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Hello everyone, I am Alruna Zelenia 🙂 And what do I do here? Well, I'm an author (albeit a lazy one but one nonetheless) and I also do a bit of editing work for Hero King. Personally, I play for the other team, that's why I also like to write stories featuring power lesbian couples - they might not always be the main focus but they're there. Current Original work: Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened Current Edit work: Hero King

Hero King Chapter 23

Yoooo everyone!!! And we’re blessed with another cloudy gloomy day. Just a perfect day for sleeping in.
Don’t forget to take good care of your health, go out for a walk and enjoy the hopefully fresh air, eat fruits, drink lots of water and well… or you can always just sleep in, I suppose?
While enjoying another release of Hero King chapter~ SoOOoooOo, enjoy, like, comment and shoutout to us. We’ll see you again next week~

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Hero King Chapter 22

HOOOOLLLAAAAAAA AMIGOS!!! So, it’s about mid of July now. How’s everyone doing? I hope y’all are going great with life. And if you’re not, don’t tell me about it! Hmph!

Just kidding xD If your life is not where you want it to be currently, just take it easy for a bit, remember that there are people out there who probably care about you even if you don’t know or don’t care to know about it.
Just go take a ride on a rollercoaster, jump off an airplane with a parachute or go do some bungee jumping. Those usually cheer me up… Not good enough for you? Fine, just drink some tea then, tch tch~

Or I guess you can always just read this chapter and enjoy yourself… Don’t forget to like, comment and shoutout to us~ wink

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Hero King Chapter 21

Aaaaa~~ another nice busy day. I hope y’all are living life to the fullest and don’t slack on your work until the last minute like I do 😐
Fingers crossed I will get lots of work done today, I can only hope…

Anyhow, enjoy the read, like, comment, shoutout to any of us. But don’t forget to finish your work, guys. (Yes, I am a pot calling kettle black) See yas next week~!

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Hero King Chapter 20

Heeelllooooooo everybodyyyy, no I’m not hyper and I’m still as busy as ever but I just thought that I’d give a livelier greeting this time.

Anyways, now that it’s a new month, I’m going to shamelessly advertise again~ drinks tea (yes, I do have an unhealthy habit of drinking a lot of tea)
Sooo, uh… if anyone likes supernatural yuri novel, please do give my original novel a read (even though the update for that novel is now slowed down to one chapter fortnightly due to how busy life has been lately)
Click this link to check it out~ teehee~ -> Worlds Unknown <-

And, without further ado, please go ahead and read the chapter, enjoy, like, comment and shoutout to our translator, Mab and editors, Silva and I. See you tomorrow~~~

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 10

Hello readers 🙂
I did say this last time but now I am going to officially announce it once more. So, updates from now on will be fortnightly (meaning one chapter every two weeks). This is because of my university restarting and I seriously am kind of behind on my uni work. So, I do apologize but I need to delay the updates a little.

Hopefully, this will all be behind us soon and I can fully commit to finish writing my novel soon. I mean, I’m practically past the half way point of my novel now. So, fingers crossed.

Anyways, please enjoy the read, like, comment and shoutout to me, if you’d like. I’ll see you again in two weeks~ <3

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Hero King Chapter 18

Yes, hi everyone. No, I’m not bothered to do a weird greeting today, you’ll have to deal with this xD
Yeh, what with the virus thing finally calming down and my uni finally deciding to do something about my education, it has been rather hectic for me lately. I’m trying to keep up with everything and it’s rather hard for me sigh

Anyways, that’s it about me. Enjoy the read, like, comment and shoutout to any of us. See you tomorrow.

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Hero King Chapter 16

Inserts some new vague greetings here that I can’t seem to find the strength to think of for this week
How do people ever keep up with all of their work? I’m dying of tiredness…

Anyhow, uh… enjoy the read. Comment, like, shoutout to any of us. See you tomorrow…
Alruna zombie walks away

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