[Vol. 1] Chapter 2 – Alright! Let’s use this guy

“Hahi, De-Demon Lord! Shouldn’t, you…… Hahi, think, think this over, once more?! Hahi”

 Alfred who ran, chasing after me and desperately tried to persuade me was truly annoying……Annanet didn’t say anything and did her best to follow me. Although I am walking normally, those two people, who didn’t have wings, could only run to keep up because of the difference in our strides.

 However, their words cannot move my heart, as my belief is to go through with whatever I have decided upon!

“No! I have already decided! I shall put it into practice without fail! –It’s here, huh?”

 I kicked the door, exclusively made for my size in front of my eyes, to open it, making it fly away…… Well, I’ll make Alfred repair it later, so it isn’t a problem.

 The humans caused a commotion as soon as they saw us, and as soon as they understood that it was me who came the commotion changed into jeers.

“That ******* is Dalewatts!! You did well to lock me up in this place!”

“I’ll kill you! No matter what, I will kill you, you *******!!”

“Get out of here!! You Demon!!”

Various jeers flew towards me, but I understood by merely looking into their faces that this was just false bravado to desperately mask their fear — It was really comedic and pathetic…… just looking at them made laughter well up within me!

“Chohahahahahaha!! Aren’t you all energetic, well then……”

 I sized up every human inside the cage, as they will serve as this one’s body for a period of time.

 Hm? That man’s quality of magical power is on a different level from the rest, let me see–

“Wha, what are you doing! Let me go!”

 What a noisy guy……His height is about 170cm, his features are well proportioned and his blond hair was cut short, though he was a little too skinny as we only fed him the minimum amount of food, the magical power he held was still stronger than the others. As I thought…… If it’s that guy’s body it might be a good fit for me.

“Alright! Let’s use him! I can feel strong magical power from this guy different from the others! Splendid!”

“As expected of Demon Lord-sama, to become aware that this person hides strong magical power at a glance. However, it seems like he was sent as a soldier to the front line because he wasn’t able to master it.”

 Annanet also perceiving the other party’s magical power made me think that it was just her guess, however that’s fine.

 However, what a stupid human, if he trained just a little, he might have been able to stall our army for some time.

“Wha, what are you going to do, guh”

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“Chohahahahahaha! You should feel honoured! I will use your body as my vessel, you *******!”

“!? What do you–”

“Demon Lord-sama, would you bring that human to this rack over there. Would you please weaken him a little more?”

 In the direction Annanet was pointing to was a stone table cut into a rectangular form and used for dissecting humans, however…… Even though I’m the Demon King, I just can’t get used to that stench for some reason…… I can only do it quickly.

 So, how should I inflict pain upon him? I’ll do that after all, but first
I should put him on the rack.

“Ouch! What are you do…… GyaAAAaaaAaaAAh!!!”

Just a slight electric shock brought forth this fierce cry, how sweet! Good, give me more. – – Huh? His cries ceased and his body was twitching. Did I overdo it?

“Demon Lord-sama, any more than this will kill him!”

 As I thought, I went too far. How fragile humans are.

“I see, well then I leave it to you, Annanet”

“Yes……Well then, if you may excuse me.”

 Though she is using her unique magic it is somewhat humiliating to have a subordinate place their hand on my head……Why did she place her hand on the human’s chest then? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, Annanet?

“Well then, I shall start, Hah!!”


 What is that feeling? It feels like Annanet is sucking something out of my body! Ah…… My consciousness…… is fading…… Gone…… My bod……y’s……strength……is leaving……

 It’s bright, what happened? I can’t think clearly, feel tired and can’t move properly.

“Demon Lord-sama, can you understand me?”

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“……Annanet? I can’t see your face with that hood on…… Aah, so it certainly is Annanet, huh?……”

“Looks like it was a success”

Fumu, looks like she succeeded, Hm? What is that thing crushing Alfred over there?

 A muscular body of about 2 meters, the black cloak matched him greatly and his charm point were those jagged teeth similar to a shark’s , however, his unkempt raven black hair nearly stretched out to his waist for some reason…… Wait, that’s my body, huh?

 My~ It’s different from looking into a mirror. However, looking at myself from a third person’s viewpoint I really am a perfect and splendid existence!

 So, this is that human’s body, so thin…… too thin……Isn’t it too fragile?

“The body moves as I want it to…… there don’t seem to be any problems”

“……Is, that so……this is…..Well……”

 Hm? Why are you looking away, Annanet? Was there some problem?

“Annanet, what the hell is wrong? Didn’t you succeed?”

“Ah, yes…… I succeeded….. Well…… it’s……”

 Hm? A mirror? No matter how I look at it I can’t see anything but a human…… not.
The short blond hair turned jet black only at the top of my head and though I think it’s good to have these jagged teeth which are my charm point, but–,

“As I thought, there aren’t any other humans who’d have jagged teeth like this, but how did this happen?”

“Perhaps that human’s body changed partly because it got influenced by Demon Lord-sama’s soul and your too powerful magical power…… This didn’t happen in past experiments so I can’t give a clear answer”

 I see, so my grand magical power had an influence on this human’s body, huh?

“Well, it’s fine, I’ll only temporarily use that human body anyway. Fortunately, the only part that’s weird is the head, it’ll be fine if I just wrap some clothes around it — Hey, Alfred, how long do you intend to keep lying there? Carefully carry my body to my bed!”

 Well then, as I thought, I’d stand out if I just walked around in this piece of rags, there certainly should have been a box containing the garment of the humans we confiscated when we took them prisoner somewhere around here, there it is, there it is.

 Let’s hide the top of my head with a turban and wrap this long cloth around my mouth then put on some inconspicuous clothes……

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“How is it? This appearance?”

“Yes, if it’s this appearance the humans won’t notice”

 As expected of me, my fashion sense is also perfect.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. If the time has come, pull me back immediately, understood?”

“Certainly, Demon Lord-sama”

“Demon Lord-sama, good riddance~”

“Umu! Well then, I’ll depart! Gate!!”

 Gate is a movement spell. If one tries to use it to move around the same world it isn’t such a difficult spell, but it’s a different story if one tries to use it to connect to a different world, however if one is of my class it’s an easy feat to use Gate to move from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm. I was really worried if I could use it properly in this human body……

“Chohahahahahaha!!! Just you wait, you humans!! This Dale Watts-sama will give you a taste of despair!!”

 Well then, let’s go! This will be my first step to conquering the Human Realm!

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