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Chapter 25 – Inglis, 12 years old (13)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2109 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia


Inglis mowed down the lightning beasts one after another with her bare hands.
The explosion engulfed her body over and over again while scattering thunderous roar, cratering the ground and destroying the lines of trees. All the while, she remained fully intact, with not a scratch in sight.
The lightning beasts could hardly handle her brutal onslaught, the number of the beasts kept diminishing fast.

「Eris, thanks to you, now I know how to deal with them! If I get counterattacked from attacking within melee distance, then all I have to do is to make myself strong enough that the counterattack is rendered null and void!」
「That’s not what I meant! I’m telling you to get out of the way and attack from a distance!」

Eris chastised the younger girl.
At this point, the number of beasts was already less than half of what it used to be.
Her movement was fast, too fast for even Eris, the Hyrule Menace, and Leon, the Holy Knight, to follow with their eyes.
Back then during their little bout, Eris had indeed gone easy on her but Inglis was even more so. And that fact alone made Eris shudder in fear.
Eris thought that Inglis was a rather formidable little girl, with an unknown amount of power hidden within her. That amount of power could possibly determine the fate of the world.

「Doing it this way is faster!」

Inglis said.
She had condensed ether into a wave of the visible spectrum and clad herself in it like an armour. An appropriate name for it would possibly be Ether Armor.
The Ether Armor acted as a barrier for her to nullify the impact of the beasts’ suicide bomb while it also further strengthened her physical abilities.

Being a Divine Knight, a being that was half-man and half-god, she had half the physical capabilities of a god which was markedly a lot more than that of any ordinary man’s.
And as she grew older, that fact became more prominent.
Plus, with the enhancement provided by the Ether Armor, her physical capabilities were immensely boosted.


Inglis delivered a palm strike towards the last lightning beast standing.
Its body was distorted greatly by the force, exploded, and engulfed Inglis in it but before, she remained unharmed because of the Ether Armor.

Immediately after, Inglis moved towards Eris with inhuman speed and stood beside her.

「I’m sorry for making you wait.」
「…What a liar. You’re telling me to get serious while you yourself didn’t even go all out.」
「That is not true.」

The technique was not without its flaws; she couldn’t have made it last for long.
The moment its effect was lifted, she would be weighed down by waves of fatigue. Thus, this was one of her trump cards.
She would have to get a lot stronger to make the Ether Armor last longer for future drawn-out warfares. But for that to happen, she would have to focus her training from here on out.

「What a terrifying child. That many beasts and it couldn’t even trip you up.」

Leon couldn’t help but surrender, shrugging his shoulders indifferently.
Since she could even overpower both a Hyrule Menace and a Holy Knight, then…

「I’m starting to question myself if we can even win against you without working together… We had to work as a Holy Knight and his Hyrule Menace before we could even call it a fight. Do you get what I mean? I’m saying that you’re such a monster that you might as well be on equal standing with a Prisma, the strongest Magic Stone beast.」
「Yes. I’m training myself so I can defeat that strongest beast with my own power.」
「Hah!? Ar- are you for real?」
「I very much am.」
「HAAHA! Now that’s something. Quite the big dream you have there! Still, though, while I do wonder how you’ll turn out in the future. For now, I’m expecting that you would have a weakness or two. For instance, let’s say, that power you just displayed. I would believe that you wouldn’t be able to use it over a long period of time, since it would be draining your stamina like crazy. How’s my guess?」

A man with a sharp intuition. Even though he was frivolous with his words, he was ingenious and resolute. Inglis thought.
If Leon was an officer under Inglis in her previous life, he might have become a chief vassal of hers.

「Even that was true, what are you going to do about it?」
「Well of course, it’s a contest of endurance! I can still produce more of these bad boys, y’see!」

Leon, once again tried to clap the iron gauntlets against each other to summon more lightning beasts.
However, no beasts were summoned this time because of Inglis.

「I won’t let you.」

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She said as she interrupted the Holy Knight with a kick just before his gauntlets could be triggered. The metallic noise just now was produced from the impact of Inglis’ shin guard and the gauntlets.
Inglis had figured out that as long as the gauntlets didn’t hit each other, the Gift wouldn’t be triggered and so she had stopped him right before he could act upon it.

「In the name of fu…. really?」

Leon had not expected that move from Inglis at all.
When he realized it, what rested in front of his eyes were Inglis’ shin guard and her round juicy butt peeking out. 1

「…Please, don’t stare a woman’s legs too much.」
「What a joke! You’re the one showing it!」

Said Leon as he took a big leap backwards.
Whilst he pulled himself together, he once again tried to hit the gauntlets, only to be stopped again.

「I’m telling you, I won’t allow it.」

Inglis was stuck to him like glue.
She grabbed Leon’s wrists and sealed his movements.


She followed it up with a knee to his stomach.
It packed enough power to bring Leon’s whole body afloat.


Just from that one blow, Leon nearly lost his consciousness and he would have if he was left alone.
However, a sudden situation distracted Inglis. The villa’s walls collapsed outward, followed by a scream.


It was Rafinha who jumped out of that wall.

「Rani!?」 2

Inglis reflexively averted her attention and called out Rafinha’s name.


  1. Mab- For christ, she’s 12!
    Sil- Oh but she looks mature enough to be mistaken for 15.
    Al- I was literally flabbergasted when I read this sentence that I couldn’t even read it out loud lol… this author is a freaking pervert.
  2. Sil- oh snap, the situation keeps escalating!

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