[Vol. 1] Chapter 7 – I want to say something as well~

“No, wait! I haven’t heard anything abooooouuuch!!”

 That laaaaass, she stepped on my foot this time!

“I will destroy the Demon Lord together with the hero Dale, by all means possible!”

“Umu, please do so. We have prepared the things necessary for your journey as well as weapons and protective gear…… I’ll leave that to you Devan.”

 Riley got up from the throne and started to walk towards the entrance door with the knights following after him. As commanding as ever…… Rather, that Bertra was about to join their ranks again as well, but I still had something to say.

“Oi! Wait! What’s the meaning of this?!”

 While I grabbed both of Bertra’s shoulders and shook her back and forth, she glared at me with her crescent shaped eyes……Uh, that’s kind of scary.

“I shall accompany you, even though I’m extremely unwilling to do so!”

 If you’re unwilling, you don’t have to come. That’s why I don’t understand the way humans think……. Ah, I see, should I cancel this three person trip with that as an excuse?

“If you find it that unpleasant you don’t particularly have–”

“I have to go with you by all means, though I’m extremely unwilling!”

 It was important so she even said it twice. Crap, if it’s just us three going then the situation will get even worse. If I don’t do anything that’s what’s going to happen!!

 Aaah, while I was thinking Riley already walked close to the doorway.

“Eehm……Eehm……Come on, something…… I got it! –King! I have never touched a sword before! I’m a bloody amateur! What’s more my, body is weak–”

 I feel embarrassed having to say such weak remarks…… However, I seemed to have succeeded in making Riley halt his steps.

“What are you saying? You touched Absohaze, didn’t you?”

 However, the Spirit who was beside me, looked puzzled and pointed her finger at the Angel’s Sword.

 This fellow said some unnecessary things again!!

“I haven’t used one before! I never swung a sword! See, that’s what I mean!”

 At that time, I pulled out the Angel’s Sword and swung it around. It looked like a child swing around a tree branch. Ah~ this is really uncool.

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“Ah~ I understand~ But I think it’ll be alright, you know?”

 After the Spirit hit her hand with her fist, making a pon sound, she turned into a grain of light and was sucked into the rainbow coloured stone located on the handle of the Angel’s Sword.

“Hah? Spirit?”

[Didn’t I tell you that Dale and Absohaze are connected? So it can send you its magical power to improve your physical abilities and it can also strengthen your magic]

 The Spirit’s voice came from the Angel’s Sword. Certainly, magic power is flowing inside of me from the Angel’s Sword.

[And even better!]

“Even better?”

[Because this Erin-chan is there you’ll have the power of 10,000 light-years!!!”

 Yes, that lass is an idiot. That I can affirm.

“……that’s for measuring distance……”

 For that Angel’s Sword to have such useless abilities……

[Hohe? Well, I don’t particularly care–]

 A grain shaped light pops out of the Angel’s Sword and slowly gathered up to form the shape of the Spirit again.

“–about such small details~”

 I don’t think that this isn’t something you shouldn’t care about though…… Hm? Probably having seen this interaction just now Riley had a really anxious face. That’s my chance!

“King! Did you see–”

《 Fuhahahahaha!!》

 What is it this time?! Why are you getting in my way!

“What is it?!”

Knights surrounded Riley and Devan looked around with his sharp eyes. With this the talks won’t progress, huh?

“How annoying! What is it now?!”

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“I can hear some voices from outside~”

 A soldier hurried into the hall somewhat rushed.

“I-it’s terrible! The sky!”

“The sky, you say?!”

 Those who were in the hall ran to the veranda and looked up at the sky. Just what the hell is up there–

“What the hell is that?!”


 A good looking man whom I’m really familiar with was reflected in the sky. A black mantle raising his beauty, shark-like jagged teeth were his charm point, only those two horns and that unkempt raven-black hair nearly reaching his waist were concerning…… That was–

“Why am I in the sky?!”

《Humans, tis our first meeting. My name is Dalewatts! Demon Lord Dalewatts!!》

“Tha, that’s the Demon Lord Dalewatts?! Did he come here personally?!”

“Hm~ it’s different, it’s a phantom made with magical power reflecting his figure in the sky. I think his main body is somewhere faraway”

 No, no, no, no, I’m Dalewatts!! Who the hell is that?!

《I hear that someone able to pull out the Angel’s Sword appeared, but it’s insignificant to us…… If you decide to resist to this extent, then we will commence our full-on all-out attack this time!》

“”What did you say? The attacks until now weren’t serious?!””

 Both Bertra and me shouted the same words, why did this lass~
Rather, the words are the same but the meaning is completely different……What does this mean, when Alfred told me they were invading to the best of our abilities?

《Humans, be afraid! Of the power of my army!! Fuhahahahahaha!!》

 The other me disappeared while laughing.

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“I also wanted to say that~ Lines like that……”

 I muttered to myself. Fortunately the others were all too shocked by that Dalewatts (?) that they didn’t hear me muttering these enigmatic lines.

“Your Majesty, if the Demon Lord’s forces also starts to move, we have to quickly make our move”

 Ah, right. The problem called the three man trip hasn’t been settled at all!

“Ah, no! Like I said, I’m!”

 Bertra grabbed my collar and looked at me mockingly with a terribly angry glare. Like I said, those eyes are scary.

“Those guys will attack from now on! If that’s the case we’ll need all the manpower we can get to defend against them, so let’s move out with just a selected few as planned! It’s fine, I can instruct you, if it’s the sword!”

 Bertra threw me down and rushed to Riley to appeal her advice.

“Your Majesty! Please!”

 Riley closed his eyes and stroked his beard, there were a few seconds of silence…… I beg of you, please stop this!
Riley opened his eyes again and put his gaze on us three as if to double check our existence. It seems like he came to a conclusion.

“I’m a little uneasy, but as long as Bertra is with you three, it shouldn’t be a problem. Get ready immediately”!



 All of the castle’s people went back in, leaving only me and the spirit on the veranda.


“Dale, are you alright?”

 The Spirit pulled my cheek but I didn’t feel anything, probably because the shock was too big……


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