[Vol. 1] Chapter 4 – I’m Dale

“Erin……is it……”

 This unique magical power…… that fellow’s a spirit, huh?

 The area fell completely silent and even I can’t grasp the current situation.

“That’s right~ Ooh~ Amazing~ There are so many people! Yoo-hoo!”

 Can’t you read the mood? How can you just wave your hand at the audience in this situation?

“Your Majesty! That person pulled out the sword!!”

“Umu, there’s no doubt about the Angel’s Sword coming loose”

 What are you saying, Riley? Though you said the sword came loose, but– eh!? Since when was I holding that sword?! No, rather why did I pull out the sword when my purpose was to destroy it.
However, this situation is bad…… Aah, as I thought, that Riley guy is coming over.

“……What is your name?”


 What are you saying so suddenly?

“Oi, you *******! Aren’t you going to answer the King?! What rudeness!”

 That Devan guy shouted at me while looking like a Demon. Even if you don’t shout at me with such a loud voice……

“Well, this person…… seems to be confused about the current situation. — I’ve asked for your name.”

“Ah, I’m D……”

While I was speaking I pulled myself together again. Right now, I’m inside the body of a human and as much as I pride myself in being the Demon Lord with the name Dalewatts, this body won’t let me introduce myself as such.


“D……D~……Da……le, Dale……? That’s right! I’m Dale, Dale!”

 At that moment, the human named Dale was born.

“Fumu, Dale, is it?”

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“Ooh~ my master is called Dale, huh?”

 The spirit that waved to the audience until just now came over here unnoticed and interrupted my and Riley’s talk. Riley, too, turned to look at the spirit with interest. Looks like I could get away with that name somehow.

“Just what might you be……”

“Me? Huh? Didn’t I say I was Erin?”

 The spirit tilted her head and looked puzzled. Why does she look so puzzled? Doesn’t she get that she was asked what she is, rather what her name is? I also want to hear about that, you *******.

“No……that’s not what I mean, you came out of the Angel’s sword and you have something like wings on your back, as I thought you aren’t human……”

“Aah, I see, I see! — Ehem”

 After hitting her hand with her fist, she cleared her small throat. What typical movements.

“I am the spirit Erin who resides inside of the Angel’s Sword [Absohaze]. This Angel’s Sword [Absohaze] is a sword made by the angels in ancient times, able to defeat the demons, created for the occurrence of the demons invading the Human Realm.”

 What an annoying thing they created, those angels…….

“This Absohaze has the ability to absorb magical power. When someone with considerable magical power among the humans touches it, it will absorb it and using the magical power as a medium I’ll materialize.”

 I see, this human’s and my magical power together is quite a considerable amount. That’s why this spirit appeared when my magical power got sucked out…… Huh? Did I perhaps do something pretty bad just now……?

“Then, that human will become my master and use me to defeat the demons. That is the mission I’ve received from the angels. Therefore Dale got chosen! He’s to subjugate the demons together with me!”

 She pointed her finger at me. As I thought I did something terrible.

 This is very bad, too bad! I have to do something!

“No, no, no! Something like that is impossible for me!”

 That’s right, I’m a demon and what’s more the Demon Lord, the one supposed to get subjugated. I can’t just subjugate my own countrymen!

“Impossible, you say? It’s alright! Since I’ll support Dale, besides you were able to pull out Absohaze and I was able to materialize so there shouldn’t any problem.”

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The Spirit held my hand with a smile. No, there is a problem.

“Thi, this must have fallen out by some mistake! It’s definitely not because of my power!”

 In a panic, I throw away the sword and tried to leave the place, but as soon as I turned around I saw a muscular chest. I was blocked from leaving by Devan’s hand and the soldiers surrounding me.

“Where do you intend to go to? Dale-dono?”


 Riley and Erin join the strong soldiers surrounding me and Devan. I can’t escape anymore if it’s like this.

“Dale, a lot of things happened today and you must be exhausted, let’s talk about the details tomorrow. Let’s hold a feast and why don’t you stay in the castle for the night? — Start the preparations immediately.”


 Riley’s eyes look serious. If I try to run away now, I might get killed.

 Looks like I don’t have any other choice other than to obediently listen to them……


 On that day, the Hero Dale was born as well.


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