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Chapter 34 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town Ruled by a Highlander (5) [1/3]

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2144 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 956 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

Later that night, Inglis and Rafinha were enjoying the bath in the feudal lord’s castle.

「Hmm~ that hits the spot! The lord here sure is generous! I mean, we’re even allowed to use the bath 𝅘𝅥𝅮 」

It was a magnificent bathhouse paved with stone and decorated with plenty of ornaments. It used to be a bathroom exclusive for the lord’s family, but now everyone in the castle could use it, including the pair of newcomers.
However, due to the late hour, it almost felt like they had reserved the whole place for themselves.
The bath which was just a little bit too hot felt perfect on their tired body.
Rafinha was humming cheerfully.

「You’re right. It’s been a while since we could take our time soaking in a bath.」
「Our dinner was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and we’re given guest rooms because we’re girls too! This is way better than renting an inn by ourselves, isn’t that right~?」
「This goes to say how much they’re expecting from us, I think. We did some solid work earlier, after all.」

It seemed like the story of how Inglis and Rafinha defeated dozens of Magic Stone Beasts on their own had become the hot topic within the castle.
It was such a great achievement that they had received some bonus payments for the day.
They couldn’t meet the Highlander Lady today since she was preoccupied but it seemed like they would be granted an audience tomorrow.

「Come at us! We’ll just use the ‘Blast, decoy and all!’ tactic again!」
「Isn’t there a better name for it…?」
「It’s easy to understand, so who cares 𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Said Rafinha, rising up from the bathtub in good humor.

「Come on, I’ll wash your back alright?」

She then asked Inglis to move to an open area so that she could wash her back.

「Okay, I don’t mind, but… can’t you at least act a little more modest?」

Inglis chided when Rafinha got out of the bath and didn’t cover her body with a towel, but instead, wrapped one around her hair.
Rafinha moved around in her birthday suit without even a shred of shame.

Looking at her now, Inglis realized that Rafinha had indeed grown up — while the size of her breasts was modest, they were certainly there.
The glistening droplets of water running down her silky skin were captivating. And when Inglis realized what she was thinking about, feelings of guilt nearly drowned her. This was the reason why she had asked Rafinha to cover herself as soon as possible.
The silver-haired girl promptly covered her modesty with a towel as soon as she got out of the bath.

「You’re just too shy, Glis. Why do we have to hide from each other anyways?」
「W-, wait, don’t pull it…!」
「You have good assets, it’s such a waste if you don’t show it~ That’s why~ let me see, don’t be shy! He he he he!」
「G-, geez…! Come on, you’re supposed to be washing my back, aren’t you!?」
「Whoopsies, right! Glis, your body is just too lovely, you stole my attention right away. Your breasts are huge and they have such pretty shapes. And your butt is so tight too!」
「D-, don’t say such things so frequently, it’s embarrassing… 」 1

It was true that while Inglis was only 15, her body had grown remarkably more than the average girls her age. She was certainly a sight to behold but all she could think about was how her breasts were such bothers that weighed down on her shoulders.
The only thing that she didn’t mind about her large breasts was that they made dressing up in beautiful dresses more appealing.

「How perfect… Mine are so childish. Ah, sit here, I’ll wash your back.」

Inglis sat with her back facing Rafinha before responding to her comment.

「That’s not true. Rani is still in her growing phase, right? Your breasts are still growing.」
「I’ve been massaging them myself, after all. They get bigger if you rub them, right?」 2

Rafinha scrubbed down Inglis’ back with a small lathered towel.

「I know, I always watch you after all.」 3

「Glis, yours are big even without being massaged, right?」
「How envious. This is unfair…!」

Rafinha said with her eyes glinting suspiciously, however, Inglis didn’t notice since she had her back turned.


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Rafinha thrust her hands to Inglis’ front and immediately grabbed onto the two huge lumps.

「Hyaah!? H-. hold on, Rani!? What are you doing!?」
「Uwaah! It’s big and heavy and springy! So this is how big breasts feel like… awesome! It’s really different from mine, you know? Aah, how lucky of you.」
「N- now that you know… Stop it and let me go!」
「Hmm~? I’m not done yet 𝅘𝅥𝅮」
「G, geez…! I told you no! It’s over! My turn to wash your back now!」 4

While they were making such a ruckus—

「Oh my, someone came before me? Ufufufu, you two seem to be having a lot of fun.」

An older girl called out as she entered the bathhouse.
Her long platinum hair that hung down her back in gentle waves, plus her slightly drooping, narrow eyes altogether gave her a delicate appearance.
There was a Stigmata on her forehead, the Rune-like mark signifying Highlanders.
Most surprisingly, she didn’t look too much older than them, possibly only in her late teens.

「Good evening. Are you two perhaps the mercenary girls I’ve been hearing about?」
「「G-, good evening…」」
「I’m sorry I was late to introduce myself. I’m Cyrene, the acting Consul of the town Nova.」

The Highlander Lady bowed with a smile. 5


  1. Al- *cough cough* Lesbian flag? xD
  2. Al- *tumbleweeds rolling past in the background… Alruna is rendered speechless* :|
  3. Al- *even more speechless* mhmm… you watch her grope her own breasts… right, nothing wrong with it… :|
  4. Mab- I wonder where did I go wrong in my life that I end up translating two 15yo girls groping each other…
    Al- I wonder when did my life go wrong that I ended up editing this weird thing?
    Eli- You turned left at the crossroads when you saw the water parks.
    Al- …
  5. Mab- I’ll be honest, translating this whole chapter feels like a crime. I can almost hear FBI knocking on my door.
    Eli- *Knock knock knock!* Open up!
    Al- I think Eli belongs in prison more than you do, Mab, you’re safe.

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