[Vol. 1] Chapter 8 – There’s a rocky road ahead of us, huh~……

 It’s been a while since that mysterious me disappeared from the sky.

 I was dressed in a silver armour and a white coat embroidered with an eagle, the patron beast of Alumgam, was given the baggage for the journey, was put on a horse and brought to the castle gate. Before I noticed Bertra finished her conversation with the gate keeper and came to my right side while her mouth looked cat like…… Why did her mouth become cat-like?1

“It’s the departure of the Hero Dale!”

 That *******’s throaty voice echoed throughout the clear sky.

 As I watched the big gate slowly opening with a dull Gokon sound, I wondered what will happen to me after it fully opened……

“Now then, Dale-dono, let’s go”

 Bertra, who was beside me, spoke full of enthusiasm, her voice dignified, letting her cat like expression I saw for just a moment disappear and advanced on her horse.

“Dale! Let’s give that D something Demon Lord one hell of a beating!”

It’s Dalewatts…… Erin who swung her fist while floating to my left side was also full of motivation.


  Why are those guys so full of motivation, I can’t keep up with their tension.

After the big gate finished opening a large number of people rejoicing entered my field of vision, those guys as well, huh…….

“Long live the Hero!”

“Dale-sama! Please kill the Demon Lord!”

“Sir Heerooo, do your beeeest”

 That cheering of all the people regardless of age or sex is really noisy……

“Oh, Hero Dale! No matter what, defeat the Demon Lord Dalewatts, by all means possible! I’m asking this of all of you as well!”

 A dignified voice resonated from the terrace in the rear. The king of this country, Riley, wearing a crown, a luxurious mantle and having a majestic moustache, called out to us. Though his voice wasn’t that loud it was enough for us to hear him.

“Understood! Leave it to us!”

 Bertra who stood upright and hit her chest with her fist, answered to him, though I think she doesn’t have to respond every single time.

“You can leave it to us!”

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 Erin, who was floating in mid-air, also answered him while swinging her arm, if even you decided to give an answer, I don’t have any other choice but to do so as well……

“……Yes……Leave it to us……”

 My voice was somewhat powerless, as I didn’t think this was a good idea, so it can’t be helped…… Anyway…….

 ――Why do I have to go and subjugate myself?!

 About a couple of minutes after leaving Alumgam’s castle, I started to wonder where we’ll be headed now.

“Oi, Tomboy Knight”

 Bertra looked back after hearing my words and glared at me intensely…… Like I said, why are these eyes so scary?!

“I’m Bertra Toan! Also, I’m not a guy. I. Am. A. Woman! If you aren’t careful I will behead you no matter if you are a hero or not!?”

“I get it, I get it……So, Bertra Toan, who is a little girl, where on earth are we headed to?”

“Just Bertra is fine. I’m not a little girl, I turned 25 last month!!”

 25? Even if that’s an adult by human standards, but seen from my perspective, she might as well be a baby let alone a little girl……

“So what was it again? Aah, where we’re headed to. We’re heading towards the hideout of Figueroa, one of the Demon King’s army’s Four Heavenly Kings who are invading Alumgam.”

 So it’s one of the four demonic Heavenly Kings…… Well, isn’t that a good thing?

 Hmm, Figueroa, huh…… As he’s just a battle maniac, he won’t even listen to the current me, what’s more, because that mysterious me appeared it’s useless to talk to any of my other brethren. However, no matter if they are my brethren, if they come to attack me I will act accordingly, I don’t want to die after all.

“I know now where we are headed, but there is one more thing I was wondering about.”

“Haah…… What is it?”

 You don’t have to make such an unpleasant face, good grief.

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“After you finished talking to the gate-keeper your mouth turned cat-like, what was that about? Is this some kind of custom around here?”

 I’m not that familiar with Bertra yet, but she doesn’t seem to be the type to make that type of idiotic expression.

“Ah, I was curious about that as well~ Bell looked really cute having that cat-like expression”


 Huh? Bertra’s face got red and she stiffened.

“He~y, Bell~? What’s the matter~?”

“……Ah……About that……Did I have such an expression……?”

 Erin and I nodded at the same time.


 Having raised a bizarre cry, Bertra jumped off her horse and held her head!?

“That surprised me…… Oi? What’s happened?!”

“……get it”

“Huh? I didn’t hear you there.”

“Forget about that right now!!!”

“Ah, wai-!?”

 That Bertra drew out her sword with teary eyes and headed towards me!

“Wait! Calm down! Put the sword away!”


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 She’s not listening!! Will I have to die in this place?!

“Bell! Stop! Sto~p! Brr, brr”

 Brr, brr, you say? She’s not a horse……Rather, Bertra calmed down. Isn’t that Spirit amazing?

“……What a blunder, did I let my guard down, at that time?……I was seen, so there’s no use in trying to cover it up anymore…….The truth is, since a long time ago my face gets like that when I’m smiling and I take care not to do so…… Aah……”

 She looked incredibly depressed…… How should I respond to this? Haah…… It’s increasingly frustrating that me, a Demon Lord, can’t even respond to this tomboy.

“Well, isn’t it fine? I think that foolish face fits you better than that hard one, you *******.”

 As expected of me, what a nice response.

“Wai-! Dale! That response is no good!”


“Huh? Like I said I can’t hear you like that–”


 Eeeeeh!? Why is she that angry?!

 What made her this angry just now–.

“Oi! Don’t run after me while swinging that sword around! Why did you get so angry?!”

“It’s fine already so just dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”


“……There’s a rocky road ahead of us, huh~……”

“Heeeeeey, Spiriiiiiiit! Don’t just watch and save me!!”

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  1. Not an actual cat mouth but like this

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