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Episode 41 Gon’s Depression

The snow finally melted and spring arrived.

My surroundings were wrapped in cheers, that being said, those were monster’s cheers.

Should I call them as subordinates? The harpies brought me already hatched eggs. 84 harpies below the general harpy have gathered in the stables, big things are happening here. [1] Harpies hatching period is long. It takes about 1 month. After the end of the year, I was asked by a general harpy (I named her Jeneha) for a permission to increase her family and I accepted. The four mother harpies lived in the stables during that period.

They will take care of the baby harpies until they would be able to join the flock. Their meals were taken care of by the rest of the flock. It is said that they increased their camaraderie spirit this way.

Every chick was healthy and they would stay here until they can fly.

Harpies, of course, weren’t slacking with their work. They hunt monsters in the forest every day. They bring a lot of tasty monsters, but they also bring fruits back. Thanks to them, we have an abundance of food in our mansion. I bring the surplus meat to the hotel that has that beef stew.

From time to time, I make food for the harpies. Zenzai, tempura, karaage were present, all of them were popular. When I make their meals, they always take it with great delight.

「All right, as a gratitude for increasing your comrades, I will make ohagi!」


I spent a whole day to make a ridiculously big hundred-portion ohagi. It goes without saying that everyone was delighted by the taste.

While everyone enjoyed their meal, I discovered a shrine in the back of the kitchen. Shrine? Was there such a thing……..? I wondered and tried to appraise

「The shrine of the Fox God. Has the power to communicate with the Fox God. Has a divine blessing」

and this appeared. Since it is under the divine protection, it shouldn’t be something evil. Since it is in the name of the Fox God, I’m pretty sure that it is Gon’s handiwork. I left the leftover ohagi as an offering and left. [1]

During the night, he used it to communicate, undid his human form and started trembling.

「This time has finally come. They won’t let me be after all」

Gon started crying. This is something unusual. When I asked him,

「We, apostles of the Fox God, Ohi-sama, are checked on every three years. She investigates your life in these three years and as a result, your position in the family may rise or fall」

Oh, so you had such a system.

「I converted a Great Demon King and participated in Paoran’s subjugation, but after that, I ditched my duties and peacefully lived without contacting anyone, they will surely blame me. I’m scared. The supervisors under Ohi-sama are all mean people. When I think about what they would say to me, I feel my soul wilting」

Aah, the so called「deadline」. However, Gon achieved a lot as a farmer in this mansion. He also succeeded in making the sweet tomatoes. Moreover, he served an excellent interpreter and mediator between various monsters. You can say that a lot of what I have right now is because of Gon.

「I’m happy to hear it, but lies won’t work against Ohi-sama. Since we have the power to look through the memory, they will definitely be angry」

Hey, Gon. What did you do while I wasn’t looking? No no, just say it, I won’t be angry. Maybe we can work out a countermeasure against it. How about it? Since I won’t be angry, you can just say it.


I heard him out and became exasperated. This idiot fox took out my free card, sneaked out while I wasn’t around, and went in「Miraya」to play around with a prostitute. The person in question tried to brush it off as a human transformation practice, but such excuses aren’t going to work on a male, which is I. You climbed the stairs of adulthood ahead of me. Nuuuu…..How was it?

「Girls in Miraya have all kinds of skill, you know. I can’t count how many times I was sent on a cloud nine. When they gently traced my back with their hands……How about going together to Miraya for a change of pace? Guhehehe」

This ero-fox. How many times did you go?! Miraya’s girls are dreadful existences. For them to be able to satisfy a transformed white fox……I silently confiscated the card.

With thing as they are, Gon is in for a divine punishment. Originally, he should spread his blessings around, but he was enjoying life all on his own. Extreme disregard of his duty.

However, if he receives such a punishment, all his abilities will vanish. That would be troubling for me. Until now, Gon told me a lot of other monster’s common sense and traits, while also being an interpreter, a walking encyclopedia. Suddenly becoming a normal fox would be pretty devastating.

「Do you need to go to this Ohi-sama’s place alone? If not, I can accompany you to try to make some follow-ups……」

「There were such cases in the past, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but….」

「But what?」

「Ohi-sama’s aides will pick on you since you would be there for the first time. They said a lot of harsh things about me, I don’t want another person to experience it」

「Well, aren’t superiors always like that? How much did they tell you? 」

「The told that I can’t even greet people properly. Even like that, I lived for 200 years in human society, I was pretty confident in my etiquette. They laughed at me while calling me a bad-mannered fox. I didn’t forget that frustration even until now」

「How horrible. Just what kind of greeting did you make? Show it to me for a reference」

Gon agreed and straightened his posture with a light cough.

「On this bright day, I present you my sincerest congratulations. From the old days, there were three kinds of bags you should never forget: a bag for money……」

……Isn’t it a greeting for the wedding ceremony? No wonder you superiors couldn’t help but retort.


  1. Made a mistake in a previous chapter, they do not care about the eggs after hatching, my bad. 

Episode 40 Advent of the Great Demon King

I became 15 years old. Now, I’m twice adult.

I didn’t really tell anyone about my birthday, so there was no celebration party to speak of. From time to time a met the owner of「Miraya」, Akima. She always tried to invite me to play in her establishment. When someone tries to invite you so hard, it makes it even harder to agree.

There was also a pleasant result. I was able to replicate the beef stew, which I always ate in that hotel.

Because I often ate there, the chef noticed me and taught me some things. When I praised his creation, he gave me some demiglas sauce and the recipe. No one will fault me for replicating it. Being able to enjoy that beef stew in my home is…..priceless.

I finished my work, returned home, took out a large pot and loaded the ingredients. The chef in the hotel had to spend about 12 hours to cook it. Therefore, I cooked with utmost care, following the recipe.

I really did that for 12 hours. While adjusting the heat with fire magic, it took me until the morning to finally complete it.

Then, the incident occurred.

Gon declared that he was hungry. I planned to split the finished beef stew into multiple portions, but, as expected, I was pretty hungry myself. At that time, I planned to stuff ourselves with some fried dishes.

「Doon! Gasshan!!!」

The beef stew, which was the product of my titanic efforts, was spilled on the kitchen’s floor. The time stopped for me.


A harpy was attracted by the smell and sneaked into the kitchen trying to steal the pot. However, when it tried to get away, it succumbed to its sheer weight and spilled the stew all over the kitchen. Recently, there were no monster attacks, so I dispelled the barrier some time ago. My map didn’t help at all. I was aware of a monster flying above my mansion, but since it didn’t have any ill intent, I overlooked it. I never expected to meet a monster that was after our food.

The harpy fled outside with a mocking expression. Its arms and legs were that of a bird, but the rest of its body was human. I could read its expression very well. This thing was considering me an idiot. Something exploded inside of me.

「God damn it!! I will slaughter you!!!!!!!!」

Stepping over the beef stew remains, I picked a club and went outside. Harpy was flying in circles above the mansion, but maybe because it recognized me as an enemy, it attacked me with its sharp claws.


The harpy’s attacks proved ineffective in the face of the barrier. I grabbed its leg and smashed it on the ground. Again. And again.

「Pigya! Pigya!! Pigya!!」

It tried to slap its wings and escape into the air, but I used the club to smash them.


I thoroughly beat up the wailing harpy with the club.

「Just how long do you think it took me!? Do you know how long I stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred!!」

The harpy didn’t have a single uninjured spot. In the end, I smashed its face using the club as a baseball bat.

Harpy still seemed alive. How tenacious. When I planned to continue with the punishment, I saw a presence on the map. Dozens of harpies were flying towards me, most likely, its comrades.

When they saw their comrade, they instantly recognized me as an enemy and launched the attack. However, their numbers are of no concern to me. I will plummet them just like the previous one. Plummet. Plummet.


Tens of harpies with their limbs bent in the unnatural directions lying on the ground. My wrath won’t be dispelled with just that. When I was thinking what about their fate, even more harpies came out of the forest. Fine. I will be your opponent, no matter how many there are!

Dozens of harpies appeared following behind a huge harpy. The giant harpy saw the disaster site and raised a loud screech. With that as a sign, the harpies banded together and attacked me.

Even an elite knight or magician would find it difficult to escape from this situation. However, that didn’t apply to me. I smashed their wings and made a mess of them like before. The giant harpy, which was hiding behind the rest, launched a wind magic attack at me. It was a nice tactic. However, it was easily dodged by me while I caught it by the leg.


It attacked me with its free leg, but wasn’t able to even scratch me. While holding its leg, I smashed it against the ground, broke its wings, broke its limbs and smashed its face.

Close to hundred harpies sprawled around me. I enclosed them inside the barrier. Then I applied recovery magic on them and called Gon to interpret my words.

「Because we won’t be able to talk while you are injured! Even if they are you comrades, you made a mess of a stew that I stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred for who knows how long! How are you going to compensate me!? Don’t think that you would have an easy death!!!」

A strong-willed harpy tried to attack me from inside of the barrier. I dragged it out and slashed at it with「Onigiri」.

「Pyiiiii! Pigya!!!!!!!」

It screamed in agony.

「This was just an appetizer. I will let you suffer even more before I kill you! Do not make light of the food grudge! 」

「Pi, pyii…..」

The harpies were shivering. Some of them even wet themselves.

「Pi! Pipipipi! 」

The giant harpy said something.

「It wants you to quell your anger」

「Ah? Quell my anger?! Don’t talk about it with that mouth of yours! 」

「I’m a general harpy, the head of this flock. I wish to avoid my family being killed at all costs. We apologize regarding the conduct of our comrade. We can obey your demands, but we want to avoid being wiped out, or so it says」

「You can’t do ****! Nuu, only your blood can quell my anger! There is no other way but to atone with your blood! 」

「No, rather than that, we can use the to guard the vicinity. Harpy is a B rank monster, A rank in the group. In such a number they should even reach S rank. They would be extremely convenient to reduce the monster population around us」

Ho, so I can obtain monster meat without doing anything.

