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Chapter 34 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town Ruled by a Highlander (5) [3/3]

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3271 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1435 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

Cyrene’s request went like this.

The bad knights from the previous lord grouped up and had been making suspicious movements for a while.
There were already several incidents throughout the town which had them attacking the official knights.

If this continued on, something might happen that put the townspeople in danger.
That was why Cyrene wanted to mend the situation before anything happened.

If a rumor was spread that Cyrene, the feudal lord herself, was to lead an expedition to subjugate them, those people would surely try to ambush and take her out.
They should dispatch everyone they had for the ambush.
On the contrary, Cyrene would like to use this occasion to apprehend them all at once.

When it came to military might, the current army was far weaker than the rebels, and certainly not one that could deliver a solid attack, but… if they added Inglis and Rafinha into the mix, then this strategy had a higher chance of succeeding.
Since the two of them could only stay for so long, it had to be done as soon as possible.
Cyrene wanted them to lend their power for the sake of this town.

Inglis was honestly surprised when she heard that Cyrene would entrust her life to two mercenaries who she had just met. They were indeed skillful and about the same age but still… should she call her bold or reckless?
Or perhaps she’s already on her last legs, so she’s willing to do it regardless of the price… Although… Rafinha was really gung-ho to cooperate so maybe, Cyrene was just a very good judge of characters.
Is there some form of mystical communication between gullible people that I am unaware of? Inglis mused to herself.

Inglis wouldn’t object if Rafinha wanted to do it. She didn’t care either way unless it involved fighting strong opponents.
That was Inglis Eux’s principle after all — to not get wrapped up in politics.
While she was hoping that someone strong would show up when protecting Rafinha, she knew that she couldn’t expect much from the knights of such a remote region. Their strength didn’t make much difference compared to thugs’.

Three days later…
Inglis, Rafinha, Cyrene, and the consulate’s army were heading towards an abandoned church outside the city walls.
They numbered around thirty when including Cyrene.

Their opponent most likely had the advantage in numbers and would try to use it to the fullest.
Once Inglis and Rafinha cornered and caught them, their work would be done.

Cyrene hoped to capture them all if possible. Which Inglis found much more preferable than to massacre everyone. 1 Plus, that would be easier for Rafinha, too.

「It’s coming into view, Glis.」
「You’re right. It’s about time for the enemy to show up.」

The abandoned church was surrounded by forest and had poor visibility, there were many entrances to natural caves in the surrounding.
There were many places to hide which made it an excellent location for an ambush.
Moreover, Inglis also felt the presence of people hiding in the surrounding area.

「It’s about time. Lady Cyrene, everyone, please take care.」

After Inglis called out to alert her, Cyrene nodded with a serious look.

「Yes…! I believe in everyone!」
「It’s alright. We’ll protect you and use our bodies as your shield…!」

Captain Nacht, who seemed very energetic today, gave Cyrene a word of encouragement.

Then, as they advanced—

Enemy Knights rushed out from the abandoned church, surrounding forests, the natural caves and all other cracks and crevices they had managed to hide in, all at once.

「Wah! There they are! It’s just like the young lady said.」
「You’re right.」

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Inglis calmly counted the heads.
Almost a hundred men? Approximately three times their army.

Well, nothing really to be worried about.

「Ahahaha! We’ve seen through your plan, you cur! You damn Highlander thief, stealing our hometown! I’ll execute you here like the thief you are!」

A young and mature Knight with a solid build emerged from the church, raising his head high in a laugh.

「…That’s Hawker, the former Commander! He’s their leader! 」

Captain Nacht informed Inglis and Rafinha.

「Right, so we just need to capture him, right!? Let’s go!」

Rafinha walked forward as she drew her Flowing Radiance.
She suppressed the power output to be far less than when she fought with the magic stone beasts, with its current strength just enough to land them on their a̲s̲s̲e̲s̲.
The main feature of this Artifact was its ability to adjust its firepower.

「HA HA!! You think you alone can fight all of us!?」
「Quality over quantity! More people only means more targets, after all!」

Rafinha launched an arrow of light straight ahead.


The arrow split into numerous arrows, hitting her opponents and throwing them off their feet.


That one arrow was enough to incapacitate tens of the enemy troops.

「W-what the hell was that!? High-Grade Rune and High-Grade Artifact!? Awawawaaa!!」

Although not as strong as Holy Knights with their Special Grade Rune, a.k.a. saviors of the nation, Knights with a High-Grade Rune wielding a High-Grade Artifact were seen as a great threat in the eyes of the public too. Thus, such a reaction was expected.

「Sorry ’bout that! Now I kinda feel like I’m bullying the weak!」

Even when saying that, Rafinha drew Flowing Radiance again for the second time.

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「That’s my line.」

The moment those words were spoken, a spear appeared from the sky and destroyed Rafinha’s light arrow, creating a high pitch sound as it did.

「Wh….!? What!?」

It was a woman with long, lustrous red hair, who had thrown the spear.
She looked to be in her early 20s, tall, slender, and well-built.
Her most defining feature was the strong-willed, dignified look in her eyes.

「Sorry but I’m going to destroy your artifact. Blame your own bad luck for running into me.」 2

The woman said so matter-of-factly and easily plucked the spear off the ground.

「Oooh! Ms. Cystia! As expected of you!」
「Shut up. You lot go deal with the rest of the small fries.」

The woman called Cystia cut off her colleague’s comment without even batting an eye.
Step by step, she drew closer to Rafinha.

This overpowering presence, this aura, Inglis remembered it.
She’s a Hyrule Menace!
The aura she donned was awfully similar to Eris’ from back then.

Why she was in such a place or what her aim was, Inglis couldn’t care less.
Currently, right in front of her eyes, a Hyrule Menace was offering herself up as an opponent.
That was all she ever cared for. What a godsend…!

Finally, after three long years, a chance to check my growth in an actual battle has finally shown up!
Inglis suppressed her excitement and moved to block Rafinha from Cystia’s view.

「Rani. Please protect lady Cyrene and everyone else. I’ll be fighting this person.」
「O-, okay… Glis, you look really happy right now.」
「…Eh? Is it that obvious?」

I thought I did my best to suppress my excitement and hide the greed in my heart.

「What are you saying? Your eyes have changed and you’re basically grinning ear to ear.」
「E-, eh…?」

So, it isn’t hidden at all?
Oh, this can’t do, they’ll think I’m just playing around.

「…What are the two of you talking about? Are you looking down on me? An incompetent fool such as yourself actually dares to stand before me.」

Inglis showed her most charming smile and converted her Ether to Mana.
Not a moment after, Cystia’s expression twisted immensely.

「Imp… wh, wha—!? How is this possible?! You were powerless a second ago!!」

As she guessed, converting her power so her enemies understood the situation was necessary after all.
Like this, they would fight her without holding back.
Learning this technique was a good thing, after all.

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「Ah! I-Impossible… Inglis actually had… so much…」

Cyrene gasped in reply, noticing the change in Inglis’ mana too.
Inglis chose to confront Cystia without heeding Cyrene’s remark.

「Hyrule Menaces like you think that you’re the best at everything, but didn’t you know that there are things you can’t see or comprehend?」

Inglis’ eyes sparkled.
Those were the eyes of a warrior that had both the sharpness of a blade and the heat of battle.

「Spare me your meaningless reasons to hold back and self-obsessed attitude. Please, come at me with your everything.」

Inglis said, standing in place with a lovely smile gracing her face.


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