[Vol. 1] Chapter 5 – Isn’t this a curse rather than an ability?!

The ceremony ended without me being able to escape and with this, a very tiny party was held…… I was forcibly made to participate as well.

 The spirit was glued to the table, flying here and there, throwing various foods into her mouth. Hmpf, she’s eating human food with great relish–


 ――My stomach……That reminds me, I haven’t eaten anything after I entered this body. Though I’m reluctant, if I’m hungry I should put a little food in my stomach…… Wha!? Thi, this is delicious, why couldn’t I eat such good food in the Demon Realm?!

“Hey! Spirit! That meat’s mine!”

“Aaaaaaaaaah! That was the last one as well!!”

 The food war between me and the spirit started, but I don’t feel like I’ll win.

After my stomach was bulging, the party was over and I was guided to the guest room, but the room was rather small. Didn’t they have a bigger room?

 That noisy spirit was so full after the party that she looked like a balloon, after that she flew around to explore the castle, leaving me alone, finally…… I was exhausted.

“Well then……Haah……Why did it turn out like this……”

 Thinking about how everything went wrong today, I didn’t come up with an answer.

 What might be happening in the Demon Lord’s castle, right now? Wait, I’m alone right now, wouldn’t now be a good opportunity to go outside of the barrier to contact Alfred and Annanet?!

“Alright, let’s go at once –Hm?”

 What is that? A distortion has begun to rise in the space in front of the door? …… That distortion, could it be Gate?!

 If so, were Alfred and Annanet coming to save me by any chance? As expected of my subordinates–

“I’m back~! Dale, this castle is really amazing! It’s extremely large!”  

 What came out was that spirit wearing a full-on smile. So it was you?

 You said this castle was large? Ridiculous. My castle is much bigger!

“The food was also delicious and exploring was fun~ Dale should have come with me~”

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 You bug, floating over my head. Haah…..Didn’t I look like an idiot when I got all happy about seeing the Gate……Wait, Gate?

“Oi, how did you return to the room I’m in as if it’s the most natural thing? You weren’t there when I was guided to this room and there are a lot of rooms, so how?”

 Gate is a movement spell that connects your current location with a specific location you have knowledge of. I was only able to come to Alumgam, because I observed it through Annanet’s clairvoyance magic beforehand. So how come that this fellow here was able to instantly move here?

“Hohe? Why, because Absohaze is here?”

This fellow! She scratched her head while having a face saying “Isn’t that obvious? What are you saying?”…… Wait a second, because Absohaze is here?

“You’re saying, that where ever this sword is you ******* will know where it is?!”

“I’m the spirit born from Absohaze, you know? It’s easy for me to open a Gate because I’m connected to Absohaze, you know~? –Fuha~ I got a little tired, I’ll go take a nap now, please wake me up if anything happens……Gu~Ka~”


 That means, this ******* spirit can open a gate anywhere the sword is at?! Then there’s no meaning in bringing this to the Demon Realm……

“****! Wouldn’t that mean this fellow may follow me even if I leave the castle and return to the Demon Realm?! …… Isn’t there any method to make her not follow me?…… Ah”

 Am I stupid? That fellow is sleeping right now and I could just leave the sword here and go.


 What, my face bumped into something!? –Eh, there’s an invisible wall there!? There wasn’t anything like that a while ago!

“Wha, what the hell!? It won’t let me go further!! Gununununu!!”

 It’s useless, no matter how much I push it won’t even move an inch.

“Mu~~~you’re noisy~ I can’t sleep like that! What’s the matter? Dale? Rather, what are you doing there?”

 The Spirit, who got up, probably because I shouted too much, came over while rubbing her eyes.

“There’s something like an invisible barrier here and it won’t move!”

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 While I pushed both my hands against the invisible wall to ascertain its existence, that spirit watched my actions and seems to come to an understanding after looking at Absohaze which leaned against a chair.
I wanted to leave it behind though……

“Well, of course, because you left Absohaze over there”

“Hah!? What did you say?!”

 Ku, the spirit flew a little higher to get away from me who was about to jump at her……

 The Spirit kept explaining with her forefinger raised.

“Absohaze and Dale are connected so you can only move a certain distance away from it”

“Connected!? Can’t move away!? I can’t move away from this room if I don’t wear this sword??”

 I can move approximately 1 metre from the sword……, it seems like I was stuck in a much smaller space than this guest room.

“Well, kind of, yeah……”

 That fellow’s smile makes me angry.

“Isn’t that strange?! Why do I have to adjust myself to the sword?! Shouldn’t that sword conform to my needs?! Well, shouldn’t it be something that comes flying to me when I chant something like [Oh sword, come]?! Even disregarding all that, isn’t this range too narrow?!”

 That ****** spirit, ignoring my words and plugging her ears with her fingers!

“So noisy~. My ears are really good so don’t raise such a loud voice! It’s one of Absohaze’s abilities so it can’t be helped!”

 Ability, you say? You call this restriction an ability?

“This might be a curse rather than an ability! Can’t you do something about it?! You were born from that sword, weren’t you, you *******?!”

“That’s impossible, as I said, I was born from Absohaze, but my main ability is support so I can’t do anything about Absohaze’s main abilities”

“If you can’t do that, then what use do you have?!!!”


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 Ah, the spirit turned red and she became teary-eyed.

“I’m not useless!! Dale is noisy! Quickly fall asleep! [Sleep]!”

“Wait a sec……Funya”

 This is sleep magic, ****, sleepiness is attacking me…… This ******* spirit……Just leave me alone……Only I can enter the bed……

“Dale, you idiot! Stupid! ……Foo……l……Ku~ka~1

 Those…… Are my lines……You ****** spirit……Ku~ka~.


  1. Those are sleeping noises

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