「Besides, harpy’s eggs are quite the delicacy. It’s a good idea to make them pay some eggs as a tribute」

「All right, if you accept those condition, I can leave you be. If you don’t, I will leave you here to starve to death」

Of course, the harpies agreed in a moment. Once I accepted it, I healed the one slashed by「Onigiri」and returned it to the flock.

According to Gon, harpies are creatures with a strong sense of camaraderie. With the general harpy at the top, they could triumph over any other creature in this forest. In other words, there are on top on the food chain in this forest.

「They just stumbled on the Great Demon King」

You mean, me?

The whole flock of harpies, which were confident in their victory, was instantly plummeted. Quite scary if you think about it.

In general, harpies are very protective of their young ones. They lay about five eggs in three years and carefully nurture every child. But it seems that before the eggs hatched, they do not have much interest in them and the conditions were accepted smoothly. [1]

The general harpy stayed behind as a hostage. It was prohibited from accessing the insides of the mansion until I give a permission. This condition limited her scope of activity, but the general harpy itself didn’t have any objections. On the contrary, it got addicted to the food I gave and became friendly with Irimo. Even now, it stays together with Irimo in the stables.

By the way, amongst the harpies, the word「stirred」became a word of a devil. When I occasionally use this word, the general harpy as well as the others freeze in fright.


  1. Not sure about this one. 

Episode 39 Peaceful Days ②

Several months have passed.

Right now, I’m having breakfast with Gon. Pure Japanese menu of rice, tamagoyaki, and tofu.

After finding the right ingredients in the capital, I immediately managed to produce tofu. I wasn’t able to produce the same taste as my father’s and grandpa’s, but it was still a proper tofu. Since tofu can be made, soymilk and yuba can be made too. And by frying them together with tofu, I can make「Ohage-san」.

I tried making「Ohage-san」for Gon. I thought that a fox might like it and made an attempt. I made two kinds of flavors and presented it to him.

……Gon cried. He cried while saying that it was the tastiest meal in his life. It wasn’t such a big thing though.

Making tofu every day is a bother, so I making it only once a week. Without the soy sauce, I was using the salt, but, as expected, I definitely want to make it.

On the other note, the renovation of the mansion was finally complete. I didn’t change much, but it took me unexpectedly a long time to complete.

First, I made a bath. Initially, there were four room on the second floor, but I merged two of them to make a bathroom. Both, the kingdom and the empire do not know the concept of a bath, so I took a long time to explain it to the craftsmen. In addition, it was bothersome to install the drainage system on the second floor, however, due to their hard work, a magnificent bathroom was completed.

Following after that, I made a toilet. The toilets in this world are based on scooping. It’s not like I can’t use them, but I was fixated on making a proper restroom. I went out of my way to demolish the previous toilet and expand the room. I drew water from the nearby river and made a flush toilet. The winter in the empire was rather cold, so I attached a warm seat to it. I enchanted the seat with a barrier that was able to change its temperature according to the temperature outside. [1]

I was troubled with the sewage disposal, but Gon said to leave it to him.

Since I moved in this mansion, Gon was often housesitting. Since he is a fox-sama, I thought that he should have been spreading his religion, but there is another fox-sama in the capital. In Gon enters the fray, there would be something like: Don’t you steal my believers! Like that, it will result in a quarrel, so there were no moves from our side.

Then, to kill his boredom, Gon created a vineyard on the mansion’s land.

As expected, it was rather difficult to do farm work in fox form. Without any other choice, he transformed, but it was the same fox-headed human as before, his naked appearance looked very eerie. Fortunately, his skill rose a level and he became a「human resembling a fox」.

He used the water from the toilet as a kind of fertilizer. It is the fertilizer, but you need to be careful of overusing it, lest you want all of your plants to die.

Gon’s vegetables: potatoes, cabbage, radish, and tomatoes, were quite delicious. That’s what you get from an experienced person, who always stayed around humans. When I taught him the way to make sweet tomatoes, he began a desperate research. Maybe he should quit being fox-sama and become a farmer.

Even so, this year was filled with upheavals. Around the same time one year ago, I enjoyed hunting with Eril in the forest. I enjoyed the casual daily conversation with Falco and Elsa-sama. Then, I lost everything, obtained new friends like Irimo and Gon and moved into the imperial capital of the Hideta Empire. I found a job and bought a nice house. Looking back at my slave life, I can say that I achieved something.

It is not gigantic, but it’s a neat mansion, I made a wide bath and a toilet, work is going well, there is no shortage of money, my life is a smooth sailing. I wish it would be like that from now on…….Or so I wished while gazing at the setting sun.

However, I didn’t know. About the events that were about to happen. About the troublesome future ahead of me…..


  1. High-tech. 

Episode 38 Peaceful Days

「……T-this thick thing is going to enter my body? 」

「It is all right, leave everything to this big sister. Now relax…..」

「Kuh, ah, it is pushing in, it is pushing in…….」

「Hora, it pierced all the way. This is your first time today, so you shouldn’t move for a while」

「B-big sister, my body is hot!」

「You’ll get used to it after a while~. You will definitely like it once you get used to it. All right, I will start to move」

「Fuh, kuh, kuaaaaaa」

…..I came here for the acupuncture. I liked the needles from my previous life, but I never expected to be punctured in the belly by such a thick needle. [1]

With the issue of my new house settled, I will open the Daquet Company tomorrow. The army and the nobles even asked me to guide them to it. My store is placed between my house and the imperial capital. When I was buying my house, I conveniently purchased a vacant store at affordable price. It is in 15 minutes on Irimo from me, not that big of the distance.

With the opening preparations over, in order to maintain my body, I visited an acupuncturist next to the red-light district. I fully enjoyed the treatment. It was a nice place. When I about to leave, a woman, who did the acupuncture on me, escorted me until the exit. She was young, but had some skills. My body became much lighter. When I said

「Uwa~ I was truly comfortable~. I feel refreshed! 」

「Sometimes, your body just craves for it~. Please come again at any time」

the people around us bitterly smiled. This was right outside the red-light district. They, most likely, misunderstood something there.

…..In reality, my barrier store became a big hit. As for the working hours: the store was opened from 9 to 17, the store is closed for 1 hour during the lunch break. I became famous as a shopkeeper that changes the days off and holidays based on his mood, but I still received about 10 orders every day. There are unexpectedly a lot of customers amongst the army, nobility and even the commoners. I was often asked to put up a soundproof barrier because of the noise.

Since I didn’t have any time to satisfy every order I received, I refused some of them at first. But then, I came up with something.

I picked up some stones from the river and sold them off as「Magic Stones」. It is possible to control my barriers remotely. Then, I enchanted them according to the characteristics of the desired barrier. Like that, 「Barrier Magic Stones」came into being. Of course, it was still just a normal stone, but the customers completely believed me. Since I was “LV2”, the maximum duration was about 3 days. The barrier was also able to withstand only about 5 full force sword blows, but the demand was still overwhelming. I priced them about 100G, quite the price, but they still sold well. The production costs are zero, so every coin is a profit. Don’t call me a scammer. [2]

To my surprise, there weren’t many orders from the royalty. I only sometimes accompanied prince Viras when he had business outside the palace, and even that is estimated to be once a month. The longest time was 1 day. It was when His Highness and his little sister visited a remote town for a local event.

After I closed the shop, I was free, so I spent my time sightseeing the capital. It is quite wide, so it takes a long time to see everything. I discovered a good weapons and armor store. I also found a splendid grocery store. During the days off I eat lunch in the hotel, I spend my days rather extravagantly if I say so myself.

When I moved in, monster often came out of the forest, but they were mostly goblins. They were subdued without any difficulty. Currently, there is an effect from the barrier, so I didn’t see any monsters recently.

My cooking repertoire also increased. I succeeded in making ohagi. It wasn’t the same as my grandmother’s, but I still pride myself in being able to replicate it to a certain extent. Gon was extremely delighted.

I enjoyed myself with Chinese-style rice and onigiri, from time to time, I challenged something like tempura or karaage. This was also popular with Gon. Right now, I’m making a pudding. It is currently in the prototype stage. [3]

I didn’t go to that establishment in the red-light district yet. It is somewhat embarrassing and I often come straight home at night. After all, Irimo wants to go home as soon as possible. Well, considering the size of the stables, Irimo lives quite comfortably. I can easily fit several horses there, so I thought of buying another horse to reduce her workload.

Autumn passed, winter passed, I can finally feel a smell of spring. The business is fine and there is no shortage of orders. I left the stone gathering to Gon, but he brought less and less each time.

One day, I discovered a drug store close by. It was placed in an inconspicuous corner and sold rather dangerous things. It was a poison store. There, I found something unexpected. A poison named「Cash」, which can cause a heart attack when drunk in large quantities. I appraised it and「magnesium chloride」came out. So-called「Bittern」.

Once I found it, my tension skyrocketed. I can create tofu. My parents owned a tofu store in my previous life. The method of creating tofu was crammed in my head by my father and grandpa. To escape that, I worked as a programmer, but in order to repay my dad and grandpa, I swore to make tofu in this life one day.

Once again, there was a thing called「Aphrodisiac」in that store. There was a description. Helps to convey the pleasure to your partner to feel the pleasure together…..or something incomprehensible amongst those lines, but for some reason, Gon reacted to it.

Helps to convey the pleasure to your partner to feel the pleasure together. Young big-breasted beauty, skin, white as a whitefish. With her beautiful fingers, she will stroke my fur and reach the apex of pleasure with me……how wonderful. Such is my dream. Uhehehehe」

Regarding the drugs, it seems that it is possible to adjust the effect. Gon’s face became even more deplorable. For now, I decided on what to buy from the drug store. I relayed my order to the shopkeeper.

「Excuse me, do you have something to cure the idiocy?」


  1. All right, I became energized for no reason. 
  2. Next step is selling air. 
  3. Cooking parts take thrice the time, gosh darn it. 

