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[Vol. 1] Chapter 3 – I’m Erin, nice to meet you!

“– So this is the Human Realm [Dinesh], huh? It’s so bright, it’s hurting my eyes……”

 Looks like Gate worked just fine, but unlike the Demon Realm, the Human Realm is too bright. So humans can live in places like this……

“Eh~m. Where did I put Alfred’s report on the Human Realm? There it is, there it is.”

 ……Every time I look at this, I remember Alfred’s face when I started to invade the Human Realm and told him to summarize all the information on it. Though the words “Only Now?!” didn’t leave his mouth, his face said it all. To this day I still can’t forget it because it was strangely humiliating. Anyway, this would be the first time that I set foot in the Human Realm.

 It seems like this world had a bloody history of fights among the same race as well. This doesn’t seem to change no matter where one goes.

 Then, after they came to a consent, the late Kings separated the east, west, north and south with borders. Like this, the Northern Kingdom [Calrick], the Southern Kingdom [Alumgam] and the Western Kingdom [Valgas] were built…… I don’t really understand this. I believe only one ruler would be enough.
And what lies before my eyes is the Southern Kingdom [Alumgam] where the ceremony will be held. In the middle of the castle town surrounded by an outer wall made out of cut stones lies a castle, but my castle is much bigger and cooler.

 However, that barrier created by those ****** angels…..There’s something that looks like a bubble covering the whole castle town and us demons can neither enter nor destroy it. What kind of mechanism is behind this?

 No use thinking about things I have no idea about, so shall we try entering?…… My heart is throbbing.

“Oh, Chohaha! I entered quite nicely”

 It’s good that everything went according to plan, but……

“U~mu, where is this?”

 At this rare sight I was wandering every which way and, as a result, ended up entering these maze-like back alleys.

“……Well, it’s fine, I can still see the castle. If I head in that direction I should reach my goal one way or another.”

I’m able to see the castle just by raising my head, let’s get this over with quickly.

“You there!! Get out of the way!”


A brown-headed boy ran in my direction, hmpf! Is he heading towards me? Ridiculous, why should I give way to you? Quite the opposite, I should send you flying and–

“Wait, oh yeah, I’m in a human body now!! Guhee!!”

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 That brown head sunk his head with all his might into my stomach making me fall and hit my head.

 This double combo was considerably painful……

“Guooooooo, you, you *******!!! Where were you looking!!?!”

“Tsu~ That’s why I said get out of the way, wait, whe- where do you think you’re touching, you *******!!”

 Where, well, my hand is positioned on the youngster’s chest, but I don’t have a hobby to do this to men. If it were a woman maybe. Anyway, isn’t that fellow strange?

“I’m just touching the chest of a man so what’s — Habu!?”

 That boy that was blushing for some reason changed his facial expression to look like a Hannya mask 1 after hearing my words and sent an iron fist flying. It splendidly locked on to my face and made me dance through the air…….Right, right, I once heard that sparks can fly out of one’s eyes and today was the first time since I was born I witnessed it.

“I am a woman!! Aah, damn it!! I don’t have time to spend on you today, I’ll forgive you for this one time. Be grateful”

 After saying that, this youngster left…… That young lady took her former position and flew into a mad dash through the back alleys again.

“Fuga, What the hell was that!? I will never forgive you! The next time I’ll meet you I shall take care of you!”

Damn, my nose’s tip hurts, why do I have to look like this? — Ah, I finally reached the main street.

“Oi, looks like the ceremony will begin soon”

“Finally, huh? Alright, let’s go and have a look!”

 Why don’t I just follow those guys, who appeared quite timely, to the place the ceremony is held?

“Chohahahahahaha, it begins at last! Time to spread despair!!”

 This is the Castle’s yard, huh?……It was filled with so many people. From where the hell did these guys appear from?

 And there was a shining sword stuck in an altar……No mistake about it. That should be the Angel’s Sword.

 Hm? There was a middle-aged man wearing a luxurious mantle, a crown and an excellent moustache approaching the sword……Ah, that guy’s Alumgam’s king [Riley Alumgam the Third], huh?

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“Well then, I shall start the ceremony now!!”


 While the spectators were excited by the King’s words the ceremony started. I’m looking forward to turning these cheers into screams!

 Although it was enjoyable…… but no matter how many courageous men went to pull at the sword it made no indications of getting pulled out and after approximately half a day it got somewhat hard to stand.

“Oi, oi……That sword looks like it won’t budge at all……”

“Is it going to be alright……?”

 The spectators started to get noisy and Riley’s face showed some impatience as well.

 Useless, such an expression doesn’t fit a king.

“……That was the last one”

“What did you say!? Was the legend wrong…… If it goes on like this……”

 Riley held his face in both hands seeming discouraged. I wonder if it failed.

 If that’s the case, didn’t I become a human and stood around for half a day for nothing?

 Mu, a big knight next to the King moved, that certainly was the captain of the Royal Guard, Devan Duke, huh?

“With all due respect, how about we let the audience participate as well? Just in case……”

“……The audience as well, is it?…… Alright, let everyone participate”

“Certainly! –Listen! From now on everyone is allowed to participate! Gather around the Angel’s Sword!”

 At those words, people started to move towards the altar, I have to escape before I get rolled up in this……Escape……I can’t, I completely missed the timing.

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“Wait a minute! Don’t push! I don’t plan to go there! Eei! Get out of the waaay!”

“Oi, what are you doing? It’s your turn next, you know?”

“Get out of…… Heh? Me?”

“That’s right”

 It seems as a result of me trying to escape I unintentionally ended up at the front.

 I don’t have any other choice than to destroy this sword in front of everyone’s eyes.

 Well then, Oh Angel’s Sword get torn to pieces by this Dalewatts’ hands!!

“Nuooooooooooooooooooooh!? Wha, what’s with this!?”

As soon as I grabbed the Angel’s Sword it started to absorb my magical power!? ****, I can’t let go of it, it’s perfectly stuck to my hand!!

 What is this?? Rainbow-coloured particles overflowed from the Angel’s Sword and what’s more, they turned into a person’s form?


 With the appearance of the light, so bright I couldn’t open my eyes for a while, there was some kind of weird sound, what on earth…… there was a 15-16-year-old girl with rainbow-coloured butterfly wings gently floating before my eyes.

 Her height was slightly shorter than my current one so she was about 165cm tall, the big purple ribbon on her chest was awfully conspicuous on her white one-piece dress and it’s absolutely impossible for her to be a human as there were pointed ears thrusting out of her straight light blue hair, which nearly connecting with the big purple ribbon. There were butterfly-like wings on her back as well.

“Wh, who are you, you *******?!”

“Me? I’m Erin, nice to meet you!”

Noticing this Erin and the others smiled and laughed……This fellow’s dangerous, she also has the jagged teeth which I consider as my charm point!

  1. This is a Hannya Mask

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