increase.

The green robed man gazed at Lin Fan and his mouth curved into a smile. “An all out attack of a level 3 Mortal. Even if trained to the highest realm, 《Titanium Demon Body》is unable to block it. But don’t worry, I held back a bit so you won’t die. You, pick him up and follow me.”

Looking at Lin Fan, the peerless trap, revelling in his pain, let out a single phrase, “seeking death”.

The green robed man turned around and prepared to leave. “A talent capable of withstanding half the full strength of a level 3 Mortal. Maybe senior apprentice brother will recruit him?

There are plenty of freaks under the sky, simply uncountable. The Holy Demon Sect is a big faction that’s been around for ten thousand years, what kind of disciple hasn’t it seen?

This sandbag trains in the 《Titanium Demon Body》 and even managed to bring it to a higher realm. It’s impossible to not call him a genius, but even that’s not enough.”

The green robed man had already seen through Lin Fan’s cultivation. This sandbag hadn’t even trained to the Mortal level. In his eyes, Lin Fan was just a slightly special ant, not one of those monsters.

Right then, the green robed man’s expression changed into one of disbelief.

“Hehe, not bad, not bad, it was a bit stronger than the one before, but it’s not enough.” While speaking, Lin Fan stood up and rubbed his chest. He thought to himself, “it really hurts! But this kind of EXP giving ox person ⌈1⌋ is really rare, if I don’t properly make use of this opportunity, I’ll definitely be crying over it in the future.”

“You……” The green robed man gazed at Lin Fan with astonishment, wondering what was wrong with this fellow and why he was like that.

Lin Fan stared at the green robed man. One of the tricks he was hiding was exposed by himself. 《Titanium Demon Body》had 3 levels total and was simply unable to block the attack of a Mortal level expert, and yet he managed to. Exposing this secret by letting that guy hit him to raise the level of 《Titanium Demon Body》was also for the sake of gaining the strength to protect himself.

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He had no idea what would happen if he followed the green robed man. Would he die? Would he live? Or would he end up somewhere in between?

Sandbags weren’t actual disciples of the Holy Demon Sect. Whether they lived or died, nobody cared.

So, Lin Fan had to work as hard as he could if he wanted to live.

Since others couldn’t see how special he was, he’d just have to show it to them.

“Alright then, let me see how long you can last.” The green robed man kicked his imposing aura up a notch and the full force of a level 3 Mortal struck Lin Fan’s body.

“Ding! EXP +4000”

“Ding! Congratulations, 《Titanium Demon Body》has leveled up.”

Lin Fan was so happy he almost flew to heaven. “This level up came so ******* fast! Just a bit of suffering and I gain a level! Moreover, this EXP treasure is increasing the attack strength slowly, letting me get stronger without pause. At an extreme speed too!”

If the green robed man used the full of strength of a level 8 Mortal right
from the start, then even 《Titanium Demon Body》 was at LV7, Lin Fan would still instantly blown to bits.

Seeing Lin Fan get up once again, the green robed man’s formerly calm expression slowly warped into of anger.

He felt humiliated. He may have controlled his strength, but this guy was obviously beaten till he vomited blood. And yet he kept on standing up. The green robed man couldn’t take it.

“Great! I don’t believe the bullshit happening today.” The green robed man started losing his temper.

Seeing the green robed man flaring up, Lin Fan only felt joy.

“Don’t believe it? There’s nothing wrong with that. In the end even if you don’t believe, I’ll make you believe.” Lin Fan thought to himself.


Lin Fan was sent flying once more.

“Ding! EXP+5000”

And once again, he stood up.

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Yet again, he was sent flying.

“Ding! EXP +6000”


“Ding! EXP +6000”

“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》levelled up.”


“Why can you still stand?” The green robed man was starting to lose his composure. Lin Fan standing up once more dealt a heavy blow to his morale.

The peerless trap stared dumbly, his whole body frozen in place. It was as if he saw a ghost.

“Come……” Lin Fan didn’t feel like talking much, so he just wagged his finger and beckoned towards the man.