Episode 37 Moving

I decided to accept His Excellency’s proposal. It was unexpectedly easy to reach this decision.

On the next day after the dinner party, some figures from army and nobility swaggered into my room. With quite the vigor that is.

「Become the barrier master for our house! I will take care of you! 」

「We will attach you to our flying dragon’s corps, be grateful!」

No matter how hard I refused, more and more kept coming. Some soldiers even fought in the lobby. As expected it wasn’t a good development so I was somehow calmed them down.

On the other note, I decided to set up a company. I named it「Daquet Company」. As expected, it was too embarrassing to use my own name in the company name. There, I borrowed a part of the name that the late regent prince came up with when he proposed to Versam family to adopt me. [1]

Next, I searched for a house to live in. Seono from the Knight’s Order introduced me a real estate company. Although, he had a cramped expression when he did that.

A real estate agent introduced me three houses. There is Irimo, so there were only three places that suited my requirements and had stables attached. First was a ridiculously large mansion near the residence of the prime minister. It seems that a rich retired merchant lived here before, as expected, it is too much to manage for the lone me, so I refused.

Following after that was a sturdy stone building in the area where the imperial knights live. It wasn’t that bad, but since I had my fill with soldiers recently, I refused.

The last building was at the edge of the capital. There was a spring in the forest nearby, it also had a farm field attached. A two-story building with stables. The second floor had four rooms, it is said that it was built to resemble a small Versam mansion. It seems that the royalty lived here long time ago, it had a wide area of land to use. The land goes as far as I can see. Adding to that, it was 100G per month. 10000 in Japanese yen. The reason is simple, recently, there were monsters coming out of the forest, so it wasn’t very popular amongst the buyers. Of course, I have a barrier, so there is no problem. The mansion was protected and kept clean, but the real estate company wanted to pass this hot potato as soon as possible.

After the negotiations, they agreed to sell it for 1000G, like that, I became a mansion owner at 14 years old.

It takes an hour to reach the palace from here, but with Irimo, 20 minutes is enough. Well, this much is acceptable.

After that, I gathered the daily necessities, bought bed and sheets to bring home, I also purchased a mountain of food ingredients. Of course, I bought a lot of rice and beans. And of course, it was the glutinous rice. I bought it without any hesitation. Different kinds of beans were also bought in excess. Different kinds of seasonings were also available for purchase, with this, my repertoire should increase.

The hospital and other health institution were close by, it seems this city is rather kind to its inhabitants.

The preparations were over after two weeks. Following after that, we moved out of the hotel. The dishes in the hotel were more delicious than I expected, so I decided to visit that place from time to time. With this in mind, I left some tips behind when I checked out.

When I left the hotel and was walking around the capital, I noticed a commotion in the red-light district. Apparently, a woman was arguing with a soldier. [2]

「Why are you trying to detain us! We didn’t do anything!!」

「Shut up, ******! You are the villains who disturb the public morals! I’m capturing you for the sake of public order! Hurry up and walk! 」

「Wait! We are permitted to our do business here of behalf of His Majesty the emperor! You need a special decree to capture us! 」

「From the looks of it, the soldiers often stay in our place too! Don’t you spout some nonsense! 」

「S-shut up, shut up, you ******! There is no need for the emperor’s decree. This is the order of the first princess Ricolette! This vile place has to be demolished!!」

A soldier tries to bring the prostitutes away, someone related to them tries to stop him and the gallery is being noisy. And once the soldiers grabbed them by the hair and tried to bring them away, they walked in my direction.

「Brat, move!!」

「You just mention that you wanted to demolish this place, but there are plenty of less violent ways, you know?」

「An? What did you say??」

「You are going to capture these big sisters, right? Such a bother. There is way to deal with this situation even without that」

「A brat that spouts bullshit. What is it, try to say it! 」

「You just need to stop visiting this place」

「Ah!? That’s it!?」

「There is a saying in my homeland:『There is no sin in selling, only in buying』. In short, their establishment is not at fault. The customers are at fault. If no one ever pays for their service, they will be gone in no time. That’s why, people just need to stop coming here, including you 」

「Chi! This brat!!」

The soldiers pulled out his sword and slashed at me. There is now way such crude swordsmanship will work. I knocked his sword away in a moment.

「If you are insisting on continuing, instead of a sword, your head might fly away next」

I clad my hand in fire. Maybe because I’m a magician, the soldiers faltered.

A red dot appeared on my map. It is behind my back. I glanced behind my back and noticed a big carriage.

「Hey, you! Well done!! I felt a throbbing in my chest!! Good job! 」

「I never liked those troublemakers! They didn’t even pay occasionally! 」

A fat aunty, who looked like an owner of this place, slapped me on the shoulder. Hurts! It hurts! On the other hand, I’m deeply grateful towards a big sister, who pushed pressed her impressive valley against my arm.

「You are interesting! I’m the owner of this「Miraya」establishment, my name is Akima. Follow me! 」

The fat aunt Akima entered inside with great vigor. The breasts sister, who still didn’t let go of my arm, dragged me to follow. I also brought Irimo with me. She seemed to be hesitating though. On the contrary, Gon, who was on my back, laughed happily. Such a carefree fox. [3]

Once inside, aunt Akima brought out a single card and handed it to me.

「Show it and you can play here for free! It is supposed to be one-use only, but you can come here until the end of this year! 」

「Do you want to play? Big sister will teach you everything」

「No, I will accompany him myself! It is so cute when he calls us「big sisters」. I will be gentle! 」

「We have all kinds of girls here! I will definitely find a girl to suit your tastes, leave it to me! 」

No, no, I’m not even adult yet……Big sisters? approached me with overwhelming vigor, somehow I was able to escape.

This card, when would I use it??


  1. Versam Daquet Rinos. 
  2. How did you even get there? 
  3. Is Gon really a male? I didn’t want to believe it but I guess it’s fate. 

Episode 36 Such an Offer!

While I was having a lunch, I had a visitor, Seono of the imperial Knight’s Order. It was about the prime minister’s invitation to a meal at tomorrow night. I had no reason to refuse, so I agreed. By the way, I was eating the beef stew. The meat melted in my mouth, it had a very refined taste. Is there a curry or demiglas sause in the Hideta Empire? After that, I was eating that beef stew almost every day.

「We sure have too much free time」

Muttered Gon while yawning. Agreed, so bored. Since I’m here, I thought of loitering around the imperial capital, but I’m still under surveillance. I have no idea whether I’m allowed to freely move around. Well, let’s try something.

「Such a magnificent capital. Oh, how I want to explore it once」

Although I wasn’t that good at acting, for now, I tried to say it loud enough for guards to hear. Ah, one of the guards moved. After a while, Seono arrived once again.

「Do you have any plans for today? If you are free, I can show you around the capital….」

Fast! While thinking that there was no way for me to have any plans, I gratefully accepted his offer.

The imperial capital was more prosperous than I thought. The districts in the Juka kingdom were clearly separated from each other, but there were no such signs in the imperial capital. Just when I saw a dense cluster of shops and though it to be a commercial district, I saw residential building behind them. It is a functional city in a good sense. There were a lot of stone buildings in the kingdom’s capital, but here people reside mostly in the wooden houses, especially commoners. Somehow, it reminded me of Japan of the past.

There was a pleasant discovery. They were selling rice! Of course, it was a glutinous rice. Even here, in the imperial capital, rice and beans were considered the livestock’s feed. Maybe I would finally able to taste rice again. I was told that the gold from the kingdom was usable in the transactions in the empire, I would buy it once I have some free time.

Also, I found out the secret of a shower. They used mana crystals, which are the result of crystallization of mana. They have attributes of either fire, water, earth, wind or lightning and could be combined in a variety of ways. As expected, Seono wasn’t adept at craftsmanship so he wasn’t able to tell me the details, but it was still a good harvest.

Since they were watching me in the name of escort, I didn’t buy much, only the clothes for everyday life and the clothes for the dinner party. It seems that the official clothes need to be custom-made, so they told me to pick it up tomorrow. I appreciated their service and ordered a shirt and a necktie.

The next day was dedicated for sightseeing. He guided me to the theater, university, and even the army’s headquarters. Even though they say that they put an emphasis on the army, the capital has considerably advanced culture and education.

I picked up the ordered clothes and headed towards the prime minister’s mansion. Gon, as usual, was staying in the hotel.

「It’s a private dinner party. You didn’t need to be so formal」

Laughed the prime minister, but he is properly wearing the formal attire, I’m glad I spent some time to dress up.

Next to His Excellence, was a beautiful woman, his wife. It seems Isara is her name. As for her age… expected, it is difficult to call her a lady. The word madam suited her elegant and slightly aged appearance much more.

After a short introduction, the dinner party started. The prime minister told his wife about the Versam family’s plans to adopt me, about the audience with the emperor. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the dishes with a bitter smile.

「I’m sorry for being late」

After those words, a young man appeared. He is wearing a pretty fashionable attire. He also has a nice sword with him. Let’s appraise him right away.

Hideta Shua Viras (Royal, 21 years old) LV19
HP: 109
MP: 57
Sword Arts LV2
Body Strengthening LV1
Evasion LV1
Etiquette LV3
Recovery Magic LV1

A royal appeared. Who on earth is this guy? Why did he come? I smell trouble. Well, having arrived at this stage, I was prepared to a certain extent.

「This gentleman here is His Highness, Viras. He is the second son of the emperor and second in line of succession」

I stood up and kneeled.

「Relax, relax. Discard your stiff attitude. Just wanted to talk with everyone a little. Please, enjoy yourself」

From the first impression, he tried to look intelligent and wise. Unlike the regent prince, whose eyes didn’t laugh. An amusing person. However, why did the emperor’s second son even come here? His relationship with the prime minister? As I was speculating

「As a matter of fact, His highness is also our grandchild. Don’t be surprised, our daughter, Sheri, was working in the palace, you see. There, with His Majesty… know. Well, we are quite close with His Highness」

Grandson! Haha, that’s why you are the prime minister.

