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Hello everyone, I am Alruna Zelenia 🙂 And what do I do here? Well, I'm an author (albeit a lazy one but one nonetheless) and I also do a bit of editing work for Hero King. Personally, I play for the other team, that's why I also like to write stories featuring power lesbian couples - they might not always be the main focus but they're there. Current Original work: Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened Current Edit work: Hero King

Hero King Chapter 33

Hello everyone. Yes, I appear to be more alive today, goshhh! I seriously need to manage my time better, my workload is killing me :'(
Anyways, enough of my complaints. Now then, please enjoy your read, comment, like, shoutout to any of us~ and we’ll see you next week.

Stay happy and stay safe, everyone~!

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Hero King Chapter 29

Hello everyone… I have to say, the more I edit and read this, the more I don’t really want to stay on with this project anymore 😐 This author is a sick af person. I mean, who the hell writes about their own characters talking about their kids getting together when they are clearly blood-related? Ughh…

Anyhow, that’s enough of my rant for today.
…I suppose… try to enjoy reading this chapter which made me sick to the stomach, and uh… comment and shoutout to us. We’ll see you next week -_- Bye…

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 12

Hello readers~ It’s been two weeks again and that means another update for you guys 🙂

This chapter is well, uh… basically oohhh ouch!? XD

Anyhow, after my proofread read this chapter, we got to talking. You can read about our conversation here if you’d like to find out. But it may contain spoilers so please read the chapter first before checking out this link:

I will see you in 2 weeks then~

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