“Damn, I don’t believe this……”

“I don’t believe in you either, so you’ll need to prove yourself.” Lin Fan looked at the green robed man as he spoke with a comforting tone.

“Damn, since things are like this, I’ll go all out. Let’s see how you block this.” The green robed man went ballistic after being provoked by Lin Fan. In the end, he was also a youth that was around twenty years old. This was the natural arrogance of youths.

At this moment, the green robed man’s many years of cultivation collapsed into a complete mess.

When Lin Fan heard that the green robed man was going to use his full strength, he was stunned and slightly wet himself.

He thought, “I was just kidding! If a level 8 Mortal hit me with his full strength, I’d be shattered into pieces”

Green robe senior apprentice brother, slow down a bit. Just now was a level 3 Mortal’s full strength, next should be a level 4 mortal. A footprint every step ⌈2⌋, one must not rush.” Lin Fan hurriedly shouted.

Lin Fan had already thought things through. If the other party was still going to use his full strength, Lin Fan would get on his knees and admit defeat. He definitely wouldn’t be beaten into a dog just like that.

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“Alright, level 4 Mortal half strength. Let me see how you block this.” The green robed man roared and his physique changed. From the start to the present, Lin Fan couldn’t catch how the green robed man attacked him.

Fast…… It was just too fast.


Once more, Lin Fan was sent flying.

And right at this moment, instead of being immersed in the joy of his EXP rising like crazy, Lin Fan was thinking about a single question.

“Seems like I’ll have to properly re-assess those Holy Demon Sect disciples. This IQ is low enough to move a person.”This time when Lin Fan looked at the green robed man, he couldn’t help but feel some affection.

Obviously this was closer to appreciation rather than romantic love. If there were more of this kind of talent, then from now on what would he have to worry about?

“Ding! EXP + 7000”

“Good, this strike of senior apprentice brother sent my Qi and blood into disarray, enough to make me puke blood. But, it still isn’t enough. Once more!” Lin Fan wiped his mouth like he was eating food he didn’t pay for ⌈3⌋.

“Damn, how can you still stand? Let me show you my strongest attack.” The green robed man’s long black hair flowed along with the wind.

“No! Green robe senior apprentice brother, just now was level 4 Mortal half strength, now should be the full strength version. A footprint every step. Slow down, you mustn’t break your promise.” Lin Fan said loudly.

“Very well……”

As soon as Lin Fan heard that, he stealthily wiped his tears. This was simply too moving.

“Ding! EXP +8000”

“Ding! Congratulations《Titanium Demon Body》has levelled up.”

“Ding! EXP +9000”

“Ding! EXP +9000”


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“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》 has levelled up.”


“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》 has levelled up”


“Ding! Congratulations 《Titanium Demon Body》 has levelled up”


Mortal level 4 half strength.

Mortal level 4 full strength.

Mortal level 5.

Mortal level 6……


At this moment, the peerless trap had already fallen to the floor foaming at the mouth with his body convulsing.

The only thing on his mind was, “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

And right at this moment.

That green robed man’s hair was messy, his eyes were red and his expression was savage.

“Ah…… Why can you still stand?!” At this moment, the green robed man‘s mind was blank and he continuously hit Lin Fan’s body.

“Ding! EXP +1000”

“Ding! EXP +1000”

Lin Fan sighed as he looked at his stats.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 9 (Mortal stage waiting to be unlocked)

EXP: (0/1000)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》LV18 (0/1,000,000)

《Monkey Steals Peach》 LV10 (1,000/10,000)

Lin Fan felt that he was going a bit too far……. Way too far.

The green robed senior apprentice brother had long since brought the full power of a level 8 Mortal and Lin Fan had also long since gained an immunity to it.

Seeing the green robed senior apprentice brother crazily hitting him, Lin Fan could only let him continue. Thinking that after he vented all his frustration and grievance, he’d quiet down.


  1. A very formidable person 
  2. An idiom that one must be steady in their actions; to take things step by step. 
  3. That’s exactly what raws said. And IMO food you get for free is the most delicious… 

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