「A have a favor to ask of you. You are free to decline if you don’t like it. I want to ask of you to contribute to the royal family’s protection」

When I asked I learned that the crown prince, although currently healthy, has a frail constitution, he also has withdrawn personality and lives quietly. There is no problem with him, but there is a problem with his younger sister, first princess Ricolette. The princess is strong-willed and ambitious, it seems she wants to give the throne to her older brother and rule the country from the shadows.

Of course, she isn’t able to achieve anything by herself, by there are also nobles. Unexpectedly, a lot of them are eager to stand under her banner, she has an impressive number of supporters.

And that first princess seems to be increasingly active these days. The point is, there is a possibility of her approaching her brothers and sisters. Most likely, she intends to threaten and blackmail them to incorporate them into her faction… least that’s a possibility.

However, there is no way to know what those idiots are about to do. Their royal status makes it even more troublesome. The emperor had already lost his previous vigor and ambitions. He doesn’t want his children to be harmed and is looking for a peaceful solution.

「Originally, I was supposed to inherit the title of a duke, but my older brother is like that. I never know when he might collapse. I also have my own matters to attend to」

In reality, this Viras was attacked once already, resulting in casualties.

「I want to ask you to guard the three princesses who are younger that His Highness Viras」

Un? The idiot, who attacked me in the Runo forest, was supposed to be a royal of Hideta, right?? I guess, he died in the forest.

「Is there any chance that something had already happened to the other princes?」

「…..As expected of a servant of the Versam family. It seems that it is futile to hide it any longer. The third son, prince Serias, is currently under house arrest」

Oh, so he somehow escaped.

「As soon as he heard about the abnormalities in the Juka Kingdom, he immediately gathered his subordinate and his tutor, took the emperor’s horse and went to subjugate a Demon King. Rather reckless, if I’m to judge. There were also rumors about him secretly murdering commoners, such a troublesome prince」

He had「Curse」on him if I remember correctly.

「We searched everywhere and finally discovered him in a state of confusion inside the Runo forest. Currently, the healing magicians cast recovery magic on him every day, but I’m not able to say when he would be able to recover. His subordinate said that he battled the Demon King, but there is no danger to his life. This subordinate is also under house arrest. As for the prince’s tutor, I’m not aware of her whereabouts」 [1]

Oh! So Irimo was indeed the emperor’s horse. I’m glad that I concealed her horn and wings. Are those murderers still alive? Well, only I can dispel it anyway, they shouldn’t be able to treat it on their own.

「Let’s return to the previous topic. In short, I want to leave the safety of the royal family to you. At least, until the crown prince produces an heir or Viras inherits the title」

「But my barrier magic is LV2」

「It is okay to protect them only when they go outside. The imperial barrier master will protect them inside the palace. You was able to erect a permanent barrier on the Versam mansion, am I right? Thanks to that, our messenger wasn’t able to enter and returned in shame」

「I understand. Since this is how you put it, I would like to think about it before everything else」

「There is no need to think. You are free to attend to your own matters in your free time. You only need to protect the royal family, as for the other duties, you can choose them on your own, of course, we will pay you. Otherwise, you will be approached by the army. The people with barrier skill are rare after all. If you want to have a career in the military, I’m not against it」

No way. I want to live in peace. In the end, I delayed my answer and arrived at the hotel. When I came out of the mansion and was left alone with His Highness,

「Grandfather truly wants to hire you. That’s not that hard to understand. After all, he has plenty of enemies. Grandfather pays so much attention to you. I would be happy if you agree」

The prime minister and His Highness, both urged me to accept. Then, I dragged my tired body and returned to my room.


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Episode 35 Invitation from the Imperial Capital ②

「Umu. The regent was rather competent too. This is also regretful」

The conversation with the prime minister continued. I was summoned here only to tell him about the circumstances of the Juka Kingdom. If it is only that, the conversation should soon reach its conclusion. When I was about to return to my hotel and think about my future plans, the prime minister’s face changed.

「Well then, I summoned you here for a certain purpose. I have a thing I want to ask from you」

I wonder what? I don’t know about complicated stuff.

「Do you know the whereabouts of Falco, a Versam family’s magician?」

「Teacher Falco!? Do you know my teacher, Falco? The great magician Falco is my teacher. Unfortunately……」

「I see, so he passed away too. Is it possible for you to tell me about his last moments? 」

I told him about the fact that he lost his arms, was stabbed and eaten by the dragon.

「Such unsuitable ending. That person should be quite skilled since he was able to cut off his arms. It was right decision to not mess with the Juka Kingdom. Although we have twice as many soldiers, we would probably have been decimated」

「It might be presumptuous of me, but how do you know Falco?」

「You see, Falco and I are childhood friends. Right, Falco is a citizen of the empire. He was an excellent mage since the early days. Upon his graduation from the magic university, he was able to use almost all attributes. Especially fire magic, he was top class amongst the imperial magician. He was a magician with great future prospects」

「Then, why such a great magician came to the Juka Kingdom?」

「This is….He crawled into the princess’ bedroom at night. The guards were somehow able to stop him before the deed, but a number of them died」

……Teacher, what the hell did you do?

「If only it was only that, I would have been able to cover for him. After all, he was once in a millennium genius magician. However, at the same time, he was also an instructor in the magic university, and his teaching methods were rather brutal. He was able to use recovery magic, and with a mindset that it was fine to heal if you get hurt, he didn’t show any mercy. His lessons were too strict and a lot of people abandoned the studies」

I know your feelings~. I don’t know about them, but it was really hard for me. He really attacked until I was on the death’s door. He didn’t have any mercy even for a child…..After that, Eril joined us too……

The memories of the hell revived inside of me. Tears came out.

「In the empire, his reputation wasn’t the best. People called him an excellent magician with the worst personality. And at that timing, he “visited” the princess. Even I can’t close my eyes on it」

Right~? It is a route to certain death.

「Since it was Falco, he wasn’t executed in the end. He was just jailed for some time. Nevertheless, he escaped and crawled into her bedroom again」

Eh!? Twice?? Teacher, really, was the hell were you thinking!

「Her quick-witted attendant and luck helped her, but the problem lied in Falco. The empire even organized the suppression troops. At that time, he escaped to my mansion」

Troublesome as always.

「I tried to persuade him to give himself up, but he declared that he wanted to escape into another country. He is my childhood friend, I didn’t want him to die if possible. There, coincidentally, marquis Versam appeared. With the help of the marquis, he successfully escaped into the Juka Kingdom. I was in contact with the marquis since that moment」

Is it all right to tell it to me? Or so I thought, but I don’t think that the prime minister will divulge information detrimental to his persona. In other words, he has enough power to say what he wants without being affected by it.

It seems my teacher staged a nice play during his escape. He seriously injured the prime minister in front of the army (of course, he pretended), then, with a face full of suffering said「No…..I fatally injured Guremont, my childhood friend!!」and vanished. Sounds fake, doesn’t it? Or so I thought, but it seems that the prime minister was able to follow-up smoothly. In a certain sense, this excellency before me is a talent of his own.

While we were talking about it, a man entered the room and whispered something to the prime minister. What? Is it true? Or so he said. Just when I started wondering,

「It seems, his majesty wants to meet you. I apologize for taking away your time, but may I ask you to follow me to the audience hall? 」

I can’t just say no in this situation. I obediently follow behind his excellency. After wandering in the maze-like corridors for a few minutes, we reached a ridiculously large door.

「Please, wait here for a while」

The prime minister went first. After some time, the door opened and I was urged inside. I saw a big throne in the far end of the hall. As I was going forward, I noticed the soldiers ahead of me. Most likely, it implied that I shouldn’t go further.

I knelt and put my right hand on my chest.

「It’s my honor. I’m serving the Versam family from the Juka Kingdom, my name is Rinos. I’m glad to be of use」

For now, let’s make a favorable impression. Receiving permission to lift my head from the prime minister, I looked at the emperor.

He has a fearless face. He is a little aged but gives me the feeling of being full of energy. Is it because he grows a beard? After a while, the emperor opened his mouth.

「….trip….ku….uh…..and a….li….yo…fine」

What again? I didn’t hear a thing. Put some power into your voice!

I looked at the prime minister and he nodded. No, don’t you nod. I can’t hear a thing!

「For someone without a title to receive an audience with the emperor is an exception amongst exceptions. His majesty is willing to directly hear the story from you. You should be grateful and answer honestly」

Or so the prime minister said, after that, I told about Kushana and my previous conversation with the prime minister. Of course, I left the matter of Falco off record. The emperor listened intently and said with interest.

「…..did….end…..Yo……od」 [1]

I can’t hear his voice after all. His excellency is quite something since he is able to understand him. Do you have any specialized skills? While I was thinking that, his excellency indicated that I should leave and so I did.

After that, the prime minister said that he had matter to attend to and entrusted me to a guide. It seems he intends to invite me to his mansion the other day.

I came back straight to the hotel, once I was out of the imperial palace. The time was already approaching noon. Still, I’m beat. Let’s eat something.


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Chapter 118 – Meng Qingqing

I thought about this name in my heart. Although I didn’t know her background, it was as Wang-ge said, this girl is definitely not simple!

I thought back to Wang-ge’s expression back then. Perhaps he still knows something that he didn’t tell me!

I returned to the bar once again and found Wang-ge.

“Wang-ge, is there something that you haven’t told me?” I said at Wang-ge and went straight to the point.

My aura caused Wang-ge to blank, then reply, “Young Master Liu, I didn’t hide it from you intentionally, I just didn’t want to cause trouble for you.”

“It already is trouble, I saw her today! She used sixteen million to bid for two shops! Sixteen million, does she need to come out to sell herself!” I said.

“Ah!” Wang-ge was also shocked. He was someone of the middle-class, but he couldn’t possible take out so much money in one go!

“Young Master Liu, actually, after you left that day, she hit all the money that Lil’ Three gave him in anger, as if she was furious, then drove away! She drove a Ferrari sportscar!” said Wang-ge.

