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Character introduction (preliminary version)

【Chapter 1】

The protagonist of this world
Former programmer, 34 years old before the reincarnation.
Before I noticed, I became a 6-year-old slave due to some unknown reasons.
I developed the skills of the barrier master and live in this world while saving all kinds of people.

「Versam Von Elsa」
Rinos’ master, when he was still a slave. Versam marquis’ wife. Gave birth at a young age. Later, entered the royal palace and served as the crown prince’s tutor. Disregarding Rinos’ status, she properly educated him. The only person who received Rinos’ pledge of loyalty in his whole life.

Great magician. Can use all elements. Especially proficient at fire magic.
Rinos’ magic teacher. Unearthed Rinos’ magic talent through the near-death training.
First class as a magician, but has the worst character. Loves alcohol and women, especially big breasts.

「Marquis Versam」
Head of the Versam family. Prime minister of the Juka Kingdom.
Born in the house, that was famous for producing outstanding magicians but bad at magic. Physical skills too. However, likes to study.
Sleeps for 5 hours every three days.
His motto: 「Can you fight for 72 hours straight? 」.

「Juka York Fan IV」
The king of the Juka Kingdom. A fool.
Left the political matters to the marquis Versam and doesn’t come out of the bedroom.
Loves woman. Lolicon.

「Juka York Olren」
The crown prince. Later, a regent.
Opposite of his foolish father, properly governs the country.
Trust his tutor, madam Versam, the most.
Smart. His face is laughing, his eyes don’t.

「Versam Phil Eril」
A licensed swordsman.
Madam Versam’s niece.
Married at 12 but got divorced a few years later. After that, put effort into the sword training.
Returned to protect madam Versam and met Rinos. After that, she often acted together with him.
Glutton that likes delicious things.

A talented butler of the Versam family. Taught Rinos the way of a butler.
However, he was a spy from the kingdom’s army.

A subordinate of the marshal Karugi. Holds the title of「Fencing Master」.
Famous swordsman, can easily dodge Eril’s attack.
Even though it was a sneak attack, was able to cut off Falco’s hands.

「Shigea Karugi」
Supreme commander of the army. Marshal.
Believed that「You will die without strength」and demanded it from his people and the kingdom.
Piled up achievements as a commander of the army.
Later, instigated a rebellion and tried to occupy the royal palace.

The white fox he met in the Runo forest. However, her age is above 200.
Can talk with monsters and works as Rinos’ personal interpreter.

「Hideta Shua Serias」
The third son of the Hideta emperor. A murderer.
Holds an ambition to become the next emperor.
Attacked the protagonist, got his mind destroyed and descended into the insanity.

「Visto Zai」
Serias’ aide. Murdered more people than Serias.
Attacked the protagonist and was injured, chased after the insane Serias.
Missed in action.

Demon fox. Proficient in illusion techniques.
Rumored to have enough connections to ruin a country.
Pursued by the fox god for her depraved behavior.
Assaulted the protagonist and was defeated, was subjugated by the guided lightning bolt.

A rare unicorn pegasus. Originally was supposed to be the emperor’s mount, but because of her slow growth, her fate has changed. She became a mount for the prince Serias against her own will.
Attacked the protagonist, got her spirit destroyed and restored. Favorite horse of the protagonist. Excellent detection abilities.

A child kukulkan. Although he was captured by the marshal Karugi, he held on until the protagonist was able to save him.
Likes to eat, especially sweet things.
Still at the age when kids are attached to their parents.

【Chapter 2】

A member of the imperial knight’s order. Guided Rinos across the capital.

The prime minister of the Hideta Empire. Able person. A childhood friend and a lifesaver of Rinos’ teacher, Falco.

「The Hideta Emperor」
The 14th emperor. Has been mumbling since the young age. The voice is small.

「Hideta Shua Viras」
The second son of the emperor. The grandson of the prime minister. Always involves himself in every matter.

The owner of「Miraya」in the red-light district. Gutsy. Has an outgoing personality but a capable businesswoman. She doesn’t work herself, but was quite beautiful in her young days.

The head of the harpies. Rules above around 100 harpies. After her subordinate was lured by a carefully「stirred」food, they were beaten up and pledged their loyalty to Rinos. After that, she lived in the mansion and was in charge of security.

10000-year-old fox god. Has nine tails. Bestowed a skill upon Rinos in a good mood. When talking about the people she doesn’t like, her speech turns crude.  Whimsical, likes sweet things. Knowledgeable.

「Chieda, Saeda」
Supervisors under Ohi-sama. Poison-tongued. Feared by the white foxes. Weak to sweets.

Old fox under Ohi-sama. Stubborn. Over 6000 years old. Worries about Ohi-sama’s conduct on a daily basis. Ohi-sama too isn’t fond of Sandill. Likes to drink.

The princess of the belial tribe. On the orders of her father, the king, went to subjugate the Great Demon King, but failed. After that, she stayed in Rinos’  house and became the chef. A girl with a thirst for knowledge. Talented at cooking. A beauty after the human transformation.

The prince of the cat tribe. An idiotic cat that believes himself to be the hero.

Willis’ younger sister. An idiotic cat that believes that her older brother Willis is the hero. A selfish tomboy. Can use recovery magic.

Shera’s attendant. A person with the most developed common sense. Always worried about the siblings.

Willis’ follower. An idiotic cat that doesn’t know the ways of the world.

A sheep beastwoman. Was sold as crime slave and purchased by Rinos. Has an excellent brain. Proficient in blacksmithing and pharmaceutics. Big-chested beauty. Timid, but during the night…..

One of the black-haired people. Excels at illusions and transfer arts. The main culprit behind Merias’ crime slave status. Tried to assassinate Merias, but departed to another world after being subjected to Rinos’ cruelty.

「Hideta Shua Hito」
The crown prince of the Hideta Empire. Inherited the throne later. A gentle worrywart. Continuously anxious and mentally unstable. Turned over a new leaf after Rinos’ advice. Later known as the「Benevolent Emperor」.

「Hideta Shua Ricolette」
The eldest daughter of the emperor. The older sister to Prince Viras and the younger sister to Prince Hito. Born from the same mother as Prince Hito. Intelligent, has a strong sense of justice, and proactive. Her character earned her many enemies. Flat chest, however, her skin is one of its kind. It has a nice feeling. Feels lonely and prone to jealousy. Her subordinates attacked Rinos and after that……

A dragon, a female kukulkan. Lars’ older sister. Freeloads in Rinos’ house while on the training journey. Strong and gluttonous. Has high defence due to her dragon scales. Skillful and learns fast.

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