It seems like there must have been some sort of misunderstanding! However, what could it be? From the looks of it, it was certain that Meng Qingqing definitely did not lack money! But what was it for?

Could the rich girl have come out to have fun? That didn’t seem like it either. Who would give their first time out for fun!

Could it be the legendary split personality disorder? But she seems rather normal!

My mind was in a mess.

Putting it all at the back of my mind, I got Chu Gao to establish a business service provide. Since we didn’t need a lot of the shops, I chose to rent them out.

Chu Gao established a standard for the rents and regulations for the property management according to the location and size of the shops, it was to be handled by the newly established New Century Commercial Region Business Service Provider.

Since pretty much all of the shops on the business street belonged to New Century Corporation, the name of the business street was also changed to “New Century Avenue”.

Yet, the computer sales shop that Chu Gao planned was placed in a shop that didn’t have that good of a location. This sort of company did not reply on the location of the shop, rather, it relied on reputation.

Ever New Century Corporation was established, Chu Gao set the office beside the two company-styled shops that Meng Qingqing had bought. That was because the shops here were all long-office styled once, very suitable for running a company.

Employing people came next. The thing Huaxia lacked the least was talented people, especially in Yanjing city, which was full of them. Thus, we very quickly had enough employees. Chu Gao got a headhunter company to employ a few experienced people as the managers and directors for the higherups, while the other employees all applied to get in.

Meanwhile, the two shops beside New Century Corporation has already been officially opened after being refurnished, while the first floor of the shop on the left was already being prepared, most likely for a shop.

I looked at the two shops that were linked together with interest. It was Qing Meng Limited. I wonder what kind of business would it do.

A red Ferrari was parked in front of it.

I watched everything as I sat in a Bentley that wasn’t that far away.

I looked down at my watch, it was already five something at night. Meng Qingqing should be coming out soon. Through Chu Gao’s observations these few days, Meng QIngqing would always leave the company at this hour.

Just as I was thinking, the figure that has been in my dreams appeared. Meng Qingqing walked out from the company.

I opened the car door and walked over.

Meng Qingqing momentarily blanked after seeing me.

“Miss Meng, this one wants to invite you to dinner, I wonder…” I said with a smile.

“What did you come here for?” Meng Qingqing glared at me coldly and said, “Aren’t you afraid of me calling the police to arrest you?”

“Why would they arrest me?” I asked.

“You know yourself,” said Meng Qingqing.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“You ***** me,” Meng Qingqing said expressionlessly.

“****? The bar can prove that you did it willingly, it’s getting a prostitute at worse…” I said with a shrug.

“You!” Meng Qingqing was extremely angry. “This isn’t important! It is if I say it is! My wish to send you to jail is enough as long as I want to!”

“Such an opinionated girl…” I muttered. It seems like she truly is a rich person’s daughter from how proud she was as she spoke.

“What did you say?” Meng Qingqing heard my mutter.

“Nothing, I said you’re pretty,” I replied.

“There’s no need for you to say that this lady is pretty!” Meng Qingqing snorted. “I won’t let you off. We’ll see!” With that, she opened the door to her Ferrari.

I found it rather funny. What was that supposed to mean? Was she declaring war on me? Just as I was thinking, she turned the Ferrari around and charged towards me.

****, this girl is too vicious, right? She wants to kill me? I immediately jumped to the side.

“You’re got some moves!” Meng Qingqing stopped the car and looked at me.

“I don’t want you to be widowed at such a young age,” I replied.

“Heh! I can’t expect anything else from you,” With that, Meng Qinqing slammed down on the pedal and sped off.

“Boss, I didn’t think that Qingmeng also started a computer sales company, and it is in cooperation with Dell! I never would have thought that they also thought about student machines. Dell had introduced a model that was rather good for its price, the company is probably going to open these few days,” Chu Gao said with a troubled expression.

“Oh? Why did it turn out like this! It seems like this Meng Qingqing is not simple!” I nodded.

Chu Gao was rather worried, he thought to himself. Boss can’t be wanting to stop his project, right! That means that his previous hard work would be wasted. This was his first project!

At this moment, I started considering in my heart. If I wanted to give Meng Qingqing a favor, I could just cancel this computer sales project plan. However, it was hard to say whether Meng Qingqing would accept my favor. Most importantly, I wanted to come into contact with Meng Qingqing right now, and not just continuously avoid her. If I wanted to avoid her, then we would never come into contact with each other. Only business competition would cause me to come into frequent contact with Meng Qingqing. This way, I made my decision. I smiled and said, “Don’t change our plan! We have to do it better than them! Go and contact Shuguang Corporation, let’s cooperate with Shuguang Corporation!”

“Shuguang? Would they cooperate with a small company with us?” Chu Gao asked in confusion.

“Definitely!” I patted Chu Gao shoulders. “Don’t underestimate yourself, we are actually not a small company! Hehe!”

Chu Gao thought to himself, that’s true, we invested nearly five hundred million into the shops, is that little!

“Okay Boss! I’ll go to make the plan now and prepare to talk with Shuguang!” Chu Gao said excitedly.

“You have to believe in yourself!” I encouraged. “Oh yeah, you have to keep paying attention to Mengqing and report their direction to me!”

“Understood, boss!” Chu Gao answered.

After Chu Gao left, I smiled. Meng Qingqing, aren’t you very proud, then I’ll let you be proud! From now on, I’ll do whatever you do, I’ll force you to submit.

I felt like I was rather sinister by doing this, but there was no helping it, sometimes, you didn’t have to keep letting her get her way in order to gain a girl’s heart.


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Episode 34 Invitation from the Imperial Capital

「Kept you waiting. A messenger from the imperial capital arrived. Can you spare some of your time? 」

He is finally here. I got up from the bed and followed the commander. I heard that it should have taken 3 days, but he arrived only after a whole week. Thanks to that, I had plenty of time to waste. I had three meals a day and the soldiers didn’t talk to me needlessly. I wonder if the commander was busy recently, I rarely saw him. Feeding Irimo was my only activity during this time. It seems Irimo didn’t have anything to do either.

I was about to find something to do when the report came. Nice timing.

「I’m Seono of the Knight’s Order of the Hideta Empire」

Black-haired strong-looking guy. A guy with soft and fearless personality.

「Rinos-dono, our prime minister Guremont-sama expressed his desire to meet with you directly. Although presumptuous, I would like to escort you to the imperial capital」

I introduced myself as a butler, but seeing his courteous attitude even to someone like me, I feel inclined to accept his escort.

Accepting his proposal, I put Gon on my back, mounted Irimo and departed for the imperial capital. Seono performed his duties as an escort perfectly, he was well trained.

The imperial capital was 1 day away from Kushana, if you have a horse. We took a break in the middle. One of the guards had the appraisal skill, but he said「I heard that he was a barrier master, but I didn’t see the barrier skill」. His colleagues blamed it on his lack of training since his appraisal was LV1. For now, let’s make my barrier skill visible as LV2.

We took several short breaks during the journey, but you could say that we were riding for the whole day. Even though Irimo was fine, I wasn’t used to the long rides and was pretty tired.

We arrived to the imperial capital with the setting sun. It had no high walls and was situated on a mountain. We climbed a zigzag mountain road and saw the capital in all its grace. It looked as if someone flattened the mountain and built the capital here.

We entered the capital through the gate. After waiting for some time, I was led to a building. I was told to leave the horse here and go inside.

I had a design inspired by that of the Juka Kingdom’s royal palace. I thought it was a part of the actual castle, but, unexpectedly, it was a hotel. A man, who wore the same butler uniform as me, greeted me and guided me to my room. The room was very wide, VIP treatment indeed.

「I will pick you up tomorrow morning. Until then, feel free to rest」

Seono bowed to me and left the place. After that, I was provided with a meal from the hotel, it was a roasted beef. It reminded me of the Versam family. In addition, they had the bread and a soup, I really enjoyed those times.

「They seemed to be wary of us」

When I finished the meal and the dessert and was quietly relaxing, Gon muttered so in a loud voice.

As expected, they didn’t poison the food, but we are under constant surveillance from their side. There are soldiers around the whole room. They even have two guards in the ceiling. Like the ninjas. They might be here for protection, but the empire is clearly cautious of us.

Since arriving in Hideta, I never dispelled the barrier. I still have no intentions to do it, let’s leave it as it is.

To my surprise, there is a shower in this room. I have no idea how they achieved that, but it is my first time seeing one in this world. The bed was fluffy and I was able to have a nice sleep.

At morning, Seono came to pick me up. Once outside I noticed the royal palace in the distance. Compared to the one in Juka it is rather small, but here, it is a place where only the royal family lives. All kinds of administration and food facilities are spread around it.

I thought that I would end up in one of those building, but they, surprisingly, guided me inside the palace. And I wondered why the road was so wide. The road was maintained so well, that you could never guess that it was on top of a mountain.

Once inside the royal palace, Seono told to wait here. As a substitute, a butler appeared to guide me. The insides of the royal palace were akin to a maze, without the「Map」, I have no confidence in being able to find the way outside.

I passed through a reception-like room and waited for a while. This room was under heavy surveillance too. Ceiling included. They think too much of me.

While I was thinking that, a bald aged man with a mustache appeared together with a wizard-like man in a robe who hid his face. Aged man stood in front of me and

「So you are Rinos-dono. I’m the prime minister of this country, Guremont. It was a long journey for you, please do take a sit」

The magician behind Guremont whispered something in his ear.

「Ho, you have barrier LV2 at your age. Your education skill is also high. It seems you really are a person from the Versam-dono’s household」

The magician person most likely appraised me. It seems he wasn’t able to see through me.

「It is an honor to meet you. I perform as a butler for the Versam family, my name is Rinos. Your Excellency, you don’t need to use the honorifics with someone like me」

「No, that won’t do. You are a boy that marquis Versam tried to adopt despite your status of a slave. I was in his care in the past. I can’t make light of his intentions」

He already knew that I was a slave. Thinking that his intelligence-gathering abilities can’t be underestimated, I lowered my head.

「Well then…..I heard the report about you. Was the capital truly destroyed? What about survivors?….I see, the capital is uninhabited right now. What about the king? Marquis-dono?…..I see, so they are no more」

「Correct. The capital is completely empty…….Will the empire invade the kingdom? 」

「No, it’s not like that. The Great Demon King appeared and destroyed the capital. I think that finding his whereabouts is a priority right now」

「Then, does that mean that the empire won’t touch the kingdom?」

「Versam-dono and general Karugi are no more. The country will probably enter the civil war from now on. Didn’t you come here to escape from it? Well. let’s close the matter. Still, a talented individual was lost」

「Are you talking about my lord, marquis Versam?」

「No, him and general Karugi. It is no exaggeration to say that they alone supported the kingdom. The empire was never able to defeat Karugi’s army. Marquis was restraining the general, thus creating an equilibrium. I don’t have much hope to meet another politician or general like them」

「I don’t know the detail, but I heard that general Karugi was greatly trusted by the king」

「That king didn’t care about anything other than his desires. You don’t need to hide it. It is an established fact. However, for that country it was rather convenient. If the fool of a king was to personally regulate the army and politics, the kingdom would have been destroyed long ago. Even if it didn’t collapse, the neighboring countries would have done it. The two geniuses were enough to support the country」

That swine king didn’t have any redeeming points, isn’t it?

「However, marquis’ death is regrettable. With that man alive, the country would have been able to rise again. After all, he was able to work for 3 days without any rest. He seemed to be asking his employees「Can you fight for 72 hours? 」every time」

Laughed the prime minister. I see, that’s why he wasn’t around all the time. He was a monster from a certain perspective.

「But I must say, people like you are rare. While not a royalty or a full-fledged adult, you was able to reach the imperial capital, it is not happening every day」

「I’m 14 years old, I’m already an adult……」

「Only the Juka Kingdom considers 12-year-old as an adult. In our empire and the neighboring countries, you can be considered an adult only upon reaching the age of 15. In that kingdom, you can’t bed a woman who is not yet an adult, or so proclaimed the first king. This law was established so that children won’t become hostages, but the king really wanted a young woman in his bedroom. For that, he sent his trusted subordinates in the court. There, he pushed through the law that stated the adulthood since 12 years old. It was fine during the next king, but he had a habit of whipping himself. Maybe because of that, he died rather quickly passing the throne to the last king…… The last king seemed to inherit his grandfather’s blood」

It seems that the kings iterated as lolicon=>pervert=>lolicon. Were there any good kings in that kingdom?

Episode 33 Excuse

[1] Few hours after crossing the mountains, we saw a city. There is no mistake. This is Kushana.
As Lars’ mother said, there were no dragon raids. I only saw a single dragon flying behind us. Most likely, a scout. We crossed the mountains smoothly and without any problems.

I slowly go down. As long as we have Irimo’s wings, there is no danger of falling. Once out of the mountains, we landed on a small hill. Looking closely, Kushana’s gate is closed shut. There were no gatekeepers. Most likely, the town is closed during the night. Without any other choice, I decided to wait for the sunrise.

There was a big tree nearby. I created a barrier and rested my body.

There is a reason for my trip to the Hideta Empire. There are many political opponents of the Versam family in the Juka Kingdom. Most of the capital’s surroundings belong to the people of the anti-Versam faction. The Versam territory is 2 days of horse travel from the capital. Between the capital and the Versam territory, there is the territory of duke Hira, who was ******* for Eril. Going there might bring unnecessary troubles, or so I thought. On the contrary, Versam family seems to have some connections in the Hideta Empire. Marquis Versam had amiable relations with the empire’s prime minister, or so Elsa-sama said. Having this in mind, I chose the Hideta Empire.

Actually, Irimo was against this at first. After all, she has wings and a horn. Of course, it stands out. Until now, she was able to travel without meeting any people, but here, she will meet them even if she doesn’t want. She was born and raised in Hideta, yet she doesn’t have any good feelings because of the constant abuse.

She was strongly against returning into such empire. However, using the barrier you can even change the appearance of a person. I can’t see her as anything but a unicorn pegasus, but others should perceive her as a normal horse. As expected, I can’t change the physique, but without the wings and the horn, she looks just like a horse.

By the way, this kind of barrier is also applied to the Versam mansion. It looks like a big tree. A tree with a thick several thousand-year-old trunk. There should not be any idiots that will try to cut it down. Probably.

I opened my eyes to the morning sun. I wanted to sleep for a while longer, but it would be difficult in these circumstances. I got up and dispelled the barrier. Of course, the barrier that was covering us originally was left in place. Both me and Gon have the hard barrier that can withstand any attack cast on us.

The gatekeeper came out. He was standing there with the sleepy eyes. I mounted Irimo and approached the gate. When the soldier saw our figures, he was startled for a second.

「Oh, where did you come from? You didn’t cross the mountains, right? Did you come from Juka? 」

「Yes, I crossed the mountains. It wasn’t easy」

「Eh? Crossed the mountains? Wa-wait a minute!!」

The gatekeeper run off somewhere. Please hurry up, we are busy these days.

After a while, he brought with him a cool-faced uncle in his fifties. The uncle glanced at me and

「Aren’t you just a kid? How old? 14? Why did you even come here? More importantly, your name? 」

「I’m a butler of the Versam family. My humble name is Rinos」

「Ju-Juka Kingdom?? Versam?? You didn’t lie to me, right?!」

「No, it wasn’t a lie. I’m serving Elsa-sama of the Versam family. With the collapse of the Juka Kingdom, I passed through the Runo forest and crossed the mountains. I managed to retain my life and arrive here. If I’m not fated to enter this city, I will go on my way. Please, do not hesitate to tell me」

「It can’t be, this, this brat…..No, I apologize. Here is inappropriate. Let us talk inside」

Like that, I was able to enter the Kushana city.

We passed through the barracks and reached the commander’s office. Apparently, this uncle is a commanding officer of the defense army.

「Did Juka Kingdom really collapse? I used various means to investigate the situation, but the information is rather disorderly. I want to hear what you know」

「I think it won’t be that different from what you already know」

「Then, the appearance of the Demon King, who, with the help of a dragon, attacked the capital and destroyed the royal palace and everyone inside is true?」

Ah, I wasn’t the one who was ordering the dragon though. Well, he is mostly right, I guess.

「I don’t know about any Demon Kings, but the rebellion of the marshal Karugi and his army, together with their occupation of the royal palace, did happen. After that, the dragon appeared and destroyed the city, that is a fact. I escaped the capital and with the help of adventurers passed through the Runo forest. We were wandering around and, before we noticed, we were already outside the forest. Then, I was separated from adventurers and somehow arrived here」

「Hm. There are plenty of high-ranked adventurers in the Juka Kingdom. It was your luck to meet them. You even split in the mountains. That place is the dragons’ den. You did well to arrive here in one piece」

「Adventurers confronted the dragon and told me to run away on my horse. I left everything to the horse, I don’t even know in which direction I rode」

「Well, that not surprising. Most likely, those adventurers became the prey for the dragon. All right. I need to report to the royal palace. I apologize, but you will have to stay in this city until the orders from the royal palace arrive, is it fine with you? 」

「I understand. I am willing to cooperate. However, I am bringing the horse with me, I need a suitable….」

「You can use the stables in the barracks. The food is abundant, you can feed it whenever you want. You can use a vacant room in these headquarters. It is a room for an officer, so it should be better that an average inn」

The room was a little narrow, but it had a proper bed, toilet, and a washplace. Indeed, compared to an inn it is a good room.

「You can freely walk around the headquarters, but I ask you not to leave its premises. The meals will be provided, if you need anything, you can ask the guards outside. You are a guest, but at the same time, you are a citizen of the other country, in addition, you belong to a noble household. Do you understand what I mean? 」

「Of course. I’m extremely grateful for your hospitality」

「Polite….huh. Well, take it easy. Don’t worry, the orders should arrive in three days」

I got permission from the commander, so I brought Irimo into the stables, entered my room and fell on the bed. I said plenty of excuses, but I’m relieved that it worked out. Gon looks tired too.

I wonder what will happen in this empire? I would lie if I say that I’m not worried. I just want to have some peace. If possible, I want to buy a house somewhere and live together with Gon and Irimo. While I was thinking that, I fell into deep slumber due to my lack of sleep.


  1. I reviewed the previous chapters and came up with a theory that Gon is male. This novel was never too descriptive. Gon’s gender wasn’t mentioned too. Well, Gon is a white fox and it is normal to associate Gon with a female right? Still, there were some small signs. I’m really bothered by this issue. For now, let’s keep “she”. 

Episode 32 Parting

Once we crossed the Runo forest, we saw a peaceful hill. Since it was late autumn, it was already dark. We are approximately 1 day away from the kukulkan tribe. It is difficult to climb at night. Since we weren’t in a hurry, we camped on the hill.

I took out the potatoes, onions, Curse Charole’s meat and some seasoning from the infinite storage. Today’s meal is meat and potatoes. Let’s try adding the mushrooms from the forest. They aren’t poisonous, so it should work. I don’t have the soy sauce, so I will have to go with salt. Although it’s not a Japanese sake, I have something similar on me, let’s add it too. To finish, I added some salt.

Meanwhile, I prepared the bread and the salad. I don’t have many eggs left, let’s finish them today too. I decided to make an omelet.

「Gugugu aguguga」

「Meat too, meat too, he says」

For the meat lover, I took out the leftover meat from the previous meal. I only added some salt, but it is truly delicious. Does mana make the meat delicious? I need to investigate it.

I, Gon and Lars surrounded the dining table. Lars was the most eager. He is not picky and eats everything. Perhaps, there is only 「like」and「like very much」in his dictionary. He ate the meat and potatoes with great delight and asked for another serving. It is certainly tasty, but he will eat everything at this pace. I brought out the fried potatoes, but they vanished in a second. Gon made a grumpy face. Don’t make such a face, he is your little brother after all.

….Let’s make fried potatoes for Gon when I have the chance.

The dessert is university potatoes. It is a big hit with both Gon and Lars, these past days we always have it for the dessert. I tried to make something like roasted sweet potato, but the two always requested the university potatoes. Lars was especially happy to receive it.

As for me, it is zenzai. It is really the best. The beans are used to feed animals in this world, so it is cheap and accessible. If only I could find some rice.

It seems the other’s food is better. Lars flew towards me. Can’t help it, I will share a little. I wonder how his stomach works.

Once full, it was time to sleep. We gathered around Irimo and I created a barrier. It’s the dragon’s territory after all, we need to stay closer to each other.

Lars climbed Irimo and was playing around. During this trip, the two became quite close to each other. She was a little scared at first, but now she looks like a big sister. She splendidly controls him. Lars held onto the reins and rode her, while she run carefully so he didn’t fall. A small dragon riding a unicorn pegasus. Such a surreal scenery. A person could faint due to the lack of common sense upon seeing it. I wish I had a camera to record this.

When I was about to lie down, I caught a presence on my map. They are coming here with an outrageous speed. Their number is 5.It is probably the dragons. Gon and I tensed up.

The dragons are displayed on the map in yellow color. It is the proof of their wariness towards us. Most likely, it is a scout group. While I was thinking that, the dragons showed themselves.

….Huge. A really huge dragon. It’s at least 15 meters. I could see the red scales on it. It should be a kukulkan.

I stood up and created light from the life magic. I illuminated the surroundings. Dragons descended halfway up the hill. I embraced Lars so everyone could see him.

One dragon moved. At that moment, I heard a tremendous roar. A roar that was able to shake the ground. My ears stung.

「Lars! Or so it says!!!!!!」

Gon sure is reliable for translating even in these circumstances.

It should be his mother. She immediately approached us. She was a dragon with two feathers behind her neck and two more on her back. Let’s try appraising her.

Nakitess (Kukulkan, 304 years old) LV54
HP: 100024
MP: 9654
Wind Magic LV5
Barrier Magic LV3
MP Recovery LV3
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Body Strengthening LV4
Dragon Magic LV4
Evasion LV4
Liberal Arts LV4
Paralysis Resistance LV3
Poison Resistance LV3
Flight LV4
Weather Ruler

…….As expected of a dragon, strong. All of her skills are high-level. Dragons are rumored to live for 1000 years, so she is still relatively young. In human terms, she is in her thirties.

The dragon named Nakitess lands beside us.


Lars jumped out from my embrace and dashed to his mother. He flew around her head in circles, he looked very happy.


There was a sound like that of a thunder. The mother is probably happy to reunite with Lars too.

Then, she twisted her tail in a shape of a roll. Lars immediately fitted himself in that hole. He was pressing and rubbing his face on his mother’s back.

「Gouuuuu. Gugogegagagaga」

「I’m grateful for saving my child and bringing him home, she says」

Then’ it is good. I’m glad.

「The reward will be presented to you very soon, she says」

「Ah, tell her that I don’t need any」

「She is asking where are going to go from now on」

「If possible…. I want to cross these mountains and arrive at the city of Kushana of the Hideta Empire」

Once you cross the mountains, it will be Kushana. The closest city from here.


「Understood. Around here, it’s our territory. I will also tell to other clans to let you safely pass」

「It is enough. I appreciate your help」

When I was talking with the mother, Lars flapped his wings and flew to me. When he arrived, he clung to my chest.

「Gurua~, Gurua~」

「I do not want to part, he says」

Lars grasped my hand with a great force. I hugged Lars. I will apologize to the mother later.

「No, it is fine. All kids are like that. Eh, Lars is certainly a crybaby, but he has some strong points too」

While I had such a conversation with the mother dragon, he fell asleep.

However, maybe he was too worried, he opened his eyes again. Once he confirmed it was me, he once again clung to me.

「Ah, it is all right. Lars was great, wasn’t he? He was caught but never surrendered to the enemy. Yes, he didn’t even receive the food and water for the whole week. Not just that, he even tried to desperately escape」

Lars’ eyelids became heavy again. He started snoring soon after. After a while, he awoke once again and looked at my face. He gripped my hand again and I hugged him.

「Yes, when I found him, he had some serious injuries…..I completely healed his wounds and. He wanted to cross the forest alone, but that was, as expected, too dangerous…..No, it was nothing. It was quite educational for us too. On the way, he even hunted a great rat by himself」

Lars relaxed and fell asleep again. After a while, his body became heavier. This time, he is asleep for sure. [1]

I returned Lars to the mother dragon. He looked very happy. I knew. He always muttered「mama, mama」when asleep. In the end, you reunited with your mother. I’m glad for you, Lars.

Irimo licked his happy sleeping face. He was her playing partner and she was his big sister. Irimo was glad for him.

「Well then, it is about time for us to depart」

Gently holding Lars, the mother dragon carefully flew away. The other dragons followed her.

I’m glad for you Lars. You will definitely become an outstanding dragon. While thinking of living long enough to see Lars’ gallant figure, I put Gon on my back and mounted Irimo.

Today I will cross the mountains and reach the Hideta Empire.


  1. A bit confusing, but they basically bored him to sleep with their conversation. 

Episode 31 A Small Trip

「All right! Here comes breakfast! 」

I woke up Gon and Lars. Irimo woke up early, so I fed her with carrots and water. She accepted it and rubbed her face on me. What a cute horse.

There were vegetables, baked bread, and an omelet. I had time so I sliced the potatoes making the fried potatoes. I ate that in my university days a lot. I got motivated looking at the beautiful sunrise and made a lot, I stuffed it together with the zenzai in infinite storage.

All right, it is about time for use to depart. Since I can’t detect anyone on my map, it should be okay to let Lars out. Then I used the map and searched for his tribe while concentrating on「kukulkan」. Looking closely…there they are. There are dozens of them in the middle of the Juka Mountain Range.

It should take us about 5 days to cross the forest and reach the mountains. After that, we will need to climb for 1 day more. Using Irimo’s wings we could arrive in a day, but regretfully, two hours of flight is her limit. Yet those idiots forced her to fly for 6 hours.

She should have collapsed long ago, but the demon fox was forcing her. Impossible things are impossible, I don’t plan to force her further. I asked her whether we should wait for her to recover, but she said that she wanted to deliver Lars first. Well, there is no problem with walking. I might be a little soft, but in consideration of Irimo, let’s travel slowly.

We were able to smoothly proceed through the forest. Fortunately, monsters came to attack us. Using my skill, I concealed my LV and set the MP and HP at 100. Everyone who looks at it would think: What’s wrong with this guy? The monsters of C and B rank were successfully deceived and attacked us.

Of course, I instantly dealt with them, but sometimes, the likes of E rank great mouse appeared and Lars hunted them on his own. He ate them with great relish.

Lars was usually flapping behind us, but when he saw something interesting he immediately flew away, we were quite worried because of it. Well, with the map, I can easily find him, but he always goes too far while chasing the pray. Before he is able to notice, he is already alone, so he waits for us to rescue him each time.

Such an airhead, but once he gets tired, he always naps in my embrace. Like that, I was able to see his somewhat smiling sleeping expression.

Fortunately, after several days of travel, we were able to meet a few Curse Charole. When I was about to eat breakfast, they approached the radius of 50 meters from me. I thought of capturing them, but Irimo dashed before I was able to do a thing. One of the cows rushed forward too. I witnessed the battle between a unicorn pegasus and a Curse Charole, between a horse and a cow. It ended with Irimo’s flawless victory. Its head was easily pierced by her horn and it lost its life. Of the rest, 2 became a pray for the horn and 1 ran away like a rabbit. [1]

When I asked Gon, I learned that the dead ones were male and the one that escaped was female. Apparently, those 3 males were competing for, she even had a child in her belly. There are plenty of idiots in a world of cattle, some of them die to the horned horses trying to show off.

「How regretful. Female Curse Charole is a delicacy」

Gon was regretting by herself.

The cows were unexpectedly professionally dismantled by Gon. She transformed into a human and borrowed an iron sword from me. Then she easily and beautifully dismantled it. As I learned, in her fox days, she lived near the butcher and witnessed the process numerous times. There was also a time when she was freeloading in a fish shop, so she is skilled with fish too. I will leave the meat to you from now on! She is reliable in unexpected places.

However, a naked human with a fox face dismantling a giant cow looked very eerie. If you see this scene at night, you will receive a psychological trauma. Therefore, Gon dismantled the meat only during the day.

After a while, our meat menu increased. Even though it’s a male, it is still a Curse Charole. It was very tasty. The days of the barbecue in the morning and roasted meat in the evening continued. As expected, let’s cut down on meat for now.

At night, we slept under my barrier. With the temperature and the humidity adjusted, everyone had a pleasant sleep. Lars took a liking to sleeping on my arm and requested it every night. I refused once and he cried. Without any other choice, I let him, but he is such a crybaby. I’m worried about his future.

And after exactly 5 days, we crossed the forest and reached the dragon’s territory.


  1. Do not ram the unicorns guys. 

Episode 30 The Dreams About the Future

「Un, it might be impossible for this dragon to return home alone」

「Right. He won’t be able to even cross the forest. Especially at night, it would be suicidal」

I and Gon were of the same opinion. I could understand his feelings, but considering his skills and circumstances, it was close to impossible.

The child dragon is groaning, somehow, I can understand him.

「It’s dark already. Let’s think about this tomorrow. Let’s have dinner. I’m Rinos, the barrier master. If it is okay with you, will you go with us? 」


「Sorry for my previous behavior. My name is Lars, he says」

I hugged Lars, put Gon on my back and left the headquarters. Then, I arrived at the Versam mansion.

I unlocked the barrier around the mansion and let Lars and Gon in. Irimo hesitated and didn’t wish to enter. Having no other choice, I created a simple stable with earth magic right outside the gate. She was delighted when I brought her some water and carrots. Seeing her like that, I got relieved.

I returned inside and headed for the kitchen. It seems that Lars and Gon are talking about something. [1]

Well then, what should I make? There are plenty of potatoes inside my infinite storage. Let’s use them and make the croquettes.

I put the water and potatoes in the pot, then, and a pinch of salt. I also want to store some for the future, so let’s make a lot. For now, let’s chop the onions. I fried them and added the salt and pepper. With this, the inner part should be ready. [2]

The potatoes are about to be done. I increased the temperature with fire magic. With this temperature, they should be done rather nicely. I crushed them with a big fork and added the salt and pepper.

I used water and wind magic to cool them down. Meanwhile, I put the oil on fire, break the eggs and mold them into the oval shape. One after another. I created the breadcrumbs and bathed them in the eggs, adding the wheat into the mix.

Then, I put them in the oil. Very fragrant smell. While croquettes were frying, I brought up the vegetables intending to make a salad. [3]

After a while, a big amount of croquettes was finally ready. Together with the salad and bread, it should make for a nice dinner.

Gon and Lars were eating with a relish. Lars ate just a while ago, but he didn’t hold back. Apparently, they found it quite delicious. I tried some myself, those are indeed some delicious croquettes. Together with bread, their taste was further amplified.

I used the zenzai as a dessert. With this, it was all gone. I need to make it again.

All right, now, let’s talk about our plans. Lars said that he definitely wants to return to his comrades. I and Gon are in support of his idea. We don’t have anything urgent to do, there is also the boring empty capital. Such are our present circumstances. While hunting on the way, let’s escort Lars home. If it ends up being a bad idea, let’s think about it then. The capital is pretty much destroyed, but there are other cities in the Juka Kingdom. It should be fine going there. Depending on the circumstances, I can also cross the mountains and go to the Hideta Empire. Let’s think about it when we reach the Juka Mountain.

I shared my thoughts with Gon.

「Let’s see. I agree with your proposal. I will tell Lars right away」

Gugugugu and kyukyu, Gon talked with Lars. I wondered if those cries would work, but apparently, they did. Lars nodded. While shedding tears, Lars flapped in my direction. Such a crybaby.


「Make sweet stuff again, he says」

All right, all right. I have a lot of things with me, let’s make something new next time. Wait, when did I become their personal cook?

Before I noticed, Lars was already sleeping. His sleeping face is rather cute. No wonder, he just escaped from the cage, it might be the first time he was able to sleep peacefully.


…..He is sleep talking. When I asked Gon

「……Mama, mama, he says」

I hugged Lars for a while. I wonder how my mother from the previous life is right now. It is nice to be you, you have a mother. I decided to definitely return this dragon home.

All rooms with proper beds are no more, so we have to sleep in the dining room. I put a sheet on the table and laid on it. I piled up multiple sheets for some comfort. Gon slept on the pillow on the sofa. This is an expensive thing, you know? Such a prodigious fellow.

I slept with Lars in my embrace. Because I didn’t want to get hurt by the scales, I put a barrier around myself and entered the dreamland.

… That night I had a dream.

Versam family, my usual bed. Oh, it seems I overslept a little. I changed into my usual butler clothes.

I need to swiftly wash my face and greet the Master.

I left the room and a maid said「Hurry up, Rinos」while I was passing by. Yes, I understand, sorry. Then, I got downstairs.

When I entered the hall, Elsa-sama and Eril stood there side by side. Master, my lady, good morning. You are pretty early today, my lady. Did something happen?

Following that, the door to the hall opened and Falco showed up. My grumpy teacher was in a good mood for some reason. How rare. To my surprise, his highness and marquis Versam followed after him. Mm? Do we have some kind of party today?


Suddenly, I heard Elsa-sama’s voice.

「Yes, Master」

「Good work. I thought of saying the words of gratitude. Truly, a good work」

I’m not worthy. I thought that I didn’t deserve it and lowered my head.

「I never expected for you to become this strong. As expected of my disciple」

「He will be fine as he is right now. You have done enough. I’m grateful, Rinos-dono」

「As the head of the Versam family, I’m grateful from the depths of my heart. Thank you」

What’s wrong, everyone? If I remember correctly….Karugi, kingdom’s army, dragon…..? What?

「Rinos, you can live as you want from now on」

It can’t be, Master.


I heard Eril’s voice.

「Thank you for putting up with my whims. I’m glad I met you」

Eril stood there, full of smiles. Oi, Eril, don’t make such a face. Narrow your eyes and talk to me like usual!

「Time is up. It is about the time for us to depart」

Everyone goes outside. Maids followed after them. Aren’t you going to take me with you?

Suddenly, Eril turned back and

「Do not forget about me. Because I will never forget about you」

Eril disappeared inside the light. When I looked outside, there was no one there. Where did they go? Master! Marquis! Teacher! Your highness! Lady!….Eril!!

I woke up. It was still dark outside.

I got up and wobbled to the kitchen. I prepared a large pot and started making the zenzai. With my whole heart.

Very soon, it was finished. Delicious. Truly delicious. A masterpiece.

As if hugging the whole pot, I went out with it. It seems that Irimo is still sleeping.

The steam rose into the sky. I looked towards it and put my hands together.

「My lady, this is the zenzai you wanted to taste. Please eat your fill. Master, marquis, teacher, your highness, please join. I won’t forget about you. Thank you for everything you did for me. And Eril, I will never forget about you」

A surprisingly beautiful sunrise lit up the surroundings.


  1. We are reading JP Novel, of course, we need to cook. 
  2. I’m not sure about the last sentences. 
  3. I officially proclaim, cooking is the hardest part to translate, such a mystery. Maybe it is because I am not related to cooking in reality, I have no idea what I just wrote. 

Episode 29 Desire to Live, Stronger than that of a Sprout


Cried the baby dragon in a weak voice. Looking closely, its body was covered in wounds, with some of them even spurting blood. Its situation is pretty bad. If I go away, it will die on its own.

「Is it the「Kukulkan」? You can’t see them often. It is a tribe that is said to be able to manipulate weather and uses wind magic. Its feathers are soft and warm, its meat is a delicacy. This dragon is a wonderful legendary ingredient」

It is a common sense in this world that the dragon’s meat is a delicacy. However, even amongst them, its meat stands out as one of the best. It is said, that it can even heal all sorts of sicknesses.

Its body is covered in green scales, but it will shed them with age. When it sheds its scales, its body becomes red and it grows the soft feathers. It is considered very intelligent amongst the dragon species. A dragon with immense potential. I see, he tried to raise this dragon to become his own power. As expected of the general Karugi, he thought of a frightening thing. Did he get the dragon’s egg from the Juka Mountain Range? I wonder how many soldiers were sacrificed for it to succeed.

「What should we do with this dragon? It is still small, but its meat should still be delicious. It is already good to eat」

As expected, I couldn’t bring myself to just kill and eat it. I do not feel the evil intent from this little dragon. For now, I ill check his status.

Lars (Kukulkan, 6 years old) LV8 Serious Injury
HP: 3/112
MP: 5/81
Wind Magic LV1
Body Strengthening LV1
Flight LV1

He properly has a name. As expected of a child, he didn’t have much in terms of the skills, but it was probably still difficult to obtain him. Still, he barely has any HP and MP. How did he end up in this state?…..While I was thinking that, his HP dropped to 2. He has a serious injury, so his HP will drop with time.

I do not see him as an evil existence, so let’s heal him for now. As a precaution, let’s also create a barrier around me and Gon. With his status, I will be able to instantly kill him if a need arises. I cast the extra heal on the dragon. He was enveloped in the white light and his wounds swiftly recovered.


「He wants water, he says. He is also starving」

I brought out the water right away. I brought out a big pot from the infinite storage and the dragon plunged his neck inside. The next one is food. Usually, dragons can eat most of the things. For now, I took out some bread, fruits, and zenzai. Eat well.

「Gah, gaaaaaa. Gah, guruaaa」

「I’m saved, I thought I’m gonna die, he says」

He breathed out, and, before we noticed, he flapped his wings and floated in the air.

「Gau, guruaaaa」

「Who are you? I will never listen to your orders, is says」

「No, we are the enemies of your enemies. We defeated the enemies and found you. Because you were seriously injured, I fixed you. We aren’t hostile to you. Just, if you are going to hurt the other unrelated people, I will be forced to deal with you」

After Gon’s translation, he relaxed and landed on the ground. Looking closely he is really small. Baby-sized.

Apparently, the kingdom’s army coincidentally trespassed onto the dragon’s territory. It wouldn’t have been a problem if they left right away, but they kept going deeper. There, they were detected by the dragons, including this one who nearby. The invaders were surprisingly strong and the dragons called for the reinforcements. Using that opening, the army concentrated the attacks on him and shot him down then retreated. Then, he was brought to the army’s headquarters. Still, they invaded the dragon’s territory, caught one and managed to safely retreat. Karugi’s forces are quite something.

He might be a child, but he is still a member of the dragon family. Apparently, he fiercely resisted. Without any food or water, in the state of exhaustion, he stubbornly resisted the orders. By the way, he was ordered to turn around and show his belly. Every day, the soldiers brought a young wyvern to demonstrate the pose. The wyvern received the water and food. They showed it to him for a whole week.

For the last two days, no one came and he was about to reach his limit. Sensing his impending doom, he tried breaking out of the cage. However, he was repelled by the barrier and it wasted all of his power, then, I came.

「You are amazing. I’m impressed. As expected of a dragon」

I honestly praised the dragon. At this point, he cried as if the dam was broken.

I hugged the dragon and went outside, the sun had set already. Irimo is safe. When she saw the dragon, she was scared for a moment, but quickly overcame it. She is a smart horse.

I asked the child dragon about his plans and he said

that he will return to his family in the Juka Mountain Range. [1]


  1. For now, since there were almost no hints about its gender, I hereby declare it as “he”, until further elaboration.